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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ let me finish this friday night with this. there is one saving grace i give to people like michele bachmann. they know not what they do. the thing is, when the congresswoman from minnesota says we in the media should conduct an investigation of
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anti-american elements in the house of representatives, she must not know this kind of thing all happened once before. there was once an active panel in the congress itself, called the house unamerican activity committee. humac as it was called, had all kind of probes into anti-american activity, in hollywood and all over the place. the congress of america are not proud of that committee. why? it caused a lot of may mayhem, a lot of peoples' lives ruined. all it does is cause good people to circle the wagons and that tends to protect bad people along the way, while ruining, as i said, the lives of good people. remember congress is critical the way we do things here, i would like to think it is because he or she would like it to be a better country. you think? there are some that get managed to be elected to congress who secretly hope to bring this
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country down. i suppose that's possible. but don't count on a bunch hearings or high profile probes to do the job of finding them. i have to say that we've been here before. been there before. congresswoman bachmann, been there done that. nobody who remembers him wants very much to see it all happen again. thank god. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show," starts now. >> good evening americans. welcome to "the ed show." i'm eric michael dyson. after a decade of war,er with still uncovering lies that led us into conflict with iraq. turns out union busting governor john kay sick won't support unions either. ceo of starbucks serves up support for minimum wage increase. reverend jesse jackson joins me on public schools. but first, bowling for columbine, i will ask michael moore why the need for gun control is even more urgent. this is "the ed show," and as ed
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would say, let's get to work. we begin with an image that's been circulating the web this way. it is a pair of glasses smeared with blood. people have been sharing this photo because the glasses belong to john lennon. he was wearing them when he was gunned down outside of his apartment building. lennon's wife yoko ono tweeted the image on what would have been their 44th wedding anniversary along with this grim statistic. over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the united states since john lennon was shot and killed on december 8, 1980. the tweet has gotten thousands and thousands of retreats but this image or tweet got a retweet from the president of the united states, barack obama. we need do something about guns in this country. on o thursday, it was announced that dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban would be dropped. we learned it didn't matter that the majority of americans
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support the ban. the proposal couldn't make it past the u.s. senate. senate majority leader reid said he doesn't have the votes. didn't have the republican votes. he didn't have the democratic votes and no amount of public shaming could change that fact. >> quite honestly, i'm really aashamed to see that congress doesn't have the guts to stand up, make a change and put a ban on these type of weapons and universal background checks. >> with the assault weapons ban out of picture for the time being, the focus is now on those universal background checks. the overwhelming majority of americans are for universal background checks. 88% of voters say they support these checks according to the latest polling from quinnipiac. as for gun owners, 85% of gun owners support background checks. late last night majority heard
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harry reid issued this statement, i want to be clear in order to be effective, any bill that passes the senate must include background checks. a welcome statement but senator chuck schumer is still searching for republican co-sponsor. then there's the question of the house. speaker john boehner hinted at support earlier this week. >> do you think background checks and improving background checks might be part of that? >> they should actually do a real background check on everyone. and maybe the department of justice ought to enforce the law. >> you know the deal, boehner's office back tracked the next day issuing the clarification that speaker misspoke. the death toll from gun violence continues to climb in america. today there was news after u.s. marine shooting, killing two colleagues then killing himself in kwau
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in quantico, virginia. he had ties to white supremacist group in colorado prisons. then the story of 13-year-old antonio santiago. antonio was asleep with his mother when two teenagers approached them, demanding money. antonio's mother told the teens she had no money. when the teens threatened her, she begged them to spare her baby's life. the teens shot her twice, and then shot antonio in the head, killing him. >> he said, i'm going to kill you if you don't give me your money and i said, i'm sorry, i don't have any. he shoved me and then he -- then he shot my baby right in the head. >> get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight equestion, will congress listen to the country's overwhelming support for
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background checks? text a for yes. text b no no. or go to our blog. o i will bring you the results later in the show. with me is filmmaker michael moore. brother moore, welcome to the show. >> thank you, it was kind of rough watching that video of the mother. i want it say something too about the john leno, yoko, sending out the statistic that over a million people have been killed by guns since john lennon was killed. i remember thinking a few years after that, george harrison, if you remember, was also attacked in his home. he was asleep in his bed. but the intruder had a knife. because it is really hard to get a hold of a gun in great britain. and they were able to wrestle the guy out of bed and george's wife bopped him with a lamp.
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and i remember thinking that night, that the only reason that george harrison is alive tonight, and john lennon is dead, is because john lennon chose to live in the united states of america. >> wow. >> he wanted to be one of us. he wanted to be an american. and this happens, not only to him, as yoko points out, but to so many others. murder, suicide, accidental guns going off. it's -- can i just say something else too? >> absolutely. >> i don't we don't have -- we're on an agenda here. >> that's all right. >> it is the first time i've been able to talk to you on tv like this. so i'm honored to do that. >> thank you, my friend. >> i want to clear this up about how i real hooe feel about gun control laws. i don't believe that the gun control laws that we want to
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pass, and i want it pass, and i'm fighting very hard for them, that's not really going to change the problem. and nobody on our side really i think wants to say that sometimes. well, yes, it will all go way. well, it really won't all go away. in my movie "bowling for columbine", the way the attacks and i'm on the enemies list, the point i made in the film that i kind of agree with the nr that guns don't kill people. except i change their slogan to, guns don't kill people, americans kill people. we're the ones who do this. those canadian kids tonight, on friday night, living up there in toronto or vancouver, they are playing the same violent video games that are played in this country. it is not -- any of the stuff that we are talking about, there
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is something wrong with the american character and that -- until we ultimately get to that, as to why we believe as society and officially as government that violence is a means to an end, if we think something has weapons of mass destruction, it is okay to invade their country and kills hundreds of thousands of civilians. if someone commits crime, i think north korea, saudi arabia, iran, that still have the death penalty. we believe it's okay to kill a human being whose committed a crime. we believe societal wise and gender wise, that it is okay to strike a woman. a woman is hit, physically abused every 15 seconds in this country. that's where we live, michael. as i said in my last movie, you know, i refuse to live in a country like this and i'm not leaving.
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so if i'm not leaving, something's got to change. >> let me ask you. >> yeah, sorry. >> no, no. it's very powerful. obviously obsession of violence isn't characterized in terms of the impact, consequence and difference is that we have guns, and we have ready access to guns and those guns flood our society and those guns have big magazines and big drums and big clips and we are able to repeatedly shoot a bullet into a person and kill them and kill masses of people, where as in britain, as you talked about, with george harrison, a knife attack was far less likely, to result in murder. so what is it about america? you talk about the character of america, but what is it about us that makes us to dogged and insistent on having access as guns as the second amendment. we act like it is the second commandment, not the second amendment. so what is it about us that makes us to obsessed about that
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that we are necessarily to see this as the necessary sacrifice. the necessary sacrifice to possess those guns? >> fear. fear and racism. that's what distinguishes us from the other countries. make no mistake about it. germany and japan, i would say, they, in the past have had a culture of violence. and have been into murdering a lot of people. and using violence as means. we're not the only one in history who has done that. there is a lot of, you know, the norwegi norwegians, probably one of the most peaceful countries, had a a very sad massacre last year. but they are the descendants of the vikings. the thing that is different with us, is that our powers that be, our corporate chieftons, politicians, have for years, figured out the american psyche that we are just -- we are an afraid people. and we have been afraid for a long time. we were afraid of the native people when we landed here. so what did we do? get rid of them. we were afraid of slave
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uprisings and rebellions so we had to make sure that they had no anywhere any access to weapons or whatever. on and on and on through history. this fear and manipulation. you turn on the 11:00 news tonight. on any local station. i'm telling you, to the first three stories, tonight, a drive-by shooting in brooklyn. oh, my god. this is what you're supposed to sit there and hoet and just be -- i can't say it -- >> i gotcha. >> you know what i'm saying. >> yeah. >> scared out of our minds. and here is the interesting statistic. when my movie came out, i would ask groups, i said, do you realize that 90% of guns are owned by white people, in rural areas. not americans, hispanics, minority groups.
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they are owned by white people. what are they afraid of. do they think red-head, freckle-faced jimmy down the street is going to hurt them or mug them? i don't think so. are they afraid the guy next door will break in and steal their tv? no. they know the guy next door makes 50, $60,000 a year mp most gun shootings comes from two groups. the poor, the sort of the official group of poor people that we will not ever change, it seems, find so much violence in their neighborhoods and people who are just insane. history, we've always had insane people. as you just said, if you have for the insane people, you you want to make it as hard as them as possible if if they get their hand on a gun or get a gun, they fire it as few times as
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possible. in the groups with the big shows after school shootings but most people dying are african-americ african-americans, hispanics and poor people. if we ever aaddressed that problem, east l.a. or detroit were places that were thriving, where people were paid a middle class wage, what's the chance of you walking home tonight in your middle class neighborhood and being shot by somebody where w a handgun? very, very small. >> right. so given the fact you talk about this, professor david cole, my colleague at georgetown law school speaks of this as well. eloquently like you do here. we are willing to accept that as necessary price we pay for access to these guns. but when it begins to bleed out into suburban america and where white kids are victimized by this vicious culture of resentment and retaliation and this brewing subculture of disaffection and alienation from america, expressed in many ways and from traditional culture, how do we come to grips with that? we allow it to happen in the
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ghetto. but we don't want it in the suburb but we can't quarantine it any more, what's the problem we confront together now? >> the answer is pret e much the answer for a lot of our other problems. jobs. jobs. in countries like canada, france or great britain, they have a social safety net. it is not that they don't have unemployment, they do. but they know it is in their best interest not to let people fall between the cracks. because then that makes everybody less safe. so really, for selfish reasons, they have a social safety net that catches people. that looks to train them. provide jobs. the government provides jobs. they do any of the number of things and that's why if you have ever traveled to canada, if you walked down the street at midnight in toronto, let me tell you, you don't feel the same way when you do walking down the street in downtown detroit. and why is that? because the canadians are just
5:17 pm
human beings. they are no better than you or i. why do they get to do that? what can we learn from them? >> when we talk about learning something from them. you believe that nothing change nets ten years since you made "bowling for columbine." you faced tremendous opposition. you were assaulted within attacked. people called you everything but a child of god. the right wing was evident and some of the resistance from liberals who didn't understand why you were so direct about it. do you think looking back you were prophetic and that your movie is just as relevant today as ten years ago? >> i'm thinking about this. because i think -- on a personal level, i feel like i failed. i made that movie to try and stop this madness after columbine. and you know, probably like all filmmakers or documentary fim makers, we think that world will
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change. so the fact that it is relevant, people say, mike, why don't you make a sequel. of are you kidding? the movie is the same. the same movie i would make tonight. it saddens me. but i'm not paralyzed by it. i'm as pissed as of and i'm willing to join with the majority of my fellow americans. 303 million of us who are not members of the national rifle association. er with the majority. we are the majority that want the laws passed and majority that want us to stop invading other countries and majority that do not like it when violence against women acts are held up for years. that's us. me, you, the people watching. we're the majority. and it's time that minority, the right wing of this country, you've had your time, you've had your day, you haven't made us a better country. we're far worse off than when i was a child. so step aside. we're here now and we're going
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to figure this out aplease, our leaders that we elected, president obama, harry reid and others, buck up, man. buck up. and do your job. do your job. >> all right. >> you are representing us. >> that's from paralysis to being po'd. i want you to stray, ay, my fri. [ female announcer ] yoplait greek 100. 100% greek. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. yoplait greek 100. it is so good. yoplait greek 100. i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome!
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michael moore joins me once again to discuss the intense gun debate and of more. a huge blow to students and teachers in chicago. the reverend jesse jackson will weigh in on the ripple effect of minority student. be sure to join "the ed show" in his new time slot coming soon. share your thoughts with us on facebook and twitter. using the hash tag ed show. we'll be right back. hey, we got our cards, honey!
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welcome back. i'm joined again by documentary film make earn rebel rouser michael moore. michael, before we went to break, you you were speaking about those running and ruining this country. and in some sense decapacitating great americanes from going their job. why isn't it that these politicians cannot stand up, show vertebra and say to the nra, we don't care about the consequences, you will no longer dictate policy. because after sandy hook we thought this would change. we thought the needle would move.
5:24 pm
we thought americans would be so motivate to transform a gun culture, where we worship the gun. but it seems we have fallen back into the conscious leabdocation. >> we all realize that politicians in washington, d.c. are a bunch of d-bags, if i can say that. and we're sick and tired of them. >> all kind of people are sick and tired of these guys not doing their job. i'm especially tired of democrats that won't stand up for the conviction of what the majority want. the republicans, if this were reversed, if they wanted an assault weapon is ban because that's what they believed in, they would be merciless about it. oh, my god, they would do everything. our side is like, well -- mahar
5:25 pm
reid, i'm going to do my harry reid impersonation. well, we don't have the votes so i don't want it bring it up because it won't pass. i mean, that's as crazy as the detroit lions getting kick off and then the guy looks with 80 yard to go but the san francisco 49ers are coming at him and he is like what is the point of even running down the field. i'm not going make it. i'm a detroit lion. >> especially since we have reggie bush now. we're going to be in good shape. >> yes, that's what we always say. it is always going to be better. but i think seriously though, that the reason that in the past, with columbine, aurora, virginia tech, people forget about it after a few weeks and we move on to whatever else. people are not moving on. they are not moving on after newtown. and i think the reason is, and i can tell by the mail i get, there are too many parent who everyday drive their kids to
5:26 pm
school, and they open the door and this is what -- i mean, i've got this, more than a dozen times from mothers writing me and saying, i now when they open the door and i see them walk down the sidewalk into the school, i am sick that i have to feel like, is that last time i'm going to see my child. >> yeah. >> and because of that, because sense school went back into session after newtown, since january, millions of moms and dads have been dropping their kids off at school everyday and in the backs of their mind, they know where they live. they live in the united states of america. where an insane person can go buy a drum that can fit a hundred rounds of ammo in it. they know their child is at risk. that's why this issue isn't going to go away. that why the politicians fighting this are going to be in trouble because the parents are going to revolt. they are going to say, enough is enough. it may not happen right now. and the question that i asked harry reid, i tweeted him the
5:27 pm
other night, i said, harry, just so we could save some time, just give me a number. how many kids is it going to take to be massacred before you will stand up and fight for what the majority of the people want. just give me a number. 50 kids. 50 more. a hundred more. just tell me how many dead massacred dismembered children will it take? because i know there's a number. there's a number where you and everybody else will go, that's it. game over. nra, out. this is our country. that's going to happen. i wish it would happen now. and not after the next newtown, which will happen in the next month, and we all know it. we all know we went get through another month without this. >> let me ask you you this question. yesterday in israel, president obama made reference to his 2008 hope/change campaign. he says, i can tell you this because i know it.
5:28 pm
that unless politicians are pushed, we will not dot right thing. a, do you think we pushed obama far enough in terms 6 being aggressive in regard to this gun control issue and b, how can people voice their outrage when we have leaders like harry reid, good honorable men who feel they are beholden to either the republican vote that won't agree with them or nra lobby which is so fiercely contested them that they feel helpless. >> mt american people went crazy the other night when harry reid did that. now he said he will let the assault weapons ban come up for a vote. he did change in just 48 hours when he saw the anger of the american people. barack obama, my personal belief, i've never met the man, i think he has a good heart. i think he has a conscience. you only have to look at his kids and his wife to know there is something good going on in
5:29 pm
that house. but he won't do it on his own. he won't do it unless he feels we have his back. when franklin roosevelt was elected his first term web brought in all the people, activist groups that wanted to have social security and unemployment insurance and minimum wage, and he said -- >> randolph -- >> yes. and civil rights. he said to all of them, i agree with all of your positions. i want all of your things. but i have to tell you something, i'm not going to be able to do it. and i'm not going to do it. you're going to have to make me do it. he said that to them, make me do it. so fellow americans, that's our job. if we are calling ourselves citizens, that means we are participants in democracy. it is not that they sit back and they sit in some hall some place. we are the ones in charge. they are our servant. they are there to serve us. if they don't hear from us, then you know, who is going to win out are the money people. the gun manufacturers, national
5:30 pm
rifle association, people that grease the palms. that's who will win out. but this is what the nra is scared about tonight and gun manufacturers. there's a lot more of us than there are of them. >> no doubt. so they won't be able to hold us hostage. let's talk about something else you're doing, because i want to get this in. first i thought you were making house party part 4 but i discovered that's not what is going on. you are going to hold house parties. tell us what that is about and what the madness, you know, the motive and method behind your madness is. tell us why you're doing that and what you hope to achieve. >> i'm certain the brothers are completely behind me in doing this. but tomorrow night, all across america, in thousands, maybe tens of thousands, i don't know the exact number now, in homes, people's living rooms, people are coming together with friend, families and neighborhoods to watch "bowling for columbine",
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then we will have a national town hall meeting streaming from a theater live here in new york. people at home can text or type or h or tweet in questions. i will have on my panel a spectrum of people. we won't just talk about this any more. we are going to discuss the specific things that we can do. so east coast 7:00 p.m. and the discussion will take place live at 9:00 p.m. on-line. you can go to's website. you can go to my website and get information too. if anyone watching would like to call up a couple friends and watch, netflix is providing this for free. just go to our site and click the button. everyone can watch this at home. we can have this discussion. don't wait or think that somebody else is going to do this for us. we don't have a group as great
5:32 pm
as the brady campaign and all these groups are. we don't have anything comparable to the nra. all we have is our numbers, 303 million, not members of the organization. >> well, michael, we want more. more of michael moore. so michael, stick around. we want your thoughts on the tenth anniversary of the iraq war. we'll be right back. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams.
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michael moore is still with us. we're going to talk about the iraq war when we get back.
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nimichael moore will rejoin us in a moment. we just past the ten-year anniversary of the iraq war. there was questionable tactics in the run-up to the war. in one question there was a check intelligence report from prague of a photo showing mon missoumonth month yad mohamad attah. >> that guy add neck. that's not him and send it to the lab anyway. in mimind, it was put to bed. >> even without definitive evidence, the vice president goes public with it. >> pretty well confirmed that he did go to prague and demeet with senior official, the iraqi
5:40 pm
intelligence service in czechoslovakia last april. >> i was sitting in my den, in my home in washington, d.c. and i remember looking at the tv screen saying, what did i just hear? >> the ten-year milestone was greeted in various ways. former defense secretary donald rumsfeld tweeted ten years ago began the long difficult work of liberating 25 million iraqis all who played in a role in history who deserve our respect and appreciation. i'm joined again by documentary filmmaker, michael moore. michael, we will get into iraq quickly but the twitter verse is lit up by saying all you guys are so unfair because we know president obama doesn't control legislation, the republican house does. why don't you tell us, yes, republicans need do things, but is there more barack obama can do to use his bully bill put to push this issue forward? >> yes, and he knows it. social security happened because of franklin roosevelt. i don't think you can anyone
5:41 pm
anyone in congress back then responsible for social security. civil rights and voting rights act in '64 and '65 were because lindon johnson took the southern democrats and others literally by the ears and said, you will vote for this. people want it. h is right, end of story. go up there and vote for it. and obama, president obama, i really think he just has to get his game on here and start kicking some butt because the people will be behind him if he does. >> even though the republicans have shown no willingness to negotiate with him on anything else, you think this has to be an effort he's got to make? >> absolutely. i think -- i don't want our side to be constantly whining and complaining, oh, it's the republicans. hey, we're in charge. we're the majority of the can country. the majority of the can country believes just about everything we believe in on the left if you are on the left or a liberal.
5:42 pm
majority of the country does not want us invading other countries. we're the majority. they are the minority and they are on their way out. when you look the at poll on guy marriage was 57% of the country supports it. 80% of 18 to 29-year-olds support guy marriage. that's the future. that's why i remain somewhat crazily optimistic because i think the young people will come along and the old way, bigoted way, will die off. and can i also just echo what you said about rachel's documentary, coming up? this is an incredible, incredible film. please watch it right after the show here. tape it. dvr it. bootleg it. get it around to as many people -- >> like selling it on the corner. speaking of the tremendous work done on the issue, what do you think, you know, comes to your
5:43 pm
mind? what leads to your mind about where we are and what we did ten years ago and what we are likely to do or not do again in light of that -- the lessons we learned or failed to learn? >> well, i know most americans, by any poll, believe this was a horrible war. it was no mistake. as you will see in rachel's documentary, this is willful deceit and the worse crime i think a person can commit. to lie to a whole nation of people in order to send their sons and daughters off to war. that is just the most despicable thing and i hope in my lifetime that there is criminal justice here when it comes to cheney and bush and rumsfeld and wolfowitz and the whole gang of them. >> right. a dying war veteran, thomas young, wrote a letter to bush and cheney and here is part of it. you may have evade justice about
5:44 pm
in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and finally murder. including murder of thousands americans my fellow veterans whose future you stole. there will be no resolution through prosecution, will there, michael? >> well, i never thought that a man in prison named mandela would be president of south africa, did you? did you ever think you would see the berlin come down in your lifetime? stranger things have happened for the good. and that is the amazing thing about human beings. eventually we get it right and make things a little bit better. so i do hope, because see if we don't prosecute them, then it just tells presidents in the future, that they can literally get away with murder. we have -- the only way you can send a message to future criminals is to tell them and show them what's going to happen to them if they do such a thing. so -- >> do you think it was a wrong move for the obama administration upon coming into office to say, look, we're not going to be stuck on the past.
5:45 pm
we won't be obsessed with what george bush's regime or administration did. we are going to move forward. do you think we missed an opportunity to address the reaction that americans had to that war and to the potential illegalities there. >> it was the wrong position for the president to take. when you say we don't want to be stuck in the past. those 32,000 veterans missing arms and legs because of afghanistan and iraq, the past will live with them for quite a while, isn't it? families who lost the 4500 soldiers in the iraq war. the past is going to stay with them for quite a while. so lecture us about how we don't want to live if the past. there are thousands of americans who are going to have to live in the past. the past mistakes. the past crimes. the past hubris, to borrow rachel's term. and i just wish -- i wish we would do something about it. and i don't know.
5:46 pm
i just keep remaining optimistic, i guess. >> all right. that kind of optimism has been tonic for the souls of so many millions of americans who are grateful to you michael moore. >> and thank you for the third segment here. i rarely get a third segment. i took my hat off for you for getting -- i just want to point out too, somebody tweeted in, what does it say on the hat. it says dead sea fishing club. it was given to me by the residents after palestinian village on the west bank. they just wanted me to just to remind everybody that they are human beings too. >> no doubt about it. president obama said that yesterday, you reinforcing that point, makes an incredible statement about the breath of our humanity and depth of our compassion for all people in this world. michael moore, thank you so much for staying with us. >> thank you, michael. >> ceo of starbucks support raising minimum wage. but will increase keep the prove knits the black? stay tuned.
5:47 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." millions of americans line up to grab a cup of starbucks copy every morning. now the head of the global giant seems it favor helping his
5:51 pm
customers more easily afford a cup of his coffee. howard schultz already offers healthcare to all of his employees and launched a pro jobs effort to aid small businesses in america. now the coffee mogul is showing signs he supports an increase in the federal minimum wage. schultz talked about it ocnbc. >> on balance, i'm a supporter of the minimum wage going up, but i think we have to be very, very careful and be careful what we wish for because some employers, and it could be a lot of them, will be scared away from hiring new people or creating incremental hours for part-time people, as a result of that wage going up. >> to be sure economist are sure on how an increase on minimum wage would reflect job growth but many economists think it would be worth it for the economy. big employers like schultz and costco's ceo craig jelinek know more money mt pockets of
5:52 pm
americans mean they move for product. some corporate ceos want to raise the minimum wage. president obama want to raise the men mum wage. over 70% of americans want to raise the minimum wage. get the theme here? get the consistency? time for the republicans to wake up and smell the coffee. will congress listen to the country's overwhelming support for background checks. 16% say yes. 84% say no. coming up, chicago parents protest the can country's biggest school closure. reverend jesse jackson joins me on the impact on students.
5:53 pm
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in the big finish tonight, something that never happened before in u.s. history. public officials plan it close 54 schools next year. the most sweeping school closure ever. apparent protested and opponents say it will disproportionately affect minority students. this is the teacher strike who puts emmanuel at odds. there is a whipping post of republicans like mitt romney. karen lewis said this about the plan closures. our mayor, who was away on a ski trip, drops this information a week before bring break. he should be ashamed of himself. let's bring in the reverend jesse jackson, president of the rainbow bush coalition.
5:57 pm
reverend, welcome to the show. >> michael, i have enjoyed watching you all week. i could get used to watching "politicsnation" this time every night, so can keep it going, man. >> thank you, reverend jackson. you are the perfect person to ask this. these school closings, are they the only way to close schools in chicago when they are targeting minority students. >> i'm not convinced of that. sometimes three to five, school board says 54. the sheer volume is an issue. but i think, michael, poverty -- we do not know whether this experiment, where it is going. >> it is fair to blame it on the teacher's strike, the reason the schools are closing. do you think this is the powers at be to target them? >> that's totally unfair. one fact the teachers raise said that 140 schools were without a library. and most of them were in the
5:58 pm
black and brown commune pipts talking about access to books and the likes and access to computers and classroom sizes. i think we are paying for a misappropriatation on the war and tax cut. and schools struggle in chicago, detroit, on democracy, we are paying a big price for the misstep in iraq and afghanistan. >> yes, sir. dying today, at 82 years old, rest if peace, wrote a book, harkening back to william yates. is there still a chance the closings can be forstalled. >> first of all, this is an experiment. the hear shines, 54 schools, kids going across gang zones, we have lost last year nearly 600 of our youth were killed, whether high profile can
5:59 pm
killings within a fear of run across not known as gang zones. without urban policy that's defined, of drugs, guns, jobs end, home foreclosures. that is the devaluation after school tax base evaluation. the school, job, poverty, racial violence and fear. >> reverend jackson, is what is happening in chicago indicative of where we are setting priorities across the country? they seem to be awfully misled and don't seem to support public education. >> that's true. true in new york, memphis. while we focus on the fiscal cliff and debt sequestration, focus on poverty, it spreads violence and some plan for urban reconstruction. i'm rather convinced that the bank that made


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