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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 25, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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. . good morning, everybody. it's monday and right now on "first look," a huge deal in cyprus sets markets at east and stocks are soaring higher than ever. winter storms and tornadoes. are republicans seeing dollar signs and becoming more gay marriage friendly. michael bloomberg takes on the nra with a new fight. what sent 200-pound manholes soaring into the air. a number 15 seed reaches the sweet 16 in the ncaa.
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good morning, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. it may be the first full week of spring but a powerful snowstorm that blanketed the rockies and much of the midwest is headed now east to the mid-atlantic and it could make for a slushy mess of a white from chicago to philly and new york to d.c. the storm dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of missouri while kansas and colorado got upwards of 15 inches. last night driving became treacherous in central indiana. as you can see, interstates near indianapolis became littered with wrecks. nbc's bill karins will have more on what to expect. that's coming up in just a few minutes. first, major financial crisis averted. the island nation of cyprus has struck a $13 billion bank bailout and that is good news for americans and investors worldwide. the last-ditch deal saves the country from a banking collapse which would have forced it to become the first country to abandon the euro and that could have created economic turmoil across the entire globe. the deal calls for drastic cutbacks in cyprus' financial sector and closure of
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the country's second largest bank and large account holders, well, they're going to have to foot some of that bill. news of the bailout is sending asian markets higher today while banking shares in other markets also posted strong gains. tokyo's nikkei closed with a 1.7% gain while hang seng had half a percent higher in its numbers today. new york mayor michael bloomberg is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to the issue of gun control. today the billionaire mayor is rolling out a $12 million ad campaign ahead of key congressional votes. bloomberg has run ads in the past, but the new push will urge senators to back legislation that would expand background checks for gun purchasers. the spots will be running in more than a dozen states, but they won't be without dissent. nra leaders say they are prepared to counter the glitz as senators prepare to vote on gun control measures. >> this is what the survivors want. this is what the public wants. this is what the 900 plus mayors that are in our organization
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want. they're the ones that have to deliver safety to the streets every single day. >> what's appalled me about this whole debate is how little it's had to do with making people safe and how much it has to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. >> senate majority leader harry reid says the senate will take up the gun bill when the chamber returns from recess next month. secretary of state john kerry is not mincing words when it comes to the ongoing civil war in syria. the secretary made some of his harshest comments to date on sunday during an unannounced trip to meet with iraqi leaders in baghdad. he told iraq's prime minister the country must take steps to stop iran from using iraqi airspace as a means to ship weapons to syria. however, after talks described as spirited, no breakthrough was achieved. >> anything that supports president assad is problematic and i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iran are
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in fact hipping to sustain president assad. >> talks also focused on iraq's transition to democracy as it prepares for upcoming elections at a time when violence is on the rise. >> all right, here's your first look at your dish of scrambled politics. they're warming to the idea of same-sex marriage but many oppose marriage equality. karl rove signaled there could be a major shift in his party's outlook. >> karl rove, could you imagine a republican candidate saying i'm for gay marriage? >> i could. >> the supreme court begins arguments on it, the legality and one benefit to endorsing the notion with one strategist te telling politico opening up the idea will open up donors around the country.
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zuckerberg is forming an issues advocacy organization focusing on comprehensive immigration reform. rand paul doesn't want to legalize drugs but doesn't want them to go to jail either. >> the last two presidents could have conceivably been put in jail for drug use. it would have ruined their lives. it got lucky but a lot of poor kids don't get lucky. >> pending senate bill would give judges greater flexibility to work around mandatory minimum sentences for those crimes. claire mccaskill is throwing her support behind same-sex marriage saying it's the right thing to do. president obama will host a seder dinner. he became the first sitting
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president to hold seder at the executive mansion back in 2009. oscar de la renta is not worried about having michelle obama on his list. he's dressed first ladies back to jackie kennedy but the current first isn't one of his favorites. it's the everyday woman on the street who influences today's fashions and not a movie star or mrs. obama. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. very interesting. >> turn her down -- could you please -- >> you have to respect him because so many times these designers go after those celebs, right. he says, forget bit. i want the everyday person. >> i'm rich enough. i don't need you. we'll see. >> the president may have to shovel the walk this morning at the white house. it's snowing pretty good in d.c. and in maryland, it's already beginning to accumulate on the grassy surfaces. these pictures is what happened yesterday. this was st. louis. the largest snowstorm in the
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last 30 years, it was 1982 since you had a storm this big. 12 inches of snow at the end of march in st. louis. ridiculous. it also snowed about 9 inches in kansas city, 6 to 10 inches in across areas of denver, now it's still snowing as the storm is located just right where indiana, ohio and kentucky meet. pretty good snow near cleveland. watching snow toward northern indiana and ending in st. louis. some of the heavier snows moving through d.c. here's washington, d.c. the blue shows you the heavier snows now baltimore starting to get into the mix too. let me show you what it looks like in washington, d.c., the capitol, you could see every now, a quick -- you could see snowflake going by the lens and a little white snow coming down too. a heavy, wet snow, temperatures 34, so the roads may be okay for awhile. bridges and overpasses could be trouble and anywhere outside of the beltway could have issues too. the snow goes all the way back to southern pennsylvania and all of our computers are pinpointing
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the highest snow totals. southern jersey, philadelphia southwards, baltimore, d.c. areas back especially the mountainous areas of maryland. cleveland, wasn't expecting this much. i'm sure the ground is covered there. roads will be very slippery in ohio all the way back into areas there of indiana and indianapolis. so the forecast for today, again, we're going to call for maybe 1 to 3 inches. philadelphia, maybe 1 or 2 inches. new york city not expecting any snow so your temperatures will be too warm and most of the storm will be south of you. betty, once again, the worst travel this morning all through the ohio valley and be careful around d.c. and baltimore this morning. it's snowing pretty hard right now. >> it is hard to believe it's spring already. okay. >> oh, it is? really? are you sure. >> the calendar says it's spring although outside it may not. ahead, do you have the ten most critical job skills required this year? we'll tell you what they are. plus, important new guidelines about what you're feeding your babies and when. "first look" is back in three.
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welcome back. some stories making news this morning. today amanda knox finds out if her acquittal stands. they expected to announce whether she will have her guilty verdict reinstate order a new trial will be set. meanwhile, the trial of jodi arias resumes in phoenix, arizona. more testimony is expected on her amnesia diagnosis. two arrests in georgia after a 13-month-old baby was shot to death while sitting in his stroller. 17-year-old de'marquise elkins seen here and a 14-year-old boy are charged with first degree murder. in florida, two tourists who died did not open their main parachutes. the co-owner of skydive city near miami believes they became unaware of their altitude before it was just too late. and the fbi is joining the
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search for a missing brown university student. he hasn't been seen in more than a week. his cell phone, wallet and i.d. were all found in the apartment he shared with other students. if you are up feeding your baby at this hour, you want to hear this. a new study says parents are feeding their babies solid food too early. 40% of parents surveyed fed their children solid food at 4 months. the american academy of pediatrics recommends that you wait until six months. early introduction of solid foods can increase your child's risk of obesity, diabetes and celiac disease. earlierier we told you about the deal reached in cyprus to secure a bailout. so far it's having a positive impact on stocks around the globe. back here in the u.s., though, gasoline prices dropped 3 cents over the past two weeks according to the lundberg survey. billings, montana, has the lowest price and chicago has the highest at $4.10
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a gallon. the bid to take back dell and make it private again may backfire. competing bids from blackstone group and billionaire carl icahn are being evaluated. if either is chosen, mr. dell could be out of a job. it will be the biggest lottery payout in new jersey history, folks. the one winning ticket to the $338 million powerball jackpot was sold in the garden state. unfortunately i didn't win that. as of now the winner has not come forward yet. up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, silly, it's goodyear's newest blimp. can't you see that? they are getting a high tech makeover including a an interior skeleton. three engines instead of two and rotating props will allow it to take off and land like helicopters. it can also hover longer at sporting events. so get your cameras out. speaking of iconic, this diamond and sapphire ring was presented by no pole yon bone part to his young fiancee
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josephine. at the time it was valued at $20,000 at the time. but over the weekend the ring sold for a whopping $949,000. and, all right, london has known theater for hundreds and hundreds of years starting with the successful william shakespeare. today the most successful have the names of matt stone and trey parker. oh, yeah, "the book of mormon" earned the highest one-day gross with an impressive $3.2 million and "forbes" is out with its list of ten most critical job skills for 2013. of course, sales and marketing, mathematics are there. don't forget computer skills, listening, decision making and critical thinking. all of those round out the top five. i hope you have all of them. the rain keeps tiger at bay that is until later today but sergio garcia had a shot for the highlight reel. and these shoppers at lowe's
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act and karl rove says he can see the 2016 presidential candidate favoring gay marriage so why the change and is this a financial play? >> yeah, one of the interesting details we're seeing is the donor collar of republicans is strongly behind republicans changing on gay marriage and actually rob portman who recently switched his view had just been kind of hammered in private meetings by the big new york donors on this issue so it's kind of an interesting development. >> will more republicans come on board do you think? >> it's kind of a -- the point is that there is a financial incentive for the party to open its position on the issue, that they could see donations from wealthy ben factors in places where this is more accepted. >> so you're saying money speaks? >> i think it does. i mean i think that's a driving force here and also, you know, the general change in culture. >> all right, well, let's shift to this because on gun control
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new york mayor michael bloomberg is submitting million on ads in favor of expanded background checks. can it have an influence on gun rights? >> my view is, no. i think this is not enough money to move the debate nationwide and the principal impact will be ato now some of the red state senators, democratic senators who are up for a re-election in 2014. >> all right, jonathan strong, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good morning. now to some other news going around america. in louisville, an underground explosion saturday sent 200-pound manhole covers flying seven stories into the air. traffic halted for more than five hours as flames shot out of the pavementment the blast was tied to a faulty underground cable and while plenty missed work, no injuries were reported. that's good news.
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dramatic video, though, out of orlando shows customers retreating into a lowe's home improvement store to avoid a fierce storm. authorities scrambled to close automatic doors as wind pushed carts and customers back inside. in california, talk about taking a wrong turn. a man lost control of his car -- look at this -- this weekend and wound up on the roof of his neighbor's house. neighbors rushed with a ladder to help him down. nobody in the car or house was injured. to key west now where the blue angels performed what could be the last air show until fall. federal budget cuts could stop the performances which have had a big hand in naval recruiting. in sports now, 16 teams are still alive for march madness. florida gulf coast university is the first and only number 15 seed to make it to the sweet 16 round of the ncaa college basketball tournament. they knocked off seven seed san diego state. 81-71. fgu advanced in only the second year of eligibility. the team celebrated by tossing
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their coach in the air, as he said, hey, try to have fun. >> we don't take ourselves too seriously. we have a lot of guys on the team that are characters. knowing us who we are, we're fgcu, hopefully people by now are learning our initials. >> number two seed duke dominated creighton for a 66-50 victory. this is the fourth trip in five years to the round of 16. looking at the brackets, mine are all busted. in the east region on thursday, indiana hoosiers beat temple and they will face syracuse and marquette plays miami. in the west, number two seed ohio state will play arizona on thursday and wichita state faces lasalle. friday, louisville plays oregon and duke faces michigan state and in the south, kansas moved on to meet michigan on friday. let's get you some nba action.
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the miami heat extended their winning streak to 26 with a 109-77 win over charlotte. check this out. a nascar crash at the auto club 400 in california. two cars were fighting for the lead but kyle busch passes them. denny hamlin hits the wall, survived and busch got the victory. play will resume at the arnold palmer invitational after a rain delay. tiger woods is in the lead by two strokes. he's won 40 of 42 tournaments when he leads by two strokes going into the final round. and check this out. sergio garcia made the shot of the tournament by climb nothing a tree to knock his ball back onto the fairway. in oklahoma city this fan made the shot to win $20,000. thunder superstar kevin durant rushed on the court to hug that winner and both fell to the court in quite a celebration. good for him. bill karins is back. quite a shot. >> no one is running to hug me today. let's put it that way. >> you're on the bad list. >> careful driving, maryland,
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delaware, it's snowing good around baltimore. much of maryland, now, coastal maryland and delaware, rain and some of it is moving into cape may, new jersey, but plenty cold i-95 north and west up through southern pennsylvania, it's snowing and snowing pretty good and it's going to stick on the roads. telts dipped down to 33 even in d.c. at the airport so again thinking about 1 to 3, baltimore and d.c., higher totals are found in the ohio valley. a lot of that is already on the ground. >> what a day it's going to be. >> travel trouble. just ahead, robert redford could join forces with a superhero. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
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