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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 29, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the president used the bully pulpit to call for congressional action. what do we hear from president obama? >> reporter: well, kras, good afternoon. president obama wrapping up his remarks. he called on congress to invest in new tax incentives and other measures to expand investments in infrastructure projects like this one. this court here in miami which i just heard you mention. it is currently undergoing about $2 billion in upgrades. among the things president obama called for, basically an infrastructure. this is something he has been talking about since his first term and hasn't really ever gained a lot of traction. he also called for tax incentives for private company here to invest in infrastructure projects as well as international investments in
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infrastructure as well as expanding in infrastructure program. two of them. one which gives loans. another which gives grants. that was his basic message. but craig, all of this requires congressional approval and it is not clear that there is a whole lot of appetite for increased spending. that lab big a sticking point between democrats and republicans for the president's entire first term and now going into his second term. so that will be really tough to get through this congress. house speaker john boehner putting out his statement saying he wants to see the price tag. the president saying he will give the price tag once he unveils his budget. you can imagine there is a lot of skepticism because the white house has yet to unveil the actual number. but president obama just wrapping up his remarks here. this is something that he talked about in his state of the union address. >> a day trip to florida, i understand. yes, of course, we saw and heard the president's impassioned appeal in the east room of the white house talking about gun
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control. how does the white house plan to keep up the pressure on gun control? >> reporter: craig, ask me that question one more time. i'm sorry. it is very loud here. >> on gun control, what is the white house's next move? how do they plan to keep the pressure up on gun control? >> reporter: as you know, craig, yesterday, president obama had that emotional event. he was surrounded by mothers, law enforcement officials. i can tell you he will be hitting the road this next week to reiterate those controls. part of the reason is that they have really hit a roadblock in congress. the senate before it went on break talked about a number of different proposals, including a renewal of the assault weapons ban. that by the way got dropped from the main bill. it will likely be introduced as an amendment. but not a whole lot of confidence that it will make its way through the senate or
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through the house. for that matter. right now the white house and its allies trying to get an expansion of background checks through. but there is a lot of resistance to that. a number republicans saying they will filibuster any movement or any effort, rather, to create stiffer gun laws. what they say would actually infringe upon people's second amendment rights. the president lending his voice to this fight as stiffer gun control measures are hitting a roadblock in congress. >> kristen welker traveling with the president at the loud port of policeman ma'am. thank you. "chicago sun times" washington bureau chief lynn sweet joins me live. let's talk about the president's comments. infrastructure is something every president talks about. it makes for a great state of the union material. president obama has talked about it, a great deal over his first few years in office and in his second term as well.
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with all the other issues like immigration and gun control, how much of a priority is this really for the wougs? >> i think it is a low congressional priority, especially since the president just, is finally going to unveil a president and i think the republicans really want to look at this as a whole. not just take out one piece of it. obama has had trips to highlight parts of his state of the union message. a whole package of proposals to have wean american drivers from gas in cars. these are all programs congress may or may not buy into. my guess is that especially in a gop-controlled house, they're not looking to start more new programs. >> lynn, you mentioned the budget that the white house is set to unveil on april 10th, i understand. it was revealed today that the president may in that budget spend some time talking about what precisely he would like to do with regard to entitlement.
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social security, medicare, medicaid. some of those benefits. what do you hear in terms of floating those proposals? has to worry about from that. not from republicans. the group of democrats. >> the president used the bully pulpit yesterday.
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we intend to proceeds pro-pose any legislation that would infringe on the american people's constitutional right to bear arms or on their ability to exercise the right without being subjected to government surveillance. we will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that would service as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions. how big a blow is this possible filibuster, lynn? >> reporter: well, the momentum has already slowed. you would think in the wake of newtown, what does it take and the answer always is, these horrible massacres. these horrific shootings in america don't prompt congress to have gun violence, to have laws that could restrict gun violence. i would think that unless congress comes back with more of a will after this spring break, it makes it very hard. the one measure that i think is the least controversial measure
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has to do with fencing and trafficking guns. if you're a legal gun buyer and you buy it with the intention of selling to it someone else or putting it in a legal market, that seems to have no second amendment issues surrounding it right now. so that is the one i think that could have the strongest hope of surviving as a stand-alone. even if the momentum is gone. >> gone entirely, do you think? >> well, diminished. >> background checks. is it built on quick background checks at this point? is that also politically dead? there are no republicans live said they're for this. that brings up the second amendment issue. i have always found it hard to understand, if you have to go do a background check, if you buy a gun in a store. why if you go to a gun show, you wouldn't have to have some way of going through the same check
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in this big automated society we have if a family relative wants to sell you a gun, why you can't figure out how to make it work even if you're not in a retail environment. that's the kind of thing, if people wanted to find a fix for that, they could. but as you just mentioned, the questions about the constitution second amendment rights. if nothing happens with regard to gun reform or if something does happen and it is additional penalties for straw purchasers or additional penalties for gun trafficking, if that's all we see, do we think there might be political ramifications during the mid material elections? or is this going to be one of those situations where in 2014, we're not really talking about it anymore. and folks who are up for re-election are not paying a political price either. >> well, one of the things that mayor bloomberg of new york is saying is that he will oppose democrats who won't sign on to some of these gun restrictions. it remains to be seen what
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exactly he does, what his longer term plan is. we're still way before the next primary elections for the louse and senate. so what is out there is in a sense the protection from mayor bloomberg. if you do vote for these laws, that the word then is, you'll get support if you get a primary. that is a new model and usually people are very afraid in congress to do anything to jeopardize their seat. and it is a shame to say. and i thank you for stopping that. the momentum isn't gone but it is so diminished. that's why obama had the family members behind him yesterday. to remind people why this issue should stay on the front burner. >> the president expected to be in colorado next week making that same case. >> in denver. >> washington sun times, lynn sweet, always good to see you. have a great easter.
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>> alaska congressman do not young doing his best to walk back a racial slur that he used earlier this week. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. you know it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. >> our first read team called this an unwelcome development. the republican party trying to improve its images. the reaction from john boehner. plus, what congressman young is saying now. the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪
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new reaction today from don young's racially charged comments made earlier this week. in a radio interview he used a derogatory term to refer to undocumented immigrants.
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today john boehner and reince priebus condemned the remark. the republican senator john cornyn also slammed him saying mike rant workers come to america for opportunity and a way to provide a better life for their families. they do not come to this country to hear ethnic slurs and derogatory language from elected officials. the comments used by representative young do nothing to elevate our party. political discourse or the millions who come here looking for check opportunity. here's nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. >> in an interview release by the alaska radio stagts, congressman young is talking about latinos who once worked on his family's ranch in california and he used an offensive slur to describe them. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now and it is all done by machine. >> late thursday he tried to explain why he had used the word
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wetback. a slur that referred to mexicans who illegally crossed the river into the u.s. saying, i used a term that was commonly used during apply days growing up on a farm in central california. i know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and i meant no disrespect. migrant workers play an important role in america's work force, and earlier in the said interview, i discussed the compassion and understanding i have for these workers and the hurdles they face in obtaining citizenship. alaska has only one member of the house. and young has served his state since 1973. long known for his outspoken style. young's comments come at a time when the republican party is struggling to connect with minorities. after failing to do that in the 2012 presidential election. where 71% of latinos voted for president obama. >> this is a we don't get it moment at a time when the
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republican party needs at least, this is just one congressman but this gives critics and people who are skeptical of the party a new reason to say, it hasn't changed. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell joining me there. deputy political editor, dominionco, at a time when they are trying to make a go at improving their image with latinos, then this happens. are they shouting him down on capitol hill yet? >> reporter: we've already heard from house speaker john boehner and the republican national committee chairman who have both disavowed this statement and say it doesn't stand for the party, completely distancing themselves from don young but it is a problem. the fact that republican leaders are now going to have to disavow this kind of statement. it is once again a reminder of everything that had happened during the 2012 election with so many of the bombastic comments
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that got them into place in the first place. it reminded me, bobby jindal was at the rnc meeting saying we cannot be the stupid party. we cannot have people saying things that are bombastic and bizarre and they're going to get us in this trouble. and here we go again. >> what else is congressman young said today? >> well, he stepped back from the statement but didn't quite apologize. he basically said this is something that i said when i was, this is the kind of language that we used when i was growing up. but john boehner said that's not enough and he needs to immediately apologize. >> so far no calls, for resignation, no call for anything like that. >> i think people say things that are outside the main traem or might hurt the party politically. but all that will be up to the voters in alaska. >> let's talk about the latest oim grags reform specifically.
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and what comments like this, you know, do to that effort. >> well, of course the party, had just gone through this autopsy and as kelly mentioned in the piece, 71% of latinos voted for president obama in 2012. that's an historic margin. something that republicans have been looking to try to close. try to find ways to reach out to latinos and this only hurts that effort of. >> a grand old problem. >> you can say that there is certain lay p.r. issue they have in trying to win over latinos when you have people making those kinds of comments for sure. >> thank you, sir. a quick programming note for you. two members of the bipartisan group of senators working on immigration reform will sit down with david gregory for this week's "meet the press." chuck schumer and jeff flake will talk about the best hope for reaching consensus for congress. if it's sunday, it's "meet the
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press." still ahead, a scary situation for thousands of patients of an oklahoma debitist. officials say he reused needles, worked with rusty tools and administered expired medicine. they're being urged to get tested for hiv and hepatitis. also this. a lot of folks divided over a campaign in tucson, air air. official are promising free shotguns for people in the most troubled neighborhoods. organizers insist it is about protecting yourself. but do you think that the program will make things better or worse? it is our news nation gut check. some of you have already weighed in. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
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public health. he is accused of using dirty, rusty instruments not properly servicing a machine used to sterilize the instruments and allowing unlicensed assistants to sedate patients. the latest now from nbc news chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. >> reporter: nightmare in the dental chair. dr. scott harrington's tulsa practice remains shut down after a patient tested positive for both hiv and hepatitis c shortly after their last visit. >> we've never had a complaint of this nature, of this type. >> reporter: upon inspection, oklahoma's state department of health and dentistry found rusted instruments at the 36-year-old practice. one set used to know have hiv and hepatitis was cleaned with bleach which kroeds metal. the machine used to sterilize instruments should be tested monthly, according to the complaint. no such test had ever been
11:24 am
performed in the six years one dental assistant had been at the office. the complaint alleges multiple felonies including dental assistants unlicensed in anesthesology, performing i.v. sedation on patients. with experts insist, this is not the norm and there is no need for general alarm. >> a dental cleaning today. don't cancel it. this is a very extremely rare case. this is the perfect storm of everything possible being done wrong. >> reporter: but for the 7,000 patients in oklahoma told they're now at risk, the threat is very real. >> dr. nancy snyderman, thanks. all 7,000 of his patients are now being urged to get tested for hiv and hepatitis. coming up, a look back at an historic week for same-sex marriage at the high court, will be joined by a gay rights advocate and grammy award winning, you're listening to the
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a blue-collar worker. to me, bayer aspirin is another tool. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. ♪ ♪ >> that will be in your head all day now. you're welcome. that was the group fun and their song, some nights, of course. while the group was busy winning the album of the year and the record of the year, they're also working for equality in the lgbt community. this come while the supreme court justices review this week's oral arguments on
11:29 am
same-sex marriage. the court held two days of hearings. one on california's proposition 8. another on the defense of marriage act. doma. and it brought massive crowds, even though rulings won't come down until this summer. take a quick listen to some of the highlights from inside the supreme court this week. >> i'm going to quote from the house report here. that congress decided to reflect an honor, a collective moral judgment. and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality. is that what happened in 1996? >> you're really asking particularly because of the sociological evidence you cite for us to go into uncharted waters. i just wonder if the case was properly granted. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which the newer than cell phones or the internet? >> even with respect to couple over the age of 55, it is very
11:30 am
rare that both parties to the couple are infertile. and the traditional -- >> no, really, if a couple -- i can just assure you, if both the woman and the man are over the age of 55, there are not a lot of children coming out of that marriage. >> and it affects every area of life. and so you are really diminishing what the state has said is marriage. you're saying, no, state said two kinds of marriage. the full marriage, and then this sort of skim milk marriage. >> skim milk marriage. joining me now, jack from the band fun. also co-founder of the allied coalition. good to see you. what's your reaction to what you heard come from the high court this week? >> it is thrilling to see those on the right side of history and terrifying to see those on the
11:31 am
wrong side. >> how did you become involved in all of this? >> it is human nature. it feels like everyone should be involved. it is kind of shocking to me, anyone who isn't involved. it is civil rights. >> you helped co-found this nonprofit called ally. this is your facebook page. this is something that you posted this week. standing up for lgbtq rights as a straight person is not saying you understand what it means to be lgbtq. it is saying you live in a world where we are all treated as equals and you are willing to stand with your fellow people to help make a change. what has been the response from the straight community? >> well, i mean -- >> to your efforts specifically. >> we see all different sides of the coin. we travel all over the world. we meet people who are fiercely in favor and cannot imagine a world in which these rights aren't afforded to the lgbt community and we meet people that don't understand it. and it shows you the need to
11:32 am
stand up, to speak up. and it shows you, it inspires what's happening. it shows you the fight ahead. it is really across the gamut. >> what else do they do? >> we're working on working with the homeless in detroit and the oasis center in nashville. that's the bottom level. it all trickles down from the rights being talked about right now on the news. the bottom level that is kids being kicked out of their homes because they're gay. 40% of homeless youth are gay. it really shows you how all this works down to that level. >> have you been surprised at all at the shift in public attitude that we've seen in this country with regard to same sex marriage? have you just pulled folks? we've been going over the polling information all week. ten years ago the majority of people in this country did not support same sex marriage. now you pulled folks, whether it is black people, white people across religions, even regardless of age groups. we've seen dramatic shifts in the past year.
11:33 am
>> it is really thrilling. it is amazing. and it is the way things are. or it was the way things are. you've seen it through history in all different moments of civil rights. just because they're a certain way doesn't mean they're not horrible and people are realizing it. they wake up and they can't believe they ever thought the other way. and imagine we took away rights to people with yellow hair or people who faint their finger nails. imagine those people couldn't shop in certain places or get married. the country would explode. we wouldn't believe it. but gay americans not being able to marry, that's normal to us. it is shocking when we realize it is normal to us. when we come to terms with it, i think it is shocking to come to the right side of history here. >> i would be remiss if i didn't talk to you about your music. what's next for the band? >> i got back from malaysia about a week ago so i'm all kind of jet lag. we'll keep going all over the world and playing our music. >> were you guys, the first
11:34 am
album come out like a the love folks, i didn't buy the album until after the grammys. but did i buy it and still use it. >> thank you. >> but it is one of those things, i would imagine after a big grammy performance, you saw a spike in sales? >> yeah. it was really cool. it was nice to see it translate. we've been at this for 10, twelg years and to have a the love people respond is neat. >> all right. the second album different from the first? >> i can't tell you yet. we're still in touring mode. you'll be the first to know. >> jack antonov, thank you. >> good easter to you. the topic of same-sex marriage is at the heart of a petition circulating the johns hopkins medical school right now. students and faculty want to replace their commencement speaker, dr. benjamin carson. the petition describes carson as a world class neuro surgeon but says his recent comments on gay marriage are deeply offensive and incompatible with the school's values. dr. carson told sean hannity on
11:35 am
fox, my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. it is a well established fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they people who believe in bestiality. it doesn't matter what they are. they don't get to change the definition. today he addressed those comments on "andrea mitchell reports." >> once we start changing the definitions, then where do we stop? we can go with anything. and i certainly don't have any problem with people who are gay having legal arrangements. in fact, any two adults. gay, straight, whatever. certainly they can have legal arrangements so they can share property and have inheritance rights and visitation rights. that's a kind thing to do. they should be treated just as anyone else. but being treated as anyone else no, one else gets to change the
11:36 am
definitions of standard societal pillars. so why should anybody have that right? >> are you prepared to withdraw as commencement speaker? >> absolutely. i would say that this is their day. and the last thing i would want to do is rain on their parade. >> last month, dr. carson gained attention for delivering a blistering key note address at the prayer breakfast criticizing the president who sat just a few feet away. the white house has confirmed that president obama will hold another dinner with senate republicans in less than two weeks. the follow-up to a so-called charm offensive earlier this month. the dinner will come on the same day the white house is expected to release its budget. a few weeks ago, the president talked about a new initiative that he said will help the economy. >> today i'm expanding on a proposal i made in the state of the union. i'm calling it a partnership to rebuild america. it's a partnership with the private sector that creates jobs, upgrading what our businesses need most.
11:37 am
modern ports to move our goods. modern pipelines to withstand a storm. modern schools worthy of our children. and my plan does three things. first, we'll set up an independent fund that will attract private investment to build projects like this one and make sure companies share in the risk and returns. instead of picking projects based on pork barrel politics, we'll pick them based on how much good they'll do for the economy. how much the projects make sense. and we'll better finance prongs that involve more than one mode of transportation or more than one town or state with less red tape to gum up the works. so all this will make the process more efficient. it will help us break ground on the projects our cities and states need most and they can do it faster and better. >> joining me now, msnbc political analyst and bloomberg columnist, noted author as well. jonathan alter. let's start with this infrastructure. this was part of his first term
11:38 am
as well. this $10 billion national infrastructure bank. why has that not moved? >> well, because i think the republican party has drifted from its historic roots. you have to remember that abraham lincoln, essentially the founder of the republican party, he believed in what were then called internal improvements. canals, railroads, he built the trans continental railroad. today we call that infrastructure and yet the republican party has now decided it is against these infrastructure investments. why? basically for no other reason than barack obama is for them. in the recent past, they have supported these investments as a way of creating a jobs and getting around the pork barrel politics. >> let's move to this dinner that president obama will be having with senate republicans on april 10th. the second such meeting in as many months. do we think that this is going to have any sort of impact in
11:39 am
any sort? >> washington is based on personal relationships. it is harder to do someone dirty if you've been breaking bread with them. and this is something that the president has been a little slow in understanding over the last four years. you don't get an med-payoff from building these personal relationships but over time, it gives you another tool in the tool box to get your legislation through congress if you have a better working relationship. the way say, ronald reagan and tip o'neill did in the old days. >> you've written a lot about this president. you mentioned that he's been slow to do this sort of thing. is that part strategy or is that just part of who he is as a person? just someone who is not necessarily open to the idea of spending a great deal of time after hours, having a beer, hanging out with congress?
11:40 am
>> he doesn't have more of much of a smooze gene. he like meeting new people but politician who's are just pursuing their narrow agendas are not at the top of his list. and he also found that often he would invite these guys over and they wouldn't come. speaking of abraham lincoln, he invited john boehner to a screening of the movie lincoln and boehner didn't show. so it takes two to tango and they've been pretty resist tapt about meeting with him as well. maybe we're past this now and they can start to spend more time together. >> really quickly, this budget that the white house is going to put out april 10th. something i saw today in the "wall street journal." i want to show our viewers. this is something that got my attention. several liberal allies, some of whom advise white house officials said republicans could seize on the white house-endorsed spending cuts and try to implement them into law without tax increases. that would put the white house in the uncomfortable position of opposing spending cuts it
11:41 am
formally endorsed in its own budget. there is talk that president obama will be including in this budget cuts to social security, cuts to medicare, cuts to medicaid. perhaps using them as a carrot to republicans. what is the strategy? >> first, to describe them as cuts, i don't think is accurate. if you're slowing the rate of increase. if you're adjusting the way the cost of living adjustments are calculated, that is not a cut in somebody's current benefits. it relates to the way increases will play out in the years ahead. so i think it comes down on the liberal side. do you trust president obama to make reasonable changes in these programs that will assure their long term viability. or is anything that he touches about them cause a big uproar on the left. which i think would be a mistake. i wrote a book about franklin roosevelt a few years ago and he didn't believe in protecting these programs that he started
11:42 am
in amber. you can't touch them at all. all that he believed is you can't put them in the stock market the way bush and paul rbi and people like that. obama doesn't want to do that. does he want to make some small changes that will protect them as the babyboomers retire and you have this huge load of retirees? yes. that's the right thing for him to do. and i think it is important for people lou are behind him to give a little leeway in making these rational changes. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> happy easter. coming up, pope france i marking his first good friday as leader of the catholic church. he is at it again. another break from tradition. we'll get to that story. here are some of the things we thought you should know. former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly will give the commencement address at bart college on may
11:43 am
25th. it is located north of new york city. they said in a release that giffords will be receiving an honorary doctorate of humane letters. and running against the former south carolina governor mark sanford. they called him a compromised candidate. sanford did not deny his failures. >> that does not mean because you've had a failure in your personal life, that you cannot step back into life again. >> a compromised candidate is not what we need. it is just not what we need. >> the run-off is next tuesday. the winner will face democrat elizabeth colbert bush. and the federal judge refusing to dismiss a lawsuit against senator larry craig. the federal election commission is accusing craig of misusing some $217,000 in campaign funds. craig spent the money on the legal defense after he was arrested during the 2007 airport bathroom sex sting. those are just a few of the
11:44 am
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today pope france i holds his first good friday speech. he recited the "passion of the christ." the story of the last hours in the life of jesus. yesterday, pope francis washed and kissed the feast young inmates, including two women. nbc's michelle cost insky with more on that. >> reporter: the music of guitars, pope france i and his simple ivory vestments did something historic for this traditional service. washed and kissed the feet of 12 juvenile inmates. sneakers and socks, big toes and tattoos. the pope told the young people, this is a symbol i am at your service. we have to help one another. among them, africans, muslims and women. some catholic church wos never include them in a remembrance of
11:48 am
jesus with his policies. this pope making this very much known. >> he compared it to the life of a shepherd. a shepherd likes the smell of his sheep. basically he was saying, you as priests, don't worry about your careers. get your hands dirty. go out and work with the poor people. >> he is reall the gold and stuff. >> he is a very humble man. >> i think it is radical getting back to the roots of what the catholic church should be all about. >> he signs his letters just francis. he still makes his own calls and refers to himself as his last name. he has ignored the red costumery and has chosen this bare hotel room with a sitting room over the papal pent house. it was the same when he was the archbishop in argentina. he did not move boo the palace. he cooked his own meals and took the bus. for people who might ask, does he really want to be pope? those who know his story say absolutely.
11:49 am
and he seem to be enjoying being himself. back to you. >> all right. from rome there for us on this good friday. new threats today by north korea tops our look around the area. warned that his rocket forces are ready to quote, settle accounts with the united states. his rhetoric comes a day after the u.s. sent b-2 stealth bombers from their base in missouri. it is part of military drills with south korea. >> i think they're very provocative actions and belligerent tone has ratcheted up. the danger. the fact is that this is the wrong way to go. it turns out the new jersey man who won the $338 million powerball jackpot has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he owns about $29,000 in child support. authorities say the state lottery division generally takes
11:50 am
care of such judgments before all the winnings are released and that he is subject to potential arrest like everyone else until the warrant is satisfied. >> coming up, the news nation promising free shotguns for people to protect themselves in tucson's most crime ridden neighborhoods. [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix.
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11:53 am
former south african president nelson mandela is reportedly steady progress after being admitted to the hospital late wednesday for a recurring lung infection. the latest now, outside the hospital where the 94-year-old is being treated. >> reporter: good afternoon. it does appear to be positive news which will be welcome news to the millions around the world who are waiting and watching to hear how nelson mandela is doing. the president's office issuing a
11:54 am
statement today saying he is steady progress and he even enjoyed a full breakfast this morning. there has been little sign of anyone here at his home in johannesburg so we assume that he will at least spend a third night tonight in the hospital. but it is reported that close relatives have been able to visit him there. the president, jacob zuma giving an interview to reasure the people not to panic. at the same time in that interview pointing out that nelson mandela is 94 years old. describing him as having lived a long life. he has been in and out of hospital three times in the last four months. back in december, he was in hospital for three weeks. this lung infection that continually seem to be recurring, he began having back when he was a political prisoner when he suffered tuberculosis. we all know about mandela, that he is a fighter and for now it appears that this is a battle he is winning. craig?
11:55 am
>> all right. thank you. time now for the "news nation" gut check. an arizona man will soon give shotguns to people in a troubled tucson neighborhood. the real estate agent is part of the armed citizens prong that is a national campaign to give shotguns to single women and homeowners. arizona gun supporters have donated more than $12,000 to fund the giveaway. participants will get training on how to use, handle and store the guns, as well as trigger locks. city officials say they have no recourse to shut down the program because it looks like it is legal. what does your gut tell you? do you think the campaign to give away free shotguns in tucson will make violence in certain neighborhoods better? or worse? go to to vote. and take a quick look here about what the "news nation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. "time" magazine issued two covers this week.
11:56 am
one issue declaring gay marriage already won. and you see there they are right there. the two covers. they show two gay couples kissing. we asked our time same-sex marriage cover too in your face? 80% said no. 20% said yes. that does it for this edition. this friday edition of "news nation." tamron will be back on monday. "the cycle" is up next. [ male announcer ] if your kid can recognize your sneeze from a crowd... [ sneezes ] you're probably muddling through allergies.
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