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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. politicians riot. >> i saw a smoke grenade explode and the whole parliament hall was covered with smoke. two young boys fight inside a cage. >> i think that's enough, i think everybody has seen enough now. and an angry driver plows through a crowd. >> i thought i was about to die. >> watch what happens when people behave wildly. >> oh, my god! >> 911 emergency. >> we got a mass, mass riot. >> are caught on camera acting inappropriately. >> all the way to the ground and
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grabbed her booty and was pounding it on himself. >> and plain just go too far. >> he's purple. "caught on camera: out of line." >> hello, i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." from politicians to police, sports stars to security guards, seems almost everybody gets out of line sometimes. and in a world full of cameras, those moments can live forever. in the case of our first story, some poor judgment, even becomes an international incident. >> a goodwill basketball game takes an angry turn. when players stop passing basketballs and start hurling chairs. >> quickly you realize this was not your typical sports altercation.
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>> it's an international basket brawl, and the entire chaotic scene is caught on camera by fans in the bleachers. >> i was fearing for my physical well-being. >> august 14th, 2011. the georgetown university hoyas arrive in beijing for an 11-day exhibition tour of china. "washington post" reporter and an entourage accompany the team on the trip. >> they wanted this to be a good will tour to expand georgetown's brand abroad. >> but the hoyas are not the only high-profile americans in china. >> vice president joe biden was in town at the same time. there's a little bit of tension between the united states and china. joe biden is over there to try to smooth it out economically and politically. >> in fact, biden attends the first game the hoyas play which goes on without incident.
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but he isn't there the next night, when they take on china's rockets. a team with players from the people's liberation army. >> their team has a little bit more of an edge because of a military affiliation and from the beginning of that game, a lot of fouls, a really physical type of game. >> although dubbed the china/u.s. friendship match, this game is anything but friendly. >> the officials did not do a good job controlling the situation. foul after foul after foul being called against georgetown. by halftime, this was one alarming stat to me, georgetown was called for 30 fouls whereas the chinese team was called for only 10. that was an indication to me that something bad could be happening in the second half. >> hoya's coach john thomas iii says tensions were running high on both teams. >> it was an emotional game, it was a tense game, and that happened. that happens in athletics.
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those tensions, those feelings are not abnormal. >> watching from the sidelines, wong is sure this is no normal basketball game. >> there wasn't a matter of if there was going to be a fight, it was a matter of when there was going to be a fight. >> it isn't long before wong's premonition comes true. the game is tied at 64-64 in the fourth quarter when georgetown's team captain, jason clark, gets in an altercation with two rockets that ends with him on the ground. >> i heard a whistle blow and i saw jason clark on the court. they started pushing each other. right there, both benches pretty much simultaneously emptied. >> the floor erupts into chaos as both teams rush to enter the fray. >> players started picking up chairs, plastic chairs that were on the side of the court. there were chairs being thrown. >> cameras rolling on the sidelines capture dozens of violent exchanges. >> there was one player, aaron bowen a georgetown player being thrown to the ground and being hit repeatedly by a chinese player.
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>> bowen is saved when his teammate races across the court and tackles the chinese player, sending him head first into a chair, which another georgetown player then picks up and swings at his head. >> your instincts are to protect yourself, protect your teammates and i think that's all we were trying to do is protect our selves and protect our teammates. >> you can see chinese players with chairs in their hands looking for someone to throw it at. >> most sports fights, one punch and it's over. >> but this is far from your average local sports brawl with much more at stake. >> realizing that joe biden was in town for talks with china, economic talks, that's when it clicks that this could be something much more than a basketball game that got out of hand. this could be an international incident. >> coaches and officials are able to separate the teams in less than two minutes, but the bad behavior spreads to the fans. >> as you're walking out of the court into the tunnel to get to the locker room, that's when full bottles of water came
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flying out of the stands. it was just a really chaotic and ugly scene. >> the fight is over, but the hoyas and their fans have no idea how big of an incident it will become after the video hits the internet. >> watching on youtube, again, that's when you really think, boy, it was a lot bigger than i really even realized at the time. >> they met us at the airport the next morning. their coach acknowledged the fact that they hadn't been the best hosts in the world, and we both expressed our regret over what happened. >> the hoyas fly to shanghai where they win their last two games and run a basketball clinic for local youth. >> beijing is behind us, man. we're excited to be here in shanghai. >> with them, they take one lesson that coach thompson had not initially intended to teach when he planned the trip. >> the image that the world has captured, you know, there's a still shot that day of three or four guys, jason clark on the ground.
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one small basketball game can become an international incident because of that. one of the growing points that our team experienced is that what they do, the world is watching. coming up -- police officers are caught on camera getting dirty. >> i felt like i was at a bachelorette party. >> i was just really shocked. >> when "caught on camera out of line" continues. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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a shoplifter gets busted, but it's the video of the security guard's response that causes a public outcry. >> you're choking him. >> he's turning purple! >> i had to shout he was turning people and that he needed to let him go.
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he could have fell unconscious or he could have been dead. august 7th, 2010. shoppers and tourists pack the hollywood walk of fame. college student joshua fountain is waiting for a friend at the bus stop when alejandro and his brother, pablo, walk out of the forever 21 store with stolen t-shirts stuffed in alejandro's bag. >> when he left, the security guard approached him, but he did not hear him and then he started to walk off. and that's when the security guard just jumped on him and tackled him. >> started hearing a bit of a ruckus behind me, and i saw two individuals grabbing each other. and they both fell to the ground. i brought up my phone and decided to just record it. >> as the struggle plays out right in front of him, it quickly becomes clear to joshua that there is a reason alejandro didn't hear the security guard.
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>> right away i knew he was deaf and he was trying to let the security guard know he was deaf. >> but the security guard who now has alejandro in a head lock still doesn't appear to notice. alejandro's brother, pablo, desperately tries to get the guard's thaenattention, but it' difficult because pablo, too, is deaf. >> he's running around and yelling and it's unfortunate that deaf people don't articulate their voices as well as hearing people. >> so what you hear is a lot of g guttural and primieval screams. you could feel the pain in their voices even though they can't articulate what they're saying. you can hear what they're feeling, there is a panic there. >> pablo is unable to help his brother. >> another security guard that was lulling him out to intervene into the situation. >> you're choking him. >> he's turning purple.
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>> the most shocking part of the video to me was when alejandro started turning purple because that's when you knew it was serious and he could have passed out and the frustrating part about it is was he couldn't communicate to the guy to stop, even though he was trying to communicate with him. you could see alex in the video clearly motioning with his hand to the security guard, i'm tapping out, kind of like the universal sign that all guys know when they wrestle with their dads and everything, when you're pinned and you're giving up, you tap out. you say uncle. i give up. >> bystanders start to gather as alejandro continues to struggle to get out from under the security guard's grasp. >> the crowd was fairly big. there were at least 100 of us watching. >> after almost two minutes, one witness attempts to step in, but he is held back by a third security guard. nobody else steps in to help.
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>> he somewhat seemed helpless, and he wanted someone else to go ahead and help him, but there was nothing that you could do. people here in los angeles know that you kind of just stay out of things. the security guard didn't have a badge on and didn't have a uniform, so it could have been two rival gangs going at each other. i imagine some of the bystanders thought that this was some reality show or something. you turn to -- you tend to get blase out here when you see things like that. you think there's probably somebody filming this or it's one of those practical joke shows or something like that. eventually, they picked alejandro up, he got up. they quit choking him and then they took him back into the store, at that time the video stopped because the person taking the video wasn't allowed to go into the store and follow. >> although he felt helpless while alejandro was in the choke hold, joshua uses the power of his video to help.
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he posts the video online and calls local news stations. >> within a couple days that the video was up, it already received hundreds of thousands of views. >> thanks to joshua's video, alejandro has a claim of his own. >> the civil lawsuit is for the damages they caused him by using excessive force. >> the guard is never charged, but he loses his job with forever 21 and the store settles with the brothers for an undisclosed sum. >> we didn't even end up having to sue, that's rare in corporate america where they actually stand up and be honest from the get-go and say yes, we did make a mistake and we're going to do what we need to do to correct it. >> you're choking him. >> no charges are brought against pablo. as for the criminal case against alejandro, he pleads no contest to one count of petty theft and serves 120 days in county jail. >> alejandro started it and he was clearly in the wrong but when they went over the line and made it into something it
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shouldn't have been, that's when they went over the line. ♪ paradegoers in new york city record on-duty police officers engaging in some very dirty dancing. >> i couldn't look away because it was amazing that the way these cops, the way they were dancing like they've been to the club. >> it would have gone almost unnoticed until the video is posted online. the officers and their dance moves become an internet sensation. >> i was just really shocked. really shocked. september 5th, 2011, thousands of new yorkers flood the street of brooklyn for the 44th annual west indian parade.
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sunny day filled with west indian pride, dancing, food and colorful costumes. >> a lot of people, a lot of trucks. a lot of cops. costumes. a really colorful day. like any color in the crayola box was there. >> she has been a masquerader and steel pan player in the parade for the past six years. dressed in a lime green head piece and jeweled bikini, she is working her way down the parade route when she spots an officer on the side of the street. >> had like an inviting facial reaction so i just danced with him. i was basically whining with the officer, they call it whining in the caribbean. it's like moving your waistline in a circular motion. he didn't move. he was positioned, standing straight, his arms were down and i just came and danced on him and even when i was leaving him, he just stood there.
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>> georgia's car is close by when she dances away from the officer. ammalcar runs a hip-hop website. and for eight years he was filming the parade and girls dancing on police officers. >> usually they dance with the police but the police never dance back. they usually just stand there. >> this year, he witnesses something different. >> i heard a lot of noises from the section of the street. i just went to take a look. then when i looked, it was like, oh, my god. this was really fun. seen the police officers three of them dancing with the girls, bending them over. something i've never seen before. >> these are not your father's dance moves. >> dirty dancing. booty shaking dancing, jamaican club dancing. not appropriate dancing for a police officer in uniform.
2:19 pm
they did look like chippendales dancers. i felt like i was at a bachelorette party more than i was at a parade. >> the battery ammalcar's camera is dead, but others capture the most shocking moment of all. >> the police officer bent one over like all the way to the ground and grab her booty and just pounding it on himself. i looked at my camera and said, i can't believe i'm missing this shot. the ultimate shot. >> the video is posted online and spreads like wildfire. >> my phone started going off. ding, ding, ding. when i checked my phone, i had maybe like five, six missed calls, tweets telling me that i'm on "world star hip-hop." so i started like being frantic, what do you mean? one of my really good friends that checked for me. she was, like, oh, it's not that bad, just the rest of the video. you just started it. you just started it. i looked and i was just like
2:20 pm
shocked. >> she is even more shocked by the public reaction. >> my cousin is like, you're on the news, you're on "chelsea lately." you're on "tosh 2.0." the d.a. is going to have a field day with this one. >> the incident gets magnified because the neighborhood is in the news for more than just dancing police officers. a brooklyn woman is gunned down in front of her daughter when she gets caught in the crossfire of a shooting involving police officers that occurs blocks away from the parade route. many new yorkers are outraged to see video of on-duty police officers losing their self-control while other officers struggle to get violence under control. >> it was a bad weekend, no question about that. and the bottom line is, we just got to redouble the effort so the best police department in the world. >> the nypd looks into the incident, but commissioner raymond kelly notes that he's seen officers get caught up in
2:21 pm
the spirit of the parade before. >> i would prefer that it not have happened, but i don't want to make too much of it. >> the nypd has not responded to inquiries as to whether any punishments were handed down. and neither think they're necessary. >> they're there to interact with the people. you know what i mean? to make them feel safe. i didn't see it as a problem that they did dance back. i'm just shocked that it happened. >> if it wasn't captured on camera, who was there was lucky enough to see it. if they would have explained it to anybody else, nobody would have believed it. coming up -- the fight -- >> definitely in distress. >> -- and the fury. >> people sent us hate mail and things like that. >> when "caught on camera out of line" continues. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating...
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>> the risk, the physical and emotional risk it poses to those two children, very disturbing, i must say. >> september 10th, 2011. michelle anderson owns greenland's new labor club in england and there she hosts a fund-raiser for mixed martial arts trainer steven nightingale. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's get on with the action. ♪ >> we had an event for him to raise money so he could keep kids off the streets. so he could get more equipment for his gym, et cetera. that night we also sold food and we raised a lot of money for rhett's syndrome. >> to keep the interest in the gym, keep the gym busy, give everybody goals in the gym. to keep the younger generation busy as well.
2:26 pm
>> nightingale says his intent is to keep kids out of trouble. but what happens is widely seen as out of line. the opening match is a demonstration between one of his trainees and another fighter. both younger than 10. >> this fighter is just 8 years old. stands at 4'2", put your hands together. and across the cage in the red corner. this fighter is 9 years of age and stands at 4'1" and weighs in at 25 kilograms. put your hands together. >> why should he not get the chance. >> in fact, ian's father, nick hartley, watched the two compete each other only a few weeks earlier. >> it was four or five weeks before the fight. he did a tournament in manchester and he got a silver trophy in the tournament.
2:27 pm
he got the gold trophy. >> but this match is different. >> what these guys will be like in 15 years. >> although it is mixed martial arts fighting and doesn't allow punching and kicking, the boys compete inside of a cage to keep them from falling out of the ring. >> goes for the broom sweep. >> and almost immediately after the two begin grappling, kian's opponent suffers an injury. >> that was a great knee bar. >> this is the one danger you've got with juniors. they're still very young. they can get very upset, swept up in the moment, and if they do get an injury, it could be very painful. >> the paramedic on-site steps into the cage to inspect his opponent who appears to be on the verge of tears. >> paramedics come in and check the child, nothing was wrong with him. he was perfectly fine. >> the paramedic leaves the ring and the boys resume fighting. >> get some revenge there. >> normally in mma if someone
2:28 pm
submits, if someone taps out, that's the end of the fight, but we being a demonstration, they wanted to carry on. they carried on. >> his legs bent in an awkward position. >> the crowd continues to cheer, but the announcers sound less than enthusiastic about continuing the fight. >> he's definitely in distress when you look at him. i think he should just step out. >> when the round ends, kian's upset opponent confers with his team. >> he wasn't crying because he was hurt, he was more hurt his feelings. he had never been beat before and probably didn't know what defeat was like. >> i don't think we need to carry this on. these are kids, they've had a good demonstration. >> despite the announcer's trepidation, the fight continues. >> we were asked on several occasions whether he wanted to stop and stop the demonstration and on every occasion he said, no.
2:29 pm
>> this needs stopping. i think that's enough. i think everybody's seen enough now. he doesn't look happy at all to be in there. >> in the second round, he got him in an arm bar. >> if he could finish it. >> stopped again and then it went to the end of the three minutes in the second round. >> end of the second round. >> and then the referee said, we're not carrying on now. >> i think they've called it quits at the end of that second round. that to me is the right decision. >> both boys receive trophies. but the real fight is just beginning. the video of the match goes viral and ignites a firestorm of controversy. >> it was about two weeks after. we got up on wednesday morning and went to shop and it was plastered all over the front of our local paper and it was wrong. >> i just read the paper and i thought, obviously, they don't know what they're talking about. that was that and then that day phone has been ringing and went
2:30 pm
national and then i believe it went worldwide. people have sent us hate mail and things like that. >> joe ellis is the chairman of the national association of karate and martial arts schools, a british organization that regulates traditional and nontraditional martial arts. nightingale's gym reps is not a part of it. >> our policy is to not encourage or allow children and those under the age of 18 to participate in cage fighting or mixed martial arts on a competitive level. >> he's an advocate of the sport, but horrified by the video. >> two children engaged in this activity which are dangers to them, from a physical perspective and from an emotional, mental perspective. if they were wearing head guards or pads, had access to the environment, then maybe we could then say, okay, this is safe.
2:31 pm
what we've seen in the clip isn't. it's too dangerous. it's too risky. >> police investigate and no criminal charges are filed, but the club has to give the county notice before hosting an event involving contact sports and children younger than 10. >> everybody in the gym was upset because of all the time, the time we put in with the kids, the time that all the adults had put in on it and just put a black cloud over a really good event, really. >> despite the backlash, nick hartley still stands by the event and believes his son's participation in these fights is a positive thing. >> any sport you're totally at risk, obviously it's because this one was filmed that people are causing an uproar about it. give people grief and we know where he is and we know he's not getting into mischief. >> something kian himself agrees with. >> it's fun. it keeps me off the streets. and it keeps me fit.
2:32 pm
>> they're both winners! coming up -- a shocking end to a heated argument. >> i turn around and just see the car coming. pow. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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i'm melissa rehberger here's what's happening. the u.s. military has identified the navy s.e.a.l. who died in an accident of elizabethville, pennsylvania. the white house is encouraged by progress being made on a bipartisan immigration bill. sources tell nbc news a deal was struck friday night between the afl-cio, the u.s. chamber of commerce and democratic senator chuck schumer who is leading negotiations. back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer.
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we've seen sports brawls, dirty dancing police officers and children fighting in a cage. but our next story is more than just out of line. it's nearly fatal. a driver mows down a crowd of people. >> i turn around and just see the car coming. pow. >> then takes off, leaving bloody victims in her wake. >> get her license plate, man! >> i was scared. i thought the people was really dead. >> april 19th, 2011, national hiring day at mcdonald's and thousands of people flood restaurants across the country looking for employment. nigel recently quit his job and is hoping to get hired at a mcdonald's in cleveland, ohio. >> when i got there, the line was going all the way around from the door to the drive-through. more people
2:37 pm
started coming and the line was going around, around the corner and all in the parking lot. it was bigger than any job fair i ever went to. >> motley is standing in line when he sees a silver nissan pull into the parking lot. two female passengers get out of the car and begin arguing with the women in front of them. according to police reports, the driver of the car has an ongoing dispute with one of the women in line and is at mcdonald's to confront her about a financial matter. within moments, the fight turns physical. a bystander records the fight while security guards unsuccessfully try to break it up. >> people on the inside were coming out to try to see the fight. there were people everywhere in the parking lot, everywhere in the street, just chaos. >> motley is smack dab in the middle of the fray and isn't going anywhere. >> i'm in the middle of the parking lot because i'm witnessing the fight. >> but sticking with the fight
2:38 pm
proves to be nearly fatal. the cell phone camera moves closer to the confrontation just as the two women get back in the car. >> we hear, get out of the way! the car starts flying back. >> when it backed up, it hit me and spined me right around, and i watched the car go over the people. no stop. >> the crowd behind the car is knocked to the ground. two people are seriously injured. >> it was ugly. the people was laying on the ground. i saw blood coming out of the man's mouth and the lady, she was bleeding. she just kept saying my legs. my legs. i think his whole body was broke because he was just twisted up just laying.
2:39 pm
his arms crossed and his leg was on top of him. >> the car pauses for a moment behind the victims, but then takes off. >> get her license plate, man! >> by the time police arrive, the driver is gone. officers find the car a few blocks away. they arrest the passenger, but the driver, stacy matthews, has already fled on foot. the job fair is shut down and four victims are transported to the hospital. two suffer minor injuries, but one is treated for bleeding in the brain, another needs staples in his head. later that afternoon, after the shock of the day wears off, motley brings himself to the hospital where he is treated for a dislocated knee. a warrant is issued for matthews' arrest and two days later, she turns herself in. >> aggravated vehicular assault. >> pleads not guilty. >> she's charged with nine
2:40 pm
counts of assault and convicted of six counts of felonious assault. although motley is angry that the job fair was shut down, he's grateful to have survived it. >> i thought i was going to die because i didn't know it was coming. greatness of god, he didn't let me get killed. coming up -- >> oh, my god! a football game ends in a riot. plus, political pandemonium. >> i saw a smoke grenade explode and the whole parliament hall was covered with smoke. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter.
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a referee is brutally attacked. >> oh, my god. >> it's just not what's expected here in sarasota county. >> oh, my god! >> the moral boundaries were breached. >> bystanders attempting to break up the fight are crushed beneath the pile of people. >> kind of that panic feeling, oh, my god, what are we going to do? >> a teen football game spirals violently out of control as terrified fans watch from the stands. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, i need quite a few officers out here right now. it's at the high school right now. we have a mass, mass riot. >> august 27th, 2011. it's a beautiful day for football in sunny sarasota, florida. sarah elmore team mom for the junior northport huskies is sitting in the stands eagerly anticipating her team's game. >> we have 25 players on our team and they were sitting around me listening to music, getting pumped up for our particular game.
2:45 pm
>> on the field below, the senior northport huskies are beating the sarasota gators and the gators aren't happy. >> oh, chase. >> the game is becoming more and more confrontational. using vulgarities and numerous curse words are being used and they disagree with a call. instead of talking to the referee and sorting it out, they just start screaming at him and moving towards him in a hostile manner. >> although they aren't even at halftime, the referee ends the game. that means a win for the huskies. their fans erupt into cheers, but video captured by someone in the stands reveals gator coaches exploding with anger. >> in that video, you can see a coach being contemptuous towards the referee, the referee's hat, kicking the yellow
2:46 pm
flag that the referee had thrown when he called this game and you can see this coach following him. some type of verbal altercation is going on. >> the camera pans away for a moment and then -- >> oh, no, no, no! >> when the cameraman looks back at the field, coaches and referees are sprinting towards gators' coach austin dexter and referee jamie reed who are now locked in a physical confrontation. >> oh, my god! >> someone said, oh, my god. you know, being protective like we all are of our kids we immediately go to look. >> elmore turns her head just in time to see a 14-year-old gators' player take a flying leap at the referee, tackling him to the ground. as soon as the referee hits the turf, he's buried under a pile of people. >> the assistant coach on the senior's team, he's trying to help the referee and he gets plowed and bunches of people were on top of him.
2:47 pm
his wife, who is a dear friend, was trying to help pull the referee out and her husband and that was also something that put me into panic because this is family to me and there was nothing i could do. it was just complete chaos. it just seemed like everybody was underneath somebody. >> 911, what is the emergency? >> there is a riot over here. sarasota gators players. >> there's a big brawl breaking out. >> there's a football fight. high school in sarasota. >> the gators' coach struggles to break through the crowd. >> he worked himself into a position where he could reach in and kick this referee and continue to stomp on this referee's shoulder, which was injured. he sustained a fractured shoulder. >> before the police can get there, northport coaches desperately try to break up the fight and continue to be drawn into it. one northport coach is tackled
2:48 pm
by gators coach timothy howard. >> one coach was punched and strangled. >> a friend of the gators' coaches also joins the fray. >> in the beginning of the video off to the left a little bit, you can see him throwing punches, roundhouses in there and he's attacking, not only the referee, he's hitting the other coaches from the northport team. >> by the time the sheriff's department arrives, the crowd has dispersed. deputies have difficulty piecing together what happened and who was at fault. but they don't know about the videotape. >> everything we had heard on the 911 tape and all the people calling in and giving a description of what was going on was really of no help to us. >> the fight is more than just bad sportsmanship. in florida it's a felony to attack a referee. but with no evidence and nobody pressing charges, it appears there is no case. so the sheriff's department stops their investigation until the video shows up on youtube. >> the first time i saw it, to
2:49 pm
be honest with you, i was disgusted, and i directed my detectives to initiate a criminal investigation. get to the root problem of what had happened out there. >> because the camera is pointed in the other direction when the fight begins, it's difficult to determine who started it. but take a closer look at the video. >> the video moves away. you see the coach initiate the action by throwing a water bottle at him, by lifting his arm and throwing a water bottle. >> and that's not all. an even closer look at the video reveals a surprising twist. it's actually the referee who throws the first punch. >> video comes back when the altercation was on and from the video you're able to tell the coach is on the ground and we learned later when he's charging him, the referee does throw a punch in defense of himself and drops the head coach on the ground. and then just kind of a melee starts. >> bradley, austin, howard and
2:50 pm
the 14-year-old gators' player who tackled the referee are all charged with battery on a sports official. bradley and howard plead guilty and are both sentenced to two years of probation. >> going to deny your request for a continuance. for a continuance. >> austin pleads not guilty and is awaiting trial. >> mr. howard and mr. bradley were both somewhat remorseful. >> definitely sorry that it happened and i wish we all would have handled it in a different way. >> mr. howard who is a large man made a comment that he was throwing some large roundhouse punches and that he feels fortunate that he never really directly made contact with the ref or any of the opposing team because he could have really hurt them. >> although the referee threw the first punch, he is not charged. >> the referee used good judgment and he wanted to defend himself. >> i did not see him throw the first punch, but based on what i saw with my eyes, i would have defended myself, as well. >> the arrests are not the only consequences.
2:51 pm
the entire gators' team is expelled from the league. >> while i agree that a big statement needed to be made, the sarasota gators now are suffering as a result of the actions of three grown men and a youth who attacks the referee. >> a reminder of the power of one video going viral. >> if we wouldn't have had this on video, this would have been very difficult, if not impossible to prove. coming up -- it's the political fight you have to see to believe. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams.
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throwing eggs, throwing punches and setting off smoke bombs. these may sound like the antics of children, but this out of
2:55 pm
line behavior is not taking place on a playground. >> nobody actually predicted that if we see something like smoke bombs inside the parliament. >> it's politicians gone wild and news crews are there to record democracy at its messiest. april 27th, 2010. the ukrainian parliament gathers in its chamber to ratify the extension of russia's black sea lease in the ukraine, and it's a controversial deal and the news correspondent is outside the building reporting on protests. >> this whole issue has been making waves in the ukrainian politics. russia had had no base to hold its own ships and own troops that is why it was paying rent to use the black sea base. the previous administration demanded that this base had to be removed after several years. >> but when the next president was elected, he signs a new
2:56 pm
agreement with russia that extends the lease for another 25 years. the majority of parliament supports the deal, but some politicians and many ukrainians vehemently disagree. and they intend to make their objections known. >> me and my crew, we were working outside the parliament. there had been very large-scale protests. close to 1,500 men were here protesting. lots of police and the atmosphere was very tense and deep. i was actually recording a sound bite with one of the protesters and i had had a call from my office in moscow and said something big is happening inside the parliament and you should have a look. i ran to the truck and i had a look at the feed. >> it turns out the chaotic
2:57 pm
protests outside parliament are nothing compared to the scene brewing inside. >> they were putting the ukrainian flag on top of the seats and, thus, they showed that they would not take their seats in order to take the vote. >> the situation quickly accelerates when politicians begin hurling eggs and fists. >> the speaker was hiding behind an umbrella with eggs being thrown at him. maybe the umbrellas were brought in just for the purpose from hiding from the rain, but, eventually, they found their own very good usage with the security guards of the parliamentary speaker protecting their boss. >> throughout the room, politicians are locked in battle with one another, punching, pushing, slapping and even pulling hair. as bizarre as this video may seem, in the ukraine, this is politics as usual.
2:58 pm
>> things in the ukrainian parliament and in ukrainian politics have always been resolved in a rather peculiar way. >> but this fight becomes unlike anything ukrainians have ever seen. although reporters and parliament guests go through smoke screens to get into the building and carried in more than just eggs. >> i saw a smoke grenade explode and the whole parliament hall was covered with smoke. i mean, we've seen a lot of stuff, but this is something out of hand, completely. >> this reporter is inside parliament when the smoke bombs go off. >> we were upstairs in the press box when the smoke bombs were
2:59 pm
thrown and all the smoke went up exactly where i was standing and filming. i helped my cameraman out of the press box and open window to let in the crisp, fresh air. >> nobody is seriously hurt, but there are more than a dozen injuries. but smoke bombs, fist fights and eggs are not enough to stop the deal from going through. although they do ensure that it will not be forgotten. >> it is hard to say whether another incident like that might happen inside the parliament. certainly that one was the loudest and biggest ones and make waves in the ukrainian politics. everyone remembers how the smoke bombs were thrown inside the parliament. so, if the law, rules or manners aren't enough to convince you to keep your behavior in check, just remember, somebody could be recording you.


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