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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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live." thanks for being up with us this monday, may 6th. we have a lot to cover this morning, including the nra's massive annual meeting. 70,000 were there. headliners including wayne lapierre, sarah palin and an intro video from rick perry. so far no cemetery in boston wants anything to do with the dead suspect in the marathon bombing. the debate over where to send his body. plus an update on the case in the three other men swept up in the investigation. let's get to the news live here in new york city. tensions are mounting in syria and across the wider region where a new front has opened in that country's brutal civil war. israel launched attacks twice in the last several days. in an apparent attempt to keep sophisticated weapons made in iran from getting to hezbollah. they're targeting long range
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missiles in a military research center which sent shock waves across the city. israel would not officially confirm the attack but syrian state tv blamed israel and according to nbc's richard engel, many welcomed the attack. though they promised retaliation, it's not clear if syria, iran, or hezbollah will make good on those threats. the u.s. said it was not surprised on the threat. in an interview with telemundo, president obama defended the raid. >> the israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. and, you know, we coordinate closely with the israelis recognizing that they are very close to syria. they're very close to lebanon. hezbollah has repeatedly said
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that they would be willing to attack as far as tel aviv and so the israelis have to be vigilant and they have to be concerned. we will continue to coordinate with israel. in yet another complication, a u.n. human rights investigator said it may have been rebel forces that used chemical weapons in at least one attack. according to officials, they have not seen evidence that the government was behind the use of sarin gas. that would be a red line that would change his calculus on american involvement. senator john mccain is now using those words against him. >> the whole thing is escalating, yet as you may have noticed, the leader of hezbollah committed to helping bashar assad. the conflict is spilling over into lebanon and jordan. the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and
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unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states wrote was apparently written in disappearing red ink. secretary john kerry heads to moscow to get them to back off on their support of the assad regime. now to more dire news out of afghanistan where at least 7 service members were killed in attacks across the country. in one attack in southern afghanistan on saturday a roadside bomb killed five u.s. personnel. two others died after an after fwan soldier turned his gun on them. 19 u.s. personnel have died in the last week alone, 7 of them when a civilian cargo plane crashed early after it took off from bagram air field. that incident was caught on tape. as the violence wages on, karzai said he hoped the cia
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would continue supplying him with bags full of cash. he was getting ghost money totaling millions of dollars. on saturday, karzai, whose government has been accused of corruption, said the money has helped with problems. because of all these rumors in the media, ploes do not cut all this money because we really need it. we want to continue this sort of assistance and the cia station chief in kabul promised that they are not going to cut this money. the situation at guantanamo bay remains unresolved. dozens of detainees are now being force fed in a pretty gruesome manner to counter the effects of their hunger strike. the u.s. defense lawyer calls the process brutal but they say the force feeding is necessary to save their lives adding, the technique is similar to that used for the elderly joompt
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nearly 2/3 of the 166 prisoners at guantanamo are now refusing to eat. using words like battle, war, and stand and fight, leaders of the nra are focusing in on the 2014 election using the ongoing debate over gun legislation as a bashup encounter with what they call an historic attack on the second amendment. this year's annual meeting drew an estimated 70,000 people. there gun makers showed off their latest products while celebrity speakers and politicians framed the law as an assault on personal freedom. among them wayne lapierre who suggested the boston bombings underscore the need for more americans to arm themselves. >> thank you very much. private citizens sheltered in place with no means to defend themselves or their families from whatever might come crashing through their door.
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how many bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago? [ applause ] >> how many other americans now ponder that life or death question? the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> many there celebrated the defeat of the manchion appeal. sarah palin accused the white house of exploiting victims in the newtown massacre. >> this president flying grieving parents on air force one making them back drops in his perpetual campaign style events. instead of leaders who offer solution we have leaders who practice the politics of emotion. what keeps me optimistic keeps
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us reloading in this fight. what keeps us going in this fight and about this country that i love, i know we love is the faces that i see here today. you don't give up. the washington establishment mirrors the view and you don't give up. the mainstream media just plain doesn't get you and you don't give up. you don't retreat. >> today the board of directors will name james porter as nra's new president. it was motivated by revenge. governor rick perry, meanwhile, prefaced his remarks with a little prerecorded target practice. >> the governor and our good friend, rick perry.
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♪ ♪ he hit the targets that weren't moving. in washington both houses of congress are expected to move forward the immigration reform laws. they will hash out a deal by the end of the month. patrick leahy anticipates dozens of amendments will be filed. the gang of 8's bill will be marked up. they hope a bipartisan plan can make it to the floor intact. senator marco rubio discussed how voters are impacting the future bill writing last week, intense public scrutiny has helped identify shortcomings and
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unintended consequences that need to be addressed. president obama spoke about the challenges ahead. >> when i say i'm optimistic, i didn't say it was going to be easy. we always knew it was going to be a challenging task. i do think there will be a number of ups and downs and near death experiences as this travel, but when you look at where the american people are, where not just democrats and independents but also republicans and the public are around the need for sensible immigration reform, then i think we can get this done. but not everyone is quite as optimistic. former senator jim demint talked about passing the laws. he was talking about amnesty for undocumented workers. >> the bill that is being presented is unfair for those who came here legally.
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it will cost americans trillions of dollars. it will make our you be lawful immigration system worse. if you consider all the factors related to the amnesty, believe me, this is comprehensive, it will have a negative long-term impact on our gross domestic product. we just want congress for once to count the costs of a bill. >> and now for the latest from boston. robel phillipos will ask to be released from federal custody later today. his lawyers say he had nothing to do with the bombings, he was simply confused and scared when he was questioned by authorities. they conducted another search of tamerlan tsarnaev's apartment yesterday. they are arriving in boston to lay the older suspect to left. the family is having problems locating a cemetery willing to take his body. the suspect's uncle says, quote, no one wants to associate their
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name with such evil. let us know why you're awake. shoot us an e-mail at waytooearly ooth the knicks open the semifinals as the favorites, but last night they got out muscled in game one against the pacers. nba playoffs ahead. later "saturday night live" returns with zach galfanakos. that and more when "way too early" continues. passengers crowded the windows to watch a roar and a burst of flames as the winds turned the ship into a flaming inferno. it's the greatest of miracles that anyone came out of the disaster alive.
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. nice shot of the capital on this monday morning. beautiful weekend is now in the rear-view mirror. we have rain drops in the way. a lot of virginia and north carolina going to get wet, eventually d.c. temperature wise, grab a light jacket in many areas of the country. it's not too cold. the rain plagued us over the weekend. areas of alabama, mississippi, kentucky. you probably saw the derby highlights on saturday with the drenching rain near st. louis. look at the very stagnant weather pattern. it's stalled out over the country. this is the same storm. it's made its way to the east coast. we have rain coming in today. much of north carolina, virginia. definitely have the umbrella with you. as we go back to the ohio valley, we have indianapolis, columbus and hit-and-miss showers over tennessee. eventually that will work its way through virginia up towards
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d.c. i think further to the north baltimore, philly, you're dry today you have a better chance of getting rain tomorrow. also chances of showers and rain out there towards the denver area. as you can look at tomorrow, it's not bad. where it snowed it's going to be 74 in minneapolis. your gaiting your reward week after that pain of last week. now to sports. round 2, nba playoffs. thunder, russell west. thunder down by three. under 1:00 to play. who else is going to shoot the ball? kevin durant. best player in the nba by some, minus lebron. time winding down. if you're up by one how do you not double-team kevin durant? they didn't. he hit the jumper. they ended up winning the game. they have to blame lionel hollins for that. let's go to the knicks/pacers. patrick ewing on hand. looking nice, too.
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this is a very physical game from the start. carmelo anthony gets his shot blocked, gets the rebound. goes back up on the other side. tough night for melo. he had 27 points, it took him 20 shots. indiana was hitting their threes yesterday. they go into the garden, surprise everyone. they take game one 102-95. lebron james took home his fourth nba mvp trophy. he became the youngest player to ever achieve that fete. james got 120 out of the 121 first place votes. he finds himself in elite company joining michael jordan, bill russell, kareem abdul-jabbar and wilt chamberlain. lebron and the heat take on the bulls tonight for game one of that series. let's go over to the nhl
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playoffs, canadiens and senators. canadiens down by three goals in the third period. the frustration is about to boil over. ryan wood chopped at zack smith's leg. and then it's on. gloves are off. all ten placers on the ice get involved in the brawl. both teams combine for 236 penalty minutes. nine players given game misconduct. there are so many players penalized. take a look at the benches. there was nearly anyone left. the senators go on to win 6-1. they're now up 6-1. let's hit the track. nascar sprint cup series at talladega. they go 200, one of the fastest tracks in the nascar circuit. this, the big wreck. that car is on top of the other car. dale earnhardt jr. banked into the first car on the outside. kurt busch flipped on to ryan newman. danica patrick caught up in the 16 had ever car wreck. no one injured.
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everyone walked away from the accident. the crash opened the door to david ragan who took home the checkered flag. only his second career victory. you watch daytona, talladega, these restrictor plate races, those are the crashes. on the top of the hour, sarah palin plays to the crowd at the nra's annual meeting in houston. with republicans looking to rebound, the gop meeting messenger. we'll huddle around the water cooler for "saturday night live" where they have plenty of material to work with over the last week. we'll show you host zach galifianakis, how he kicks things off when "way too early" comes right back. i'm tony siragusa and i've been around the toughest guys in football. and now i'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood. with man style protection... whoa... of new depend shields and guards. who are you? this is my house. perfect. come with me. built you a little man space under here. how 'bout that. sweet.
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up with what we like to call the real news. gathering around the water cooler. >> great weekend this weekend. cinco de mayo, the kentucky derby. let's watch zach galifianakis. he was live the purple onion style. >> i'd like to stop google. the other day on google, how many mexicans live in north korea?
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google didn't know. sometimes when i see people on the side of the road with car trouble, i like to pull over, put my hazards on, get out of my car, walk up to them and try my jokes out on them. sometimes when i'm in a restaurant i'll order a beat salad but when the waiter brings me my beat salad and i just look at them and go, thanks for laying down those funky beats. here's something you'll never see in braille. if you see something, say something. >> he's got a good writer. maybe he writes it himself. >> galifianakis joined "the hangover" co-stars. they had a jennifer aniston contest. we head to highlights. an impression of james corbell. >> james, what do you make of the recent defeat of background
2:54 am
checks in congress despite the fact that 90% of americans support the measure? >> let me stop by saying i have nothing against guns and i'm not just saying that because i look like a bullet. gotta have background checks. i mean, if this guy can walk out of a gun store without answering some questions, something has gone wrong. i mean, they make me answer five questions at the deli. >> how do you think it is the republicans manage to defeat the bill and defeated the bill despite the overwhelming public support? >> i think after the last election all republicans had a meeting that went like this. we lost. what are we gonna do? why don't we just pretend like we won, and it's working. >> i don't know about you guys, but i wasn't listening to a thing he said.
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the hand movements and the gestures. >> they nailed it. snl made a video of what you think of him wearing a pair of new balance sneakers. >> comfort, support, stability. new balance, shoes made for running. >> but worn by chubby white guys in their late 30s to early 40s. >> yes! >> new balance sneakers have advanced cushioning in the forefoot because if you were running, you'd need that. >> that helps me just stand here. >> new balance, because your feet literally won't fit into any other shoe. >> do you own a pair of new balance? >> no, i don't. both my grandparents do. >> i'm going to move on. no time and i want to get to this live story. this year's moment at the
2:56 am
conservative conference, sarah palin slurping a big gulp. palin found a new prop. >> now i see that the mayor of new york now wants to ban public displays of legal tobacco products. can you imagine? i tell ya. don't make me do it. no, but that's funny though. it's funny because todd's been looking for this all morning. >> that was sarah palin with a can of dip chewing tobacco. >> i just want the t-shirt. i want the t-shirt. the women fight with the antlers on it. >> if you pull out a dip, you have to put it in. >> we don't recommend that. >> still ahead on "way too early."
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we asked you why you were awake. producer john tower answers. >> jim on twitter. had to see if you played the hindenburg footage. what was the worst blowup, hindy or playoff series in 13 years. wait until game four or five. great show, everyone. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> the governor our good friend rick perry. >> not bad! ♪


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