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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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syria and iran are hinting that they want payback for two air strikes they say came from israel. israel has not taken responsibility but there is little doubt that they are responsible. one strike hit a military complex near damascus and a group said it killed at least 42 syrian soldiers. the target is missiles. >> the whole thing is escalating as you may have noticed the leader committed to helping bashar al assad. the conflict is spilling over into lebanon and jordan. the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states has written was written in disappearing ink. >> president obama backed up israel's right to stop weapons.
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>> the israelis justifybly have to guard against the transfer of advance weaponry to terrorist organizations. so the israelis have to be vigilant and concerned. we will continue to coordinate with israel. i want to bring in ayman mohyeldin. a couple of batteries have been moved up north although we saw that prime minister netanyahu left for china. what is the goal? >> the goal is to prevent the transfer of weapons. that is the stated strategic objective. i think there is a larger message here that is perhaps beepg sent to regional players that israel will a act unilaterally when it comes to security concerns. i think that is the underlying message to let all of the
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players know. >> if anything about assad so does that put more pressure on the president to do something to act or less? >> there is an argument for both. certainly it puts more pressure. at the end of the day is it complicates matters. when it becomes a regional conflict it has greater implications for the united states. we are talking about concerns that may be posed to israel. people are concerned that they will entrench themselves further in the syrian conflict. now it is a conflict of proxys. when it becomes a conflict of proxies that is when the united states gets dragged into it in one way or another. let me bring in senator bob casey, a member of the foreign relations committee. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> we heard a lot of your
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colleagues saying it is time to intervene. you heard what senator mccain had to say about drawing a line. no boots on the ground but what would an intervention look like? air strikes? no fly zones? arming the rebels? what do you think should happen next? >> i think there are a number of measures that we can take that are well short of and should not include boots on the ground. senator rubio and i have that would focus on more humanitarian aid and have sanctions for those doing business with the syrian regime, would have elements that would provide support, nonlethal support for the syrian opposition. i have in addition to that bill which i think is the kind of broad based strategy we need, i have called separately from that for the consideration by the pentagon to use surface to
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surface tomahawk missiles to take out the syrian aircraft on the ground. if there is going to be a game changer in terms of the battlefield it is to take out their aircraft. i said this back in december well before the debate about chemical weapons. but i think especially in light of the deployment of chemical weapons i think we have to take more direct action. >> and you are urging the president to do just that? >> yes. and it's obviously something that among a range of options that can be taken. one other part of this which is clear now, i think you are seeing gaining bipartisan support, even folks that would not support my recommendation on tomahawk missiles, i think there is a broad consensus of support for at a minimum a safe zone within syria where an international coalition led by the united states sets up a safe
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zone within syria. that wouldn't be as broad as a no fly zone. a safe zone where the opposition could have more security setting up the fundamentals of a new government. and i think that kind of approach is something that could gain broad support. >> let me ask you about a couple of other things, senator. you have sent a letter to president obama calling on the white house to take action over the veterans disability back log. more than 600,000 veterans are stuck in this back log. the average wait for a claim is over 317 days. why is there such a delay? and how do you fix it? >> senator helder and i along with 65 other senators sent a letter to the president outlining what you said which is that many veterans waiting for disability claims to be processed. in the city of pittsburgh, for
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example, the wait is over 600 days. and the city of philadelphia over 500 days. many other city wheres the wait is 400 and 500 days. we have asked the president to take direct action to put forth a strategic plan to deal with this. and sometimes you have to communicate directly with the president. we have sent letters already to the v.a. and pentagon so they can better process these claims. it is one of the instances where in washington you have to have bipartisan determination and focus that's brought to bear on the administration to get this done. our veterans sacrifice and their service should be matched by a commence rate effort by the administration to process these claims expeditiously. >> the other topic the nra held
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the annual convention. the membership is up to 5 million people. the president says he is not giving up the fight for the gun laws. pat toomey supported the background checks. what needs to happen to get this voted on again and not just voted on but passed? >> chris, i think there will be an opportunity which we should take advantage of over a number of months to continue to build support for the background check legislation. and i think that is likely to happen for a variety of reasons. the main reason is that anyone who paid any attention to what happened in newtown i think what it would ask a united states senator, what are you doing to substantially reduce the likelihood that this would happen again? no one can pass legislation that will guarantee it will never happen. what are you doing to take substantial steps to reduce that likelihood. a background check bill is part
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of that. newtown was not about background checks. newtown was about the magazines, the ammunition where the killer was going to kill hundreds of children if he had the time. in the short period of time he got off 150 to 155 shots in less than five minutes. so what we should do in addition to trying to schedule another vote on background checks we need to take action when it comes to the ammunition, the magazines. no reason why anyone should have that much ammunition available to them at one time and one place. if he had more time he would have killed several hundred children. that was his intention. >> it's good to have you on the program. thank you. >> thanks, chris. i want to bring in a national political reporter from "the national journal" good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me start by playing some
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of the clips from the nra convention this weekend. >> it has been one skirmish defined as a long war. >> we are in a culture war where we once faced hundreds of voices against us, there are now thousands attacking us every day. >> these gun laws sell the false premise that they are actually solving a problem and they are not. >> this president flying and greeting parents on air force one making them back drops in his perpetual campaign style press events. >> she got a standing ovation. you heard a lot about attacks on the second amendment, the war that is not over, the theme of the convention, stand and fight. and the nra as we pointed out now to 5 million members. they say they are winning. are they? >> the nra has been saying it is in a war against president
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obama. long before obama was saying anything about any gun legislation when he was taking office when it looks like he might win the election in 2008 you would go to gun shows and you would hear people say they are stacking up on guns because they were told by nra that president obama would take away their guns. the nra needs to make president obama into a villain so that it can keep its membership as it moves increasingly to the sort of extreme positions. >> one of the things that the new president, jim porter, talked about, the 2014 mid terms. they say they are critical. we have been seeing the polling that suggest senators that voted against background checks are down. i guess the question becomes a money issue, too. what will the money from the nra be like a year from now and will the other side be able to balance it out? >> on the one hand it is a money issue for sure whether these
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groups like mayor of new york, michael bloomberg, whether his group and other groups can balance out the nra on the money front. on the other hand there is the strategy question. the nra and groups like it they have a passionate base of supporters who are primarily single issue voters who feel very passionate about this issue and whether these pro gun control groups can match that passion level as the nra membership has. >> if you watch any of the videos over the weekend of the speakers you can see that passion, amanda. i want to point out something that you folks at the "huffington post" cost suggesting keeping guns in a gun safe in your children's room. they are saying if you are running from an intruder you are going to go into your children's room and protect them. if you are worried that your kitd kid
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is going to try to break into the safe in their bedroom with a gun in it you have bigger problems than home defense. it almost seems as though these kinds of stories and these kinds of debates are going to frame a lot of that 2014. or is it all going to be forgotten by then? >> i think this will play out in 2014. mayor bloomberg and his group mayors against illegal guns will make this a priority. part of the problem right now for gun control groups is that no one is afraid to vote against gun violence prevention measures. they are afraid to vote the other way because they don't want to go against the nra because they are the only game in town to throw money. mayors against illegal guns and other gun control groups will need to stay focused on this and go to town halls like they have been doing with senator kelly in new hampshire and continue to make this an issue so lawmakers say maybe i should vote for
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these bills. >> i think besides the president has been a target for a while, mayor bloomberg seems to have a big target on his back for funding the other side. and it was suggested at the convention over the weekend that bloomberg should take his money and buy another yacht instead of putting it into gun control. as an easy target, does he hurt more than he helps? >> it could go either way. you look in arkansas, senator mark prior who is a democrat up for reelection in 2014, when bloomberg's group was running ads to push senators to vote for the background check expansion amendment his response to that was i don't take my advice from the mayor of new york city. so if groups like his are going to target people like senator pryor who voted against background checks that could almost help him if they are
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going to attack him from the left on gun control. i have had analysts in arkansas tell me that. groups like bloomberg might attack lawmakers on issues that play better in their home states than gun control. >> good to see both of you. thank you. >> thanks. and this was a very deadly weekend for american troops in afghanistan. seven service members were killed in separate attacks. one involved a large road side bomb and the other an afghan soldier turned his gun on the troops. 19 americans have died in the past week. the deaths come as president hamid karzai claimed he would be given cash. hat's not much, you . except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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>> we have to bury this guy. in this country we bury people. i can't separate sins from sinners. >> all of those developments as congress schedules hearings on how to avoid future attacks. i am joined by an nbc terrorist
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analyst. >> the headline was boston case highlights limitations of u.s. terror network. here is what former new york mayor rudy giuliani said over the weekend. >> i think the investigation since the time of the bombing has been excellent. i think there were signals missed beforehand. >> do you think before these congressional hearings we are already learning what we can do not to miss those kinds of signals in the future? or is it a frightening lesson that frankly nothing is fool proof? >> that's the central point. nothing is fool proof. there weren't a lot of signals that were missed. if you look at the timeline that has been reconstructed so far. the fbi did what it was supposed to do and absent any additional
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derogatory information that they discovered on their own or the russians provided they were at the end of their process. there were legal constraints within which they have to operate. >> someone who has operated in this situation, how key is that russian information and what is the relationship like when you look at if we are going to look at ways to improve and do that we have to look at maybe ways that we could have done this better, was it to listen more closely to the russians? and is that relationship that strained? >> the relationship is uneven. that is the way it is. would there have been a greater level of trust if it was from the french or british? perhaps. what the russians provided was not enough to take it to the next level. had the russians given us additional information when the fbi said we couldn't find anything, that would have been
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key. based on how the u.s. interagency process worked here it looked like it worked correctly. is there anything we can do to improve it? there are always additional steps. with it come privacy and security concerns. i think that is part of the debate that congress is going to have right now. >> one of the things we heard after the attack including a member of congress is if you see something, say something, see someone suspicious report it. the trouble with that is would that trigger anything. just on that one database there are 875,000 names on it. just look at dzhokhar tsarnaev. his room mate is quoted as saying he took two weeks to think about it. he can think of nothing out of the ordinary. his friends describe him as a teenager who is a cool guy, a great student, a heart of gold. how do you plan a counter terrorism operation for someone
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like that? someone who is hiding in plain sight? >> incredibly difficult and almost impossible. what is so frightening was their ability to reintegrate into society after the attack. and the fact that as far as we know they left very few footprints leading up to the boston bombing. i think the two areas where you can do better is one at the community level. we have seen reports where tamerlan acted out in the mosque on a couple of occasions. that should raise a question within the community, was there something going on that we probably should have looked at to a greater degree? and the second thing is when tamerlan came back from russia and started posting his extremist videos on the internet that was the second trigger. the guidelines and what law enforcement could do, they were not in a position to look at that at that point because there was no reason of suspicion when he came back because the government lacked additional information of what tsarnaev was
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doing in russia. those are the disconnects. we can rewire the system and improve the system and we should but that doesn't mean we would have stopped this attack. just hours before receiving the 2013 jfk profiles in courage award formerer congress woman giffords spent time with the family. giffords spoke briefly saying she wished congress had more courage to act on gun control. >> it's been a hard two years for me but i want to make the world a better place. more than ever. come here, boy.
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causing controversy. the museum plans to charge $20 or $25. officials say the operating costs will be around $60 million a year. family members of victims are displayed. admission to the memorial will still be free. first lady michelle obama will make a fundraising stop at the an lgbt gala. florida moving presidential primary for 2016. it was so early last time around the state lost dozens of delegates. this could help marco rubio if he decides to run. president obama gave the speech over the weekend. >> you have been tested and tempered by events that your parents and i never imagined we
7:28 am
would see when we sat where you sit. and yet despite all of this or perhaps because of it yours has become a generation possessed with the most of american ideas. the people who love their country can change it for the better. >> and poor ruth ginsburg becoming the butt of a joke. >> dunkin, name this person. >> i don't know. some old pilgrim. >> and if you read only one thing this morning, something i did not know, al gore's dog is named beau. there are lots of other facts in today's must read about what the former vp and environmentalist
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the death toll from the bangladesh factory collapse has climbed to 645. and europe's trade commissioner is threatening sanctions after last month's garment factory tragedy calling the situation there modern slavery. lawmakers in the u.s. and european union are pushing to end the country's special trading status if steps aren't taken to improve wages and worker safety. let me bring in republican strategist and jason stanford democratic political consultant, columnist. good to see both of you gentlemen. there was an editorial that pointed out this is not uncommon for american seam stresses to
7:33 am
lose their lives in factories. the collapse should play a similarly galvanizing role now. will it? can it? if so what kind of role can the u.s. and western countries play? >> i don't think it is the u.s. government as much as the u.s. companies that deal in bangladesh and have a responsibility. here we are talking about a $16 billion apparel industry where many workers only make about $40 a month in unsafe locations. the american companies and disney has pulled out but other american companies have to make sure they are dealing in good faith and have a responsibility to the people they are dealing with. >> there are also other proposals. disney and the parent company of calvin klein and tommy hi
7:34 am
hillfigger have signed agreements. is that the answer here? do other companies need to really sign on to this? is this really not as much a role for the u.s. government or is pressure an important part of this? >> free trade is a part of our foreign policy. and this kind of thing damages our credibility abroad especially as we are engaging in a world wide conflict with islamic fundamentalism. people have to see our government promoezing american values of worker safety and getting a decent pay for a hard day's work. we can't preach our values unless we practice them here at home. we don't have to look farther than west texas for an example of how this happens here. >> michigan congressman is the top democrat on the weighs and means committee. what he wants is a meeting between retailers, u.s.,
7:35 am
european union officials to come up with an action plan to figure out what to do about these working conditions, these unsafe buildings. is this something that john could be a bipartisan push? >> look, i think all parties involved, democrat, republican, u.s. and europe want to see that the people in bangladesh have fair wages, are treated fairly and are in safe environments. i would think universally everybody would be for this. the question is, do we force that or how do we do it? do we encourage companies? i think that is the key. jason said something else. there has been increased protests among islamists in bangladesh. this can create a trigger if we don't solve that, as well. >> there is an argument, jason, that pulling out is not a good alternative as some companies have thought they would do because the garment industry at
7:36 am
the very low wages helps get people, particularly women, out of poverty even though the average wage is around $37. and the government of bangladesh has been reluctant to improve conditions because they are afraid it encourages companies to go to places where labor is cheaper. is that whole islamic connection potentially the catalyst for the united states to put pressure on this? >> the people of bangladesh have to see america stepping up and doing the right thing here. american involvement in the garment industry and outsourcing has hurt the american worker but has helped the foreign worker. it has raised standards of living over a number of years but we are not done yet. we need to do better. that is why they need to see the government playing a role here and not just relying on companies doing ad hoc responses. >> gentlemen, thanks to both of
7:37 am
you. california investigators trying to figure out what caused a limousine to catch fire on a bay area bridge killing five women who were celebrating a bridal shower including the bride to be. investigators say the women died together trying to climb through the partition to get through the front. four people and the driver survived. the driver said he stopped the limo after one of the women yelled "smoke!" >> it happened so fast. maybe two minutes. >> the limousine company released a statement saying in part limby stop, inc. will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities. this week the salt lake county district attorney's office is expected to review the
7:38 am
case of the soccer ref who died after a player punched him. yesterday his family held a vigil to remember him. he had been in a coma for more than a week after a 17 year old punched him in the head during the game. that teenager is in juvenile custody. a maryland family is desperately searching for this woman, their 83-year-old grandmother. she got off a plane at reagan national and walked right threw past the wheelchair escort and left the building. police say a search dog picked up her scent. her family says she has short term memory loss. day four in the trial of the doctor accused of killing four babies allegedly born alive in his clinic. if convicted he faces the death penalty. and an arizona jury is deciding between murder and self
7:39 am
defense in the jodi arias murder trial. she is accused of stabbing her boyfriend 27 times. she does admit killing him but says it happened after he attacked her. close call for justin bieber. security tackled the fan knocking over the piano bieber was playing. the show must go on. bieber returns after a break to finish without that piano. maybe they should call him money man. iron man 3 blasts away the competition this weekend. what is moving your money. these numbers are staggering. was anybody outside? >> i was watching it. the weather was beautiful but i was watching "iron man 3". $175.3 million for its opening weekend. that's just domestically here for the latest installment of iron man. "iron man 3" had the second
7:40 am
biggest debut ever behind the $207 million start that we saw for "the avengers." the movie held $505 million internationally which gives the world wide total of over $680 million. that is a lot of money. it is well worth going to see. >> it was good. >> i thought it was the best out of the three. gritty. >> i heard it was darker than the others. >> darker, grittier. let's talk about internet purchases. the senate voting on the inte n internet sales tax bill. >> the vote is scheduled today in the senate. it is expectled to pass in the senatet because it has survived three procedural votes but it
7:41 am
may face opposition in the house because i believe some republicans regard it as a tax hike. as for who is definitely for it, brick and mortar retailers. they feel they have been hurt for years. the states could collect billions of dollars in revenue from those new internet sales taxes so you would imagine they would be for it, as well. >> thank you. bank out with the list of the best states for retirement. florida is not number one. it is 19th. here they are. number five, mississippi followed by kentucky. south dakota in third. louisiana is the runner up and bank rate's best place to retire is tennessee. enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
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sandy hook elementary school will be honored as heroes today. the congressional medal of honor society will head to newtown, connecticut to present the women with the society's highest civilian honor. the society is made up of recipients of the highest honor. joining us military analyst. good to see you. tell us about how this award came to be and why you guys did this. >> well, when i was decorated a long time ago there were almost 400 living recipients. now there are only 80 and statistically we will be gone after a while. we recognize that there is valor in every day american life. and that recognizing rising above terrible circumstances to
7:46 am
do what you think you need to do is a very important part of our legacy. and so some years ago we decided to begin giving awards to civilians for a wide riert of selfless acts, not just acts of valor, but long term contributions to their communities. we all believe that everybody lives in a free society and has some obligation to his fellow man. >> i'm guessing as you look through the nominees it is heartening to see amazing things that every day americans do. these six, what they did was so extraordinary. tell us a little bit about why you made this decision. >> well, we give these awards every year down at arlington cemetery on medal of honor day. so we already gave awards this year but the focus on taking care of children, on fulfilling
7:47 am
responsibility was -- this was so extraordinary and such difficult circumstances that we thought it was really important to highlight it, to make these additional awards this year not just because of the sacrifice of these teachers, these educators, these administrators, but because of what it means to societies, to communities to highlight contributions in your own community and how important these contributions are to our communities everywhere around the country. >> and this is the first time that you as an organization have travelled to a community to give out an award like this. >> it is the first time we have gone to the place. usually it takes place down in washington but this was so important and so extraordinary we thought it was important to highlight it by actually going there and we will be there this afternoon. >> i can only imagine how emotional it is going to be. what do you want to say to these
7:48 am
families as someone who very nearly lost his own life for his country? >> everybody in uniform will tell you everybody should serve in some fashion. we have a large number of people who are being served. sometimes it is easy for americans to forget how many people are actually serving them. this is one circumstance in which it is easy to highlight the contributions that are made in just one small community for all of us. and it is important to highlight how much of a contribution everybody can make. we don't want people to make contribution to this extent but the responsibility that we all have to our fellow man is what medal of honor recipients want to highlight this afternoon. >> thank you so much for sharing with us. we do appreciate it. and newtown sparked gun control debate ichb this country. and today's tweet of the day
7:49 am
comes from tech webs gizmodo. the world's first entirely 3-d printed gun fires the first shot.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
there is a new concern being raised in the on going gun debate, plastic guns you can make in your own home. a texas group has announced it has made a fully functional gun using 3 dimensional printer technology. schumer is sponsoring legislation. >> we are facing a situation where anyone, felon, terrorist can open a gun factory in their garage and the weapons they make will be undetectable. it it is stomach churning.
7:53 am
>> it is really futuristic technology that is here now. >> it is arriving. some have called it the world's first fully plastic printed gun released just this morning. this test fire video of what is called the liberator from defense distributed. this is a gun made with a type of printer many can afford. the liberator has 15 parts all plastic that takes four hours to make. the one metal part, a hardware nail used as a firing pin. it has a space for six ounce chunk of metal. its purpose is to set off metal detectors. if not installed the fun still functioning. democratic congressman is concerned saying quote gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print plastic firearms at home. the printer explained in an
7:54 am
interview with cnbc. >> i don't think this is for mass weapons. i think it is for customizable weapons. you should be able to have the tools to make weapons for yourself. >> other gun parts have been 3-d printed before. $20 for this key part called a lower receiver. a 30 bullet magazine printable version is $10. the magic is this $8,0003-d printer bought used. the liberator shapes were drawn with a computer aided design program pushing print into the 3-d outpresideut. plastic faucets could be made and car disc brakes. the inventor said they are working on more improvements. perhaps turning downloadable
7:55 am
designs printable on $1,000 3-d printers. >> hofour hours of your time an this can get through security. >> if you do not put in the 6 ounce weight it functions and works. >> the nail that is a firing pin isn't enough to set off the machines. >> it is a small nail this size. >> what is the name of the company? >> defense distributed. they are a nonprofit as they are calling them schbls. >> i think we will be hearing more about this. that is going to wrap it up for this "jansing and co." will the u.s. be drawn into this conflict sooner rather than
7:56 am
later? former u.n. ambassador joins me live. this crazy shootout what police talk about when they say they are being outgunned. should we be talking more about that? and what a difference a year can make. vice president joe biden opened the flood gates on marriage equality one year ago today. we will talk about that in the next hour. it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. guaranteed. playtime is so much more with a superhero by your side. because even superheroes need superheroes.
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8:00 am
>> all of the israeli government confirm or deny strikes that were taken. what i have said in the past and i continue to believe is that the israelis justifybly have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. president obama is stuck between a bolder and a hard place in being accused of not sticking to his convictions in his so-called red line. >> unfortunately, the red line that the president of the united states says he has written was written in invisible ink. he has failed to act. >> the debate over u.s. involvement is adding optics to secretary of state john kerry's trip to russia. he is saido


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