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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> all of the israeli government confirm or deny strikes that were taken. what i have said in the past and i continue to believe is that the israelis justifybly have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. president obama is stuck between a bolder and a hard place in being accused of not sticking to his convictions in his so-called red line. >> unfortunately, the red line that the president of the united states says he has written was written in invisible ink. he has failed to act. >> the debate over u.s. involvement is adding optics to secretary of state john kerry's trip to russia. he is said to meet with
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president putin tomorrow. a lot to get to. and joining me to kick off the hour we have bill richardson. and nbc foreign respondent. you said the air strikes are in the cards. with israel's air strikes it makes u.s. involvement in some way shape or form much more likely, doesn't it? >> well, i do believe so. i think now that britain and france have joined the effort to arm the rebels the fact that the military commander of the syrian independence group has also talked about not having links to al qaeda. the momentum of the israeli air strikes, i think it is
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inevitable that we eventually will use some kind of air strikes, limited to protect some of the rebel fortresses but also possibly to go after some of the chemical sites which i think soon will be declared to be there by the united nations. and vulnerable. so i think a decision by the president is imminent. i don't think he is vacillated here. he said he wanted evidence. he wanted developments like diplomatic efforts with secretary kerry and the russians. i think that is happening. >> certainly as we had him here asking for peaceful opposition of assad but to target the weapons that could be using from iran to syria through hezbollah and lebanon. explain the geography of how
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that move would go and why it is so important that israel feels it needs to get involved with this dynamic but not to take out bashar al assad. >> they have maintained a very quiet border for israel. israel occupies. syria has not created problems for israel on that border for the past several decades. it has sent weapons to hezbollah from which hezbollah used to attack israel and defend lebanese territory. the question at this point for the israelis is did carrying out this attack serve a strategic objective or an optical one. in this case they are arguing that these weapons, these critical game changing weapons were going to hezbollah and that could have created more problems for israel's northern border. >> the a.p. is quoting u.n. official as saying they have evidence that it was the syrian
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rebel forces that used the agent and not assad's regime. the u.s. is looking for the chain of command of how that was used. how do we figure out the truth in this one? and also time ticks off with lack of u.s. military involvement. how does that play out on the humanitarian front? >> the key really is to get a fact finding mission on the ground to speak to both parties to collect evidence and samples and speak to eyewitnesss and have access to the area where the alleged chemical attacks took place and then you can draw on the chain of command. the other question is whether or not the rebels have access to chemical weapons. we know western intelligence has been telling us it has been found by the regime. more importantly, despite the fact that it has been condemned by the free syrian army and the
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opposition, was this rebel group operating within the larger context of the opposition? >> i want to ask you this because in a piece in the "new york times" officials are quoting they regret the president setting the red line. if it was the rebel forces using the nerve gas, how does that change the quarterbacking happening with the white house on capitol hill and how does it effect the trip for john kerry to russia right now? >> well, i don't think it affects it. the fact is chemical weapons probably haven't been used possibly by both sides. that doesn't justify anything. i think what is appropriate here is what is the u.s. response? and i think the president has said if there is conclusive evidence it is going to trigger him stepping up. it is not as if we are not helping. we are training. we are taking some military related steps even though they are considered nonlethal.
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i think the key is those air strikes. i think israel made a positive calculation. syria is in no position to respond to those israeli air strikes. maybe hezbollah will. i doubt it very much because obviously israel has tremendous force and capability. but i think it also signals to the iranians that israel maybe is not going to take a look at those sites in iran right now but they are capable of responding militarily to some of their allies in the region. and that is hezbollah. >> former governor bill richardson a richardson. telling news they will not object to one of the suspects and room mates of dzhokhar tsarnaev requesting to be freed on the grounds that he is not a flight risk.
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robel phillipos is due in court. he is accused of lying to law enforcement officials after the attack. there could be a second autopsy of tamerlan tsarnaev's body as requested by his parents as opposition continues to grow on whether tamerlan will be buried in the u.s. >> tamerlan tsarnaev has no other place to be buried. there is no other place who would accept his body. and he lived in america, he grew up here. and the last ten years he resided here. >> katy tur is in boston with the latest. cambridge is where the tsarnaev family has lived. there is a man just outside of boston who says he will raise money to ship tamerlan's body over to russia. what are the options on the table right now for the tsarnaev family and the resistance they
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are facing in and around the boston community? >> there aren't very many options. let's talk about russia and sending the body there. the funeral director says he offered to do that and would pay to do that but he has nobody to send it to in russia. he is worried that sending the body over there and getting it sent back will look bad on the u.s. he was prepping the body and preparing it for a potential burial at some point. he says he should be buried in massachusetts buzz this is his home. he was supposed to be buried as soon as possible per muslim tradition. the options right now, the funeral director says he doesn't find a cemetery to take him today he is going to have to go to the state government. he is going to ask what to do with the body. the government has been involved in every part of this case and this is the only thing that they are leaving up to the public.
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>> and explain because we are talking a lot about the parents and their wishes. but tamerlan was married to his wife. so explain where she falls into all of this. >> reporter: she doesn't want the body. she thinks the body should go back to the family. she hasn't said much on this. she is cooperating with the investigators from all that we know. investigators are saying they are neutral right now whether or not she knew anything about the attacks. they did take a sample of her dna. it did not match the female dna found on the bomb. they took her computer and found some al qaeda materials on her computer but they are not sure if she knew about them, if she downloaded them or tamerlan or dzhokhar tsarnaev downloaded them. >> thanks so much. this hour one nra member's advice to parents on how to keep their kids safe. basically put guns in their
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me a little exaggerated at this point. >> president obama nearly one week ago today. pushing forward with our agenda, is the president a lame duck? big week for immigration reform. as the nra is clinging to the
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gun will gun legislation get a second shot? we have creator of political iron and author of the book "you won, now what? >> and we have joan walsh and msnbc political analyst as well as the author of "what is the matter with white people?" i am excited about our panel. joan, there is a fresh piece up by you talking exactly about whether or not we are witnessing the lame duck dynasty of president obama. you say obama's real leadership challenge is democrats. the president must rally progressives. are progressives that fair weather? >> i don't think progressives are fair weather but i thought there was a lot. he did not help himself with that press conference. he sounded tired. the larger issue is he can't
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work magic with republicans. he can't change their desire to filibuster him and keep him from having his agenda. he can work more with progressives. the faa, the whole faa fix was really undermining the whole democratic strategy on the sequester. >> we are going to work on that audio you. we will work on that. he has really more than 250 days, considerably left to really get something done with some pressure before we start to get total mid term concentrated. is it fair to say that the president has lost the steam there and as we point out a lot of the times the white house press conferences is more about the reporter's questions than the president's answers. >> there is a disconnect between what obama is doing and what he needs to do. as joan indicated in a piece today it is not just that obama needs to -- he needs to speak to his base a little bit more.
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as senator pat toomey said gun control wasn't going anywhere because obama supported it. that is just a fact. if he can't get things through a republican house or a republican votes in the senate he needs to do something else which is speak positively to the base and speak about what he wants to do and how he is going to rally the troops and take the issue to the mid term elections. as he spoke at the ohio state university this weekend he talked about the importance of people getting engaged in the political process. i think that is what obama needs to do right now. if he cannot move the republican congress. >> they have a lot more to pivot off of after this weekend with the nra. joan said we should kill your audio as a practical joke. you will have to take it out on them. from the nra meeting over the weekend, some of the highlights that the democrats might be pivoting off of this week. take a look.
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>> we will never surrender our guns, never. >> we must never confuse winning a battle with winning the war. >> president obama demanded that followers extract revenge. i can't remember a president publicly using that word against fellow americans. >> this president flying in grieving parents on air force one, making them back drops in his perpetual campaign style press events. >> is this something after looking at that montage put together some of the highlights from the nra, is that something progressives can utilize to reinvigerate the gun reform conversation that needs to continue in this country? >> i think so. i think what has been interesting when we had the background check vote that failed is that it is not going away. and i think it is a really
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interesting test of just how powerful is lobbying? is the nra so powerful that you can take an issue where 90% plus of americans believe one thing and push congress in the other direction? and i think the power of the vote and what we have seen since the vote happened with senator in new hampshire and other people feeling the political pressure combined with the background of some of the things we have been hearing at the nra convention and things that seem out of the mainstream of where americans are, what wins out. i think over the next few weeks we are going to see. >> i want to show everybody the press coverage. take a look at this. the image of a dad and his young child speaks for itself. you have an instructor that is giving tips to families about where to put guns in their homes with kids. i want to play that for
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everybody. take a listen. >> if that alarm goes off and the dog starts barking, what is the instinct that most people are going to have in regard to having to run across the house to get the gun and run over here? and if i am going to go with the kid anyway and i have an extra gun and extra safe why not put it in their closet. >> why not put it in their closet? you are shaking your head. >> my daughter's grown now. if only i thought of that when she was younger. i can't believe. i feel like a terrible mother. >> now you have empty nest syndrome and you can put that in the sewing room. >> in the dog's room. these people are a cult. they are a fringe cult. what has happened is that democrats got soft on the issues and they decided to seed all of the territory to the nra and decided gun control was too dangerous for them. now they are getting back in the
8:20 am
game. the defeat was defeated by 54 votes of support, the defeat was a wake up call how hard this is going to be and how tough this side has to be. and i'm glad to hear them saying they are going to bring the bill back. they have to keep doing it. >> if we don't get ahead of where we stand with background checks and the types of weapons we allow on the street we will not need to go out to the local store to buy one. we can print it. the new york post showing the printer and guns. you can print your own plastic gun at home. this is just amazing. and they have tested this plastic gun in the states now. it works. it fires. judd, when we look at this, is it just amazing to think that while we are having this background check battle over what is logical for someone to have a gun, now we will have to think about who can buy printers in this country that can make that type of weapon.
8:21 am
>> 3-d printing technology is going to revolutionize not only guns but all manufacturing. there is the negative side of it which is you might have people making weapons but there are positive sides where we might not have to outsource so much of our manufacturing. i think that technology adapts and changes and it adds a really complex wrinkle to the entire debate. you can't produce an automatic weapon with a 3-d printer. >> you think this reinvigorates the conversation and potentially a second vote coming up. >> if you look at the nra convention this weekend, not a single democrat spoke at the that convention. democrats have the ability to make nra make the r stand for republican and not for rifle. if they can link republicans to the nra and to some of the extreme rhetoric that you hear out of the convention and you hear quoted the democrats might be a able to get this thing
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through. >> i want to say thanks to our agenda panel today. it was all of these guys here that messed with your audio. not us. you will find a link to this segment after the show on my website page. thanks to all of you. our producers pick comes to us from the man that we call our godfather. the long time msnbc producerer, rich stock well. a lot of grid lock centering around the debt crisis. of the ten presidents who preceded president obama only three left office with a debt ratio lower than when they came in. who are they? ronald reagan and the two george bushs. everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan.
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for more guns in the hands of american citizens it is a crazy and chilling example of what officers are dealing with on the streets of america. rapid fire weapons in the hands of criminals. should we be talking more about that as lawmakers are trying to revive the gun debate? wait until you see the video itself. senator blumenthal joins me next. this guy pulled over for running a stop sign and this is how he responds. this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. that was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again, and now i gotta take more pills. ♪ yup another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] this may, buy aleve and help those in need. and didn't know where to start. used a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews
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so a changing of the guard at the nra today a day after the annual convention in houston. and that convention featuring rhetoric like this from wayne lapierre. they used tragedy to try to blame us, to shame us into compromising our freedom for
8:30 am
their political agenda. the political leads who scorn us, we say let them be damned. >> those comments coming on the same weekend that former congress woman gabby giffords met with the victims of the boston marathon bombing. it's good to have you here. senator, i want to start with you, your reaction. you were pretty strong. your first reaction to those words. what do you say now given the time you had to think about? is it still that that might help you reach people across the aisle? >> when he says let them be damned he is talking about 90% of the american people. in fact, he is talking about 74% of his own members who favor criminal background checks for
8:31 am
all people who purchase firearms. this common sense measure is what's denounced by the nra showing that they are really out of touch not only with mainstream americans but also with their own members and most responsible gun owners who actually want to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, dangerously mentally ill people, domestic abusers. this kind of background check proposal will come back and i think that the nra really is galvanizing support for this measure through its fear mongering. after all they're counting on fear ruling the day. and americans simply will not allow that to happen. >> when you talk about fear ruling the day obviously this next video, chief johnson, will illicit fear. we show dash camvideo. a man using an ak-47 to shoot 37
8:32 am
rounds at police officers after being pulled over for a simple stop. thankfully the police officers are okay. the shooter does not fare so well in this video. this is a blatant argument for keeping guns like this off the streets. isn't this exactly what you and other members of the police force are afraid of when you stop somebody for a simple running the stop sign that there is the potential someone can get out of the car. >> these types of weapons and high capacity magazines and investigation will indicate how he acquired those weapons. and i report to your viewers that for the first time in 14 years in 2011 more police officers were killed by firearms violence than by any other means. we know a national background check could help prevent incidents like this. >> senator blumenthal i want to show everybody these excerpts that the president wrote over the weekend concerning
8:33 am
background checks saying for too long members of the congress -- a number of senators voted against basic background checks and those senators are discovering that the political landscape did change. do you agree with the vice president on that? do you think the senators could change their stance on background checks in light of recent blowback that certain senators have gotten because of the no vote? >> the political landscape has changed as a result of newtown but also the growing realization that the nra is at the fringes of american public opinion. it fails to represent its own members or the mainstream american public. and second, obviously, my colleagues are hearing from both sides. and i'm hearing from both sides. but what is clearly and dramatically different now is that the supporters of responsible gun violence prevention measures are making
8:34 am
their views known with the same that has come from the past. i think yes the vice president is absolutely right that the political landscape has changed seismically. and i think my colleagues put themselves at risk politicly if they say no to all responsible gun measures in the way the nra would like them to do. >> earlier on the show we had our agenda panel here. one part of our conversation briefly touched on kids and guns. we are seeing a lot of marketing to kids in the manufacturing of guns. this is in the wake of a 2 year old shot by his 5-year-old brotherer last week. now we have the story of a 6 year old in florida fighting for her life after being accidently shot by her 13-year-old brother. since newtown we had 263 children shot. as we talkt about marketing of
8:35 am
guns to children by color coding guns, what is your take and the sense within the police department community about the type of messaging being sent to our youth in the country. >> it is clearly irresponsible. 90% of american society want background checks. these are responsible people. i'm a gun owner myself and i would never, ever have a child or allow a child access to these weapons. i point, as well, in addition to the 10 to 12,000 killed by gun violence homicide you have tens of thousands of others that rp accidently shot and juveniles who commit suicide by gun. responsible safe gun ownership safely and securing these weapons is what we need to do as american society. background check, high capacity magazine limit and a ban on assault weapons. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. many thanks to you both.
8:36 am
i want to show you a quick look at other stories. we are on verdict watch in the jodi arias murder trial. jurors resumed deliberating in less than a half hour from now. we will bring you the verdict live as soon as we are made aware of it. an air show in spain remains in horror after a vintage jet crashes and explodes. the plane was doing a stunt when it crashed into a hangar. witnesses say the plane took a dive. the limo driver whose vehicle burst into flames says he misunderstood one of the passengers when they tried to warn him about smoke. the driver told a san francisco paper he thought the woman was asking him if she could smoke. a bride and her four friends were killed. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. and the family of a utah soccer referee who was killed after being punched by a 17 year
8:37 am
old is begging players to keep anger in check. he died saturday after being in a coma for a week after that punch. and scary moments for the singer, justin bieber, after a fan rushed the stage and touched the star as he was playing the piano. look at the piano there. the security guards flipped the piano while trying to remove the stage. bieber kept performing. can you believe it was one year ago today that joe biden endorsed marriage equality in a ground breaking interview. did his remarks set off the surge of support that we are seeing for lgbt rights. should tamerlan tsarnaev's body be buried in the u.s.? weigh in on our facebook page. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think.
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entitled to the same exact rights. i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> what a difference a year can make. a historic comment from vice president joe biden made one year ago today. at the time it was seen as a big political gaffe. on may 9 president obama ultimately made that mess his own message for reelection. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> however, at the one year anniversary of don't ask don't tell being repealed u.s. military members were being denied same sex benefits. and then the first openly gay senator are elected.
8:42 am
in december america's high court decides to take up california's proposition 8. in january the president makes this historic inaugural speech. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for if we are truly created equal then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well. >> and then by february of this year outgoing defense chief extends certain benefits. the supreme court hears arguments on marriage equality. and in the sporting world jason collins comes out as the first openly gay male pro athlete. rhode island becomes the tenth state to sign marriage equality into law. joining me now is former president of equality matters
8:43 am
and new yorker writer and advocate richard. it is great to have you here. as we look at the year in review where does the momentum pick up? >> we are about to probably see three additional states this month, illinois and delaware are looking pretty certain and perhaps minnesota this month. so it would, you know, be another addition of three states. we saw four states as you said in the setup piece since president obama made his announcement. we will have probably three more this month. and everybody is waiting for the supreme court decisions which will come at the end of next month. >> that is going to come at the end of next month. one thing that is a political hot potato in the immigration debate. marco rubio says if it goes ahead it will tank it.
8:44 am
the lgbt community is basically omitted from having federal protection in immigration reform. >> the immigration debate is very difficult, a very difficult decision for the legislateers who are dealing with it and gay rights activists because immigration reform is so important to the country as a whole and it's something that immigration activists have worked on for a long time but it is fundamentally unfair as the president said this weekend that lgbt americans be denied the same rights that they would have were they in heterosexual marriages, in other words, if you are married to a noncitizen you can get that person a green card except if you are gay. >> how can the lgbt community be discounted when we are going over all that is necessary and needed to take us through the next generations and we omit
8:45 am
that, why? >> some of the supporters -- i'm not justifying it. i don't think we should. i think some of the members on the coalition on immigration reform come from more conservative or some are religious based supporters. and they have been slow to come to supporting immigration reform for lgbt couples. i think perhaps the only saving grace in all of this is if we can get a ruling from the supreme court which strikes doma before a final immigration vote this will be a nonissue. >> another thing that happened big in july the american psychiatric association says trans gendered people were no longer considered mentally ill. and that is not something that carries a stigma. >> absolutely. extremely important development. i think we will look back on
8:46 am
what happened a year ago with vice president biden and president obama coming out for same sex marriage as a real turning point in the entire gay rights struggle. >> as always great to see you. thanks, buddy. a really close congressional race in south carolina is bringing out a little cockiness. it is time for the side bar. during his recent stop in columbia vice president touted fellow democrat. >> it is particularly good to be back in south carolina knowing you are about to get another democratic congressional seat in the first district. you know, all you had to do was watch that debate to understand why elizabeth is going to make such a great congress woman. they ain't seen nothing yet. >> as things come down to the wire sanford is striking back with with humor when it comes to past marital discretions.
8:47 am
>> we are trying to find her a woman who hates me so she can use it in her tv show. >> it was. just team samford and push. biden found himself squaring off with ted cruise. >> all of a sudden since the last election here are republican friends talking about how much they value the middle class. you hear it now. i bet it is going on over at the silver elephant thing. i bet they are talking about the middle class. anyway, i don't want to make any news tonight. >> vice president joe biden is in town. you know the great thing is you don't need a punch line. >> so from south carolina we head north to the virginia governor's race. new numbers out.
8:48 am
cuccinelli ahead by five points. among likely voters his lead grows to ten. when president obama beat mitt romney by a margin of nonwhite voters there let's look at one of the highlights of this weekend's editions. zany impression of james carville during weekend update. take a look. >> what do you make of the recent defeat of background checks in congress despite the fact that 90% of americans support the measure. >> let me start by saying i have nothing against guns. and where am not just saying that because i look like a bullet. i think after the last election all republicans had a meeting that went like this. we lost. what are going to do?
8:49 am
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is we asked and you answered, the question was, should tamerlan tsarnaev's body be buried in the u.s.? sharon wrote on twitter, this is pure craziness, someone needs to bury tamerlan, he's dead, this is so wrong. jr wrote, the man is dead, giving him more notoriety? put him in the ground and walk over him. you can find us on twitter and facebook. attention online shoppers, your days of being online tax-free may be numbered. this afternoon the senate is expected to vote on the marketplace fairness act, which would require online retailers to collect sales tax. jj ramberg is the host of "your business" seen on msnbc and she's with us to explain. this is a big development, for the online consumers, ha does it mean? >> basically we've had sort of a tax holiday. if you're in new york and you buy something from another state
8:53 am
like north carolina online. you haven't been paying sales tax. to be clear, you are supposed to keep track of it yourself and then turn it in and turn in the sales tax to new york. but nobody does that. what, yeah, you're looking -- you've been doing this, thomas? >> sure, keeping track of my unpaid sales tax. >> but what this fairness, this marketplace fairness act is saying, retailers now you are in charge of collecting that tax. so you don't get this tax-free holiday any more. basically. >> when we look at this, 45 states now collect sales tax what kind of confusion does this create for the big box retailers, as opposed to the smaller online stores? >> well everyone is going to have to do this, as long as they make more than $1 million in revenue. the confusion for everyone is how do you keep track of this, right? different sales rates across the country. different states, different municipalities. part of the act is, if in fact this passes, you have to make it easy for the retailers. through some kind of software or
8:54 am
something but for a small business, it's still work is work. and any work for a small business is hard. but they should make it as easy as possible. >> if it does pass the senate, the chances that it goes to the house, good? >> people are surprised, but there is a chance it will pass the house. it has some bipartisan support. >> what's the biggest drawback. the biggest thing people are saying why it would fail? >> for consumers, look, suddenly you're going to have to pay taxes on this. and for the stores they're saying look, again this is a burden on us. that's why they have the $1 million threshold. >> jj, great to see you. you can always see jj in "minding your business" herring sunday mornings, 7:00 a.m. it will wrap things up for me, i'll see you back at 2:00 p.m., i'm filling in for tamryn on news nation. coming up next, "now" with alex
8:55 am
wagner. hi, alex. new israeli air strikes inside syria complicate the middle east kacauldron that is e conflict in syria. the dangerous cross-section of iran, hezbollah and al qaeda, what it means for the u.s. when former assistant secretary of state jamie reuben and nbc's ayman mohyeldin join us in studio. plus "the new york times" annie lowrie weighs in on income disparity and plans to end poverty around the world. and first and second amendment conspiracy theories, judicial activism, accusations and revisionist civil war histories. the nra has cast a wide net and it did so at its annual convention. we'll discuss it when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands?
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8:59 am
over the weekend, as the white house continued to weigh military options in syria's 2-year-old civil war, the conflict escalated. as israel took action on a red line of its own. for the third time this year, israel bombed inside syria. this time, just outside the capital city of damascus. the aim of the air strikes was to prevent the transfer of weapons inside syria, from iran to the lebanese militant group, hezbollah. this weekend's proceedings underscored the growing number of players, as well as the complexity of the bloody conflict. following the bombings, syria's deputy foreign minister called the air strikes a declaration of war. although the israeli air strikes heightened tension and stakes, israel's motivations in the syrian conflict are distinctly different than those of the united states. the "new republic" rights, israel's strike was launched for different reasons than a u.s. air strike would be. israel was not endeavoring to
9:00 am
send a message to the syrian or protect syrian civilians. rather, israel learned of weapons heading from iran through syria to hezbollah. and decided to destroy them before hezbollah could get them within miles of israel's northern border. regardless, this weekend president obama expressed his support. >> the israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> but exactly what justifies american action in syria remains unclear. by yesterday morning, those advocating for american intervention had ratcheted up the pressure. >> the red line that the president of the united states written was apparently written in disappearing ink. we need tom a game-changing action. and that is, no american boots on the ground, establish a safe zone, and to protect it and to supply weapons to the right people. in syria who are fighting for obviousle