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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 13, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good monday morning, and right now on "first look" as the president gets ready to meet with british prime minister david cameron, questions about the benghazi terror raid arrests. will heads roll at the irs. tiger woods wows them at the players championship, plus, prince harry with the wounded warriors at the u.s. air force academy. michael j. fox's returns to prime time and sir richard branson apparently lost a bet. not a pretty woman. good morning, everyone, i'm betty nguyen. the obama administration is on the defense.
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t benghazi is again in the news with words like cover-up and watergate being used. tracie potts joins us with so much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. especially here on the hill we are likely to hear more hearings and likely to see more but the focus not so much on the attack itself but what we were told about that attack. leaked e-mails now reveal the talking points on the deadly benghazi attack went through 12 revisions, first the cia blamed protesters. the state department spokeswoman questioned whether mentioning prior warnings could make her agency look bad. finally, the white house watered down the language but says the cia was responsible. >> the cia, you know, was the agency to make changes to the talking points then produced the talking points. >> for the spokesman to say,
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well, there was only words or technical changes made in the e-mails is a flat out untruth. >> to blame the cia is a convenient truth. the real truth is, the people who were there in tripoli and benghazi knew this was a terrorist attack from the get-go. >> reporter: issa says he'll invite the co-chairs to testify privately about why they didn't question secretary of state clinton. >> because, in fact, we knew where the responsible rested. >> reporter: lawmakers say expect more whistle blowers like gregory hicks who told them he asked for more help but was denied. some question whether the investigation's headed in the right direction. >> i would much rather get into the investigation of the group that is threaten the u.s., how we can figure out who they are and stop them. >> reporter: now, there's, of course, politics. democrats accusing republicans going after hillary clinton trying to discredit her she is a
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presidential candidate. lots of people talking about it. we haven't heard the last of it. >> thank you. well, two children are among the 19 people hurt after a mother's day parade in new orleans took a violent turn on sunday. the fbi describes it as a flare-up of street violence. gunfire rang out during a second line parade, what's described as a boisterous city tradition. bullets grazed most of the victims but left three in serious condition. the mayor of new orleans says the shooting is part of the "relentless drum beat of violence." >> this is one of the crazy unnatural things about what gtop them from doing it, you know, as a community to basically say we're not tolerating this anymore. >> police are looking for three men who officers say they saw flee the scene. the irs is on the other end of the microscope after news it
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targeted conservative nonprofit groups for extra scrutiny. a partial draft of an inspector general's report obtained by nbc news shows some irs officials including the head of the tax-exempt division knew about the practice in 2011. the report is due out later this morning. republicans say it is a gross abuse of power and wants an across the board review of the agency. >> this is truly outrageous and it contributes to the pro-down distrust that the american people have in government. >> i don't care if you're a conservative, a liberal, a democrat or a republican, this should send a chill up your spine. this is something that we cannot let stand. it needs to have a full investigation. >> now, house oversight chairman darrell issa says they will look over the report and make sure it doesn't happen again. a plea for privacy from the three women at the center of the
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cleveland kidnapping case. they say they are happy now but need time to heal. >> there may be a time at some point in the future that immigration berry, ms. dejesus and ms. knight will want to tell their stories. let me make this very clear, that will not be while the criminal proceeding is pending and it will not be until they tell us they are ready to do so. >> investigators believe ariel castro held the women as prisoners in his home for upwards of a decade facing kidnapping and rape charges. le barbara walters is calling it quits next summer. abc says the veteran tv journalist will announce her retirement this morn after 52 years in the business and joined the nbc family in 1961 as a "today" show writer and went to abc where she spent the last 37 years. the final round of the players championship went to the wire yesterday at sawgrass. tiger woods and sergio garcia
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were tied for the lead with two holes to play. tiger made two pars while garcia quadruple ed bogeyed. here's your "first look" at scrambled politics. ruth bader ginsburg says there was a lack of judicial restraint in the roe v. wade decision legalizing abortion. speaking at the university of chicago law school she said it gave abortion opponents a clear target that still fuels activism today. lamar alexander says kathleen sebelius broke the law. alexander compares her actions to the iran-contra scandal of the 1980s and wants a full congressional investigation. the artist formerly known as snoop dogg last settled two huge bills with uncle sam. snoop lion as he's called now has paid more than $500,000 he
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owed for 2009 and 2011. newt gingrich wanted to leave the country but puzzled about his iphone and says you can't call it a cell phone if you also use it to take pictures or get online and wants your help in naming it. >> we spent weeks trying to figure out what do you call this? i know you probably think it's a kr cell phone. i've been calling it a handheld computer. >> during his 2012 presidential campaign his cell famously played abba's "dancing queen" whenever it rang. the first lady and bill clinton gave commencement speeches over the weekend. mr. clinton addressed graduates at howard university. >> make no mistake, you can go anywhere, anywhere you choose. so be proud and never ever doubt yourselves. walk boldly on that road ahead,
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no matter where it takes you. >> try to do something that'll make you happy and most people are happiest doing what they are best at. you have been given that gift. >> and a final vote is expected today in the minnesota senate on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. the state would be the 12th to okay legislation for marriage equality. and that, my friends is your morning dish of scrambled politics. you got to see this. an icy spring scene that quickly turned dangerous. strong minnesota wind pushed ice up to people's homes. the real square was in canada where it created a huge frozen wall that took out entire houses as that mass traveled up to two feet per minute. who knew? bill karins is here with our forecast. i had no idea that that kind of strength was behind ice. >> just was the wind was pushing the ice and it had nowhere to go and got to the ices and
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momentum. >> there goes the house. >> tossed it. yeah, windy, cold. that was the storm that move add cross canada and responsible for the snow yesterday in northern michigan. sorry to our friends around d gaylord with two inches. chicago, 40. atlanta, 51 for this time of year, chilly. many areas of the east and pretty cool, brisk afternoon. here's the weather pattern today. it's kind of a lot of extremes. record heat in the west, areas like salt lake city could be in the low 90s. could be in the upper 80s through montana and in the meantime, in the east we have this last little shot of cold air. by the time we get to wednesday, all of the warm air is going to spread to the east and areas that today are in the 60s like washington, d.c. could be into the mid-80s by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. a lot of changes coming quickly across the country. don't have a lot of stormy weather but the fire danger will be very high. look at minneapolis. 68 today and we jump to 94 on
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tuesday. it'll be windy in the plains, there's still a big drought in the dakotas and concerned with fast moving brush fires. >> 100 in phoenix. >> already triple digits. >> used to it. the incredible story of a 12-year-old arrested for the grisly murder of his 8-year-old sister. plus, pope francis on the newest saints and one of the coolest music videos ever made. oh, yeah, check it out. it's from outer space. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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some stories making news this morning. a 12-year-old california boy has been arrested in the stabbing death of his 8-year-old sister. the arrest comes it a day after his mother described him as protective of his younger sibling. activity from a volcano is prompting authorities to raise
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alerts in two states around the capital. it shook saturday night and sent a plume of steam half a mile into the sky. dennis rodman is in the news again. he is saying he is planning another trip to north korea. this time to try and win the freedom of imprisoned american kenneth bae. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for hostile acts against the north. pope francis broke a record on sunday naming more than 800 new saints during his first canonization ceremony. they include hundreds of 15th century martyrs killed after refusing to convert to islam. listen to this, a florida school bus driver is facing serious charges after police say she staged a fight. patrice sanders is looking at multiple the counts of child abuse and neglect and has since been fired. ground control to major musician. objection, yeah, this commander ended his current mission by making the first music in outer space.
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it's pretty cool. he recorded his own version of "space oddity" from the international space station. that is the real deal. now for our monday business report. we turn to cnbc's jackie deangelis. good morning. >> good morning. well, jamie dimon saying he may leave jpmorgan if shareholders vote to split his duties. now, jpmorgan has come under fire from a massive trading loss. the obama administration may not make a decision on the controversial keystone xl pipeline. the white house is weighing the project's impact on everything. finally this morning a new u.n. report says that mobile phones will outnumber people on the planet earth by the end of next year. there are currently 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions just shy of the world's population of 7.1 billion. betty, back over to you. >> we all need more than one
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phone. >> exactly. >> you can pay my bill. in other business headlines, oil and gold prices are falling as the dollar continues to gain strength. new numbers on retail sales for april. former nba star shaquille o'neal is investing in an atlantic city development project which calls for a movie theater and supermarket near the showboat casino. at its 50th anniversary check this out. lamborghini unveiled this. so beautiful. apache helicopter single seater has a 600 horsepower v-10 engine. something you will only be able to dream about. why? because lamborghini is not selling any one of them. it's just a tease. billionaire virgin boss sir richard branson is paying up on a 2010 bet over a formula one race. he gets his legs shaved and dressing up as a female flight
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questions persist over the irs targeting a tea party group. and president obama will be all business with the british prime minister. joining me is lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief for "the chicago sun-times." good morning. >> good morning. >> the admissions the irs was targeting tea party and patriot groups as far back as 2010. are you surprised and will anyone be held accountable? >> yes, surprised. the story they say in our business has legs and, sure, somebody will be -- already has started and lots of demands in congress to find out as much as they can. >> calling for wide-ranging demands. let me switch gears.
2:21 am
later this morning president obama will meet with his british counterpart. prime minister david cameron and has an op-ed in the "wall street journal." >> one of the things that will happen is the obama administration will try to accommodate the united kingdom. cameron and the relationship is always been close and obama will be going over to northern ireland next june for the g-8 summit where he'll be hosted by cameron, so, yes, he will try to accommodate them. >> how tight is the relationship between the u.s. and britain right now? >> well, i think it's one of the eye sense threshold relationships. no matter what government is in power in the uk or in the united states, there is always talk about the special relationship between the two leaders and it doesn't just have to be ronald
2:22 am
reagan and margaret thatcher. >> lynn, we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you. it is one of the most closely guarded secrets of kate middleton's pregnancy and talking about her official due date. now the "daily mail" is saying the baby is expected july 13th according to a friend of the royal couple. prince harry continued his tour of the u.s. at the warrior games in colorado springs. leanne gregg was there. >> reporter: one of the featured events of the warrior games, cycling. the guest of honor, prince harry, a captain in the british army. during the games 260 injured or ill military members will compete in seven events where it's a tool for recovery. the prince started the first race of the dade good natured l quipping about his home teen. >> see a union jack behind you let him come through. racers, ready.
2:23 am
>> clearly at ease with his brothers and sisters in arms, the prince joined cadets for a pickup football game and even stepped in to help the cheerleaders. a day of fun on harry's tour of the u.s. that began last thursday in washington. this event at the air force academy is open to the public. the competitions combined with the prince attracted fans and supporters. >> i think it's great. i mean he's a military guy. >> reporter: a visit from a royal helping bring attention to the need for support of programs to help wounded service members around the world. leanne gregg, nbc news colorado springs, colorado. in sport, a splashdown at the players championship tournament. sergio garcia was tied for the lead but tiger woods on his tee shot, sergio hit it into the water. on his second shot it made it over the water but then bounced back into the water. he finished frustrated in eighth place. tiger woods took advantage of garcia's bad break and
2:24 am
finished 13 under par and it was his second players championship win and his 78th pga tour victory. serena williams won the 50th tennis championship of her career at the madrid open and beat maria sharapova have. michael j. fox is back in prime time. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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"gatsby" was great but "ryan man" was greater. it opened to $51 million but that was not enough to topple last week's number one film, "iron man 3" which added $72 million.
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"snl"'s seth meyers will take over "fallon". chris brown's neighbors are up in arms about a group of murals he had painted along his home. parents say the paintings are frightening children with their big teeth and scary eyes. >> somebody didn't park the lambo. >> but brown's lawyers is claiming first amendment rights. michael j. fox is returning to primetime. >> i'm new your segment producer. >> potential new segment producer. >> i've got to earn it and i will because to be a part of this, part of you too, call it inspirational. >> is she crying? >> if you don't like it, i'll drop her. >> no, i like that she's shorter than me. >> look at you. >> i love seeing him back. alex p. keaton is back. >> the shorter half of the population so we're all for it.
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>> a little vertically challenged. is that what you're trying to say? i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ who is our next contestant. >> it's brian saxman, come on down. you're our next contestant on "the price is right." [ cheers and applause ] >> that is vintage 1994 me. a few more l b's and more hair and until now it was my highlight. thanks for giving me a little dignity. i'm brian shactman. this is "way too early." for those of you who don't know
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today is my first day officially filling willie's -- what are they 12, 13? big job to do. you don't know me that well or want to see the other skeletons in my tv closet i have a little more get to know me later in the sure. i'm not sure of everything they have. we do have a little bit of news to talk about this morning including some big changes on the way to the tv landscape. i'm not just talking about me being here. one well-known face stepping out of the spotlight while another is taking on a brand-new challenge and reveal the plans for barbara walters and seth meyers. in sports, sergio garcia, if you didn't see this, well, he doesn't like tiger woods very much. had a chance to take him down until he decided to look like me on the 17th at tpc sawgrass. highlights and lowlights later in sports. serious stuff, our top story, eight


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