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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 18, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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again as quick as they can, and that's their strategy. >> what i'll say to you is this, we will keep our eye on this, as soon as that vote's going to happen, we will let you know. we want to let our viewers know about it. larry hall, thank you both. that is all in for this evening, the rachel maddow show starts right now. >> i was having the eye make-up part of my preparation happening the time you were playing the 92-year-old woman's i am angry. if you go to the official website for the government of the state of florida, you can see there you can click to meet the governor. and there he is, you meet the governor, rick scott. can you read about governor scott being married to his high school sweetheart for 40 years and serving in the navy.
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it's all there. on the same website, you can also click to meet the lieutenant governor. let's try. trouble. error 404 page not found. sorry, what you are looking for is not here. this is not a mistake, florida, the great state of florida does not have a lieutenant governor. they have that job, they have an elected office called lieutenant governor, but that job is vacant. which makes for an interesting side note to this story that is underway right now in the sunshine state. protesters who have moved in to florida governor rick scott's office. they're still there heading into night two, they moved in yesterday and when night came last night, they rolled out sleeping bags and they tucked in for the night. at this hour, they appear to be settling in for a second night of peaceful protest. protest by means of showing up and staying put and refusing to go home. law enforcement has said they can keep staying at the governor's office as long as
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they do not disrupt official business while they are there. the protesters say still tonight like they did last night that they intend to wait to stay at the governor's office until they get a meeting with governor scott himself. they're calling on the governor to convene a special session of the florida state legislature to debate what they're calling the trayvon martin civil rights act. they want that act to repeal florida's stand your ground law. as you can see here when these very determined protesters filed into the governor and lieutenant governor's office, it's an interesting side know, there is no lieutenant governor right now for the state of florida. and that is because the lieutenant governor that florida had to resign in disgrace. in one of the strangest political scandals in this country this year, it was a big political scandal even by the standards of the florida which knows from lieutenant scandal.
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it was jennifer carroll who was elected alongside rick scott in the republican wave of 2010, she served in the florida legislature for seven years before she was elected lieutenant governor. she also ran a pr firm. she said that her pr firm's main income came from this company which purports to be a charity for america's military veterans, helping vets struggling with homelessness among other things. after jennifer carroll got elected lieutenant governor, after she got elected to the number two office in the state. she still as lieutenant governor appeared in this psa/ad for this group. >> as a veteran who served during the gulf war, i personally know how hard it is for service members to be apart from their families. allied veterans of the world is making it easier for them. >> the national commander of this group, its leader, his name is jerry bass. this video you see him in here.
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if you're looking for a more recent photo, we have this more recent mugshot of him, which was taken the day after jennifer carroll had to resign her position as lieutenant governor, because her pr firm and her association with him and his supposed veteran's charity made her continuing in office an untenable prospect. jerry bass was arrested amid allegations that his group supposedly raising money for veterans with the lieutenant governor's help was doing something else with the money that they raised. he was arrested in a mass raid along with nearly 60 people, the suspects accused of racketeering, illegal gambling, money laundering and more, the irs says the so-called charity was a fraud. they appear to have taken in nearly 6 million dollars in what appeared to be actual charitable donations to veterans that is only about 2% of the nearly $300 million they raised during that time.
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investigators trying to find the other 98% of the money that was raised supposedly for veterans found that the group instead lavished millions of dollars on its leaders. spending on boats, beach front condos, maseratis, ferraris and porsches. also just cash. law enforcement seized about 300 bank accounts containing about $65 million cash along with the sports cars and the other property. florida republicans had taken about $300,000 as donations from this group. but when the arrests all went down, 60 people arrested, right? and this whole scheme gets exposed in the press, florida republicans got embarrassed. immediately announcing upon all those arrests they would give the 300 grand to real veterans causes. florida's republican lieutenant governor who was in the middle of this scandal herself, she did not sound as embarrassed as the rest of her party.
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she told the new york times i believe i did a fantastic job. fantastic job former lieutenant governor jennifer carroll. but before she resigned, but when she was still just the elected official with the pr firm and the psa for the fake veteran's charity and the ferraris and the 300 bank accounts and the 6500 cash, lieutenant governor carroll is who rick scott put in charge of reviewing the stand your ground law, right before trayvon martin got killed. he put her in charge of deciding whether the law should be changed. i have asked jennifer carroll to lead the task force, conduct
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public hearings, take testimony and recommend actions to protect our citizens and safeguard our rights. that panel held half a dozen meetings around the state last year, taking testimony from citizens at the mic, it was carroll's task force tweeted they would hold a meeting in sanford florida. the meeting they actually held that day happened in another town. the task force appears to have not held a meeting in sanford. jennifer carroll pledged her panel would conduct a they're investigation. reporters noted that four members of the panel were legislators who had voted for stand your ground when the bill passed in 2005. those members included one of the co authors of the bill,
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republican state lawmaker who had been the recipient of a ton of campaign cash from the nra. before she had to resign in disgrace, that was the florida task force, that studied what should happen to the state's stand your ground law. they studied that law for several months, and in november this jennifer carroll task force made its recommendation. they said the law should remain in tact. leave stand your ground in place. you were issued a fancier version of the same report with the same conclusion, the honorable jennifer carroll saying hands off the florida stand your ground law. that was three weeks before she would resign in disgrace talking about what a fantastic job she had done. and has the leg they are standing on in florida right now. that conclusion by that panel under her leadership is why rick scott says he will not give in to protesters demands to reconsider, to redebate the state's law about who can shoot who and when. governor scott's office e-mailing the today show yesterday saying, immediately following trayvon martin's
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death, governor scott called for a task force, the law should not be overturned and governor scott agrees. no mention of who led the task force there. today he told lawmakers in pensacola it was great the way protesters were using their first amendment right to free speech. the governor has not been back to the capitol, to his office since this group of young protesters started this occupation of his office. they've been posting pictures on social media saying they are still in this for the long haul.
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they're going strong, not planning on leaving. and beyond their now two days wait for the governor -- look at the pressure on florida and on rick scott to do something that he's refusing to do. u.s. attorney general eric holder yesterday in florida singling out the state's stand your ground law is creating more violence than it prevents. people around the country have been pledging they will boycott the state of florida until something gets done about the stand your ground law. that boycott got a big boost when stevie wonder said he would hold out for change on the issue. he made his announcement during a concert in quebec. >> i know i'm not everybody, i'm just one person. i'm a human being. for the gift that god has given me, and for whatever i mean, i decided today that until the stand your ground law abolished in florida, i will never perform there again. >> mr. wonder went on to say he will not play anywhere that has a law like florida's stand your ground law. but for right now the pressure is most directly, most definitely on florida. when lieutenant governor jennifer carroll was leading the task force that stand your ground was just fine and didn't need to be reviewed, a separate panel called for significant changes in the law. chris smith formed his
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independent panel looking at the law after he found that he could not get himself a seat on the official jennifer carroll task force. he said the official panel would not listen to the recommendations of his group about potential changes to that law. after the trayvon martin george zimmerman verdict this weekend, senator smith came forward to try again. to see if maybe now he can get heard. i do not know whether governor scott is listening to senator smith, but i think the state of florida and a lot of the country might be ready for it now. joining us now is chris smith, florida state senator and democratic leader of the florida senate. thank you very much for your time tonight. it's nice to have you here. >> thank you for having me, and for your attention to this matter. >> there was an official task force setup by the governor, led by the former lieutenant governor looking at the stand your ground law in the immediate aftermath of trayvon martin's death before we knew that george zimmerman would be charged in the scandal.
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what is your conclusion that the law is just fine? >> it was a handpicked panel and it was everyone that supported the law, and i can't help but contrast it with the panel that i did in south florida. my task force had public defenders and defense attorneys as well as state attorneys and police officers. we had those that supported the law and those that opposed the law and college professors, it was a great group of people, and we had actual discussions of it, and people that used it every day and we came up with some good suggestions from it, when you look at what the governor put together, you kind of pick the players and put them out there, even when it was asked, chris smith a person who served in the legislature, i argued against it, voted against it, and was a critic of it, i am a practicing attorney, when asked why i wasn't put on the panel, he said i didn't apply.
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then he had to backtrack and said there was an application process, he just picked his own people. >> what changes did your task force decide to -- did you decide it should all together be repealed or it could be left on the books but fixed in some way? >> that's the interesting part about it, because we have such a diverse panel, we didn't come up with the repeal of it, because there was too much discussion on it, and too much dissension on
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that. we were a diverse panel, they came up with fixing it, taking out some common sense things, saying such absurd things, if you were the aggressor, if you go and begin the altercation, you should not avail yourself of this immunity of stand your ground, if you start the fight, you go looking for a fight, you cannot rely on stand your ground and the immunity that it affords people. >> what do you make of the pressure that's being put on
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your state right now to try to reconsider that law now in light of the state level verdict. we see those young protesters at the governor's office, we see boycotts of florida by performers like stevie wonder and increasingly larger number of americans saying the entire state should be boycotted because of this law. we saw that very impassioned speech yesterday in florida from the attorney general of the united states saying the law
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the reason that governor ultrasound is called governor ultrasound before bob mcdonnell was elected governor of virginia, he was a state representative who sponsored or co sponsoring 35 different anti-abortion bills, then delegate bob mcdonnell fought for legislation long before it was cool to force women in his state to have medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds against their will as a kind of
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bob mcdonnell opposed admission fee to be able to access your rights. he passed the ultrasound bill he long championed. now, with a republican legislature to pass it, virginia ans started to realize this thing that these guys had wanted for so long, might actually become law. and in response to the statewide freak out that that engendered the governor tried to distance himself from the whole idea as if he had nothing to do with the whole ultrasound thing in the
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first place, even though it was his bill. bob mcdonnell really is governor ultrasound. and despite his best efforts, the name has stuck. forced ultrasounds are not the only anti-abortion consequence of governor ultrasound's scandal laden turn as virginia governor. he and his attorney general have also overseen a change in health
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regulations in the state that is designed to shut down virginia clinics that provide abortions, just this week, the clinic that does more abortions than any other in the state closed its doors because of the new regulations. when governor ultrasound bob mcdonnell and ken cuccinelli moved to change the law in order to close down clinics. the state is free to change the law they want to. but governing clinics that already exist. the board of health said no. as we all know now, governor ultrasound and ken cuccinelli decided they were going to lean on the board telling board members they would be personally liable as individuals for the legal costs of the state board of health if they didn't do what they wanted on shutting down these clinics, it was crazy, but the threats worked, and the board caved and the state health commissioner interestingly resigned in protest.
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>> we have just learned the state health commissioner is stepping down from her post because of abortion regulations the state health board approved last month. >> how specific sections of the virginia code pertaining to the development and enforcement of the regulations have been and continue to be interpreted
1:24 am
created an environment to fulfill my duties is compromised and in good faith i can no longer serve in my role. the health commissioner resigns in protest to the public pressure, that is where the story takes dramatic turn back to governor ultrasound.
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the richmond times dispatch today had to run a refresher on that whole drama from last year about the health commissioner resigning and all that stuff. they had to run a whole refresher on that drama from last year under this picture in the newspaper today. wyndham home owned by governor bob mcdonnell. the times dispatch has to explain former health commissioner resigned last october citing political interference, following the approval process for restrictive new regulations. and that is relevant to this house. that's all listed in the article that goes with the picture of this house because once governor ultrasound lost his health commissioner and had to appoint a new one, who wouldn't be nearly so picky about political interference with her doing her job. once he had to pick somebody new to be health commissioner he put her in his house, the one he owned personally. governor mcdonnell has found a way to defray expenses on the millions of dollars of property he owns. by operating his home to his handpicked state commissioner. she's been renting the $835,000 home in this community. news that the governor entered into a financial relationship with a top official under his supervision comes as federal and state investigators probe the
1:26 am
gifts the first family and mcdonnell have received during
1:27 am
his time in office. >> this is so weird. you did this too in he hires her, he handpicks her for the job and now she pays his mortgage. a mortgage he is under water on by tens of thousands of dollars. must be nice, right? hey, doc, you need a job? well, i need a tenant. maybe we can do business here. larry sabato says this is improper because it's an obvious conflict of interest for the governor. anyone can see that. suppose the governor wants to fire the commissioner. doesn't anyone think he would consider losing the substantial monthly rent? does anyone think she might be hesitant to approach her boss for repairs? it's just plain bad judgment. and the latest sign that we have a governor in virginia whose sense of propriety is lacking. yeah, you think? and this is just the latest revelation after the reports of governor mcdonnell and his family taking and never reporting $145,000 in cash from a virginia company, the designer watches and the lake house vacation. and the ferrari, did i mention it was a white ferrari? none of which he has yet explained. governor mcdonnell has added another highpowered lawyer to his defense team, speci he's careful to note to the press that t y at this c rummag le gov one democrat callin dated som w meta vir are g s stay tuned.
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the thing about voter i.d.
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the thing about voter i.d. laws is they were supposedly designed to prevent the scurge of voter fraud, right?
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that's why republicans said they wrote those laws and passed them. in pennsylvania, the 2012 election was supposed to be better, because voter i.d. made for less voter fraud, right? right? mr. pennsylvania republican party chairman? season the that the reason? >> we probably had a better election. think about this, we cut obama by 5%, which was big. >> sometimes people accidentally say what they're not supposed to say. that has just happened in pennsylvania at a really crucially bad time. hold on, there's more. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. neutrogena® cosmetics.
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the largest city in california is los angeles, if
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you are a northern california chauvinist or just from northern california like i am, you would think the second largest city in california would be san
1:35 am
francisco or maybe san jose. but that's not true, the second largest city in california is san diego, and the second largest city in california, san diego has long been seen as a pretty conservative place, at least by california standards. heavy military presence. heavy defense contractor presence. it's been a conservative place for a long time. that's why it was a big deal, not just for california, but kind of a big deal when last year san diego elected a democrat to be mayor. that had not happened in 20 years, he was only the second democrat to be the mayor of san diego in 40 years. san diego has been a real republican strong hold. when it became clear that democratic u.s. congressman bob filner who long represented the area in washington, co-founder of the progressive caucus in washington, when it became clear he had a real shot at winning the mayor's race, democrats and progressives were over the moon, once he was elected, groups like the san diego labor council were able to say in their view, san diego had elected the most progressive big city mayor in the entire country.
1:36 am
san diego is the eighth largest city in the whole country. second largest in california. before bob filner became mayor it was basically guaranteed to be under republican congress. now with bob filner under control, nothing is guaranteed. it's turned out way differently than anyone has expected. no charges have been filed yet, no lawsuits have been filed yet, but check your watch every minute or so for updates on that. it started at the end of last week, when a former democratic city council woman, an ally of bob filner came out publicly to say, she had supported the mayor in the past, she had sent a
1:37 am
letter to the mayor asking for his resignation. i cannot describe how anguishing it is to ask that you vacate this office, and then she held a news conference. >> when i received credible firsthand evidence of more than one woman being sexually harassed, i could not act. i believe what they have told me, and they need to know that they are not alone. >> former counselor proceeded to say it was one of the hardest decisions she had ever had to make to demand that bob filner resign. that same day he responded apologizing, but not resigning. >> i begin today by apologizing to you. i have diminished the office to which you have located me. the charges made at today's news conference are serious. i'm clearly doing something wrong. and i have reached into my heart and soul and realized i must and will change my behavior. >> the mayor went on to say he was humbled, that he needed help, he would participate in sexual harassment training along with his staff. although honestly there's no indication his staff was the problem. that's how it started on thursday, it's gotten much worse since then. >> on the sidewalk, the mayor suddenly in clear view of anyone
1:38 am
who might pass by grabbed and kissed her, jamming his tongue down her throat. >> there is no circumstance under which it would be appropriate for the mayor to enter into an elevator with my client or any person whom he employs and to tell them that they would do a better job on that floor if they worked without their panties on. >> that was monday. a whole new raft of serious allegations. the mayor is saying he will not resign, he deserved due process, despite his earlier apology, the mayor is saying that he is innocent of sexual harassment. day by day, women have been coming forward, though, with new accounts of harassment, new stories of their experiences. one of them didn't interview in silhouette. she's in contact with bob filner every day as part of her job, and explains why she did not come forward sooner. >> what i'm holding back, i'm just an ordinary woman and he's -- i'm not going to have any
1:39 am
power, he has the power. he's mayor, how -- >> while this has all be coming to light, the mayor has been losing supporters in droves, two democratic members of congress, susan davis and scott peters have called on him to resign. the former secretary-treasurer of that labor council says that she is devastated by the news about him. the national organization for women in san diego has called for him to resign. his former fiancee who he had been calling the first lady of san diego, she is now calling for him to resign, also she is no longer his fiancee. this most unexpected scandal in san diego steams toward what seems to be a probable bad ending for mayor bob filner and the city, the fact remains that no charges have been brought
1:40 am
against him. no lawsuit has been filed. no formal complaint of any kind has been made against him. just multiple increasingly detailed, increasingly disgusting claims being made by lots and lots of women aired out in the press and on the steps of city hall. in the place that calls itself america's finest city. joining us now is trent seibert. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you, rachel. i appreciate it. >> first of all, let me ask you if i have characterized the most important points of what's happened so far? >> you've nailed it, rachel. i mean, you've described it better than anyone here has. it's been crazy, it's been bizarre, it's been creepy, i wish i had a better explanation. i have been covering politics for 20 plus years and it's seeing something like this has been odd. >> well, you know, the thing that strikes me in terms of the details here, looking at that lawyer who was making the detailed case about what he supposedly said in the elevator about underpants at work? we're getting these details, but that's a lawyer making that
1:41 am
case. and donna is saying she's heard from these specific women, how come none of this has turned into formal complaints, lawsuits or charges at this point? >> two things, i think it will soon. i think any moment we're going to see a lawsuit filed or claims filed that will lead to a lawsuit. i think that's happening any minute. it could happen as early as tomorrow. that's a. b, these descriptions are so detailed. it's just -- and the people telling the lawyers that are talking about these descriptions are so credible in san diego that it's just tough to not give this credibility. i mean, we're talking about tongues down throats. we're talking about the mayor claiming he's put his hand down shirts and touching. it's just odd. it's very spitzer like in a way. >> well, does there -- is there anything in bob filner's past that would suggest that he would have problems like this? obviously he has a reputation
1:42 am
for being a hothead. i don't see anywhere in his past, any accusations of sexual misbehavior. has he defined himself on this saying these charges are trumped up? >> i don't think trumped up. these are former allies, but give him this credit, that there have been no formal charges filed, and, you know, he has spent time in congress all these years and without complaints, without charges. trust me, i have done the digging on this. no formal charges have ever been
1:43 am
filed against this individual. against mayor filner, and, you know, he has said he's hard to work with. he's hard. he's tough on individuals. he's tough on his employees many so boy, it's a difficult nut to crack. >> until we've got -- until he's got his chance to defend himself and we can see that evidence out there, the evidence that's been made public is the accusations are so lurid. has there been any effort either on the city council to try to remove him or some sort of populous recall campaign? >> there is a recall campaign that i think is in the works, and it will start being in the works starting friday. again, part of the problem with mayor filner here in san diego
1:44 am
is the people that are complaining about him. it's not just the regular gop, it's not just oh, i'm a republican and i'm going to go after this democratic mayor in this relatively conservative town here in california. these are progressives that are coming after him now. these are union leaders coming after him. that's the problem he's facing. >> trent seibert, i have a feeling we will be talking to you about this again as this proceeds. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. turns out the sky is sort of falling in florida. and not in the politics way. in almost a literal way, that's coming up. stay with us. [ female announcer ] so how long have you been living flake-free
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on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ this is gulf county florida, next to tallahassee up in the florida panhandle. the county is right on the water. wednesday a week ago today the 911 dispatcher got a strange emergency call.
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someone called 911 to say a flaming object had just plunged into the water right offshore. they told the dispatcher they saw a big flash of fire. soon other people started calling 911 as well. reporting they had just seen a plane catch fire and crash into the gulf of mexico. of course, that is a terrifying thing to see as you are going about your business in gulf county florida. about 15 minutes after people started calling 911 that they maybe just witnessed an airliner going down. the local paper posted this message on their facebook page, several readers have contacted us about a fireball seen dropping into the gulf of mexico along the horizon about 11:30 a.m. eastern on wednesday. tyndall air force base notified the sheriff's office that the object was a drone that caught fire. on facebook only four people
1:49 am
liked that explanation. but come on, that seems very helpful, like very useful information, it was not a regular airplane, it was a drone. a drone that had taken off from tyndall air force base. it was a qf-4 drone which really looks a lot like an old airplane because it is an old airplane. it's a type of military jet that's been in use since the early '60s that we've started turning into drones so we can use it to practice how to shoot planes out of the sky with other aircraft or how to avoid being shot. they released a statement saying, the drone was carrying a small self-district charge and had to be destroyed during its return to base following a routine operation. okay, so we used the self-district feature of this drone to blow it up over the water, and it was all routine,
1:50 am
sorry to disrupt your commute. that was last wednesday. here's what happened today. >> for the second time in a week an air force base drone has gone down. >> an unmanned drone crashed during takeoff at about 8:25 this morning. this is video of the huge plume of black smoke created by the fire from that crash. the drone does contain a small self-destruct charge which is used to blow up the plane if it leaves the preapproved flight plan because that charge is still on board highway 98 is going to have to be closed throughout the morning commute tomorrow. >> sorry for the inconvenience. yeah, that's twice in one week. the same kind of jet turned drone has crashed in the same area, except this time the qf-4 crashed into land and not into water. it crashed near a plagiar highway, and we still do not know if that self-district
1:51 am
device just in case it gets out of control, we still don't know if it's already gone off, or if we're supposed to be waiting for some other big explosion to come soon. the air force put out another accidental drone crash statement saying they do not know the status of that self-destruct device on board, but don't worry, it's battery will go out in 24 hours or so. i guess we wait and see. check back in, meanwhile, a major portion of highway 98 will be closed for 24 hours, causing all sorts of traffic may hem in that part of florida. terrifying and inconveniencing is what it seems to be like to live in a place where there are a bunch of drone tests going on around you. makes you almost sympathize with the residents of a tiny colorado town called deer trail. they would offer rewards for drone parts. drone bounty hunting. the ordinance specifies you can use any shotgun 12 gauge or smaller, no background checks,
1:52 am
totally anonymous, they would charge $25 per drone hunting license. and you get a $100 reward per drone if you can present pieces of a craft known to be operated and owned by the united states government. it's probably not the right idea. but in the meantime, if you live in gulf county florida, can you be satisfied with the drone destruction going on around you as part of your morning commute. meanwhile, stay indoors on wednesday mornings. be fearless! [ female announcer ] volume without fear of clumps. covergirl clump crusher. big green brush, curved to crush. 200% more volume. zero clumps. clump crusher from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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1:56 am
will even get the chance. pennsylvania republican governor tom corbett is not a particularly well known figure nationally, probably most nationally known for his particular sensitivity on lady issues. >> as long as it's not intrusive, we're still waiting to see. >> making them watch and -- does that go too far in your mind? >> you can't make anybody watch, you just have to close your eyes. >> close your eyes while we're forcing you to have this -- that's not the only thing pennsylvanians dislike about tom corbett right now. in a world of deeply unpopular tea party governors. tom corbett really is king of them all. in all the recent policy polling, no governor is in worse standing with his public than tom corbett is. even recent republican polling
1:57 am
puts tom corbett in worse standing than any other governor. it is one thing to be widely disliked, it is another thing to be so widely disliked that your own party wants to fire you to get you out of the way. unless governor corbett shows improvement in coming months, there are calls for him to step aside. speculation about replacing the governor is ram pan the. rampant. and desperate, right? pennsylvania republicans are more generally desperate right now, they're having such a rough time right now, they seem to be letting their guard down. this is tape that think progress posted today, explaining why republicans in that state want voter i.d. so badly. >> think about this, we cut obama by 5%, which was big, a lot of people cited that, he beat mccain by 10%, he only beat romney by 5%, i think that probably photo i.d. helped a bit in that.
1:58 am
>> oh, you sure you want to admit that? >> it would not be all that surprising if that is how republicans talk among themselves, but had is the chairman of the republican party in pennsylvania. and that's a reporter sitting in front of him in plain view in big machines with the glass on the front are tv cameras, and the blissfully unaware party chairman is not alone that the voter i.d. laws are about beating democrats in elections. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> that was last year before the presidential election. >> republicans had to back peddle and time themselves in knots saying, they didn't mean it the way it sounded. it's about election integrity. the party chairman is just admitting it again and he's doing it at the same time that the voter i.d. law he's lauding for helping republicans do better in elections is literal
1:59 am
when i on trial for that. while the state supreme court in pennsylvania is right now hearing arguments about that voter i.d. law, and whether or not it really is just a way for republicans to try to win elections. the pennsylvania supreme court is hearing arguments this week while pennsylvania republicans are going on tv saying, yeah, actually it is a way to just try to win elections. and grandmothers are in court testifying they never missed an election before pennsylvania voter i.d. made them miss an election. and statisticians are testifying that democrats are three times as likely to not have the i.d. required by the new law and minorities are twice as likely as white people to not have the required i.d., pennsylvania republicans are just for whatever reason now, flat out admitting that the whole idea that they want the law for is to skew elections in their favor by blocking democrats who can legally vote from legally voting.
2:00 am
they're admitting it. do they know they're admitting it? do they think they're only talking amongst themselves? from tom corbett on down, subtlety has never really been an asset. right now this is a whole new level. has never been a real asset for pennsylvania. "first look" is up next. good wednesday morning. right now, on "first look," dangerous heat continues across a big chunk of the country, while 10 on-degree temperatures fuel a massive wildfire out west. data on millions of americans. update on nelson mandela's health as the world marks his 95th birthday. plus, a drone mishap in florida. and why queen elizabeth wants the royal baby to get a move on. good morning. we begin with the seager heat wave that'gr


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