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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  July 22, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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remote-controlled cameras. what are they waiting for? prince william to come out and say hello because the baby has been born. what we do know is that about eight hours ago, 1:00 a.m., east coast time, we got word from the palace that william and kate were on their way here that she was in, as they put it, the early stages of labor. so right now, that baby could be born any moment now. prince william expected to be at her side in the delivery room. when the baby is born, 62 cannon blasts will be fired and 41 gun salute will go off from buckingham palace. earlier today charles was in new york and he accepted a toy from someone in the crowd. a token for the royal baby. >> this is for the baby! >> i'll see what i can do. >> six hours time.
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>> joining me now is camilla who is the royal editor for the "sunday express." we also have nbc contributor neil shawn also a long time royals watcher. good to see both of you. i truly have never seen anything like this. this is madness. >> combination of a media frenzy in a heat wave in london. i think this is probably the hottest day of the year. the news was running hot and we are as well. >> i took the red eye so i just got in this morning. >> bless you. >> i had heard that, you know, brits were pretty byllase about this. everybody i talked to was so excited. >> of course. everybody loves a baby and i think when it's a royal baby with so much historical significance. this is the biggest thing to happen here since 31 years ago when prince william was born. also typically british.
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we have a diamond jubilee and with the royal wedding, we don't care but the day before the event everybody comes out. it's a lovely day for all of us. >> so many people asking me when is the baby coming? i have no idea how long kate's labor is going to be so when the baby comes, how will we find out? >> these steps behind us royal aides will come out with a magical piece of paper that is transported by car to buckingham palace. then an easel that was used to announce william's birth in 1982. that. >> reporter: have theend and eye color and hopefully the name. william wasn't named for a week so let's hope they have made up their mind already. >> neil, let me bring you into the conversation. one of the things about this is maybe not to the extent of the royal wedding but a big economic
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boom for london, isn't it. >> you're spot other, chris. what you got to remember the royals are very good at bringing us money and as you're surrounded by all this media, remember, all this media have to stay somewhere and fly somewhere and eat somewhere and plus it's brought incredible amounts of tourists. what we have seen myself just wandering around london so many london visitors are loyal and passionate about our british world family so we are thrilled. i'm sure david cameron is thrilled any way. >> i'm not sure anybody is happier about this than the book makers. obviously they have stopped betting on the day of the royal birth and made a lot of money last week because most of the money was on that. now i guess they are betting on the name, boy or girl and i hear there are bets being placed on what color pippa middleton's dress will be when she comes to visit her sister. >> you know, it's interesting, though, isn't it, chris? the bottom line is you can bet
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on anything. if you want my take on it, i firmly believe the name george will be in there if it's a boy and i get a feeling that victoria based on queen victoria, not posh spice of course. being in london there is very many monuments around london that still symbolizes great royal but yet the dress she emerges from when she leaves the lindo wing. there are no designer frocks that will be leaving. they are what they call shopping mall frocks high street wear because she doesn't want to appear she is spending lots of money of our difficult recession times looking glamorous. she always looks glamorous but let's not forget they have spent a pretty penny on the nursery so that is where the money has gone. >> camilla, i read somewhere about the amount of money that was spent on -- to copy her dresses that she wore, the
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maternity clonels the minute she showed up in something, it was gone. >> you know when you're a star, normally when you're not pregnant you are selling frocks off the shelf but when you are pregnant and not feeling your sexiest you are still stylish. she is the most photographed in the world. actually she has really made her mark and she is accessible. >> this is the fun stuff but, neil, there is history being made here. there is always history made when there is a monarch but if it's a girl she will be queen, right? >> absolutely. when you got to remember we are living in historical times. if you're prince harry today you kind of know that you're not going to be top ten any more. you're down a peg in the charts. so whatever happens, prince harry will have what i consider now a more relieved life as it were. he possibly will be allowed to live a more normal outside royal life than anybody else because
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what we have to remember is we got prince charles first and then william and then, of course, whatever he produces today or kate produced today will be third in line to the throne. if it is a girl this is ground breaking and normally it would have just been a boy. >> much has been written about the fact that this seems very appropriate because this is a very modicum. for example she is not going to hire a nanny but this wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the queen. the queen ho hso sign off on this that there would be a change in the rules of succession. >> everyone across the commonwealth had to agree. what it's saying if they have a girl today but they have a boy later on -- oops! >> the camera just came down but we will prop it back up there. >> if they have a girl and later a son, it means the son won't supersede the daughter. it's very 21st century. this is the way forward. you can't have a situation in modern world where you have a daughter being overtaken by a son just because of gender.
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that said, you have to remember this isn't going to come into effect for years. this baby isn't going to take the throne for a long, long time. >> we hear this all the time whenever there is a big story about the monarchy, has the time come and gone and went through rough times in the post-diana era. we know people loved the wedding. what impact does this have on the people here who have to pay the taxes? the latest poll i saw said 77% of brits favor the monarchy. >> always like 8-2 split in terms of favoring the monarchy versus republicanism. republicanism has stayed the same and interesting. the rules can be quite controversial. you have to be here. you only have to be outside buckingham palace for major royal events to know these people are a massive draw particularly the queen. she comes out on the balcony and
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hundreds of thousands of people turn out. you don't get that from heads of state and you don't get that from a-listers and this is an 87-year-old woman p.m. the queen particularly the future is secured. we have william and indicate hugely popular and bringing their own baby into the world and take the house of windsor further into the 21st century. >> would the queen step aside the conventional wisdom i hear is no, she won't. if you have the queen and then you have charles, perhaps at some point down the road, remember her mother lived a good, long life, and then you have william, this is not a baby who is likely to lead for a very, very long time. >> that's a good point, you know, chris. but also another point is the fact that astonishing when you think majesty the queen has carried on so long. rightly said these stories will she abdicate and move to one charles and let charles.
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each charles has hinted he is ready to take on the big job but he is going to kind of encounter what happened to edward viith where he got there and got 10 or 12 years and that was it. sadly i think for charles, dare i say, it would be a short rein and then william. william is a young man and he could last forever too. whatever the royals have for breakfast i'm convinced it's special because they all have very long lives. >> indeed, they do. neil shawn, thanks to you and camilla, thank you very much. who is expecting her own. you're going to be in the lindo wing? >> sadly enough, unless my water breaks here today. >> i'm begging you not. >> inside scoop! >> thank you so much. i want to tell you what is inside there. we don't know exactly what is going on. i spoke to someone who had both of her children there. she told me it's a little bit like a five-star hotel. not the starched hospital sheets
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and beautiful duvet on the bet but they have wonderful toiletries in the bathroom. afterwards the first birthing that you're there they are willing to take the baby and set up a candle light dinner for mom and dad. we don't know if kate and william will take advantage of that but the waiting brings in. let's do this quickly. can we bring nancy in for a question. this is live television so we are going to do this really quickly. can we do it quickly? hi, nancy! >> hello, chris jansing. >> it's an obstacle course to get in here. how are you? she just needs a microphone. we are going to talk a little bit what is going on in there. she is 31 years old. as we all know she is someone who had a little bit of difficulty early in her pregnancy. >> yes. >> because she had that morning
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sickness that is terrible. >> we are real pros. >> live real pros. everyone is asking when is the baby going to be born? >> we don't know. we have been waiting nine hours. like most women, labor will start hours before a woman will want to come to an hospital. you can add five to six, eight hours on top of the nine. because this is a reverse time going through labor, the labor is going to be long. they can be 15 hours, they can be up to 35 hours. we don't know. certainly we were all very concerned. i was during her fers trimester when she had terrible nausea and vomiting and sometimes that can mean pregnancy is at risk. we also then watched her sail through what has seemed to be a very normal pregnancy. >> she looked phenomenal. >> she looked great and put on the right amount of weight and had the glow back in her face. i think at this point the hope is to have a normal vaginal birth. they will monitor her heart rate, baby' heart rate, oxygen
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saturation of the baby. unless there is any concern that baby isn't getting enough oxygen or the heart rate starts to be suppressed the idea would be let her go the way she is. epidural at some point if she worried about pain but, overall, to hope for a vaginal birth, not a c-section. when a bear baeb comes to the birth canal the lungs get squished and that means the baby can breathe easily and more colonization from the birth canal and means the baby has a healthier immune system. >> you know the way she was carrying whether it was a boy or girl. >> they called me a few minutes ago and told me but i am under strict orders not to tell. >> thank you for wading through here. >> it was life-threatening. >> we will be here all day waiting and watching what seems to be the rest of the world live from london. we will be right back. this day calls you.
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we will be going back to chris jansing in london in a little bit. first other news. on thursday attorney general eric holder speaks to the national urban league's conference. he is expected to address the cause for civil rights charges against george zimmerman while president obama's surprise fech spooech on friday sparked a national conversation. joining me now is marc morial. >> good morning, richard. >> does attorney general holder -- >> it's too early for that. i think it's important for him to reaffirm his commitment to a complete full and fair investigation and i was interested in it. i think people will be very
7:17 am
interested to hear his comments both on stand your ground legislation, but also the overall challenges in the criminal justice system and the new challenges when it comes to democracy and voting rights in america. people will welcome his comments i think on a broad range of issues, lot george zimmerman civil rights investigation is going to be on people's minds. it's not the only thing we will be talking about here in philadelphia. >> yeah. along with that we are three days after what is the -- could be the second or third wave ripples you might be considering vert president's speech. how is that looking for you right now as we begin a new week? has it already been forgotten? certainly not, right? >> no. the president, i think, sounded exactly the right tone on friday. he talked in only the way in which he can. he taed frlked from a personal perspective but he talked as a
7:18 am
president of the united states. i may suggest that he should not have said anything, that we call on presidents to talk when is the nation is experiencing pain. the trayvon martin case has struck an emotional chord. thus, whether it's sandy hook or aurora or trayvon martin, it was important for the president to speak. i think what's next is the idea of the convening powers of the white house and the presidency to help us confront, not only a conversation, but the need to move the conversation beyond words into deeds and into action to deal with the underlying issues of jobs, education, and sdarts disparities in the criminal justice system. >> the black caucus is preparing bills. what do you want to see congress do here? >> congress can do a number of things. you know, in the early days of the bush administration,
7:19 am
interestingly, there was a call to end racial profiling and then legislation was introduced. 911 intervened and really no action. it's time to revisit that. i think what congress can do is discontinue this assault on the disadvantage to americans, on the weak americans, on the americans who are struggling to get back to their feet like the efforts to cut food stamps, like the efforts to carve away some of the fans we have made in education, like the efforts to diminish the nation's investments in work force development. i think congress should step away from that and realize what we must do in a nation is invest generation in the american workers and citizens. we need that strategy going forward and what i think congress can do. >> as you're suggesting here you have to look at the republicans along with the democrats. senator john mccain saying
7:20 am
yesterday as you probably heard on cnn that the president's comments were, quote, very impressive, and that stand your ground laws need to be reviewed even saying there that he thought that he was very confident about the arizona legislature that they would review that law but other republicans not so vocal. >> john mccain may represent, i think, an effort by some republicans and it's encouraging to see him lead on this. the idea that we have got to move beyond the partisanship that has stifled and gripped washington, d.c. the last several years and we have to move to a new era, a new era of action, so i think that there's an opportunity, but i think it comes from the people and one of our jobs here, while we are meeting in philadelphia, is to build public awareness and public will about the types of things that this nation needs to do. >> marc morial, thank you so much for your time today.
7:21 am
>> thanks, richard. >> you bet. this afternoon, president obama will meet with secretary of state john kerry. kerry just back from the middle east where he brokered a deal to restart peace talks with the israelis and palestinians, possibly within the next few weeks. secretary kerry is managing a team to manage the talks. martin endek could end up that effort. wait a sec! i found our colors.
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into politics now. this week president obama kicks off a summer tour to push his economic agenda. he lays out his vision. illinois on wednesday. his aide saying it's a major speech on economic policy. he spoke there as a senator in 2005. it was his first major speech on the economy. house speaker john boehner dodging questions yesterday about bringing an immigration bill to the house floor that
7:25 am
includes a path to citizenship. on cbs "face the nation," boehner said -- >> do you, mr. speaker, yourself personally favor a bill that has a path to citizenship -- >> people have been trying to get me to do this since the day after the election. >> you're the leader of the republicans. >> the day after the election i made clear that i thought it was time for our government to deal with a serious problem of immigration. >> you actually said you were for a comprehensive bill. >> and i believe we have to deal with it. >> house republicans have passed an education bill that reverses no child left beyond. states would have to deal with issues like failing schools and teacher evaluations. cess story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers,"
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live pictures from london. duchess kate right behind those doors and going into labor around nine hours ago. we won't hear from palace officials again until a royal decree is about to leave that hospital out that door and it will make its way to buckingham palace and that is how we will know a baby is born. we go back to chris jansing live in london in a little bit. in new york michigan republican governor rick snyder saying officials had no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection. take a listen. >> we went through all of the other processes. no other viable options. enough is enough. i think there need to be more accountability in government and part of the issue is here later stand up and deal with this tragic situation and take care of the citizens. >> john conyers wants congressional hearings on detroit's bankruptcy and concerned the bankruptcy is misused to slash retiree's health care and benefits and steven rattner writes in "the
7:30 am
new york times," quote, no one likes bailouts or the prospects of rewarding detroit's historic fiscal mismagistrate but apart from voting in elections 700,000 remaining res of the motor city are no more responsible for detroit's problem. let's bring in aiesha and republican strategist and former huckabee campaign manager chip salsman. chip, starting with you. should the federal government step in, despite maybe not being the best idea? >> how can they? uncle sam is broke. uncle sam has a 17 trillion dollar debt and no money to boil out detroit and send precedent to the cities and states out there that are struggling with their financial problems, they have got to make the tough decisions to manage their cities. if it they don't what happens is they file for bankruptcy like detroit who has to make some
7:31 am
tough decisions because they roux fuse to make the tough decisions the last 1515 or 20 year. >> so chip, you disagree with steve? >> i do. if the government gets into this it will never stop because the local leaders won't make the tough decisions if they think the federal government is going to bail them out. >> look at this one. the federal government spent $80 billion on the auto bailout. detroit is $18. ,in debt. when you look at this is the president in a tough position? some asking what is good for the goose is good for the gander? >> i think the first thing we need to highlight is no one is asking for a bailout right now. the president isn't offering one. what we are doing is a lot of speculation and conjecture. i think what is happening in detroit, though, we should be talking about is that this is emblem mattic of what is happening a philosophy that is abandoning poor people. that has this kind of sense of let's blame poor people and,
7:32 am
quite frankly, penalize them for the larger structural things that are happening within our economy. even though it's not their fault like steve rattner said. i think that is a bigger, critical question and like a soul searching moment we should be having around this. >> the mayor did say over the weekend that he had not said no, nor had he said yes for a federal bailout so we will see what happens there. chip, you heard how congressman conyers was worried that this bankruptcy results in slashing pension payments to people those who may not be making a lot. are republicans perhaps teeing this up in michigan what they want to do in other states rile retirees may bury the brunt of this? >> i hope not. a lot of cities had good fiscal management over the years and haven't had these problems. 3.5 billion is the unfunded part of their pension program. they can make tough decisions. the payment is going to be lower. i think that is ultimately part of the solution but this should be a wake-up call to all of the
7:33 am
cities out there making these tough decision. you can't keep raising taxes and paying out more to everybody in your plopgs because this is the end game. sooner or later you have less people working and more people not and you can't pay for that. >> should these pensioners, based on the numbers that chip brought up there, should they be ready to come to the table here and take some cuts? >> i mean, there is doubt there is going to be some negotiation and lots of painful confidences will have to happen around what to do. i think we still have a bigger conversation about our economic policies, jobs, how we create opportunities in detroit so that we don't get into this mess once we find some resolution and way forward. this is a bigger conversation than what we do at this moment in a reactioner way. decades of core economic policy have led us to this place. >> as aretha franklin said they have the power there and we hope it happens there. thank you both for being here on this monday.
7:34 am
>> thanks. >> thanks. the news feed this morning checking it. michael madison is due in court next hour where charges are expected to be filed in the murders of three cleveland women. police tell wkyc madison has confessed to at least one murder. the women's bodies found in trash bags and medical examiner saying days to identify them and determine how they died. police say after exhaustive search around abandoned homes they do not believe any more victims. 64 people killed after a strong earthquake hit western china. 300 others hurt. the 6.6 quake knocked down power lines and damaged dozens of homes. officials say rescue efforts are hampered by mud and rock slides. syrian troops killed at least 75 rebels in one of the deadliest days for the opposition in the two-year civil war. one attack government forces ambushed a group of rebel fights making a push into damascus. the government is stepping up to keep the poopgs out of the
7:35 am
capital. six flags over texas take on its own investigation to look into the death of a woman who fell out of a roller coaster last week. rosy questioned the restraint before the ride took off. the ride is closed until the investigation is over. flash flooding surging through a dry central arizona sunday. thunderstorms caused heavy rainfall and sweeping through what you see there. those are roads throughout phoenix. crews had to air lift stranded residents from houses and stuck in their cars. sticker shock at the gas pump to talk about right now. brian sullivan is here what is moving your money. prices keep rising and folks asking when is it going to top out? >> i wish that i could come on and say don't worry about it, prize are going back down. i would love to say that but i cannot because prices are likely to go up. price of oil $107 a barrel and down a few cents but who cares
7:36 am
in no? the frustrating thing is costs vary so far from state-to-state. in california you can't find it. here in new jersey the only thing new jersey is cheapest for in america. a lot of it has to do with taxes how much your state choose to tax gas is a big part of it and where the refineries are and distribution. >> this leads us to into sears is doing trying to go upscale. this is an interesting pairing. >> to be honest, i thought i was getting punks when i read the article. is this a true story? sears low to mid priced retailer and they are trying to move up the scale on their marketplace sections just online. look at that. that is a real listing from the sears marketplace section. that is preowned watch, i believe. $31,000! 4,000 chanel bag and shoes i'm told have red soles.
7:37 am
>> is this a branding exercise trying to move upscale' get more high earners to buy stuff from sears and stuff like that? >> maybe it's a pr strategy to get some attention like on fine television shows such as this. >> and to bring brian sullivan to talk about it who is a very respected analyst when it comes to these things. >> not really respected that much. wildly hated actually. >> not so much. >> have a good day. >> you too. let's take a look at the royal baby by the numbers. the baby is missing out on a common day for royal births. the 21th, the queen's birthday is april 21 and prince william's is june 21. 120 years since a sitting monarch has been alive for the birth of a great grandkid and heir. it took one week for prince william's nail to be announced after his birth. the baby could have three possible last names although he or she doesn't need one. this baby could bring a 380
7:38 am
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you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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. i want something skinny until the baby comes out. until the baby comes out. we want a healthy baby and also a healthy mother. >> i can't wait for this baby to be born. i sensed something was going on last night we heard the news this morning that she was in there. we gave a big cheer. >> back live in london. excitement is building or maybe it's just all the assembled media and down the street everyday people who are coming and hoping that 9 1/2 hours after we got the official word that kate and william were on their way to this hospital and specifically in the lindo wing that she was in at that time.
7:42 am
the early stages of labor. that we might actually have an announcement of the heir. so far, nothing. this is the hottest day of the year i'm told in london. some of these folks have been how here waiting for at least a week and maybe more. at least now we know that something may be imminent. there were a lot of reporting that frankly britain wasn't maybe as excited as the united states was in days and weeks leading up to this but i can tell you from the people i talked to this morning, as london and the rest of this country woke up to the news, that kate was in labor, there seems to be a lot more excitement. i met one woman who spent five hours getting here. she said she walked, she took the tube, she took the train, she took the bus and she brought a cape which i'm sure she will not have a chance to debit to kate and william. every time somebody comes past here there is some sort of shouting going on. what is it? there will ab medical bulletin
7:43 am
when the baby is born and it will maybe its way to an easel that set up outside of buckingham palace the same way william's birth was announced and kyra simmons is live for us. are the crowd there? >> there are people at the gates. this time of year. many people sightseeing at the gates of buckingham palace but many hope to stay here when they see the notice is put up. we expect the notice to say what gender the baby is, as well as possibly the weight of the baby, for example. but there is no sign of easel here yet. what has happened in the last half an hour a flag called the royal standard which you could call the queen's flag that flies above any palace where the queen is in resident and flies on car when she is traveling around on state duties. that has been raised above buckingham palace the last half
7:44 am
an hour which tells us the queen has arrived at the palace and we don't know if that is significance in relation to the royal baby but a fever pitch now that any development gets a lot of interest. >> thank you very much. kyra simmons is live at buckingham palace for us. we have been trying to figure out where harry is. no word on that or pippa. there is betting on what color pippa middleton's dress will be when she comes here. millions of pounds have been spent trying to figure out when this baby is going to be born, whether it's a boy or a girl, and what the name is going to be. of course, nobody knows any of this for sure. they have been very circumspect about this. the only clue given the last several months is that at one point, when she was asked about her pregnancy, literally all kate middleton had to do was sort of mouth the legal "d" so
7:45 am
everyone assumed it was a daughter so that seems to be the betting money. both by bookies and the people who you talk to here, that what it has come down to. i can tell you that this is unlike anything almost i have ever seen. there are now photographers in the several hours i've been here five deep. they are up to the second floor of the building behind me trying to get the important shot of that door. anyone who comes out of it are photographed. i was showing you these earlier. not just for the announcement which we hope will come today. look at how cute little boy in the baseball cap is. not only for that announcement but you'll remember iconic shot of prince charles and diana coming out holding william on the steps. it was in this very same wing. and that is what folks are waiting for.
7:46 am
their first glimpse of the royal heir. when that will happen, of course, nobody knows. the only thing we can tell you is that they are in a room that has been described as similar to a five-star hotel. although they call it labor for a reason. i'm not exactly sure whether you have labor in a bed that has a nice duvet as opposed to hospital sheets and it will make that much difference. incredibly tight security the last hour or so. we have seen a few more police officers moving in and you can see them guarding either side of the door. we will be here throughout the day and have updates throughout the day for you here on msnbc. one more point i just want to make. a lot of people who say yare folks making a big deal out of this? one of the things they will tell you is that with all of the things going on the world that is negative, the economic problems they have had here in britain, it's nice to have a little bit of good news and harkens back to the olympics which was a success and royal
7:47 am
wedding a huge success and what is wrong, they will ask you about feeling good. we will take a break and we will be back with more news on jansing and co after this break. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... you need brushes... you should check out our workshops... push your color boundaries while staying well within your budget walls. i want to paint something else. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. refresh your home inside or out with behr premium plus ultra. interior flat starts at $31.98 a gallon. still doesn't feel real. our time together was...
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pope francis is scheduled to arrive in rio de janeiro four hours from now. the first trip abroad since being chosen for the pap acy. this time not so many helicopters above you unlike yesterday but what is on the agenda once the pope lands there, however he does land? >> richard, when he lands then he is expected to be welcomed by the president of brazil. after that, he was meant to drive to the governor's palace. there in the city of rio where he will attend his welcoming
7:51 am
ceremony. now, let me tell you that has already changed because of security concerns, we are being told he will instead drive to downtown, swap and jump on the popemobile, uncovered not the one with bullet proof glass cover, and do a little tour around the area in strt to welcome the pilgrims and brazilians and then he will go a small airport on the other side of the city where he will take a helicopter that will then take him to the governor's palace. why? well, we are being told by security sources that there is already a protest being organized just outside of that palace of the governor. now, this protest is not against the pope's visit. they are against corruption. but the protesters know that the pope is bringing leach world's media attention with him and they are just trying to get their message across once again. >> along with that attention will be kids, youth from all around the world.
7:52 am
talk about that. >> of course, hundreds of thousands of young people have already descended to rio. the world youth meeting is between the youth and the pope. there is a theme for every world youth day. this time is go and make disciples of all nation. what the pope is saying with that you come here as pilgrims and you leave as missionaries. that is pretty much in line with what the message of francis has been since becoming pope. so hundreds of thousands expecting the only person is missing here is the actual gest guest of honor, the hope, but we will wait for him. >> beautiful background there. beach is not filled as of yet. let's bring in our father james martin, the editor at large for "america" magazine. father, you know, this being the first trip for the pope abroad
7:53 am
and he is going to brazil and this is world youth day what is the significance here? >> it shows he is interested in youth and the poor. is he going to visit one of the slums in brazil and i think that will focus the world's attention on the theme, one of the themes of his papacy which is the poor. >> i was looking at a studied out of brookings and looking at the age association with religious conservative versus the progressive. it found the more conservative. will we see this pope be more progressive based on the fact he is going to world youth day here and he is trying to get the youth, the future of the catholic church here? >> i guess it depends on what you mean by progressive and conservative. i think the gospel in a sense is always radical. the idea of forgiving your enemies and loving people and taking care of the poor and no matter what political sort of standpoint you have i think that
7:54 am
can be a very radical message. >> this perhaps is a better indication, you know, the fact that pontiff, i'm sure you're a follower and has 2.7 million followers on twitter right now. the development over the last week announced a month ago and talking about it the last week. talk about that. >> the one about twitter? it was kind of misreported. basically, they said people would participate in the spiritual graces of the world youth day by following along online and that got misinterpreted into you can go to heaven just by tweeting the pope and following him on twitter. >> does this fall in line, though, in a world youth day, we have this announcement about twitter, put that altogether for us. >> the vatican is trying to reach out to a new group of people. they recognize that social media is important and facebook, twitter, youtube anything you can do to spread the gospel. i say if jesus could talk about the bird of the air, then the pope could tweet. >> he is doing things newsworthy. surprising to you?
7:55 am
>> very surprising. moving out of the palace and missing simple and his limousine is a ford focus. the emphasis is on the papacy. >> we could talk all day about this. thank you, father. that wraps up this hour of jansing and co. she is in london on baby watch. graying melvin is up next in for thomas roberts. >> the agenda the next hour we are going to continue following that breaking news. the wait for kate to give birth. we go live back to london for the latest on the royal baby watch. also ahead thousands across the country attended weekend rallies to protest stand your ground laws and demand justice for trayvon martin. the reverend al sharpton was at the new york city rally and he will join me along with chris smith who wants to extend florida stand your ground law. detroit plans to cut the pensions of 21,000 workers. i'll talk to one of the men who helps run the union that helps
7:56 am
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good morning. i'm craig melvin. breaking royal baby news out of london. katherine the duchess of london has been taken to the hospital. earlier this morning first-time grandfather to be prince charles was given a toy for the baby. >> this is for the baby. >> i'll see what i can do. >> six hours time. >> may be right. >> when this baby does finally arrive, he or she will receive a welcome fit for a future king or queen. 62 cannon blasts will be fired from the talker of london. 41-gun salute at green park near the palace. trafalgar square fountains will turn pink or blue in kate's
8:00 am
hometown of buckleberry. bells will ring for 45 minutes. joining me live now from london nbc correspondent jim maceda. what is the latest, jim? >> reporter: if this is any indication, the number of journalists and well wishers here, it has raised by an order of magnitude since this morning. ten hours now since the photographers tweeted they had seen a conjoy of cars. no ambulance at the time. swing into a side entrance, not this entrance here, of the hospital. that was followed, of course, by a short statement from kensington palace conform confirming that kate was inside and that she was in the early and i have to repeat again and again, early stages of labor, that was ten hours ago. the queen at windsor conflict was alerted this morning. she had no comment.


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