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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 17, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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next for the republican party. is john boehner compromised, this guy, ted cruz, what's he do now? and the u.s. stock market rallied big yesterday on news of a deal. but the global markets at any time shadidn't share the optimi. we'll find out why. this is way too early oig. . . good morning, everybody. brian shactman here on thursday, october 17. today's show, we also have baseball playoff action. a new u.s. senator from the state of new jersey. and he made history. and i'll give you time to think about this one, who will play mar ten luther king jr. in an upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.i9n ten luther king jr. n upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.ten luther king jr. in a upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.en luther king jr. in an upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.n luther king jr. in an upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler. luther king jr. in an upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.n luther king jr. in an upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler.tin luther king jr. in a
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upcoming bio pick? we'll have that for you in the cooler. the nation's credit rating remains in good standing and furloughed employees will return to work this morning. that's because early this morning, president obama seened a bipartisan deal reached by law makerses last night to avoid default and reopen the government. for at least the next three months. the deal also preserves the treasury's ability to use so-called extraordinary measures should the u.s. begin to approach the debt ceiling again. in the senate the bill passed with 81 ayes and 18 nays. republican james inhofe did not vote following heart surgery. all nays were republicans including ted cruz, mike lee, rand paul and har compamarco ru. in the house, 285 for it, 144 against it including paul ryan. no democrats voted against the bill. but after shutting down the government for 16 days and costing the u.s. economy an estimated $24 billion, house speaker john boehner was seen walking out of a house meeting
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pumping his fist after being thought it if he fought the good fight. he reportedly received a standing ovation from the republican caucus for his work throughout the shutdown. meanwhile, senator cruz held his own impromptu press conference while mch mccitch mcconnell was speaking about the deal on the senate floor. cruz praised fellow republicans in the house. >> we saw the house of representatives take a courageous stand listening to the american people, that everyone in official washington just weeks earlier said would never happen. that was a remarkable victory to see the house engage in a profile of courage. >> senate compromise was also slammed by several leading conservative groups. the club for growth, heritage action, and freedom works all came out against the plan saying they will punish members who vote yes for the deal. but some in the republican party think the shutdown was all for
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nothing. john mccain says he hopes republicans learn they need to come together. jeff flake said they learned not to go down this road to a shutdown again. lisa murkowski said i'm trying to forget it. and even jeff sessions who voted no on the bill said it was a, quote, unfortunate series of events. now let's go to casey hunt in washington. how is it the shutdown's resolution impact the leaders of the republican party, what do we do now? >> the men of the hour are speaker john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. john boehner saw a swell of support from some of his conservative members yesterday and the house was able to speed up that vote late last night. but you're already seeing some signs that those members could turn on him. there are conservative blogs that are already talking about how he gave up what he called the good fight. on the senate side, senator mcconnell is facing potentially the re-election contest of his
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life. and behind the scenes, those close to him are privately saying that the fact that he stepped up and helped cut this deal really proves that he's more interested in governing than he is worried about the primary tea party challenge that he has back home. but the reality is mcconnell's also concerned about taking back the senate potentially. and this was just terrible for the republican brand. >> so why is the tea party so unaware of that, or are they just simply as we've talked about just don't care? >> well, there is definitely a difference between tea party members in the house and those who are potentially run youing for senate. look for example at congressman tom cotton who while he can be hawkish on some international issues, he's fallen into the tea party category very aggressively. he voted to back this deal. in fact was one of the first people to put out a statement saying he did so. he's running against senator
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mark pryor in arc is you kansas. on the other happened, house members are listening to constituents and sitting in districts that are safe and they feel like they were sent to washington to fight, and that's a different mentality. >> how emboldened are the democrats in terms of what we'll see moving forward? i know obama is not a fist pumper, he won't gloat, but i'm sure many are. >> well, and that will be the challenge especially for congressional democrats is to not take that victory lap. because as bad as this was for republicans, it was bad on the whole for every person sitting in elected office, including democrats. and it was bad on the whole for the country. >> will we get the same fight in january or will we be better than that? >> we'll get another fight of some kind. this time it will probably be over the sequester bunch the cuts. democrats think they have a shot to try to get rid of them.the cuts. democrats think they have a shot to try to get rid of them. we'll see a budget conference,
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they have to deliver a report by december. so maybe that will get them far enough ahead the deadline that we won't see this kind of a crisis. >> did you get a haircut? >> i it. >> looks between. appreciate you getting up early with us. global stock market rallied on the news? it didn't happen. our markets rallied huge on the news out of d.c.. 200 points on the dow, 23 s&p, but overnight global markets were mixed. geoff cutmore live for us in london. i guess the question is why no follow-through here. >> sometimes it's better to travel than arrive. and you buy the rule organization sell the fact. and that's what's happening here in europe right now. we had a broadly positive pick up from the u.s. for the asian session. and then we came into the european trading day and they kind of went, yeah, maybe not. you know what, obama may have won the battle here, but he hasn't won the war and we know we've only got 11 weeks up we're
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back in negotiations over the debt ceiling. so as far as the european traders are concerned, they are not so excited about the resolution. and we've got a weak call for the u.s. trading session, as well. and another reason maybe they're not so excited is now washington over this impasse is seen as something of a liability for u.s. business. 70% of jobs in recent years have come out of new business formation and spending by companies, and wild they awhile they're concerned about instability, no one has the confidence to invest heavily for the future here. so what has happened has undermined business confidence. s&p saying it may have pushed $24 billion out of the u.s. economy. >> so in terms of investing, what's the next catalyst? will we pay attention to earnings and growth for a
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change? >> yeah, well, we're focused on earnings. and to be honest, they have been lackluster. ebay didn't have great news on the commerce. ibm didn't have great news on china sale. but we go back to what it was before. tapering, tapering, tapering. does it happen in december or does this whole debt ceiling delay just push it further into 2014. that's the focus. back to you. >> thank you very much, geoff. see you tomorrow. most of us seem to agree shutdown was a big waste of time. an expense sif one. which brings to twitter. i don't positionosition think t is a waste of time. but our question, name something that was as much of a waste of time as the government shutdown? #way too wasteful. other news to get to, it may have been overshadowed, but last night cory booker made history in new jersey. there he is. newark's mayor and his mother
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celebrating victory in the special election for the u.s. senate. booker the first african-american ever elected to statewide office in the state of new jersey. he'll fill the last 15 months of the late senator frank lautenberg's term. booker vows to turn the page from the kind of partisanship that led to the government shutdo shutdown. >> i heard it all over new jersey. north to south, urban to suburban to rural, for fr democrats, independents and republicans, i heard it from everybody. they all said if we put you in washington, don't go down there to score victories for a party or for politics. but go down there to work for people. >> booker's opponent republican steve lonegan wished booker luck and then got a few laughs. >> i'm hoping god will be with him in the decisions he makes as he goes into the u.s. senate in washington, d.c.. and i said to myself, who wants that job anyway. >> he definitely did, although
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he's got a point there. the senator elect could take office as early as this week. he will be live, mr. booker, on "morning joe" to talk about his big win a little later in the morning. intense detailed straightforward and candid, not usually words used to describe negotiations with iran. but all six parties involved noting a distinct shift in tone from previous discussions. they are the first meeting since rouhani came to power. major hurdles remain. iran wants an acknowledgement of its right to enrich uhe rain crumb. and still unclear whether tehran will submit to intrusive s inspections. and which sanctions western powers will ease. they will convene in less than a month to continue where they left off. and officials looking for answers for last month's oil spill and whether there were signs the pipeline was in trouble before it started gushing crude.
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regulators are calling for the company that operates the pipeline to turn over inspection data. the oil spill which was the size of seven football fields happened last month in a wheat field in the northwest part of the state. according to the associated press documents show the owner of the pipeline identified potential problems two weeks before the spill. the corporation says it is still awaiting results from the inspections. facebook relaxing its privacy policy for teenagers in a move that is drawing criticism. the social media network used to limit who could see posts of teens under 18, but now younger users can manually change the settings themselves. some critics say it's an obvious employ to remain relevant as other networks eat away at facebook's dominance in the online space for teenagers. >> it made news around the world back in february. amazing amateur videos capturing the moment that a meteorite
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exploded in the skies over russia. it left more than 1600 people hurt, though, and months later scientists say they have recovered a large piece of that meteorite. divers pulled a chunk the size of a coffee table from the bottom of a lake. but it broke into three pieces right when it was pulled up. a scale showed 1256 pounds before the scale broke. things not working too well with recovery efforts in russia, i guess, when it comes to meteorites. still ahead, this missed opportunity may wind up being the biggest play in. we'll see about that. pedroia pretty awesome despite it. whether you love game of thrones or not, you have to see the latest bad lip reading. that and a check on breaweathern we come right back. ♪
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sports, red sox/tigers. second inning, look like a double play. pedroia boots it. they only get one. tigers score five runs in the second. good moves with the lineup. six runs on the board. no big comeback for the sox. they lose 7-3. series tied at two games a piece. >> what's your prediction? >> they will win it in seven. i think it will go seven. red sox might not to well against any of their starters. but let's go to the nl. los angeles, cardinals/dodgers. special guest will ferrell on
2:47 am
hand to introduce the dodgers starting line up. >> batting sixth in right field, number 66, yasiel puig. batting seventh at third, number five, he absolutely loves katy perry, juan uribe. >> it was good. third inning, tied at two, gonzalez up at the plate. >> fly ball right field. and there is the first dodger home run of this series. >> just the first of a bunch. karl crawford, he'll have a solo
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homer in the fifth. a.j. ellis sends one out in the seventh. gonzalez had another home run in the eighth. so they had a solid outing. they win 6-4, held on late. they still trail 3-2, though. >> cardinals fans are nervous. they have blown a lot of 3-1 series. >> i hope they all go seven. i want to see who amore basebal. college playoff selection committee, it's now official. the committee will select the four teams to play beginning after the 2014 regular season and it's a pretty interesting lineup. you have former nfl players and coaches. biggest name is the lone female, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. arkansas athletic director jeff long will chair the committee. >> when we serve on this committee, we are expected to
2:49 am
check our various loyalties and affiliations at the door. and when we do that, we will act in a way we believe to be in the best interests of college football. >> sure, as long as we can find a way for notre dame and alabama to get in there. >> there is always going to be the team that's left out. >> even if you have ten teams, there would be a debate. but i think the playoffs -- >> we're heading in the right direction. >> what's up? >> not bad today. still the warmth, a little cloudy, but not going to pour, no major travel delays. but in d.c., down through richmond, we are watching just a couple radar i think companie e. throughout the day, a batch of rain moving now down in tennessee and kentucky up into areas of the ohio valley. but as far as the white shows the clouds. the rain will be shown in areas of the colors. heavier rain in the brighter oranges there. so right around 5:00 or 6:00, west virginia up through pittsburgh, up to erie and buffalo that's where the heaviest rain will be. later tonight overnight, mostly
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up in northern new england by tomorrow morning. and then we'll clear it out for your friday afternoon. so kind of a quick shot of rain. just showers today. pittsburgh to d.c., maybe harder up around buffalo. middle of the country not too bad. a lot of showers. just cloudy. >> so rain in denver, not snow? >> there will be a little bit of a mix. they could see their first snow of the season. >> thank you very much. coming up on "morning joe," senator cruz says the shutdown was worthwhile. some of his colleagues don't agree. we'll break down the winners and losers and how it could impact policy for years to come. and when we come back heerks we'll huddle around the cooler. nearly 1.8 billion views on youtube and now began nam style impacting south korea's tourism strategy. [ horn honks ] [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir?
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we're all a little sick of the shutdown talk. like a slow groove right this. let's hit the cooler. he won best actors oscar for playing a legendary musician. ♪ we just learned jamie foxx
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planning to play another icon for his next role. oliver stone cop finfirming he' moving ahead with plans for a movie about dr. martin luther king jr.. they worked together on on any given sunday. and may be the biggest icon from south korea of all time. ♪ i never actually was able to -- i didn't try that. maybe i didn't go to enough weddings and such. anyway, the gangnam style video made the neighborhood a tourist attraction and now the viral video impacting police force. 100 members of the tourist police in seoul will wear dark blue uniforms designed by the
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singer's stylist. they hope the unarmed officials will become tourist attractions themselves. i highly doubt it. david letterman is pretty stoked about the new sylvester stone movie, but he noticed something familiar with tabout the theme. >> we have kind of a promotional trailer commercial all about the movie escape plan starring sylvester stallone. take a look. i hope you enjoy it. >> when a man is faced with a desperate situation, he must rely on brains and braun. escape plan. peter travers asks isn't this the same thing that happened in lockup? isn't this the same thing that happened in commando? and isn't this the same thing that happened in cobra, raw deal, cliffhanger, specialist, night hawk, total recall, true lie, eraser, sixth day, rambo one, two, three and four? escape plan coming soon.
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>> i think all those movies made money, though. so i guess it works. if you're not familiar with bad lip reading, you should check it out. latest target, the hbo series game of thrones. >> listen, son, i give you four cents each for them wafers. >> you can eat sand, young man. this is ridiculous. >> hey, girl, how you been? facelift. you taste real good. >> you ygot the dope? >> hey, listen, man, you got a stick booty. ♪ >> your dog stinks. >> come on. >> now i'll ask you a question. should they make iphone for his
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babies? i to. >> it wasn't funny until the end. still ahead, name something you've wasted worse than the shutdown. and "morning joe" just moments away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go.
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