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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 19, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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she saw it. i mean we keep it next to the bed. >> police say they were able to enter the home by pushing away furniture and zimmerman was not in possession of a gun at the time. here's how they describe what zimmerman was like when they came in. >> the easiest way to describe it is rather passive. i mean clearly he's had the opportunity to encounter situations similar to this in the past, offered no resistance and cooperated the entire time. >> since zimmerman was acquitted on charges of second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin four months ago, he's been pulled over in texas for speeding, cited in florida for a traffic va lags and two months ago police responded to a fight between zimmerman and his wife, shellie. no charges were filed and the two are in the process of formalizing their divorce. i want to bring in lisa bloom who has an upcoming book, "the inside story of the trayvon martin injustice and why we are doomed to repeat it" and attorney faith jenkins who has
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no ties to this case but has certainly been following it as all of us. lisa, let me start with you. now responded to these two domestic violence incidents. he told dispatchers that his girlfriend is pregnant. the girlfriend denies that. when we talk about this first appearance today, is it likely that the judge would grant him wan bond? >> that's a tough call. i know in addition the state attorneys will ask that zimmerman's guns be taken away. i think if he does get bond that is absolutely key. there are just too many incidents that are strikingly similar. shellie zimmerman just two months ago saying zimmerman was pointing a gun at her in a threatening manner, making her leave the home that was her home. and now just yesterday we have the second woman making very similar allegations, that he was pointing a gun at her, making her leave the home. that was his home. this is a man clearly cannot be responsible with guns and i
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think the guns should be taken away. >> so in this latest instance, zimmerman's girlfriend told the 911 dispatcher he had all of his guns in her home. let's listen to more of that 911 call. >> he has all of his guns inside. he just unload the shotgun and the ar but he took that case to smash my table and smash my sunglasses and smash whatever the hell else he's smashing while i'm outside. >> so he had a shotgun and an ar-15. >> yeah, and two handguns. >> he has a shotgun, an ar-15 and two handguns according to his girlfriend. we know zimmerman was allowed to have his gun back after he was acquitted in the trayvon martin death. but in this case, moving forward, and he was allowed to keep his guns after the domestic incident with his wife, shellie, do you think at this point the judge will be like, okay, we've got to take these away. >> i know the prosecutors will have to ask for this because
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he's been charged with aggravated assault. especially in a domestic violence case not only are they going to ask for electronic monitoring but they're going to say you have pointed a gun at this woman so he doesn't need to have access to weapons at this point. the police officers investigated at the scene. they spoke to the alleged victim. they spoke to george zimmerman. they believed her side of this and arrested him and charged him with a gun felony. >> so we know about the incident from scheibe calling the authorities and george zimmerman decides he's going to place his own 911 call and he puts the blame on his girlfriend. take a listen to that. >> okay, what's going on there? >> my girlfriend has, for lack of a better word, gone crazy on me. >> your girlfriend? >> yes. >> okay. where is she now? >> outside with the police. >> so, lisa, this is the m.o. or
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the pattern that we've seen emerge for zimmerman where in the last instance of domestic violence, he at that point placed the blame elsewhere on shellie and her father. >> well, this is his pattern since 2005 when his ex-fiance asked for a restraining order and got it against him. the next day he decided to get one against her and he got it as well. in the trayvon martin case, he said trayvon martin was the aggressor. he clearly has learned that in the legal system the best defense is a good offense. yesterday he took it to a whole new level by calling 911, not because there was an emergency. we're all taught not to tie up the 911 lines unless you have a true emergency. he called simply in his words to get his story out. even though the police officers were right outside, he could have gone out to talk to them. but he knows from experience, just two months ago and from the trayvon martin case, that the 911 calls are recorded. this they are immediately released to the media.
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so he talked to 911 to get his story out to all of us. it's absolutely astounding. >> yeah, it's definitely interesting. when he said also in one of his bites i want the truth to be out there. we have trayvon martin's parents, faith, who were yesterday giving a speech along with their attorney, benjamin crump, at the harvard law on stand your ground. news of zimmerman's arrest came while they were there and i want to play their reaction. take a listen. >> trayvon martin's parents desperately want his killer held accountable because they still don't want their child's death to be in vain. >> so the girlfriend said that he knows how to play the game. is that what we're watching here? in reference to how lisa was talking about that 911 call, he could have gone out and talked to the police. instead he knew call 911. >> absolutely. he knows there's no independent eyewitness, there's no video, just like the night of the incident with trayvon martin.
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trayvon mart so he wants to create this he said/she said. the police come. one of them is obviously lying. so he's hoping that the police say, well, we don't know what happened or the prosecutors say we don't know what happened so we can't go forward and press charges because we know there are things broken. they're each saying something totally different. that's exactly what he wants. that's the perfect scenario for him. listen to him on the 911 call. that same, calm demeanor like he gave those statements to the police before. very convincing, very calm. not acting like a person who just had this huge argument or this huge dispute. obviously the table is broken. he's very calm. it's absolutely fascinating to watch him manipulate the system. he really does know how. >> again, he'll be making that first appearance today. great to see you both. i'm sure we'll be talking about this again. >> i'm sure. we are following this breaking news that we were covering in the last hour from virginia where police say that state senator and former gubernatorial candidate creigh
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deeds was seriously injured after an attack in his own home. another person was found dead. deeds is being treated at the university of virginia hospitals in charlottesville. police have not identified the person found dead in deeds' home or released details surrounding the assault. a news conference is planned for noon eastern time. virginia governor bob mcdonnell issued a statement thag that he was an exceptional and committed public servant who's always done what's best for virginia and gives his all to public service. and the governor-elect, terry mcauliffe, just released a statement saying this is a truly sad day for virginian the many people who know creigh as the fine public servant and friend that he is. again, there's a press briefing at noon time and we expect to learn more details at that point. now we move on to the drama that continues to surround toronto mayor rob ford. last night he said he's quit drinking after having a, quote, come to jesus moment and it came hours after the city council stripped him of almost all of
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his powers in a meeting that looked more like a circus. at one point ford appeared to mick -- mimic drinking and driving. former staffers allege the mayor drove drunk in the past. later ford slammed into a female councilmember while running through the gallery. he later said he was rushing to help his brother who said he was in an altercation. ford apologized, saying it was an accident, and then slammed the council's actions. >> this is nothing more than a coup deta. that means its you're overruling a government. what's happening today is not a democratic process. it is a dictatorship process. >> meanwhile his new tv show with his brother premiered last night and he said people would
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soon see a change. >> what are you going to do, rob, in moving forward? the gentleman asked you what are you going to do in the next election. >> well, i'm dealing with the health care professionals. >> no, the question is what's the game plan? >> absolutely. he's asking personally how are you going to change. i'm going to be working out. if i'm not down 30, 40 pounds in the next six months then i can eat my words. you know, i haven't touched a drop of alcohol. i'm dealing with a team of professionals. >> nbc's matt lauer traveled to toronto for the first sitdown with the mayor and his brother and asked the mayor specifically about his admitted crack use and those plans for the future. >> the best excuse i heard you give for using that crack cocaine was i was in a drunken stupor. and i'm wondering is that supposed to make anybody feel better? >> no, not at all. but show me the video. >> why does the video matter?
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>> because i kooechbt remember it. i was very, veryin eastbound rated. >> but you're not in any alcohol treatment program or drug treatment program? >> no. i have a weight issue, i've been training every day. all i can say, matt, action speaks louder than words. i invite you to come back, give me five or six months. if they don't see a difference, i'll eat my words. >> it's very simple. show me any mayor in north america right this second that has done what he has done. he's saved the taxpayers a million dollars. >> councilman, i would expect you to sit here and defend your brother. >> i'll telling you facts. >> i think it's loyal and i think it's wonderful. have you ever been worried about him? >> yeah. his weight issues. when he goes on if you want to call it binge drinking and i hear about it? yeah, it's concerning. do i know on a personal side has rob been 100% honest? no, he hasn't. >> your brother brings up something interesting, mr. mayor, because he says you go
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out on a weekend and maybe go on a little binge every once in a while? >> not every weekend. >> i said every once in a while. >> i said your brother goes out on a weekend and may go on a binge every once in a while, not every weekend. >> absolutely. >> let's say you go on one of those binges and your phone rings and something terrible has happened in the city of toronto. terrorist attack, some other disaster. are you equipped and are you capable and stable enough to handle it? >> i'm fortunate that it hasn't happened. you're absolutely right, i'm very fortunate that hasn't happened. but that could happen with anybody at any time. say you had gone out drinking or you're a drunk and say something happened to your family -- hold on. >> the lives of a million people aren't resting on my decisions. >> hold on. say your son or daughter just got killed in a car accident and you're plastered out of your mind, are you able to handle that? >> i would take personal responsibility for my family.
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you've got taxpayers and residents of this city depending on you. >> and i take personal responsibility for them too. >> do you still want this job? >> absolutely. october 27th, let the people decide. >> what if they say we want another guy like rob ford when it comes to the fiscal responsibility, but we want a guy who's going to elevate the office and not bring the baggage that mayor ford brought. >> they're not going to find another rob ford. >> that was toronto mayor rob ford sitting down with nbc's matt lauer. according to ctv, the deputy mayor says he hopes to speak with ford coming up today. so it began as a routine traffic stop and ends with police firing at a family in a minivan. kids are inside that car. how did the situation spiral so quickly out of control? see the video for yourself. also ahead, holiday heat. walmart getting criticism for holding a food drive for needy employe employees. >> with the food bins, they're asking associates to donate to their own associates. this is a multimillion dollar
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company. what do they want these associates to donate with, their food stamps? >> how the company is defending itself and what this means over the larger fight for living wages for walmart employees. this is also the subject of today's question for you. should walmart be hosting food drives for employees or paying them wages they can actually live on? weigh in on twitter or facebook. hi honey, did you get the toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate, i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to.
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we are following some breaking news right now. police are investigating a deadly shooting at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. the university says there was an altercation between an emergency services officer and a male student early this morning at a women's residence hall. it says the officer shot the student who died and the university says this appears to be an isolated incident. as soon as we get more details
8:17 am
from liberty university in lynchburg, we'll bring them to you right here. we'll bring you this developing news from the midwest where recovery efforts are beginning in the aftermath of rare november tornados. one of them is housing hundreds of homes that were damaged, completely flattened and destroyed leaving many without a roof over their heads. more than 50 tornados touched down in more than a dozen states on sunday. for those who rode them out, the emotions are still very raw. >> i was just waiting for it to bust through that wall at any second. >> and take you with it? >> yep. that's -- i mean and then just like that it was over. >> six people are confirmed dead from the tornados in illinois and two people in michigan. we have new details this morning after a routine traffic stop spiraled out of control and turned violent. this shows police busting out a window, firing shots at a minivan filled with a mom and her five kids.
8:18 am
we get more from joe fryer who's live in taos, new mexico. joe, it looks pretty dramatic. explain what happened. >> reporter: this actually happened last month but is getting attention because the video was recently released. in police reports the officer says he fired. he was aiming at a tire in order to disable the vehicle. the state police chief says the video does raise some concerns and he's promising a full review. after state police stop her for speeding, dash cam video shows her driving away. there's a 30-second chase and the officer tries to remove her. that's when you first hear the upset kids. >> get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle right now! get out of the vehicle. >> reporter: over the next several minutes, the officer says farrell refuses to cooperate until things finally blow up. at one point her 14-year-old son approaches. the officer says the teen swung
8:19 am
at him multiple times before running back into the van and locking the door just as police backup arrives. the officer uses a baton to break a window and as the van drives away, another officer fires three shots. following the shooting there was another chase that lasted about five minutes before the mother and her 14-year-old son were arrested. farrell has pleaded not guilty to charges that include child abuse and fleeing an officer. thomas. >> joe fryer in new mexico. it really is amazing to watch that. thank you for the update, we appreciate it. well, the cheney family and their public feud. how their parents are reacting to this very public debate over the family's ideology and their split between mary and liz cheney. and why this matters to a larger political debate. also ahead, the unsung hero of the civil rights movement. how homophobia almost cost one
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to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. just imagine being an african-american in the 1950s and '60s fighting for civil rights and at the same time fighting against homophobia. bayard rustin served as an adviser to martin luther king jr. and other civil rights leaders. he was also openly gay and because of this was almost written out of the history books. this past august president obama announced that he will be posthumously awarding him the presidential medal of freedom. walter neagle was rustin's partner for ten years before his death in 1987. it's great to meet you in person. thanks for making time for us before you head off to d.c. but you have kept the memory alive through the bayard rustin
8:24 am
fund which released the documentary "brother outsider." as we know this film depicts, it shows the conflict of being on the forefront of civil rights but the conflict of being openly gay and what that did to the relationship that he had with mlk. can you explain that? >> yes. bayard was someone who was so brilliant and talented as an organizer and was really the person that brought the idea of nonviolent direct action to this country from india and translated that into on the groundwork in 1960s through protests and through being arrested. and the fact that he was gay, i think, sometimes got in the way and made some people afraid of having him around. but because of his brilliance and his talents, they were always calling him back. >> when it came in the 1970s, though, and after such forward motion through the civil rights
8:25 am
movement and also some tremendously horrible times with the death of mlk, what then took bayard's attention in moving the needle forward? he was moving a shift to the equality message that did encompass the lbgt community. >> well, bayard is known mainly for his civil rights -- african-american civil rights work but he was somebody that was always committed to what he called the human family and brotherhood of man, expanding human rights and democracy to all people, not just african-americans. it just so happened that was the movement of the moment. so when the movement shifted focus, he was working with refugees, he was working in places abroad, working with the freedom house, the international rescue committee, but he was still a strong part of the african-american community here. when the gay rights movement came in, he was a transitional figure, if you will, in uniting those two causes. >> walter, what does it mean to
8:26 am
you, what does it mean to our history to have his accomplishments properly reflected, and also the fact that you're going to be receiving this award posthumously in his honor from president barack obama and we just celebrated the 50 years, the march on washington. it seems like incredible timing for all of this. >> oh, it is, it is. bayard has been dead for 26 years now. this is a great honor. as you mentioned, it's the 50th anniversary of the march and also the 50th anniversary of the award. i think this is the first time that lbgt partners will be accepting awards in memory of their partners. not just me, but also sally ride's partner i believe will be accepting the award for her. and also it really puts bayard -- recognizes his commitment to expanding political and economic rights in our country. i think we have a president who
8:27 am
is very committed to that legacy and furthering it. >> it's an honor to meet you. thank you for coming in and making time for us. have a safe trip to washington, d.c. we look forward to seeing pictures from the event tol. we want to bring you up to speed as we follow that breaking news on msnbc where police in virginia are investigating an attack that put a state senator, creigh deeds, in the hospital. right now details are thin but we know that deeds was attacked in his own home and a second person was found dead in that home. we'll get the very latest on this breaking story from a local reporter on the ground here in virginia. we'll get that queued up right after this break. stick around. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. update now on that breaking news story out of virginia. police saying that state senator and former gubernatorial candidate creigh deeds was seriously injured in his own home and another person was found dead. joining me is a wscs reporter. tim, the new details you have
8:31 am
are what? >> reporter: good morning to you. i just got done talking with investigators out here. we're kind of in a remote area and they told us this morning, a little before 7:25 they responded out here. they say senator creigh deeds had been stabbed multiple times. they did confirm stabbed and said multiple times. they also told us after he was established, he was able to leave the residence on foot, come down to the road where a family member picked him up, took him to a place where they called 911 and that's where emergency officials met with them and then airlifted him out to the u va hospital in charlottesville. right now we are kind of at the foot of the dirt road leading up to the property. they have it blocked off so we're not able to get too close to the house. we are told that multiple units from the sheriff's office, virginia state police and the virginia bureau of criminal investigation are all on scene here. they say they will probably be out here quite some time gathering evidence, going over the scene. they also have confirmed that
8:32 am
there is one deceased male inside the home. they won't say who he is or what his relationship is. they said that he was involved in an altercation with mr. deeds this morning that led to this incident and that's really the latest we know. >> tim, is there a distinction between this being someone who resides in the home potentially or this was an intruder that broke into the home? >> reporter: you know, we did ask him that and they said unfortunately they're still in the early process of this investigation and they can't release that information right now at this point. >> okay, tim thanks for that update. we appreciate it. thank you. it's not just americans who are getting their cancellation notices that are upset. it's everything that follows. what we're seeing here is a pattern of broken promises from the administration. >> house speaker john boehner speaking just minutes ago on capitol hill. the speaker's latest comments coming as a new poll shows the
8:33 am
flawed health care damage is taking a significant toll on both the aca and president obama. more than 50% of those surveyed in a new washington post/abc news poll says that they oppose the new health care law. more than 60% say that they do not approve of the president's handling of its rollout. when asked who they would vote for if the 2012 were held today, it was dead even, 47% for the president and for mitt romney. there is a bit of good news today for the white house. the "l.a. times" reporting states like california, connecticut and kentucky are seeing a surge of enrollment this month. so it is a true family feud, a bitter public battle between one of america's most prominent political families and it's heating up. and then walmart under fire for collecting food for its employees in need. those are today's topics for our agenda panel. we have suzy khimm, a national correspondent for michael tomasky and steve benen,
8:34 am
an msnbc contributor and producer for "the rachel maddow blog." it's an ever deepening saga because now we have a press release from mom and dad cheney, which reads that this is an issue that we have dealt with privately for many years and we are pained to see it become public, since it has one thing should be clear. liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. she has also always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect. liz's many kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her position. just to refresh everybody, this is liz cheney who has come out against marriage equality, saying she doesn't believe in it. mary cheney and mary's wife, heather poe, took this public saying this was quite hypocritical of her since she attended their wedding and wished them well. so, suzy, you have to wonder how much political capital is liz losing or earning over this?
8:35 am
>> i don't think her positions are making her popular with anyone in wyoming. in fact he was under pressure from an outside group attacking her for being too pro-gay marriage that. she appeared on networks like msnbc saying that federal employees with domestic partners should be able to get benefits for their domestic partners if they are the same sex so she's really under fire and i think she's looking like she is really just willing to put her family out there for political gain that she doesn't appear to be getting in a race where she's still by far the underdog. >> michael, what's your take on this? is this a decision that liz cheney is going to regret down the road, especially if she does not win the senate seat that she's going after? >> i think she's going to regret it as a human being, as her sister's sister. yeah, i think she's going to look back on this and say what did i do? what have i done? whether she wins or loses. and the question you asked suzy about the political
8:36 am
ramifications, i think she just looks weak. if i were a tea party person in wyoming, i'd be thinking, gee, we can make this woman say anything. >> so steve, do you think that this is a typical political family drama? i mean the conversation that they are having is one that is going on in many homes across the country while marriage equality is still churning its way from coast to coast. this is not an odd conversation for american families to be having right now. >> no, not in a general sense. i think that it's a little unusual, given that dick cheney is the former vice president. this is a family generally known for having extreme neoske neoconservative views on foreign policy, not known for family drama. there's a bit of a microcosm where not only is this family divided on the issue of marriage equality but we're looking at a republican party that is divided on marriage equality as well and struggling to find its footing on this issue as well. >> i want to switch gears because this other topic we have to get to. walmart defending itself after
8:37 am
pictures of a food drive for walmart's own employees were posted by a walmart watchdog organization, united for respected walmart. suzy, walmart has responded saying what these associates are doing is making sure that if there's someone out there with a special, critical, unforeseen need, that they are being taken care of. so do you think that the company, suzy, is being fairly or unfairly targeted here? >> i think that this was rather tone deaf kind of move by this walmart in ohio. i think it sort of reminds everyone of all the reasons that they have to feel like walmart doesn't support its low wage workers, that it's against un n unionizati unionization. there was just an announcement by the national labor relations board that walmart had illegally punished and fired workers for picketing on black friday. they're planning to do it again this year. so i think it just plays into that narrative that walmart -- there's only so far they'll go in terms of actually supporting
8:38 am
their workers in terms of paying them a living wage. >> we talk about that black friday opening and now we see walmart and a number of other stores don't want to miss out on sales on thanksgiving at all. at the same time, we've got employees asking to be paid $25,000 a year. that's their ask, on par with the retail industry standard. demos has a suggestion, take the $7.6 billion they spent to buy back its own stock and it could result in a raise of nearly $6 an hour. do you think that would work? is that also to suzy's point about them being tone deaf about this, basically these employees are not breaking the bank in the first place and now they're being asked to give to the other employees to help ones that are even worse off? >> it's just unbelievable. it's like scrooge taking up a donation so other people would buy bob cratchet a turkey. first of all, walmart could buy these people turkeys or hams for christmas.
8:39 am
they could afford it, i think. more broadly, $25,000 a year, unfortunately these people don't make anything anywhere near that. even if the minimum wage were increased to $9.25 that president obama is talking about, for a 35-hour workweek that would come out to about $17,000 a year. so there's a long way to go. i don't think walmart will support an increase in a minimum wage any time soon in this world, but maybe in this world they at least will buy their employees turkeys. >> well, it is right now -- it's hard to comprehend when we think about what the living wage is in this country and the dynamics that are taking place in washington, d.c. is it just that unrealistic to think that an example of a story like this will get our elected leaders their attention to make the necessary changes to what it means to have a living wage? >> i think to a certain extent a story like this does resonate. most of us like to think if you're an american, you play by the rules, you show up for work,
8:40 am
you earn a paycheck, you shouldn't have to struggle to put food on the table. this is a story i think politicians will hopefully take notice of. we're looking at an upcoming debate in the senate on an increase in the minimum wage. i think this is a story that could definitely impact the debate. >> the good and generous walmart employees are donating to that food drive. all the more power to all of them. suzy khimm, steve benen, michael tomasky, great to have all three of you here. for more, check out to k-mart is ringing into the holidays with a new attention grabbing commercial to the men in your life. ♪ yep, you can read more about it and see more about it by heading over to my facebook page. ♪
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you can even watch us get it there. ♪ history is being made in albuquerque, new mexico, today where a new strategy in the fight against abortion rights is being decided at the local level for the first time. residents are heading to the polls today to vote on the pain capable child protection ordinance which claims a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks after conception. it's a trend that pro-life activists have been accomplishing this 30 states across the country. irin carmon and sarah hutchison. irin, let me start with you. early voting ended on friday. this is an area that you just got back from going to personally and driving around with the truth truck. >> indeed, i was with the truth truck. >> so explain what you feel or what you understand that the voting is shaping up to look like. >> thomas, this is going to be a very close vote by all polling,
8:45 am
moet internal and public. this az idivide and conquer strategy. what they're going to do is focus on later abortions which are rare and difficult and which end up polling poorly. they hope they can turn people out. the anti-choice side has been organizing in the churches. they may be able to pull it off but there has been a concerted effort against them. >> let's talk to the church side. sarah, this was certainly an emotional and graphic campaign, as irin is talking about here. national groups and hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring in advertising-wise. is it possible that this could become a trend for other cities across the country? >> well, i think that albuquerque and new mexico are both unique in the way that their laws are set up so that this was not the necessarily a strategy that would work anywhere else, but we know that the folks on the ground there in albuquerque, the catholics,
8:46 am
methodists, others of faith are really not supportive of this ban and don't believe it's good for albuquerque or the state itself. >> you're saying unique to that geography and area. irin, only about 1.3% of abortions occur after 21 weeks. why has albuquerque become such a flash point in the national debate? >> there's a clinic there where there are two women who worked with doctor tiller, the doctor in kansas who was assassinated, and they moved to new mexico because the laws there are relatively friendly to web's reproductive rights. as a result, the moment that they started setting up practice there and women came from all around the world, two activists from wichita who had gone there to protest dr. tiller came to protest in albuquerque. figured out that the city ordinances allowed them to put something like this on the ballot and went from there. >> so it will have to remain to be seen if other cities are susceptible to this. sarah, real quickly, what is the
8:47 am
progress that you're seeing from catholics on this, especially given the direction that we're seeing with the new progressive attitude that's coming out of vatican city and pope francis? >> yeah, we've heard from catholics on the ground there in albuquerque. they are not happy that the knights of columbus, that their local catholic hierarchy have been pushing this ban. they don't want to hear about these kinds of issues in the homily during mass, at their ministries. they want to be able to vote their consciences and will vote against this ban today. >> irin carmon and sarah hutchison, thanks for being here, i appreciate it. chris christie is talking but are republicans listening? it's time for the poli side bar. governor christie has tough love for his own party. during the annual ceo council said, the possible 2016 contender was asked what it would take for republicans to beat hillary clinton in the race for the white house. >> we have to reach out to other constituencies that have not
8:48 am
voted for us in the past and we better be doing it now. you know, the fact is our country is changing, as it always does. as it changes demographically and economically, you know, people who want to lead first have to understand who they're asking to lead. and they need to listen to those people. >> so more than a year after enduring a campaign corruption trial which revealed and confirmed extramarital affairs, john edwards is set to return to practicing law, talking points memo is reporting that edwards will open a law firm with his former partner and daughter, focusing on personal injury and civil rights litigation. kanye west is once again taking a jab at the first family. he was on a radio show and asked if he and president obama will ever break bread. take a listen to his response. >> i think we're pop icons and just like the president likes to use, you know that, type of thing just to be down. i don't care if somebody is the
8:49 am
president or not, i care about thoughts and how you're helping people and what you bring to the world. i'm past that. that's out my thoughts. that's low on my priority of thinking at this point. >> only time will tell if kanye stands by his word. we're back after this. it's made with the natural, vine-ripened sweetness of fruit, so you can serve up deliciously sweet treats without all the sugar. raw natural sweetness, raw natural success. without all the sugar. humans -- even when we cross our "t's" and dot our "i's," we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness with our auto policies. if you qualify, your rates won't go up due to your first accident. because making mistakes is only human, and so are we. we also offer new car replacement, so if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call liberty mutual insurance at...
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we asked you answered, should walmart be hosting food drives for employees or paying them wages they can lif on? opal said, sad, why won't they raise the amount they pay employees. they need to ask themselves how much money do they need. >> doug on facebook said it's a let them eat cake mind-set. the conversation continues. find us on twitter and facebook. >> common core in fringes on our tenth amendment constitutional rights. please correct me if i'm wrong here, there is nothing in our
8:53 am
constitution that permits the federal government to have any power over education. therefore, all power over education is delivered to the individual states. >> so that was janet wilson, a concerned mom who was a guest on this show yesterday. right now she and many more parents are speaking out in frus a trags for core standards that take place. thousands protested the common core by keeping their kids home on monday. some of them feeling as miss wilson does, although her child is too young to attend school, that the federal government is taking over education in the schools. that is true? we brought in big guns, education specialist rehema ellis, our big guns. talk about common core, what it does, are anyone's rights violated. >> i don't know any challenge common core that has been upheld or challenged, if you will. she's right. education is a national, state by state priority.
8:54 am
the federal government has influence. they have influence in terms of common core. it's the national governor's association in 2009 that says there's a need to do something and make changes about education. the national governor's association is the one that came up with the common core state standards. >> lets talk about that specifically. the governors and their feeling united they needed to make this overhaul. why? >> they looked around at the numbers. the numbers were not good in terms of what was happening with our kids in schools. we're failing, essentially. they found it's not just a low in come, poor, minority issue, it was happening across the country. they said our competition is global. we've got to do better than what we're doing. >> is this where we got the arne dungeon quote, suburban moms, all of a sudden their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were and their school wasn't as good as they thought it was and that's scary. >> trying to make certain people
8:55 am
don't think this is a minority issue. common core testing the reality, testing in kentucky and new york. the scores were miserable. it made a lot of people nervous. >> all right. our big guns, rehema ellis. thanks. i appreciate it. that's going to wrap it up for me. thanks for your time. see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. don't go anywhere. "now" with alex wagner comes your way next. feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement.
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breathe in, breathe out. it's tuesday november 19th, and this is "now." the saga continues. according to a new report leaked by the house energy and commerce committee senior white house staff were warned back in march the health care website would not be ready by the october 1st
8:59 am
deadline if significant steps were not taken. among the issues highlighted in the report, multiple definitions of success. significant dependence on parties and contractors, insufficient time of scope of end to end testing barriers to a launch. the president kept calm and carried on. >> there's been a lot of misinformation. frankly, you know, there have been problems with the website that have created and fed a lot of this misinformation. we're still going to have to make sure that we don't use the website alone to sign people up. you know, what i want to do is make sure that everybody who is on the phone call understands that we've always understood that we're going to have to enroll people by mail. we're going to have to enroll people over the phone. we're going to have to enroll people in person.
9:00 am
>> that has not stopped wild speculation about the botched rollout. josh writes, unless website miraculously gets fixed by next month, there's a growing likelihood over time democrats, enough of them, may join republicans to decide to start over and scrap the whole complex health care enterprise. memo to josh, this whole complex health care enterprise includes more than a website. responding, obama care panic to enter even stupider new phase. writing, there isn't as though problems are beyond human ingenuity to skofl requiring heavily intervention. the administration is trying to achieve faster than light transport or make us immortal, it's a website. as pointd out, it is indeed more than a website. it's in full bloom manifesting


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