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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 25, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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good morning. coming up on "first look," thanksgiving get away week is being met with cold temperatures and hundreds of canceled flights. >> optimism around the globe. israel's netanyahu condemns the plan. a hot night for taylor twist and justin timberlake at the american music awards along with a giant kitty cat for mily cyrus cyrus. good morning. a deadly winter weather system shaping up to be a holiday nightmare. parts of the country setting records over the weekend. it is all part of a giant system moving east just as 43 million americans gear up for their thanksgiving travel. bill karins here to start us
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off. >> horrible timing. >> it is. yeah big huge storm rolling across the country. and then the peak of the travel day being wednesday. this thing moves up the east coast. there is a really cold air mass in place. i'll let you know how much snow and where. we already mentioned the airports. a lot of cancellations are the dallas airport. it's 33 right now. that's goodment we want to be just above freezing so salt trucks and plows and everything can get as much ice off the roads and sleet as possible. actually reported rain over the last hour. denton is at 31. this is the freezing line. this blue line that goes up to ft. smith. it is sneaking its way toward little rock too. all of those areas outside the cities. any of the bridges and overpasses will be very tlipery. so here's how we look. southern travel trouble on this monday. heavy rain will be the story with this storm. we're going to get done pretty much with the icy stuff easterly dwroi day. temperatures will be above freezing as we go throughout the afternoon. this morning, it's the worst here. maybe a little bit of ice in arkansas and off to tennessee.
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mostly rain storm monday and tuesday in the south. it's not until it gets to the colder air on wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year they call it that we're going to start to see the issues. the storms should be over new york city. two inches of rain possible in areas of new england, all the way through the mid-atlantic. snow on the backside of this. if we're going to have snow problems, enough to shovel from buffalo, syracuse and pittsburgh. we avoid a big snowstorm out of this. it will be a rain storm. >> it is definitely cold out there. >> that will still cause problems. >> thanks, bill. and that system already turned deadly this morning, 13 people are confirmed killed by the storms. >> reporter: in the southwest, wicked winter weather that's dangerous and on the move. the powerful storm blanketing several states with heavy snow steady rain debilitating ice and high winds. in texas, icy roads turned i-20
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near dallas into a skating rink. three killed here, 13 across the region. at dfw, more than 300 flights canceled. >> after hundreds of crashes to the west dallas was ready as the storm moved in. 30 trucks dumped sand on city streets. >> reporter: the commute in oklahoma just as treacherous. too many spinouts and rollovers to talley. outside oklahoma city 13 inches and counting. >> she's good. oh yeah. >> reporter: in new mexico frigid temperatures snapped power lines. 39 million americans are set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. >> it's hard to keep control of your car especially if you go under the bridges and stuff. >> reporter: this nordic outbreak hit california. the blaze is still fanning a blaze from san francisco. from fire in california to snow
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in arizona. >> this is a weird storm. nobody's been able to get a handle on it. >> even the nevada desert tallied 15 inches of powder. >> we had as much water content out of this storm as we had most of the season last winter. roip the arctic blast is punishing the texas panhandle. moving abroad to iran. a nuclear deal is done. the international reaction has been swift and mixed. america's closest mideast alley israel, calling it a historic mistake. members of congress are cautious but accept be. we have a live report from london. good morning to you. this deal follows a whirlwind of diplomacy. what can we expect in the days ahead? >> you can certainly expect that both countries have a hard time selling this to in domestic constituent, particularly the conservatives or hard-liners on both sides. obama will have a bit of a
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challenge at some in congress have already talked about returning to the discussion about imposing tougher sanctions on iran. also within iran some are watching very closely to see the conservatives in that country. there will be calls for the iranian government to withdraw. meanwhile, inside iran you can expect that the inspections are going to get underway. part of this deal calls for almost daily inspectionsment you can expect that to happen. but more importantly against all of this backdrop is going to be the intense negotiations over the course of the next sichx months to try to reach a deal. right now this deal is a temporary onement it is meant to meet short term solutions. the deal to this end standoff once and for all is going to take place over the next six months. veronica? >> thank you so much.
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and more fans falling at nfl stadiums on sunday. three people injured at two separate games n baltimore, a 48-year-old man suffered severe head injuriesment he fell down stadium steps in the upper d.c. during the ravens-jets game. he was taken to the shock trauma centerment how he fell is still unknown. at the oakland coliseum a woman fell 45 feet from the upper deck. her fall was broken by a man who tried to catch her. a county sheriff said the man saved her from certain death. both were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. witnesses say the woman jumped the investigation continues. a mail man was shot and killed while on his route over the weekend. the murder investigation continues and $100,000 reward for information is being offered. the victim is 26-year-old tyson barnett. police found him dead at the scene in suburban washington d.c. he had apparently been shot several times.
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in a statement, the post office reminded those responsible that killing one of their employees is punishable by the death penalty. all right. now let's get the latest in sports from my good friend richard louie. >> good morning. you know you don't hear this very often. the patriots shutout by the broncos for the entire first half sunday night. had to do with those six fumbles the pats had. 24-0 going into the locker room. the halftime talk or yell was in the doing. manning answers back connecting to tie it 31-31. to overtime they go, the pats punt bounces off a bronco. kick a field goal. pats win that one 314-31. brand yn myers catches the ball. cowboys defensive back so upset that myers caught it. they forget to tag him. myers untouched gets up. runs in gets a touchdown. seconds left in the game tied
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at 21. hit a field goal. they get the win, 24-21. also sunday bruce arians now coaching the cards lead his team to a 40-11 win. the panthers stage a dramatic come back to defeat the dolphins 20-16. carolina seventh straight victory. the packers and vikings tied 26-26. it ends the packers losing streak in, a way, without qb aaron rodgers. so hey, let's celebrate with our packers bikinis. why not? some some brotherly love between howie long's sons. in comes 91. big bro chris long to pull little bro kyle from the fightment i hear that howie sent them both to their rooms after the game. maybe. next to the bcs standings, auburn moves to fourth. florida state at two.
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ohio state and miz uzou at fifth. let's talk about osu. their band decided to put a little something together. the salute to gettysburg included even, yes, an explosive cannon as you saw there at the end. by the way, the football team reached a new school record 23 wins in a row. let's talk manny pacquaio. retirement? doesn't look like it. he says that victory was for his native philippines that was battered by the typhoon. and to make you jealous, a little weather gel justice, shall i say? the first leg the vans triple crown of surfing in hawaii. the water there is 80 degrees almost. michael bores hails from tahiti dominated, he took home $40,000 in that win for him. >> i just checked the weather, 79 degrees. >> we're weather jaws.
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it will come back in six months. >> something like that. counting down the days. thanks richard. black widow spiders found on grapes right here in the united states. we're going to tell where you. plus, the story of a shark choking on a moose rescued by two men. i kid you not. and a wild night at the american music awards. people buzzing across the country this morning.
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good morning. a ton of explosives collapsed 3400 feet of concrete in just about five seconds. first about a nonsas first bananas and now grapes. it happened in pennsylvania michigan missouri and minnesota. similar cases were reported last year. a new york city man is arrested and charged with a hate crime and a possible knockout attack. at least two deaths have been linked to the startling trend. two men rescue a shark who really did bite off more than it could chew. it nearlily choked to death on a moose. the men reportedly pulled out the carcass. these photos were tweet of the whale's heroes bringing it back to sea. and mclemore kmepts on the trayvon martin case. he accepted via satellite from
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florida where martin was shot and killed. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling. and the violence that follows it. >> and now we turn to business with cnbc. good morning. >> good morning. big things reportedly warning they could start charging deposit fees. that's if the fed cuts the interest rate for holding more than $2 trillion of their reserves. it's just one option the fed is considering when it starts to taper the massive bond buying program that helped keep interest rates lows. microsoft sold more than one million xbox 1 con soles. that matches the sales for sony's play station 4 which hit the stores the previous week. katie couric may be named the global news anchor. she would host a online interview show that features prominently on yahoo's home
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page. now back to you. >> thank you. scrambled politics is next and a popular governor hinted at a 2016 run for the white house wednesday. does this national unknown have a chance. and "the washington post" with the hottest political stories that will dominate the week. it's all next.
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now here's your first look at this morning's "scrambled
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politics." president obama is in san francisco this morning. he'll renew the call for the republican dominated house to pass immigration reform. the democratic controlled senate passed a comprehensive bill earlier this year. the president's speech comes on the heels of a new report out today that says 63% of americans favor a legislation to create a pathway for citizenship. that's according to the nonpartisan public religion research institute n oregon a christian group is fighting for the right to discriminate if gay marriage legislation is passed a state ballot initiative would allow people and businesses like florists and caterers to refuse to participate and support same-sex unions. the most recent polls show 53% of oregon voters support same-sex marriage. democratic texas state senator announces her run for lieutenant governor. she will join gubernatorial candidate wendy davis who is also a democratic state senator
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and that means for the first time in texas history two women will lead a major party's ticket for the state's top offices. and is montana's former governor throwing his name into the 2016 ring? democrat brian shchweitzer hinted he may be considering a presidential run. >> i have around 100 counties in iowa. and on my bucket list is to try to make it to all the counties of iowa some day. >> i'm glad you asked that question. >> and that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambles politics. joining us for our first look at politics "washington post" reporter david nakamura. good morning. >> hi. >> let's go ahead and start with the deal and get reaction from washington. specifically from capitol hill. what seems to be the consensus from both sides of the aisle? >> i don't know if there is a consensus. i mean there are some skepticism at both parties about the deal. the obama administration is
2:20 am
saying this is a historic moment. cautioning it's the first step. they have six months to work out a broader, fuller deal and roll back iran's nuclear capabilities. i think on the hill in both parties including chuck schumer and other democrats are saying wait a minute this is not going far enough. we want to create more stronger sanctions that if this six month window doesn't show any progress, we're going to hit iran with harder sanctions. people are saying why are we giving them $7billion in renewed aid? why don't we roll back this program further? >> the obama administration is promising tangible progress at different marketers and greater access than ever from their inspectors. if that does not appear to be happening, you're going to see congress step in. >> david, with reaction as mixed as it is how big of a political gamble is this for the president? >> well, i think it's something that, obama, look he wanted to talk about doing this from the days he was campaigning,
2:21 am
engaging with iran and trying to do this. they're looking at this as historic potential. so there is certainly risk involved. the same way will is with syria and the chemical weapons and working with the u.n. to try to sort of roll back that. but i think in this case the obama administration certainly going for it. john kerry made this a priority. the obama administration has been sort of trying to open this channel with iran even farther back than we knew. i think this is something the administration feels strongly about. this is something the president could have a legacy for. he's going to take this risk. >> the president also wanting to be remembered for immigration reform. he is headed to the bay area to talk by him inauguration. how realistic is the goal of getting significant legislation through the gop-led house on the issue before the end of the year? could that happen? >> before the end of the year definitely not. john boehner opened the door last week to say this is not a dead issue in the house. not a lot of people have a great deal of trust in what he is saying. the house gop has not shown a lot of movement on this question
2:22 am
of the path to citizenship. look early next year potentially to do so however, next year is a midterm election year. some people think it is impossible to do it. >> david, nice to see you. >> you, too. >> coming up next bill and richard are back with our most talked about topics of the day in "first buzz." also the hottest musical acts were out at the american music awards last night. we have got the highlights next. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship at
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welcome back. it was a big night at the american music awards. reoona won the first ever icon award which was presented by her mother. katie perry may be questionable choice of performing her hit unconditionally in this getup. and finally, everybody's favorite, miley cyrus making sure that her performance will be an internet sensation by placing this giant lip sifrpging cat. >> i don't know what she's thinking anymore. that brings us to this. >> let's embrace this. >> embrace this. speaking of miley cyrus, in honor of her birthday and
2:26 am
thanksgiving, we got a little treat for you. take a look at this. this is a twerking turkey. >> how do you find these things? >> people are bored. >> seriously, the folks at logo tv decided to do a little dance while cooking their turkey. >> i don't know why that is disturbing. i found it really disturbing. >> it's super disturbing. we can thank miley cyrus for that one. >> i'm going to one up that twerking turkey. >> you know about turdukins. now they have a turbrisket. you can throw-in your turbrisket and can you put fit a corn pudding. you can put the stuffing in there. >> the big question, does it twerk? >> i can work on that.
2:27 am
>> put anything in the fryer and it will -- if you deep fry this it's even better. >> that's the big question. >> you can deep fry it. >> i'm tempted to deep fry. >> it's very good. i haven't done it personally. i've eaten one. >> it looks dangerous. >> you have to be careful, obviously. outside. not too hot. read all the instructions. >> all right, what about you? >> you hear someone has a baby and they say you know how much it weighs. what is big to you guys? >> 8 1/2 pounds. >> if you hear 9, you're like whoo. ten, you're like okay. zbh how about this little -- you have to be kind. 13.6 pounds! >> he was born five years old. >> little baby java. a 27-year-old woman in shanghai. the baby is healthy. mother is healthy. >> it was natural?
2:28 am
>> it's undetermined but i hope not for her sake. >> my good is in. wow. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not hiss tore uk agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place, like the agreement with north korea in 2005 this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> the short term nuclear deals from leaders in israel and parties here. the debate is whether it will work. we'll break down what happened over the weekend and get inside richard haas. figures, mother nature had to do something this week. it is the biggest travel week of the year. we'll let you know how the
2:29 am
thanksgiving plans may get messed up with messy weather. a messy start to another manning brady bowl last night. a furious come back forced overtime. we'll let you know who came out on top and the bizarre play that gift-wrapped the win. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. monday, november 25th holiday week. we have yet another person falling from the top deck of a football gamement we'll have that story four. highlights from the american music awards last night. we get to see what miley was up to this time. and it's interesting as always. we want to begin with a fallout from that nuclear agreement with iran. al hunt calling the plan imperfect but perhaps the u.s.'s least bad option.
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