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tv   The Squeeze  MSNBC  November 28, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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you can't beat intelligence when it's coming straight from a guy in the inner circle. >> he's connected. we believe the information he gave is real good. >> so is it fair to say you think his own guys could have something to do with it? >> oh, yeah. everybody wants to be the top dog out there. >> you're going out into the mean streets. >> got one. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> you were going to shoot one of my friends is what you were going to do. >> did you know the gun was in the car? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> i'm willing to work with you, but i got to know you have
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something good to offer us. >> what's the street saying? >> right now it's all-out war. >> we have two bundles of cash, two keys of heroin. >> did you ever hear the saying, the truth sets you free? >> have you ever worked with the police before or no? ♪ getting beat up all [ mute ] day. >> a lot of times walking
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through receiving, you grab somebody cold that seems like they want to talk or you start talking to staff to see if maybe they talked to somebody that said something to them about wanting to talk. receiving is totally hit or miss. >> new detainees arrive by the dozen every day at chicago's cook county jail. most of them have only been accused, not convicted of crimes, and are being held while they await trial. >> back again? you're back again? for what? come here. you like jail? >> no. >> why you back? >> when they come in here they're defeated already. once you come in, you already know i already lost for now and let me latch on to whoever wants to listen to what i have to say. used to be? traveler? what are you in for? >> when is the last time you were in here?
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>> messing up, man. for real. >> it be like that sometime. what can you do though. >> help yourself out. help me out. nothing? >> i can't sing or dance. >> it's always the same song from us except their response is a little different depending where they're at in their lives. >> what's up? >> talk about what's going on in here, man. >> what's going on man? >> in this county. >> how do you know? you ain't even been in the county yet. this is just receiving. where you from? >> oak park. >> what kind of case you got? >> a domestic. >> domestics hurts. >> i didn't even do it. that's what i want to talk about, too. >> not here to talk about your case. >> not talk about the case. i thought you wanted to talk about something important. >> i haven't ate man since friday. >> and i look like the pizza hut delivery guy. >> finding a good informant is
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always a roll of the dice, but today following a tip from jail corrections staff, criminal intelligence unit investigators have plucked a new inmate with real potential. he's giving up inside information about a mexican drug cartel operating in chicago. police already assume he's got the connections. they seized several kilos of cocaine from his car during a traffic stop. he's facing narcotics delivery charges and up to 60 years in prison. >> as far as we know right now he's just a driver, but he's a trusted driver, somebody they kept in the mix. they trusted him enough to give him locations, drop off points, pickup points. he's connected, we just don't know how far. he's not too crazy about coming forward. all the guys he was working with, the guys he was moving for, they pretty much left him in the dark. he's got to fend for himself. he knows that. >> the inmate who we will call
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caesar declined to speak on camera. what he reveals to investigators is that he hauled drugs and money for two separate suppliers, one that runs cocaine and the other heroin. he says he made multiple trips to a house in buffalo grove, an affluent northwest suburb, to pick up large quantities of heroin. >> we just have an address. it's a house right in the middle of the block. there's no names. everything is nicknames and that's how everybody knows each other. that's their way of concealment. they tell them how to get there. he jumps in the back of the truck, they hand him the bricks, drives away, takes it where he has to. comes back three weeks later and drops off $100,000. few weeks go by, he goes and picks up more bricks. potentially at any give time you might have $1 million worth of money in there or $1 million worth of product. one trip he can make up to $55,000. the temptation is rough. . even for somebody who is legit. you're making $55,000 a drop
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off? that's pretty hard to pass by. >> at this point authorities have no proof of criminal activity at the target residence, only the informant's word. so sheriff's police investigator larry rivlin sends an undercover unit to watch the house. he and members of the northwest gang team later follow in their own unmarked cars to conduct surveillance. >> if you see any movement coming from the house such as any vehicles coming and going, we're going to have other patrol cars take down that vehicle and try and i.d. the driver and passengers. if we get lucky, we'll have somebody coming out dirty, meaning they will be carrying some heroin with them. if that's the case, we'll be able to possibly get a john doe search warrant to search that residence. thank you. >> just letting you know, somebody keeps coming to the window. there they are again.
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looking out the window, looking out the window. not sure if they're looking for heat or if they're expecting somebody to show up to pick up a package. >> okay. so we're just going to go in and sit down this block, black out. >> yes. >> we're in position facing the house opposite you. >> 10-4. do you see movement in the far right window from your angle? >> there we go. >> either he's leaving -- [ inaudible ] >> yeah, those blinds on the right are definitely shutting. this is weird.
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>> 50 miles away on the opposite end of cook county, a different kind of waiting game is playing out in chicago's south suburbs where sheriff's police are on the prowl for dope hustlers and gang members. >> this job takes a lot of patience. especially when you're on drug dealer time. they don't have any fixed schedules at all. the criminals work 24 hours a day. most of the people we go after, those are going to be your more aggressive criminals out here. >> there's one criminal i talked to once before and he told me he spent a lot of time in jail. he's not going back. he said that if i ever corner somebody who has been in jail before and they have nothing to lose and they don't want to go back to jail again, he says you're going to have to kill them because they're going to try to kill you.
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6370. >> 6370 stand by.
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>> people are just more and more defiant out here nowadays. people want to make a name for themselves. they feel like if they especially do something to a police officer, that makes a very big name for yourself. in the gang world, on the streets. >> police say that no call or stop is routine. the simplest thing, a car with expired plates, can lead to the unexpected. >> got one. terry. >> yeah. >> we got a .32. >> i know whose this is, my man, because i seen you reach behind this damn seat. >> yes, sir. >> yeah, baby. >> i seen you reach behind that seat, boss. >> yes, sir. >> look at that, and the hammer is back too. ready to roll. were you going to try to kill us? >> be advised, the weapon you're running with that serial number
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is coming back 99 out of indiana. >> allen, you on air? >> wow. >> you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in court. you have the right to talk to a lawyer -- >> the gun is stolen. it was loaded with a round in the chamber and for whatever reason the hammer was back. we found other items that leads us to believe that these guys may have been part of a burglary ring. >> i just got out of jail a month ago. >> for possession of a firearm? >> for possession of a firearm. >> and you're asking me why would you have another gun? >> why would i have another gun? why would i do it again? >> i don't know, dude, but there's a gun right by you. >> it wasn't mine. >> come on. it wasn't on me. >> yeah, it was. >> you had the hammer cocked back because you were going to kill one of us. you were going to shoot one of
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my friends is what you were going to do. you thought it was only one car that was going to stop. that's exactly what happened. >> i can't go back to jail. >> i ain't got [ mute ] to do with this, man. wrong place, wrong time, i guess. >> pulled the vehicle over, observed the passenger take his arm and reach behind the driver and move downward like that. so they're believing it belongs to the passenger. >> the passenger is about to start talking, i can guarantee you that. it's a stolen weapon, quite sure he doesn't have a gun card, quite sure he has a criminal background, which means that it's definitely going to be a felony which means he will not be getting out of jail tonight at all. somebody is about to turn into a
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rat as soon as we get back to the lockup. >> what began as a traffic stop has become a one-way trip to jail for both driver and passenger. the best chance for either man to go home tonight is by working with police. the driver, whose record includes a prior gun arrest, refuses to cooperate. >> it's a holding spot for now. >> his friend, on the other hand, says he'll play ball. >> i'll do anything, you know what i'm saying. i can't live my life going down the drain. i'm trying to get my life. i'm only 18. i can't do this. >> whatever happened, i wasn't there. can you tell me what happened tonight? did you know the gun was in the car? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> okay. the gun is going to go to the illinois state crime lab and we're going to print it. so you being up front and honest
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with us right now will help you out in the long run. so you're not going to have any kind of prints on it whatsoever? you think it's going to have prints on it? is that a yes or a no? >> no. >> someone's prints are going to be on it because somehow it got in that car. >> i didn't have nothing to do with it. >> i'm going to be real. the gun is stolen out of hammond. we're willing to work with you, but i got to know you have something good to offer us. >> you help me out i'll tell you anything. >> okay. when you say anything, what do you mean by anything? >> i'm going to put it to you like this. if i can go to work at 6:00 in the morning, that killing that just happened on 143rd and clark. >> how recent is that shooting you're talking about? >> sometime this morning. it was an old man up in his house. tried to walk, laid him down. >> i think i remember hearing about that. you know who did that? >> yeah, basically. well, i don't know them, but i know who did it.
2:18 pm
>> we got to verify what you're telling us is true though. are we going to be able to do that? >> i mean, i can get names. i don't know them off the back off my head. >> nicknames, cars? >> i know cars and where they hang out at. i can get names from some of my people. they know exactly who they are. >> if this doesn't pan out, what else could you give us? >> i ain't saying no names until i'm walking out this door. >> you're not going to give us any information until you know what now? >> until i know i can go to work tomorrow. >> you got to remember one thing, we do have the upper hand. >> he wants to run the show as if he's holding the key. it doesn't work like that. >> as far as information, solid information, i don't know if he actually has it or not. there's an open murder. let's just hope he has something, something more than just a nickname and what he might have heard. >> investigators call in a detective who is handling the murder case for another
2:19 pm
department. they'll let him interview the detainee before deciding whether to send him to lockup. >> if he gives them good information that might lead to solving this murder, we will see what we can do to help him out on our end but he has to make a decision quick. next on "the squeeze" -- >> these pickups and dropoffs are quick, two, three minutes top. >> we got to roll the dice. >> there's only one way you can help yourself. you ever hear of the saying the truth sets you free? life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night
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♪ listen up.
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once you get uncuffed, through here. >> timing means everything for both inmates and investigators at chicago's cook county jail. most detainees here are charged but not yet convicted. including this man we're calling caesar. caesar's betting he won't beat his case in court however, so he's cashing in a very big chip instead. his ties to a mexican drug cartel. >> he's connected. he's a trusted driver. somebody they kept in the mix. right now we believe the information he gave is real good. >> caesar has given up a house in northwest suburban buffalo grove where he says the cartel distributes drugs and money. >> allegedly this is a pickup point for a lot of kilos of heroin. if this is a spot they're using, it might be a good hit. >> perfect. we'll be there hopefully within five, six minutes. >> investigators immediately set up surveillance on the house and
2:24 pm
hope that caesar's connections haven't heard he's in jail yet. >> as soon as somebody gets caught, operations shut down, all the product is moved. the locations are involved. these guys, they don't play. >> if we see any vehicles coming and going, we'll have other patrol cars take down that vehicle and try and i.d. the driver and/or passengers. >> for the first two hours, the only activity they see is inside the house. >> there we go. >> either he's leaving -- >> we've got lights on again. lights are out again. >> there we go. >> look at this. >> maybe they got a clapper in there. >> the individual looking out the window.
2:25 pm
lights are going on and off. kind of made you believe somebody was coming. after a while the lights just went off. >> then things suddenly heat up. >> minivan. heading toward the target location now. >> here we go, guys. copy? >> he's just moving it. got a white minivan coming up the street. >> white minivan coming at you. >> got another suv, too, man. this is grand central. >> looks like a jeep. >> you know what the ci said about the jeep, right? that's the one doing the trafficking. >> the driver of the white minivan is out on foot walking into the driveway. there's a lot of people walking around the front. >> these pick ups and drop offs are quick, two, three minutes tops which is what the ci told us happens. >> he's pulling up.
2:26 pm
>> that would be the jeep. >> it's got michigan plates. it has michigan plates. >> that's the main target vehicle. we just got to roll the dice. >> follow him out. give him some distance. >> all right. the jeep is southbound 83, southbound 83. >> he probably don't know what to do yet. >> we're behind. stand by. >> going up? >> yeah. >> hey, how are you guys? good. sorry. where do you guys live? michigan. what are you doing out this way? can you move your hand, please? just making sure you have no weapons in the car, okay? step out of the car one second, please. >> whose baby is it? it's hers? what's in the car?
2:27 pm
then why are you worried about if he's looking in there? who is she to you? sister? friend. okay. who is the friend you visit here in town? >> ma'am, you're under arrest. okay? you are. we'll talk about that when we get back to the station, okay? hey john. we don't need a k-9. plain view. back to buffalo grove pd. stay on the house. in the girl's little backpack we have two bundles of cash, two keys of heroin. i can't even imagine how much money is here. more than i make in a year. the girl was trying to grab it. i looked inside to make sure she wasn't going to get a weapon and saw that. >> there's only one way you can help yourself. did you ever hear of the saying
2:28 pm
the truth sets you free? that's the only thing you need to be thinking about right now. you better start talking. >> we need to go back to the house right away because there's going to be quite a bit more. >> police now have legal cause to search the target house with the owner's consent, but if he refuses, they'll ask a judge to issue a warrant. they'll also put the squeeze on those already in custody. >> right now us taking down the car with product, we got a chance of that person rolling over now and leading up to a bigger fish. timing is everything. >> we're going to need a couple uniforms over here. >> tell them we're moving in. we're moving in. >> we're not done. we're going to find something else, i feel it.
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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. happy thanksgiving. here's what's happening. the all clear has been given in northern ohio to all but a
2:32 pm
handful of 370 or so households that had to be evacuated after a chemical spill. they were forced to leave tuesday after a train spilled 26,000 gallons of flammable liquid. crews are still trying to clean it up. so before even sitting down for dinner, shoppers across the country were hitting stores as more and more retailers are offering very early black friday deals. best deals are had early. another update coming in an hour. i'm willing to work with you, but i have to know you have something good to offer us. >> i'm going to put it to you like this, if i can go to work at 6:00 in the morning, that
2:33 pm
killing that just happened on 143rd and clark? >> you know who did that? >> basically. >> it's time to put up or shut up for an arrestee on his way to jail. he says he can help solve a murder if police set him free tonight. >> i ain't saying no names until i'm walking out this door. >> so they call in a detective who is assigned to the homicide case. he meets with the detainee behind closed doors and after a few short minutes dismisses his credibility. >> the only chip that he had he just lost. >> from my understanding he's sugar coating. there's more to it. there's more to it than what you're giving up. >> that's all i know. i'm saying what i know. i can easily get some names even if i can use the phone and get my man's number. that's all i know. >> i will acknowledge that chip is kind of off the table. if you have anything -- >> i told you what i know.
2:34 pm
just come on, man. >> just want to get charged? >> told you what i know. you all can't -- >> we're done. he had that chance. i think he was either bluffing or he didn't want to give up that information. >> hands mind your back. >> police will charge the detainee and his accomplish with carrying an illegal firearm. if convicted, each man could wind up serving one to three years behind bars. >> he was very upset going down the stairs. he actually called us bitch ass cops. he's going to load up on that bus along with 50 or 6 other inmates. they're going to take that long road down there. as soon as he walks in they will hear people screaming on the new, on the new, saying he's a new inmate coming in.
2:35 pm
he's going to have to basically prove himself. he's a big guy. that might work against him though because people might start messing with him to see what he has. he's only 18 years old. he's still a young kid. it's going to be a hard time for him. it's going to be a real hard time. >> keep your hands together. >> while one potential informant strikes out, another delivers police a bona fide home run. >> we have two bundles of cash. two keys of heroin. >> but the spoils don't end there. investigator larry rivlin learns a second vehicle has left the target house. another police unit pulls that car over and finds even more bundles of cash. >> we need to go back to the house right away. there's going to be quite a bit more. >> time is of the essence. >> jamie, we're going to need a couple uniforms over here. >> tell them we're moving in. we're moving in.
2:36 pm
>> i can't see anything. here he comes. >> how are you, sir? open the door, please. >> it just looked to us like the individual who lived there wasn't the main guy or hooked up to be one of the main guys. the guys living there with his wife and kids, it's a family. just seems like a regular home, and that's probably how most of these spots are, the distribution spots. >> he states he's just a mechanic and people bring their cars here to get fixed and there's no trafficking whatsoever going on. you saw how the money and the heroin was packaged. the machine is back there that packaged it. he did give consent to search and we'll be searching the inside of the house with the dogs. we have a helicopter to search the backyard. hopefully the helicopter will give us enough light. >> there's a creek that runs behind the house.
2:37 pm
allegedly they were stashing the heroin inside the creek according to the ci. >> it was real shallow. i don't think they were using it anymore. >> got something, craig? >> investigators scour the property for evidence. they recover what they believe to be more drug money and packaging, but no narcotics. >> we have four offenders in custody. we'll put them on hold for investigation. tomorrow we'll have a nice, long conversation with them. right now we're going back to buffalo grove police department and inventory the cash and the heroin. >> these bags, some of them are numbered. 25, 30. this is $30,000 right here. we will have the bag counted, but it looked like about $185,000 cash.
2:38 pm
this is 2.2 pounds, a kilo, of heroin. >> you guys are going to bust them and count it right? >> no, inventoried as is. give it to the bank. it's over ten grand. not even worth counting. >> can i just lay on it naked? >> now that the jailhouse informant caesar has proven himself, investigators plan to work with him further. he's already vowed to give up even bigger targets within the mexican drug cartels but they run into a brick wall when federal authorities intervene a few days later. the feds suspect that caesar is more than just a driver for the cartel.
2:39 pm
they have linked him to a particularly savage homicide, the kind that the cartels are known for. >> these are homicides meant to send a message. they're not just going up to somebody and killing them. they're tying them, torturing them. it's pretty serious. might not ever get out of jail so we're at the point now we can't help him. you know, obviously his past came back and caught up with him. came to light right after the operation. when we get to meet him, all we see is what they're in for, face value. all these individuals all seem real nice when they're in here, real calm and collected. you just don't know what they're like outside on the streets. when "the squeeze" continues -- >> a lot of gangs want to claim it. they get points off who killed the leader. >> somebody is going to get famous off this murder. you and i know that. >> somebody is in their glory right now. laughing, cheering, smiling that they killed one.
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had a shooting saturday around 7:00, 24th and washtenaw, number one man in the area, he gets gunned down. the individual didn't even live in the city anymore. he was out here hanging out on the block and that's where he was born and raised and that's where he came back to die. obviously, this is something that could affect us inside the jail. so we got to be on our toes, we have guys on stand-by in case there's any retaliation. what happens on the street stays on the street motto may no stay around much longer. we start pitching it out to all our guys from these areas, what have you heard, what's the word?
2:44 pm
bottle of tequila. bobby d., hell zone, right on the box. a table and everything. they're keeping on the hush, hush. nobody is saying anything, nobody knows what happened. a lot of gangs want to claim it, you know. they get points off this. you kill the leader. see them guys looking right out the window. seen it 12:00, 12:30. they're out on the block already doing security. >> one gangland murder in chicago can trigger a dozen more. and when a gang chief is slain, the fallout can spread from the streets to cook county jail in an instant. for authorities keeping a lid on the compound and on bobby d.'s
2:45 pm
neighbor means working together with inside sources. >> we're going to go see a guy from the same gang, see if he's received any phone calls or heard anything. so what's the street saying? >> they believe it was latin kings, but it's not for sure yet. right now it's all out war because they don't know who did it. all out war with everybody. you know. deuces, two-two boys, don't matter who you are. >> until they find out who. >> they're just going to kill until they find out or hear something and then kill someone. you know what i mean? if you think about it, it's stupid. you're going to kill all these people, you know, and you don't know who did it, but what hides in the dark always comes to the light. you know what i mean. >> this inmate, who we'll call tito, is fighting a drug possession case and is currying favor with authorities. >> he was loved by the shorties,
2:46 pm
you know, a lot of the folks from all over the city is going to be at the funeral. that's what's going to unite everybody. some crazy thoughts of retaliation, and i guarantee everybody at the funeral is packing. >> there's going to be some bullets out there. you know that. >> and it's kind of sick, man, we get more suspect when we go to a funeral and get some more deaths. after we just did one of theirs. that's where you get them all. come on now. they're sitting ducks, sitting in the funeral parlor. four guys with a round of aks, everybody is going to get something, even innocent people, you know. that's the way of life now. >> yeah. you guys sign up for that [ mute ] though. let's keep it real, you signed up for it. >> yeah. you know they say there's no way out, man, besides death. it's looking that way. whoever did this, for his sake,
2:47 pm
i think he'd rather be caught in here than out there, you know. he might have a better chance to live, you know. maybe not though. >> dependenting on where he lands here. >> depends, where he gets poked, too. you know? >> he's going to find out when the funeral is and get all the details and maybe we can get a surveillance team out there and they can shoot faces and get plates and do all that stuff because right after that there will be a shooting right after the funeral when some guys start getting liquored up, start smoking. they will send some shorties out to do something stupid. ♪ >> gang chiefs meet violent fates all the time, but now chicago police are being
2:48 pm
targeted with alarming frequency. three officers lost their lives this past summer, each gunned down in separate incidents. >> no words can express to the families the loss of a loved one. i hope this memorial explains to you the love and affection we have for their sacrifice. we will now hear the names of all of chicago's fallen heroes. >> people out here nowadays just don't have respect for police anymore. so, you know, for them to shoot at a police officer, for them to fight a police officer, for them to be combative with a police officer is nothing. i mean, back in the day that was the last thing they would have tried to do, but they don't care anymore. >> i don't give a [ muted ]. >> they don't care at all. >> get out of my face. >> they're used to be a code to the street. before you went and did some type of criminal activity, you had to get the blessings from the gang itself, whoever was in
2:49 pm
charge. now they have their affiliation, but they're more independent. >> you've got guys associated with street gangs but not under the ultimate control of them that are extremely violent and not concerned with the consequences. >> a changing gang culture isn't the only factor to blame. members of the chicago pd argue that a growing shortage of officers has left them on the defensive. many are calling for the police superintendent's resignation. >> the problem is we need manpower. there's no manpower on the streets. and you can't protect your own anymore. we're outgunned, we're outnumbered. >> right now we're seeing all around us police departments that are collapsing, police departments that are being cut to a fraction of their size, and we're being asked to fill the void.
2:50 pm
dozens and dozens of towns and villages are calling me weekly to come and take over their police functions because they can't afford it anymore. i will be struggling to maintain just what i have now. which is a police force i have not been replacing people as they retire because i have no money for that. my budgets are being sliced and diced. something's got to give, and unfortunately what's giving is the communities. next on "the squeeze" -- >> is it fair to say his own guys would have something? >> there's tons of angles. and these guys work them all. ♪
2:51 pm
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so what's the word?
2:54 pm
what are the streets saying? >> i believe it was latin kings, but it's not for sure yet. you know right now it's all-out war. because they don't know who did it. >> one week after the murder of an alleged gang chief, the mystery remains who pulled the trigger? >> somebody's going to get famous off this murder. you and i both know that. >> somebody's in their glory right now. laughing and cheering and smiling that they killed him. but what goes around comes around. >> police have ramped up their presence on bobby d's block and his funeral passes without incident. many suspect that a rival gang carried out the slaying, but authorities are pursuing another theory. >> it could be an inside job. my personal opinion is that the victim knew something was going to happen. the family knew something,
2:55 pm
because prior to him going out, there was communication via text. something's going to happen to your kid. so there's got to be somebody in your inner circle. i have an idea who the shooter is, but we've got the put the puzzle together. and what i've done is i grabbed about four informants. guys living on the block. the more people you hear the story from, then you put the story together. >> so is it fair to say you think his own guys could have something to do with it? >> oh, yeah. everybody wants to be the top dog out there. this hood versus that hood. >> is it fair to say this guy could be the shooter? >> yeah. >> knowing that the police are out there daily, what is the game plan? >> police think they can shut us down and be on every corner. you know as i do when you're expecting us. just let the time pass buy.
2:56 pm
basically waiting to see. when we find our opportunity. >> investigators have all kinds of leads, but nothing solid enough to make an arrest. they know it's only a matter of time before bobby d's killing sparks more bloodshed. whether it's his block or countless other hot spots across chicago, police find it harder than ever to maintain a presence everywhere they need to. >> they're sizing us up. what can we get away with? >> the result, a city that feels less safe while the criminals grow emboldened. >> when i first came to gangs, you know, years back, we spent an entire summer working a two-block section in chicago heights. an entire summer. that's how much it took.
2:57 pm
>> anything that moves looks like it's getting stopped. >> when you hit an area with a large number of officers, you're taking that street crime away because they don't know where the next police car is going to turn from. and the volume of calls will drop. but when you pull off and move to the next area, they just come right back again. the people you locked up are locked up, somebody else will take their spots, and the cycle continues. every department is down. we all have to work under budgets and we all have to be responsible and do the best we can with what we have. you know, the worst thing we want to hear is that we have to do more with even less. >> before 2010 is over, three
2:58 pm
more chicago police officers are shot and killed raising the total to six. it's a record high for any year in more than two decades. >> secured. pursuing custody. >> the question that's on every cop's mind, when do we reach the breaking point? >> whose gun is that? >> i don't know. i keep telling you i don't know. >> bottom line, tonight the story don't stick up. you understand what i'm saying? i just found the gun a foot and a half from your hand. after you ducked back in the car after we pulled up. >> every day is different. you talk about stress and adrenaline, you have to be able to immediately ramp it up to address a level of violence that may result in death. everybody has their own way to try and deal with it. and they have to have their own way. you can't keep that bottled up
2:59 pm
inside. at the end of the night, we'll all talk about the things that we experience. dispersing that pain amongst a group of friends is really what gets you through complicated days. i trust these guys with my life. >> you all good, guys? all right, man. >> these guys have my back. i know that they do. i don't have to turn around and worry about who's going to be there. one of them will be. ♪
3:00 pm
you're under citizen's arrest. stop right now. >> going head-to-head. >> i wish i was over there where i could get a little closer up into your face. >> refusing to back down. >> after i did it, it was like, yay, finally, it's over. >> heroes who aren't afraid to speak up. >> are you going to arrest me? i'm escorting you to the police station. okay? >> he said i don't want to touch you, but if i have to, i will. >> let those people in! >> citizens who take a stand. >> you are assaulting me! >> ahh! >> politicians who lose their cool. >> i wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel. >> it wouldn't be "hardball" without a fight. >> get ready for brutes in suits. >> you h


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