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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  December 1, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the right wing delivers a crazy 13. let's play "hardball." >> hello. i'm chris mathews in washington. you know, politicians on the right have done some disturbing and destructive things this year. they derailed every major legislative item they could, including legislation on gun control, immigration, the budget, and even workplace discrimination. when they did take up legislation, it looked like this -- more than 45 separate votes to kill the affordable care act. abortion laws cooked up by the extreme right. and countless measures attacking
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the poor, like slashing food stamps. theyed a advanced bills in three dozen states suppressing the votes of minorities. and they shut down the government. but if you think what they did was outrageous, just wait to hear what they said this year. the far right has uttered some of the most shocking, offensive, disgraceful and even crazy things you can expect to hear in politics. over the next hour we'll show you most of them. here's a taste. >> a president who bows down to allah. >> quite honestly, we all look like geniuses now. >> the administration's plan is simple, get everyone addicted to the sugar. >> i want to know, are they using weapons to train or are they taught to use syringes and health care items? >> for everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another one out there who weigh 130 pounds and have calves the size of cantaloupes because they're
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hauling 175 pounds of marijuana across the desert. >> we can count down the far right's knucklehead statements in a number of categories, their hatred of the president, of his agenda, denial of reality, the antics of ted cruz and then a special section devoted spirely to u.s. congressman steve king of iowa. joining me is our panel of "hardball" all-stars, howard fineman of "the huffington post," david corn of mother jones, jonathan capehart of "the washington post" and joan walsh of salon. let's look at far right's hatred of president obama. number three on our list goes to u.s. congressman of texas. the tea partyer grabbed headline whence he sided with birthers in the town hall this summer and openly discussed impeaching the president. he's part of a ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is remarkable.
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>> obama's president, ted cruz can be president. >> what do you mean? this is serious business, guys. >> absolutely. >> is he eligible to be president? explain. is he eligible in you brought it up. i didn't. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> so if obama was born overseas to american money and that crazy theory of donald trump is true, he'd still be eligible to be president by that standard. >> we're talking act ted cruz. >> can't you inject an inch mentally? >> i'm telling you that president obama is the president. >> no, no, no. you brought this up. >> what better -- yes. >> was he a legitimately like the president of the united states? >> i wasn't in congress to determine that. that was determined before i got here. >> howard fineman, he won't do it. i guess he's afraid of losing one or two votes saying this was
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a duly elected president of the united states. >> if you dig down to the core, to the ninth level of the anti-obama movement, you find people who not only view him as from another party or another country but practically from another planet. and the president is fully ware of this. you know, i remember him saying, you know, a lot of these people don't even think i was born here, and he wasn't sure what he meant by "here." that's the theology of it, chris. there is a sort of theological belief at the heart of this that obama, that the president is somehow not only not legitimate, not an american but not even from here. that's an element of theology with these people at the heart -- that's where everything starts, goes back to birtherism and fw back to the rejection, like their tissue rejection of him from the body politic. they have never, ever accepted his legitimacy. >> i think that cosmic thing is totally true. but just down to the narrow conversation i was having with that u.s. congressman.
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i said if you're for ted cruz who we all known was born to an american up in canada, and i know he's a from there, and i'm all for this, most of us are, the worst crazy ace case is that obama was born in kenya. if you accept cruz as a potential president, you should accept obama as president. that was a narrow question put to his character and he wouldn't answer it, even in the narrow bounds i set it up. >> you're asking for something they can't give you, a kind of moral and political integrity and consistency and they don't have it when they come to this president. >> number two in our countdown, tea party congressman during a town hall. he said he wanted to impeach president and couldn't tolerate his mere physical presence. a u.s. congressman responding to a question about impeachment.
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>> if i could write that bill and -- >> do it. >> excuse me. it would be a dream come true. i feel your pain. i stood feet away from that guy, and i -- i couldn't stand being there. >> i couldn't stand being there. david, you're going to get in on this. this thing about kocooties, lik the there's some physical presence that's disturbing. people go to work every day, nobody ever says i couldn't stand being -- this is high school stuff. i don't even know what it is. what is it? >> everybody at this table has been in a room with barack obama. it's really not hard to be here barack obama. >> he's kind of a light presence, an easy presence i think. >> he's easy going, smart, engaging. he does reach out to people he disagrees with because he wants to win the argument. he can be fierce as a debater but by and large he's not a
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difficult person to be around. it' not about barack obama in reality but what he stand for. picking up on what howard said a moment ago, it's rejection because they believe winning a political culture fight, and obama embodies everything they can't stand. >> bentivoglio, i think he actually believes it. most of these folks don't like the president. we're talking about folks who have come to congress who a lot of them aren't terribly smart. the guy you interviewed in that first clip, i wasn't here to determine whether the president is legitimately president. these are folk who is failed "schoolhouse rock." this is what's ridiculous about this, and the level of disrespect has been shown the president since -- >> i remember dick cavitt from the old days. somebody said i only believe what i see. have you been to japan? no. do you believe there's a tokyo?
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tea party activist larry klayman. during the government shutdown in october, he helped organize an anti-obama protest in washington. it had appearances by sarah palin and ted cruz, but clayman's wild rant topped the headlines. let's listen. comment on this, john. >> a president who bows down to allah. this president is not a president of we the people. >> no! >> he's the president of his people. i call upon all of you to wage a second american nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience and to demand that this president leave town. >> yes! >> yeah! >> to put the koran down. to get up off his knees and to figuratively come up with his hands out. >> my god, that's a hell of a demand. put your hands up, put down the
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koran, get off your knees and leave town today or else we'll have a nonviolent second american revolution. your thoughts. >> right. and we've elected that president twice. i love the way he throws in figuratively so we can't say that he's inciting violence, but of course he is inciting a kind of violence. also remember, this is the rally where there was a guy with a confederate flag right there. they are outside the home of a black family, outside their home telling them to get out. >> an eviction notice, if you will. ? an eviction notice where thank you, we've elected that mon to lead us twice and they don't accept his legitimacy and don't accept ours either, but there's something so deep and so dist b disturbing about taking that to -- i know it's the people's house and our house, but they live there. that's so disturbing to me. to my knowledge, i don't know that ted cruz was asked to disavow any of that. he was there at that rally.
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that was the same event. why aren't they asking him to disavow that? >> we'll get back in a moment but clearly crazy. if this president for a tyrant, dictatinging wo world, why are you able to be such clowns in front of hissous? coming up, attacking the man or attacking his plan? republicans have saved some of the craziest talk for the affordable care act. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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we're back with more of the crazy on our right with howard fineman, david corn, jonathan capehart, and joan walsh. this was the year republicans in the house of representatives shut down the government and contemplated defaulting on our debt in order to get the president to abandon his signature legislative achievement, the affordable care act. the plan had absolutely zero
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chance of succeeding but that didn't stop the likes of ted cruz, mike lee, michele bachmann, and others from holding the country's economy hostage from the sake of political theater. there were many examples this year of the misinformation campaign launched by the far right that turned the country against the health care law. theer were three of the oddest moments. michele bachmann on the shutdown declaring victory even as the country turned strongly against the republican tactic and warned the country if the law wasn't repealed it would, quote, literally kill women, children, and senior citizen lgs. but bachmann topped whers this incredible victory dance on fox news after the shutdown was over and after the law's troubled rollout. it's number three on our list. let's watch it. >> we hate to say we told you so, but quite honestly, we all look like geniuses now because we predicted this would happen and we don't want this to happen because we want people to have the health insurance that worked for them, for their family.
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>> in what looking glass does she -- the aforementioned look like genius? >> genius and michele bachmann don't usually do in the same senten sentence. these people remind me a little bit of the roadrunner cartoon where is they keep slamming into the same mountain. yes, there are problems with this rollout, yes, it's complex, yes, the president has admitted problems, but most of the american people still want to see it work, they still want to see health care extended, they still want to see reform of the health care system. and that's what the president is doing. >> when it comes to the affordable care act, the right wing is always looking far gotcha moment. if they can't find it, they're okay making it up. look at what happened in the epa oversight hearing in the house. epa. congressman paul brown tried to make some news. listen carefully to how the chairman miss mccarthy responds and watch how he distorts it.
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>> one more question because my time's running out. are you signed up for obama care? >> no, i am not. >> why not? >> because i'm lucky enough as the federal government that i have health care available to me which i've signed up for. in a few years when that's not the case, isle be happy to have other available -- >> the president says obama care -- >> to be clear, mccarthy is referring to the fact that she's lucky enough to already have health insurance. she's not knocking the affordable care act. a few minutes later in the hearing right to her face congressman steve stockman chose to interpret her words somewhat differently. that's number two in our countdown. >> i think earlier you gave me my favorite tweet of the day, which i'm going to send out, which is i'm lucky enough -- the quote is from you. i love it. it says i'm lucky enough not to have to sign up for obama care. that's wonderful. i wish my constituents could say the same.
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>> i actually think i was referring to i'm lucky enough to have access to good health care, which the -- >> i still will take your quote from the record. i wrote it down. it was really good. >> my father's a court reporter. he had to write down in court what people said. he would have lasted about three minutes, three minutes. he completely changed what she said and said it to her face. >> right. >> read it back to her. >> remember what i said in the last block that a lot of these people aren't very smart? exhibit b. that's not what she said. sheals the environmental protection -- >> -- press release when she wasn't around at least. when it comes to affordable health care, there are a lot of examples, but this comment from the illustrious congressman takes the cake. it's astonishing in it irresponsibility. the affordable care act helps out in times of national emergencies. he seeings something sinister
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here. please try to explain this. listen to this. number one forever on our countdown. what's this guy talking about? >> . >> joan, what did this army of people bearing syringes doing -- what are they -- are they put lg syringes up over their shoulder? what are they talking about here? is this invasion of the body snatcherings inoculating people with death penalty juice or whatever the hell it is? >> we've also got a theme here that we've got three guys from texas which makes me worry about my friends in texas, but, you know, these are the people that also believe that, you know, there are fema camps that obama
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care is preparing to round us up and put them in fema camps. they play on the most base paranoia of a fringe of people and they get elected and re-elected. >> republicans who flatout deny reality. these people are somewhat unscientific, don't you think? this is "hardball," the place for politics. ? you need a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. then how is that a bargain? [ sighs ] no, that's too many -- it's not gonna fit! whoa! cascade kitchen and math counselor. here's a solution. one pac of cascade complete cleans tough food better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. so you can tackle tough messes the first time. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ] [ counselor ] and for even more cleaning power, try cascade platinum. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15,
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we're back with howard fineman, david corn, jonathan capehart, and joan walsh. next we're going to ache a look at the reality deniers of the right wing. these are the folks who for whatever reason still don't or won't get it. kicking off this category at number three is georgia congressman paul brown, a creationist who shuns science in favor of a literal interpretation of the bible. what's more perplexing in this case is that this guy sits on the house committee on science, space, and technology. have a listen to what he told a group of his supporters last year. >> all that stuff i was talking
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act, evolution and embreology, big bang theory, all that is e lies straight from the pit of hell. it's lies to keep people from believing they need a savior. major directions to how i vote in washington, d.c. >> joan, i think he's speaking in the natural history museum of all places, denying the connection of us all there. i don't know why we test our medicines on animals. there seems to be a lot of connection at least physically with us in the rest of this world, but this guy denies all of that. he believes that somehow it all happened exactly as it was in the bible as he interprets the bible and that's how he decides what to vote on, the science committee in the house. >> and these are lies straight from the pit of hell. even if you disagree with him, there might be some other things
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straight in the pit of hell that don't have to do with evolution. no. it's this incredible paranoia. he wants to be the senator from georgia. you know, he thinks he's got a bright future in georgia politics, and all we can hope is that georgia slowly, steadily turns purple and then blue and we don't have to deal with the paul browns of the world anymore. >> i'm glad he wasn't running nasa back in the '60s. i don't know what we would have done. this comes from onetime presidential candidate and host of the christian broadcast network's "the 700 club," pat robertson who believe it or not went to yale law is known to stroke or stoke fear and anxiety about the gay community. this was a whopper of an accusation he made last summer. it was so controversial at the time the christian broadcast network removed it from their website shortly after he spoke it. let's listen to pat robertson. >> do in san francisco, some of the gay community, they want to
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get people so if they got the stuff, they'll have a ring, you shake hands and the ring's got a little thing where you cut your finger. >> really. >> yeah, really. it's that kind of vicious stuff which would be the equivalent of murder. >> okay, jonathan, your thoughts on the subject. wra do you get this wives tale? what do you call this tale? >> a lie, a damnable lie. >> thank you. >> this is a man who blames the gays for everything -- hurricanes, earthquakes, name the natural disaster, whatever calamity. >> 9/11? >> i don't know if he went that far, but maybe because someone -- >> he was close. >> he was close. >> that he would accuse people with hiv and gay people with hiv intentionally going out with some sort of wicked decoder ring, cutting people and giving them hiv is outrageous. >> finally, our number one reality denier republican congressman ted yoho speaking to
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"the washington post" on the prospect of defaulting on the u.s. debt. he made this outrageous claim that contradicted economists all over the earth. with the we need to have that moment where we realize we're going broke. i think personally it would bring stability to the world markets." your thought, howard. we're still suffering. i talked to a top ceo the other day. still suffering from the near miss of '11, had the near miss of' 13, and he thought we should go off the cliff. >> this isn't economic thinking. it's apocalyptic thinking. it's of a piece with the way this part of the american political landscape thinks. everything is an apocalypse and apocalypses are good. you want creative destruction. you want everything to fall apart because it's only when everything falls apart that you pick um the true belief, whatever the true belief is, whether it's the holy bible, whether it's the gold standard, whatever simplistic notion there is. >> thank you, howard fineman. thank you, david corn, jonathan capehart, and joan wall nsh new
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york. you have a smile on your face, which is appropriate. thank you all for being with us. if you're out holiday shopping, get a copy of my new book, "tipping the gipper." it will make you feel happier this holiday. see you monday night at 7:00 a.m. eastern for more "hardball." [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph.
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