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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 2, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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we'll be back next week, in new york next week. if it's sunday it's "meet the press." good monday moorng morning. investigators begin gathering evidence from the daily rail crash in new york city as we hear from those onboard. >> it seemed like the -- it was going pretty fast. i looked at my two friends that were going over. i just -- i couldn't believe it. i was in shock. >> new details in the investigation into that fiery car crash that killed "fast and furious star" paul walker as reaction pours in. plus, good news and bad news for black friday retailers. a minnesota man pays the price for making it snow. and is this the future of home delivery? very good morning, everyone.
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we're going to begin with that deadly train detrailment in new york. the death toll stands at four with dozens injured. some still in critical condition. all of this as investigators try to piece together what caused the train to jump the tracks. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: this morning investigators continued to work through the wreckage of a metro north commuter train in the bronx. >> our mission is to not just understand what happened but why it happened. >> reporter: passengers say they sensed there was a problem as the train rambled into a sharp turn along the harlem and hudson rivers 20 minutes from the final stop at grand central station. >> we were going fast. it hit the curve, it was flying. >> reporter: out of control and off the tracks. >> there was screaming and people crying out to god and asking for their families. it was pretty gruesome. >> reporter: four people were killed, more than 60 injured. >> i hit the window. and all the chairs came out and the woman would was -- you know, hit me.
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>> refere . >> reporter: survivors describe the moment of impact. >> as we were going over, i looked at my two friends and screamed we're going over. >> reporter: local, state, and federal investigators led by the ntsb continued to pour over the scene. much of their focus on the two cars on their sides, inches from the water. the complete investigation is expected to take a week to ten days. jay gray, nbc news, new york. and we're also learning more about the victims. one, a member of the nbc family. 58-year-old jim lovell was an oud yoe te audio tech at the today show. john nash called him one of the nicest guys he ever met. a tragic end to a hollywood hero of speed. investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash that killed paul walker. they say speed was a factor. the 40-year-old publicist confirms he was a passenger in a
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red porch driven by a friend saturday. it crashed into a light pole and a tree bursting into flames killing both men. walk her just attended a charity event for his own disaster relief organization to benefit the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. >> people without homes and food and without water. it's a heavy, heavy time. so right now for us, it is a race for relief. needs are going to be -- they're going to be extensive for a long period of time. >> walker's co-stars and fans alike are distraught over his sudden death. tie less gibson broke down in tears when he visited the crash. brother, i will miss you very much. i'm absolutely speechless. heaven has a new angel. rest in peace. walker's on camera career started at the age of 2. he starred in "pleasantville" and "into the blue." but he was catapulted into
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worldwide fame when it began in 201. he was working on the series latest installment due in 2014. his untimely death leaves the film's future uncertain. his next fillsome due out in two weeks. he is survived by his 15-year-old daughter meadow. now to the problem of the obama care website. over the weekend the white house says it met a crucial deadline and fixed many online glitches. the speed has more than tripled the 400 bugs gone. now works for a vast majority of americans. so a man in minnesota made it snow on some lucky shoppers at the mall of america as "let it snow" was sung by a trio down below. the man through 1,000 $1 off the floor. he said he had a rough year and just wanted to make people happy
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on black friday. local police weren't too happy with the man's stunt as they charged him with disorderly conduct. the man argued i don't know how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct. now let's get to sports from betty. what do you think? >> if he wants to give it away, why not? right? >> let it snow. >> exactly. let it rain. all right. what a great weekend for football fans. let's start with sunday night's nfl game. the nfc east showdown between the redskins and giants. redskins lead the game in the second but the giants come back and tie it up. in the second half. giants held off the redskins scoring ten points winning the game 24-17. the eagles held off the cardinals. they are now second in the nfc east beating arizona 24-21. and in the vikings-bears game, minnesota rookie paterson after an unstoppable rushing touchdown
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celebrates with an official high fiving the guy. the vikings win in overtime 23-20. in the second meeting, broncos pulled out a close win over the chiefs. in the game, nile davis with this explosive 108-yard touchdown run after the kickoff starting in the sec quarter. broncos win 35-28. denver leads the afc west. and the patriots leading the afc east squeaked a win over the texans. the game was tied 31-31 in the fourth. they nailed the field goal for the win. 34-31. all right, you member him. he was called at the bills afalcons game eating wingsment he also posed with a fan. but one fan tweeted that ford stole his seat. what? don't worry about it though, he got that seat back. the bills, they lost 34-31. on to the miracle iron bowl
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finish, that stunned alabama. tied 28-28 with seconds left in the game. alabama feield goal attempt and the kicker saves it. look at that look on his face. wow. auburn wins 34-28. okay. so it was a big game between big ten. michigan and ohio state. during the second, a monster brawl ends with three players ve ejected. the wolf weaverines win it. in the bcs, take a look at the standings, auburn knocked alabama down to fourth. seminoles are number one in the ap poll for the first time since 2000. ohio state moves to second. auburn is in third. and mizzou hangs on to fifth. lindsey vonn decided to delay knee surgery from an injury two weeks ago so she can continue training and compete in the sochi olympics. we'll keep you up to date on
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that. in hockey, the 20-year teddy bear toss tradition was in full swing. after he scored first goal of the game, that started the launch of over 25,000 stuffed bears that just flew on to the ice. the bears are donated to charity for children. you know, i wondered what are they wrapped in? you have to put them if plastic so they don't get all wet, right? >> yeah. something you don't see every day. >> it's quite a sight. raining money earlier and bears at that game. i wonder what is next. >> thank you, betty. and something else you don't see every day. hunters in the north dakota wilderness caught a glimpse of this. it is spaining disk of ice. it is in the middle of the chi an river. it was likely formed by cold, dense air and an eddie in the river. the question is how does it form a perfect circle? bill karins is here with the
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answer. >> i guess that is the symmetry. force, gravity? acceleration? mass? i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. temperatures have warmed up since thanks giving. we're considerably warmer from coast to coast. so you may not need the gloves or hats this morning for yourself or the kids as you get ready. we're watching the coldest air in the northern rockies. that's where the next winter storm is brewing. this is one that will not move across the country. this is confined to the higher elevations of the rockies, northern rockies and northern plains. we have winter form warnings already in effect for much of montana. this is how much snow we're expecting. the pink is 6 to 12 inches. so the forecast for today, a nice easy travel day out there. not a lot of bad weather. a lot of clouds. but at least it's warm. you know, december, we're talking -- this is snow season. and there is really no signs of it at all for the east coast. >> i say let it snow. dollar bills preferably.
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>> instead of teddy bears? >> i'll take the dollar bills. could this be the biggest cyber monday of all time? we'll have a live report. plus this adorable little girl finally has a name. we'll tell you what it is. >> right now you are? >> no, you have to wait until after this break. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cold symptoms.
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good morning and welcome back. tragedy struck outside arrow head stadium sunday. an altercation in the stadium parking lot. police say a man who died was found inside someone else's car and a fight broke out. the death is being treated as a homicide. a new poll shows only a third of americans say they trust others. a record low since the poll was first con kukt du-- conducted i 1972. and the new panda cup will be called bao-bao which means
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precious treasure. it is the monday after thanks giving and that means online shopping. the online deals are better or just as good as black friday. sarah dob joins us from the fulfillment senter in phoenix. good morning. >> good morning. all sorts of deals to be had as people here rush to fill all of these orders that are expected to come in today. we're going take you live now workers here are receiving products from their manufacturers. they're unpacking them, then going to back them up and send them to the millions of people who will place orders today. now last year amazon ed 26.5 mi. this year they expect things to be even bigger. they're offering deals every ten minutes if you come back and that includes deals on kindles, toys, clothing, electronics,
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just about everything. and overall online retailers are expecting increase in cyber money deals. they're expecting to see about $2 billion in sales. a coup for the on line retailers who have seen things rise and rise ever since cyber monday was first coined in 2005. back to you. >> wow. definitely looks busy. thank you. and now for your first look at business, we turn to hampton peer son. good morning. >> how you doing? we're going to look at the other side of the shopping week and retail side. shop more, spend less, the national retail federation says 141 million people hit the stores this holiday weekend. that was, in fact, up from last year. but the average person spent about $407, down nearly 4% from thanksgiving weekend last year. amazon ceo says his company is testing drones to deliver
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packages. the drones could carry items weighing less than five pounds. amazon probably won't introduce what he calls octocopters for a few years. and comcast is testing technology to insert new ads into older episodes of tv shows that people watch on demand. that could help the parent of nbc universal and other networks generate a little more ad revenue. and we are always in favor of that. back to you. >> all right. thank you. well, scrambled politics is straight ahead clen the rnc's bizarre tribute to rose why parks. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ooh, homemade soup! yeah...
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apply online or visit a bank of america near you. now here's your look at "scrambles politics." vice president biden will head to tokyo and talks on china's new air defense zones. it was also announced the vp will visit the border between north and south korea known as the demilitarized zone saturday. mr. biden will hohn your troops killed in the korean war. bob smith wants his old job back. the republican says he will run for his party's nomination to challenge democratic incumbent gene shaheen next year. he may have popular competition. scott brown removed massachusetts from the twitter profile. the resident has been rumored to be open to a possible run in 2014. new york archbishop says the
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catholic church has been outmarketed been the on the issue of same-sex marriage. during an interview, he responded to critics who he says have chashg toured the church as anti-gay. debate over the issue will continue. >> back in 1973 with roe v. wade, everybody said this is going to go away and be back burnered. to this day, it is the most devisive issue in american politics. as you look at some of the changing attitudes, you say, wow. we're beginning to affect the young with the pro-life message. >> so you're not saying the gay marriage debate is over? >> no. i don't think it is. >> sunday was the 58th anniversary of rosa parks' arrest for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. and there is a tweet marking the date. today we remember posa parks bold stand in her role in ending
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racism. well, that message sparked outrage in the twitter verse from thousands who say that racism is not over. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. and now for our first look at politics, joining us now, aaron blake from "the washington post." aaron, good morning. >> good morning. >> aaron, let's start with these changes made do you think things may be changing? >> the aadministration announced that the website is working 90% of the time. that that was about their goal. they're privately held goal of 80% which they said was a number they were seeking privately after saying they wanted to work for the vast majority of users. so basically what they're saying now this is working as well as they wanted it to right now. there is still a lot of very important changes to be made. there's still some issues as far as the back end and sending data
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to the insurance companies. so this is very much a work in progress. but at least for now they're able to say they were -- they met their goals as far as the december 1st deadline. >> all right. let's move on to vice president joe biden who we know is headed to asia today. 'rifz in tokyo and then he's going to spend a week in the region. what is the overall goal of this trip? >> i think the biggest role that joe biden is playing this week is there's a dispute over an air defense installation that the chinese are starting to set up in an area that is kind of a disputed area between china and japan. joe biden is basically going there not taking a side in the dispute but obviously japan is a major ally in the region. they are balking at what the chinese are trying to do as far as setting up this air defense in this disputed area. so biden is playing kind of a
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negotiator role, a middle ground role trying to bring the two sides together and avoid some kind of a larger dispute than what's happening right now. >> all right. i believe the president heads there in april. all right. aaron blake with the "washington post," nice to speak you to, sir. >> thank you. coming up next, bill karins and betty will be here for "first buzz." ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love and cheer ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- provocative design and exacting precision come together in one powerful package at the lexus december to remember sales event, with some of the best offers of the year on our most thrilling models. this is the pursuit of perfection. on our most thrilling models. i tr ied this is the pursuit of perfection. depend last models. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise.
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question for you, is this the best dear santa letter ever written or worse? this is a sign of the times. a child wrote this letter, dear
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handa, how are you? i'm good. got to love it, right? here's what i want for christmas. and then provides a link -- >> no, he didn't. >> amazon item which takes you to an rc plane. but still, what do you think of this? >> look how long it is. >> the poor kid. >> what do you think of this? >> this is a sign of the time. is it a good thing or bad thing? >> i think it's good. >> i think it's good. if he did the twitter link, it would have been shorter. >> but he's making it easier santa. >> good luck to the parent copying that one down. >> it is so 2013. bill karins, what do you got? >> i should have thought of this. these million dollar ideas. west coast wagons. this is the new trend. if you want to be really hip and have money to throw out the window, can you get these wagons. this isn't like the little red rider wagon. this is the strawberry shortcake
2:28 am
wagon this is $500. this is the pirate wagon. you have guns on the side. that is the cowboy wagon. that is $465. and this is the dvd player in it with a custom seats and custom wheels, $1,000 for the yellow hummer. >> earmuffs for my son. i don't want him getting any ideas. >> the coolest person on the block. they're going to sell those things. >> all right. put up the amazon thing. >> battery operated wagon. we have gone into the future. speaking of the future. so nasa is thinking about sending herbs and vegetables to the moon. yes. 2015 they're trying to send them up in the canisters to see if they'll grow. they're going to send seeds up there, things like basil and turnips. if they grow, that will give us an indication if there can be human life on the moon. but the sealed containers, they only have about five days of air. so after that, these plants are on their own. so we'll see if it works. >> i think it will be cool if
2:29 am
they have a camera and we can check. >> they are watching. people down here are watching the plants to see if they can live. >> they must have water included. >> only a little bit of water. >> this is "first look on "on msnbcment stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. i'm taking this train for close to 30 years. when we went around the curve, i knew something was up. >> the deadly trail derailment in new york raising concerns about train safety and outdated systems all across the country. how about the system of running much more smoothly. or is it? we'll update at fordable care act as the november 30th deadline to fix the website has come and gone. and moving the chains. a mix-up late in the giants-redskins game leads to controversy. what happened? who won? a little later on this monday edition of "way too early."
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>> good morning. my clothes are feeling tighter. i know it's cliche, i definitely had my fill. time to hit the gym today or whatever you do. we have an he can check tick mix for you. we have a coffin company selling itself with naked women. i'll explain that later. or lewis will, actually. we begin with an update on the train derailment in new york. stretches of the commuter rail line are closed this morning after the deadly crash yesterday. we have new video just in of crews already back on the scene to get the trains uprighted. four people, of course, killed. 63 injured. 11 in critical condition. early morning commuter


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