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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 4, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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just when you thought it was safe to trust nothing, the mice from guam restore our faith that sometimes the crazenist things in the news are the true ones. ive weather drop is causing temperatures to drop and there are signs of snow in feet, not inches. >> and around the nation, government workers who depend on pensions, are extremely concerned about a judge's approval of detroit's bankruptcy. plus, the piano man because art in any event resident at the world's most famous arena. which state has the most foul mouthed residents? and for the right price, this
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batman tun t batman tundra cart can be yours. >> the commuter rail line should be back on line this morning as details emerge. the driver nodded off at the switch. moments after the accident, rockefeller told police he zoned out. this as the train was barrelling towards the tracks on a sharp turn. it was coming in an area cleared for half that speed. but when the train was going 82 miles per hour by then, that's nearly triple the speed limit, and by the time the engineer slammed on the brakes, it was simply too latement now investigators are eyeing rockefeller who is described as having a stellar record. his lawyer notes he changed his work schedule to an earlier 5:00 a.m. time just two weeks briar prior to the accident. >> there is every indication that he would have time to get full sleep. based on these data, there's no indication that the brake
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systems were not functioning properly. >> a spokesperson says some metro north systems have trains that brake in the case of distracted drivers. but this train that derailed was not equipped with that technology. i may feel like february where you are or it's about toment a winter storm is making its way east through the western half of the u.s. and it's bringing bitter temperatures and in some cases, 40 degrees below normal. parts of colorado are expecting up to 18 inches of snow by thursday. a whopping 30 inches of snow are reported at idaho's saddle mountain. right now parts of ten states are under winter storm warnings including the dakotas where wind chills of negative 40 degrees are expected by the week's end. forecasters say the storm itself expected to spread as far south as texas by the weekend and then it will turn east. $18 billion in red. the city of detroit gets the go
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ahead to file for bankruptcy. in the ruling tuesday, the federal judge said this one is proud and prosperous city cannot pay debts. it also has an opportunity for a fresh start. it's the first time a court ruled pensions could be reduce the despite a state constitutional ban. but it's not just detroit where pensions are at risk. chicago's credit rating is downgraded for a $19 billion pension short fall. and it's a problem for other states, too. the pension funds in 34 states cover less than 80% of their retiree's pension and health care obligations. at 45%, i will sill the worllinn the nation. >> money that you have to pay 30 years from now seems a lot cheaper than money you have to pay today. president obama is getting back on the offensive telling americans that is
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working better than ever. he is launching a three week campaign saying the website is vastly improved and that oeb care is here to stay. that reassurance comes as the president is under renewed pressure to hold people accountable for the botched rollout. >> do not let the initial problems with the website discourage you. because it's working better now and it's going to just keep on working better over time. every day i check to make sure that it is working better. >> he's been logging in. >> a treasury department watchdog is noted potential problems come tax season. the inspector general for tax administration says existing irs systems do not have the capability to detect fraud when it comes to the subsidies to help people buy insurance in the form of tax credits. the administration officials say the irs aggressively safeguards the systems to combat any fraud and as the affordable care act is no exception. the result of paul walker's autopsy are expected to be
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released today. he and his friend were killed in a fiery and tragic car crash saturday just moments after this photo was taken at the fast and furious actor stepping inside a 2005 red porsche. walker said the actor was the passenger in that car. the autopsy is completed tuesday should officially confirm that. investigatesors say they don't believe that walker and his friend were racing another car. speed is considered a factor in the crash. universal pictures said tuesday the production of "the fast and furious 7" is on hold. the company has not said how they might change the movie. it is die out july of next year. universal pictures shares the same parent company as this network. the piano man has a few more songs to play on that baby grand. he'll take up a monthly residence at madison square garden as the first ever music franchise. he'll play concerts there once a month beginning january 2014 and continuing indefinitely. joel's appearance state of mind makes residency at the garden
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more of a special experience. >> i'm getting a lot of credit here for how good i'm supposed to be. but i think a good deal of it is from the audience that comes to the garden. they're a great audience. if you have a great audience, you usually give a better show. >> new york governor andrew cuomo was on hand for the announcement. performance dates are set through joel's 65th birthday in may. and now it's time for sports. betty is here with all the headlines. >> good morning. okay, in boston, the shot of the night. the celtics avery bradley grabs an air ball. as he's falling out of bounds, he puts a shot up over the back board right there. you see it. and it actually goes in. boston beat milwaukee 108-100. a double overtime thriller for you, orlando at philadelphia. the 76ers michael thomas also
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got his triple-double. a 126-125 win. it was the first time in nba history two rookies had triple-doubles in the same game. >> good for the new kids. >> exactly. in hockey, a furious fight as chicago's andrew shaw and antoine lucef of dallas dropped the gloves. oh, geez. they're flying. this is no joke. officials tried to step in but they were getting punched themselves. they finally separated them. the stars edged the blackhawks 4-3. i think it's kind of part of that sport. the official ball for the 2014 world cup was revealed in a star studded bit in brazil. it will be used in world cup matches next june. football fans, rob hawkins pleaded not guilty to assault and reckless endangerment for an incident at a buffalo bills game
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last month. he was captured on video sliding down a railing and falling about 30 feet into the stands and landing on another fan. both men were treated and released. hawkins says it was a simple accident. centerfielder jacoby ellsbury, one of the stars of the boston world championship team signed with the red sox's biggest rival, the new york yankees at $153 million for seven years. that is a deal. he could replace granderson who is also a first agent. and will farrell's ron burgundy talks to peyton manning. a surprise that he's actually been so successful. take a listen. >> yet, you've done it all without a mustache. you're running around out there and you look like a succulent baby lamb. okay? >> i guess to tell you the truth, i never had much of a desire to grow any facial hair.
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i think i managed to play quarterback okay without a mustache. eli tried to grow one a while back without much success. >> i saw that. it did not look good. >> look how manning is totally playing along. >> i didn't think he would look good with a mustache. >> i agree. the u.s. capitol is already in christmas spirit. john boehner was joined by a local first grader to switch on the 88-foot tall tree. and tonight is the liting of the world's famous christmas tree. tonight's star studded festivities will take place. sarah. good morning. >> good morning. >> at 76 feet tall, it is quite the christmas tree. all that is left to do now is flip that switch. all dressed up for the holidays. 45,000 led lights topped with a crystal star. the rockefeller center christmas tree has come a long way from the front yard of the family in
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connecticut. >> all the people come down from new york just to see the tree. it's a big thing. >> it's going to be really great knowing that so many people across america are going to see this tree and then it's going to be a cool feeling knowing that we're the twhaunz had it. >> the first formal lighting ceremony took place in 1933, the tradition grows bigger every year and this year is no exception. live performances from a list of celebrities will lead up to the big moment. >> i'm so excited to be a part of the tree lighting ceremony. i watched it every year. >> for many, the lighting marks the true beginning of the holiday season. a majestic sight. >> i'm just excited. this is on my bucket list. >> during a magical time of year. and the tree stays up until january 7th. after that, it will be milled into lumber for habitat for humanity. the tree that just keeps giving. >> all right. sarah, thanks so much for that. you can watch all the
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festivities tonight on nbc. christmas in rockefeller center starts at 8:00 central time. >> the most fouled mouth in the state of the union? we'll tell you. vice president biden takes on a serious mission in china. plus, is this the future of inexpensive space exploration? we'll tell you. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup.
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will have joe biden was in tokyo tuesday to show support for japan in the wake of the air zone. the united states is standing with japan over the matter, biden stopped short of demanding beijing remove the restriction. >> we are deeply concerned by the attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. >> the vice president arrived in
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beijing early this morning where he plans to meet with china's president. seems like the house and senate will agree on a bill to extend the ban on manufacturing plastic firearms. the house approved the ten-year extension of the ban tuesday and the senate is expected to do the same when it returns from break next week. >> two skydivers in arizona have been killed in a mid air collision. witnesses say the two divers had opened parachutes when they ran into each other causing them to fall about 250 feet. the third skydiver was taken to a nearby hospital. space x launched the first commercial satellite mission into space on tuesday after two previous delays. the launch marks the first florida launch. and this might just be the coolest ebay buy of the day. batman tumble you are golf cart modelled after christian bail's vehicle of choice. the $17,500 custom cart comes with four cup holders, ipad
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stand, leather seats, batman logo on the steering column and a secret quill switch kill swit anti-theft device. >> bargain hunters are still in luck. lighter shopper trarveg over the thanks giving weekend may force them to take bigger year end mark downs. car dealerships were plenty business. november u.s. auto sales raced forward the strongest pace in more than six years boosted by black friday promotions. and students in boston may soon be hearing that stay classy signoff from newsman ron burgundy. his name is attached to the school of communications for open enrollment as will farrell appears in clark to promote the upcoming flick "anchor man 2." >> we would like to have him here, as a matter of fact. all right, scrambled
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nobody speaks english. a spokesman for the republican governor says he condemned the remarks. >> former president bill clinton is speaking out about those critical comments he made about obama care last month. mr. clinton criticized president obama for his promise if you like your plan you can keep it. on tuesday, he set the record straight on what was or was not behind those remarks. >> is it because you are setting the way for mrs. clinton to run? and seconds, are the problems with obama care limited to the website? >> the answer to the first question is, no. first of all, i said nothing about this. not one word until the president spoke. >> the former president didn't say whether he thought problems with the law were confined to the website. he also didn't give any insight into a possible white house run by wife hillary in 2016. >> changes to frequent flyer programs could be on the way soon. justices heard arguments tuesday
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from a rap eye who says northwest airlines revoked his platinum elite status. the airline says it did so because he made too many complaints and booked himself on full flights in hopes of getting bumped. lawyers for the rabbi say it was a move to encourage members ahead of the merger with delta airlines. tomorrow, chris matthews will have a special interview president obama on hardball. you can submit questions. can you go to the hard ball section of and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. joining me now for the first look at politics is "washington post" reporter ed o'keefe, he is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> we just teased chris matthews' interview with president obama. i want to ask you, what do you think is the most pressing issue that the president needs to address? >> well, it's no mistake that he is speaking to chris matthews on a college campus. it's young people, after all, that need to sign up for the new health care law in order for it
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to work. you have to get the younger, healthier people into the system to pay for the other folks. so far, there are suggestions that a lot of young people are not signing up just yet. >> what does he need to do to convince them? one problem is they think they're young and invincible. they'll never get sick and need this kind of thing. >> that's one thing. he is clearly making sure this website works. it's no secret that younger people do most of their shop, most of their life online at this point. if there is word that there is a government website they need to use is not working, that's something he has to address. >> president obama is coming be in nur preer from republicans and democrats to fire members of his administration in the wake of that botched rollout. do you that i is going to happen? >> this is a president that doesn't like to fire people. he nudges them out. if anyone is under the gun, it is folks at the health and human services. they have a few more weeks to make sure this website is working before anyone
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potentially loses their job. >> now the house extended a ban on plastic guns yesterday and the senate is expected to follow. why was this ban seemingly so easy to pass when restrictions on ak-47s and further background checks ran into such trouble even in the face of the terrible tragedy like the newtown shooting? >> the nra stayed quiet. they said nothing about this. that is partly, of course, the gun industry would prefer you buy a gun from than make one through a 3 d printer. so staying quiet and not taking a position is seen as favoring this bill. that makes it easier for republicans and democrats from gun friendly areas of the country to vote yes. >> very interesting. ed o'keefe, thank you for your team. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> coming up, get bety will be back for "first buzz," we're talking about the most foul mouthed states. and an interesting change to santa's reindeer flight. that's coming up next. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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betty rejoins me. so the states that curse the most, which are the states that you guess would curse the most? >> i would say somewhere down south. i would say texas. i'll say my home state of texas. >> i would think new york makes the list. >> that's true. >> no. neither one. midwest, ohio. >> no! i would have never thought. get the bleep out of here. >> there is an analysis of
2:28 am
600,000 phone calls. ohioans curse the most followed by marylanders which is my home state. that explains a lot. >> exactly. you should hear her. >> and then the most -- or the least cursers, if you will, are in washington state. so, you know, there are some pacific northwestern manners. >> you would think there because it rains so much they would be frustrated. can i just see some sun already? >> all right. this story i love this. it's going to throw santa and his whole sleigh ride off for kids. remember when you were a kid you would watch the norad tracking for santa? >> i wasn't that fancy. >> i used to watch these things. >> you see those two things on the side of santa? those are fighter jets making sure that santa safely gets to his destination. it's a new thing that they're doing. >> i don't know. what are the threats to santa? >> i have no -- i would hope
2:29 am
not. that is going to frighten kids. >> exactly. >> a lot of parents are upset by this saying why you would even put that in the mix? >> santa is good enough for the reindeer. "way too early" starts right now. >> you play in denver for the broncos at mile high stadium. >> correct. >> tell me about your relationship with thunder. >> our mascot, thunder? >> you're talking about the horse that runs up and down the field? >> oh, yes. i had my eye on that wonderful beast for decades. >> he may as well come visit us. probably a little early for him. our daily dose of ron burgundy. we're still two weeks from the movie's premier. >> how about top gun? 27 years later christine fox, the highest ranking female at the pentagon ever.
2:30 am
and we look at what's next for the city of detroit as it's now been cleared to move forward with the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. history. this is "way too early." >> good morning, everybody. brian shactman. always a good show when lewis is outside the building. he is outside the building today. we'll have the reasons why later in the cooler. and, of course, i can't say i'm sad. it is a little bit of a surprise. jacoby ellsbury goes from the red sox to the yankees in one of the richest deals in history. sox fans hope it works out more like kevin youkilis than baib rouge. we'll have detai db babe ruth. vice president biden in china trying to smooth over tensions in that part of the world. he'll meeth


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