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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 5, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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>> also, as amusing as the rob ford saga has been, there is some indication he may have tried to pay to keep the now infamous crack smoking video out of the public eye. and sticking with our friends in canada, usually if you lose your winning lottery ticket, you lose the lottery. but north of the border that, is not the case. we have a great story for new the cooler on this thursday edition of "way too early." >> a norman rockwell painting goes for a record sum at auction and we have a sweet goal from the premier league. but we have a lot of news to get to this morning. we're going to start with breaking news overseas. 20 people are reportedly dead after a suicide car bombing at
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yemen's defense ministry. sources telling nbc that the attackers were wearing military uniforms and drove a bob trapped car with military plates right up to the gates. gunmen and troops quickly started an exchange of gunfire right after the explosion. most of the gunmen are dead. a hospital inside the defense ministry suffered serious damage and a medical team was reportedly among those killed by the gunman. at this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. back here in the u.s., a scathing report says arizona's four street division is to blame for the death of 19 hot shot firefighters back in june. and that krikcontradicts the un own investigation. they fined them $559,000 for serious safety violations. this includes a 25,000 penalty for each firefighter who died battling the wildfire.
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according to the report, the agency failed the firefighters by putting property protection ahead of the crew's own safety. they're sited for not pulling the team out even though it was clear the efforts were ineffective. the agency sent the firefighters into the field without adequate maps, without guidance, or communications. earlier review by the forestry division did not assign any blame but facilitied the communications between the firefighters and their supervisor. >> a pair of thieves stole a truck that had dangerous nuclear material in mexico. there is no threat to the public. the truck was carrying what is called cobalt 6 0e. they were taking it from a hospital to a storage center. if you don't know cobalt 60 is usually used for medical reasons such as cancer treatments but could also be potentially used
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to make a dirty bomb. the truck was stolen monday from a gas station near mexico city. that prompted a six state man hund all across mexico. authorities say the thieves are likely either dead or dying from being exposed to that material. if they open it, unless they have has mat suits on, they were going to get in a lot of trouble. it's believed they opened the container not realize wlag is going on. they actually wanted to just steal the truck. trains are back to normal in new york four days after that deadly train derailment. but now the nypd working with local prosecutors and federal investigators to see if criminal charges might be warranted in this situation. an attorney says the trains engineer william rockefeller fell into a sort of hypnotic days before the crash. four people were killed and more than 60 were injured in that derailment. despite objection from officials and family members of victims, the 911 tapes have been released nearly a year after the
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sandy hook elementary shootings. a judge allowed their release. nbc news has decided not to play the tapes out of respect for the families of the victims. the tapes paint a picture of professionalism among the dispatchers and first responders. on one call, we can tell you gun shots can be heard as the custodian describes the school on lockdown. one woman at the school says she caught a glimpse of the gunman and another caller is in a classroom of children with one person shot in the foot. last month a report painstaki painstakingly laid out gunman adam landsman life. it details the arsenal and ammo as he walked through the school killing 20 children and six adults before taking his own life. fast food workers across the country will walk off their jobs this morning as part of a 100 city protest of the nation's minimum wage. the workers are seeking $15 an hour and the right to form a union. meanwhile, in washington,
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president obama's making income inequality one of the major pieces of his second term agenda. >> the idea that a child may never be able to escape poverty because she lacks a decent education, health care or a community that views her future as their own, that should offend all of us. the combined friends of increased inequality and decreasing mobility pose a fundamental threat to the american dream, our way of life, and what we stand for around the globe. so what drives me is a grandson, a son, a father, as an american is to make sure that every striving hard-working, optimistic kid in america has the same incredible chance that this country gave me. >> currently the minimum wage is $7.25. adjusted for inflation. that's more than $3 less than the minimum wage back in 1968. president obama says he will support a senate bill to
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increase the minimum wage to $10.10. if hillary clinton decides to run for president in 2016, her path to the democratic nomination may have just become a little clearer. the "boston globe" is recording elizabeth warren put an to end speculation she might pursue the white house in the foreseeable future. at a news conference, warren pledged to serve out her term. she added, i'm not running for president. i'm working as hard as i can to be the best possible senator that i can be and to fight for the things that i promised during my campaign to fight for. rob ford, well, just been a little too long since we talked about him. so we're going to talk about it. new police documents reveal toronto's mayor may have offered suspected drug dealers $5,000 and a car to keep video of him smoking crack from becoming public. the information comes from wiretaps of the gang members who discussed trying to blackmail the mayor. the report also suggests ford
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regularly used drugs including heroin. ford chocked up the use of crack to what he called an isolated drunken stooper. one more thing, rob ford's tv show didn't really work out. canceled after one episode. but now it's going to have a segment on a washington, d.c. sports radio show starting this morning called -- i'm not kidding here, "the sports junkies." ask whether washington should change the team name from the redskins, he reportedly said, no, what are we going to call the cleveland indians? the cleveland ab ridgeals next? that's a quote folk, not my words. ford reportedly attended a redskins football camp as a child. barnicle liked that one. let's go to business. this morning we get weekly jobless claims. gdp revisions for the third quarter. as for the markets, yesterday they were mixed. the nasdaq was slightly positive. the dow and the s&p 500 finished off the lows but in negative
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territory. two days in a row, kayla! good morning. >> good morning, brian. in the u.s. there is always a cliff or a crisis of some sort. now we're seeing the fiscal cliff is very 2012. now the u.s. could be headed over the dairy cliff soon. the 2008 farm bill is set to expire at the end of year. if congress can't pass a new one, legislation from 1949 would kick in. that would force the usda to buy dairy product at nearly double current market prices. consumers could see their wallets milked for up to $8 for a gallon of milk. try that one on for size. apple and china mobile signed a deal to carry iphones on the chinese carrier's network. it gives apple access to the 700 million subscribers and gives apple a major potential for increase in iphone sales. brian. >> i'm blushing on this one. why you are looking at me? microsoft might be looking into the technology for a smart bra. >> yeah. you heard of smart watches,
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smart glasses, but now microsoft is taking wearable tech to new extremes with that start bmart in the works. it would use sensors to track skin sensitivity and when she is at risk of emotional eating. i am reading that they tried to develop a wearable sort of underwear for men but it was too far from the heart. >> seinfeld, the bro. of course. everyone needs a little support. thank you, kayla. we'll see you soon. other news to get to before i lose it. norman rockwell painting just set a new record. saving grace. sold yesterday for $46 million at an auction in new york city. according to sotheby's, it's a record for any american painting. two people went back and forth for about nine minutes ratcheting up the price. it was supposed to go for 15 to 20. it was not revealed who the buyer was. the previous record was $27.7
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million for a george bellows painting. two other rock we will paintings sold for $11 million combined. we waited too long to get to this. one of the most adorable play dates between a 2-year-old an a 1-year-old. you probably never going see anything like this again. it happened at the white house. >> are you okay? >> puppy. come here. puppy. >> yesterday the white house dog got a little excited and knocked over an adorable 2-year-old. the first lady made sure everything was okay. the photo here which made the rounds on social media just looks horrible. like the dog attacked her.
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we want to show you the video. look at the -- can we put it back up, please? look at the chefs in the background. they're like oh, no! i mean, she's just a darling little girl. she was totally fine and pet the dog. the first lady handled it as she always does with such poise. that brings us to twitter. we know our pets have done something like that, right? obviously. your best or worst or funniest pet story. we'll put the answers on the show a little later. still ahead on "way too early," the number one team in the nation facing a major challenge from an unranked but not unknown team. we having from college hoops next for new sports. jimmy kimmel is tracking the cities that curse the most and we found evidence to support the city at the top of the list. that and bill karins. we have a lot of weather going on around the country.
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time for sports starting with college hoops. major upset last night. north carolina stunning number one michigan state. the tar heels never trailed. they only allowed michigan state to tie it up late in the first half before getting a double digit lead. 79-65 the final. north carolina might actually get back in the top 25 now despite lowsing to belmont and uad so far this season. the u.s. olympic team, lindsey vonn completed her first training run. of course two weeks ago the olympic women's down hill champ partially retore one of the
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ligaments. vonn covered the course yesterday. the 22nd fastest time out of 65. slow, but she took it easy and safe and hopefully she'll avoid surgery and try to compete in the olympics. i just hope she doesn't hurt it further. mike tomlin paying the price for his misstep in the game against the ravens. they fined him $100,000 for nearly stepping on the field just as ravens kick returner jacoby jones running up the sideline. it is obvious to everybody at this point that he kind of did it on purpose. baltimore did get the win. tomlin says he is taking full responsibility for a blunder but that he doesn't want to answer any more questions about it. the league did not rule out further penalties including removal or alteration of steelers draft picks. so they're taking this one pretty seriously. finally, a little soccer. looks like we have a new candidate for goal of the year. liverpool's luis suarez, he had four goals in the game. they won 5-1 over norwich center, nothing more impressive
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than that baby. that is incredible. are we going to loop that again? watch this. that's just incredible. i mean that is -- literally unstoppable. that's for joe. and also my son has a liverpool winner hat even though he's never seen them play. >> that is cool. >> i like the tie. you match the thing behind you. >> i purposely did that. the icy tie. yeah, big ice storm coming to the portions of the central plains. we're worries about power outages. yesterday it was the snow. this is where the storm is moving through the denver area, north dakota, duluth, duluth picked up three feet of snow. you won't see the grass again until easter. as far as areas in colorado, bitterly cold this morning. minus 15 right now in denver after getting the snow yesterday. minnesota, you got a lot of snow. it's going to stay cold. it's not melting any time soon. the ice storm warnings are up for areas of oklahoma and bordering texas, little rock to memphis. that is where we're expecting the possibility of power
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outages. i saw pictures from the walmart with the bread aisle with nothing on the shelves. people are taking it seriously. so again, the area of greatest concerns is the darker purple shading from outside louisville to paducah and little rock, memphis. this starts later on today, more or less this evening. then all day tomorrow. the northern edge of this will get some snow, too. so oklahoma city will get a little snow, st. louis, indianapolis and start as sleet and heavy crunchy snow on top. even dallas has winter storm warning. the temperatures, billing, montana, a high temperature today of zero. goose egg. >> it was warm walking in today. >> east coast is warm. rain coming. we're just lucking out. >> coming up, "morning joe." president obama grig income and equality into the spotlight. but is there a realistic legislation that can actually make a difference? when we come back here, we huddle around the cooler. why a $50 million lottery winner may be the luckiest winner of all time. we'll be right back.
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. the olympics are coming up. time to show support for team usa. put your hands together. make some noise. >> go. ♪ >> go. >> go, usa. >> now it's your turn. >> go! >> usa zlam. >> go usa! at the top of the show, we talked about the possibility of milk prices soaring to $8 a gallon. tell your friends last year the united states produced 200 billion pounds of milk.
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there are more than nine million milk cowses on farms across this nation. let's put aside the real news, although that wasn't real news. let's go to mr. lewis. >> that's a lot of milking, brian. >> it is. thank you. >> it takes enough luck to win a $50 million lotto jackpot. it takes more luck to win a jackpot after losing the golden ticket. that's what happened to the ontario lottery gaming corporation found her after months of a long investigation of the unclaimed prize. they knew the time and place that the ticket was sold and that was bought with a credit card. they compared that with video and jackpot. jones said she had her doubts when they knocked on her door but it's a good thing she did. >> we weren't sure we wanted to let them in the housement we weren't sure who they were. and then they showed us their id and they came in and sat down and started asking a number of questions. >> jones says she still doesn't
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know where the ticket is. very lucky for her. and it's a feel good story at the end of the day. now to the latest on anchor man 2 and promotional tour. it just never ends. ron burgundy stopped by emerson college yesterday after the school renamed the school communications to honor the fake newsman. >> of all of the colleges to give me this esteemed award to be recognized by the electoral college, it's extraordinary. i mean i thought you guys only met for once every four years to pick the president. to know that ron burgundy school of communication will stand here for the test of time. 1,000 years from now when the planet is controlled by robots and mutans from the x men
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series, one thing will still be standing. >> emerson must have needed publicity. his stop in boston is the latest in a nonpromotional blitz. he went to a news affiliate in north dakota and then he went to australia and then he was in amsterdam for the mtv-emas. anchor man 2 won't hit theaters until december 18th. i'm a little nervous as to how good it's going to be. i'm sure there will be plenty of people watching in the theaters. i just don't want a caddie shack 2 situation here. now let's head to the daily show where jon stewart is doing his part to expose companies that make falls claims about their products. >> johnson & johnson will pay more than $2 billion to settle civil and criminal allegations. >> i expect this from you, johnson, but now -- but not you,
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johnson. actually, i haven't trusted johnson & johnson since i tried to stop my child's crying by pouring a bottle of their patented no more tears shampoo in his eyes. did not work. at all! >> now to jimmy kimmel. a new study about cursing caught their attention. >> a new study found that the state where people curse the most or they use the most profanity is ohio. i saw a local news broadcast out of akron this morning. i don't know, they might have the study right. >> yesterday was giving tuesday. dubbed the black friday of charitable giving. and the residence of akron came out in full force. [ beep ] yeah they d kelly has the report. >> james baker high school didn't have enough money to resod their. [ beep ] field. so they got together and did what he this do best, get [ beep ] done. it should be finished in time this weekend for the rebels to
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take on the [ beep ] from pierce. will they show up for the big game? [ beep ] >> holy. [ beep ] it's going to be a [ beep ] weekend. >> you think of new york if you want to hear the most profanity. >> i think of boston where it's punctuation for crying out loud. the white house and the presidential dog knocking over the cute little girl. we want your best pet story. "morning joe" is just moments away. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative,
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all right. so sunny knocked over an adorable little girl at the white house. yurt best pet stories. we have natalie back for you. so here she is. >> my nephew and i put the dog in the drier and kept the door open and watched him run like a hamster. a little cruel. >> kind of funny. >> and dog ate my law school
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diploma 24 hours after i got it. almost took her back to the shelter. >> but you didn't. you still technically get your degree so you're okay. we put the picture up. a good friend said obama care tn contest. people said obama care, you better cover this. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ 113th congress is going to go down as the least productive in our american history. >> 55 bills have been signed into law. this is the least productive congress ever. >> the least productive congress in the history of the american penn. >> it's literally a do nothing congress. >> that's not fair. they are doing something. they are getting into the guinness book of world records and that's twice if you count


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