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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  December 8, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ from the absurd to the embarrassing -- >> it really happened. i have all the wedding footage. do you want to see it? >> to the just plain shocking. >> this was one of the most disturbing viral videos i've ever seen. >> these viral videos capture our attention one way -- >> pretty horrifying, visceral thing when you see that. >> -- or another. >> tires should not be able to go up just by nudging each other. >> i can't believe it. that's so incredible. >> almost instantly we want to forward them along. >> things like that people tend to want to share with other people. >> where's his right wing? he's just lost his wing. >> but how can you know if
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they're real? >> it looks like it could be real. which is why i think it's not real. "caught on camera: viral videos: do you believe"? hello, i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." according to youtube, more than 24 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute, and that's just one of the many websites where you can view videos these days. that's a lot of funny, cute, or disturbing moments you can pass along to friends. but how do we know if we can believe what we're seeing? the clips you are about to watch have all had people wondering, are they real or are they fake? imagine your wedding day has finally arrived. after months, if not years, of planning. the sun's shining. your dream dress is perfectly steamed. your hair and makeup are flawless.
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you're staring into the eyes of the man you love and then -- >> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> a wedding disaster. >> there's always that fear that one little thing will just ruin everything. that's what happens in this video. one little tumble turns it from perfect to a calamity. >> it just, like, has an awesome shock value. >> if this was my wedding, my whole family would be like, that guy would be in the pool, maybe on the barbecue. i mean, it was not -- i would not be like, oh, is she okay? oh, charlie slipped. you know what i mean? it would be like, get the forks. we are killing charlie. >> this nuptial nightmare is first uploaded to youtube in october 2008. soon, it's appearing on news broadcasts and morning shows around the country. >> this is somebody's wedding day. we found on the website. let's take a look. that's the best man.
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that's the best man. >> going after the minister. >> you know what? it did look like -- look. oh, oh! >> but was this a real moment caught on camera or something altogether different? if you guessed real, you were wrong. >> i kind of thought it was fake. but i didn't want to think it was fake. i wanted to believe it was real. so i just told everyone it was real. you know? i just sort of willed myself to believe it was real. i would pass it around, people would be like, it's fake. no, it's real. it's got to be real. >> independent filmmaker archie gibbs is the man behind this embarrassingly funny tumble. >> it's a part of actually a scripted feature film that i wrote. >> that's right. it's a promo for a movie. >> my producing partner and i thought it would be really cool if we could do a movie that we could actually market, have clips on the internet that people would think is real and then when they come see the
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movie, they would decide for themselves. >> inspired by the 1999 hit, "the blair witch project," they came up with the idea of putting together a film from so-called found footage. but this time, it would be a romantic comedy, not a horror film. and a wedding seemed like the perfect setting. >> sometimes when you go to a wedding, they will have disposable cameras that the bride and groom will hand out. at this wedding, they handed out flip cameras. >> in reality, the movie was shot over 12 days at a home in los angeles. as soon as production wrapped, archie uploaded a short clip to youtube. that moment millions would see. >> oh my god, oh, my god! he thought it would be a good way of drumming up interest while he edited the movie. little did he know how quickly the clip would take off. >> about a week later, yahoo! had it on their homepage as wet wedding and it went bonkers.
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>> zoe, your top. >> oh, my god. >> every single major morning news program wanted the bride and the groom to come on to their show to talk. we couldn't do that. >> after all, the bride and groom were actors. >> it's dry cleaning. >> and sending them on to a national television program seemed a little too risky. and because the movie wasn't ready for an audience, archie wasn't prepared to spill the beans just yet. >> we did not want to let the cat out of the bag, because part of the fun of the movie is, is it real? is it fake? >> so he decided to string the shows along. when asked if the clip was real, archie would just say -- >> it really happened. i have all of the wedding footage. do you want to see it? if they asked me point blank, is this shot for a movie? i would have said yes. but they did not ask the right question. >> very smart people can be duped. not smart people can be duped easier.
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>> at the end of the day, especially with things like this, people want to believe. because it's really funny. >> oh, my god! >> we weren't set out to pull a hoax. it was always to have it -- something that was entertaining that people thought was funny and they just weren't sure if it was real or fake. >> fast forward one year, to october 2009. the clip has millions of views and the movie is now complete. archie's ready for more publicity, and lucky for him, a local morning show in l.a. wants to have the bride and groom on to talk about their mishap. this time it seems worth the risk. >> carissa wheeler, who plays the bride, and josh cobitt, who's the groom, they went on in character, while the newscast was there, you know, one of them actually says, i kind of believe that it was real. now seeing you guys together, you totally make a great couple. >> well, i had my doubts, too. now that i see you, you guys are truly, truly in love. >> feel so bad for those poor
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news anchors who are just digging themselves in a hole without even knowing they're digs themselves into a hole. >> we actually called them up and said we'd love to come back on the show. it wasn't real. you can chastise us or do whatever you want. they declined to have us back on their show. >> you can take a joke so far. and then you can take it too far. they clearly went over the edge and fell over it into the pool of bad will, as it were. >> maybe not with the audience though. while the completed movie wasn't a hit, this dip was viewed over 100 million times online and on tv. real or fake, it was a viral success. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! another viral hit. this short clip uploaded in january 2011. yes, that appears to be a gorilla walking upright just like a man. all the other gorillas are
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sitting or on all fours, like you'd expect. seems suspicious. could this be a man in a gorilla suit? nope. this is as real as it gets. bam bam is a western lowland gorilla living at the port limpney wild animal park in kent, england. where he can sometimes be seen strutting across his enclosure on just two feet. keepers say this stance gives him a height advantage he can use to see over the wall when they come to feed him. and apparently, the ability to walk like a man runs in the family. bam bam's father displayed the same unusual behavior. so, he's just following in his father's footsteps. from a primate who can walk the walk, to a baby doing -- whatever this is. that can't possibly be a real baby. can it?
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in late 2010, this jaw-dropping video of a woman moving and swinging what looks like a small baby starts to get the attention of online viewers. >> you see a video of this happening to a baby, you're going to send this to everyone you know who has a baby, likes cute things and likes cute little babies and would be outraged by it. >> websites like gawker quickly start questioning if it's even real. >> this was one of the most disturbing viral videos i've seen. it's intense. it is intense. this can't be a real baby. right? >> i mean, the way that we bind them up and swaddle them and protect them and put them in car
2:13 pm
seats, you don't expect to see babies move this way. >> it's easier to just laugh and say, it's fake. i'm sure the baby's not getting hurt. i don't really need to worry about it. whoa. >> i was hoping it was an editing trick like live baby, live baby, okay, cut. put the doll in hand, do whatever you want with that stupid doll because it is just a doll. >> is this a case of creative editing? no, it isn't. >> who comes up with this idea first? who's doing the ♪ jumpy jumpy oh, you know, it's like, oh, hey the arm didn't come off. >> that would be russian leeanna fokina, a practitioner of something called dynamic gymnastics. she runs workshops in dahab, egypt. a journalist has reported on this video for his blog dad wagon and for "time" magazine where he's a contributing writer. >> she was definitely able to confirm, you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this
2:14 pm
was real, that the child was real. and fortunately, that the child was still alive and seems to be healthy. >> thornburg scored an interview with fokina after seeing the video go viral. >> this was one of those videos that you don't just see in one place at one time. i think i got it forwarded to me from 15 people at once. >> the video is hard to watch. so we're only showing you carefully selected portions. thornburg describes it in its entirety. >> she starts by sort of rocking it back and forth. holding two hands. and then, before you know it, she's flipped the baby up and then she starts to swing it, you know. like she's starting to make pizza dough or something. then he lets go of one arm and she has just got the kid by one hand. a little bit of lariat action. 30 seconds into it, your jaw is just on the floor. >> throughout, the 2-week-old baby girl seems to remain calm. >> that's why a lot of people are thinking, well this is not real. because no child could sit through that kind of thing without howling or something.
2:15 pm
>> far from harming the child, fokina and her followers say this practice of dynamic gymnastics, sometimes called baby yoga, actually aids in development. >> my russian friends said, yeah, they start walking more quickly. they start talking. they start reading at a younger age. >> but these claims are not supported by scientific evidence. >> there's been no big scientific study, what happens if you take ten babies and flip them and ten babies and you don't flip them. i think at the end of the day, it's a matter of faith. and there is a small group in russia that does this. it's a very small minority, but they have a lot of faith in it. >> the baby's father, sasha, certainly thinks that fokina, who's not the girl's mother, is on to something. >> sasha, the father, really believes in this. he has gone down to egypt before and spent time with leanne.
2:16 pm
i think this is a big part of their lifestyle. >> in fact, he still swings his daughter, who is shown here as a 2-year-old toddler. he says she's happy and healthy. while this video represents an extreme version of dynamic gymnastics, thornburg says this practice is at least partly in line with the russian approach to fitness and health. >> russians expect a certain amount of virility. they're the people who sit in hot saunas and beat themselves with sticks and run out into the snow. >> i guess this is an example of different strokes for different folks, right? but still, i don't think it would be a good idea. >> you know that it's real. it's good to know that the baby was fine, that nothing happened, there was no injury. everything's cool. but it just seems so, like, violent and like, not healthy. i thought babies' necks were soft and that you needed to cradle them, not jerk them around. >> and maybe the extreme nature of the video is the reason many people thought this couldn't be
2:17 pm
real in the first place. and why some still don't believe it is. >> but there are still people who come on to our site and comment that they still think it's fake, even after the whole interview. and i think one of the reasons is because we just have no visual context for anyone surviving something like this. coming up, from babies who shouldn't be flying, to planes that should. >> where is his right wing? he just lost his wing. >> so aerodynamically, that should not fly. >> should not or cannot? >> you want to discuss it with your friends. what do you think? is this fake? is this real? >> the answer when we return to "caught on camera: viral videos, do you believe?" ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember:
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2:21 pm
horrified. somehow, the impossible happens. the plane lands with only one wing. >> it's one of those amazing, awesome things that you see and you're like, i can't believe it. that's so incredible. >> this clip titled "the best air race pilot ever" hits the web in 2008 and quickly racks up the views. some people just want to see this remarkable feat. >> he just lost his wing. >> but others pass it along because they aren't sure it's real.
2:22 pm
>> when you're not sure whether something is real or not, you want to discuss it with your friends and you want to be like, what do you think? is this fake? is this real? >> there's a lot of sort of aerodynamic things that would have to happen that are against aerodynamic laws to make this work. >> it's basic physics of flight. you have wings that hold you up. if those wings are not holding you up, the engine is not going to keep you up. you're going down. >> still, the video is shaky, like a home movie. and the plane floats out of frame at times. this doesn't seem to be the work of a professional. and that wing definitely disappeared, right? so, which is it? real and really amazing? or fake? >> as soon as the wing flew off, i was like, fake. >> i think in the end, we have given lots of hints that it can't be real. >> this viral hit is martin drager's brain child. >> we call it stealth campaigns. so that means that you fake
2:23 pm
something, that you try to convince people in a way that they discuss if something is real or not. >> the video is a subtle campaign for a small german clothing company called kill a thrill. you can make out the company name on the body of the plane. >> if you type in killa thrill on google, you have four results before the campaign. after the campaign, you have 15,000 results. i think they had even more than 100,000 visitors on their website. and the website had been totally unknown before. >> he got the results he was after. but how did drager make something fake look so real? >> that was the big problem, to get the knowledge, how to use such a video that it looks real. and that, in the end, the pilot steps out of the plane and everybody has to think, oh, my god, he actually landed this
2:24 pm
plane. >> to pull it off, drager, along with producer jan barons and post production consultant, michael viksu, combined three different planes. first, a remote controlled model airplane. to make the wing of the remote control plane disappear, they painted it out, frame by frame, replacing it with the blue from the sky. the detailed 3-d aircraft was created with a computer and inserted into footage shot on location at a hamburg airfield. it's the 3-d version of the plane that tumbles to the earth and pulls up for a landing, just in time. >> i think the biggest challenge for the landing was to create a realistic looking plane, which we see before that, flying through the air in 3-d. and then making it land on the real airport. >> after the plane lands, it comes to a stop and the pilot pops out of the cockpit. that's where a real plane comes into play.
2:25 pm
>> we used the real plane, because we had to have all those dimensions. we have to have the position for the pilot where he comes out. so what happened was, we shooted it with a real plane. and afterwards, we put the 3-d machine right on to the real one. this picture, we can see the layers. >> the person actually opens the window and steps out. and that was what we thought would be necessary for the people to make it real for them. >> but after weeks of work, the team couldn't quite manage to make the landing look real enough. >> it looked a bit like, i don't know, a toy plane landing. when we saw it, we first thought, okay, we have to work on it. it has to be super realistic. >> oh, my god! >> but then we decided, no, let's leave it like this because it will open the discussion on the net and people will say, well, something is wrong.
2:26 pm
i don't know what, but it looks a bit weird. >> where is his right wing? >> all we wanted is to get people to debate about it. we wanted to give them a story they can share or just -- just a good thing, what you can -- what you can, yeah, discuss with friends. that's all we wanted. >> leaving the imperfect landing was a way of tipping the viewer off and jump-starting the conversation. >> there is a huge amount of internet culture where people are debating whether something is fake or not. and i thipg this video, it plays perfectly into that. >> amazing! another one that had people talking, this video released in march 2011. standing in the middle of new york's times square, this man says he can hack any video screen. >> that device you see plugged into iphone, that's my video transmitter. this is my video repeater.
2:27 pm
basically it takes any video signal coming out of the iphone and enhances it. i can take over any video signal that i want that i put this close to. >> he then plays the video he just recorded first on small screens close to the ground. and then attaching the device to a large red balloon on a jumbo screen high overhead. the images on the phone and on the screen are perfectly in sync. so, real or fake? what do you think? no hacking here. the transmitter and receiver are just random spare parts picked up from a used electronics store. but the video is playing for all to see. think moto, the company behind it, just leased the screen space and played the video back like any other advertiser would. of course, playback is perfectly timed to correspond to what is being shown on the iphone screen. and why, might you ask?
2:28 pm
turns out, it's a stealth campaign for the movie "limitless." that's a trailer for the movie that the hacker interrupts on the giant screen. coming up, a close encounter with a rat. >> i will say, it did seem like it might have been people playing a joke. and a giant lego ball on the loose. >> this is just in that genre of let's just do something really weird and videotape it and have fun with it. >> the gross and the wacky when we return to "caught on camera: viral videos, do you believe?" . [ steam hisses ] guys! [ female announcer ] can. introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. it gets the dirt that mops can leave behind with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this floor so clean? ♪ steamboost, sir! [ female announcer ] not just clean, steamboost clean. now save $15 by mail-in rebate when you purchase a swiffer bissell steamboost starter kit.
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i'm milissa rehberger. a dangerous winter storm continues to move east after wreaking havoc across the country. one person was killed in a series of accidents in wisconsin. a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow making driving treacherous. in south africa, a day of prayer and mourning for nelson mandela with remembrances across the country. on tuesday a memorial in johannesburg will include
2:32 pm
dignitaries from around the world including president obama and the first lady. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to" caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. a rot is loose in the new york city subway system. not just on the tracks, but in a train car. this next clip quickly went viral in january of 2011, and it's definitely creepy. but is it real? >> that rat does not mess around. >> it's not like a rat gets on the leg, oh, no, it's a human. i will get off of you. leg, torso, i'm going to go toward the face. >> it's a pretty horrifying, visceral thing when you see that. video is the kind of thing it's hard to resist passing around. oh, my god. did you see this? >> but did that really just happen? >> i will say it did seem like it might have been people playing a joke. like they had a pet rat and were like, oh, let's let a rat loose
2:33 pm
on the subway. i did think it was a trained rat. i thought there would be a clicking noise in the back, and oh, there's a trainer. >> so, is this video for real or like some of our other videos, a trick? >> it was a subway rat. it wasn't somebody's house mouse. it wasn't a pet chinchilla. no. it was a dirty subway rat. >> jeff ford catches this hair raising moment on camera while on his way home from work late one night. >> i was actually on the train sleeping myself. a lady screams, oh, my god. there's a rat on the train! i wake up and i'm looking around. i look down at my feet and the rat is literally at my feet. >> he quickly takes out his small point-and-shoot camera and catches the rodent climbing on to this unidentified sleeping man. >> i knew it was a crazy video because i personally have never seen a rat on the train period, in my life. i've lived there all my life. >> within days of ford posting
2:34 pm
the video on facebook and youtube, it has tens of thousands of views and for good reason. >> it's pretty freaking amazing. caught a rat climbing on somebody on the new york subway. >> an experience ford won't forget any time soon, even if he wanted to. >> i have a hard time sleeping on the trains now. i really seriously do when i think about it. a rat crawling on you. i don't want that to happen. in our next video, a giant ball of legos rolls down a san francisco street. but could this be green screen technology or some other hollywood-inspired trick? >> i love this video. this is just in that genre of let's do something really weird and funny and videotape it. >> oh, that's the kind of idea i've had all the time after i've had a couple beers or i'm joking around with my friends and these guys actually did it. >> or did they? well, yes. and not exactly. >> there is definitely a boulder that has legos on it rolling down the hill after these guys. >> that's right. it wasn't created by a computer
2:35 pm
or shot in front of a green screen. but it also wasn't just a group of friends joking around. >> it had viral video advertising campaign wafting off of it. >> that's exactly what it is, a viral video promoting what was in 2008 a new lego "indiana jones" video game from lucasarts. >> we wanted to find a way to broaden the audience. so we tasked our agency to come up with some new ideas, something really different that would get people talking the next day. >> what's more different than a giant lego boulder chasing someone dressed like indiana jones down a hill in the middle of a major american city? but still, with 5 million lego bricks, that's got to be a little heavy. >> really heavy. and they were sort of moving it like it was nothing. i was like, 5 million legos? >> so what about that 5 million number flashing at the end? >> we created a very big ball of
2:36 pm
legos that was, at its core, was a big foam ball. >> a foam ball with an outer shell of about 4,200 pieces of legos stuck to those familiar green panels. >> we used rubber cement and actually glued the bricks -- the little bricks to the plates. the plates got then glued to the styrofoam which made up the giant boulder. >> it was people coming in on the weekend from our office and from lucas and just sat around and ate pizza and built this huge ball. and threw it on the back of a flatbed truck. and a couple days later, took it to location. >> and on location, catching the scene on camera turns out to be kind of like a movie shoot. >> we actually shot it over and over again. we actually had a big moving truck with pads on it. >> the ball would kind of roll into the mattress and collide and stop. and we ended up doing that about four or five times down the rest of the length of the road.
2:37 pm
and then kind of cut those pieces together to make it look like one fluid roll. >> there is one part of the video where you see where the road flattens out a bit. we actually had to push the ball because there wasn't enough momentum to get over that flat segment. so we were all pushing the boulder, which we then took the people out in post. >> it is also suspicious that all those lego bricks stay in place for the whole bumpy trip. well, as it turns out, they don't. >> after the very first roll, pieces started falling off everywhere. >> there were some things that were flapping off at different times in the post production process we kind of cleaned up the flappy panels to make it look like a clean ball. >> this combination of real and fake certainly works. the video's been viewed more than 6 million times. >> i think most people looked at it and just said, that's awesome. and they didn't care if it was fake or real. you know, they just thought it was funny. >> in the end, the fact that they built this big thing and took it out and rolled it down the hill and some guy ran in
2:38 pm
front of it re-enacting an indiana jones movie is just hilarious. coming up, drinking and mowing don't mix. >> i've been drinking all day. hang on just a second. >> what are you doing? >> i got to pee. >> no matter how much you've had to drink, are you really going to do that? >> outrageous, yes. but could it be real? >> you kinda go like, this can't be real. but then you're like, but it could be because this is clearly a police officer's dash cam. >> digging into this dash cam video when we return to "caught on camera: viral videos, do you believe?" [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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2:42 pm
or is it fake? >> i'm trying to stop a craftsman red lawn mower, white male. >> the action is caught on a police dash cam. >> what is this guy doing? >> you kind of go like, this can't be real. >> what's your name? >> steve. >> but then you're like, but it could be because this is clearly a police officer's dash cam. the guy gets out, dressed to the nines as a cop. >> it certainly has a lot of elements that lend it credibility. >> how long you been riding a lawn mower? >> about two weeks. my truck broke. >> two weeks? >> yeah. >> you got a license on you, steve? >> the situation quickly gets, well, uncomfortable. >> what are you doing? >> i got to pee. >> sir, step off the lawn mower. sir. >> hang on. >> step off the lawn mower. >> hang on. >> i'm about to spray you. >> hang on. >> step off the lawn mower. >> just give me a second. >> sir, you better step off that lawn mower. you're about to get sprayed. i'm serious.
2:43 pm
>> i got to go. [ screaming ] >> all sorts of absurd action is caught on camera these day. this dash cam video certainly looks convincing. but is it real? >> you're not supposed to be riding a lawn mower on the highway. what are you doing? >> comedian mark ryan is steve, the lawn mower guy. >> my wife said if i didn't get her another beer she was going to stab me in the face. >> to me, it's more like bringing to life comedy that i've been doing for years in another format, on stage. >> i grew up with a buddy named steve who's just loud and raising hell all the time. wouldn't it be fun to hear him every once in a while? all right, here's what you're going do. >> in 2006, mark is doing stand-up, but wants a way to reach a larger audience. that's where steve comes in. >> it was a way to get attention, just in general, but it was also, you know, intended kind of as a commercial. to have him say, that was really funny. who is this guy? i want to learn more.
2:44 pm
>> i've been drinking all day. hang on just a second. >> mark posted the steve video with this description. "my buddy, steve, is a moron. i often tell his stories in my show. this is one of my favorites. through a friend on the force, i got one of steve's arrest videos." >> to randomly be able to grab a new fan through the internet is really exciting, because if the internet didn't exist, i would be old school like a politician, town to town, shaking hands, hey, here's who i am. i'm funny. trust me. believe in me. but now, the internet does that. >> just because he wants to attract new fans doesn't mean he wants to make it easy for them to figure out who steve really is. >> i think it's kind of -- it's the modern day gag. it's the modern day, you know, crank call. >> i got to pee. >> sir, step off the lawn mower. sir. >> hang on. >> i was hoping that they would think it was real. that was my intent.
2:45 pm
was to -- let's make this as believable as possible from top to bottom. >> and that dash cam does seem authentic. >> instantly you're like, okay, the guy must know a cop. you know what i mean? >> bingo. the officer in the video is none other than mark's brother-in-law, a real-life cop in louisiana. >> he is so believable as the cop, especially because he's calm, you know? that's how cops are. >> you're not supposed to be riding a lawn mower on the highway. what are you doing? >> uh --- i'm just going to the store right down here. my truck is broke. i mean, my wife said if i didn't get her another beer, she was going to stab me in the face. >> well, first of all, there's not a store down there. second of all, you don't need to be drinking. and then you're littering on top of that. >> when he's talking to the guy, he is probably just in cop mode. i'm just going to talk to you
2:46 pm
just like i was pulling you over as a regular cop. >> what's your name? >> steve. >> where do you live at, steve? >> except i think he would have gotten way more tasing, as it were, with the whole, "i'm going to pull my junk out and take a leak." i think that would have been a quick one-two for the tasing. [ screaming ] >> i mean, you really going to get up and try and take a leak? go to the bathroom in front of a police officer? i mean, no matter how much you've had to drink, are you really going to do that? i don't know. >> the officer isn't all that's real. the video is shot with the actual dash cam in the brother-in-law's very real police car. he has to get the video processed at the station before giving it to mark. >> when he took the video in, initially, the very first one, his co-workers were immediately like, when did that happen? when did you -- when did this -- tell us the story. and so that was like the first
2:47 pm
sign that, oh, man, this is really -- this could be good, you know? >> luckily, mark's brother-in-law doesn't get in trouble, and steve is a success. >> something that's kind of funny and well produced can be hugely viral on the web. >> mark follows the first video with four more, including one posted in 2010, where steve gives up his lawn mower for a scissor lift. >> steve? come on down. >> come and get me. how about that? >> i'll tell you what, steve, we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. >> i don't think the intent was to make a bunch of steve videos, as much as it was to find something that people would gravitate to. something that people would want to watch. >> you call 911? >> it doesn't matter if they think it's real or fake. it seems people want to watch steve. >> sir, pull that lift to the side of the road. stop, now. >> the last one i put up did a million views in 20 days, which was quicker than any of the other videos that i've put up.
2:48 pm
>> maybe i'll come down, maybe i won't. maybe i'll come down. maybe i won't. >> so what's next for steve? >> i'm just going to say it involves a helicopter. that's all i'm going to say. we're going big. coming up, from the ridiculous to the just plain freaky. >> so i'm going to sync them up to the monitor. then -- >> seeing 3-d without those pesky glasses. >> this gets weird very quickly. >> it's one of these ridiculous things that could just be true. >> could this be cutting-edge technology? or is it one giant rouse? >> i could even touch it. >> when we return, to "caught on camera: viral videos, do you believe?" waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available.
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in early 2011, this video is uploaded to youtube.
2:52 pm
>> hello. i'm going to talk to you about a very new device that creates a 3d without glasses. >> the man in the video explains that someone named jonathan has found a new way of seeing 3d on a normal television screen without those pesky glasses. >> this is one of those viral videos that sneaks up on you. you're like why is this is viral video? >> let me show you a demonstration. >> this gets weird quickly. >> i'm going to sync to the monitor. and then go. >> his eyes start flapping, you know, rapidly completely out of his control. it looks like the most uncomfortable thing to have essentially a device take control of your blinking. >> the idea is to mimic special glasses that block one eye and then the other allowing you to see in 3d on television sets.
2:53 pm
but how could that be comfortable? or real? >> it's one of these ridiculous things that could just be true. like, you know, it could just be that this guy is a crazy guy who thinks this is an amazing technology. >> the video is even featured on tech sites. >> it hasn't been well received. everyone's trying to come up with a way to do 3d without the glasses. >> if this was a technology, that man would be either blind or not able to taste oranges. >> what is great about it is that you have nothing to -- in front of you. you have no glasses. so you can really enjoy the show. >> it's so much better than glasses because nothing's in front of their face. your eyes feel like they're going to explode, but nothing's in front of your face. it's a better experience. >> so is this the next big
2:54 pm
thing? or the next big fake? >> francois is blinking like that. >> this man is the one responsible for this creation. >> we need to make something that represents what we are able to do. like 3d, a good composition. >> they make the video to show what they can do. jonathan posts as the name of luis' company. and that unbelievable blinking is made possible through the magic of 3d graphics. >> we create some points over his face. we took some pictures of his face around him. so with those pictures and the points, we create a 3d face of francois. >> luis and his team then take a real blink and repeat it over and over again in the 3d image. >> after that we put the face
2:55 pm
back on him. the face follows him and blinks. it's actually quite simple to do it. >> and those devices on his temples? computer chips with l.e.d. lights. >> the remotes were for the air conditioner. the beep when you listen on the movie, it's from the air conditioner behind him. it just turns on. that was it. >> it might have been a fabrication, but it fooled a lot of people. >> there was people trying to buy, trying to use it. trying to be when factors. we got over 11,000 comments on our page. >> this has 5 million views on youtube alone. >> you see it, you want to believe it. even if you kind of know it's fake, you want to believe it's real and send it around because it's delightful that that technology exists and that he's so excited about, you know, this
2:56 pm
weird invention that he's created. and finally, from the headache-induced, to the logic-defying. >> when the first cog starts rolling, it looks like a cg cog. it doesn't look like a real thing. >> here it comes. tires rolling uphill. that was where this viral video lost me. the tires rolling uphill. that -- i was like, no. i can't do it.
2:57 pm
the tires should not be able to go up just by nudging each other. >> this video first hits the air in 2003 as a traditional television ad for honda in the uk. but it quickly goes viral around the world. >> the different parts of the car are rolling or flipping or hitting the next thing and triggering the windshield wipers or muffler to roll. and it ends up unlocking the whole car coming down the ramp. that's the product they're selling. >> but did this happen for real? or is this another case of computer generated effects? this one may surprise you. amazingly, this whole sequence actually happened. even the tires going uphill. >> people often ask how the tires go up the slope. it's incredibly simple. the tire is here and there's a weight here. so as soon as there's motion, the weight pushes it forward even though it's up a slope. >> rob steiner with widen in kennedy was there when it all came together. >> my personal favorite was the wind screen wipers.
2:58 pm
they look quite messy. one of our jobs in the commercial was to talk about product specifications. one of the product specifications of this particular honda accord was it had rain sensitive wind screen wipers. >> they use the rain and it becomes the creepy sci-fi creature. you feel bad for the wipers that are disemboweled. >> so the wipers worked, the tires rolled up, the cog actually set the actions in motion. but did it all happen in one continuous shot? well, almost. >> let me say that the whole sequence actually worked -- a two-minute sequence worked. when we came down to the shoot days, we made a limitation decision. we decided just so we had a better chance of succeeding in
2:59 pm
shooting to 60-second sections and in production would join in the middle. it was half a second's worth of cgi on the exhaust box between the two 60-second sequences. but you can't see it. >> one shot or two, this is a hit. >> it's beautiful to watch. i'd definitely forward this to other people. like check this out. they did it and can you believe it? that's the reaction i had. i know other people would. >> viral videos continue to amaze, enthrall, and entertain us. sometimes they even fool us. if you were tricked by one of the videos you just saw, don't worry. they even get me sometimes. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
3:00 pm
massive industrial accidents lead to unbelievable explosions. >> we just had a huge explosion. >> gas leaks leveled buildings. >> it was the biggest explosion i had ever seen. >> gas stations erupt into infernoes. and rescue workers put it all on the line. >> it was the closest call i've had. >> dire circumstances. >> i'm thinking there's no way somebody's going to live through that. >> disaster, heroism, survival. >> i can't believe i'm alive. >> you won't believe your eyes. >> boom! it went up.

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