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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 10, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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camera position through south african tell installation we're having a problem with. we will try to stay with it. >> it is -- a technical marvel how quickly all of this was put together, brian. i mean, the truth is, and i think most people understand that in these situations, quietly and in a sensitive way, preparations have been under way for quite some time for the death of nelson mandela, but, of course,, things, you know, many things are d put into action he in these last severalma days, including accrediting the massive contingent of press from all around the world, wiring the stadium, coordinating all the satellite technology, and weather has been an issue here. we had issues earlier in the week with the steady rain, but i think it look it's like you're getting a clearer picture now. so we'll let you go back now to hear them speak. >> lester, thanks. things have cleared up a little
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bit. >> -- my heart, my soul, my life and those of millions of south africans and continue to touch many lives in the world. [ cheers ] i'm overjoyed by the outpouring of love and adulation extended today. madiba is looking down on us now and there is no doubt smiling as he watches his beloved country
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unite to celebrate his life and lega legacy. [ inaudible ] [ broken audio ] >> we are again experiencing some hits as we call hthem in te signal, the thickness of the clouds is disrupting the satellite signal just a bit as we try to listen to andrew, the, a family friend of nelson mandela who is leading off a series of tributes here. f the rain has been falling rather steadily. the crowd has been mostly out in it, although those in the upper tiers protected under the overhangs. >> -- of enemy and -- >> brian, as we go to this
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stadium you can see 95,000, clearly not that many here today, but it is still continuing to fill up. >> yeah. i have to say, lester, that's a disappointment. i anticipated a completely full venue with -- there were two overflow venues for up to 110,000 more. i think a lot of it is a function of, a, weather and, b, security. but luckily, our feed00. seems have stabilized. so we'll continue with this.s. >> -- goal to unite all colors and creedsds of respect and kindness. the realization of this ideal of madiba and many fellow anc
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colleague colleagues who had imprisonment and for their health and well-being. in spite of this mandela's role was firm on his beliefs in describes his oppressors as men of integrity who had committed themselves to usher in a new era for south africa. nelson mandela was an inspiration to billions by being the example of sacrifice with
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humble patience, who had hope when there was none. it is not possible to prepare an individual of this stature to come and live among and south africa. as a young man in the midst of aparthe apartheid, the ideals that he stood for were guiding at certain times. throughout our time we experienced an existence of the
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sacrifice he was making and his principl principles. my past with madiba, first, of course, at the station, a friend of mine simon who knew him better, introduced me to him as mr. mandela. a very weis man or future lawyer he told. our lives were intertwined and bound together by destiny. when i became [ inaudible ] i got to know madiba better.
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he was as great as a leader through his humility and persuasion and respect [ inaudible ] he believed in sharing insights and listening to others. when there were demonstrations and other political organizations, madiba [ inaudible ] to take up arms and defense of the right of our people. [ inaudible ] still the nation was formed. one of the biggest attributes of
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madiba, i became one of his -- i, together with five others -- from 1961 to the end of 1962 to be sent out to the peoples, a time of training. i was together [ inaudible ] [ speaking in foreign language ] upon my return from china i became a member of the high command, an organization that w
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was -- [ inaudible ] and supervising the activities. [ inaudible ] together with madiba -- for the government for attempting to overthrow the apartheid of the government through -- found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. as a prisoner 56764 i occupy add cell near madiba. in prison madiba -- based on collective thinking.
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this had a significant impact on my own -- as a man. as a south african citizen. with madiba's ongoing guidan guidance -- i am who i am today. i am certain fortunate to benefit from the love that nelson mandela said millions of south africans and members of thefr community have -- a great man. until i'm told my time is up, but it should be for conviction and
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resol resolve -- nations to the -- of nelson mandela. god bless madiba. god bless your soul. thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. our veterans, all those -- >> we just heard from a fellow inmate with nelson mandela for all those years of imprisonment. >> we would like to call general to nelson mandela to come and pay tribute on behalf of the family.
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>> president of the republic of south africa, the first cities inf our country, president zuma. presidents, royal highnesses, excellences of the diplomatic corps, eminent persons, ladies and gentlemen, on occasions such as this -- charged with all emotions, grief, sorrow and anguish, allow me to respectfully the forgoing proceedings. official positions ordered express of this solemn occasion. not here in person in this stadium and dedicated venues in
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communities around south africa and wireni television, radio an world wide w world wide web to mourn a great man, but also to celebrate the glorious life well lived. today more than any other is, therefore, a wonderful life. on behalf of the family we take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to the religious communities and various our communities around thes world for their thoughts, prayers and messages of sympathy and solidarity, which they have generously extended to our family.
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indeed, our pain and sorrow is daily being lessened by the international and international grief for our father and elder. we have always been mindful that we share madiba with the rest of south africa, africa and the rest of the world. t indeed, madiba was a great man, but was humble in all things. his soul his greatness not as a means to dominate or oppress a sense of -- for others but making all men and women equal so that their life could be lived to their fullest human potential. to him life was all about service to others and setting those in prisoned free. this is what mandela's life was
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about. that is his vision for south africa and africa, and his legacy lives on to carry on. in his lifetime, madiba mingled with kings, queens and presidents, and prime ministes s and others, and because of his being was a man, a simple man that no matter what animosity wass obtained in life, and wher he belonged, a sign of africa, and a descendant of great king, you will always be remembered, and what is so glorious in that as mandela would have wished it
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among the thrones herein this morning and the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor, the mighty and the ordinary, all here showing a unified peoples to mourn this special sign of the african soil. i am sure madiba is smiling from above as he looks down on the faces here for this is what he stood for. the equality of man. a partner of o brotherhood, of humanity and unity of peoples until his last days. that we were blessed to be associated with this amazing icon, and to have the role of continuing his legacy is the most precious right we shall be bestowed upon us all.
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as we lift our eyes to the dawn of the new era, without a madiba we hope you will join us with all passion, prayer, support demonstrated in every street corner of this beautiful land, and in far-flung regions of the world. this university show of unity is a true reflection of all that madibaba stood for. justice, unity of all mankind, let us pledge to keep madiba's dream alive in the way in which we honor the humanity in each other, in the way in which we liveac out the humanity to each other and in the way in which we raise -- in this regard we, the
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mandela family, enter into a solemn covenant with you the people of ourly country, africa citizens of the world, that we will recommit ourselves to the values and the ideals madiba stood for. in this spirit we hope that you will continue to stand by us and encourage us, guide us because of or way because of you. as a family we have no option except to be bound by the legacy of nelson mandela. for he would have accepted no less. let the word come from the place and far beyond our borders that we dare not to -- not stray his legacy. we continue to do the same. the torch is passed from our
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generation to the next generation of leaders who will seek to make our world a better place. our generation needs your leadership, oh madiba. many [ inaudible ] and so friends, death has made the final call on this glorious life. born from -- before our eyes but never from our hearts and minds as we mourn today let us not forget in many tomorrows that the greatest witness to his life is for us all to believe in testament to his magnificent leadership. although he no longer walks
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among us, the universitiality of humanity genuinely must continue. with this, passed on to us, to all nations great and small, to all onpeople, far and wide, lets dedicate ourselves to continue on a separate journey in which we travel together to a world where this harmony prevails. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] . >> thank you. thank you.
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at this point, the grandchildren will begin speaking, or at least our schedule. >> from alll over the world, we have well over 91 countries that have sent delegation os, and we would like to thank them for being here. we have countries such as afghanistan, angola, algeria, argentina, australia, austria, azerbaijan, the bahamas, bangladesh, botswana, barbados, the united arab emirates, belgium and many others who continue acknowledging all of them as we move on. with a view of catching up on lost time, we are now going to
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call about madiba's grandchildren. madiba had 18 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. we're going to call muso mandela, andy mandela -- who are going to come and pay tribute to their grandfather and great-grandfather. i call them to come to the stage, to come and express their attributes to their grandfather. [ cheers ] >> on behalf of the family i would like to thank all the heads of states that are here. thank you. madiba, the lost one. struck by lightning bolts in the
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dead of night, days disoriented, grappling with emotions, struggling to bid fair twoel any mortal, port in the whirlwind what doo i do? i read a poem. when sadness and celebrations commingle, the body shatters, shakes and implodes, and since your winds blow memories, the land drinks of a up phooer without you, madiba. you are lodged in our memories. you tower over the world leaving streaks of life for us to follow. we you. madiba -- [ speaking in foreign language ] [ cheers ] >> [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign languag ]
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language ]. >> you stole the fire from the night. the light to light our hearts to freedom. lit. -- peace and reconciliatio. the giant has fallen scatters brilliant bright leaves, indicating messages of peace and love and reconciliation. shall we walk in his footsteps? >> madiba, they say you are a brilliant man. you are brilliant tooshs. they say you are a wise man. you remind them that -- was a too. they say, you were warm and -- [ speaking in foreign language ] they say you are resilient. [ speaking in foreign language ] was not more rezil gent you are a mirror that reflects the glorious of mind and heart. you taught. people reflect the splendors of
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our dreams. you have taught us that. a group of trees break the angry wind, but the tree that towers above the rest is broken by the wind, child of the wind, of the land. child of trees of a future were black and white, rich and poor, men, women and children must live side by side dreaming the same dream, realizing at the cruise bowl c. uciple, we salute you. >> thank you very much. can i ask that we should show discipline, the same level of discipline that madiba exuded when we applaud, let us applaud as someone has spoken and behind
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me here i know that -- [ cheers ] h >> the crowd is just now seeing president obama and mrs. obama have arrived. they came in quietly during the grandchildren's remarks. >> behind me there are people who are enthusiastic, and i ask for discipline, please. there are people behind me who are very enthusiastic who loved madiba dearly. can we all be disciplined, please. i now ask the secretary-general of the united nations, mr. banty moon to come and pay a tribute on behalf of the united nations.
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>> thank you. residents of south africa, to your loving family of nelson mandela, your majesties, your highnesses, distinguished heads of state of governments, dearest stations of south africa, ladies and gentlemen,nt i am deeply honored to participate in this state memorial service for nelson mandela. we join together in sorrow for
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the celebration of a mighty life. what a wondrous display of this rainbow nation. the nature rainbow emerges from rain and the sun. itbo is that blending of the symbol of a grief and gratitude that i feel today. i hope to see the rainbow soon through the rain of sadness and the sunou of celebration, a rainbow fills our heart. on behalf of the united nations i offer my deepest condolences to the mandela family, to winnie
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madikizela-mandela, and the mandelas larger family, the people of south africa, and in this [ inaudible ] ladies and gentlemen, this stadium holds tens of thousands of people, but even an arena as big as african continent could not contain our pain today. south africa has lost a hero. they have lost a father. and lost a beloved friend and mentor. nelson mandela was more than one
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of the greatest leaders of our time. at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, many of our nbc stations will cut away for their own local programming to -- >> as 6:00 a.m. on the east coast approaches many of the stations will cut away for their own local programming but will rejoin us when president obama begins his remarks. you're looking at live pictures from soweto, south africa, state memorial service for former president nelson mandela. it's been raining there all morning long but the mood can only be described as jubilant, world leaders and tens and how to sands of south africans came to pay their respect to a man who helped free the chains of apartheid. many have been struck by the outpouring of emotion notus


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