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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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and "the ed show" starts now. good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ first there are some new numbers out on obama care. >> i love numbers. i love absolutes. i love facts. >> enrollment the on the federal marketplace did ramp up. ♪ can't touch this >> enrollment in the federal
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insurance exchanged has quadrupleded from october. >> the number on the board is going to be well into the millions. >> nearly 1.2 million people are on track to have health care coverage. >> a pack of lies coming from fox news. >> the problem is, it's falling apart. >> is there a point to this? >> it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. >> i'm going to have to start by apologizing. my friend has a bit of a penchant for the -- >> would you possibly be able to accept the truth. >> young set not buying into obama care. >> are they running out of material? >> they are running out. ♪ can't touch this >> the bottom line, of course, is that the federal website is beginning to catch up. . >> the stories are going to multiply. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching.
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do you ever wonder if the conservatives ever go back and look at tharold tape? we all do it in the business from time to time, just to see how it all looked at home. at home, i think they're looking real bad right now. and the exciting thing is, it's only going to get worse! now, i have spoken with a couple of congressional democrats in recent days. and they have asked me, you know, what do you think we should be saying right now? and i've said, it works! that's all you have to say. it works. and it's only going to get better. prices are going to go down. more people are going to get covered. they ought to be excited to be going home for the holidays. it's been more than two months since obama care's rollout, and more people are signing up, more than ever. the website problems have been fixed and the numbers are starting show just that. now, i'm a numbers guy, okay? if you're in business, and you're an entrepreneur, and you pay attention to numbers, you might like this story. since october 1st, roughly 1.2 million people have gained health insurance through the
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state and federal exchanges. hold it right there. there isn't a media person in front of a camera that wouldn't like to have this many more followers on twitter or on facebook. or hey, beckster, subscribers? i think you would like that number. 365,000 people have enrolled in a private insurance plan. ooh. you mean -- i wonder if all these people got phone calls who said you know what, you're lose itting it, you've got to go into the exchange and got a better deal. 803,000 people have been deemed eligible for medicaid. more good news. overall, another 1.9 million people have been deemed eligible for coverage, but they have not selected a plan yet. so let's do some numbers here. we're talking 3 million, aren't we? we're talking 3 million people in this country have gone to this website, and this is what is happening. 3 million people have responded to all these mistakes and all
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this bad rollout. and it's going to be a little bit different for them in 2014. you know, you've got to keep in mind, if you want coverage by january 1st, you have until december 23rd to enroll. and if you miss that deadline, you can still sign up for obama care by march 31st. and make no mistake, these are real numbers. these are big numbers. this is proof that obama care is gaining steam, day by day. and you know what? we've got a chart to prove it. doggone it, i love charts. always have. this graph shows enrollment. in the federal exchange, this is the federal exchange right here. over the past nine weeks, and it goes all the way up until november 30th. now, let me ask you a question. this is for you boys down on wall street. if you investment brokers could go to a client and show them this kind of a chart, do you think they might have their interest piqued a little bit?
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do you think they would ask what is that? what is that thing growing right there? there isn't a stock broker in the world that wouldn't like to see a chart like that. and as you can see, enrollment has skyrocketed. if this trend keeps up, ooh, december, it's going to be a dandy, a heck of a month for obama care. this chart, of course, right here is really bad news for the republicans. and it proves that they have been doing nothing but lying over on fox news. if you're a fox news viewer, your morning coffee wouldn't be complete without your daily dose of obama care trashing. here's how the curvy couch crowd tried to spin today's obama care numbers before they were officially released. >> later on this morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern time, the administration is going to release the november numbers for the number of people who signed up for obama care. and they are the -- the numbers are embargoed until 9:00 this
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morning. >> whatever they are. >> listen, when you see them, you won't believe them. let's just put it this way. when you see these, you'll realize, there are a lot of people out there who simply don't want to sign up for it. >> 3 million is a bad number, i know. of course, we're throwing in the 1.9 that haven't picked a plan yet. you're going to just hate it. you won't believe how bad they are. clearly the fox and friends crew, they haven't seen the enrollment chart. if they did, their story might have been a little different. later in the show, they started fear mongering about firefighters being required to buy obama care. >> they protect us quietly without asking for a dime. and now volunteer firefighters all across the country could become the next victims of obama care. >> victims? firefighters are now going to be victims, because they're going to be getting a better rate on their health care. but you know what i noticed about that production? it was the music. dunn, dunn, dunn.
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get ready, we're getting ready to give you some really gut-wrenching news here. if anyone needs health care, it's the people who are consistently running into burning buildings, don't you think? meanwhile, fox news, their afternoon lineup isn't much better than their hard-hitting morning show. here is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell on monday. >> i don't think albert einstein could fix the obama care problem. i wish them well. but their problem is the substance of obama care. and how it's impacting america and all kinds of negative ways. >> yeah, it's not fixable. and actually, the president said he doesn't want to change it anyway. he said he's going to spend the last three years of his term in office defending the legislation. so he's not interested in changing it either. >> well, not really, mitch. the democrats are going to spend the next three years making it better and getting more people covered. you are in denial. kind of like that guy from kentucky, your buddy dr. denial. that interview is exactly what is wrong with the republicans
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and their stance on obama care. the republican party, nonsolution position, is starting to hurt them in the polls. get a load of this number. 50% -- 50% of americans are with the president on obama care. compared to 32% who trust the republicans. down by 18. that's not good. this is because republicans don't have a plan. and basically, they have already started to surrender. i wonder what they're saying behind closed doors. because now wisconsin senator ron johnson has let the cat out of the bag. he said republicans need to start talking about transitioning. that they have lost the repeal battle. he also said he's not opposed to state-based exchanges and that they may be useful. really? and they might be usable. here's the bottom line. a lot of these politicians, they come to new york, and they go meet the media. they try to raise some money. apparently, ron johnson went over to the national review online here in new york and gave
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them an interview and ended up getting caught. it must have been a frog in his throat or something. he's actually not against the state exchange. in fact, they have lost the repeal effort on obama care. he ought to pick up the phone and tell that to boehner. here is the bottom line. if we show you the numbers again on that chart, and this trend is going this way, where do you think it's going to go in the month of december? where do you think that chart is going to be in the month of january and february? and then into march? i mean, if we have got 3 million people who have been on to it already, where are we going to be in april? this baby is going to be off the chart! i'm going to make a prediction tonight. it's going to hit 5 million by march 1st. that's right. 5 million people signed up by march 1st. get your tapes rolling at home, folks. because it's going to be a big i told you so. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. are republicans lying about
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obama care because they know it's successful? text a for yes and text b for no to 676 22. you can always leave a comment at appreciate that. we'll bring the results of the poll later in the broadcast. let me bring in congressman george miller of california. good to have you with us. we've had conversation in the past talking about the trend, where this is all going to end up. how big are these numbers today? your thoughts? >> these numbers are huge when you consider the immediate problems we had with the rollout, and people very concerned about that. but what these numbers continue to show us is that people, even when the site wasn't working well, continued to shop. they're hungry to get coverage for themselves or for their families. they realize that they now have access to health care that they have never had. the letters we're getting from families and from individuals just tell you how important this is to them. and how excited they are that they're going to be able to have
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health insurance that they'll never lose again, no matter what happens to their families. so the trend is really very positive now that we've gone through the big glitches in the beginning. >> congressman, he view the senator from wisconsin starting to surrender. saying that they have lost the battle on repeal. and that really, these state exchanges are usable. is this a turn? would oh we have heard this kind of conversation from the conservatives four months ago, five months hag? ago? >> no, clearly. when they thought they had a chance to repeal it, to kill obama care, all of their forces, all of their energy were put into that effort. now they see that if they were to be successful and they're not going to be successful, but if they were, they would have to start to tell several millions of people that they're going to take away their health care from them. that they're not going to get the coverage for their families for their children, for preexisting conditions. and that's just the message. it's not going to work with the american public. especially when you see the figures we're seeing now.
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>> george, they have got such a habit of doing this. they're losing on this. they told us that you can't raise taxes on the job creators. they told us that if you raise minimum wage, it's going to be a job loss. they told you that if we keep going with unemployment benefits, that it's going to hurt the economy. they're wrong on everything. and now this is a real opportunity, is it not, for the democrats to take these numbers and run home with them. >> i think it's very important. i think people in this country now clearly understand that the republicans -- certainly the republicans in the house controlled by the tea party have a very narrow, ideological view to get rid of government, to get rid of obama care, to get rid of unemployment insurance, to get -- have no increase in the minimum wage. and people all across the country see that as inconsistent with what they see is best for their communities. and they're setting out independently to raise the minimum wage. they can't have a vibrant community on the backs of poor
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people working all day long. >> yeah. congressman, i want to switch gears on you now, on the budget deal. your thoughts on the deal that was announced yesterday, the vote's going to be tomorrow in the house. what's the conversation in your caucus among your colleagues and how do you feel about it? >> well, i think that the conversation is very mixed. we're learning more and more about what is -- what is in the deal. but my sense is, the republicans decided to play small ball, because they dent want to put anything controversial on the table. so, you know, it's kind of a balanced package. but they're not going to address the unemployment insurance running out on -- at the end of december. but i don't know yet. obviously oh, everybody is waiting to see what happens in the republican caucus and the house of representatives. it's is not a slam dunk at this stage, not at all. >> what about the president's approval ratings? his numbers are close to an all-time low at 43%. what -- does this mean anything? i mean, the gentleman is not
2:14 pm
running for re-election. his mission is to make sure that the affordable care act is successful and to get a budget deal and to move the country forward and create jobs. what do you make of his approval rating? >> i think they're only going to get better. i think this is a president that has had to fight every inch of the way. they have spent the last two years trying to, as we say, repeal the affordable care act. to try to deny people health care. we saw when they shut down the government, they have done huge damage to the republican brand. and i think these people start to see president obama talking about the inequality in this country, talking about making sure that people have access to health insurance, talking about raising the minimum wage. people are going to understand he's on their side. >> yeah. >> and they want to derail him at any cost to the rest of the country. >> congressman george mill e california, good to have you with us tonight on the program. appreciate your time, sir. thank you. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of your screen, share your thoughts on twitter at ed show. and on facebook. we appreciate that. want to know what you think.
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coming up, the conservative media is still trying to shake up controversy over president obama and raul castro's handshake. plus, protecting the big threes with one thing in the bipartisan budget deal. it's a proposal. but i think right now it's got to bring a no vote. and i'll tell you why. stay with us. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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here are today's top trenders, voted on by you. the number three trender. unpopular opinion. >> do you approve the job republicans are doing in congress. just 22% approve. >> you're tacky and i hate you. >> billo mutes michele bachmann's blame the media strategy. >> 80% of messaging regarding conservatives and media is negative. >> this is all your fault! >> you say the media is responsible for the folks thinking the republicans aren't doing their job. >> let's bury the attitude. >> the media has been pounding the last month obama care. you would think the republicans would benefit from that. >> help me help you. >> the number two trender. shaken and stirred. >> reaching out and shaking hands with none other than raul castro. >> what's up, j? >> with a gesture so meaningless, you can train a bass set hound to do it. >> reaction to the obama/castro handshake gets out of hand. >> president o sure seems cozy
2:20 pm
with the commies. >> what's the point? neville chamberlain shook hands with hitler. >> honestly, i was surprised that obama and raul castro didn't exchange spit. really. >> what else are you going to do at a funeral. give the guy one of these? oh, yeah, how are you doing? boop. and today's top trender. make a deal. >> these people, dressed as they are, come from all over the united states to make deals. >> we have broken through the partisanship and gridlock and reached a bipartisan budget compromise. >> the usual washington dysfunction is on hold tonight. >> the bipartisan budget deal will protect the big three. >> i know many republicans had hoped this would be an opportunity to make some of the kind of changes to medicare and social security they have advocated for. >> it's not going to happen. >> so the arbitrary cuts, we make smart, targeted reforms. >> this bipartisan deal will help millions of americans who are wondering if they were going to keep paying the price for dc dysfunction. >> this is a very, very modest
2:21 pm
proposal. >> is it a deal that moves the ball in the right direction? >> joining me now, congressman jim clyburn of south carolina. congressman, good to have you with us tonight on the heels of this deal. but -- and, of course, before the vote. >> thank you so much for having me. >> let me be the fly in the ointment here. the republicans are going to go home and say we didn't raise your taxes. we're not going to shut down the government. you still got the big three. those are pretty good talking points. what ado the democrats get out f this? >> we'll tell them, first of all, we'll go home. we did not destroy medicare. we did not do anything to medicaid. and we preserved a government shutdown, which a big portion of the republican caucus wanted. and i think they still want. i will say this. what we did was -- top line numbers, the proposers still must do their work between now
2:22 pm
and january 15th in order to avert any kind of a government shutdown. but i think this is a pretty good deal. not everything did i want. not everything did i put in it if i were writing it. but the fact of the matter is, we do have a compromise that i think we all can get adjusted to, and i'm just waiting to see whether or not the republicans will keep their end of the bargain this time around. last time we had something like this, they walked away from it. you may remember that. >> how many democrats are going to walk away from this, in your opinion, congressman? because you're leaving unemployment benefits is going to cut three days after christmas. 1.3 million people. and then 90 days after that it's going to be another 1.6 million people. if they don't find a job. you've got three people looking for every one job in this country. and this is going to be a real
2:23 pm
sticking point in the caucus, isn't it? >> yes, it is going to be. but that's not necessarily a budget issue. we want to pass unemployment insurance. we could do that. if the speaker were to bring it to the floor, before we leave on friday, put it up on suspension. i think there are enough republicans who know that they have constituents who fall into this category, as well. and we could do unemployment insurance. that doesn't have to be -- and i don't think it should be -- a part of this budget. but it could be a part of the budget deal. because i think they're going to be coming up with a rule to deal with other issues that -- a rule could be brought that will deal with unemployment insurance, as well. >> and what do you think the feasibility of that happening is? >> well, i don't know what the speaker is thinking it's going to be. i do know this. i've heard from enough republicans who seem to believe that it's these people's fault, that they're not at work.
2:24 pm
they don't believe in unemployment insurance. and because it violates their sense activities, if not their sensibilities, they may not be for oh it, no matter what happens. >> well, if the speaker commits to that in the way he went after some of the right wing groups today criticizing this deal, i think that would probably bring a lot of democrats to vote yes on this budget deal. >> absolutely correct about that. absolutely. >> even though the corporations are going to be getting off scot-free here with no change at all. we've got a revenue issue. there is no new revenue into this. there is no change in closing any loopholes. how big a problem is this, and can you get around it? >> well, that's always a problem for us. we would like to close these loopholes. but i do believe that after the first of the year, we ought to get serious in this congress, both the house and the senate, about reforming our tax code. the tax code needs to be reformed. and we ought to do it. and i think that we should do it, we can do it.
2:25 pm
and come back the first of the year. we ought to stop that process. it will take up to two years to get done, what really needs to be done with our tax code. but it is owe absolutely a mess. we all know it. but i don't think you could do it in a deal, in this short a period of time. >> so the republicans get $23 billion worth of budget cuts with no new revenue. and no taxes being increased, and the corporations get away with no change in the loopholes. this is -- and you protect the big three. but not to be -- negative about this, congressman. but the fact is, the big three, medicare, medicaid and social security, already poll heavily in favor of where the democrats are. how can that be considered a big victory? >> well, we preserved all of that. we didn't hurt medicare at all. we didn't do a thing to medicaid. >> yeah. >> and you know that's what they've been arguing for now.
2:26 pm
entitlements are entitlements. sometimes there are social nets. other times there are tax cuts. and so entitlements ought to be tackled on both ends of the spectrum. and we can do that after the first of the year. i would hope also that we'll do something very soon on raising the minimum wage. i think we ought to do that the first of the year. >> amen to that. that's polling heavily, as well, positively by the american people. finally, congressman, are you going to vote yes on this budget deal? >> well-being i'm going to maim make up my mind between now and friday. i'm leaning in that direction. >> congressman jim clyburn, thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. coming up, no time for ted cruz, the republican senator gets snubbed by "time" magazine. still ahead, sean hannity's laughable segment on obama care lands him in tonight's pretenders. but next, i'm taking your questions. "ask ed live" is just ahead. stay tuned.
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welcome back to "the ed show." time for the questions, "ask ed live." first question from tom. why did the gop thump the bible, but don't walk the walk of jesus or pope francis? well, actually, i think some of them do. but many of them in the congress certainly use discrepancy at your to their political benefit, and i think that that really infuriates a lot of people. and i think they misquote and misinterpret the bible quite often. michele bachmann would be one of them. and, of course, they connect it to the affordable care act and president obama. our next question is from debby louden. she wants to know, what are republicans for? what are they for? they are for being against everything president obama would like to accomplish in his second term. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm sue herrera. stocks tumbled hard for the second straight session.
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the dow shutting almost 130 points. the s&p fell 20. the nasdaq down 56. among the losers, cost co slid after the retailer posted weaker than expected earnings. reports today that the white house is close to nominating former bank of israel head, stanley fischer, as vice chair of the federal reserve. and delta air lines hiked its domestic fares. several other airlines matched that hike within hours. it's unclear, though, whether that hike will stick. and that's it from cnbc. we are first in business worldwide. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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welcome back to "the ed show." i guess this is a story about vision and leadership. one man has used his pulpit to call for social and economic justice. the other used his position of leadership to bring our nation to the brink of default. these two men were listed as
2:35 pm
contenders for "time" magazine's person of the year. after just nine months in office, pope francis has been given the magazine's title of person of the year for, quote, pulling the papacy out of the palace and into the streets. for committing the world's largest church, confronting its deepest needs and balancing judgment with mercy. pope francis has earned universal praise for his populist approach to the papacy, rejected luxury accommodations and shifted focus towards helping the poor and less fortunate. in his first major work as pontiff, pope francis warned of a new tyranny cow caused by the idol tree of money. we talk about income inequality here all of the time on "the ed show." pope francis used his title to bring that discussion to a broader audience. so who could follow that act? "time" magazine runner-up, tea
2:36 pm
party senator, ted cruz. that's right, the freshman tea party senator who provoked the first government shutdown since 1996, costing our country $24 billion. the senator staged fake filibuster and held our nation hostage buying reading green eggs and ham on the senate floor. the senator from texas was motivated to use that moment, a national platform, to advance his own celebrity. the same ted krcruz who has mad it his mission to prevent americans from getting affordable health care. as "time" magazine put it, love him or hate him, he is a vision of the future. that's scary in itself. joining me now on our rapid response panel, msnbc political analyst, david corn, and connie schultz. great to have both of you with us tonight. connie, what does it say that senator ted cruz is even on the list? >> well, when you look at the criteria for person of the year, it's somebody who is having an impact. negative or positive. i think it was a brave decision on the part of "time" magazine
2:37 pm
and i say this as a noncatholic, as a columnist critical of the church many times in the past. you and i both know, we write for the public, you broadcast for the public. but we're always paying attention to what fellow journalists think of what we're doing. and this is bound to generate a lot of criticisms from journalists. i think what "time" magazine decided to do was celebrate a messenger of hope and civility, which if anyone was reporting outside of washington, any of us who do that, know when you talk to people outside the beltway, they are yearning for civility. they are yearning for signs of hope. and in a very difficult time. >> david corn, what the pope has been talking about has been important conversation in this country. and it pulls to the majority, income inequality, helping the poor. pope francis is bringing the church back to its roots, some say. cruz is pushing the republican party to the fringe. will this recognition embolden some called rogues like cruz? >> well, you know, it's really
2:38 pm
hard to have a serious conversation when you're mentioning ted cruz and pope francis in the same breath. you know -- >> i want you to have a serious conversation. >> i know. >> because he is on the front page of "time." >> that's what i'm trying to do here. and when you talk about who had the most impact this year, what you're measuring is positive impact, pope francis, versus negative impact, ted cruz. and i think many americans would hope -- >> why was -- why was he considered? >> because, again -- i'm not comparing ted cruz to a dictator but i think stalin and hitler and other people have been -- persons of the year. who has the most impact, good or bad. and i think ted cruz was probably more on the negative side of the ledger there. this is a guy who shut down the government, as you know. cost the american economy $28 billion. people couldn't get paychecks. lost -- families were hard-strapped, all because he wants -- he assistant want more americans to have health insurance. and then you look at what pope francis says about serving the
2:39 pm
needs of the needy, and putting, you know, free market economics and trickle-down economics, the greed is good mantra, which tea party seems to believe in. putting that aside. so two opposite views of what's best for the world here. and unfortunate fortunately we' celebrating pope francis' view in that regard. >> connie, his talk of wealthy people and the idolry of money, does it embolden that conversation? >> i hope it does. i hope it emboldens journalists. i wrote about this in my column for creators, syndicate. and i talked about the impact it had on me personally to watch the pope embrace and kiss the face of a man who was -- by any measure, dramatically deformed. and you know, i've covered these issues my entire career as a
2:40 pm
columnist. but i really stopped and asked myself some pretty tough questions. would i ever have been willing to do that. and i hope that -- i know i'm not the only journalist who felt that way. and i hope that we trust that feeling inside us -- because that's what connects us to our readers and viewers and so many people that you and i and david corn, we all say we champion these people. how often are we actually mingling with the people that we are constantly fighting for? i think that's so important. >> david, your thoughts on that. i mean, this pope has rejected the luxury life. he goes out in the middle of the night to be with the poor people. he has made really political statements about wealth and what people should do with their money and how they -- how it could lead to something very negative in our society. almost asking society to change and reminding them that there is a faith-based feeling within the catholic church that we have
2:41 pm
somewhat gotten away from our roots. that's the way i take it. >> i think any conversation about social justice is a good conversation. and it does, i think, encourage people individually to look at what they're doing in their own lives. but also, we talk about politics here on this show a lot. to talk about how our political system, you know, addresses the issue of social justice. and i do think in the last few years, it's become a more -- a more -- a sharper divide between the left and the right when you talk about this with the tea party libertarians, really saying that social justice comes about from the free market system and nothing else. and there is no role for government and collective action in that regard. and i think pope francis talking on these terms shows that, wait a second, this really should be our foremost concern, not just making a buck for ourselves. that's not the best way to serve the needy of the world. >> i find it interesting that within 24 hours of the congressional leaders coming out
2:42 pm
with a budget saying we're going to let unemployment benefits expire if they go to 99 weeks, the pope is named person of the year on "time" magazine, which flies in the face of exactly what he would have decided to do, connie. >> well, and i want to remind your viewers, members of congress pay attention to who does and does not call into their offices. who does and does not write to them and complain. who does and does not post about them on social media. and there is pressure to be brought here. it was really striking between the contrast of ted cruz and the pope is how institutional power is being exercised. and that is -- i would think, instructional for anybody who presumes to be a leader in this country. >> i don't think there's any doubt that the pope is going to continue his move forward in this direction with this conversation. and i'm anxious to see if he has a profound effect on diocese throughout the country. this is really going to be a story to follow, isn't it, david?
2:43 pm
>> i think so. i think he is has elevated this discussion that we have been trying to have in this country for years and he's going to keep it at a high level. he's not going away. he's not going to shut up about that. >> david corn, connie schultz, great to have you with us tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you, ed. coming up, teamsters and union members are demanding more transparency in the tpp. the white house is turning its back on labor. the very people that put president obama in office. that's next.
2:44 pm
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2:48 pm
care thing -- >> sean, it's a disaster. >> i know. >> but i have figured a lot of it out. >> yeah? >> i figured out the bronze plan. >> you did? >> the bronze plan is what color your finger is going to look like after you give yourself a prostate exam. that i figured out. and the -- the gold plan is when you start to miss your wedding ring after you have to pay for the deductible. the silver plan is what color your hair is going to be after you're done signing up for it. >> that's true. >> what is it, 60,000 people signed up at one point? >> something like that. >> 60,000 people? >> more than 6 million lost -- got their plan cancelled. >> art linkletter has more twitter followers than that, and he's been dead. >> he's been dead for a number of years. >> i eat more girl scout cookies. >> if sean hannity thinks larry the cable guy's jokes about obama care can get r done, he
2:49 pm
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welcome back to "the ed sho show". this is the show for the folks who take a shower after work. the teamsters and other unions are calling for an end to the secrecy surrounding the trans-pacific partnership. this trans-pacific partnership is a free trade deal that would benefit large manufacturers and devastate the manufacturing jobs
2:53 pm
in our country. that's what organized labor is saying. 12 prospective members failed to reach a self-imposed deadline to reach an agreement by the end of the year. but there is concern that the obama administration could receive fast-track permission from congress. lawmakers are making progress in pulling together a trade promotion authority bill and expect to pass it within the first few months of 2014. despite efforts to keep the deal out of the public view, details about the partnership continue to leak, which is leading to more concerns and more questions. the teamsters say people have a right to know how the tpp will affect them. james hoffa joins us tonight. what are your issues with this deal as it stands and what you know of it? >> it's about the secrecy.
2:54 pm
what is wrong, why can't they show this bill to the public, to congress, to the media. we want to see what's in this bill. this administration is going to be asking people for fast track. how can they vote on fast track if they haven't seen the bill or at least the proposals. what is the secrecy. let's get this out in the open. let's debate it and talk about it and talk about it on this show and so we all know what's going on. and the second part of it is we have had too many trade agreements which have been like nafta, and this is another nafta on steroids that export american jobs, not american goods. what we want to do is a trade agreement, a good trade agreement should put american workers to work so we can export. and that hasn't happened. every one of the trade agreements we've done, whether it's nafta, cafta, wto, we've lost job, technology, we've lost everything.
2:55 pm
we don't need any more of those. let's have a good agreement, let's be transparent, let's talk about what the agreement is and let's go get a good one. >> how do you expect to achieve transparen transparency? >> like we're doing tonight. what is the secret? if they're doing this agreement, this is probably thousands of pages. they say there are 600 corporations putting parts of this together. i want to see it. i think the media wants to see it. and let's talk about it and let's debate about it before we make any decision about whether it's fast tracked or voting on it up or down. let's not do a bum's rush in the middle of the night. here it is, 1,000 pages, vote on it tomorrow. we don't need that right now. we've got to basically change our policy and make one so it's proactive. let's put america back to work and start opening up markets, not closing marketes. the other thing about this agreement is, it's opening up the u.s. market to countries
2:56 pm
that want to export to here. what about the freedom of people to associate or join unions? that's not going to be in this. what about vietnam? they're not going to let people join unions there. and what we've got to do is start talking about those issues. another issue is buy america. that is a basic thing of the american law. and i understand in this agreement they want to take this out. we want to buy america and have the government make sure they buy things at least from america where we can basically support ourselves. >> mr. hoffa, do you think the president really wants this? or he is just waiting for the push back so it will be an easier decision on which way to go on this? do you think president obama, who would not be in the white house had it not been for the efforts and the boots on the ground and the support of labor unions, he wouldn't be in the white house if it wasn't for you guys, all of you collectively. you played a big role in pennsylvania, played a big role in michigan and ohio, a swing state.
2:57 pm
and now, here the president is putting at your doorstep something that no one has explained, arguably will gut american jobs. do you think he's just waiting for the push back? or do you think he really want it is? >> well, this administration has been hell bentz on doing trade agreements. they did south korea. they did panama, they did columbia. we said don't do it. it's a mistake, and he went ahead and did it. he got enough votes together. he's done a number of trade agroepts. and he likes trade agreements. . and this administration likes trade agreements, good or bad. they like nafta. we support the president in a lot of way, but on this one we have to part company with him because we basically want to have a good trade agreement and we want to work with him to have a good trade agreement that benefits the united states. >> where do you think congress is? 173 have signed onto a letter to the president telling him not to do fast track. >> we've worked very hard on that and talked to people across the aisle, both republicans and
2:58 pm
democrats saying why are you buying a pig in a poke? we don't want to have fast track. we want to debate this. we want to see it. and if there's input or things that we don't want, congress, under the constitution has the right to make the treaties, and they are the ones that should ultimately not be delegating this authority. >> don't you find it interesting that tea partiers aren't more vocal about this? because it could threaten the sovereignty of the country and circumvent united states law? there is an international tribunal that could make decisions on lawsuits that could undercut american law? where are the tea partiers on this? i thought they were all about the constitution? >> i thought so too. i have tried to reach out so some of these people, saying oh, you're the big sovereignty guy. why aren't you standing up to
2:59 pm
say hey, we're not going to give anybody the trite sue to change our laws here in america that american legislatures have made. why aren't they standing up to that? the answer is they're strangely silent, and i think it as because big business is for this treaty. >> all right, mr. who have it fa, i waf , this is 19 year old james hoffa, the legendary duffy said this kid is quick and tough. i know you're still tough. i won't ask you about your quickness at this time. >> i'm not too quick anymore. >> what was it like? you got to be excited that michigan state won. >> i was is excited. they played lights out. it was a great game. i had a party at my house. we were singing the michigan state fight song. that's how good it was. >> mr. hoffa, congratulations.
3:00 pm
enjoy the rose bowl. that's it. politics nation with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, ed, and thanks to you. in just over three weeks, 1.3 million unemployed americans stand to lose their benefits unless congress acts. time is running out. families will take a brutal hit over the holidays. but today house speaker john boehner didn't seem too worried about it. >> under what circumstances, if any, will you accept an extension of unemployment benefits that run out at the end of the month? >> we've worked all year to get our economy going again and to help produce better jobs and more wages. >> he's worked all year? so he's taking a two-week vacation


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