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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 12, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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between political parties, how about within them? both sides of the political spectrum seem to have a bit of a beef with the new budget deal. problems in the ukraine spilling over the border. we have issues in georgia as well. we'll splap whatexplain what's n a few former satellite countries. and this morning about the guy who fake sign language at the nelson man tell lamemorial. this is "way too early." i cannot get over that story and new information just in and we'll get to that in a few minutes. brian shactman, thursday december the 12th. also in the show some poignant moments in sports. we have a reassuring letter from one 43 to another, it's a little bit of a riddle for you, we'll have that in a few minutes. and doc rivers returns to boston as coach of the l.a. clippers, he gets the win and gets pretty
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choked up afterward. we begin this morning in washington, d.c., where house lawmakers expected to vote on the ryan/murray budget today, setting up the senate for a vote next week. the proposal appears to have enough bipartisan support to pass through congress with congressman paul ryan winning over some skeptical republicans during a closed door meeting yesterday, but that doesn't mean there aren't accenting voices. mitch mcconnell plans to vote against the bill and democrats in the house say republicans are putting the bill's passage at risk by excluding unemployment benefits. the bill pits congressman ryan against senators rand paul, marco rubio and ted cruz, all who have come out against the bill, all four men of course rumored to be interested in seeking the republican nomination for president in 2016. there are also a number of outside conservative groups opposing bipartisan spending, house speaker john boehner and congressman ryan directly addressed that opposition
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yesterday. >> most major conservative groups have put out statements blasting this deal. are you -- >> you mean the groups that came out and opposed it before they ever saw it? >> yes, those groups. are you worried -- >> they're using our members and they're using the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. if you're for more deficit reduction, you are for this agreement. >> reporter: do you ever think the piece of legislation you were responsible for would be called not conservative enough? >> yeah, it's a strange new normal, isn't it? groups are going to do what they want to do. what matters to me am i doing what i think is right, am i sticking to my principles and am i listening to my colleagues who actually have voting power? >> the pilot of the deadly asiana crashes at san francisco's airport over the summer says he was nervous about the landing. the pilot who was on his final training check for the boeing 777 conceded he was unfamiliar with the plane's autopilot
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systems. the pilot was also concerned because the airport's automated glide slope which helps pilots land was out of service and while other pilots had landed successfully he privately worried he could not handle the visual approach. newly released surveillance video shows the jet slamming into the sea wall, crashing and wheeling around. the training pilot disengaged the autopilot system but thought the plane was maintaining speed and did not realize he was going too slow. despite four warnings from a copilate he failed to acknowledge he was descending too rapidly. ultimately three people were killed in the crash and dozens more injured. the investigative report concluded the pilots failed to notice the airspeed was too low and that they were confused over the automation. so far the investigation has not found any mechanical problems with the boeing 777. there's trouble aboard the international space station this morning. one of the cooling systems shut itself off. nasa was forced to prioritize
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life support systems electrical systems and the science experiments on board. we're told it's a non-life-threatening emergency but the crew may have to do a space walk to make some repairs. two americans, three russians and a japanese astronaut are aboard the space station. there's now more day ta to back up the administration claims that obama care and are timely on the right path. according to the department of health and human services enrollment figures through federal exchanges have quadrupled. about 365,000 people have now signed up for health care coverage in october and november, 225,000 came through state-run programs and more than 135,000 through federal programs. considering the rocky start these figures are reashsuring fr the white house. the 365,000 enrollees falls short of the white house's internal projections set at about 1.2 million signups by the
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end of november. meanwhile the president's health care law is already having an impact on democrats seeking re-election next year. louisiana democrat mary landrieu is facing attacks like this one blaming the u.s. senator for the state's canceled insurance policies and defending obama care, but in a new ad, landrieu not backing away from her support of the bill. >> i'm mary landrieu and i approve this message. hundreds of thousands of people across the country losing their current coverage. >> the administration is under pressure to act fast. >> what i've said to the president is you told them that they could keep it. >> landrieu introduced the keeping the affordable care act promise. >> i'm fixing it and that's what my bill does and i've urmged the president to fix it. >> senator landrieu says president obama needs to stick to his word. >> this is a promiless that you made, this is a promise you should keep. >> let's go overseas the political troubles in the ukraine are spilling over to nearby georgia where lawmakers actually came to blows on the floor of parliament.
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one lawmaker introduced a resolution to support the protesters, another one who didn't agree stood up and kicked him. it didn't take long for an all-out melee to break out. people are throwing punches. now back in washington, members of congress are now considering sanctions against ukraine if the country's government continues its heavy-handed crackdown on demonstrators. riot police stormed a protester camp on tuesday, among the demonstrators, heavyweight boxing champ and opposition leader vitale klitchko >> i made it absolutely clear to him that what happened last night, what has been happening in security terms here is absolutely impermissible in a european state, in a democratic state. >> some reason george clooney continues to lend his support to the protesters posting another message on youtube.
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>> when you look to the west know that we are looking back at you with great admiration. we wish you a peaceful and safe mission. we wish you the government that you want, and we wish you the strength to carry on. good luck. >> the demonstrators are protesting ukraine's decision to back away from a european union trade deal, instead keep close ties with russia. let's go to south africa, the sign language interpreter accused of signing jibberish during nelson mandela's memorial says he suffered a schizophrenic episode while on stage. it was a global uproar tuesday from the deaf community over his gestures said to be by many to be utterly meaningless, but the man told a south african newspaper he takes medication for his mental illness and during the service he started hearing voices and hallucinating. he even told the ap he saw angels in the stadium and was trying not to panic with armed police around him.
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he said "i was alone in a very dangerous situation. i tried to control myself and not show the world what was going on. i am sorry. it it's the situation i found myself in." in a radio interview the man even called himself a champion of sign language, but many south africans say he is merely a fraud and has shamed a momentous event. south african broadcaster used their own interpreter and i don't know if we have it, you can see the difference between what the two are doing during the speech of one of mandela's grandchildren. and the man has signed for other high profile presidents in the past including jacob zuma and said he was hired through an interpretation company and also says he has been violent in his past. the south african government is set to address the scandal in about 30 minutes. i don't know quite what to make of all of that. later this morning we'll get a look at a number of economic reports including weekly jobless
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claims and retail sales. yesterday a tough day on wall street down across the board, almost 130 points in the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p, largest losses in over a month. let's go to cnbc's steve sedgwick live in london. >> good day. market sales could fear tapering and the upset of it. jpmorgan, they have come to a deal with federal authorities, going to cost around $2 billion, this result in the ponzi scheme run by bernie madoff, five years ago he was arrested. jpmorgan agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement they will have criminal violations lifted and filed in court but it will stop short of an indictment. elsewhere, facebook is joining the s&p 500, now worth around about $121 billion. listing in may 2012, they fell from 38 bucks and rallied to somewhere in the region of $50. they have a little bit of buying after announcement they'd be in the s&p on the back of passive
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buy-in. >> you know we talked so much about the disaster that was facebook's ipo. twitter ipo seems to be healthy and trading well above what it originally listed for. now we have something outside of the tech world in the ipo space that's going to do pretty well on top of that. >> yes, hilton, the code hlt, will be back on the market. it's got a top evaluation according to the analyst i've spoken to today. $250, which is near the top of the $18 to $20 range. the company is valued around 199 billion. the measure of the industry, revpar is seen across the industry up around 5.5% in 2014 so the signs are pretty good for the broader hospitality and lodging industry. good time for hilton to come to market, brian. >> their valuation would be several billion above marriott and other big names in the industry. steve, we appreciate it. steve sedgwick reporting for us live in london. we all know traveling can be
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stressful. one airport here in the states trying to ease that pain a little bit. chicago o'hare now has a yoga room so travelers can unwind, get a solid stretch, a little downward dog for barnacle before he boards. have you done yoga before? >> i did it this morning. >> do you feel limber, ready to go? >> i just did a handstand on the way in here. >> leads us to our twitter question, what does your airport not have that you want? tweet us your best answers using #waytooearly. doc rivers makes his return to boston. how celtics fans reacted to their championship coach's first appearance at the t.d. garden since leaving the team. and the butler gets a couple of screen actor's guild nominations. who had the most nods and the surprising snub. bill karins will have weather when we come back.
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which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. los angeles clippers is doc rivers. [ cheers and applause ] >> well done, boston. former celtics head coach doc rivers receiving a stabbing ovation in his return to boston as the now coach of the los angeles clippers. now to the game, first quarter, lob city, a bit of a snag, chris paul tosses it to jordan, it was the alley-oops and it got stuck
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in there. that's what i do with the nerf four-footer in the basement. clippers beat the celtics 96-88. after the game doc got a little emotional about boston. >> i'm still emotional, you know. i thought the fans were -- it was just a really nice day. this is just such a classy place. this is just such a neat place. i tell people all the time, people don't get boston. they really don't. they don't understand. and i think you have to be part of it to get it. i really do. i don't think you can get it from the outside. >> barnacle says he's one of the best guys in sports. >> absolutely. >> he'd have a great tv career if he wanted. >> he had one when he wasn't
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coaching and a really good dad. check out the final seconds between the behamavs and the warriors. >> off of his feet and scores with 1.5 on the clock! >> seth curry drains it, the warriors win 95-9 3. mlb rules committee plans to outlaw collisions at home plate. hard to do. details yet to be defined. it's expected runners will slide into home and catchers won't be able to block the plate. if the players don't approve the change mlb will be able to unilaterally implement it by 2015. this comes as all of the head injuries in sports. >> players association, yes or no? >> yes. with the culture of concussions it's hard to go against it. the question is implementation, there's unintended consequences,
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people getting hurt for other reasons so we'll see what happens. to the nfl, robert griffin iii will spend the rest of the season on the bench. head coach mike shanahan announced the decision yesterday, says he wants to make sure the quarterback reaches the offseason healthy. hmm. denying rumors the move was a empl ploy to get him fired. griffin spoke out about the decision. >> i expressed my desire to play. of course i want to be out there and finish the season with my guys, see it through, and he explained to me his reasoning and at the end of the day, coach's decision is what we go with. >> disastrous year in d.c. looks like former president george w. bush has a soft spot for kickers. president 43 sent university of alabama's 43 cade foster a handwritten note of encouragement. foster posted the note on twitter, "dear cade, life has its setbacks i know. however, you will be a stronger
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human with time. i wish you all the best, sincerely another 43, george bush." foster's alabama jersey 43, he missed three field goals in alabama's loss to auburn. classy move by the prez. >> i didn't imagine being the kid on campus. >> he's well liked by his teammates and they're all stepping up for him. >> they should and someday he'll win the big game for them. that's how it is being a kicker. it's a bitterly cold morning from the northern plains the windchill is minus 14 40 at international falls. near the great lakes into the ohio valley and the cold air is moving into new england. windchill minus 2 in buffalo. some areas of the great lakes saw a ton of snow. mini snowstorm headed through the east as we go throughout the weekend. the snow area from st. louis, indianapolis, detroit,
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pittsburgh, central new york up into new england, not blockbuster amounts, maybe three to six inches or so, freezing rain mixed in there, too. the timing on that is saturday. >> thank you, bill. coming up on "morning joe" the speaker versus the tea party, john boehner's anger toward his fellow conservatives could impact republican strategy and when we come back here we have "around the cooler" jimmy kimmel finally reveals what this guy was actually signing at the mandela memorial this week. "way would early" will be right back. [ male announcer ] for every late night, every weekend worked, every idea sold... ♪ you deserve a cadillac, the fastest growing full-line luxury brand in the united states. including the all new 2014 cadillac cts, motor trend's 2014 car of the year. now during our season's best event, get the best offers of the season on our award winning products, like the 2014 ats and srx.
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at the top of the show we talked about the mechanical issues at the international space station. you want to sound smart tell your friends the iss is a cooperative effort between the u.s. and 14 other countries. assembly began in 1998, $100 billion, and it's been continuously occupied since the first crew launched october 31st of 2000. let's put aside the news, mr. louis, are you clean faced? >> i am clean faced. it felt good. >> do one of your i love myself stares into the camera. >> no, i'm not going to do that. in a few hours the nominations for the golden globes will be announced. yesterday's screen actor's guild nominations may give us a few clues what movies are in the mix. >> i survived! i will not fall into despair.
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i will offer up my talents to master ford. i will keep myself hardy until freedom is opportune. >> "12 years of slave" picked up four nominations, including best actor and best ensemble cast. the top s.a.g. award. the other contenders are "american hustle," "august of sage county "dallas club" and "the butler." forest whitaker best actor and oprah winfrey best actress. "no love for her" "the wolf of wall street" and "all is lost" some snubs. steven colbert is up in arms about the president's decision to shake raul castro's hand at the mandela memorial service earlier this week. >> cuba jailed more than 1,100 political dissidents. >> it is nauseating. he shook the hand of a murderer, a thug and those are bloodied hands. >> why should you shake hands
2:55 am
with somebody who is keeping americans in prison? >> critics of the castro regime say a friendly greeting with raul sends the wrong message. >> shaking this man's message is an overt endorsement of fidel. you can't to that. that's why fdr never shook hands with kevin hitler. pretty nice guy, by the way. >> now the fake sign language controversy from the mandela memorial made its way to the late night comics and jimmy kimmel brought in a real interpreter to figure out what the alleged signer was saying. >> let's watch this guy and tell us what he seems to be signing, if anything at all. >> with he applaud you and thank you for this. >> hello, welcome so far. well, cigarettes join, bringing in different to you, a circle.
2:56 am
and i would like to pray this offering, basically this is fun. all of these balls to prove this is good. i'm sorry. >> at least he said he was sorry. so your opinion, does this guy know sign language at all? >> no, not at all. >> i have to say that guy was pretty convincing in the moment. >> talk about convincing, yesterday you were convincing as sort of a ron jeremy type and now folks think you've gone a little spiritual and look like joel olstein. give me all tooth. >> look at that the toothy smile. don't get any better than this, brian. >> blef elieve me i am jealous those pieces of enamel. >> praise the lord, brian. what your airport doesn't have and you want.
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so what does your airport not have that you want? your response was a good one. >> i really want some puppy play centers. karma. what else? >> rich had a good one. besides on time flights, how about a putting green? >> that's an awesome idea. a wii lounge. "morning joe" starts right now. republican paul ryan and democrat patty murray announced they reached a deal tuesday after two months of negotiations. >> these two members of congress who did the deal are visual analogs for how the two sides cannot see eye to eye. they are a life-size bar graph of the fiscal d


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