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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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here during the show. hotel california coming up. >> air abe ba goata too. >> no pink champagne on ice. as congress preps fair budget deal vote, the senate spends all night talking. we will also hear from wisconsin's ron johnson and why they are revising health care repeal language and whether bipart anship will go beyond the budget brokering. do the ads feel like they are made just for you. they just might be. deep dive into how microtarget is having a macro effect on where you live. more disturbing details revealed by the man who was signing
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gibberish within arm's length of president obama and many other leaders at the mandela memorial. it's thursday, december 12th, 12-12-2013. we will begin with a split on the budget. the deal hammered out by paul ryan has opened up a new front or frankly reopened up an old front in the ongoing civil war between the within establishment and conservative groups. yesterday started with the revenge of the establishment when john boehner did something we haven't seen him do before. he lashed out at the conservative interest groups opposing the deal. >> most major conservative groups had statements blasting this deal. >> the groups that came out and opposed it before they saw it. >> those groups. are you worried? >> they are using the members and the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous.
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listen, if you are for more deficit reduction, you are for this agreement. >> tell us how you really feel, mr. speaker. conservative groups immediately fired back and said in a statement we stand with marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul and members of the study committee and every other fiscal conservative who opposes the ryan-murray deal. they ripped boehner saying once again republicans led by john boehner are working to increase spending on the taxpayer's tab while promising savings down the road. we know how this movie ends. paul ryan responded to the conservatives who say the deal is a betrayal. >> did you think you legislation would be not conserve 2i6 enough? >> it's a new normal. what matters to me is am i doing what i think is right? am i sticking to my principals and am i listening to my
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colleagues who have the voting power? >> this interparty squabbling is not stopping there. groups are fighting with each other. the republican study committee chairman had to fire the director because word got out that he was apparently leaking information to the groups in question. strikingly that's not the only move. defending ryan from conservatives in the house who seem united in backing him. at least on this deal, what's unique is that the brewing conservative issue is coming from the senate side who had nothing to do with crafting this bipartisan deal who are opposing it. the daily caller quotes a source saying mitch mcconnell plans to vote against the deal. the office has not confirmed that report. frankly it would be surprising if he did support it given what he said about the caps when he negotiated the government.
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at least a half dozen others have lined up publicly against the deal. >> he has led to make a compromise that sells out what actually needs to be done. >> it's not a good deal. we are trading immediate cuts for the promise of cuts later. >> marco rubio said this last night. your deal is going to make it harder for americans to achieve the american dream. what will you say to marco? >> read the deal and get back to me. >> house republicans led by ryan argue it's easier for republicans in the senate to be against it because they are in the minority and don't have the responsibility of governing. speaking of senate republicans, there has been another issue going on all night. they have been engaged in it overnight. a talk fest on the floor. they have been bandinging to to get revenge on harry reid who has been trying to wrap up legislative business for 2013 as soon as possible.
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>> we have to work through christmas, we will do that. if it takes working through christmas, we will work through christmas. >> what's this about? this is a chance for senate republicans to vent basically after democrats changed the filibuster rules. you can argue how senators should act if they want to dumb up the system. you should have to take extraordinary action to protest something and they are. if we see this protest from senate republicans again and how much they will follow-through on what they have been doing today, will they keep it up not just through the weekend, but next week and beyond. meanwhile thanks to the roll out, the republican party enjoyed the best stretch since maybe the 2010 mid-term and it has done so by mostly standing on the sidelines. democrats in red states have been forced to defend themselves from ads like this up against louisiana senator mary landrieu. now landrieu and others have been responding and here's the
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newest ad, trying to respond to the criticism. >> what i said to the president is you told them that they could keep it. >> landrieu introduced the keeping the affordable care act promise. >> i'm fixing it and i urged the president to fix it. >> he said president obama needs to stick to his word. >> republicans independent on democrats own problems instead of coming up with a strategy of their own. what do republicans do next? as the new poll shows, only 34% believe the health care law is a good idea, 50% believe it's a bad idea, 50% believe it should be totally eliminated. the largest chunk say that the law should simply either have major or minor ficxes made to i. that includes republicans. there is an even dwight in the
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gop. house speaker boehner said the house speaker said they have not abandoned the repeal all together. >> does this mark the end of obama care some. >> we voted to repeal obama care and we want it gone. >> republican elected politicians are starting to say out loud what many believed for a while. they really can't repeal the law 100%. this was georgia congressman jack kingston running for the senate. >> a lot of them say let's step back and let them follow on their own. dwlee i don't think that is always the thing it do. they improve health care overall for all of us. if there was something in obama care, we need to know about it. >> last week the republicans said it's not in dispute that many american lives are being disrupted in an important way by this law. is it true that american lives have gotten better?
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yes. not to acknowledge that is to deny reality. conservative policy roy argued in forbes, if the republican nominee for president really going to run on a platform of taking health care coverage away from 24 million americans. meanwhile on the striking interview with national review, wisconsin's ron johnson said this about health care. we have to start talking about transitioning. yeah, you can get rid of the law, but what do do you with what's already there. am i going to exchanges? it can be usable. ron johnson joins me to talk about the issue. good morning to you. >> good morning, chuck. >> obviously you did this interview with the national review, talking about okay, it's time to have a different conversation about health care. i want to play a little bit. you were a big advocate of repeal for a long period of time. >> still am.
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>> let me play a little bit of that and ask you about the comments. >> sure. >> exhibit a. large government. out of control government. intrusive government. it's the health care bill. i totally support the repeal. >> imagine how much uncertainty would be removed in the level of confidence that would return if the entire obama agenda were repealed tomorrow. pretty soon everybody would be forcing the exchanges and we will have a defactive single payer system. >> hopefully america will come to its senses and the voes will be about how to dismantle this beast. >> it's odd to hear yourself in your ears i do this interview. what changed in your mind that you have to have a different conversation about what to do about health care. >> it's not what changed. . obama care and i have been getting more discipline about calling it the patient protection and affordable care act because it does neither of
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those. it has been implemented now. you have people on the exchanges and the risks will be set up. you have to deal with the situation. this is not just a piece of paper that you can repeal and it goes away. we should repeal the law. that's my goal. we have to deal with the situation. obama care exists. what are we going to do with it? how are we going to limit the damage? that's what republicans have to be responsible to limit the damage to real people's lives. you are talking about the test last night for an hour when i was on the floor. i read e-mails that we were getting from real people from wisconsinites. people that are scared and begging for relief and seeing the premiums increase by 100 and 400%. this is real damage being caused to real americans and it's our responsibility to do whatever we can to limit the damage to try to repair the harm that has been done to people.
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>> you talk about that there has been damage. do you believe this law helped people as well. >> there has been any help to individuals, it's because american taxpayers quite honestly, it's our children and grandchildren being placed on their back to pay for the subsidies. president obama said he is going to bend the cost curve down. he department. he bent it up because a newmanidate coverage that necessarily increases the price of health care. anybody who has been advantaged by this has been done on the backs of our children and grandchildren because we can't afford this. i doubt some people will be better off because of this. there will be millions of people who are far worse off and all these promises president obama made, if you like your plan, people are not able to keep their plan. they are losing their doctors and treatments and prescription drugs. things that kept them alive.
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that is why last night i was pleaing with my democratic colleagues to work with us and limit the damage to the american public. >> you said in the national review interview you were not opposed to state-based exchanges. have you given that advice to scott walker? >> first of all, that is being mistypified. >> okay. >> the state exchanges under obama care, i am opposed to that because they mandate all kinds of coverage. the concept of risk sharing and the state exchanges exist. is there a way to utilize the structure and yet preserve the freedom and choice of americans to choose whatever health care coverage they want. in other words, allow any plan to be performed through the state exchanges. if people want the plans, all the mandate coverages through obama care, they can. i doubt few will because it's so much more expensive. i am talking about the concept
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of certain market places that can help individuals access the free market. one of the things you do is a lot of people purchase across state lines and equalize the treatments so that the individuals on the market get the same advantage as individuals that get their insurance and employers. the concept, i don't have a problem with it, but the obama care exchanges, i am utterly opposed to. >> you want to see if he can build an exchange that encompasses what you want and does it with the law of the new health care law? >> i was supportive of the decision not to enact the state exchange and not accept the medicaid expansion. he knew that the federal government can't afford it and wisconsin taxpayers had to pay for that. i support the decision and federally if a state is setting up exchanges and they can use
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that for free market reforms, i don't have a problem with that. >> i have to ask you, did paul ryan negotiate a budget deal, for or against? >> i understand what paul was trying to do. i don't want to shut down the government. it's not the plan he would enact. this is more of a patty murray budget. the real problem. i don't want to see republicans divided on this. the real problem is president obama and democrats in the senate and house, they don't want to fix the long-term problems. republicans do. until we get a willing problem willing to acknowledge the problem and solve it, it's hard to move forward with real reforms. that's the situation paul was in, trying to negotiate something. i don't want to shut down the government. they do enough harm to our economy. we don't need to do shutdowns to increase the plan. >> you didn't say whether or not you would vote for it. >> i'm looking at it?
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>>. >> you haven't made a decision? >> no. >> walker and ryan and johnson, all you guys are keeping us busy. thank you, sir. >> have a good day. >> a deep dive to the next generation of political advertising. with two of the guys behind president obama's tech savvy campaigns and taking microtargeting to a whole new level. personalized tv ads. plus, troubled signs the sign language translator from nelson mandela's memorial called a fraud is speaking out. it seemed like a joke, but it's no joke, folks. first a look at the politics planner. we have hearings today. a lot of hearings. always interesting there. it's an important semi political cameo we will tell you about after the brick. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. little girl like for christmas?
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>> today a deep dive into the future of tv ads that involves predictive targeting. it is known as microtargeting, but it's a method used to individuals instead of mass audiences. the idea started becoming a mainstream political strategy? 2004 when they trumpeted the idea. now it's on another level. think of it this way. if you are clicking around and google seems to show you only things you are interested in in their ad column, the same may be a ploying to the future of television ads. as president obama's campaign successfully demonstrate, the
6:20 am
way it's done is by compiling a ton of data what makes them tip and where are they watching things? that way you can go after the voters you need instead of wasting time and money instead of the people who can't help you win. that's the role of the combined effort and the data an lytic team. they start with maps where the darker areas have more voters per kwar mile. once the data is filtered, they calculate the cost of appealing to voters in various markets. an example, here's new york city for instance. whether it's 7.6 million voters, the average cost to reach 1,000 people is $15.15. that stands for 1,000. if you mix in internet, the cost
6:21 am
goes down to 15.31. while new york advertising is in absolute dollars, auto cheap when you consider how many people you reach. it costs to reach them. they can even determine voters's tv viewing habits and figure out when to place ads. if your audience only watches tv at 2:00 a.m., you can just run ads after midnight. one more thing is this is not just about politics. the same data will be used to get people to buy cars or hair driers or even health insurance. this map shows the percentage of uninsured americans in the united states. it shows potential advertisers that you can spend about the same amount, $27 or so to reach 1,000 people in sioux city, iowa
6:22 am
and twin falls idaho. if you know it is double that of sioux sioux city, you know how to get the most bang for your buck. the senior media consultant and buyer for the campaign and senior partner in the ad firm, dan wagner is the chief officer. he is founder of civics an lytics and they are expanding and refining the art of media targeting. jim, i want to start with you. your business hads radically changed. i dealt with you for a long time and considering where we were in 2004 to where we are today, now it's an art form. is that fair? >> that's true. if we were here a a couple of years ago, we would talk about reaching soccer moms or nascar dads.
6:23 am
>> they are probably in orlando. >> and more likely to be persuadable voters so let's go after them. that was right at the time. what we are trying to do is turn that on its head and go after individual voters. how do we reach down and use data and an lytics to buy smarter. >> dan, it's easy to see how you do this on the digital stage and via google advertising. that we get and the hard part is how are you going to do this in advertising and how soon are the ads going to be personalized? >> number one is within the campaign, we were building a set of personalized audiences through microtargeting.
6:24 am
the internal modelling or persuasion targets. we are taking a list of actual individuals matching that to viewing data. we have a protected third party source. >> let me stop you there and put that in english. it's a firm called right track. it could be your cable box that you got from cox cable or comcast or directv. they happen to be the system you use anyway. >> correct. we connect our individual list of targets to viewing data and based on that, we were able to create a new rate of people to say this is the cost per persuadable voter. for every program within every market that allows us to prioritize based on the density of the people we care about and not just the base line
6:25 am
demographics we used. in the future, we are not just looking at being able to create better audience densities by program. a lot of things that we have on the campaign is addressable tv over satellite. that future is here in many media marks and will be soon for everything. >> so jim let me put this in practical terms. this means that ten years ago or three campaigns ago, you would have said we are going to the state of florida since people know where the radical differences are between the two parties. democrats would not even advertise in pensacola and mobile because they said there not many democratic voters. there more swing voters in central or south florida. you say okay, where are the persuadable voters in the market that bleeds into florida that you can find those 30% of
6:26 am
democrats. >> let's go further. we want to get away from the persuadable voters to individual voters. we want to know about chuck todd. we want to take registration information and things like they go to your door and said what issues do you care about? >> you are putting that under my name. >> right and we want to merge that with actual media. >> you find out that i watch the show chopped on the food network. >> let's say it is interesting in terms of technology. that's over at chuck todd's house. i know you are permanently affixed. most americans move around a little bit. we were able to take a look at what's the actual media viewing habits that you have. all of a sudden the obama campaign we found that we have a lot of people watching tv land
6:27 am
at 2:00 in the morning were up for grabs voters. >> were they young parents? >> some were and some were more important for us. all of a sudden by the end of the campaign, we were purchasing 50 different networks as opposed to the romney campaign that was buying nine. >> obviously i look at this and think the privacy concerns and i know the data is that you are not actually getting my viewing habits. you are getting people like my viewing habits because of privacy concerns. the amount of data you guys have put together, should we all be a little bit scared about how much data is available about us to folks like yourself? >> yeah, i think there two answers.
6:28 am
on the political side, the vast majority of data we are using this from publicly available voter files and we are building better inferences through statistics. like what pollsters have done, but with better technology, etc. when we partner with an organization like this, we are making sure we use a third party with a privacy-protected source so that information is protected on both sides. >> dan wagner, congratulations on your new firm that you are trying to put together. it's scary what's coming. i know you will have a personalized tv ad. you guys are making more actual tv ads than ever before. >> we are working at it. >> if it's going to work, it has to have content that is relevant and that means more for us to make. >> thanks for sharing a little bit of that technology and playing with your map on the
6:29 am
website is fascinating. speaking of microtargeting, the price is right for one florida candidate going after a very specific demographic with a new tv ad. that's up next. first the trivia question. which state was the first to be represented by an african-american in congress? the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on i air shout out. [ female announcer ] make every smile a 3d white smile with crest 3d white toothpaste. it removes up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days. unleash your smile with crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up with a whiter smile. life opens up so when my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis them. was also on display, i'd had it. i finally had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin
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6:33 am
as i am, you call it like you see it. that's why i'm supporting david jolly for congress because with jolly, the choice is right. >> that ad will run during the price is right today when barker himself makes a special appearance to mark his 90th birthday. by the way, more than 1/5 of david jolly's district is over 65 and the special election, how much of a vote is going to be over the age of 65. it's a big part "the price is right" demographic. the next number is one. the number of rolls of chocolate chip cookie doe cory booker is betting against the possibility of his own presidential run. they predict he will run in 2016. he responded by betting a roll.
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cell phones on airplanes according to a poll, the fcc is meeting to consider lifting the 22 year old ban of using mobile wireless devices in flight. that number against the ban goes up depending on your frequency of travel. the last number is are z and that's the number of home plate collisions they hope to see. base runners are no longer allowed to slam into the catcher during close plays at the plate. particularly concussions having to do with the league. they are worried about lawsuits having to do with concussions. that may be behind the rules change. we will show you what happens when "the daily rundown" meets the daily show. plus as thousands of mourners continue to lineup for the last chance to pay final respects to nelson mandela, the man who stood three feet away from the president who is in the
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. >> thousand of people are lining up to pay final respects to nelson mandela. mandela is lying in state through tomorrow. organization misers are marking people's fingers with ink to make sure they don't go through more than once. he will be flown to his ancestral home and he will be buried on sunday. for now ron allen joins me where there is controversy brewing chlg we are learning more about the imposter sign language interpreter. ron, at first you thought boy, is this an elaborate hoax? what's going on? this security issue now, how close to world leaders he is.
6:39 am
give us the back story and what we know about this phony interpreter. >> well, it's hard to determine just how phony he is or is not. he's not some guy who just walked in off the street and into the stadium. he was vetted in some way and had accreditation and is connected to the anc because he has done events for them in the past, but the memorial service in this case he was hired by the government we understand. the government said they admitted they made a bad mistake. they are trying to figure out how that could have happened. he emerged and revealed he has mental health issues and is schizophrenic. he said he awe angels and hallucinate and lot of it. here's some of what he had to say this morning. >> what happened, it was very much -- i don't know how to put
6:40 am
it. i see angels come to the stadium. and immediately i see angels come to the stadium. i start realizing that the problem is here. the problem i don't know how to take this problem. sometimes i will feel violent on that place. sometimes i will see things like this. i was in a very, very difficult place. >> it's a very, very bizarre situation. it's unclear exactly who this man is and what his credentials and skills are if any in this area. he translated at other events for the president of south africa, jacob zuma. he was known because the organization filed a complaint about him after watching him do other effects. they got no response from the anc about this. they said they don't think about the report.
6:41 am
there is all this and this country is trying to bid a dignified farewell to nelson mandela. >> it is such an undignified moment. does he really know how to sign? >> good question. there some people who are criticizing him and saying his grammar was bad. some people are saying 99% of what he was signing department ma didn't make sense. one woman said he was able to communicate, but not interpret and convey what he was hearing. english overwhelmed him. what his skill level is is unclear. the bottom line is this is a huge fiasco and people here want to get to the bottom of it. >> ron allen, a bizarre story. obviously a lot of folks wondering about the vetting
6:42 am
process and safety concerns being that close to world leaders. thank you very much. the u.s. senate has been up all night, but not talking about the budget or health care. they might bring it up. it has to do about judges. tim cain will join me next. first, the white house soup of the day. it's thursday. they are going with chicken tortilla. we'll be right back. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments.
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♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. a bipartisan deal has been reached. a ceasefire of ravages washington. are we really ready to give up the fight? >> you have seen the smash hits. bumming et battle one, two, three and four. budget battle five, the sequel that the 24-hour news networks demand. it's a fight for ratings against impossible odds. >> this just got real.
6:46 am
>> not really. they have been at a stalemate for quite sometime. they are hoping not to shut down the government sometime. it's not hard to believe. democrats won't deal with entitlements. >> it's killing the momentum here. >> sorry. >> that was the daily show last night. breaking into the daily show's jason jones that they announced is not as dramatic of a story as he or others hoped it would be. both parties will try to keep the drama to a minimum as long as they pass the murray-ryan budget deal. we will give them a two-year window to work on a budget without worrying about a budget shut down. that may be one of the biggest selling points or what some are trying to do. joining me now is tim cain. good morning to you, senator. >> good to be with you. >> you seem to be reluctantly
6:47 am
supportive of this deal. am i reading that right? when you put out a release about it, you didn't say whether you were going to support it or not. where are you this morning and is it fair to call you reluctant? >> i'm strongly supportive of the deal. there things i wish were not in the senate budget. the issue with military retirees and federal employees were not in the budget. i wish they were not there, but we needed a deal and i think this is important for the economy and i give praise to patty murray and paul ryan for helping us get there. and the fact that it's a two-year deal is important. most do two-year budgets. the federal government does and it's better to do two. you get the private sector and agencies more time to plan. that is a better way to go about it. it will be good for the economy
6:48 am
and they put shut downs and furloughs and sequesters for the next few years behind us. >> it's funny you bring up the two-year. roy blunt has been a big proponent of it. down in georgia, they have been proponents of this. it's the appropriators and people to spend the money and not budget the money who are against this. is there a wa i to create staggered two-year budgeting where half of the government is funded one year and half the other year? you still have appropriations going and you budget it in two-year increments. >> you could definitely do that. whether that's the best or not, you could do it that way. you could do it every two years, setting the top line numbers and dividing into the key functional areas of government. that will let them write it one
6:49 am
year at a time. that could work fine. what you get with two-year budgeting is the intense effort to craft the budget and in the middle, you do all your analysis and oversight and the revenues where we thought the programs are kofing what we thought they would and it enables you to do investigation and analysis. when you are writing the next budget, it's more precise. i applaud the fact that patty and paul said let's tackle this and dot two years. you do give the sector economy more planning space by giving the two-year certainty. >> something that democrats are upset with and progressives on the left is unemployment insurance. >> that's the biggest weakness. >> senator reid said it's not coming up this year. he said he will tackle it again at the start of the year. let me ask you this. when do you stop the insurance?
6:50 am
it's normally 26 weeks and we had this extension up to 70 plus weeks. it's hard to say no. i know this. when do you is starting to recover. and the government is going to scale back. >> i think, chuck, we should probably -- i wrote a letter saying we ought to extend that more because i think the unemployment rate is still too high, and the real unemployment rate, if you take the current rate and then add to it workers who have been out of the work force for so long because they're discouraged, the real rate is still higher. i'd set a rate flethreshold. i think it would be good for people. and actually, also good for the economy to do that u.i. extension. but i know that was the horse's argument about why not to do it. and that's the biggest weakness of the deal. >> what would you set it at? 6%? 6.5%? >> you know, i'd probably set it at around 6% for the unemployment rate as measured now, but then i'd also look at
6:51 am
the disaffected workers and probably do calculation. i don't have that in my mind to give you a number today. >> thank you, sir. >> you bet. trivia time. it was south carolina who was the first state to be represented by an african-american in congress. it happened 143 years ago today. joseph rainey of south carolina took his seat in the house, becoming america's first african-american congressman. congratulations to today's winner, david hotz. send your suggestions in. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] make every smile a 3d white smile with crest 3d white toothpaste. it removes up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days. unleash your smile with crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up with a whiter smile.
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so i got the windows nokia tablet. it's, well, impressive. it's got the brightest hd screen, super-fast 4g lte, so my son can play games and movies almost anywhere, and it's got office for school stuff. but the best part? i got the lumia 928 for my daughter for free, with the best low-light smartphone camera this side of the north pole. dad for the win. mm! mm! mm! ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ time for my "thursday takeaway." there is one more point from our
6:55 am
nbc/"wall street journal" poll that i wanted to make. and that's on the issue of foreign policy, in general. our poll found that the prevailing opinion on issues happening abroad these days seems to be no opinion at all. we saw this in our focus group that we observed last week. and then we saw it in these answers. when respondents were asked if they approved the u.s. nuclear negotiations with iran, 23% of respondents approved. 36% disapproved. and the plurality, 41%, said they didn't know enough to have an opinion. basically, a way of saying people didn't pay a lot of attention to that issue. another question, we gave them more information, when asked if the agreement will be helpful in preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons, 23% said it would be helpful, 34% said it wouldn't help, and 45% said they didn't know or weren't sure. the bottom line is that when it comes to foreign policy right now, now that we have sort of withdrawn from iraq on the way
6:56 am
to withdrawal from afghanistan, there is definitely this inward look. i saw it in that focus group. we see it in these responses to the iran negotiations, which were huge political stories here in washington and a big political debate that's going on, frankly, inside both parties. you saw it, you know, this is why the mini-controversy with the president and raul castro. when it comes to foreign policy these days, the public, in general, seems to be having their buttons pressed a little bit less. they seem to be much more focused on what's going on in the economy. trust me, at this focus group, we brought up every single major foreign policy issue you could come up with, syria, afghanistan. these were folks who describe themselves as people who spend a lot of time following issues. they knew a lot about them, they just weren't that moved by it. it wasn't a big deal to them. just a little lessons for politicians running in 2014. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll see you right back here tomorrow at 9:00.
6:57 am
coming up, chris jansing. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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you stand behind what you say. there's a saying around here, this season, discover aleve. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
7:00 am
senate conservatives lining up against the bipartisan budget deal. but today paul ryan's fighting back. >> what will you say to marco? >> read the deal and get back to me. >> that's not the only battle going on in congress. senators have been up all night. republicans forcing hour after hour of debate as democrats try to use the new filibuster rules to confirm nearly a dozen presidential nominees. also right now senators are weighing what to do about iran. will the senate back off the possibility of new actions? a live hearing is about to start. and, of course, the news everybody is talking about out of south africa. this interpreter being called a fake. he says he's legit but had a schizophrenic episode during nelson mandela's memorial. >> if i have


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