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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  December 14, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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and we adults do not see the way to do it, our best hope is that the surviving kids are smarter and braver and more clever and more committed than we are. that does it for us tonight we'll seat you again monday. have a great weekend. bracing for the storm. in some parts it's already arrived. another blast of wintery weather. where will it hit and how hard. political storm. the one inside the gop. how will it end? set to soar. well airline companies are making big profits, you may end up paying more to fly. well explain. >> i can't comment further on what he may or may not have been doing. and the mystery deepens. an ex fbi agent who vanished in iran 124 days ago, what was he doing there and where is he now? msnbc has new information.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". a powerful winter snowstorm is already making a mess in the midwest is now barreling down on the northeast. this was the scene in indianapolis last night. it snarled commutes. and upstate new york, the snow fell all day friday. residents worked to dig themselves out under a thick blanket of snow, up to two feet in some areas. >> shoveling. digging out. milk, bread, that's what they're looking for when they come shopping. >> an additional foot and a half in some areas. here in new york city, up to five inches as the system passes through. so how much snow can we expect this weekend and who is going to get the worst of it? dylan dreyer is tracking the storm for us. hi, dylan. >> good morning, al ebs.
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alex. parts of missouri, up into illinois, ohio, up into michigan and west virginia. now moving into parts of pennsylvania. the stuff on the northeastern side, though, is pretty light right now. but it's much heavier where the storm center is across southeastern missouri. so you can see the blues. that's where we have heavy snowfall and heavy rainfall across kentucky and tennessee too. we have several winter weather advisories and warning up and down the northeast, great lakes, and stretching back to st. louis where those will expire shortly. in the northeast, they're going to last until tomorrow morning. so we are going to see a changeover in new york city and across parts of southern new england. but we are looking for that to happen after he get a few inches of snowfall. from south if west, we will see a change over from washington, d.c., into florida, new jersey
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and the city later on tonight. most of the day we will see stepped snow this morning, heavier in the northeast as we go into this afternoon and evening. and interior parts of new england and away from the immediate coastline, we could end up with 6 to 12 inches of snow. most of the foot snowfall reports across upstate new york and new england. we could see three to six inches. a little further south with the changeover happening like philadelphia and washington, d.c., we should be closer to one to three inches. boston, four to eight before a change over. albany, hartford, 8 to 12 inches. portland, maine, we could end up with 12 to 16. we are going to see the snow in new york city too. it changes over to freezing rain, which will make things very icy for early tomorrow >> well, to politics now. a growing number of senate republicans say they will not
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support the bipartisan budget bill passed in the house. it's not clear if they will have the numbers to blocks it. 332-94. 60 votes will be needed to allow the senate to bring the budget deal to the floor. let's go to the white. kristen welker, where it's not snowing there yet. good morning to you, my friend. how does this look like it's shaping up in the senate? >> alex, good morning to you. this piece of legislation faces an uncertain future. you just mapped out the incomes. it passed the house. but now you have a growing number of senators who are opposed. they say it doesn't do enough to cut spending. of course a lot of conservative groups have come out against this as well. we have a graphic listing of
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some of those senators. bob corker, jeff sessions, ted cruz, mike lee, marco rubio, paul, heller, toomey. mitch mcconnell appears to be poised to vote against this legislation. he has been facing a tough battle from the right from a tea party republican. that is what is is fueling his opposition at this point. but here's the political reality. they need about five republican votes on tuesday for that test vote to get this past the first vote. i have two words for you, the government shutdown. you remember that republicans were scarred in the wake of the government shutdown. so there's a lot of political pressure on them to get this through the senate. it did pass through the house with huge by patterson support.
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the two things this legislation doesn't deal with, the debt ceiling is something the congress will have to deal with. and insurance, that was a big, contentious issue. >> it was shocking when paul ryan and patty murray were like, wow, we have a few days to go. we're not pushing this up to the deadline. i was shocked. >> it is stunning. something we haven't seen here in about three years, alex. so it really is significant. that's hard to see why it won't get through the senate. >> certainly somber this morning. >> we will see him at 9:25. a moment of silence, along with the first lady in the map room here of the white house to mark the one year anniversary of the tragedy in newtown. as you know, this administration
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in the wake of the newtown shooting pressed for stiffer gun control laws. they were joined by knupp ton families. those laws had broad support across the country. about 90% said they support new gun control laws but didn't make its way through this congress. politically speaking, that legislation doesn't seem to be going anywhere. i have been interviewing people. i know you have as well, alex. folks from newtown saying they are not giving up on the fight. pressing. trying to revive some of that effort to get some of those gun control laws restored. but today is about marking this somber anniversary and remembering all of those who lost their lives on that tragic day. >> it is pay tough day in so many ways. >> it is indeed. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, alex. we're learning more about the lone gunman who is responsible for yesterday's shooting at a colorado high school. the shooter died of a
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self-inflicted gun wound is 18-year-old karl pierson. he was targeted a specific teacher. one student is in the hospital after undergoing surgery for the gunshot wound. sit 20 miles south of aurora, where the mass shooting took place in the movie theater and eight miles from columbine high school, the keep of a mass shooting in 1999. ron mott is covering all of this. >> good morning, alex. later today the media will meet with the police again. in the meantime, as you can imagine, a lot of questions of why. why this young man would do this yesterday. police suspect he was out for revenge. >> a repeated scene at an american school. hands on their heads after gunfire erupts inside. >> we heard people coming in,
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police talking on their radios screaming and surrounding. i didn't hear any of the shots. but it was scary. >> police say 18-year-old karl pierson, a student at arapahoe high school, was looking for a specific teacher. it stepped from an earlier disagreement between the two. >> when the teacher heard this individual was asking for him, the teacher exited the school immediately. in my opinion, it was the most important tactical decision that could have been made. >> the chaotic frantic scene resembled other school tragedies. sandy hook a year ago today. and columbine high school in 1999. a school janitor spotted pierson and tripped safety. >> i was standing down in the athletic hall. >> still, one student was shot.
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three others suffered what the sheriff called anxiety attacks. >> pierson was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> the officers got to him literally within minutes. that is a world of change from the way response used to happen. >> police worked late into the night searching for evidence, including at pierson's home. >> it's heart wrenching to find out there's somebody out there who wants to show you. >> the student shot is a 15-year-old girl who attends here arapahoe high school. they will make a determination whether to kabul classes beyond monday. >> the timing of the story is just aufpl. thank you very much, ron mott. as we noted earlier, the families in the newtown, connecticut massacre one year ago today. we'll tell you about the work
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being done to honor the victims in 20 minutes. a kansas man caught until a terror sting. he planned to attack wichita airport in a plot aimed at supporting al qaeda. agents saw on friday, he drove a vehicle with what he thought upper explosives. they believe he acted alone. no other arrests suspected. new hope in the white house to get things done and soon. we'll explain that for you. why the talking baby may not be making an appearance again on the world's biggest stage. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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let's get back to covering the wintery weather. take a look. a gigantic storm front from the
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mississippi valley to new england. ohio is expected to get some of the worst of it. scott newell is in cleveland for us. what's it like out there? chilly for sure. roads look not too bad yet. >> it's not bad at all. in fact, the plows and the salt trucks have been out here. they have been keeping i-271 clear. the snow has been coming overnight. it has been snowing here the last few years. good news for the cleveland area is temperatures are not bitterly cold than they have been. salt, very effective on road surfaces like this. that's why the roads are clear right now. what we have gotten so far, there was snow here before. it's hard to tell you what's new this morning. i would say a couple inches right now. by the time it's all over, they are expecting half a foot of snow in the cleveland area.
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and this storm system, this whole thing continuing to move northeast. it's in illinois and indiana. ohio. going to hang through hoover. then move up to the northeast. here in the cleveland area, a little lake-effect snow tomorrow too. there should be a clipper that moves in next week. people looking for a white christmas, this is all good news. now pretty much under control. we'll watch as the snow comes down and continues. >> real quickly, scott. the roads are okay? it looks pretty. it looks like it's a light dusting. >> yeah, it is. this is not one of those heavy, severe snows. the side streets are not in great shape. they don't want to do that pretty well here in cleveland. people have to be careful especially the early morning
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hours. a lot of people will be shopping, buy stuff today. so everybody has to be kaeufld. >> thank you for the advice. back to politics. speaker of the house john boehner criticizing some of his own. >> they pushed us into this fight to defund obama care and shut down the government. my members know that wasn't exactly the strategy that i had in mind. but if you'll recall the day before the government reopened, one of the people at one of these groups stood up and said, well, we never really thought it would work. are you kidding me? >> well, the speaker avenues words were directed at heritage, club for growth, supporting groups they don't think are conservative enough. joining me now is ed o'keefe. good morning, ed. >> good morning, alex. >> lots of republican
4:18 am
infighting. the house voting 32. 94 to pass it. what made speaker boehner crash at his party? he has catered to them and had to apiece them before. >> two things going on. first of all, he has a great relationship with paul ryan, the guy who helped cut this deal for the house. in a weak that paul ryan is completing a piece of legislation. and the club for growth, heritage action, that got under his skin. as he tells david gregory, he got his irish up if you will and tkpwolts a little angry. >> yeah. >> frankly, he has hinted out
4:19 am
there. >> it's like he he has finally done what we all said. he is the conscious mat politician. he didn't get there by not being that and being strangle hold has got to be so frustrating for him. ted cruz saying, the best of my knowledge et deal spends more taxes and allows continued funding for obamacare. i cannot afford it. >> and read my lipstick. no new touches. >> do you think what we have going on is between masons and the far right? >> you know, we have been having this argument for a few years. the bottom is it's going to pass. it's going to be that much harder to be able to score any points or get anything done they would like to see done in the
4:20 am
next few years. there might be discussion of tax reform. but you're also running into an election year at this point. part is we have seen republicans say i'm not a fan. but i will vote to let it go forward. they saw more than 300 million vote for this thing. . they don't want to be responsible for rejecting an overwhelming bipartisan piece of legislation. >> you've got 55 minutes of the senate democratic caucus. all indications are they will vote to concede the republican vote. you need five. yesterday we had four. >> are you foggy with mccain, public, berr, srpl skwrpl. >> those are phau.
4:21 am
and another three or four saying i don't like this budget but i will allow the vote to practice. but when you only 50/5050, that's why we believe it will be through just fine. >> there's an early titled budget deal in congress raises white house hopes on other priorities. the fact that congress made this deal on the budget, does it open the door to get other legislation passed, do you think? >> it does. because now you have time. now you have pushed discussions out of the system for the next two years. what's the house going to do? the big, obvious domestic piece of legislation is immigration. so now if you threat through the debt ceiling fight between june and july? and the thought is it would be.
4:22 am
there are piece meals in the house that it voted on and compromised with the senate. we will see if there's desire. it's just a matter of time. >> we'll see you the next time. in big money headlines, why it should affect how much you will be paying to fly. marissa mayer apologizing for e-mail messages that affected 1% of customers. they have reportedly corrected the issues for most users. so i c
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♪ through 12 ice storms brewing ♪ ♪ 10 straight days raining ♪ 9 hailstorms pounding ♪ 5 mysteriously heavy holiday fruitcakes ♪ ♪ 4 actual tree houses ♪ 3 blackouts ♪ 2 weird to mention ♪ and a roaming horde of carolers ♪ ♪ with my exact same route [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans you can even watch us get it there. and look for our limited edition holiday stamps. trimming spending, soaring profits and bounced baby. retail analyst hethica walker. holiday spending, the out look not so merry.
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>> they ser have aed 800 people. 42% will be spending less over the holiday season, about 40% about the same. and 15% will be spending more. they also very viewed high network people, people over the net worth of over $100,000. those people will be spending around $300 less. and that whole total is around $681. here's the contradictory aspect. pay pal had a survey and they said their mobile payments up 121% over the holiday weekend for 2013. it's a little odd. we will is have toe see what's happening. but right now this survey is saying people will spend 9.4% less over the holiday. >> we'll reconcile the numbers for you when all is said and done.
4:27 am
how about the soaring profits for the airlines. >> the profits are finally soaring for the airlines. 2013, they will see $13 billion in profits. 2013, they will see $20 billion in profits. we will have to spend a little more on the tickets. tsa is now going to be implements fees as we go through security. we will have to $5 more. but what this is going to do is generate $13 billion the next 10 years. >> i am super bummed about a set of commercials not in the super bowl this year. check this out, everyone, because they're not going to be there. >> the boys are talking about what to do with all this extra coin and i'm like i'm renting a clown. and i did. bobo. i really underestimated the creepiness. >> we will miss the etrade baby.
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what's happening there. >> three icons not going to be there. this is the etrade baby as well as dana patrick. etrade baby is out. and subway is going to be concentrating on advertising for the olympics, which i now know is thursday, the 6th of february. as well as godaddy is going to be profiling women that are sphar smart and successful. i didn't know you were going to have a cameo. >> that is super nice. i'll pay you off set. next, one democratic congressman tells me why he did not sign a letter pushing for it. first, a massive snowstorm
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welcome back to we"weekends with alex witt". mandela has arrived in his home village. earlier today they held a farewell ceremony for the former north african president >> and pictures of kim jong-un's first appearance after the execution of his uncle. a police chase in los angeles came to an end when the fleeing motorists crashed into another car at an intersection. that car hit a fire hydrant. the condition of both drivers unknown. pleading not guilty to assault charges after he threw a passenger off a bus.
4:33 am
the passenger fell asleep, spit on the driver. the driver allegedly beat up the passenger. the passenger was also charged with assault. the jackpot is now to $550 million. 19-24-26-27-70-12. today marks one year since the mass shooting at sandy hook. newtown state representative will join religious leaders and anti violence advocates for a memory more. this is one of the families will hold private remembrances to honor their loved ones. we are remembering that tragedy by paying tribute to some of those who lost their lives. kate snow is joining me. good morning, kate. >> good morning, alex. many of the families have chosen to leave town. they have asked for privacy. some did want to talk to remember their loved ones and
4:34 am
recognizing the work they are doing now in their honor. >> one year ago today they gathered at the firehouse. the families of 20 first graders and six adults learned they were all gone. >> it's been a year. that's not any easier. my wounds aren't healed. it's learning how to live my life without any mom. >> she was the principal who confronted the gunman near the front door. >> someone at the firehouse said we found two women hiding in a closet. i said there's no way mom was hiding in a closet. he was out of that room in a couple of seconds, going after a guy with a scary gun. >> do you think about how many lives she probably saved just by slowing him up a little bit? >> that's what gets me through my days. >> the other thing that gets her through, advocating for change. >> why was it so important for you to seize this moment and to
4:35 am
be public and to say i'm going to stand up for something here? >> because my mom would -- there is no way that if it was me that died in that school that my mom wouldn't do something. >> what do you want to change in this country? >> i want to make sure that no kid ever has to get married without her mom at her wedding. >> erica's wedding day was last july. she visited her mom's grave just before. >> i wore the dress that we picked out. and it was a perfect day. she would have loved it. >> perfect except that she wasn't there? >> she was. she gave me a beautiful gust of wind on a hot day. she was absolutely there. >> her mom used to write her notes and letters and sign them with the smiley face she wears as a tattoo. over the past years letters have poured in for all the children, writing to parents who lost kids. >> in honor of your mom and
4:36 am
everyone else, is there anything else people can do? >> be nice to each other. if everybody did one nice thing every single day how much more good would there be? >> she is spending the weekend away with her sister for quiet reflection. they have set up a scholarship in honor of their mom. other families set up other foundations too. there's information on all of that if people want to support them on the website. >> we will definitely check that out. thank you so much. i do appreciate it. live at sandy hook, are you surprised there federal gun legislation in the year since sandy hook? talk to me on twitter. i will read some of your tweets through the the day. on tuesday, the senate will take up the house budget for the first test vote. success in the senate is not certain. some republicans saying it does not address the deficit. so is it a good deal?
4:37 am
a member of the appropriations committee, and a member of the blue dog coalition. you're a busy guy. >> a little busy. thank you so much for joining me. you voted for this budget deal. what do you like about it? >> two things. one, it's going to avoid a shutdown. we had a shutdown that was not good. that means we failed at doing our job, number one. two, we will not be stuck with the budget and be able to work on other items. >> interesting op ed. i'm going to read part of it. while the the deal is a start, it does not fix our fundamental problems and the largest drivers of our debt. as you listen to those points they're making, what's your test on that assessment? >> absolutely correct. this is just a modest step. we only deal with one-third of the federal budget.
4:38 am
we did it with one-third. the other two-thirds on automatic. you have republicans that don't want to talk about taxes. democrats don't want to talk about social security and medicare. so you are leaving the two big drivers out of the picture. >> you made a point that this is a deal for two years. which is great in the concept that we don't have to go through it in a matter of months. on the political calendar, that is a presidential election year. does that set up any recipe for disaster? >> it is going to be by the presidential year. yes. you always have to do it about presidential elections. hopefully this will be two years that would allow us to work on several things. unemployment. immigration. >> i want to ask your position on unemployment, extending long-term benefits.
4:39 am
you did not sign that letter that went to speaker boehner. talk about that. >> sandy levin said, hey, henry, sign this on monday. we will go ahead and do it on monday. but my first job is focus on avoiding the shutdown because it is terrible. now it gives us time to work on other issues like unemployment. we talk about some of the people affected by the end of the month. of course in the next six months other people will be affected also. >> i'm just curious why not put your name on that letter? you know you're going to have constituents that three days after christmas they will be losing their benefits. >> sandy levin reminded me and that will be done on monday. sandy is a good friend of mine, and he does remind me. >> certainly the budget received strong opposition from conservatives. do you see any of their points? do you have any concern that it won't pass? >> no. it's going to pass.
4:40 am
i always talk to a couple senators. one of them from texas. and he pretty much conceded it's going to pass. he will probably vote against it but it will pass. you saw kate snow's great piece on newtown. it received overwhelming support from the public to get some federal gun legislation passed. there has been nothing in regards to gun reform. what's going on on the hill? >> quite honestly in congress right now i don't see any sort of gun control gun control passing. if we can't do that, why not focus on other things that i think we can get a consensus. mental health. why not put more resources into mental health. the situation has risen in a lot of those situations, sandy hook, colorado and other place. why not put money to that?
4:41 am
why are we so paralyzed? >> but if we get specific on what was being proposed with gun control, if we're talking about background checks, which if you have nothing to hide, nothing to be concerned about, if you want to own a gun. it's not like we're trying to violate our constitutional rights from owning a gun. and it's also the capacity of the magazines. not allowing 50 and more rounds of ammunition. who needs that? >> it's interesting. folks are against any sort of changes talk about the slippery slope. i can understand that. but some things i think background checks, something we definitely can look into doing. and we should. i want to know who is carrying a gun. i don't have a problem with somebody carrying a gun. >> i should say, and you're a man from texas. you come from a state -- >> guns and trucks. >> guns and trucks and cowboy music i think we should add to that as well. barbecuing. we can make a list.
4:42 am
for you to say that, can you do something to help expand the ideology. are you confident you can make that message? >> you know, i have talked to my friends. as you know, i represent san antonio, laredo and in between there's a lot of rural areas. i have had conversations with any friends in the rural areas and they are very strong in their opinion, not even background checks, which is interesting. >> just keep talking. >> i will. >> appreciate you being in the studio. >> thanks so much. he was the first reporter in the embassy in tehran during the hostage crisis. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate, i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. in this week's office politics, nbc veteran correspondent martin fletcher. martin lives in tel aviv and has
4:46 am
virtually covered every major news story in decades. i asked about the affect of last month's six month nuclear deal signed in geneva. >> it's way too soon to say it. but to open up the possibility of iran changing. it can be historic if there's really progress. everybody wants it to work, right? even israel. despite all their criticism saying this is a lousy agreement. they are joined by others from the arab world. so there's a lot of opposition with this agreement. potentially if it does open up iran to the world again, that's a ground breaking achievement. not were only will it mean relations with america will
4:47 am
change but hopefully terrorist groups like hezbollah will change too. and the support to syria. i think therefore you have to give it every opportunity. >> i want to talk about historic perspective on iran. >> i was the only report tore get inside the embassy while the diplomats were held hostage. unwillingly because the students thought i was a spy. i was there for a day. it was amazing. it was so totally orchestrated and presented as a spontaneous attack on the americans spot on iranian public anger. completely untrue. it was a planned attack. in a little bit the same way as the attack on the american embassy in benghazi. was it spontaneous or well planned? same with the iranians in iran.
4:48 am
from my perspective, having lived in that area so long, i always see things from the other side. what they were doing in 1979 when they occupied the embassy was basically making good on what the americans did in 1953 when they overthrew the prime minister. and it oppressed the iranian people. so much anger with the shah. many didn't want but it was the only way of getting rid of the shah. i was always very aware of that when reporting on the story.
4:49 am
they were presented as mad radicals. they had a lot to be angry about. >> and that anger still exists today, right? or has it dissipated with this new generation and opening up with the west? >> my sense is that it has dissipated and the iranian people in general are ready to make good with the west again. but the iranian government today is still -- i don't want to say crazy but this fundamentalist iranian regime with a grip on the people. >> more at 12:00 noon. we'll talk about the prospects of a two-state solution. martin will share the story that he covered that he says stands out the most to him >> an e-mail adds to the mystery of an ex fbi agent more than six years ago. that's next. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin.
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>> let's take a look at what's
4:53 am
happening in cleveland, i-480 eastbound west route there. it's picking up. we were talking earlier in the hour, and these roads will need more salt on, let's look at new york central park t. snow you see is snow left over from the snowfall earlier this week. it certainly looks like we will be getting those things coming our way. so, we'll keep you informed in all that on "weekends with alex witt." meanwhile, we are learning more about robert levinson, he went missing. joining me can this story is michael levilkof.
4:54 am
>> we know he was working with the cia. one person he met with there was an american wanted for murder in maryland. that american has just resurfaced, sending a surprising e-mail to nbc news. when robert levinson flew to kish island in iran in 2007, associates say he was on a secret mission involving one of the country's most power frl figure figures. if rogue operation for the approval of agency higher ups was risky from the start. . >> it conveys his fears. >> law enforcement officials tell nbc news while in iran, levinson vanished while meeting with a potential source. this man seen here in the film
4:55 am
"american tujtive" he is wanted for the 1980 murder of annual iranian exile. he fled to they raurn. owe tehran. jay carney says it is doing everything it can to press him for what happened to levinson. >> there is something we continue at the highest levels. >> the family has heard nothing since video and photos were sent three years ago showing him gaunt dressed in an orange jumpsuit pleading for health. >> i am not in very good health. i am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> i don't know what to believe but i know there is a wife and seven children that are desperate to have their father
4:56 am
back. >> now, the fbi has posted a $1 million reward for any information about levinson, in recent months has taken outed as in pharsee newspapers. so far nothing has turned up. >> is he denying he met with levinson? >> he is not denying he met with levinson. he has danced around questions of exactly what they've spoke about and actually in 2007, levinson's family flew to teran and asked him what he may know about their husband and father. he didn't provide any useful information t. one thing we know he's the last person known to have seen robert levinson. >> do they presume him to be still alive? >> well, certainly the family is hoping he is alive.
4:57 am
the fact is the u.s. has no solid information one way or the other. >> that's an extraordinary story. thanks, for bringing it to us. i appreciate it. that's it for this edition of "weekends with alex witt." look who is in the studio filling in for steve corn naturally. we'll see you in a bit. .
4:58 am
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