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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 17, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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where has rob ford been for the last week? we're not sure. but on sunday, the man was in church. that's a good thing for everyone. halleluj hallelujah, this is "way too early." >> good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. i have health news for you. what do vitamins and antibacterial soap have in common? they may not than good for you. we'll have details on that in a few minutes. we begin with a major meeting of the minds today at the white house. the nation's biggest tech companies will sit down with president obama to discuss the nsa's widespread practice of data collection. a who's who of sill con valley, apple's ceo tim cook and marissa meyer and eric schmitt among others will be there and, of course, many of their companies also collect user data. wonder what the discussion will be like for that.
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the immediameeting comes a day the judge ruled the nsa's bulk collecting of telephone meta data calling the practice almost orwe orwellian. the judge concluded this is likely a violation of the right against unreasonable search and seizure outlined in the fourth amendment. the nsa can keep gathering data for now while the department of justice appeals. "the new york times" editorial page already calling it "a powerful rebuke of mass surveillance" and it is first successful legal challenge to the program since that man right there, edward snowden and his series of high profile leaks. snowden responded in a statement saying in part, "a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate americans' rights. it is the first of many." the white house said they had no intention of granting amnesty
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for the former nsa contractor who is currently in russia. and speaking of russia, it is flexing some of its military muscle this morning deploying state of the art ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. the weapons systems were sent to a western district that borders poland putting them well within range of nato countries in europe. the united states and allies quickly raised concerns suggesting the move could destabilize the region. russia has long objected to an american push to expand its own missile defense shield in eastern europe. this all coincides with increased tensions between moscow and washington over what's going on in ukraine and all the protests therement russrus -- there. the missile deployment does not violate any international laws according to rush yachlt. scott brown may be looking to get back into the political realm. he found a buyer for his home in massachusetts and he plans to move to neighboring new
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hampshire. there's been a lot of speculation out there that brown who lost his seat to elizabeth warren could challenge the democratic senator. he made frequent spopz to the granite state where he already owns a home. a conservative pack is running ads in new hampshire touting brown's credentials. he is scheduled to speak at a republican holiday party there this thursday. in case you were wondering, the listing price for that home right there? massachusetts, $555,000. the family bought it in 2005 $2 for $307 th,000. brian schwietzer one of the names floating around as a democratic candidate for president in 2016. yesterday he took a direct one-two punch at the presumed front-runner and the sitting president. in an interview with the weekly standard, he said, the quo that we have is will it be that hillary that leads the progressives or is it the
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hillary that says i'm already going to win the democratic nomination so i can shift hard right on day one? we can't afford any more hard right. we had eight years of george bush and now we've had five years of obama who i would argue in many cases has been a corporatist. schwietzer stopped short of saying he would run for president but he has said he's interested in the job. let's go to business now. wall street rebounding yesterday ahead of this week's fed meeting, of course. across the board the dow gaining 130 points. steve sedgwick live for us in london. good morning, steve. >> a very good day you to, brian. stocks like ibm are moving up and boeing announced a $10 billion share repurchase. of course, increasing dividend made that stock with one of the big rallies in the dow as well. everyone waiting for this fed announcement. elsewhere, amongst individual stocks, facebook is one to look at. they are going to announce later this week they're going to start
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putting video ads around news feed for many of their users. they want to slice of the $66 billion a year u.s. tv markets. that is pretty big for them. bananas. parentally most bananas we eat in the western world are called bad. there is a fungus attacking bananas. if it gets to the caribbean, there could be an issue. that's where we get most of our bananas from. i, for one, brian, have been stocking up all right. >> i'm going to get flack for this. can you say it again? banana? >> banana. >> banana. >> banana. i just like that. all right. listen, beyonce who a lot people like, she took a big risk. released an album at midnight, no promotional anything behind it. it seems to have worked out pretty well for her. >> it's done very well. she's done it on itunes and
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apple saying she sold in the first three days 828,773,000 copies. 828,000 copies now. this could go even further. we're looking for a record this week. it could get over the million mark. it's going to go straight in the billboard number one. could sell as many as 600,000 copies in the united states. it's a risky strategy without any publicity. it went around on the social media site. someone as big a star as beyonce, she's one of the few artists on this globe that can pull it off. >> that's a lot of bananas. good luck with that. >> got it. i'm ready. >> steve sedgwick live in london. a couple other health items. a group of physicians are publicly questioning the beb fits of taking a daily vitamin. the doctors say in some instances taking vitamins could do more harm than good. as of 2011, supplements were a $30 billion industry. the physicians who wrote the opinion say in part, "the message is simple.
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most supplement dozen not prevent chronic disease or death. they're use is not justified and they should be avoided." they also say more research needs to be done on vitamin d but the case is closed on other supplements. vitamins is not the only products coming under scrutiny. the fda wants makers of antibacterial soaps to prove they're safe and effective. right now the fda says there is no evidence they prevent the spread of infections. the agency is also worried about certain chemicals that could potentially trigger drug resistant bacteria and interfere with hormones that affect child development. >> there are an artificial chemical. it doesn't exist in nature. we're putting a lot of it into the environment for no obvious benefit that's been well demonstrated. >> the american cleaning institute counters and says there are numerous studies that show that the antibacterial soaps are safe and infective. let's go to twitter now. you've had the horror stories,
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unruly passengers making scenes on flights and sometimes it's annoying, other time it's actually dangerous. now the international air transport association working on an agreement that will clearly outline what flight crews can do when a passenger is out of control. clearly the question we want to know is give us a good story. unruly passengers. no crying babies. we've all been there and personally i've had to deal with it directly under my authority. your best travel stories of an unruly passenger. we have people chime in on what they would do do that unruly passenger. if you win the mega mill johns, just get your own plane. it could jump to $625 by later this morning. usa today rors it could be $1 billion by christmas eve if the jackpot isn't taken tonight or friday. lottery officials expect to sell a rate of 11 million tickets an
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hour in the 43 states that you can get it. right now the lump sum payoff is worth a print tax $360 million. you know the "way too early" philosophy is obviously you take the lump sum. that's a no-brainer. still ahead on "way too early," kickers, you know they can be heroes. the one forts ravens had a chance last night to put the champs back in the playoffs with some money night football. highlights after the break. speaking of heroes, more rob ford. he visits a gospel church. yes, we have individual video of that. and -- some of these are coming your way if you live in the northeastern part of country. bill karins will be here. you dropped that!
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ravens and lions meet on monday night football with important play-off implications. let's go to the fourth. detroit down five by 2:30 left. that's the go ahead score. >> lions are finally going to win! >> that's a nice dance there. excuse me. this is a family program. all right. so they had a one point lead. they missed conversion. how about this field goal? 61 yards to justin tucker and that's g it's the sixth field goal of the game. two point lead. lions have three time-outs. 38 seconds left. plenty of time for brady. not enough for stafford. third pick of the night. that ended detroit's chances. here's the heroic kicker after the game. >> we kicked six field goals and
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win the game. you know, it's -- i'm happy to do it. don't get me wrong. my fantasy team is benefitting from it as well. so i'm happy about that. fantasy owners around the world, i hope you appreciate the points as well. >> first of all, he is totally right. you should get your money back if the winning team doesn't score a touchdown. >> i thought there are two rules, no hockey highlights and kicker highlights. >> there is blood involved in this hockey highlight. let's talk about your favorite topics, bill, the new york knicks. >> ugh. >> huge disappointment in the nba this season. they could be won of the worst teams in the league. they always find interesting ways to lose. last night, they were up one with just seconds to play. >> on the drive. to the basket, lays it in. still 6.9 remaining. knicks have a time-out if they want. they decide not to call it.
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anthony taking his time. the knicks lose! >> no time-outs. just carmelo anthony going up the court. ease it up and they lose. they're 7-17. i think they turn the mikes off though. >> that's fine. >> all right. here's your hockey story. fans, they can be as tough as the players much washington last night, a puck leaves the ice during the caps-flyer gamement a fan gets hit in the ice. it stopped play for a couple minutes. players were very concerned. she bled quite a bit. as for the game, the caps got the win in the shootout. either better, trisha drummonday, they stayed for the whole game. she didn't get stitched up until after the game. and her quote is i took five stitches for the team and they won. it's worth it. she is hard core. finally, not everyone in washington state stoked about the seahawks shutout win against the giants on sunday.
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jet chevrolet promised to pay 12 people $35,000 if the seahawks shutout the giants. well, time to pay up. lucky for the dealership though, they took out insurance on the promotion. it will only cost them a fraction of the prize money for the winners after that shutout win. >> jets chevrolet guy knew nothing about football. the odds were overwhelmingly favor in a shut yoet. >> let's see if cairns can catch that. bad throw. >> nice. >> up against the green monster, too. i would have thrown the guy out at second. a little snow. you're not going to see a lot of snow today p it's the fluffy type, too. it's not snowball stuff. >> what happened? yesterday you were scaring us with snow. >> yeah, you said big snow. >> that's what we do, we scare you to make you watch more. >> what's today? >> a little snow. >> a little snow. here we go. >> typical meteorologist. >> the snow is moving n central
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park just reported a little snow. it's not that we're getting the big snowstorm. just the timing is going to make it difficult for the morning commute. if you're in central new england, it will be worse. if you stair really, really hard, you can see the flake right there even in times square. it will come down. how much snow? the brighter white strip outside of new york city, north jersey, catskills, central connecticut and massachusetts, birkshires, that's where we could see three, four, five inches. i-95, we're going to call it maybe only one or two inches. it should be fluffy enough to blow around a little bit. d.c., you're not getting anything out of this. philadelphia, you've seen a trace. new york city central park, with town two inches. most of that is coming in the next two and three hours. that will be about it. hartford, connecticut, two to four. boston, three to five. portland, four to six. by new england standards, we could easily deal with this. it's just the morning commute we're concerned with. it's very cold, too. minus one in albany, new york. 11 in boston.
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a very powdery type snow that will blow off the roads. by the way, the rest of the country is having an incredible warming spell. we're 64 and sunny in denver today. 78 in areas in arizona. brian, by this weekend in new england, rain on sunday and it looks to be about 50 degrees. a lot of this may not be left by the time we get all said and done with the weekend. >> interesting. appreciate it. at the top of the hour on "morning joe," a federal judge rules against the nsa's data collection method of the impact of that decision and where the debate may head next. nirvana, they're into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and they have company. we have the list of the newest inductees when "way too early" comes right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. new dayquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients.
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let's go to lewis and the cooler. >> i'm holding out for that $1 billion ticket. i have amazing video want to start w i saw this clip.
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you can see a plane full of troops. the back of the plane opens up and there go the humvees. just flying out of the plane. it's just some incredible video. i want to give a shoutout to our troops. now let's go to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. they announced the newest indiktes. there is plenty of recognizable names. >> a little kiss there. they helped define anner raf rock music. they're joined by nirvana, the who and british singers peter gabriel and linda rond stat and
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hall & oates my favorite. they were chosen by more than 700 voters from the rock 'n' roll hall of fame down tag. let's move to a couple late nights where jon stewart is impressed with the latest developments in the space race. >> china has become just the third country to take a soft landing on the moon. beijing's newest spacecraft landed there today. >> today! it's like the marathon. it's hour eight but there is one guy in a cast that wouldn't give up and he makes it all the way and he's followed by some guy in a bear suit and nobody knows why. in the space race, that bear is china. >> now to the late show where david letterman welcomed will farrell without the polyester suit. >> people lot of anchor man movie.
2:54 am
it's getting a lot of attention and praise. but also when you have something that that's that popular, culturally, you get some critics. and "the anchor man" movie is getting a little pushback. it's a surprise. here, take a look at this stuff right here. >> well, "the anchorman" franchise is a take on action news, the portrayal of broadcast journalists is a disservice to the serious professionals who hold their positions in the highest regard. >> takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, nick. >> that's true. >> keep. [ beep ] that chicken. >> all right, journalism, on it. >> journalism, we're on it. finally, jimmy kimmel who is he can stat bik rob ford's latest headline grabbing activity. >> the west toronto church of god invited mayor ford to their church and not only did he show up, he somehow wound up on the alter singing with the choir. we have videotape fortunately. he's the one on the right.
2:55 am
i call that move the i'm the only white person in a gospel choir shuffle. notice that nobody really wants to be near him. the woman next to him not looking at him almost has -- she turned away from him. and after the service, he, i guess -- there he is. that is great. he is beautiful. depots for pictures with some of the congregation after the service. the person who posted this picture tweeted it. said the mayor smells like gonga. >> listen -- >> he had full body sweat. >> he was getting right with god, brian. he had good dance moves. there i give him a lot of credit. >> he had the overbite going. lewis, thank you. stale on "way too early," your best or worst unruly passenger stories from the friendly skies. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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laura has a pretty bat one. a guy in my window seat was so high he wandered back to the bathroom without pants. he happened to be going comando, too. yuck. >> so he walked to the bathroom -- >> without anything on. >> i don't know what i'd do in that situation. >> that's awful. the worst i have is somebody punching the back of somebody's seat for the entire ride. and also, i donts know if people didn't quite understand it, but people talked about how they wanted to treat unruly passengers. >> shane said you should install trap doors under each seat. >> with a parachute and make sure they get down okay. >> can you go to facebook or twitter and we'll our a block of news for you in a knew minutes. as for "morning joe," it starts right now.
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♪ >> some technology is our friend. like the kind our friends like the kind used by the nsa which has been certified by edward snowden. we don't know how bad it is because officials have no idea how much information he has collected. that's right. the extent of edward snowden's leaks are as fuzzy and as ill-defined as his mustache. so, in a desperate bid to find out how much intel snowden took, nsa officials recently floated the idea of offering edward snowden amnesty. i would take the deal. just come back with all the intel and all is forgiven. i'll tell you what to make you feel safe we'll meet in a special amnesty zone. >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 17th. >> boy, twa


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