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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  December 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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at any time, in any place. >> i couldn't believe that that was happening. >> disaster can happen when mother nature and man collide. from raging floodwaters, she was alone, screaming for help. >> to devastating earthquakes. unexpected, extreme and breathtaking moments that reveal the wonder and power of nature.
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"caught on camera: what on earth?" rescue workers race to save a woman who has been trapped beneath a collapsed building for 48 hours. january 12th, 2010. just before 5:00 p.m., an historic 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the caribbean island nation of haiti. in just 35 seconds most of the capital city of port-au-prince lies in ruins. surrounding areas are flattened. >> what happened in haiti was beyond anything i've ever seen. >> the disaster is compounded by the fact that haiti, one of the world's most impoverished countries has a vulnerable infrastructure and poorly constructed buildings. strong aftershocks further
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traumatize the capital's 2 million residents. news of the earthquake travels around the globe. on another island across the ocean, icelandic rescue hears of the disaster. they are trained for emergency rescues on land and sea. >> i was called and asked if i was able to go. i said yes. and things evolved pretty fast after that. >> the icelanders are on the ground within 24 hours, despite traveling 4,000 miles, they're the first international team to arrive in haiti. as night falls, they secure a truck to assess the damage in port-au-prince. >> it was completely dark. there was no electricity. people are burning tires and stuff top street just to get some, you know, light. >> with this is camera man thoreson. he's filming for a documentary about isar, never imagining
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scenes like these. >> i had a little cry when i was alone. it was so sad, you know. you have to. it moves you, of course. >> there seems to be no end to the suffering. isar veteran guteman is stunned. >> we started seeing bodies being piled up on the sidewalks everywhere. >> there's little time to mourn. fearing widespread disease, the government orders all bodies removed from the city. >> you had excavators picking up the bodies and dumping them into dump trucks. and they were taken outside the city and put in mass graves. this is something i could never have imagined. >> light of day reveals more tragedy as the team drives to their first search location. >> in full daylight you could
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see the scale of the disaster. people everywhere. in open spaces. it was a city in ruins. >> one of port-au-prince's largest supermarkets has collapsed with an estimated 100 people inside. a venezuelan rescue team is already on site. >> i had been tunnelling all night, making tunnels to try to get to the victims. >> relatives have gathered nearby, hoping for word of missing family members. >> the families, they sent the trucks and all the equipment. now they feel like there's hope. >> the venezuelans have located two women, but can't break through the dense concrete. >> we got too tired to keep drilling with our hands. >> there's more people alive. >> i'm sure. there must be. >> using isar's heavy equipment, the rescue teams are able to reach two survivors who offer
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hope of finding a third. >> there's another woman on the top. >> tapping. >> yeah, tapping. >> only one person tapping around you? yeah. >> it's more than 40 hours since the quake hit. the search takes on greater urgency. intermittent aftershocks shake the ground. using sensitive listening devices, they inch through the enormous maize of concrete and rubble. >> we could see the people going through. >> after what seems like forever, team member inky makes contact with a woman whose name he hears as nadya. hello? nadya? >> we called out with radios that we could hear her. then later therm trying to find out where they could be.
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the basement leven may allow members to access them. they must work ten feet above the floor drilling holes into the concrete ceiling. each time they insert an extremely small specialized search camera that allows them to see into the vast darkness. the process is agonizingly slow. >> all the sudden, there's a pull of the camera. i lose the grip. the camera is going -- not thinking. just pulling back. then we took a few seconds of signaling back and forth. and then she turns the camera and i can see her face. >> it is an incredible moment. for the first time they see the woman. >> she couldn't even turn around. it was so tight the space she was in. >> the team, fighting exhaustion, is energized.
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>> when you get into action like that, time flies. it's not just waiting. >> but the drilling takes time, and they don't know how much nadya has left. she's been trapped for 48 hours without water and is severely dehydrated. >> nadya, i'm going to make the hole bigger. when i've made the hole a little bit bigger, i can give you something to drink. >> finally the hole is large enough. one of the men crawls in. >> i was like, finally i could see a human face. >> nadya is in trouble. they must get her down quickly. zbli was feeling very weak and told them, i don't think i'm going to make it. >> nadya is a diabetic and urgently needs medication. an isar medic stabilizes her with an insulin shot, but they still need to get her safely out of the building.
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the crowd cheers as she emerges from the market 50 hours after she went in to buy pizza for dinner. her entire world has changed. >> i was trying to explain to her that the whole entire country had been hit we an earthquake, she didn't understand. >> i remember they were talking to me. but i did not really understand at this point what was going on. >> isar members ask if anyone knows nadya. no one recognizes the name. then there's a commotion in the crowd. a woman has fainted. >> i remember hearing a noise. and i could see someone just like -- falling down. >> the woman recognizes her daughter, whose name is not nadya, as the icelanders think, but veradia. >> we were both in shock. not really thinking that we would see each other again, and it was happening.
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>> are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> the reunion is emotional for everyone. >> you can't even describe it. of course, the mother thought her mother had thought she had died many the rubble. it was finding a drop of water in the desert. really happy. >> veradia wants her mother to know who the rescuers are and where they come from. >> please let my mom know where you came from. >> from iceland. iceland. >> iceland. >> for veradia and their family, they seem heaven sent. >> hallelujah. >> the isar team remains in
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haiti for ten more days. they don't find any more survivors. >> as we left, it was like being torn apart. we wanted to do more, but we couldn't do more. >> one of the most difficult things was all the people that we didn't rescue. so i think about that a lot. >> the haitian government estimates the earthquake claimed more than 300,000 lives. for veradia, this rescue team from across the globe has made all the difference. she has her life. >> because it was, to me, incredible and impossible that all this would happen. these people are such heroes. >> i felt very connected to her. this is an experience that will follow me the rest of my life. >> it's a pleasure to see how far they came to be able to help my country. >> coming up, a tourist captures
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when a giant sequioa tree falls in the woods, not only is someone there to hear it, but the rare event is caught on camera. >> there was a cracking noise, something like that. >> at this moment the tree is falling. >> these are among the planet's largest organisms. soaring as high as 300 feet above the ground and reaching 20 to 30 feet in diameter. september, 2011.
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this german couple are on a dream vacation to the only place in the world where these massive sequoia trees grow. >> it was one of my main, main goals in america. i wanted to see these huge trees. >> they have no idea that an astonishing scene is about to unfold as they follow the 1.3 mile loop known as the trail of 100 giants. the path takes them directly beneath the towering trees. the oldest of these sequoias have been stretching skyward for 3,000 years but they have root systems sustaining their dramatic heights. as they approach one of the sequoia trees, they're alarmed by unusual sounds. >> then we hear this noise. such as crack, crack, crack. then after time it starts to become like a tearing, tearing.
4:16 pm
>> the noise grew louder and louder. and i turned, and i saw that the tree is starting to fall. >> the sequoia's roots are ripping away from the earth right in front of them. >> i thought the tree could hit you, then i got a little bit panicked. >> she runs for cover, but garret aims his camera at the falling tree. as the tree comes crashing down to the floor, he realizes too late that he's recording sideways. >> i stopped the video, changed the camera, and started it again. that's the reason the impact of the tree is not on the video. >> he misses the tree hitting the ground, but capturing this rare scene on video is still quite an accomplishment, says
4:17 pm
the park representative denise alonza. >> i was surprised that somebody from germany had the thought of getting out a camera or a phone or something and taking that footage. i was very impressed. >> fortunately no one is injured. they realize it's two enormous trees fused together at the base. >> it's tremendous to see a sequoia standing. it's just as tremendous to see one laying on the ground. >> no one knows why the tree falls now after so many years standing. >> we did have a very wet winter this last year. maybe the soil was so saturated that the weight of the trees just pulled them over. >> the question now is what to do with the two fallen sequoias. >> we would have to cut holes through them. if we did that, that would be a great opportunity for us to then look at the tree rings that are
4:18 pm
in the tree. other suggestions are to just leave them where they lay, and then build a new trail. >> whatever the final decision on what to do with a fallen sequoia, garret and sigrin will always have a video to prove they were there for this incredible moment. >> it was the highlight of our holiday. it was the highlight of my life. we all knew that this was really, really amazing thing. >> it's almost surely a once in a lifetime event for the lucky few to witness this public display of mother nature's breaking point. a group of tourists run for their lives as a massive ice shelf comes crashing down. >> we were so close to the wall, that there was really nothing that they could have done. >> miage glacier, the italian alps. miage is one of italy's largest glaciers. surrounded by lush valleys and mountains, it's a popular tourist destination, especially
4:19 pm
in the summer, when visitors can get close to the enormous mountain of ice while standing on the shore of the lake it towers over. august of 2006, a couple dozen people are making their way to the rocks near the glacier. it's a warm, summer day. as they gather to take photos of the magnificent ice wall, a large piece falls off and falls into the water. the spectators are likely entranced by the glacier, thrilled by the rare opportunity to see it move. but the tourists are unaware that the small break in the ice signals a much larger collapse to come. >> it's hypnotizing. you don't realize the danger of being there. >> marco is a new york based glaciologist. >> the power of a glacier is very, very strong. all the energy is moving slowly. >> marco's work takes him to the
4:20 pm
planet's most remote environments, where secrets of the earth's atmosphere are hidden inside air pockets in the ice. it's relatively common for small pieces of the glacier to calf or break off. it's one of the reasons the tourists visit the site. but spectators are on the verge of witnessing a release of a staggering amount of glacial tension. as they stand almost beneath it, the face of the glacier crumbles before their eyes. it sends soaring waves directly to the bystanders. it all happens in seconds. there's no time to react. >> there's one person, who is not moving at all. even after the biggest piece falls in. my impression is he's still trying to take pictures. >> the powerful wave slams a dozen victims into the freezing lake, and lashes them against the rocks. >> the water was very cold. there were beaten by the wave
4:21 pm
and taken away. they could have hit their head on the rocks. >> it's a terrifying moment, waiting to see if everyone is accounted for. >> in this case the risk was very high, and people underestimated the risk. >> scientists think the dramatic event was caused by heavy rains in recent weeks. >> and so all this water was somehow stored in the glacier. and it started to move within the glacier. >> everyone survives, but a dozen people sustain injuries, and many more are shaken by the experience. a powerful reminder of nature's unpredictability. coming up, a woman besieged by floodwaters fights for her life. >> i heard her crying for help. for someone to save her. that she was going to die. >> when "caught on camera: what on earth?" continues. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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with no way out. >> we thought that she would really die because there was no hope of getting her out of there. >> and just as rescuers try to reach her, the situation becomes even more dire. the rainy season in brazil is marked by brief, yet intense tropical downpours. january 11, 2011, 12 inches of rain fall overnight in the mountainous region outside rio de janeiro. it's a month's worth of rain in 24 hours, causing the worst floods in decades. she wakes up to flooding in the small town. >> translator: i was sleeping when the floods started, and there was only time to get my pets and start running. >> she flees to her brother's home. he's already left, and she
4:26 pm
quickly becomes stuck. >> translator: i knew that i was trapped when the water swept the stairs away and then there was no way that i could come down. >> still, iliar believes she and her dogs will be okay. >> translator: i didn't think it could keep rising and rising like that, so much so that i just sat there on the table waiting. >> television reporter bruon macelles is covering the floods. what he sees is terrifying. houses demolished in an instant. >> in ten second the house was there and then you look again and the house doesn't exist anymore. >> as the camera man films from above the river, bruno spots iliar below. >> she was alone with her dogs screaming for help. we saw nobody was there to help her. >> iliar's situation is about to go from bad to worse. bruno watches as her only shelter crumbles all around her. >> the wall behind her just
4:27 pm
broke down, and then the terrace was completely filled with water. >> soon iliar will have nothing left to hold onto, and she doesn't know how to swim. >> translator: the only part that i was left was where i was sitting. i watch it destroy everything else. >> iliar is in a desperate situation. terrified and alone. >> translator: all i could do was ask god for help because nobody else was going to save me. >> bruno and the camera man are too far away to offer iliar any help. then her iliar's neighbor hears her screams. >> translator: i heard her crying for help, for someone to save her, that she was going to die. >> he is also trapped on his rooftop. the rushing water makes communication nearly impossible. >> translator: the ri was making so much noise. there was no way for me to hear what anyone was telling me. >> by a stroke of luck, giberto
4:28 pm
sees construction rope on his roof. he and a neighbor throw it across the raging waters. iliar manages to catch the rope, it's her only hope of survival. she will almost certainly drown if it breaks. zblth daniel was yelling really loud for me to tie the rope, to make a really tight knot. >> iliar tries to save at least one of her dogs. >> translator: my greatest anxiety was about my pets. >> it's a horrifying scene, and there's no time for second guesses. >> translator: everything was happening so fast. there was no time to stop and think about what was going on. >> with the rope tied haphazardly and without a second to spill, iliar plunges into the river, she's immediately swept downstream and taken under. as the rapids batter iliar. she grabs onto the slippery rope with both hands, forced to let go of her dog.
4:29 pm
>> translator: the water was just too strong and swept him away, and i had to leave the poor thing to its death. poor thing. no one could save him. >> for tense moments it looks like iliar will also be swept away. >> it was very dangerous. we thought that the rope would break. >> she hasn't made a knot to hold on to. with the unrelenting water pulling her down, she hangs on for her life as her neighbors scream in horror. >> translator: it was her hands that were gripping it. there was no knot. the rope was very loose. >> with iliar clinging to the rope with all of her strength, the neighbors on the roof brace themselves and pull. >> translator: we pull and pull and i couldn't see her and i thought, i don't think i can pull anymore. i don't think i can stand it. >> slowly, painfully, iliar is hoisted up one floor at a time. as she dangles over the raging
4:30 pm
waters, no one is certain that she'll make it to the top without the rope breaking. everyone holds their breath. the men grasp on to her and pull her into their arms. when she reaches the terrace the entire group is overcome with emotion. >> translator: it was a huge sense of relief. despite all of the tension and fear we had experienced, there was also this intense happinein to have done that and to have saved someone's life. >> iliar is one of the lucky ones. landslides send homes downhill, burying people in the mud. in the terrible days that follow, weather and rough terrain keep rescue crews from reaching remote areas. survivors, many homeless, are left to recover the missing. >> more than 900 people died during the floods and mud slides. and more than 300 people are still missing.
4:31 pm
>> the devastation is overwhelming. lives and property lost. dreams destroyed. the waters have receded but the memories still haunt her. >> translator: it was all very sad. in my life i've never seen so much water and so much disaster. there's no way you can forget something like that. i will die remembering it. what the river takes it doesn't bring back. coming up -- daredevils take the plunge off this natural wonder. >> doesn't matter how many times you jump it, still the scariest thing you will ever do. >> when "caught on camera: what on earth?" continues. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is...
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i'm melissa rehberger. breaking news out of colorado, word in to msnbc the student wounded in a shooting at
4:35 pm
arapahoe, high school, has died this afternoon. this 17-year-old was shot at point blank range by a gunman who came into the school on december 14th. and a powerful storm stretching from texas to eastern canada is threatening to cause headaches for holiday travel. back to "caught on camera." sometimes getting a better view of the earth means changing your vantage point. and these daredevils know how to do it best. >> three, two, one. >> by flying. >> it is the scariest thing you've ever done. any time i see something big, i think, i really want to throw something off it or jump off it. >> january 2012 in utah. a group of friends converge on kahona arch.
4:36 pm
a ma guess tick natural structure that sores nearly 150 feet above the ground. the plan, to build what they say will be the world's largest rope swing. then clip in, and jump off. why, you ask? because it's there. an experienced rock climber has been here dozens of times, but leaping off the arch is new territory. >> as you're climbing up it, you're thinking this is crazy. what am i doing up here? then you get to top, and you look out, and you can see the entire valley. you can see the colorado river. it's gorgeous. then you think, i just want to sit up here. why am i going to clip to a rope and jump off. >> it's a legitimate question, but there's no backing out now. austin's friend is going to capture it all on camera and
4:37 pm
then spin it into a viral video sensation. it won't be the first time. devon's videos get millions of views on youtube, and he has a loyal fan base. >> with college kids, you don't have money. you're looking for something fun and exciting to do with absolutely no money. >> the formula is simple. devon hears about crazy things that people are doing, like turning themselves into human slingshots and snowboarding across utah's salt flats. or even a simple mud fight. then devon makes what's happening even cooler by editing together the stunning visuals. and sharing it with millions of online viewers. it looks ridiculously fun, if not a little dangerous. >> a lot of my videos that i create are basically taking ideas of kids and making a much larger scale for adults or big people. >> but flying off a 150-foot cliff is not for the faint of
4:38 pm
heart. austin's brother is one of the rope swing engineers. his job is to make sure everyone survives to tell the tale. >> to actually jump you need two ropes. you always want a back-up rope when your life is on the line. you only mess up once. >> to build the rope swing, the crew is riffing off existing hardware left by past climbers. >> and there were five bolts placed on the arch in the '80s. we attached the two ropes we jumped onto webbing to attach to the five anchor points. >> they're taking every precaution but still it's a risky endeavor. a rope could break or has bolt could come loose. or, a slight misstep could land someone on the rocks below. >> if i would have slid maybe another foot and a half, it's
4:39 pm
150 feet straight down. >> it's a close call. >> i got careless, i wasn't thinking, and i made a mistake. lucky i just brought brand new climbing shoes with rubber on the bottom. i was able to recover like a boss and live to do the rope swing. >> everything is in place for the moment of truth, with devon's cameras poised to record, austin clips in for a wild ride. >> you have about three or four second fall before the rope catches. and the whole time you're just thinking, i really hope the ropes catch, i really hope the ropes catch. >> it looks astonishing and scary. >> you can't really think about what you're doing, you just have to do it. >> doesn't matter how many times you juch it, it's still the scariest thing you'll do. >> to maximize on visuals this compelling, devon uses variety of camera angles, which means he meets a lot of people willing to try out the rope swing, over and over again. fortunately the crowd is happy
4:40 pm
to oblige. >> we hooked it to a golf club so you could see the whole perspective looking down. >> as if jumping off the arch isn't enough of a thrill for one day, austin is about to take another leap of faith. with cameras rolling, he has a big surpriae for his girlfriend leslie mills. >> she had kind of being asking me repeatedly if and when i was planning proposing. >> i had been annoying to austin. i kept saying, so when are you going to propose? >> i had two requirements for the proposal. that one, it be a total surprise, and two, it be awesome. when i thought about proposing off the top of the arch, it was just fantastic enough to make sense. >> as leslie prepares for her first jump off the arch, she's too focused on being terrified to think about anything else. >> i was shaking. my palms are sweaty. i'm kind of a little nauseous.
4:41 pm
it's really so scary to stand on this ledge and to just jump off of it. >> as leslie recovers from the excitement, austin is seconds away from putting his plan into action, from the top of the arch austin begins lowering himself down to meet her. >> i got closer and closer until she looked up at me. i thought, surely she knows. surely she's expecting. >> but leslie thinks austin is on his way down to offer help, and she's not amused. >> when he was coming down i was sort of annoyed. okay, yeah, i freaked out at the top, but it's fine, i don't need your help. >> irritation is not the emotion austin is hoping for. >> i had the ring in one pocket in case she said yes. and i had some tissues and a fifth of vodka in the other pocket in case she said no. i'm kidding. i'm mormon. i don't drink.
4:42 pm
it was dr. pepper. >> as they hover together above the earth, austin asks leslie to marry him. >> as soon as he pulled out the ring box, i was just so surprised that i yelled "you are kidding me! "and then i was just laughing and crying. >> success. creighton and the others descend with a celebratory bottle of sparkling sigh cider. >> i was in my favorite place. i was with the person who meant the most to me, and it's the best i've ever felt. coming up, it's a race against time to save a group of horses who fall through the ice. >> and they're just screaming for help. >> when "caught on camera: what on earth?" continues. ♪
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a dozen horses fall through a layer of ice and rescuers race through temperatures and time to try to save them. >> everything just cracked. >> and then -- poof. >> iceland, january 2009. the country's top equestrians kick off the league competition. >> it was a normal day. everybody was going to have a really nice time and see the beautiful horses. >> no one is aware this event will end like never before. >> it was supposed to be a show. it was a huge show. >> icelandic horses are intimately linked to the national identity. the sturdy, good natured breed
4:47 pm
has survived in one of the planet's most challenging environments for hundreds of years. they're the reason that humans have thrived here as well. >> they have from the north to the south to the south to the north, all over. the last some hundred years. >> the icelandic horse has two distinct gaits not found anywhere else in the world. the most famous is called the tolt. >> the rider doesn't move. he stays in the seat. >> you can feel like you're flying. you're swerving around. >> the horses hooves beat rhythmically over the ice which is customarily tested ahead of times and appears to be solid after days of cold temperatures. >> it's been 10 to 15 degrees minus for a few days. that's enough usually to get the ice very stable for the horses.
4:48 pm
>> but the riders don't realize they're about to test the limits of the layer. as the riders gather to pose for a publicity photo, someone gives the order for the group to march forward in a straight line. >> they were in a line instead of going one at a time. just then, the riders hear a cracking sound and feel the ice unjulating beneath them. >> this film maker is filming the event on the ice nearby. >> when all the horses came together, you could feel the ice. it was like a wave. >> daniel keeps filming, not fully comprehending the magnitude of what's about to happen. >> my horse got really nervous because of the cracking sounds. >> as they move forward, the cracking is louder. then a dozen horses fall straight through the ice into freezing water. one stallion veers off to solid
4:49 pm
ground. >> i couldn't believe that was happening. >> didn't have any chance to stop. one or two seconds later the ice was gone and we were in the water. >> riders, horses and spectators are stunned. >> you can see people just walking around and they have absolutely no idea what they are going to do. >> trying to keep calm and pull them out of the lake. >> if the water was any deeper they would all be under. the horses have their heads above water, but there's no easy way to get out. >> and the bottom was slippery. and they couldn't push themselves. and the horses just gave up. they prepared to die. >> it's a desperate situation. there are so many horses to rescue all at once. >> the sound of the horses, you
4:50 pm
can hear, it's like they are just screaming for held. >> it's a race against the clock. against the clock. trapped in the numbing water, their body temperature's falling. the horses won't survive for more than half an hour without serious injury or death. >> the situation was really bad. they had been in there for 11 minutes or something like that, 15 minutes more. >> as they move on, the horses will to fight is fading. >> some horses tried to push-up and got halfway up and just slide back down. >> reporter and horseman thorsman has been covering this from the sidelines until now. >> i saw that things were not really going well. so i started to scream one horse
4:51 pm
at a time. do something! >> phil pushes his way into the frigid waters and starts barking orders, but helping the horses is no easy task. he figures out how to give them a leg up, literally. >> i jump in the water and start to push one of the horse up and screaming at some other people to come and help get the ropes. >> getting the horses out is incredibly dangerous. at any moment, one of them could push someone under or land an unintentional kick. what he does next takes everyone by surprise. >> i went down into the water and, of course, it was not comfortable, but it was something that had to be done. then i put the back on my leg. >> providing a ledge to push off from gives the horse just enough leverage to heave its heavy exhausted body out of the swampy lake bottom. riders standing on the ice pull the animals forward as others in
4:52 pm
the lake push them out. the horses require immediate medical attention and heat blankets, but they all recover from the ordeal. a testament to the hearty icelandic breed. >> we were lucky because we got the horses out and the people out and no one got injured. coming up -- ironing at 5,000 feet. that's right. ironing. >> i remember steve flying up, grabbing hold of the board, and then i felt him ironing. >> the sky's the limit. when "caught on camera" what on earth continues.
4:53 pm
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three men jump from a plane and execute the perfect sky
4:56 pm
dive. wait, are they ironing? you are not seeing things. that really is an iron. this is what you get if you cross extreme sports with that ultimate home appliance. it all starts with a man named phil shaw. >> basically i just want to iron outside rather than inside. my housemate came home and discovered me ironing in the guard and said, what are you doing? >> shawn has a eureka moment. >> i said, well, what would happen if you took your ironing to extreme places and to the other side of the mountain or in a river or lake or something many. >> a bona fide craze is born. extreme ironing. in short order, it's all over the place. >> we've seen people extreme ironing at the top of montana ki kilimanjaro, for example. we have seen people doing in the antarctic, on the back of fast-moving cars. >> but no one takes it to
4:57 pm
greater extremes than andy ford and mike frost. two professional sky divers from great britain. in 1998, andy spots extreme ironing in a magazine. >> so we're going on a mountain top and we said, we could make a sick movie, we could really make this look good. >> at the time, andy and mike are focusing on another extreme sport. sky surfing. a mix of skydiving and surfing. >> you surf on the actual air and you're burning this great big just trail through the sky and you're having as much fun as you really want to. you think, what am i going to do this time? am i going to fly on my back, on my front, slide down and spin? if i'm going to spin, how fast can i spin? >> how do you make that more exteam? well, you add a little home appliance to the mix. in autumn 1998, the two decide to do a little extreme ironing of their own. >> what excited us the most is
4:58 pm
that we saw the other guys were doing and thought, yep, we can do that. >> we said, well, we can do something to blow that along. >> and boy do they. on a spectacular day over england, mike and andy together with their buddy steve jump from this plane. >> i'm climbing out onto the side of the airplane and mike's coming out and the guy is diving out and down. >> mike inverts his body and hear here's the moment of genius. the surfboard becomes the ironing board. >> to fly in the air with this moving around is hard. >> i remember steve grabbing up and grabbing the board and felt him doing the ironing. >> andy ford is behind the camera. >> once he's got hold of it, i think we had 15, 16 seconds for me to move into place and coming off the tripod for the camera. steve is coming in with a different angle and there's kind
4:59 pm
of things in the environment to try to get right in 45 seconds. >> all this is happening at 120 miles an hour with the guys in freefall at 5,000 feet. >> par from the fact that it looks really cool is what they were doing to the skill, and i think that's one of the things you like to see with the best extreme ironing example, and this is right up there. i don't know how many creases they got out of their shirt, though. >> steve turns to me with the iron in hi hand with the biggest grin on his face and all i'm thinking to myself is, don't drop the iron. don't drop the iron. >> with the ironing done, the men trigger their parachutes and float to earth knowing they caught a classic image on camera. really, guys? all this enthusiasm for ironing at 5,000 feet? do any of you actually iron at home? >> i think it was the first time steve's wife saw him hold an iron. so, yeah, that might ruin the rest of his marriage to be fair. >> we thought so. >> there's not enough time in the chores.
5:00 pm
out of control -- >> he was driving the car, is he sane? >> and reckless. >> and you are not going to drive your car home. >> when under the influence, there's no limit to what can go wrong. >> her heart dropped. i don't know if he had a gun, i don't know if he has a knife. >> drunk drivers wreak havoc both on the streets -- >> he's half away and is going to crash. >> and off. >> i was scared to death what happened to my legs. >> senseless, dangerous and potentially deadly. police crack down on some of the worst of


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