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tv   Disrupt With Karen Finney  MSNBC  December 29, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at hello, disrupters. i'm karen finney. western' we're going to look at our favorites disrupters from politics to pop culture. we look at the gop's benghazi session and whether a new report from the "new york times" can break the fever. >> a bombshell report in the "new york times" what they're calling a bombshell story about benghazi. >> it shoots down much of what republicans have said. >> they say there's no evidence al qaeda was involved in the pen gaz benghazi attack at all. >> it was very clear to the individuals on the ground that this was an al qaeda-led event. >> what we know is september
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11th is not an accident. the american people were lied to. >> darrell issa and others took that and crusaded against the administration. >> benghazi. >> we were not given a clear picture of what went on. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carryied those flag draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the anothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers the sobs and daughters. >> had i been president at the time i would have relieved you of your post. >> clearly the american public was deliberately misled. >> 2013 started with benghazi and the tense hearings on capitol hill last january and the year will end with benghazi thanks to a bombshell report by the "new york times" which raises many questions about the right wing conspiracy theories
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about the attack that took the lives of four americans including ambassador chris stevens. "months of investigation by the "new york times" turned up no evidence that al qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault" and go on to say "it does not appear to be meticulously planned but neither spontaneous and without warning signs" and "there is no doubt anger over the video motivated many attackers." in case there is any confusion it was not a long planned edned al qaeda plot. sorry, fox news. let's hope someone told that congressman who was obsessed with the presence of al qaeda flags. >> in tunisia, in cairo the u.s. embassy another picture in jordan, in bahrain, in kuwait in libya, the u.s. compound the
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flag was flown there. >> not surprisingly the republicans who are behind some of the conspiracy theories are sticking to their story because i'm sorry just doesn't to be in their vocabulary. >> there is a group that was involved that claims an affiliation with al qaeda. >> all of that would directly contradict what the "new york times" says was an exhaustive investigation that story is just not accurate. >> steve clemens, editor at large and eric bullock, i am so glad to have both of you here because there's so much i want to talk about. steve i'll start with you. on "meet the press" david gregory asked about a previous statement that was directly contradicted by the report. >> the american people were effectively lied to for a period of about a month. that's important to get right.
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>> just want to be clear what you believe the lie was. >> this was a terrorist attack from the get-go. it was never about a video. >> now that is a direct that's directly contradicted in the reporting in the "new york times," which says that the video did actually play a role like many other of the right wing conspiracy theories op.n this one. >> i think what has been shown here and david kirkpatrick has done a great job of investigative journalism but the bottom line is this is a pox on both house's reports. both side the republican obsession was misplaced and wrong and the virulent attack was a hybrid one partly home grown of those who wanted to flatten the consulate in benghazi and others who rode along from the innocence of muslims video which alienated
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much of the muslim world. at the same time the report criticizes the government for having missed having its own al qaedablinder and looking so much more al qaeda groups and missed other groups brewing inside of libya. >> the thing that strikes me this has been a pet project of fox news and the right wing for at least this year certainly since it happened and at a minimum this report it's a pox on both houses but over the rhetoric people were lying and misleading and the dramatic moment in the middle of the debate in the campaign i suppose we are not going to hear from fox news any kind of apology or any sort of oh i don't know gee maybe we got it wrong? >> no neve. you asked at the beginning whether this report would break the fever, you have to understand this is sort of in
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terms of fox news this is sort of programming. this is built into the programming. they need to attract viewers. this phony jute rage every few months they cycle back, they work hand in hand with the republican party and gin up new allegations. the allegations are almost incoherent from the beginning. mitt romney blamed obama for sympathizeing with the attackers. this made no sense. and hillary faked her concussion so she wouldn't have to testify. >> that's right. >> now a coverup with the survivors, no one can find the survivors. it's been chapter after chapter, this is all programming for fox news for rush limbaugh for the right wing media machine and they're never going to apologize apologize, never going to address the facts because it's phony outrage and that's what they thrive on. >> steve, we'll talk about hillary in a moment. somebody else got caught up in
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this having ary lick duce conversation about talking points and the semantics of what was in and what wasn't in talking points and that's susan rice who went out the first weekend and tried to tell what we knew at the time and since then certainly with the "new york times" report suggests to me is like we keep saying it was complicated, it was hard to figure out what exactly was going on at the time and the video did play a role and it strikes me that that is emblematic. she was up for being secretary of state and it shows how shameful and dangerous these guys can be when they let this rhetoric and this machine that eric is talking about get so far out of control. >> i think eric's framing of it was exactly right and what i think some members of congress were after was a big scalp to make president obama pay a price
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for the election and how things were going at that time but nonetheless i think that susan rice as you look at the time line did exactry what she should have done and came forward with comments and at that time that video had brewed up a terrible crisis in cairo and it was a crisis that could have spread to many other places. and so i think she was on target. at the same time you had groups inside the video, someone in jailed and prison by gadhafi and he like many others were subjected to harassment torture and long-term imprisonment for their views and these folks were out there simmering. he was the one identified and at least given credit for among many if not definitively pinned the killing of general unis the overall commander of the rebel forces and former interior minister inside libya.
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this is somebody we missed and shouldn't have. at the same time the republican critics also missed them. >> we have a graphic that i wanted to just show that i think is from your book about the benghazi incident and the resources that have been dedicated to benghazi 40 plus briefings on capitol hill, 18 committee hearings 25,000 pages of letters and documents. eric, what a waste of time and money this thing has been. >> people should start asking darrell issa how much money have you spent on this? this is investigation for the sake of investigation. this is sort of clearly a cottage industry at this point and you talk about the media matters book. there's a reason why we called it the benghazi hoax a reason cbs news won our misinformer of the year because of the dreadful report they did on benghazi as well as some other things. people should start asking what is the point of these endless
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investigations, these resources, the lawyering up the smearing of susan rice people like that as we said there's never going to be an apology but this is a party that is determined to sort of put sand in the gears of the obama administration. >> the importance of this now is that we know as we look towards 2016 reince priebus has pretty much said it i have a piece of sound we don't have time to play they made it clear they're going to use benghazi against her and basic shy what she said in the hearing was true and correct and very much in line with again a lot of confusion, a lot of things we didn't know at the time but in terms of getting the record straight i think for hillary it's very important. >> this is important and that's again one of the reasons that's what fueled this fever for the right wing was a two-fer. you hit obama and hillary
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clinton. two most famous democrats in the country. they think benghazi will derail krnt hillary clinton's campaign run. there's no information this spreads outside the bubble but the damage that bubble does smearing ruining careers, waste of money, throwing around all senseless allegations about terrorism and patriotism. >> not surprisingly chairman mike rogers this morning suggesting that the "new york times," they're in cahoots with hillary clinton and trying to clear the record. thank you steve and eric. next it is all about the youth, seriously, this year they took the lead in disrupting the status quo even more than ted cruz that's next. >> republicans were clamoring for months and months we're going to defund obama care or we're not going to fund the budget and now they're out there saying what? we didn't want anything to do
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with this? they think we're stupid? are they stupid what's going on? >> it's quite simple john it is the last one. they think you're stupid. and not just you, everybody.
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on this last show of 2013 we wanted to highlight some of our favorite political stories of the year. it was a year of activism more moral mondays in iffing income protesting the republican government's extreme agen ta to the dream defenders challenging the florida's stand your ground law and wendy davis standing up for reproductive rights in texas. when it came out for speaking for justice and equalt no someone spoke louder than kids including some brave and bright yucksters like madison kimry who took on north carolina's governor over voting reegts jennifer martinez and carmen lima who talked immigration reform with speaker boehner or nashawn johnson a 9-year-old education activists from chicago. >> rahm emmanuel thinks can he just come into our schools and move all our kids who have
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invested in these schools, and not involved. you should be supporting your schools and not closing them down. >> like president obama said the young people are really better than us. there's no disrouting what the political football of 2013 was, no other than the affordable care act which launched in october. we know the rollout of the website was a disaster but that was only part of the story. the white house announced over 1 million americans have signed up on so obama carewe babamaobamacare has frustrated washington. what would 201 have been without the junior senator from texas, one rafael ted cruz who continues to live in a state of denial about his government shutdown. >> i think it was a mistake for president obama and harry reid to force a government shutdown. >> even john boehner said this
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was a republican shutdown. >> john i understand in the media every day the media reported -- >> now, come on. >> come on is right. it was quite the freshman year for senator cruz and thanks to him, 2013 did bring us the first government shut down in 18 years and a major identity crisis within the gop. dean, columnist for the daily beast and joe madison, thanks so are both. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> dean we have to start with teddy cruz. he was a ball of laughs this year, right? >> he makes miley cyrus look like a recluse. he simply is addicted to fame more than policy more about himself than anything else but at the same time it's fun to watch i'll be honest watching republicans fight, gives me a warm ticklengly feeting.
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chamber of commerce saying we spend $50 million on traditional republicans against the tea party people. get some popcorn and sit back and enjoy. >> i feel like to some degree we can sit back and enjoy ted cruz and i certainly have enjoyed that you kind of just never know what he's going to say or do next. there is some entertainment value to keeping ted cruz around. >> get your popcorn out and get it ready. all of this is setting the stage for what? for the presidential election. he is going to be a candidate. he's going to be on that stage with that long line of republican wannabes and they're going to say the krauzcrazy things they have continued to say. this is going to be very interesting. let us not forget one of the most entertaining things he said he stuck to this birth theory
1:19 pm
uchl and we find ought that he was born out of the country. that's what really was more entertaining i think than anything else. >> it's true you do have to love a guy who would attack the president using the birther charge when he himself has not. whatever rationale as to why that doesn't really matter shh, nothing to see here doesn't matter it's canada. >> that's the issue it's canada versus kenya, right. >> let's talk about o'bamacare. you got coverage through the new york ex-change. >> i did. >> did you feel loved? >> i got a plan that's cheaper than my old plan but different deductibles and different coverage but it was great. i'll be honest with you, the president if i was president obama and there was a program named after me like obeidallah
1:20 pm
care i would have made sure the website was beautiful, facebook and twitter combined. the problem is its so aek cessible. massive programs coming out and not working and i can't logon and coupled with the fact you keep your policies and then millions can't keep their policy. honestly it's time and we need to see where it goes. on the left we feel compelled to defend the program because the right is coming at it so hard but no one knows. 1.1 million signed up. we don't know where it will go until later this year. >> we talked about this before december alone 975,000 visited the site 1.1 million enrolled so clearly they've done a good job of working out the "kinks" but i've always maintained in 20 years, 30 years when we look back the website is not going to be the key. democrats have been trying to get this done since before i was born. so the fact that the president
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was able to get it done is a tremendous accomplishment and the republicans cannot stand that. >> and it won't be called obamacare. the first lady was on our show and she constantly used obamacare because he was smart enough to embrace it and say yeah, i care. let's be honest anyone who has gone through getting insurance whether it's there your business or your personal you usually wait to the last minute. it's complicated. for the average person. >> of course. >> my wife and i we sit there and she has to explain this to me and i have to explain that and you know and then we wait to the last minute in order to sign up so i suspect and you were talking about this being the year of young people and i'm telling yuck peopleyoung people please understand. the first lady said something interesting, especially young
1:22 pm
women, you can burn yourself with a hot ironing comb and you'll need obamacare. >> that's right. >> every woman i talked to said you know what? i've had that experience. >> that's why i thought it was so smart when they got the moms out there. that is how you get young people signed up for health care. i want to talk about the kid activists because i really was so impressed, deshawn johnson was the youngest speaker for the march on washington to see the kids not to frayed to speak their minds. >> these guys were unbelievable articulate and you understood every word they were saying and to me the big picture is they will inspire other young people to get involved in the process. sometimes people laugh at the millenials using facebook or social media. these kids are engaging one on one and what a contrast republicans with voter i.d. laws
1:23 pm
trying to disenfranchise people make it harder for people to feel connected to the system. if you can't vote you're not working out a campaign. if you stop day one you won't get more involved. these young people trying to mach a difference on the issues they inspired me. >> joe, you talked about this on the wonderful day in washington d.c., the anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the march and talked about how inspiring it has been to see young people taking up this mantle and really doing so not so much from a partisan lens but a moral values lens actually. >> it was the inspiration was the fact that it was intergenerational, this was a situation where people who had been at the first one said i'm bringing my child, i'm bringing my grandchild. i want them to have the experience that i have and to understand that we're really all in this together and that's what's inspiring. and i'm so glad that the progressives and the people on the left are exposing and
1:24 pm
guessing the kind of exposure that you remember these little right wing children got they were all dressed up in suits and they were oh we don't like obama here and obama there. now, our young people are getting the dined of media attention that we deserve, too, but i say that because they've got good parents, they've got parents that are telling them you've got to do what we did when we were yuck people. >> the young people is my favorite story from 2013. dean and joe, thank you so much. next it was a saturday afternoon in june and it was one of the most disruptive moments of 2013, that's coming up.
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p.m. and these words. thanks for disrupting your afternoon. i'm karen finney. let's get to it. >> over the last six months to disrupt the status quo with conversations on a range of issues and ways to bring positive change, none of it would have been possible without incredible goests from all walks of life and backgrounds and to you my wonderful disrupters who tune in every week and keep us on point on twitter and facebook, my team here at 30 rock the disrupt crew the men and women you don't ever get to see, they write, they run the cameras, the green room, they do hair and makeup amazing and help me get it done every week. we'll have a great time disrupting in 2014 and i wish you happy new year. next the cultural moments that defined 2013 and have no fear there will be no twerking here. that's come up but first, the thrill of victory. >> patricia milks, correct. it's a close one karen finney
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1:32 pm
francis. while his vision represents change it's an old idea of bringing the church back to its roots, helping the poor rather than harming the so-called sinners. and a call for a church in the streets with the people not locked behind gilded doors. another one of these powerful shifts came last summer when pope francis held an impromptu press conference on his plane, asked a question gay priests, "who am toy judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the lord?" hopefully he will do the same for women in 2014. it was the year that saw dramatic shifts in lgbt rights and marriage equality took major steps forward with two rulings from the supreme court, one striking down the defense of marriage act at the federal level and the other essentially allowing same-sex marriages to continue in california the country's largest state. we also saw the largest shift in
1:33 pm
attitudes on these issues since the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and era marked by another disruptive moment the 50th anniversary of the march on washington for jobs and freedom which brought disrupt to the mall where tens of thousands gathered to remember that incredible moment in our nation's husry ryhus history. we heard from civil rights icons like john lewis. >> you got to stand up speak up. >> where are the women that need to be acknowledged in this movement. >> who among you is going to be the speaker of the house, the president of the united states? >> it's time to register and vote for a new america. we are on our way. >> speak out and get in the way! make some noise! >> but as far as we've come there was one moment that disrupted a false narrative,
1:34 pm
equally applied and america is post-racial and i'm referring to the moment we heard the not guilty verdict in the trial of george zimmerman, followed by another very powerful moment when the president himself actually weighed in. >> i think it's important to recognize that the african-american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn't go away. >> i'm joined by liz winstead cocreator of "the daily show" and variah judia, columnist for the verdict in zimmerman i think it was clear this year and i think it will be clear in years to come a pivotal moment in this conversation about race, a moment where the trial in and of
1:35 pm
itself, people started to have their own conversations they hadn't been having but nationally we tried to start, i don't think we got there, a conversation about race. >> absolutely. if george zimmerman had been arrested for the alleged assault of his girlfriend before the trial was up i think we also would have seen a different verdict or hung jury or mistrial. so many aspects of the zimmerman case were played out in the court of public opinion differently than in the court of law. some jurors admitted they regret their own decision in the ruling which i think is tragic for whatever reason whether they felt pressured or they just wanted to go home you have to speak your mind on a jury. the reality is that teenaged boys, black boys in america hit a point some of them 11 years old, some 14 years old where they go from being cute boys to being threatening almost men in the minds of a lot of americans.
1:36 pm
that is the fundamental problem here is that that young black men were given the benefit of just being seen as young black men and not as thugs i think that that would have changed the verdict to start with so until we deal with the root issues of racism there will continue to be incidents like the zimmerman incident and outcomes like the outcome in the trial. >> liz, it was striking to me how much the whole case itself struck a chord and struck so many conversations, it was something that really was in the culture and the mind-set of this country. i was having conversations with people from all over the country people were talking about it. why do you think it was so potent for conversation? >> i mean for me the thing that struck me so profoundly was how, when a young black man who was unarmed is murdered that we as a society and that the narrative
1:37 pm
can so quickly switch by people to not about that at all, to where we're at and the thing that was so interesting to me about what was going on at that time was we were looking at the voting rights act in the supreme court and what was going down in north carolina at the same time with how they were curbing voting rights which you know there is no justice in you do not have a say in what who you elect and vote for and that kind of thing so the tandem that was happening with george zimmerman, with the injustice to trayvon martin and with the injustice of how we are suppressing voting rights in the african-american community to me was really a really big part of the larger narrative about the injustices of young black men in this country. >> as the rnc says racism is over so i guess we can go ahead and celebrate that and just move on to other issues right? >> what i love karen, the rnc says it's over when they have to
1:38 pm
conduct an autopsy on their own party. >> exactly. so true. i want to talk about the march on washington because for one of the things that was so incredible women took the stage and the story goes that merle evers was supposed to take the stage and wasn't able to do so she got stuck in the crowd, what have you, but it was inspiring to see so many women particularly given that women have become such an important voting block in this country and god willing we'll have more women running for office and running this country. >> you mentioned merle evers-williams, she was the first chair of the board of the naacp and she has moved back to mississippi, the place where her first miss medgar evers was murdered. there were so many people who played pivot ol roles in the civil rights movement who didn't get their due at the time and
1:39 pm
now they are stepping forward in different roles and i think that that's important. the civil rights movement is one where indeed women participated fully. >> and you know wendy -- wendy? liz, it was great to see wendy davis, i feel i have to get in as many plugs for women as i possibly can. the other big thing i mentioned was lgbt rights and the shift in opinion was so dramatic, and i thought that was a positive thing to see as a country sometimes we can get it right, we can say you know what? we're done with being not everybody but let's not be bigoted on the issue, let's change our minds on the issue. i found it very inspiring. >> well one thing i think is amazing is that americans finally realized that the ohm way that marriage equality affects a straight marriage is if you spend all of your time dwelling on other people's
1:40 pm
marriages. >> exactly true. >> that will wreck your marriage quickly. maybe if you would calm down and work on your own happiness and be happy other people are finding happiness you might live in a better world. it's a concept that seems really hard to grasp but it's pretty easy. >> fairai it was interesting to see among republicans the shift because so many statistics we're looking at young republicans, very open to the idea of same-sex marriages, don't really care, they have another issues they care a lot more about. that suggests to me that the future of the republican party although i feel like yes they talked about it in the autopsy they still have got gotten the message this is an issue they better move quickly on. >> there's no question that if you look at someone like vice president dick cheney you know having stood by and really working for his daughter mary as well as she literally working for him as an adviser over the years, she's married to another
1:41 pm
woman and they have a family and that's a very republican very gay family i'm sure. >> yes. >> and there are a lot of people who are political conservatives who are gay and they want the right to marry and they want the right to fully express themselves as well as people who are progressive or moderate or don't care and so i think eventually what's going to change the math is exactly that, the conservative gay republicans who have not had a lot of successes necessarily within their own camp from gay rights. there's a softening in the republican population if not all the republican party and it's going to eventually eliminate some of this bias. >> yes. i think there's also just the -- >> i think they'll eliminate when they decide to actively pursue legislation where i might disagree with fairai look at the rift between liz cheney coming out and saying i don't think that my sister has the
1:42 pm
right to have equal protection under the law, you've had a lot of fights with my sisters i'll never go there and say you don't deserve the same rights i do. >> so tacky, you don't say it on television for heaven's sake. >> i know. >> that's right she did say a softening. more importantly republicans have to get hip to the fact it's reality. that's where i come from on this. fairai and liz, thanks so much. >> thanks. next let's forecast what we'll be looking at a year from today, the outlook, hmm, sunny with a strong chance of disruption, that's when we come back.
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1:46 pm
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no that we've looked back let's look forward. what will be the most disruptive political stories of the new year? joining us two of my favorite msnbc contributors democratic strategist jumy williams and president an ceo marissa kumar. thank you for hanging out with me. >> hi jimmy. >> everybody is all smiles. >> we love each other, it's good, yes. >> jimmy, the legislative
1:50 pm
agenda, immigration reform up employment insurance, we're hearing they'll try to do something on that in january when we come back 1.3 million people lost their unemployment insurance just yesterday basically. we've also got this idea that maybe the minimum wage fight could actually result in a success. how lukely do you think that is given the fractures in congress we'll get some movement on those shall us? >> a couple thoughts. john boehner has taken his crazy caucus to the edge let them look over that edge and they didn't like what they saw and certainly didn't like what they smelled so i think the speaker of the house oddly enough is somewhat freed from his crazies. that being said he will have to pass any kind of bill whether it be unemployment insurance, immigration reform whatever it is with democratic votes. he has shown us five or six times he's willing to do that. let's talk about those, unemployment insurance, 1.3 million lost yesterday, 800,000 more coming up in march, so
1:51 pm
that's a big deal that will pressure republicans. under bush we extended unemployment twice without paying for it, it will cost 20 billion, who cares? let's extend it. i don't think we should pay for it. these are people that we said under reagan and under clinton we should do the same thing for it. i think on immigration reform i think we can get a bill. the senate's done its work it was bipart san, 68 senators voted for it. john boehner is freed from his caucus, let him take that and put it on the floor. see what happens. why not? >> i think that speaker boehner had a liberating moment from his caucus but that doesn't necessarily mean they are liberated from him. by that i mean they're not listening to him. most of the crazies are listening to ted cruz and he's not ceding any ground on anything. while immigration reform i think is going to be really tough to get done whereas i think even though it's in the best interests of the republican party if they'd look at a map or
1:52 pm
census report you know it's not the secret documents, guys. >> no and to your point, ted cruz let's not forget he said he wasn't not not in favor of the government shutdown. he was first saying i'm against the government shut down then saying i never said that. he can't be trusted. when we look at immigration reform you're already seeing the catholic bishops are organizing going to do mass mobilization in the first week when congress gets back in session, you also see the tech companies such as mark zuckerberg's piece, going to congressional congress where the last 20 30 votes are needed to move the needle. i had conversations with a couple republican congressional members before the break and they believed in immigration reform but they were too afraid of the extreme right to stand up for it. come on guys. there is an opportunity here and
1:53 pm
some folks have mentioned doing a discharge petition and that discharge petition, if it there's a majority of folks of confwregsal members that want to vote they'd bring immigration forward. that's not completely out of the realm of possibility given that boehner he himself understands that in order to get the 2014 midterm elections safely with the republican party he needs to pass immigration reform. >> both sides recognize if you have a gimmick up your sleeve, now is the time to use it. jimmy i want to talk about the nsa for a minute. this story has dominated 2013 i think it's not going anywhere in 2014. the president is going to talk about the recommendations that were made and sort of what he's going to do but the thing, so it's interesting, two weeks ago we had a george b. wash appointed judge strike down the nsa program saying that it was
1:54 pm
nsa surveillance is. orwellian and likely unconstitutional but then this week a clinton appointed judge held it up as lawful and counter-punch to al qaeda. i think we may end up at the supreme court but it's a challenge between keeping us secure and respecting our privacy. >> a lot of the people on the left are going to hate me for sig that and i think you and i are pretty much in the same play i assumed that the government is listening to me. i assume that google is looking in my e-mails. i assume target is going to lose my credit card information. >> that i don't assume that and that is one of the shall us. we're having this conversation about privacy when we're talking about the government. >> i don't have privacy. i live in a log cabin in the mountains in virginia and i have that because i want some modicum of privacy and i own legal guns
1:55 pm
but i assume i have virtually no privacy in the 21st century and kids who run around putting pictures of their parts and twitter and facebook they're worried about their privacy, no they have no privacy because they are not allowing themselves to have privacy. the court will decide whether or not what the nsa is doing is legal or constitutional and the congress will react one way or the other. will this play out in 2014? this will be a big issue. >> if either congress or the president decides to take it up and basic country issue an executive order if that's the case the supreme court obviously i don't think will do it but even if the supreme court takes a look at it they're not going to rule on the whole patriot act. they'll take bits and pieces. we may have privacy problems. is it more to pass the rest of the country. >> i want to see more privacy conversation within the private sector, we have to leave it
1:56 pm
there. thanks so you both and happy new year. that does it for me. thanks so much for joining us today and always and to you and your family your friends, everybody in your lives, have a very, very happy new year and we will see you right back here next week. and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪
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taken by force. >> one of them said you come with us or we'll kill you. >> held against their will. >> they came to moscow absolutely prepared to die. >> hostages. thrust into terrifying life or death situations. >> i thought he was going to shoot me. i was looking straight down the barrel of the gun. >> a dramatic attempt by u.s. special forces to save an american captive in iraq. >> i didn't know if there was somebody there to rescue me. they were trying to kill me. >> an eigh
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