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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  December 30, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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three made it to work but ari is out there somewhere. don't worry, lots of him coming up in the show. the big talker or important news of the day or sometimes a little bit of both. >> let us answer the call of history and carry into an uncertain future that precious light of freedom. >> i went down to d.c. for the president's inauguration and it was truly spectacular. >> last night's super bowl gave us plenty to talk about. but first i want to start -- wait a second. what just happened? >> did you do that? >> momentum is going to be completely changed. >> stunning news from the vatican. pope benedict is stepping down. surprised pretty much everybody, even the pope's inner circle was surprised. >> the sequester countdown is over. >> oh, my. >> what just happened? >> blow things up. >> you might have thought it was
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over but the wheel keeps spinning on the super sequester. of course "snl" played it up with a hand from the village people. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> you're welcome. >> i love that song. around here we say it's fun to stay at the cycle. did you hear? i got a book out. it's called -- i would die for you. there's been an explosion at the finish line of boston marathon. >> scary, they are calling it two bombs. >> it was the best and worst. it was an absolutely beautiful day now tragic. >> these people desperately wanted to survive. the individuals probably somewhere saying i hope i got away with it. >> they have surveillance video showing a person setting down bags where the bombs went off. >> they are in hour 17 of the search. >> the hunt is on for edward snowden.
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whether here's a hero orvil villain -- >> count me out. you have three plus million people with security clearances and fourth amendment being shredded and the fisa court giving blanket surveillance orders and selected prosecution against the people who put the most at risk to tell us things that our government refuses to tell us is very alarming. >> we're seeing here on the screen of course live reactions of these huge crowds gathered in egypt. seeming to celebrate and welcome what is the ousting of president morsi. >> egypt is on edge as the death toll growing from a weekend of deadly clashes and white house is treading very carefully. >> the baby was born 8 pounds, 6 ounces and approximately 4:24 p.m. today. prince william was present in the delivery room. >> there's four signatures as best i can see on there. the queen is on there, prince vila and i would assume william and kate.
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>> the doctor. i can't see it. it's tough to read the curser. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this would have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. they rendered a verdict. and once the jury has spoken that's how our system works. >> in the doma ruling when the supreme court said that congress should not be able to pass laws that override a state's ability to recognize a marriage between people of the same gender, the supreme court was going back to our earliest principles, our oldest battles of what does equality mean. a ruling goes back to one of the founding concepts of our constitution, equality. >> hawaii says alo ha to marriage equality, the 14th state that has made marriage
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equality the law. >> i was supposed to be working that morning. i got subpoenaed to court the night before. i called the fire house. >> jeff olson picked up the phone -- >> still hard to talk about. >> said he would do it for me. he asked me for a day off and i told him, not a problem, i'll give it to you. >> the man you traded places with didn't come home. >> didn't come home. didn't come home. very hard for me to live with that. >> as president obama keeps plans for an attack on syria active but on hold, the battle will now play out at the u.n. talks there are underway among the p5 members on a proposed resolution to put syria's chemical weapons in international control. >> the longer it drags on the strongest islamists and extremist elements get. that's part of why this is a dangerous picture in syria. it's not a pleasant situation, a wicked problem, very complex. the longer we do nothing, the
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more we see this spiral out of control. >> i always try to think of breaking news in the eyes and through and ears of people that are -- >> their journey is not complete. >> the eldest son of dr. martin luther king jr. speaking on the same steps with his father delivered his "i have a dream speech" 50 years ago this week. >> we're amassed on the mall. about to march, it's been a really inspiring day. >> it's an amazing -- coming into the city, all of the people streaming in and love. it's a great day to be reinspired and reinvigorated and recommitted to the cause. it's amazing. >> i've been thinking about the situation with the fed as they are trying to ease support from the stimulus, and this is what it reminds me of. ♪ >> the odds of a severe long
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lasting shutdown are even less than the odds of ari not saying something awkward in the next hour. >> awkward. >> what will happen -- ♪ >> crazy, the general reaction today to the partial government shutdown. not over money but over the future of obamacare. let's make a deal. no matter which door we choose, we'll be back in needless crisis land after the new year of the congratulations, folks. >> the idea was always to be the fun show. everything the music and the references and the tape was meant to convey that. >> i do want to say that tour'e did point out the shutdown would end before the buffalo bills would win another game. want to make that clear. >> thank you very much, tour'e. >> the guy from boston who roots for new york teams and zero loyalty where he's from. thanks, tour'e.
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>> everybody knows the solution to the problem is to play twister together. tell me, mike, have they tried that yet? >> all 400 sites run by the national park service closed indefinitely. >> senly you have these great treasures of the u.s. that are exposed to potentially to vandalism, erosion during these closures. >> all of the fans know what today, the first friday of the month. that means jobs report friday. no job numbers? why? oh, the government shutdown, right. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ the shutdown delayed jobs report is out. the shutdown is over for the next 90 days and the debt ceiling is raised for the next four months. now after all of their hard work negotiating the house is on recess. >> remember me? i used to be the face of the health care website. now i'm out of a job, thanks a
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lot, obamacare. >>y even log into the website and now they want me to talk to an actual person on the phone? what a nightmare. thanks obamacare. >> i just got a cancellation notice. this communist denying me of my liberty to have crappy health insurance. >> who are you, tour'e? >> death panel. thanks obamacare. >> i'm shocked to find out gambling is going on in here. >> thank you, very much. >> shocked, shocked i say. you mean to tell me the national security agency had the power to spy on whomever they pleased and may have taken advantage of that power? they went on record to deny president obama knew about the surveillance operation involving chancellor merkel. is that supposed to make us feel better? not so much. >> i've got a hot scoop from out here in seattle, my flight arrived on time out of jfk. >> congratulations. >> can we get a banner?
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breaking. [ laughter ] >> we got the banner out for you. a plus control room. >> amazing. >> ari to seattle time. it's like we're a news channel. oh, hey, sorry, i didn't notice you. i've just been leafing through this book "double down" filled with leaks about other leaks and reminds me more of high school gossip than serious reporting. my family expected to be picked apart. but as someone who was there every step of the way, there was very little even worth responding to. very little based in reality. most based in conjecture and self-promotion. >> can you feel the excitement? we even have the fancy election music for you. >> luke, i understand you're at abby huntsman's high school. >> how about that, she was one an done here. they don't have a lot of distinguished alumni. if she wanted the name the cav fear i can't after herself, she could get on --
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>> that's not her style at all. i still really love that music. decision 2013 is now behind us, so bring on 2016. >> right now you're about to witness a cycle first. ari will attempt to answer a question in 140 characters or less. >> could now be yours nor $40 odd dollars a share. >> we don't take ourselves too seriously. it's why people like the show. >> knock knock. >> who's there? >> stubborn republicans. >> who? >> who have no alternative but to address the health care crisis. >> knock knock. >> who's there? >> 37%. >> 37% who? >> actually don't know. who are those 37%? >> i'm tour'e. knock knock. >> who's there? >> pro-choice judicial nominees. you won't find any new ones on the d.c. circuit court. >> whose there? >> mean girl. >> mean girls who?
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>> mean girls who hate your mini skirt. turns out they are everywhere. >> president obama leading our nation in mourning, one of the greatest men of our time, former south african president nelson mandela. >> you see children who are laying roses and they were waist high in front of his home. mandela spoke of his dream. it was always to young people. that's the theme you hear in south africa and all celebrations, the quotes and images on television, and gather and images of him talking about his dream for the next generation. >> so many great memories there. if i have three big takea ways, ari is dorky and krystal is hysterical and abby you have an amazing singing voice. >> tour'e, you should never ever sing again. i heard you sing in the beginning, let's make sure in 2014 it never happens again. >> i want to maer more of you singing. >> i beg to differ, i love it
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when tour'e sings. i have to say, that halloween obamacare bit was absolutely brilliant. >> that was awesome. and i love the knock knock joke thing and how we're complimenting ourselves for work we've done in the past. that's always awesome i'm sure. >> i will say we seem to have a lot of fun with really depressing stories. there were good things this year but there were also a lot of bad stuff, passing of nelson mandela, sort of a celebration of his life and legacy. but the turmoil in egypt. >> boston. >> yeah, boston was a really tough day. the problems with obamacare, it's easy to forget how much ground we covered this year. since we are looking at ourselves is the addition of abby huntsman. >> oh. >> to "the cycle." abby, i've told you this before, but it's remarkable how quickly you came in and owned your spot
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and just clicked right into the team. it's been such a joy having you in that chair. >> that's true. >> guys, that's so sweet. i have to give kudos to the wonderful team as well. who could put together ten minutes of material is that makes you laugh and cry and feel embarrassed and feel proud. we have an incredible team here i couldn't be more excited for 2014. >> of course it couldn't be the same without me. i'm kidding. >> we know that. >> we'll be right back with today's news cycle and the fun house that is our news program. it's monday, january 30th. ♪ ♪ only 17 ♪ dancing queen feel the beat
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the news never stops and neither do we here at "the cycle." security and train and bus stations throughout russia habifed up this afternoon after suicide bombing killed 14 people. it was the second deadly attack in as many days. sunday 17 were killed in an attack at a rail station. the latest attempt to free a ship stranded in antarctic ice since christmas eve has been called off due to bad weather. this was the latest rescue attempt. a chinese vessel also tried and failed to cut through the ice. both remain in the vicinity and air lift by helicopter has also been scratched for now due to conditions. parts of the midwest and northeast are bracing for a new round of winter weather in time for the new year. chicago will see the first flakes tomorrow. meanwhile, ten and thousands of people remain without power as a result of last weekend's storm.
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there are always four hosts at the cycle. steve kornack ixts has moved to the weekends but he makes special appearances when we need him. it's me and krystal, founding members and senior correspondents who have been here from day one and don't you forget it. >> tv newser alert. we at "the cycle", we are ready to make it official. ari melber is official. >> since i'm pregnant and the cycle imagine. is too cheap to pay for a picture for pregnant krystal for now. a new one after pregnant -- don't want to indefinite indefinitely. we photo shop the picture in. >> i'm still doing appearances
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with ari all over the place and still are friends. ari popped right in like it was nothing. immigration or gun control? >> immigration. >> what is your favorite sports team? >> see theal mariners. >> hillary clinton or elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren. >> who is your favorite emcee of all time? >> picking one is hard. holistically jay-z by single album but probably naz -- >> is there anything you feel we should know about you. >> i did rap in high school. >> everyone says that tv and politics are just like hip hop. no, no one actually says that. but one way they are similar is in rap we always talk about keeping it real and talk about authenticity. that's important in politics and important if you're going to try to come on air and share it with people what you care about and what you believe and still try to maintain yourself. >> today was supposed to be
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krystal's last day before her maternity leave. as any parent will tell you they don't always go according to schedule. she joins us on the phone from the hospital. >> we welcomed to the world today lowell maxwell. >> wow. >> i wanted to make sure this and provide you with an update. >> good job. >> it was been an hour after he was born i called into the show. for me, i was the proud new mom, so i was happy to share the news and brag about the new baby boy. >> it feels awfully nice to be back here at "the cycle" table. >> it's not all about you and the miracle of life -- >> wait. are you sure? are you sure? >> not all about you either. >> it's also about another brand-new cyclist, abby huntsman. very excited to have you on the team. >> thrill d to be here. it feels so real. >> it's very real. >> it's happening.
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>> because we keep it real. >> first day was adjusting to tour'e. i didn't have even one day to practice on the air with the three of them. >> abby seemed to start big. we're all sitting there like having a good time then abby reaches out and punches one of the boys in the face. why did you just punch me in the face? i didn't do anything to you. what's going on. >> i knew she was going to be fun and going to be able to laugh at herself and laugh at us, that she was going to come with her thoughts and be sort of willing to play. >> i love advancing the conversation about issues we care about. i love a good debate. i grew up debating my dad on all issues of the day. i can't think of a better place to do that with other than people like -- >> you'll get a good debate here. >> who can resist giving you a hard time every single day. someone has to do it. >> good luck with that. >> abby, you are weirdly fixated on me. who's that with you?
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>> i brought a special guest, this is lowell who we introduced when he was born. now six months old and has lots of hair and causing lots of trouble. >> look at that hair. >> cutest thing ever, krystal. >> you always so sweet with him. >> i mean, he's the best. >> thank you for that. >> what were you talking about, tour'e, the show is only a year and a half old. this is not "meet the press" or "today" show with a little help from cycle alum steve kornacki. >> you're doing something this weekend involving a '70s game show? >> yes. this is a great tradeoff. in exchange for this plug, we'll put in classic 70s game show form, the loud plaid jacket, great cheesy music. wait until you hear the voiceover. >> it's time for "up against the clock". >> krystal ball you are the winner of today's -- what "up against the clock".
12:23 pm
>> receive an appearance this coming week on msnbc's the cycle. >> you aren't dreaming, this is not saturday and this is not "up." krystal, welcome to the guest spot. >> thank you so much. cycle is my favorite show on msnbc. i want you to know i'm coming for you and i'm rested and mother of two, pain does not scare me. >> it's on. >> you are the tear in the first -- >> not everybody is great under pressure. >> nice try, tour'e. >> now the guest host of "up against the clock", it's krystal ball. >> thank you bill wolf and studio audience and you at home for tuning in. >> i love the game show just as much as steve does. nothing i think makes steve him happier than that game show. >> krystal ball, you are a rock star. >> the game show is classic. i loved krystal hosting it and love that i did better than ari did. >> that's what's post important.
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we're still waiting to get abby on the game show though. >> some day. >> in addition to traditional tv, we're all being sucked into the digital universe. we launched our new website and thanks to you, our facebook fan base grew by 24%. if you haven't done it already, like us on the facebook. if you have not noticed we're never scared to try different things on the web or television as we train the next generation of me, her name is ella and i have to say, she's pretty cute. >> walmart has decided that they are going to open on thanksgiving so that a lot of workers will have to be working rather than be home with families. what do you think about that? >> just terrible, terrible. >> why is it terrible? >> because they don't get time off. that's their -- all their time off, tomorrow they can get working again. this is nothing to be in a rush
12:25 pm
with. >> why should i pay you to do that when any kid would love to be on tv? >> because the web is part of nbc's key to the strategy. >> girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys in new york. and a girl can marry a boy in new york too. >> some other places haven't decided yet that you should be able to if you're a girl marry another girl. they should change that, shouldn't they? >> yeah. that's crazy. >> she is definitely something else. i'm in trouble there. we will be back with our favorite section of the show. no guests, just us, as we put 2013 into the spin cycle next. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg
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the four of us have a lot to say throughout the show but we save the best always for the spin cycle. here we go. >> the spin cycle is unpredictable but also fun. >> we really want it to be just a natural conversation. >> we really try to just let it roll and see where it goes. >> some of the folks around the office have been busy at work developinging an app to serve tour'e. it would be like siri but say things like tour'e needs to hear, great point. you nailed it. and maybe you're a -- >> stealing a joke from his girlfriend drew right now. she does -- why don't you do dora the dolphin who always compliments ari. >> wow. >> wow. >> first of all. >> you're stealing from your girlfriend. >> happy to be inspired by my girlfriend, who is very funny. number two, the dolphin series of jokes we don't have time to
12:30 pm
go into is not necessarily the same as siri the app. >> america is already lost. >> which is to hear great point. >> next, whatever. >> tour'e is tour'ish. very tour'e. he has a lot of tour'e like qualities. there's an issue there around the fact that the mastery i have over a music and hip hop culture and the brooklyn life is not only superior to him but always will be. i think that's something that's hard for tour'e to grapple with. >> when ari has a very serious demeanor about him. >> is there a name for that? what's that call? >> the ari-ization. >> i have my thoughts on this issue but i think they would be better expressed by five animals who are unimpressed with the new
12:31 pm
website, like this dog in a swing who thinks they are trying way too hard. this polar bear, just really expected better. this cat is mostly upset that they let themselves down. and this toad thinkds their inauthentic attempt to up and downer young people. >> that toad is amazing. >> cat is still voting democratic. >> i'm a patriot. >> i will never understand why candidates put their kids out front and center of the campaign. >> that was good by the way. >> it was less awkward than how i would do it but it was fun. >> you are always awkward. i agree with that. the 2008 barack obama, just feel it. >> jonathan, can we talk about gay sex for a second? >> excuse me. >> i'm serious. >> awkward. >> i'm one of those really nervous flyers.
12:32 pm
i don't sleep for nights before i have a flight. i know that sounds weird. >> you sound like somebody who used to be on the show. >> what what your ideal inflight xperps look like? >> it takes place outside of a flight. this conversation with the statistics she's quoting there, obvious industry lies. >> steve hates flying too but there are a number of people that are freaked out to fly and for whatever reason i heard the stats, you're more likely to die from a shark or donkey -- >> or a sharknado. >> i know you are wondering how a donkey, but a donkeynado. >> that's not a thing, krystal. >> i would rather sit next to a screaming baby than listen to any of you chat on your phone for five hours. >> that's wonderful. thank you for personalizing it. >> love you too. >> didn't know you hated listening to us. a job hazard. >> talk show that we have
12:33 pm
together. >> it's too late. you don't like the sound of our voices. are you offended? >> a little hurt more than offended. >> i'm pretty sure it was directed at you guys. >> a lot of times the thing i'm planning on saying ends up getting totally pushed to the side to respond to something abby is saying or tour'e is saying. >> i saw obama do his clinton impression not bad. >> let's see yours. >> you want mine? this is the most important thing we can do, which is to give people health care. >> not bad. >> well done. >> richard nixon was in the white house, tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree was the song. we weren't born yet but tour'e was. let's spin. >> let's not mcspin. >> i know some of this is serious. could you mcnot do that when you put mcwords in front -- >> can you mcnot do that. >> this is how the spin is going
12:34 pm
to go. >> i'm so mchating you right now. >> if you want to overthink it which is something i specialize in. >> now to the spin with our latest manufacturer crisis in the rearview mirror -- i'm trying to read a script here. >> sorry. >> trying to make a turn. >> we know did not lead to the capture of bin laden. >> tour'e referred to something that happened with osama bin laden but he said bin laden. but abby being comfortable, like having lunch or beers, immediately started to make fun of that. >> bin laden? is that how you say it? i call it bin laden. either way is okay. either way is okay. >> pronoununs yags. >> i ran away from home a number of times. >> because you were so happy. >> i wanted attention, i was a curious person. the better person is who is better to handle real world
12:35 pm
situations. >> when you're in utah, where do you run? did the secret service bring you back? >> i was much older then. >> where to you run in utah? >> i run -- >> to a farm? >> in the mountains actually. one time i tried to catch the bus but got lost. >> ever try to run away, ari? >> only if i live in utah. >> well, folks, the ugly is for a good cause. stand up to cancer's ugly sweater campaign. i'm sporting a wintery teenage mutant turtles. krystal, i take after lee nard do from the turtles -- you have a lot going on. >> first of all, it's -- i don't at the you can see this, like a cardigan but fake and then there's a fake tie here going on nice polyester blend and keeps you warm when it's winter. i don't understand why people hate the sweaters not only are they warm but comfortable and make a statement.
12:36 pm
i think they are great. i don't think we should hate on them so much. >> ari -- you look like you're coming from a park slope flea market. >> i wore this once on tv last year around holiday time and i had a lot of people say never do that again. i thought great, this is a chance to do it and be stupid again. >> can i honestly say one of the wonderful people who does our hair and makeup said to me today, is ari wearing that horrible sweater that he wore last year. >> nobody likes it. i'm glad you liked it. >> i like you look better than on any other day. i think it looks great on you. >> we'll do an autopsy on the left-handed mean girl comment later. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is why you get zblsh. >> through it all, let us not forget the spirit, the shared values and ideals we have as americans and human beings even if it's just for a fleeting moment turning on the lights of a christmas tree. must not forget about the menora, right, ari.
12:37 pm
>> that's right. >> it takes a minute to understand where the joke is. >> if i look at krystal off camera and think i'm doing something funny or taking something to a degree and she's like, that's usually a sign i should stop. >> the show is -- ari needs to stop. >> exactly. well, i loved watching my own face in that mcspin that you guys did. i looked so unhappy. >> krystal, i will say this, i think it's clear we are the mature ones in these conversations and two boys are not so much. >> not really. >> abby, how is your arabic -- >> it's pretty tight. >> i will say -- >> i will say though, since ari wore that ugly christmas sweater i've seen it on him every day since. i don't know what's going on. he seems to love it. >> when i can slide ari a note under the table and he starts cracking up and can't control it. i want to get some of that next
12:38 pm
year. >> that is the best. all right, coming up, the guest spot where we actually let other people do some of the talking. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship and some of the best offers of the year at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ one of the reasons we love doing this show is all of the great people we get to meet. we call it the guest spot. it's an ek lek tick bunch. >> a gay rights activist and freshly minted super bowl champion, linebacker for the baltimore ravens. >> for me it's just being a by racial kid i never fit in and faced discrimination myself. i see it along the same lines if your gay or black or have a disability. you're in the minority and you're not treated equally. >> can you diagnose as a doctor whether abby's consistent passive aggressive strike represents a humor based attraction? >> i need to know more about it.
12:42 pm
>> i know it's an occupational hazard because we have guests on who have no idea what's happening. >> if i were -- if ari were to be eaten by a whale -- >> why does it have to be a whale? >> whatever. >> do you want to start -- that was a complicated question. >> what was the rent though? we're paying a lot for the studio in new york. >> earlier this month, the awesomely horrible flick isn't that correct -- sharknado created a frenzy. late night wants funny. how is that going to work? >> we're going to tell some shark jokes but it is not a -- you're going to run out of shark jokes, there's maybe three. >> her cue lease. >> do you watch "breaking bad".
12:43 pm
>> do you watch "girls"? >> apparently not. i'm not hip enough. >> i just wanted to ask you that as a prelude to my question. >> for no reason whatsoever. >> i'm sure you've seen "house of cards". >> i have seen it. >> i know you have. that's a lot more in line if it were actually talking about -- >> we also take a step back and think about big ideas driving the conversation. people who are doing interesting things. >> i've had a visual perspective that is extremely rare in the human experience. i think there's been 200 of us out of the 7 billion in our whole history that ever walked in space. if anything it shows that we are a little less significant than sometimes we think in our daily lives. >> i went skydiving a fraction of your experience but had the same sense of how small we are within this whole thing. >> you skydiving is just like the colonel -- >> let's welcome the creator of
12:44 pm
the newsroom social network, money ball and countless others, aaron sorkin. >> a woman who is an open socio path appearing in shadow. >> i think they are for the most part harmless. everybody has statistically met one in their life but hasn't realized it is a testment that most of the interactions should have been positive. >> one of the most awe thor tative judges argues that two forces risk undermining the court's legitimacy. >> the problem for judges, we tend not to have a lot of knowledge about anything that's outside the legal look. that's a weakness. >> 12 years a slave, stars our next guest who are saying who win the oscar for best actor. it's my honor to welcome you to the guest spot today. i'm so proud of you for the work you did. >> people like that, like, wow,
12:45 pm
you did something -- in terms of like culture, really cool and we want to talk to you about your sort of athletic or cultural achievement. >> a story i've never seen before, never watched before, a story that was about the experience this man had and a story that was from so deep within the slave experience. and i had never seen that in a film. >> up next in the guest spot, the wbc welter weight champion and wba super super welter weight champion, captain of the money team and pound for pound best fighter in the world -- lloyd mayweather jr. >> the reason i allow myself to do the announcer voice for floyd mayweather or making fun of ari. >> ari channels bane. >> we don't take ourselves too
12:46 pm
seriously, i don't mind being ridiculo ridiculous. it's part of why people like the show. >> before the segment this guy was talking smack, floyd is not that big, could i take him. >> having tour'e make a joke that i was talking mess, was immediately uncomfortable. >> now you're backtracking in his face. >> why don't you say it in his face, like you were talking before? what's up. >> don't do me like that, ari, from the west coast, be nice. >> show him a little something. >> i was like oh, my god, he's saying this, what's going to happen. i was worried. >> if you need me to walk out with you. >> miley cyrus. >> i can twerk i guess. >> oh, wow. >> several scientists and storm chasers took a direct hit in friday's erratic and unpredictable tornado. tim and his son paul died chasing the reno tornado in oklahoma. we spoke to tim on "the cycle" as he was tracking that system near oklahoma just hours before
12:47 pm
he was killed. >> we fully expect calm within the next two or three hours and the ingredients are coming together for a volatile day. >> the nation honors john fitzgerald kennedy, 50 years ago this very moment the nation just learned that jfk was dead. >> a state of shock is the only way i can describe the feeling that we have here in washington. >> tom, where were you at that moment? >> i was a reporter in omaha. >> this is a fickle finger of history. it's very hard to know what might have happened. >> chuck, since you traveled all the way from d.c. just to be on "the cycle" i'll for get you for booting me -- >> we searched far and wide to get someone who knows politics and elected as a republican governor and someone who served four presidents including one democrat named obama. the only name we could come up with was huntsman. that's my dad, john.
12:48 pm
>> having my dad on, i was nervous. i don't really get nervous. i didn't know if i should treat him like my dad or normal guest on the show. >> it's a great treat to be with you. i'm hopeful because there's this generation called the millennials and they see the word differently and seen the mistakes of my generation and they are ready to roll up sleeves and fix some of them. >> it went so much better than i could have expected. >> we'll have to get it back in 2014. one of us gets to take the stage. ♪ ♪
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12:52 pm
every host of "the cycle" has his or her own stamp. i take over your tv. ari's angle, always obtuse. and krystal clear. see what we did with that one? welcome to the world of the rant. ♪ i don't want to control you >> yeah. it's time once again for the ladies man show, featuring the ladies man. i love it when somehow i can get the other co hosts playing with me in the rant in some way. >> its as usual i'm here with my gorgeous assistant, krystal. >> hey, ladies man. >> and abbey. >> hey, ladies man. >> i let it go, but it was about an important issue. zombies. and i was like what the what? on the matter of zombies, ezra is a conservative. and in this matter, as in most things, conservatives are wrong. the war on drugs has only deepened the sense there's two americas and the black one is under occupation via laws and
12:53 pm
policing procedures that lead us to being treated far more harshly. we must make the movement into activist work, as well as personal as political day to day work. so many of us are doing that. advancing the dream in our daily lives, using our opportunities to advance our families, our race, our world, with quiet dignity. >> the thing that's great about the rant is, it really is our little space to say what ever we want. >> imagine a state where reality is distorted to conform to bizarre conspiracy theories, where small government is taken literally to mean a government so small it can be vaginally inserted. where rick perry is a respected statesman. yes, you've entered the texas twilight zone. apparently walmart is well aware that many of their associates do not make enough money to buy thanksgiving dinner on their own, and what's their solution? lord knows it's not to pay those associates more. part of why the walmart thing, i think, is so powerful is because it's a microcosm of what's happening in the country at large.
12:54 pm
at some point that little trickle becomes a wave and that wave knocks over everything that stands in its path. so don't tell me that a living wage is impossible. don't tell me that walmart is immovable. don't tell me that congress won't act. because what i realized on black friday was that that wave is coming, and you either get in front of it or you get out of the way. sometimes it's fun to take a step away from politics and talk about life, love, to talk about what really makes us tick. >> each time i jump on one of the bikes, i always try to imagine the story of the person that rode the bike before me. where did they come from? where were they going, and what is their life story? have you ever wondered why so many districts today look like a flying giraffe? or in the case of a state senate district in upstate new york, abraham lincoln riding a vacuum? well, that's because the g-word, gerrymandering. since it's all the rage in the gop, i wanted to get in on the action. you think ari is in seattle on assignment? but little do you know, i
12:55 pm
gerrymandered i'm right out of town. so let's refocus, guys. republicans who are now the chicago cubs of politics. please, please, please stop trying to defund obamacare. it's never going to work. and you will continue to look like the party of no. >> the rant gives me a chance to get up there and say this is something that should be in the news. >> the government can spy as much as it needs to, but it has to prove to a secret surveillance court the goal is national security. okay. but that's not how the online surveillance works. no, you cannot invoke a secret court for transparency. the fisa court is there to put a legal check on our permanent spying bureaucracy. it's not transparent, that's why it meets in secret. so let's get on to the harder questions. what kind of secret courts do we want, and what kind do we deserve? as congress sputters towards a short term deal on the debt ceiling and shutdown, many are wondering how we got here. well, it makes more sense if you look at it through the prism of the villains in christopher
12:56 pm
nolan's batman trilogy. so think of boehner as bane, full of promises about serving the people. sounds good. but we quickly learn bane doesn't care about the people. >> and yet i do think we all try to be thoughtful and respectful and engaging each other. and i hope that comes through. >> everybody loves a good fisa joke. this is the last cycle he for 2013. we end with people who make this show possible and crazy. happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. honestly, my kids are hard to impress...
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
so i got the windows nokia tablet. it's, well, impressive. it's got the brightest hd screen, super-fast 4g lte, so my son can play games and movies almost anywhere, and it's got office for school stuff. but the best part? i got the lumia 928 for my daughter for free, with the best low-light smartphone camera this side of the north pole. dad for the win. mm! mm! mm! ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪
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