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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 1, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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and a very happy new year from us here on msnbc. right now on "first look," the world rings in 2014 with style. times square at the cross roads of the world. we'll take you to celebrations around the globe. a health scare for former first lady barbara bush, who has been hospitalized. another target apology, this time for holiday gift cards not activated. plus the mighty brave take the new year plunge into 42 degree seas. a lonely looking leader takes to
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the slopes of north korea. very good morning to you on this first day of 2014. people around the world ringing in this new year in elaborate ways that did not disappoint. stephanie stanton looks at midnight around the globe for us. >> reporter: midnight in new zealand brought fiction over auckland's sky tower. in sidney harbor more than a million people ushering the new year with fireworks over the opera house and harbor bridge. it was temple bells in japan ringing the customary 108 times, a solid, dignified tradition ringing in the new year. 2014 was welcomed with a bang by the chinese. from the great wall to shanghai.
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and if that wasn't spectacular enough, dubai's new year celebration was one for the record books literally. the world's tallest building center stage for an attempt at the world's largest display. and at the same time, moscow rang in the new year in red square. in paris tens of thousands celebrated at the eiffel tower while in london big ben rang out the old and rang in the new. >> three, two, one! >> and in new york city millions in times square celebrating the famed ball drop and the coming new year. stephanie stanton, nbc news. >> former first lady barbara bush is in stable condition at a houston hospital after being admitted for treatment of a respiratory issue, possibly pneumonia the wife of former president george h.w. bush was tonight to methodist hospital on monday.
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according to reports she's in great spirits, has received visits from family and is receiving great care. she had heart surgery in 2009. she's 88 years old. >> last night sport just sonia sotomayor blocking a portion of president obama's health care law. she issued a stay on a birth control mandate in the health care law that would require companies regardless of religious beliefs to provide insurance that provides contraception and sterilization to employees. >> with the regard of a disastrous train derailment still smoldering, residents of a small north dakota town are calling for safer regulations.
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it burned so hot, firefighters did not even try to put out the flames the mayor of the small town located near the accident called it too close for government. he wants the government to make oil transportation safer. >> russian president vladimir putin promised a forceful crackdown on terrorists after two suicide bombings killed more than 30 people, raising more concerns about security as the sochi olympics approach. this morning putin met with officials to discuss efforts to fight terrorism. jim maceda reports from russia. >> reporter: last night they hunted for accomplices to the bombings.
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vladimir putin added "we will confidently continue the fight against trysts until their complete annihilation." this 26-year-old paramedic, his parents posted this message online after fearing he joined armed insurgents. "come home, his mother pleaded, we see how many people die because of people like you." "don't harm people because of their religion." wild live officials in utah have identified the mysterious illness that's killed more than
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two dozen bald eagles overs past few weeks. we have the story. >> reporter: it was a bald eagle rescued by bob and taylor that helped solve the mystery. >> the bad eagle is just what america stands for. >> reporter: the eagle and five others being treated are suffering from west nile virus. >> it's very rare. not something we've seen. >> reporter: the disease has killed at least 27 bald eagles. it's believed they were infected after eating waterfowl found on the great lake. >> there's not much we can do to manage it so we'll have to let the disease run its course. >> reporter: with no risk to humans, officials believe the species will find no long-term
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effects on the species. >> we want to be see it flying around and have the opportunity to try and get that eagle back to where it should be was a very special experience. >> reporter: that eagle is showing signs of recovery, showing symbols of hope and strength. >> and it was the college bowl that johnny football dreamed about. johnny manziel's texas a&m was down by 21 at the half and then manziel pouring on the gas, throwing four touchdown passes in total the texas a&m defense helping out, picking off a pass for a touchdown. in a thriller, texas a&m edges out duke in a comeback, 52-48. the highest scoring in game history. johnny manziel is rumored to be going to the nfl next season. and so is brent hundley. in the sun bowl, he had four
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touchdowns, two run and two passing. and the arizona routs boston college in the battle of the nation's top running backs. arizona's cadim carey won that with 165 yards. boston college's andre williams only had 75. >> it was the most lopsided victory in the liberty bowl's history, 44-7 rice falls to mississippi state. mississippi state's quarterback dak prescott dominated. >> it looks like bill brian will be the texas's new coach. >> and caroline wozniak is
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engaged. >> and this field goal kick bounced off the uprights and while the camera was rolling, the cameraman was still able to get the shot smoothly. >> and the youngest player ever drafted in nba history, 8-year-old jarvis of the mike a wish foundation, even got to go to practice. he was right in there blowing whistles, calling plays. who wouldn't want to be an nba official for a day. >> everyone wants to know how much shoveling will they be doing. temperatures were cold enough for snow. look at these wind chill values. it's a very cold weather map.
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much of the storm will be all snow. already snow in the ohio valley. this is just the warmup act to the bigger storm coming in later tonight and into the day on thursday. so here's my latest snowfall map and totals. i have upped the totals for areas of eastern new england, now having you get probably a solid foot of snow. again, this is going to be a light, fluffy snow, easy to shovel and plow. chicago, snow totals over about two, three days, about 5 to 7 inches and much of the ohio valley i have at least in 3 to 6 inches of snow. the timing for the worst of it will be thursday night/friday morning in new england, areas of boston are even talking about the boston of blizzard-like conditions. looks like 78 million people
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will be affected by this storm, a lot of big population centers. >> thank you so much. good news, if you get your daily dose of vitamin e, we'll tell you about that. and will 2014 be as lucrative as investors last year? and where we're also hearing more than a few revellers are teaking advantage of the new recreational marijuana laws. and we'll tell you why jennifer lawrence is just as good as money in the bank. "first look" is back in three. is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the...
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pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition or stomach ulcer, take aspirin, nsaids, or blood thinners... ...or if you have kidney problems, especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradaxa side effects include indigestion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. some stories making news on this new year's day for you, you're looking at saint peters basilica where pope frances says mass and celebrates world peace day. >> and in boston a woman was crushed to death beneath a draw bridge that was raised to let a boat pass by. according to police, the woman was in a blind spot where the operator could not see her leading to the accident. >> vitamin e may slow the progression of mild to moderate
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alzheimer's disease. people who took high doses of the vitamin showed a delayed decline in living skills like making meals and getting dressed. this is not a cure but new results are exciting. >> and brave souls in maine participating in a 42 degree polar plunge. >> and president obama treated himself to shaved ice, the icy treat a hawaiian favorite. mr. obama's ice was cherry and lemmon lime flavored. looks good. >> the s&p posting its largest gains in 16 years while the dow handed investors their biggest returns in 18 years. target starts the new year the same way they finished the old one, apologizes. the retailer is doing damage control because some gift cards were not activated correctly.
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>> southwest airlines finished last on the latest monthly list for on had ever time performance. the data comes from the department of transportation. it is southwest as first time on the bottom of the list. netflix will test out a new price plan for customers, $6.99, that will get you one stream at once. $9.99 a month gets you three streams at once, whether on tv, tablet or computer. >> and customers at walmart who may encounter problems with the prescription plans. walmart will honor prescriptions at no up-front costs through january. >> and celebrities give their wishes for 2014. >> it's nice to take stock, see where you are, hope the that new year will be better. ♪ auld lang sine >> happy up in year! >> i'd love world peace or the
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pinnacle rolex. you know, forget about world peace. just screw world peace. just bring me the rolex. >> so direct. >> rhode island residents not happy with the renovations taylor swift is doing her home. they say it's altering the coastline. according to officials, swift was given approval to move the boulders. >> if you want to make a box office hit, you better cast johnson i ever lawrence. the actor was named the most bankable for 2014 and she was in a lot of movies. >> and tom hidleston is eonline's top actor. and bon jovi has the top grossing tour at $259 million and beyonce came in second with just $188.6 million.
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leading the news in the "l.a. times," mars one: 1,058 applicants in contention to start mars' colony. we're learning more about the pool of applicants 55% are male, 45% are female and 63% have a bachelor's degree or higher. >> and nbc, kim jong ungot away from it all by taking a ride on a ski lift as he toured his newly built luxury resort. looks like it's built for one. >> bill de blasio took the oath as new mayor last night just
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after midnight, the oath was given by former president clinton. >> and charles rangel will run for reelection again. >> and congresswoman debbie schultz's new year's resolution is to elect more democrats and end the gridlock in washington. >> a new pew poll finding 67% of democrats saying they believe in evolution, 43% of republicans believe the same. roll call reports that 4.8 million americans do not have health insurance coverage. that's because 25 states have e declined to expand medicaid coverage for low-income residents. >> gallup saying the president's approval has increased by 5
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points since going to hawaii. that's your morning edition of "scramble politics" on this first edition of 2014. >> joining me is lynn sweet. thanks for walking up to chat with us on "first look." >> happy new year to you. as you probably know, overnight supreme court just sonia sotomayor issuing the stay f for -- >> i guess she had time to do that before going to new york before going to new york to help ring in the new year in times square. this is just a very temporary order that she did almost just to keep things in place until a fuller response from the government comes. so it's just very temporarily
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enjoined from these -- >> was it a surprise to you? >> well, no because usually when you have something kicking in, a judge -- it doesn't signal how the final ruling may go. usually there is a judicial inclination just to maintain the status quo and not require anyone to do anything new. >> so season what an ultimate muling would be. >> there are some some cases the property could rule on the first half the year on obama care. how serious might these challenges be to the affordable care act as we look to march and june where the supreme court might make some decisions? >> well, i think the court already had decided on the fundamental -- they upheld the ability of the government to have a mandate. and for people to have this
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penalty. so you jnt u.s. just can't really get very far sometimes in predicting what the judges may do but i think they. >> if anyone thinks this is going to dismantle the law, i think that's not the case. >> lynn sweet, thank you for joining us on this first day of 2014. >>ets do some "first buzz." what's on your mind? >> i'm not doing the typical up in year's resolution. i don't believe in it. >> you always tend to take ops b. >> or c or d. let's talk about upcoming movies to look forward to in 2014. >> i want to see more movies in 2014.
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>> there's a goal. that's a good one. this is a list of the top five according to fandango. number one, "the hunger games," that's no surprise. "the hobbit," that's released in december. "x men" in may and "the amazing spiderman 2" in may. and "divergent" will be another one released. >> and a first look -- >> go ahead, what is it? >> it will never be more needed than it is today.
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>> and there it is, "godzilla." >> the trailer with the longest reveal. >> this is "the first look" on nbc.
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well, good morning and happy new year to everybody. >> wow. >> wow. >> 2014. >> can you believe that? >> here we are. i'm going to write 2013 on my checks for about six months. >> new year's eve okay for you? >> amazing. i was up all night. >> i built this tower to make it look -- i was in florida, actually. this tower of pbr cans make it look like times square. midnight, i fell into it. i actually fell asleep at 9:00. >> we all hope you had a better new year's eve than both -- >> you know you're getting old when you celebrate going to bed before the new year. >> or you get excited that the fa


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