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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 3, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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i love my job. time for "the last word."there' paper. he know what is he's doing. i love my job. "first look" is up next. good friday morning. blizzard conditions. the snow is piling up outside as the temperature plummets. travelers are left hoping for the best. a fugitive. a jajah banker declared dead. bama takes on the sooners as a.j.'s girlfriend can't bear to watch it unfold. is ben and jerry's cashing in on pot in colorado? president obama prepared to battle congress next week. thanks for watching. a strong winter storm is near winter conditions is slamming the east coast. more than 90 million people
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between the midwest and new england are in the path. bill karins is here with the latest on that and richard lui is in boston. bill, this is a bit of a double whammy. you have snow and cold temperatures. >> the cold temperatures is the story. now we have to deal with the storm. last night, we didn't have to deal with the shoveling. that's the case this morning as you try to get to work. the roads, hopefully, have been plowedover night and will continue this morning. the worst of the heavy snow is over long island. cape cod and boston, it's beginning to improve areas from d.c. to baltimore and philadelphia and new york city. now, the problem is, we haven't had a storm like this in so long, you go outside to clear the car in the driveway with negative 25 windchills. negative five in new york city,
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11 in new haven. boston to providence, minus 19 windchills. it's brutal. you are outside and it's like an ice cube. the winds are howling now. don't bother trying to shovel in cape cod, southern portions of new england. the snow is going to blow back. the winds are getting lighter around heartford and poughkeepsie. the other story is, it's brutally cold back to minneapolis. windchills low from new orleans to atlanta. almost the entire country is encased in this ice. betty, the big story as we move on from here, what comes next. >> just stop right there. >> the cold outbreak behind this storm -- >> how bad? >> worse than this one. minneapolis could have a windchill of minus 60. be careful out there. thank you. now to boston where more than a
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foot of snow and frigid temperatures are causing havoc. richard lui is in the havoc of all this. good morning. looks like there's a ton of snow around you. >> reporter: good morning. plenty of snow and wind in the past 12 hours. we have seen the highest wind gusts so far. it gets cold. i have a lapel monitor. it is so cold, it's not ledgestering. it's below zero right now, 15 to 20. this is a pile of snow that was not here yesterday. we had over 3,300 crew members for the massachusetts department of transportation cleaning up the streets. you can see, you are not used to seeing them so clean based on the storm you are talking about, which is blizzard-like. the snow is like champaign powder. i don't know if you can see what i'm doing, but it's light and fluffy and really, really dry. the residents know it's cold and they are feeling it. take a listen.
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>> it is cold. it is very, very cold. >> it is freezing out. it is freezing. >> i'm layered up. i have four pair of pants on and four sweatshirts. >> reporter: with the wind, what is happening is there's a flood warning 150 miles up and down the coast here. they are concerned about the on shore wind we are seeing. i'm facing the atlantic ocean now. we can feel the wind coming westward toward the camera now. the great thing about the snow, they are able to clean it up. normally, in situations like this, the snow isn't dry enough. all the plows are able to clean off the streets, keep them open for now. so, what's going to happen for the city? all schools are closed. so are the city offices and state offices. betty? >> they are staying indoors where it's nice and warm. you need to get inside as well. thank you for the report. the storm is snarling travel
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across the country. 1300 flights canceled nationwide. the airports most impacted are jfk, newark liberty, laguardia and philadelphia. these are all the flights currently in the air at this hour. in a normal day, the map is covered with aircraft. not today. on the ground, a state of emergency in new york. governor andrew cuomo ordering three major highways closed overnight. they are expected to reopen this morning. all public schools in philadelphia and boston are closed today. schools in new york city will be closed as well. now, to the morning's others news and big vote coming monday on capitol hill. the senate will decide whether to extend long term unemployment. insurance was not included so it ran out last week for a million unemployed americans. after the senate, the bill heads
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to the house. harry reid worries it might run into trouble with conservatives. president obama urged lawmakers to pass the measure as soon as possible. speaking of the president, he spent day 13 of his vacation on the golf course gouned by the prime minister of new zealand. his teenage son joined him with plenty of high fives to go around. we don't know what it has to do with the golf game. we are learning about the capture of a man. he was a banker and minister. when he was arrested, he told the officer, quote, i'm going to make you famous. mark potter has the story. >> reporter: aubrey lee price was denied bond. price told them, since disappearing a year and a half ago, he was homeless, working
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menial jobs. florida officials say he rented a house near ocala where hundreds of marijuana plants were grown. he was last seen in june, 2012 as he was buying a ticket for a ferryboat ride in key west, florida. after raising $40 million from more than 100 investors and suffering losses, price then obtained over $21 million of bank funds which he misappropriated, embezzled and lost. he wrorkts i am 100% responsible for the losses i created and suggested he was going kill himself. a florida judge ruled him dead, saying he took his life at sea. he was still alive, his time on the run ending tuesday in georgia when deputies noticed his truck's window tinting was too dark. >> that was mark potter reporting. now to sports, a major ub
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set in the sugar bowl. the sooners led by four when a.j. led by a touchdown play. trevor night with this to take the lead back, 24-17. he throws an interception with not a minute left. time for the sooners to get another touchdown. oklahoma leads at the half. bama keeps it close with a 61-yard run. with seconds left, the ball is stripped and ran in for a sooners touchdown. oklahoma 45, alabama 31. the chiefs with a two and a half point spread to take on the colts. the eagles favored to beat the saints. on sunday, the chargers take on the seven-point underdog
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bangals. to the best of the best. beating out tiger woods, adam scott was named golf's player of the year by the golf association of america. check out the graffiti on ice. they turned the rink into amplt kids and parents exercised their creativity painting on the ice. in the nba, the nets joe johnson with this incredible buzzer beater. he drains it as the clock hits zero. kevin durant is not playing nice. not even against his own niece. really? check out this mean block. he writes whooping up on my shorty. making progress, john kerry's push for peace in the middle east. you're batching "first look" on msnbc. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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some stories making new this is morning, secretary of state, john kerry met with benjamin
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netanyahu to further mideast peace talks. kerry showed optimism. >> we are now five months into this negotiation. we have always known that achieving peace is a long and complicated process. it's a tough road. but, this is not mission impossible. >> today, secretary kerry meets with another president. the first days of legalized recreational smoking. ben and jerry tweeted this, breaking news, we are hearing reports of stores selling out of benefit and jerry's in colorado. what's up with that? >> i think you know. the marine corps delayed fitness requirements. the minimum standard for female marines is three. thursday, they announced 55%
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welcome back, everybody. check out this picture. this is times square. yeah, you don't see new year's reveler there is today. it is 11 degrees with a windchill of minus five. the roads are very desolate. a picture of the beautiful tree at rockefeller center. lovely sight. i tell you what, you want to stay inside and watch it from the television if you can. it is way too cold out there. here is your "first look" of scrambled politics. george w. bush thanked presidents for their get well wishes an advice for barbara and cracked a joke saying she doesn't take advice of everyone she knows. mrs. bush is doing great. she's excited to get home to her dogs and, oh, yeah, her husband, too. house majority leader, eric cantor says the house will vote on a bill about the health care
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website and potential security breaches. a spokesman for the group responsible for say there have been no attacks. nancy pelosi responded saying the republicans effort extends to caring constituents from obtaining coverage. a new twist in the contraceptive case before the supreme court. it's not clear if the group has a case. the government says they have no enforcement power of the hospital employees of the little sisters of the poor and could not charge any fines. a spokesman says florida congressman will return to work on capitol hill next week for the first time since he was charged with possession of cocaine in october. former american idol, clay aiken is considering a run for congress from north carolina according to democratic sources quoted by the washington blade.
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aiken has met with political operatives about a campaign. an undocumented immigrant will be able to practice law after a ruling by the california supreme court. the landmark decision could affect similar cases for immigrants across the country. the controversy over the name of nfl washington redskins continues. the team is touting a new poll that said 71% oppose a name change. 18% support it. it is up two points. 11% are undecided. that, my friends, is your morning dish of scrambled politics. time for your look at politics. kevin is joining me from politico. happy friday. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming in despite the weather outside. >> it is a mess. >> here, too. it is a new year. let's look ahead, shall we? monday, the senate is going to decide whether to extend long
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term unemployment benefits. will it be a tough fight? >> not in the senate where heller and reid, a republican and democrat respectively put forward a plan that senate majority leader harry reid says will get a vote when they come back. if it does pass the senate, it's anybody's guess if it will pass the house. the republicans argue this is a program that was put forward during the economic recession and perhaps we don't need it anymore. this is a $300 monthly check for americans that need it most. >> the president supporting getting it back online. the president will be back from vacation soon. what is likely to be top of his agenda for the new year? >> i think it's something we are going to hear a lot about in addition to the unemployment benefits. former secretary of state, hillary clinton, tweeted out an endorsement to get the plan back. socioeconomic inequality. he's going to highlight a lot of
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socioeconomic issues and the disparity in our country. particularly with the winter. the winter olympics and political theater around that. it's a midterm year. a lot brewing for the president on his agenda as congress gets back in session next week. >> i want to mention this. a lot of people are going to be talking about it. the nsa is trying to develop a computer to break encrypted codes from banks and medical records. according to "the washington post," it's an $80 million program. could this open the flood gates to all kind of information? >> it's a great question. the nsa saga is going to continue. the amount of information and what they are collecting and how they are using it. i think all these questions are being posed. i think they are going to
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continue. senator rand paul, in particular, republican from kentucky, rising star from within the republican party has been at the forefront of this and threatened lawsuits. as you know, the nsa is actually facing legal questions right now. all of that is going to continue. >> you know, looking at this, on the big picture, at $80 million is what this project is costing, many large businesses can afford that, no problem. what kind of chaos can it create if they get their hands on something like that? >> great question. a lot of big banks are looking at the government saying wait a minute, if you are allowed to have this information and look at the threats coming, why can't we protect some of our consumers? we are going to see a lot of cyber security issues for how folks are able to protect their own personal accounts start to be raised as well. >> all right, kevin. appreciate your insight. happy new year. >> thanks for having me.
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all right. so, cath arena zeta jones and michael douglas, have they reconciled their marriage? they were seen skiing with their two children in canada this week after announcing their separation in august. if you look closely, that might be them. vin diesel is reflecting on his friendship with the late paul walker. he said they accomplished so much by 2013. there is a painful void with
2:27 am
walker's absence. the wolf of wall street as broken one silver record. no, it's not the box office one. it is actually for the most "f" words in a single film with 506 f-bombs. summer of sam, 435 f-bombs. can you imagine being the person to count all of those? a couple at a bar in salt lake city were there after they found out it was legalized, they got married on the spot. one of the bar's owners served as a witness. let's get to the first buzz this morning. we have a lot to talk about. speaking of bars and people meeting. you have a great story. >> the search for love. >> bring it on. what do you have? >> right before christmas, courtney is in a bar, meets a
2:28 am
stranger, they get along, chickens out and does not exchange numbers. she regrets it. she goes and takes action. she wrote a note, photo copied it, had 70 of them made and paesed them all around old town alexandria. ben, from the lighthouse bar, i made the wrong choice. call me, courtney. she was on the news and everything. the happy news, on twitter she connected with ben and now they want to be left alone, no more interviews. >> now they want to be left alone. >> the search for love has been found. >> speaking of the search for love. this guy found love with his boss' dog. he was bored at work so what did he do? he recreated these scenes. that's from "the notebook."
2:29 am
this is from "the grad watt." that is from "titanic." the one from "top gun" is too much. they get too close to kissing. thanks for watching. stay safe out there in the snow. way too early starts right now. you liked the public six months, why should people trust you. you lied to the people for six months. >> let the people speak for themselves. if you don't want to vote for me, that's fine. just vote. i would rather you vote against me than not vote at all. i have the strongest track record. >> it's been awhile. we have rob ford news here on a friday. the toronto mayor doesn't have a lot of power, but doesn't seem like he has conscience, either. the details on his next move. the banker assumed dead, but
2:30 am
found alive in georgia. why the police pulled him over. alabama was thought to be unbeatable. we have a new debate. highlights in sports on this january 3rd edition of way too early. good morning, everybody. brian shactman here on this friday, january 3rd. a few notables in this show. "duck dynasty" rolling out new products and stirring up controversy. and the pot, in colorado, a little expensive. just saying. we'll have that story for you in a few minutes. we want to begin with this massive winter storm. blizzard-like conditions sweeping across a 700 mile stretch of the country. it will only get worse for some of america's busiest cities. governors, mayors from the midwes


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