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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  January 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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thing. targeted. that massive security breach at target got a lot bigger. i'm ari melber. hours away from one of hollywood's biggest nights. i'm abby huntsman. the best are up for golden globes this weekend with a few glaring exceptions. moments ago, thousands of pages of documents related to george washington bridge lane closures were released including ones submitted by chris christie port authority appointee, david wildste wildstein. there's now a class-action lawsuit in the works filed by jersey residents who were stuck in the traffic jams and claimed they were late to work and lost pay. as for governor christie, he
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doesn't have any public events today after his two-hour long press conference yesterday where he denied any knowledge of the planning or execution of the closures followed by an in person apology to the mayor of ft. lee, new jersey. we start with craig melvin out of the new jersey state house in trenton. craig, what's the latest? >> reporter: here's the thing right now, toure. those pages have just come out. we are expecting 900. turns out it's roughly 2,040 pages just released by the assembly. we are trying to go page by page here. a number of people sifting through sections. this is again, right now, all i can tell you based on what i see is among other things in that report, there's a formalized review of the traffic study. that review of the traffic study and conclusion of that review are marked tbd. i can tell you according to
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pages 34, 35, exhibit b, the report is broken down into six or seven sections, the executive director of port authority at one point according to this report orders lanes back open and says he thinks "this hasty and ill-advised decision" and he also says again, this is coming from executive director of the port authority, he says he thinks it violates the law. he then asks how they can get the word out that everything is open again and then at one point according to the report, someone else says there can be no public discourse. so what we're doing right now again is we're trying to go section by section. if it's okay with you guys, i would like to continue to go through the report and come back in a few minutes and give you additional information and nuggets from this report as we try to sift through it. >> i think craig melvin booked himself on the show into the future. we've had that behavior from craig before. we'll take it back now to the
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table since krystal is in washington and craig is on reading duty, we have that chris christie is duped by closest people or he's lying to us and/or he's not curious about something major going on in his state and also seems that perhaps he is fostering a culture of bullying within the state of new jersey that you talked about before. where do you think the truth lies in all this? >> my suspicion and we have a lot of new e-mails out right now in terms of with subpoenas coming out whether from the state legislative committee and potentially u.s. attorney and who knows what u.s. senate committee will do. we'll get more e-mails and more answers. my suspicion right now is willful ignorance is the explanation for what chris christie is sort of put forward on this. the idea that he's a reasonably
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intelligent guy. he's a former federal prosecutor. you have all of this -- you have all of these questions being raised by the press. you have controversy swirling in the political arena and he doesn't ask any questions in october, november, december, but there was also a reason for that. the reason was as i said before, the subpoena authority for the state legislative committee that looked into this, the reason you have all these e-mails out right now is because of that subpoena authority due to expire next tuesday. the thing to always understand about new jersey politics, you think of democrats and republicans, christie is republican. democrats are against him. that's not the way to understand new jersey politics. the key to understanding new jersey politics is that chris christie had an alliance with a group of powerful democratic leaders in the state whose agents in the state legislature will vote with chris christie and help chris christie. next tuesday, the new incoming speaker of the state assembly is a product of those alliances.
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there was every expectation in the political world of new jersey that that new speaker would take that subpoena authority away. was going to say at the end of next tuesday this was over. i could see a scenario where chris christie felt he could get to next tuesday, no bomb shells come out between then and next tuesday, subpoena power goes away, investigation goes away and it comes a thing that a few people were suspicious about and that's the end of it. >> he tried to run out the clock and he was unable to do so. >> yes. i got to ask you, steve, be honest. you'll read all 2,040 pages. >> and 10,000 more that will follow. >> the onion i think hit the nail on the head with their fake statement from chris christie where he says my fellow americans, look at me. do i look like a corrupt vengeful bully? it really cuts to the heart of the problem here for christie
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which is that even if people aren't sure if he was the one behind the bridge closure, it feels possible that he could be vindictive because of his image as a bully. >> it feels that way among republicans. that was the biggest revelation for me in talking to republicans this week. i talked to a republican in new jersey and just asked the question why aren't you guys rallying around chris christie and the republicans said we're not sure what to do. on the one hand we're shocked that somebody is politically talented and astute as chris christie would end up in a situation like this but it's the m.o. of this administration to get involved in -- this is republicans, this is democrats. you talk to people at the municipal level, small municipalities, 6,000 people, that level in new jersey politics and they'll do something or say something -- we're not talking about i want to impeach the governor level stuff. talking about petty local
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municipal politics. you'll hear from the front office. they'll hear from somebody connected to chris christie. they'll hear from chris christie himself. you talk to people in history of new jersey politics. jon corzine, you think of former gove gove governors, there's no precedent for that involvement. they look at this and say i don't know if he knew or didn't know but it is plausible to me that this is the kind of thing that his culture will produce. >> what we're looking at today with these documents being released, nbc news reviewing them and will report on what we learn from them as soon as we confirm it, but this context of course is these documents were available to governor christie a long time ago. most are documents of his employees, right? i heard from several people the idea in the news he didn't ask enough questions. no. asking questions of people who might be conducting illicit or illegal activity is only one step which he knows from serving as u.s. attorney from 2002 to 2008. other thing you do is you conduct document review and you
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take e-mails and you don't need a subpoena if they are your own employees' e-mails. the incoming attorney general nominee is his former chief of staff, which is looking increasingly like an untenable conflict of interest in new jersey. beyond just asking questions, isn't there an obligation on the governor when he learns about the bad stuff to gather it up first. he acts like the only way he could have gotten e-mails in his governor's mansion was by having them sent to the legislature. >> that's why i think actions to me are consistent with somebody who felt there was an outpoint in this. actions are consistent with someone that felt -- if this thing would swirl on indefinitely and grow for sure. if you are chris christie you think about political future and that's the only reasonable course of action. this thing is going to consume you at some point so you need to get ahead of it. if there was in your mind a logical end point to all of this, which the end of the legislative session was tuesday, this is how you conduct
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yourself. you ask no questions. you do not interrogate anybody. you review nothing. you put on a heck of a show for the press that, my god, why would anyone ever raise these questions. i can't believe this. and if you get to january 14th, congratulations, chris christie. you win the grand prize. >> i just don't think that it's a laughing matter when you look at how many people's lives are affected. >> that's a good point. that's true. the fact of the matter is to your point, all we have right now is suspicion. there's no evidence to suggest that he was linked in any way to what happened. i think us sitting here trying to judge and give our opinions on this, you really have to wait and see what happens. the other side of this is that he actually could come out on top. he actually could come out looking even stronger if in the end he isn't linked at all to what has gone on because this has played out on the national level. we've seen him handle this as he would as president of the united states. he's happy to talk to journalists. take questions. he actually sort of bored them after the second hour of this.
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>> he belittled them for asking questions first and then about six weeks later he took questions about it. i do think this has been linked to him because it's been linked to his office. no matter what else comes out of this, even if no other documents come out that link chris christie to this, i've said it is completely plausible that chris christie did not have any knowledge of this beforehand. didn't know in immediate aftermath. my guess is he put two and two together in his head but didn't ask questions. that's plausible he didn't know back in september and october what was going on there. from a standpoint of a perspective candidate for national office when this comes into your office when your deputy chief of staff and when your campaign manager -- we talk about something very close to chris christie politically. this is somebody who previous to being his campaign manager was the director of intergovernmental operation for the chris christie administration. his job was to go around the state and to interface with mayors and puns pal leaders. this is somebody who had total
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faith and trust from chris christie and chris christie saying i don't want to be associated with this guy. i can't be anymore. this raises serious questions about his judgment even if he's not implicated any further. >> it does raise questions. it's a weird thing. sometimes in that situation like this, you could see someone like christie turn this thing around and people will say i like him better because of the way he handled this. >> i wouldn't be surprised if there's much more to come. not just on this particular issue but other stories of sort of petty retribution on the political stage. we'll have to see. all right. before we let you go, we have to talk about what went down on last saturday's up against the clock. usually hosted by you, steve kornacki. you became a contestant and turned hosting duties to the legendary mark summers of "double dare" fame. take a look. >> sherlock homes. >> belongs in public domain. you're right. bono. another 100 points for steve.
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that's incorrect. steve? >> washington. >> yes. >> clay aiken. >> running for congress in north carolina, clay aiken is correct. steve? >> in his republican primary for senate using bitcoin. >> let's see what the score is. final score is steve, 1,900 points. >> it was worth it just to see how happy you were, steve. >> it was close. if i got that -- you already won once. you were going easy on us. >> i have to tell you, it reminded me of the classic 1983 eddie murphy movie "trading places." >> i'll bet that that man could run our company as well as your young man. >> are we talking about a wager, randolph? >> the movie that should come to mind is the 1994 robert redford
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directed quiz show that showed how some of the quiz shows in the '50s were fixed. >> but i want to know, man to man, did he get the answers? >> man to man? >> yeah. just between us. >> if someone offered you all this money to be on some rigged quiz show, instant fame, would you do it? >> no. >> i want to assure everyone steve has not had access to any of today's questions. once again, he had no idea what we were asking. i promise. running away with it. it looks like we fixed this thing. >> it really does. it really does. >> yeah. we investigated and it says in the prompter that up against the clock was on the up and up. i have a lot of questions, steve. i don't think that you're on the up and up there. i'm not sure. >> if you want me to hold an hour 48 press conference and answer every question you got, as much as you want. >> okay.
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>> knaidel. >> you are the champion. >> we're running that because yesterday on our show we misspelled kami misspellmi misspelled your last name. >> we have an all-star packed edition. what a competition that's going to be. tune in. >> that sounds fascinating. my favorite part of the show. i'll be there at 9:35ish. thank you for being here. we'll be right back after the confusing jobs report right after this. at any minute you could be a victim of fraud. fraud could mean lower credit scores and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at
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cycling now, less than an hour before the closing bell on wall street and the markets are ending the week mixed. why? one reason, it's jobs report friday and i'm beginning to wonder what those jobs numbers actually add up to. if you want to be bullish, the unemployment rate did drop from 7% to 6.7%. the lowest its been in five years. if you want to be bearish, 74,000 new jobs were created below the 200,000 that many were expecting. how can this be? a big drop in the rate and so few jobs added. i have three words for you. labor, participation, rate. you see that stands at 62.8%. fewer and fewer folks are looking for work. enough from me, let's bring in
12:19 pm
our cycle economic team. when we look at these numbers, do you think we should be more worried about the unemployment rate or about the labor participation rate? >> i would say the labor participation rate. it is uniquely depressed. and that's just not a monthly result. the 74,000 on the payroll side, that's a pretty anomalous number. most economists believe and i'm one of them that that number will be revised up as the bureau gets better information. but the trend in declining labor force participation has been a very long-term one and it biases the unemployment rate down. that 6.7 really isn't as good news as it sounds. it doesn't mean people get jobs. it means more people are leaving the labor force. that does long-term damage to underlying growth rate of the economy. >> and, peter, the leading indicators of a strong and growing economy, i mean those all prove that the numbers seem to be somewhat off.
12:20 pm
you look at gdp, car sales and construction. industries have been forced to be more efficient and doing more with less. in your mind, how alarmed should we be when we look at the participation rate by is the lowest it's been in 36 years. >> i think we should look at it seriously. if you factor in discouraged people and add in part timers to say they want full-time work, unemployment rate is 13%. not all leading indicators are positive. car sales were way down in december. also the sales, holiday sales of the stores at the low end, the dollar stores and so forth, were very, very poor indicating that people near the bottom are very stressed and not finding work and they're not getting enough hours and things of that nature. the number of hours people worked also went down. the wage rate was flat. so there's stuff there to be concerned about. it's not as terrible as it looks. let's not blow it off. >> peter, i'm skeptical of this conversation right now because
12:21 pm
these reports consistently get revised a little while later. recent history consistently getting revised upward. mark zandi had something interesting to say about that. >> they were uniformly weak and number was so low it's not consistent with all of the other economic data that we're getting. gdp has been a lot stronger. that's value of things we produce growing more strongly. surveys have been stronger. retail is good. vehicle sales. it doesn't make any sense. i just am not paying attention to it at all. >> if we know that this is going to get revised, why not wait for revisions before we start making conclusions? >> i looked at revised data going back a couple years. if i do three month moving averages and monthly data, i see these gyrations up and down. on a three-month moving average basis, last two months were good in the data. we're not really doing all that much better or all that much worse than we were a year ago.
12:22 pm
zandi said yesterday that the labor market had shifted into high gear. i find that one of the more absurd statements he made in a long time not to debate with him but you put him on the screen. now he's basically backtracking trying to defend his position. i think there's information here that says we need to pause, take a hard look and re-evaluate to make sure the labor market is healing. >> we put him on the screen but gave you more time as is our nature. jared, take a look at this chart. this is significant when we think about the loss of unemployment benefits. what you can see there is those monthly seasonal adjusted rates. what the do you say to the white house argument that right now we have a much less coverage of people, the number of unemployed people who have benefits now is lower, which is less cash going out into the economy. >> i think that's a problem. i think today's report even though again i agree with many of the comments about how
12:23 pm
especially the payroll number will be revised up, today's report actually comes at a very critical time of course for this debate over whether we should extend unemployment insurance benefits for the long-term unemployed. a number in the report that i haven't heard anyone talk about yet today, 2.5% of the labor force is long-term unemployed. they've been out of work for at least six months. historically when we've had that many long-term unemployed people, congress has extended those benefits. it's bad on microlevel because there are job issues out there for people trying to get jobs and it hurts on the macro level as your chart suggests. >> all right. thank you both as always. >> thank you. up next, do not drink the water. that alarming message went out to hundreds of thousands of west virginia residents. we'll roll through the news cycle. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] roses are red. violets are blue. splenda® is sweet.
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a developing story leads off the news cycle. we're learning twice as many customers as originally reported were affected by that massive credit card breach at target stores over the holidays. as many as 70 million people may have had their personal information stolen including phone numbers and e-mail and home addresses. the store is offering free monitoring. a ban on water use in parts of west virginia. officials have declared charleston and a number of surrounding counties disaster areas after a foaming agent used in coal process leaked into the elk river. 300,000 people have been told not to drink or cook or even bathe with the tap water. >> last night the legendary poet, playwright passed away at the age of 79. he was combative and controversial and central figure in black arts movement of 60s
12:28 pm
and 70s which used poetry and other art forms to expand on civil rights. some consider him among the most important writers of his name. that's your news cycle. a development in the fight for immigration reform. house republicans are preparing to release a document outlying principles for an overhaul this month. it's not the only reason to be hopeful 2014 will breakthrough year for the hot button issue. in a recent u"usa today" column he outlines that speaker boehner will push back against the far right and immigrants are ready to come out of the shadows and have voicesing be heard. we have to accept reality this will not be rolled out in one fell swoop. if there's anything we learned
12:29 pm
about obamacare is doing anything on the federal level that is so complicated and so big, it becomes very difficult obviously. so what lessons can we learn and what do we say we have to work together and do this one right? >> some of the groundwork is already in place. a year ago at this time the democrats were unified at saying we need to do a big comprehensive package and they pushed for gang of eight comprehensive bill. now president obama said he's open to piecemeal legislation and john boehner is working on figuring out what that legislation is going to be. it's not going to be easy. likely, maybe not? there's still a pathway to an agreement on this issue considering that all of the major players involved want it to happen. it's all about the details. particularly the path to citizenship. >> i love, love your optimism. t
12:30 pm
i really love that about you. there was some pressure on the gop here. there was a realization that they had to do something to solve their political problem in particular with latinos. now they think that they've got a winning message in 2014 just talking about obamacare and the problems that they see with the rollout. is that going to take away the pressure that we had on them to do immigration reform? >> i'm not sure necessarily because obviously they are two separate issues even though some might try to combine them in the sense that say we can't do a big comprehensive immigration bill because we've seen that our government can't do that properly. i think what is important to look at going forward is the house republicans in a sense they have nowhere to go but up. in all of 2013 the only bill that passed their conference was a bill to deport the dreamers. i try to be as fair as possible to all of the different sides the equation. in my heart of hearts, i do not
12:31 pm
think that john boehner is cool with that being the image of his party. i think a lot of the major republican leaders say do we want to be the party of steve king or do we want to at least try and do something? so the big question is going to be whether it's legalization, some type of path to citizenship, normalization and the second challenge will be who steps forward to pick up that challenge. >> i don't really believe that john boehner is leading the republican house caucus. jim demint and ted cruz are leading that caucus and i have zero faith that republicans in the house will suddenly change on this. undocumented immigrants have been the key boogie man for republicans for several decades now. why they'll change on this now i don't know. this is the only issue that republicans part from business on and don't give business what they want and why they part from this now and we talk about piecemeal that means border
12:32 pm
security and objects instructst. >> that's true if you will be cynical. until we see the proposal, which we have not. you can't say they haven't done it before. against the path of citizenship. she won't do it now. it's unfair to speculate even though the record is not good on this issue. at the end of the month john boehner has this meeting with a lot of republican leaders. he's putting out these principles in this private meeting. i can say it's pretty much a sure thing that it will be leaked immediately to the press so maybe we discuss it again. i think they do have some room to grow and they want to. >> it's been overshadowed this week. chris christie did pass the new jersey version of the dream act. an example of a republican working on immigration reform at the state level. that's definitely one to highlight that will play out i'm sure well into 2016 but it's always great to have you. thank you so much. up next, everything you need to know about this weekend's
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golden globes. what sent producers into a rage spiral and best pics to take home your office pool. it's ahead as we get preparty started early this friday afternoon. "the cycle" rolls on. >> that's what makes tonight so special. only do beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat face people of television. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms,
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be part of everything i do on this earth. >> that's a sneak peek at "girls" that returns this sunday night with two back-to-back episodes and it has some competition airing opposite the golden globes where it's nominated for two awards, best tv series and best actress for the filmmaker that created the series and stars in the show. she's 27 years old. since the 2012 debut, it has proven to be a bigger than a tv show in many ways. it sparked a multiyear conversation. the show is really about much more complicated issues of modern femininity and how it's given way to hookup culture and often accompanying remorse and emptiness. welcome, hannah. >> thank you. >> you have written about this in your book and one of the points you make is that even if
12:38 pm
you haven't seen this show, it actually speaks to a moment in where feminism has gone and why there's excitement and liberation but frustration among young women today. what do you mean? >> it's largely a good thing. i don't like to look at girls as the key to understanding a certain generation because it's just a tv show. so not every woman has to be like hannah and have a semiemployed boyfriend with a sexual habits of adam. what i find awesome -- not everyone wants that. >> i'll pass on that one. >> but lots of young women follow the actor who plays adam home in brooklyn because they're so obsessed with him. there are many people who do love adam. i would say what's amazing to me is that a cultural space opened up for a 27-year-old woman to tell this particular story about a girl like hannah. it's unthinkable that such thing would win such critical acclaim and be a really popular tv show. i think even five years ago.
12:39 pm
that's what i really appreciate is that we allow her to have her particular vision about relationships and sexuality even if it makes a lot of us uncomfortable to watch. >> you talk about her vision. she puts that forward with hannah particularly in the way that hannah seems to get nude in almost every other episode. she's extraordinarily comfortable taking off her shirt or what have you. it seems to me that this is partly a feminist gesture that it's my body and i'm not traditionally beautiful doesn't matter. i'm comfortable with my body. you should be comfortable with your body if you want to be and last night she was asked about this at a conference and she sort of bit somebody's head off about it. i don't know if you ask the question in the right tone. i think you won't bite my head off if i ask you. do you see the feministy gesture in hannah taking her clothes off all the time? >> i was going to say she's going to tweet you about that. everyone keeps asking her why she takes her clothes off all the time. she does something very first
12:40 pm
creative act that she ever did in college was to take a youtube video of herself naked at a fountain, which ran a few minutes and then just kind of complain about all of the people that complained that she was naked at the fountain and she looked too fat. this is clearly a runni nin nin where people will complaint. i can't say why she does it. another thing she does by the way is she purposely wears clothes that are too tight. she talked about this. she tries on clothes with spanx on and then takes it off. she wants you to feel weird and then criticize for you that. >> she also wants women to relate to her. i'm sure there are many that can relate to her character. it's interesting. you compare it to "sex in the city" which is a more glamorous life of women in new york city compared to this which highlights the challenges that many young women face trying to get their feet off the ground in the city.
12:41 pm
really only to a degree. snl had fun with this making the point that in the grand scheme of things, life really isn't so bad. let's take a quick look. >> if you're going to live with me, you should know i have ocd. >> i also have ocd. >> cool your obsessive compulsive too. >> no, i've old cow disease. old cow bites you and disease infects the skin. it's why i have rubber hand. >> honestly your life is so much more interesting than mine. it's just not fair. >> hannah as you know the show has loyalists but folks say it's not really my thing. do you think that's part of it? >> that it's not some people's thing or the fact it's obsessed with young women. i don't know. "sex in the city" is too in a different way. the reason it doesn't have as many fans is because of the lack of glamour. that's something that dunham has a conversation with all the time. one episode in the last season that was a sex in the city fantasy where she walked into a
12:42 pm
guy's apartment where he was handsome and sheets were silk and she's she conscious of being the opposite of it not necessarily because every woman has to be like her and not like harry but just because that feels more real to her. >> your provocative book writes about the idea that men had this era of natural dominance and now we're coming into continue era of female dominance. i was struck by one quote you got from a college senior who said that men are the new ball and chain. do you think that that's represented in girls? >> it's definitely represented in girls. if you think about what guys do and girls and there is hannah and adam. hannah is dysfunctional and has adam who is half a step less employable than she is.
12:43 pm
and there's exploration of friendships and how young men think about marriage and at the end of the last season there came a point where adam wanted to get together with hannah and she said wait. does that mean i can't write my novel? that's not what anyone was expecting. i do think she thinks about the changing rolls of men and women a lot in the show. >> one thing you wouldn't expect about ari melber is it's one of his favorite shows. >> the point you made earlier, she shows herself without clothes. part of her implicit point and challenge to all of us is many men welcome a certain type of nudity and sexual exploitation on air a lot. she gets a lot of blowback not because she's nude but because she isn't fitting a certain time and that's powerful even though there are many valid criticisms of the show. hannah, thank you for your time today. >> thank you so much. >> up next, the only hollywood award show with booze at the table. anything can happen on sunday's golden globes. here on "the cycle" we'll
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12:48 pm
>> i cared about it. he saved my life many times. >> i do. >> the great american hustle is half of a two film race for glory in this award season. the other one they think could win big is "12 years of slave." golden globes starts in about 54 hours. those two films are leading the globes nomination rates but only grady white from "entertainment weekly" knows what will happen on sunday. that's why we have him here. i think it's a two-horse race. globes will not provide separation between 12 year a slave and there's comedy musical for "american hustle." so it won't provide clarity. will it provide that this is the race between those two or something else yet that may sneak up and make it a three or four horse race? >> it's really becoming a three horse race.
12:49 pm
you have "american hustle." you have "12 years a slave" and you have "gravity" it's the big favorite blockbuster option but "12 years a slave" and "american hustle" appeals more. >> "homeland" won best tv series and best actress. totally snubbed this year along with "mad men" and "game of thrones." not in the drama category and some attribute that to "house of cards" which was netflix series slipping into the drama category. no one really was sure where netflix if they would be nominated, is it tv perce se bu it got the credit. >> these are great shows. they won the past two years. i don't understand. >> hollywood foreign press is not a big organization. less than 100 people make these nominations. the thing about this award show is it's respected.
12:50 pm
it makes a big difference on bottom line for tv and movies. it can affect how many people see them but it's a small group of people choosing things. no one is sure how it works. >> if i watch this weekend, it will not be because of the sure works. >> if i watch this this weekend, it will not be because of the potential winners. it's because of who is hosting. >> the hunger games was one of the biggest movies of the year. >> life of pi, i'm going to call that the six weeks after i take this dress off. >> they were fantastic. they got rave reviews. >> i think the golden globes were smart to lock them up not for just one more year, but two more years. it is a larger effort on their part to make the golden globes
12:51 pm
the loose, fun, alternative to the oscars. everybody knows there's wine and champagne at the golden globes. they're serious about making it something that people want to see and is light-hearted. >> you talk about the hollywood press foreign association. these are people from other countries judging american culture. they're writing about it all the time. we have to look at the golden globes differently because it is people from another country. they see it a little bit differently. >> we had some foreign films nominated in the last couple of years. you had the artists. the whole box office is becoming such an international affair the whole idea of something being an american movie or a british movie -- >> these are moves about life in america. >> that's true. this is a year we had "captain
12:52 pm
phillips," and "gravity." i get why there's not foreign movies in the mix because i think the definition of foreign movie is sort of disappearing. >> it's possible. we have facebook fans who they are rooting for on sunday. "captain phillips" or nebraska. like us on the facebook. don't forget to watch the globes on sunday night on nbc. why a film about a guy in love with a smartphone is one of the best films of the year? >> they have sex. it's quite beautiful. i went to my phone and i said to siri, why can't we have that kind of relationship?
12:53 pm
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12:56 pm
actually the women that i've been seeing samantha, i didn't tell you but she is nos. >> you're dating an nos. what's that like? i feel really closer. when i talk to her, i feel like she's with me. >> are you falling in love with her? >> does that make me a freak? >> no, no, i think it's -- i think anybody who falls in love is a freak. it's a crazy thing to do. it is like a form of socially acceptable insanity.
12:57 pm
>> the way you see the world is a little different. that since of seeing the world in a new way will dawn on you as you walk out of "her." you'll be looking at devices or things that we love or are attached to. you might think, what if i had samantha in my hand the whole time? could you have a relationship with siri if she seemed like a real person and had real feelings? >> are these feelings even real or are they just programming? that idea really hurts.
12:58 pm
and then i get angry at myself for even having pain. what is that trick? >> you feel real to me, samantha. >> imagine having a computer in your heart and soul. how can you be in a satisfying relationship with a computer that lacks a body? you have to see the way they consummate their relationship. he is a lost puppy dog. he's in the midst of a divorce and he's distanced from the world. there's lots of people in this film who are dating operating systems. we hear about a woman that is dating an os that isn't everyone hers. it is a love story that you've never even seen that p.
12:59 pm
not surprised at the brilliant spike jones who wrote and directed this masterpiece. it is one of the greatest of hollywood's computers with a heart. all the other computers lack the emotional intelligence of samantha. i cannot recommend "her" highly enough. it opens nationwide tonight. do not miss it. now it is time for ari melber. >> good afternoon. it is friday january 10th. the paper trail in chris christie's bridge trail just got 2,000 pages longer.
1:00 pm
>> christie is now a man on an island. >> i'm sand. i'm conflicted. i'm sad. >> no republicans came to his defense. >> put everything on the table. >> this is the exception of what's happened over the last four years. >> they are all sharpening their knives. >> i'm not a focus group tested, blow dried candidate. >> me will be lea >> he will be leaving the governor's office before his time is up. >> to be clear, there was no traffic study. >> i wouldn't know a traffic study if i tripped over it. i am who i am, but i'm not a bully. we are learning much more today about the controversy involving chris christie and the closing


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