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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 14, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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thirsty work. >> serious work, too, as hundreds of thousands rebound from having their tap water contaminated with a chemical spill and don't worry, officials say it is safe to drink now even though it still smells like blacklick ri lick require. and governor christie has kept a low profile. now there is a new federal investigation into how christie spent millions of dollars in sandy relief money. and just wait until you see and hear this. why did that guy fall through the roof of a golf pro shop? we can confirm it wasn't to buy a hat for a free bowl of soup. this is "way too early". hi, everybody. good morning, i'm thomas roberts. it's tuesday, january 14. somebody has to get the caddie
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shack reference, please? we will have a clip later in the show. let's get to it. leaders from both parties believe they have the votes to pass a new spending bill to avoid another bipartisan showdown. at least for now. last night lawmakers revealed nearly 1600 page document laying out a $1.1 trillion plan to fund the government for the 2014 fiscal year. the bill will reverse cuts to military pensions and provide the pentagon with $92 billion in more funding. head start will see its budget increase by $612 million which restores sequestration cuts. the bill also contains language preventing the irs from targeting political groups and does not provide any additional funding for obamacare. if the spending bill is passed, the postal service will continue to operate on saturdays and any legislation trying to ban incandescent light bulbs will be blocked. the house is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow before it then heads over to the senate. the water is once again flowing in west virginia. officials yesterday started to lift the tap water ban that
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affected 300,000 residents since the chemical spill on thursday. the customers must flush their own systems first. there is a color coded zone map to determine who can use the water. places in critical need such as hospitals are going first. there are growing questions about the company responsible for the leak. more than a dozen lawsuits have been filed against freedom industries and its facility was never inspected because it was considered a storage facility. meanwhile recycling officials are now leading a push to recycle as many plastic bottles of water as possible. fema has distributed at least 4 million bottles. two southwest pilots who landed their plane at an airport 7 miles away from its intended destination will be suspended with pay while the investigation into just what happened continues. southwest flight 4013 left chicago's midway airport, headed on to branson, missouri. sources say the pilot were in contact with the branson tower and cleared to land, but the pilots lined up with the runway
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at the wrong airport, instead going to a smaller air field near by with a runway half as long. >> you could feel like something was wrong, but we just thought it was maybe turbulence or at least i did. and then we hit the runway really hard and really fast we stopped. and all of a sudden, you smelled rubber really strong. like through the whole cabin. and we all looked at each other like something is not right. >> about five minutes later, the pilot came on the p.a. and says ladies and gentlemen, i'm sorry to tell you we have landed at the wrong airport. >> pretty scary stuff. so pilots had to slam on the brakes to avoid going off an embankment. sources say pilots were not using autopilot, a recent source of concern with other in-flight incidents. but it is the latest example of an apparent lack of focus in the cockpit. last november, a 747 accidentally landed at a municipal airport instead of mcconnell air force base eight miles away. chris christie is set to deliver his state of the state
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speech today amid far different circumstances than he could have expected even a week ago. two panels will investigate the september lane closures on the george washington bridge with subpoenas expect this had week for christie's top advisers. and now federal auditors are looking into the way his administration spent sandy disaster recovery funds to promote the jersey shore. >> jersey shore is open. >> word is spreading. >> because we're stronger than the storm. >> you bet we are. >> so at the center of it all, ads like these encouraging tourism and prominently featuring the governor and his family. the company that won the lucrative $25 million contract charged $2 million more than a similar bid. >> i don't think there is any question that this was an effort to promote him, but the problem is it was at the expense of money from the taxpayers that could have been used for other sandy purposes. >> no all the bad press,
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christie's brand seems to be weathering the political storm. a new pl shows 60% of american's views are unchanged. 16% say their opinion has dimmed and 6% say his stock has risen. christ christie's job approval has dipped six points in the state, the first time it has been below 60% since hurricane sandy. and while republicans still back him 89%, he shed nine points of democrats and lost 11 points with independents. authorities now believe the white house irs scandal was not the result of a law being broken. officials say fbi investigators did not find enough evidence of enemy hunt to go justify federal charges. instead the probe found certain political groups were targeted because agency management enforced rules about tax policy that they didn't fully understand. congressional investigations into the matter are expected to continue. we turn our attention now to obama care where things are not working out as planned for the white house. yesterday the obama administration released the
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latest data on the aca and as of december, 2.2 million people have enrolled through the exchanges. however, just 24% of enrollees are between the ages of 18 to 34. well below the white house's expectations 33% were between the anyones of 55 and 64. the president was relying on the so-called young invinceables to help offset the cost of covering older americans. countries across the world are criticizing a major setback for gay rights in nigeria. they outlawed people from attending any type of same sex club or association meeting. violators could face 14 years behind bars. it was signed by the president without a formal announcement. secretary of state john kerry was quick for announce his opposition to the law. he said, quote, the united states is deeply concerned by nigeria's enactment of the same-sex marriage prohibition act beyond even prohibiting same-sex marriage, this law dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association and expression for all nigerians.
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from the grand ole party for no party, the co-founder of go proud, a conservative gay republican group, says he has left the gop for good. he writes in part, i'm every bit as conservative as i've always been, but i can't bring myself to carry the republican label any longer. i just don't agree with the big government conservatives who run the party now. the other reason i'm leaving is the toll raps of bigotry in gop. current leadership lacks the courage to stand up to it. i'm not sure they ever will. a 71-year-old man is in jail accused of 14509ing another man to death in a movie theater because he was texting before the movie started. curtis reeves reportedly got in a fight with another couple. the man was texting his 3-year-old daughter while waiting for the movie to begin. the retired officer asked the man several times to stop texting. popcorn was thrown. and ultimately reeves pulled out a handgun and shot the man. the man's wife tried to stop the bullet from hitting her husband
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with her hand, but he died. the shooter is charged with second degree homicide. unbelievable. now on to business. this morning we'll get the latest look at the retail sales figures as well as earnings reports from jpmorgan and wells fargo. yesterday you'll notice the markets were down as the dow sang nek nearly 180 points. steve sedgwick is live in london. a tough day yesterday for sure. >> it was. but we have to put it in context. look at the run up we had last year with the s&p putting on the best part of 30%. yes, we have got some january jitters, but this is pre-earnings season jitters. 10 out of 11 companies that have pre-announced have all called down their numbers. this means we're being set a very low bar. so some of the companies may do what they do historically and that is beat lowered expectations. elsewhere a lot of m&a. $61 billion deal potentially in the offering, this time charter communications going back for a third time to too maime warner
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pitching that bid. time warner has said we don't want to deal, but if you really want to pursue us, $160 per share is where you need to come out. and of course both companies leaking video customers in the second and third quarter which is really hiking the need for more consolidation. >> and this is the big investment into the future. google taking a significant interest in the internet of things, purchasing ness labs, they did so all in cash. google has a few billion just lying around. >> yeah, a big deal. over $3 billion. and google is moving so far away from the heartland into hardware. last year they were buying robotic companies. they got glass wear. they have the motorola deal, as well. this time the internet of everything, turning devices in to smart devices. and nest labs is a thermostatic company which is clever. it uses humidity isnsensor, complete sensors. so something very real and exciting deal there for the guys
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at google. >> steve sedgwick, thank you, sir. still ahead, a-rod striking back. new details of his lawsuit against mlb and why the arbitrator says his decision was pretty cut and dry. and rodriguez is the topic of today's twitter question for you. we want to know if you can take gummy or injection to made and you top performer in your career, would you? tweet me your answers using #way too early. we'll put the best answers on later in the show. also in the cooler, photos that have seinfeld fans abuzz about a possible reunion project with larry david. that story and a check on weather. >> here we are. good morning to you. the very first good morning of what i hope will be a great money. we've been working on will for quite a while. glad finally to have made it into your home for the first day. we hope we can give you enough to stay with you for a long
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so we're learning a lot more about alex rodriguez's lawsuit against major league baseball and the players union. the yankees third baseman filed the suits after an arbitrator cut his suspension down to 162 games for his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. the wall street journal reports the lawsuit says the lead arbitrator was biased and the union did an in-and you had adequate job. mlb says he also interfered with the investigation. rodriguez is trying to get the entire suspension thrown out. the arbitrator says while this length of suspension may be you been precedenced for an mchl lb player, so is the misconduct he committed. he also says the evidence in the case clearly establishes he
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committed multiple violations of the drug agreement. so to college hoops. duke hosting virginia. second half, uva trailing by 11. they come all the way back with that one there. free throw tying it. duke trailing by one. about a minute later. suleman gets the three-pointer. the blue devils hang on to win 69-65. are you laughing at my french accent, jen? yeah. she was laughing at me and she didn't laugh at my caddie shack reference. got a lot of nerve. so this year's pro bowl might have an old school feel to it. dionne sanders plans to suit up. he and skrar jerry rice will be co-captains. he tweeted his plans yesterday. rice also taking to twitter saying i would beat you down
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like the old days. we can suit up, but it would be very painful for you. the game is set for january 26th in honolulu. and he has dancing feet, jerry rice. >> i watched it. >> you like that. the other nfl news. it appears denver may not be peyton manning's favorite city. listen. >> omaha. omaha. omaha. >> omaha. anyway, he barked it 44 times. omaha was a trending topic during the game and the visitors bureau tweeted a thanks to manning. omaha steaks also caught the action. so what does it mean? it might be apaudible, but could also be gibberish to throw off the defense or he like steaks. >> he just chooses anything. how did they come up with omaha? >> i don't know. but look at you, you're all buttoned up. >> the bar has been set up. i can either go down to
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barnicle's level or up to you. and i had to make the decision. >> there is a comfortable middle. >> sorry. he's here. forg forgot. he usually can't hear me from this distance, so i'm all right. >> we need to file suit against h him. this is elder abuse. >> i'll be your witness. >> guilty as charged. if you're traveling in wisconsin on the roads, be careful. you have snow coming your way. maybe even a snow day for teachers and schools. maybe in the afternoon especially, heavy snow there green bay to milwaukee. lacrosse getting it now. chicago only a little for you. a coating later this afternoon. as far as the amounts go, we're not going to be seeing anything too crazy. maybe around 3 to 6 inches in mill you because key. a little higher totals up there towards green bay. if you're on the eastern seaboard, a warm rain kind of unusual for this time of year, but temperatures are pretty mild and the rain covers many spots. pennsylvania now new york state,
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soon from areas new york city all the way down to philadelphia. had some thunderstorms earlier today in areas of central portions of florida. and maybe orlando to tampa during your morning commute. i don't expect a lot of airport trouble today. and the only really interesting thing in the next couple days, there is the potential in new england really only new england for a snowstorm as we go through the day on saturday. that will be from barnicle's house there outside of boston northwards, but we'll watch it for you on saturday. >> thanks a lot. >> he'll be quizzing you on friday flying weather for sure. coming up at the top of the hour, first polls out since the chris christie bridge scandal proper. we'll talk about how it is impacting the perception among voters. and back here, we huddle around the water cooler because this piece of video is funny enough. and the audio is a lot better. ♪
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it has been an extremely long day. i'm having trouble talking at the moment. i would appreciate it if we could wrap this thing up. >> we actually have a lot of questions. it has been a long day for a lot of people who don't have water. >> at this moment in time, i think that's all we have time for. so thanks for coming. >> we have more questions. we're not done. >> you're not done?
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>> so that was the president of the company behind the chemical leak in west virginia. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends there are three cities in the u.s. with the worst drinking water. they are pensacola, florida, riverside, california, and las vegas, nevada. so enough of the real news. we'll huddle around the water cooler here. louis is dealing with something on the floor in the hallway. i can't tell you anymore. but wait until you see this. because babies are constantly learning about the world just by observing. and for one toddler, meeting her dad's identical twin was a very confusing experience. look at this. >> see if she'll go to you. >> uh-oh. >> who in the world? >> my baby is so confused.
2:53 am
>> come on. >> say uncle ruby. >> she is so cute. double trouble will with dad and the uncle. anyway, that was sleexcellent. seinfeld fans are seeing a pretty scene in a new era. that is george outside the diner. larry david was also in the neighborhood that day. no word kret on exactly what they're working on, but rumor mill is swirling about seinfeld and david collaborating on a broadway show. our investigative team will keep you posted from broadway world.
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so one of the main criticisms of mitt romney's presidential campaign is that he cooperate loo couldn't loosen up. it looks like that may have changed. ♪ >> pretty good, right? romney took the stage to accompany an performer at a conference no young mormons. rumor has it he's in training to do the dougie. on to late night. jimmy kimmel doing research on the company taking over the obama care website. >> obama administration is trying to reverse course on the troubled website they have officially cut ties with the company that built the site. they signed a contract yesterday with a company called accenture. if their tv commercial is any indication, i think they may be the right company. they have a reputation for exactly this kind of work.
2:55 am
and i mean exactly. >> building applications for today's highly distributed network computing environments can be a challenge. it's easy to [ bleep ] things up and when things get [ bleep ] up, accenture are help you get them un[ bleep ]. we can [ bleep ] the most hopelessly [ bleep ] systems. getting you back to where should you have been before you [ bleep ] everything up in the first place. accenture. getting [ bleep ] un[ bleep ]. >> soo one of those viral videos is making the rounds this morning, this comes from a golf shop in tennessee. make sure you listen to these guys to hear what they're saying after the action. >> what the hell is going on here? >> hey, ryan. >> hey, billy. that hurt. >> don't move a muscle. >> i'm fine.
2:56 am
>> don't move. >> might have been a hole in the ceiling. >> don't move. >> maybe back to the -- >> you went too far. >> you'd think he'll be calling an ambulance. no, just want to take a picture. apparently ron is okay. a lesson to anyone doing electrical work in the ceiling. that reminded us much another well-known moment in a pro shop. >> set my friend up with clubs, bags, should you, pants. hey, orange balls. i'll have a box of those. give me a box of the naked lady tees. >> yeah. so dismayed. so still ahead, if you can take a gummy injection to make you a top performer in your career, would you? your best and most creative tweets. and why is there poop in our
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so earlier we asked you that if you could take gummy injection and make and you top performer in your career, would you. what did we get? >> rose said she wouldn't because that would be sad if i took drugs to be to be the bess sitter and phone yeller ever. brian says it would be worth the money and attention and worth the year not playing if caught. >> i inject my yogurt with something but i'm not telling. not this early. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ so the mayor stopped by in staten island this afternoon. he cut his pizza with a knife and a fork. >> mother [ bleep ]er! supposed to be champion of the middle class. two weeks in your term and we


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