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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 17, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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investigation. we expected we might hear today who exactly got those subpoenas but it now looks like it's going to break either overnight tonight or early tomorrow. in terms of when we find out the names. and then what? . . . good friday morning. on first look, swirling subpoenas. the legal onslaught is unleashed on new jersey governor chris christie's minions with 20 subpoenas going out. extreme drought. 63% of california facing weather conditions of historic proportions. the dangerous situation in the west is getting worse. the new nsa. get ready for president obama's new and improved surveillance strategy. duck down. the audience, please, from the duck dynasty mere. google's invention of a smart coop tact lens. we may have the perfect
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sniper rifle. thanks for joining us the next chapter in the new jersey bridge gate saga is here. nearly 20 subpoenas going out this morning. among those targeted is his former campaign manager and current spokesman and chief of staff, and deputy chief of staff, brid yesterday an kelly. >> i was born here. i was raised here. i'm raising my family here. this is where i intend to spend the rest of my life. whatever test they put in front of me, i will meet those tests because i'm doing it on your
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behalf. later today, president obama will unveil plans to overhaul the nsa and roll back soom controversial practices revealed by edward snowden, it is expected to be a delicate balance to protect the nation and your privacy at the same time. tracie potts is live. what can we expect to hear? >> the white house says he is going to focus on security, number one. what the president says at the justice department tood coup kick off a long process here on capitol hill changing the way the nsa does business. spying on phone calls, e-mails, texts, today, president obama lays out what he thinks the government should and should not do. the national security agency argues monitoring helps them track down terrorists. >> we can and should take steps to make the activities we engage in in order to help keep america
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and americans safe. >> critics say americans should know more. >> we could have been more candid with the american people up front. >> the nsa has been collecting nearly 200 million text messages a day. that plus phone records and allegations of spying on world leaders, all leaked by former nsa contractor, edward snowden. >> we are dealing with an agency that didn't have adequate enough safeguards to keep a sub krat tore from stealing millions and millions and millions of files. >> the president is expected to back the spying programs but call for more transparency and oversight. perhaps a public advocate on the secret foreign intelligence court. he makes privacy protections to foreigners and limits spying on world leaders. congress would likely have to deal with what information the nsa can collect and keep. now, the public has actually been pretty split on this issue. we'll see what the president has
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to say later today. now, to that growing and out of control wild fire near los angeles. flames are burning miles from the famed hollywood sign. three men are in custody from starting that blaze. we begin with miguel almaguer in the fire zeen. >> reporter: explosive and out of control, the so-called colby fire, sweeping down toward tender-dry canyons towards neighborhoods with $1 million homes. with fire hopscotching through neighborhoods, palm trees turn to timbers, ash rained across the region, closing schools and clogging freeways. the terrain couldn't be more difficult for firefighters to battle. the san gabriel mountains, which is feeding this blaze, literally drops into the backyard of hundreds of homes. firefighters were ready. strike teams were in position before the blaze, because
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conditions were ripe for fire. >> reporter: this is mike taibbi in los angeles. it is the driest and deepest drought on record in much of the western southwest and getting worse fast. in just past week, one estimate of extreme drought more than doubled from 27% to 63% of the entire state. the reason, the high pressure ridge beneath the jetstream that has seemed unmoveable. >> the jetstream is so far to the north taking the storms up and over that ridge. so that's why we are not getting the much-needed rain and snow that we so desperately need in california. among the consequences, reservoirs that feed tense of millions and water the farmland that feeds much of the nation at record low levels. scientists measuring the crucial snow pack. >> we got six. >> our specialty word as they trudge over bare ground that's usually blanketed about i now. less snow melt means some species of salmon can't get to their spawning grounds and have
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this bear crossing a ski slope instead of hibernating. the biggest threats are public safety and to the agricultural based economy. some water-use restrictions are being rolled out. last week, catholic bishops asked their parishioners to pray for rain. those prayers, so far, unanswered. >> our thanks to miguel almaguer and mike taibbi for those reports united flight 89 was forced to return to new jersey airport after it encountered severe turbulence, happening 45 minutes into the flight to beijing. the pilot just told flight attendants it was safe to get up when they suddenly hit air space so rough it tossed some around in the cabin. all 189 passengers are said to be okay. let's get the latest in sports now from brian shactman.
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look who is joining us today. back earlier than earlier. i want to start with tennis. serena williams making some history. the five-time champ nailed her 61st match win. with that, she has won more matches matches at the australian open than any other woman. she dominated daniela branticova. how hot is it? hot enough to fry an egg. this was taken by jo-wilfried tsonga. he wrote, i could please order some bacon with those eggs. tsonga is a great player. afc and nfc championship.
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tom brady and peyton manning battling it out for the afc title and the seahawks taking. when asked which player do you respect the most? >> adrian peterson and tom brady. >> your favorite? >> i will admit the man crush. it is pretty big in my house. in major league baseball, the owners and players agreed to an expanded replay system. i am a little old school. >> i kind of like it. it may solve a lot of problems. >> you are in the majority there. each game, they will have access to baseball headquarters where umpires will issue their final decisions. it will go into effect this season. cc sabathia and mark teixeira reenacting a scene from the oscar nominated film august
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osage county. >> there are a lot of losers out there. don't think i know that but just because you got a bad one last time -- >> barry wasn't a loser. >> barry was an --. >> right there. >> which one do you think is julia roberts? >> i don't know. it was just so bad all the way around. >> it was cringe-worthy. i think it was teixeira. now, for a look at the weekend weather with bill karins. how do you follow that, bill? >> i don't know. not with a wig and a dress. that's over the weekend i do that stuff, not here at work good morning, everyone. here is wa we are dealing with. the western drought is going to get all the attention until it rains. it will have to rain a lot to make up for it.
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63%, extreme. 90% severe. that's not just california. a lot of the west has drought. even areas from medford, oregon, to portland and down through nevada has gotten much worse. a record high for the month of january tied once again. three days in a row in straenan francisco. the ten-day rainfall does hint at a little bit of moisture for northern california. not much. no big storms are on the way. we need some big ones. get ready to hear polar vortex over 1,000 times over the next week or two as we track the cold air in the white. it looks like as we go through the week after that, towards next weekend, a big chunk of cold air comes our way. this looks to last a lot longer than the last one. >> i think those are my least favorite words right now, polar vortex. >> sg moving on, oklahoma senator, tom coburn, will not serve the rest of his term. plus, the uproar over a death
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time for your first look at business with cnbc's courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, betty. google is testing a smort contact lens for diabetics. they can read a tear's glucose level every second eliminating the need to brick your finger and test drops of blood several times a day. coming soon, chocolate bars to 3-d printing. to develop ways to use the technology to create edible foods. they recently unveiled two printers for sugar and chocolate products. sounds weird. now, to some other stories making news. a condemned ohio man took nearly 25 minutes to die from the time a new and untested two-drug cocktail was administered to the time of death. they describe dennis mcguire, convicted of raping and stabbing
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a pregnant woman to death. he was making noises and gasping for air. controversy over homophobic and "duck dynasty" remarks, the premere was down 25%. a smart rifle built by a texas company says they can make a sharpshooter out of anything. users tag the target and a computer takes over by working out range, wind and other weather conditions. the weapons cost $27,000 and can be controlled by an ipad app. construction has officially started on a 175-foot ferris wheel that will give tourists a bird's eye view of our nation's capital. the capital wheel will be finished by may and offer incredible views offer the white house, the washington monument and other d.c. attractions former first lady, barbara bush, has some candid advice for son, jeb. when he have those details on scrambled politics next.
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your "first look" at your friday morning of scrambled politics. nbc confirms tom coburn will leave the senate at the end of this congressional term. in a statement, the 65-year-old republican says deepening health problems are to blame. he has been battling a serious recurrence of cancer since last year e was first elected in 2004 and one of the most reliably conservative members. other senate news, this from virginia where the state is in
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play. former rnc chairman, ed guillespie out with this video announcing his campaign. it would be a promotion for one of his jobs when he worked at a parking attendant at the senate during college. a stint in the hospital earlier this year hasn't slowed down former first lady, barbara bush. she has some ideas of her own for 2016 and some candid advice to her son, jeb. >> i think this is a great american country, a great country. if we can't find more than two or three families to run for high office, that's silly. although, no question in my mind that jeb is the best qualified person to run for president but i hope he won't. i think he will get all my enemies, all his brothers and there are other families. >> a clarification for her.
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a major about-face. the state tax commission saying legally married same-sex couples can file joint state income tax returns. some 1300 couples married whether it was allowed between december 20th and january 6th. a whopping 36% say their viewed on gay rights have changed over time. pot smokers, listen up, you have a friend in senator harry reid. he says he supports legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes. voters already approved a constitutional amendment back on the issue in 2000. that is your morning dish on scrambled politics. happy friday, kevin. >> happy friday, betty. thank you for having me. chris christie is going to have so good of a friday. 20 subpoenas in the bridge scandal playing the governor.
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it is hitting hard at his inner circle. a former christie appoint tee, david wildstein, he says he is willing to talk for immunity. will it come down to that? >> it could. 20 subpoenas being issued to top christie staffers, including some of his gubernatorial re-election campaign staffers. the head investigator says he is not going to be getting documents at this time from the governor himself but everything surrounding him, he is going to be subpoenaed. the folks surrounding him are going to be subpoenaed. so what is going to come of this in the next two weeks is going to be remarkable to see if there are other perhaps new details that are emerging for this scandal that the governor can't seem to put behind him. >> does it sound to you like he is backing off any hints of a presidential run. >> no, but he made a comment to reporters the other day and
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said, hey, all these cameras that are here, i would like it if you to visit some of the new jersey businesses while you are here. i think that he was just in -- he is headed talking in florida with donors, megadonors that would be huge for him in 2016. he has been regularly in contact with them, not necessarily asking for money but trying to put out fires. it is anyone's guess whether he has been successful to do that. this investigation continues. >> let's move to president obama announcing sweeping changes at the nsa. is this admission that previous spying tactics simply went too far. >> great question. we are going to have to wait and see. he put together an internal vee view of his policies. today, he is going to announce wa he is going to do and act on that review. this big government, big brother type of opposition that he has been getting from particularly not only libertarians but some of the far left in his own party is going to be interesting to see what exactly he implements
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and if he is able to ease concerns on this nsa front. >> it is pretty much a balance, a tight rope that he is walking between security and really protecting our privacy. >> exactly. i think he could even leave some of the tough decisions to congress and force them maybe to have to work together and pass some reform legislation, which, you know, these days, it is tough to get anything through congress. we'll have to wait and see. >> all right. kevin. thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> thanks, betty. you too. coming up, bill and brian shactman will be here for "first buzz" including the tradition of husband tossing. that's next. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that?
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how about a little regis just before you are going before russia. >> dave, i am having a series of lunches at the russian tea room here in new york city to try to get up for the game to get ready for the trip to see vladimir putin and td russian mountains down at ground level. this is an unbelievable place over there. >> he practiced. >> he was spot on with that. >> do you think he did that spot on? do you think he knew it was coming? >> it was perfect. clothes your eyclose your eyes that's regis first off, have you ever wanted to throw your husband off a cliff? you get a chance to do that in japan. >> brian and i have. i have been thrown under the bus but never over the cliff. >> this happened every january 15th u can go there and be hoisted off a cliff. they are hurled six feet into
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snow. that's a soft landing. >> harmless. i'll take that. >> i'll take a sled. >> i'll take that compared to what else we get. speaking of men, we have lost a really good one, the professor. gilligan's island for me, i used to watch reruns. the professor, russell john sork sorjohnson passed away. before he went on gill i began's island, he was in westerns, a world war ii vet, a purple heart. people wanted to know why he didn't go after ginger and marianne. >> he was focused on fixing the radio. >> he can make a ham radio out of a coconut but can't patch a boat. the nfl did a poll of 320 players for who the most admired is in the nfl. the winner was the person who is gog win this weekend, peyton manning. peyton manning is the most.
2:29 am
in a separate poll, this he had another poll, who is the most disliked and hated. it happens to be the guy that's going to lose, tom brady. >> if i were to tackle you right now -- >> brady tied with adrian peterson as the most respected one. stay tune. "way too early" starts now. i am a huge fan of the heroes that work at the nsa. they have kept america safe. in a recent study by the nonpartisan new america foundation backs me up. >> a new analysis of 225 individuals linked to al qaeda and charged with terrorism since september 11th says nsa bulk surveillance programs, quote, had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism. see, i don't understand what people like edward snowden is so mad about. is violating everybody's privacy really that bad if it wasn't
2:30 am
even work. >> they say he who has the da ta wins. trust is, the nsa is winning big team. new details showing it collects 200 million text messages a day around the world. today, president obama reveals sweeping, snooping changes to surveillance. will it be enough to appease privacy advocates parts of southern california remain ablaze in the colby fire. is mother nature leaning a hand in graining cole control? baby behavior controlled as we learn more about crafty kids and their fake cry for attention. even the most possessed crying baby just needs a little love. this is way too early. you want to know how i found that devil baby, i know you do. we will explain to you, because i am the ultimate babysitter. hi, everybody.


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