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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 17, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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even work. >> they say he who has the da ta wins. trust is, the nsa is winning big team. new details showing it collects 200 million text messages a day around the world. today, president obama reveals sweeping, snooping changes to surveillance. will it be enough to appease privacy advocates parts of southern california remain ablaze in the colby fire. is mother nature leaning a hand in graining cole control? baby behavior controlled as we learn more about crafty kids and their fake cry for attention. even the most possessed crying baby just needs a little love. this is way too early. you want to know how i found that devil baby, i know you do. we will explain to you, because i am the ultimate babysitter. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts.
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great to have you with us, friday, january 17th. we start off with president barack obama said to deliver a landmark speech on the future of how the country collects mass data on americans and people across the world but in spite of 46 recommendations for sweeping reforms, there is little expectation of wholesale change. the president is expected to call for eye privacy advocate to order before the fisa court and for greater protection for people living outside the united states but he is likely to keep some of the procedures, not sitting well with those arguing reforms. >> the final thing that is striking me, we are very protective of all this information. balogne, they weren't protective enough they could stop a subcontractor, mr. snowden, from stealing millions of their biggest secrets. >> snowden's leaks have come at a political cost for the
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president, specially with younger americans. a november poll shows that half of all americans disapprove of the way he has handle nsa surveillance. 68% say the way they collect internet and phone data is intrusive. ahead of the speech, there are new revelations of know den's millions of pages of documents, they have collected almost 200 million teblths a day from around the world as part of a program called dish fire. they have used the data to access travel plans for knows thot suspected of crimes. u.k. officials, reportedly, often use the database. vice president biden is renewing a push to draw down nearly all u.s. traps in afghanistan. they would leave a residual force for smaller than any military leaders would want. the u.s. relationship with
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afghan president, hamid karzai, is deteriorating. the vice president is advocating just leaving 2000-3,000 troops. some want triple of that there. new stats from the v.a. are jaw-dropping. some 40,000 vets are said to be homeless. that reflects an increase of 20 thune men and women in just one year alope. the latest wave of subpoenas is out in new jersey trying to get to the bottom of the george washington bridge scandal, a source telling nbc news among those subpoenaed, governor christie's re-election campaign organization. the governor has hired an attorney to handle the inquiries. he is a former federal prosecutor and an associate of rudy julie a rudy giuliani. the event was scrubbed last week. the governor closed his speech with a nod to the growing head winds in trenton.
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>> i want to assure the people of new jersey of one thing. i was born here. i was raised here. i'm raising my family here. this is where i intend to spend the rest of my life. whatever tests they put in front of me, i will meet those tests, because i'm doing it on your behalf. thank you all very much. if jeb bush has any presidential ambitions, he better not plan to use his mom as a spokesperson. take a look. >> if we can't find more than two or three families to run for high office, that's silly. there are great governors and great eligible people to run. there are a lot of ways to serve and being president is not the only one. i would hope that someone else would run. although, there is no question in my mind that jeb is the best qualified person to run for president but i hope he won't.
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>> this interview was part of c-span's first lady series. it brings us to our twitter question for you. if not the bushes or the clintons, who should be the next political family dynasty? tweet us your best answers using the hashtag way too early. senator tom coburn announcing he will rekir when this session of congress ends, two years before his term expires. the oklahoma republican who is battling prostate cancer says his decision to step down has nothing to do with that. he pledged to serve only two terms. he writes, as a citizen, i'm now convinced that i believing best serve my own children and grandchildren by shifting my focus elsewhere. in the meantime, i look forward to finishing this year strong. i intend to continue my fight for oklahoma and i will do everything in my tower to force the consensus as we face challenges ahead.
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republican congressman, buck mccain calling it quits. he partially blamed frustration with the tea party. the chairman of the house arms services committee became emotional as he paid tribute to the men and women serving our country. >> patricia and i will always be among the thousands that pray for the safe return with of those in uniform around the world fighting for our freedoms. >> the 11th term congressman is the tenth house republican to announce his retirement. >> a spending bill now goes to president obama after senators voted 72-26 to approve the more
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than $1 trillion deal. it funds every bill until september. 17 republicans supported this legislation. ted cruz unsuccessfully tried pushing an amendment to eliminate funding care for obama. he accused senators of looking the other way about the feteffe of the health care law. we move on to the raging wild fire where firefighters appear to be gaining the upper hand. nearly 4,000 residents were forced to evacuate from what's being called the colby fire. overnight, some residents were allowed to return to their homes. the wild fire has destroyed at least five homes and caused a lot of panic. >> you get out of bed with your pajamas on and all hell is breaking loose around you. >> smoke was so thick that you couldn't see where to go out of really. you knew where your house was
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but it was so thick, i couldn't see which way the street was. >> you can see that behind them, that heavy smoke. more than a dozen other buildings have been damaged, including a historic mansion built by the members of the singer sewing machine company family. a guest house and garage on the property both went up in flames. officials say that water-dropping helicopters would be ready throughout the night if help was needed in that capacity. three campers suspected of accidentally sparking the fire have now been arrested. the family of an ohio man executed yesterday plans a lawsuit over the way he died. dennis mcguire's execution lasted nearly 25 minutes. the process used this combination of a painkiller and a sedative that was never used before. a journalist serving as a witness says he gasped loudly for 13 minutes prior to his death. he was convicted of the 1989 murder of a pregnant woman. we move on to business now
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where stocks close mostly lower on thursday. the s&p 500 slipping from its record as best buy fell sharply and wall street considered results from goldman sachs and citigroup, geoff cutmore live in london with other headlines. this is decent news about foreclosures, geoff. >> they say the shadow from the foreclosure crisis is shrinking and for 2013, we have the best foreclosure numbers in the last six years, i.e. significantly lower. the worst year for foreclosures was 2010. the latest numbers are 53% decline. so, clearly, we're moving in the right direction in terms of household income and people not losing their homes here. probably just worth pointing out that there are still some high numbers when it comes to
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florida, nevada and illinois. i want to move on here, because we have a fascinating story in the meat market area. beef prices effectively have been going up as everybody, i think, knows. your steak is getting more expensive. they are expected to peak here in 2014. that's the view. we have have had three years of drought, which means that the supply of beef has been very low in the united states, almost a 20-year low in terms of the cattle available. also, some movement on trade fields should help that, thomas. >> let's talk about how pro sports is being attracted to the bitcoin. >> the sacramento kings, the basketball team whose owner has said, we will accept bitcoin as a currency in exchange for our products. i don't know if this is going to catch on. he is a rather forward-looking gentleman anyway, who believes in i.t. and technology as a way
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of improve williing his looichi. he has told his coaches they can wear google glasses on the sidelines to improve their reading of the game. still ahead on "way too early." major changes to the mlb's season. it is not good for those that think the game is already too slow he is one of the most respected actors in hollywood but that doesn't mean he doesn't want some love from the academy. why he believes he got snubbed from this year's election. that and more when "way too early" comes right back. the quake was severe at 6.6 on the richter scale. the damage, extensive. water supply threatened, highways cut, a half dozen communities in flames. the death toll has been going up all day long. your eyes really are unique.
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time for sports. alex rodriguez spoke publicly for the first time since he was suspend for the entire 2014 season. he was in cancun mexico taking a tour of a children's rehab center and later, he had this to say of his suspension. the league could have done me a favor. i played for 20 years without a time-out. i think 2014 will be a year to rest mentally and physically and prepare myself for the future and begin a new chapter of my life. people in his camp say he will attend sbring training with the team. the owners have unanimously approved the use of replays. we now have the details. they are going to take effect next season. managers can use one challenge per game, two if their first challenge is unheld. ir pirs will be able to inish yaf video reviews from plays from the seventh inning on.
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calls at first base, home plate and plays on the base pads will be reviewable. tony la russa believes up to all plays will be reviewable, including fan interference, forbesed plays, tag plays and hits by pitch. two exciting matchups, between two hall of fame quarterbacks, tom brauddy and the patriots head to denver to take on peyton manning and the broncos in the nf there. the red hot 49ers head to seattle. the seahawks have only lost one time this season. a quick replay from hockey. this might be the save of the year, take a peak. take another look at this replay. the puck takes a really odd bounce there. the goalie gets back. >> love saving it. >> the predators would beat the flyers in o.t.
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>> let's get a check on the weather with bill binobos karins. >> i like that. not really. did you see what happened in the northern plains yesterday? i was mentioning about ta ground blizzard stuff. this is what it looked like. that's what north dakota is like in the wintertime. fargo was just announcing that they were the drunkest city in the u.s. that was actually a magazine poll too. >> really. a thousand sailors up there. we are at minus 17, windchills in sioux falls. a lot of the highways were closed wheth closed when we had that ground blizzard. chicago, 1, st. louis, 1. snow across kentucky. a little coating in the louisville area, possibly cincinnati. give yourself a little extra time. probably the roads are slippery. florida, i know you are complaining about the cold. the coldest morning of the winter for you.
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the rest of us wouldn't complain at this. you do. 35 in orlando, 46 in miami. a cold morning for florida standards. it won't last long. a little bit warmer over the weekend. as far as the forecast goes this weekend, the coldest air today is going to be over minneapolis, chicago. that begins to slide east a little bit. temperatures will be dropping in new england on saturday. a little bit of snow to rain mixture possibly in new york city and boston. i think northern new england could get a couple of inches of snow this weekend. the ski resorts are really warm. they have been complaining. the new england reports will be colder and much better skiing this weekend. coming up at the top of the hour on ""morning joe"" we are looking ahead to president obama's speech on the nsa. former c.i.a. director, retired general charles hayden will join that discussion. babies cry for a variety of a reason. they may be much more manipulative than you might suspect. one might say they are even a little bit devilish.
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we talk ds about new reports that nsa has collected text messages worldwide.
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23 billion are sent dalily and 8.6 each year. let's move to the water cooler and a lot of talk about the oscars. some people call them surprises and some call them snubs. >> a lot of snubs. there is almost as much talk about who didn't get an oscar nomination compared to who did. three of the big snubs were oprah winfrey for "the butler," tom hanks and robert redford in "all is not lost." he reacted yesterday. >> we suffered from little to no distribution. so as a result, our distributors either -- i don't know why. they didn't want to spend the money, they were afraid or they just were incapable. we had no campaign to help us cross over into the mainstream. >> he seems pretty cool, calm and collected about it. one of the biggest surprises was
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that jonah hill's second oscar nomination for "the wolf of wall street," one more than redford has received in his entire career. speaking of "the wolf of wall street" jimmy kimmel has been watching the marketing campaign that has helped get the movie multiple nominations one of the pictures that was nominated, "the wolf of wall street." they are not apologizing for the profanity but embracing it. >> now, it is nominated for five academy awards, including best -- picture, best -- director, martin scorsese, best a actor, leonardo dicaprio. >> i absolutely love it. it is one of the most popular
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shows on cable television. a controversy may have taken some quack out of "the duck dynasty." >> they are the worst, like a terrible technological snowball coming down the mountain. you can't stop it. >> i am not into wasting time listening to tom and jerry talk about who they think are going to win the super bowl. >> first, one person responds and then someone tries to be funny and then we get off the subject. >> it will be midnight and they are still talking about it. >> what was the original conversation? no one knows, no one cares. stop having a conversation on my phone. >> now, 8.5 million people tune in to season five premier on wednesday night. that's pretty huge. nearly 12 million watch have had the season 4 premere. that's about a 3.5 million person decrease. the reality show program began back in december when the
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patriarch made some controversial remarks. the network initially suspended him but reversed that decision. >> whitney houston said it best, quack is whack. >> i agree with you. to another family of reality stars, kate gosselin brought her teenage daughter to the "today" show yesterday to finally tell their story in their own words. >> we have not seen you or gotten to talk to you in a long, long time. you want to let the world know you are doing okay. what would you want to say about how you and your sister and your family are doing? >> mattie, your words. it's your chance. spit it out. >> it's a hard question. >> what about you, karen? >> so this is their chance to talk. this is the most wordless i have heard them all morning. i don't want to speak for them
2:56 am
but mattie, go ahead. sort of the things that you said in the magazine that years later, they are good, they are fine. go for it, matt. it is your chance. >> no. you just said it. >> oh, i said it. >> do you think people have the wrong impression of you guys, kara? >> kara? my gosh. >> it is tough to bring something, emotion like that and put it on television. >> i don't really like to see that. >> have you seen the movie "pitch perfect". >> for those that have that was aka awkward. >> it was awkward. now, let's head all the way over to japan where researchers say babies as young as seven months old use fake crying to get attention. the news sounds pretty man incompetent pew pew lat tiff. they say it is useful to contribute to the development. they did not examine the devil baby but i assume his habit of scaring the crap out of people
2:57 am
helps in emotional development. i am not sure if it is the baby's emotional development or the people he is scaring. >> are you considering adoption? that's an awfully cute picture. >> if anybody needs any help, you call uncle t-bone and i well help you with that. >> what did the baby taste like? >> sticky and sweet. >> i avoided the is not. i said, i'm going to lick that thing. >> still ahead on "way too early," who should be the next political family dynasty? your best and most creative tweets. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia
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welcome back. we asked you for suggestions on fresh dynamic families. steve said the osmonds. then timothy thought the jeffersons would be pretty good. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i am a


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