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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 20, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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because he wants me to give back to one private developer. >> we respond to innocent victims of national disasters not as republicans or democrats, but as fellow americans. >> the mayor said i know it's not right, but they are. if you tell anyone, i'll deny it. >> and i deny those allegations. >> it's over. shut up. >> politics ain't bean bag. everybody in the country who engages in politics knows that. >> this is an orchestrated democratic organizational effort to hurt governor christie. >> guys, we don't work that way. >> forget about it. >> i'm sure, absolutely sure, all of the facts will come out.
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good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. kind of a busy weekend, wasn't it? let's see now. we have a serious allegation. we have a serious denial. though a wholehearted denial. we have a liar in the house. the plot thickens, i guess you could say. while chris christie was fund raising in the great state of florida, another situation was brewing back in jersey, if you know what i mean. this one could make bridgegate look like a real walk in the park, folks. hoboken new jersey mayor dawn zimmer is the person at question this hour. is she really telling the truth? she's claiming the governor used hurricane sandy relief funds as
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leverage for a private development project. hoboken, new jersey, was devastated by super storm sandy. 80% of the town was flooded. i've seen floods in the upper midwest. when they come, they take everything. hoboken covers just over one square mile of land, but it's more densely populated than new york city. now over a year later, the city of hoboken still hasn't fully recovered from the storm. here's what dawn zimmer said about a meeting she had with the lieutenant governor. >> the lieutenant governor came to hoboken and said, i know it's not right, but go with it.
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if you tell anyone, i'll deny it. it's not fair for the governor to hold sandy funds hostage for the city of hoboken because he wants me to give back to run private developer. i know it's complicated for the public to understand this. but i have a legal obligation to follow the law. we have to look very carefully at these things. the rockefeller group, they own four acres. there's another property owner that owns nine acres. i cannot give one windfall to one property owner because the governor wants me to. >> i call it a direct hit. earlier today the lieutenant governor came out and said zimmer's claims totally false.
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>> mayor zimmer's version of our conversation in may of 2013 is not only false, but it is illogical and does not withstand scrutiny when all of the facts are examined. >> illogical, interesting word there. she wouldn't take any questions from the media. christie's office said hoboken had received $70 million in sandy aid. zimmer claims this $70 million was mostly from flood insurance purchased by residents. >> the 70 million that the governor is taking credit for, the majority of that is from the flood insurance program that residents and businesses have paid themselves. they're paying premiums and they're getting those flood insurance programs. that has nothing to do with the $70 million. we applied for over $100 million and we got just a little over
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$300,000. those numbers stand. >> money should be very easy to follow. we have some discrepancies here as far as who is telling the truth. should be an easy thing to do. just an accounting practice. zimmer says they have only received $342,000 from christie instead of the $100 million that she requested. christie attacks the network. rather nixonian to attack the messenger. that's their first line of defense? critics say it is odd that mayor zimmer waited eight months to come out and tell her story. she addressed this issue yesterday. >> i had to, you know, basically almost set aside what she said
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to me because it is unbelievable, but it's true. it's true. i'm coming forward. i didn't feel that we were going to be able to get the funding. i was concerned that people weren't going to believe me. it's stunning. it's outrageous, but it's true and i standby my word. i'm willing to testify under oath. >> that's a pretty good one right there, don't you think, folks? we're all going to make a personal judgment right now. i happen to think the mayor of hoboken is telling the truth. there's been a culture of intimidation from christie's office and anyone would have a certain level of hesitation when it comes to speaking out. mayor zimmer said she met with federal prosecutors on sunday. she said that she provided a full account of what happened along with her journal and other
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documents. if she made false statemented to prosecut -- statements to prosecutors, she could face criminal charges. if and when she is asked to testify under oath, the truth will come out. she will be truthful and she will tell the truth. >> this could be way bigger on the christie administration than bridgegate. now the lieutenant governor says she wholeheartedly denies what zimmer is saying. what about you governor? do you align yourself with the lieutenant governor? time for another press conference on this issue. you can clear this up right away. don't you find it interesting that dawn zimmer says she'll go under oath but no one from the
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christie administration has said the same thing. what could she gain by putting herself out there in front of federal prosecutors just to do what? politically get the governor? who is going to do that? it ain't that big a deal. why would she disrupt her life and inject herself into a legal arena, put her out there making statements to prosecutors all because she doesn't like christie? i find that really hard to believe, but again christie probably doesn't know anything. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, do you believe hoboken mayor dawn zimmer? text a for yes. text b for no. let me bring in gordon johnson
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and linda greenstein. johnson, do you believe the mayor of hoboken? >> actually, i do believe her. as stated before, she has nothing to gain and she's representing people of hoboken. when you look at the different -- what ties this thing together with the bridge? first of all you have who are represented by individuals who didn't do what they were asked to do by someone, the people they respect are punished. in ft. lee with the lane clos e closur closures. now we have this incident with the money being denied to the city of hoboken for hurricane relief. that's a similarity there. and that's a tie there.
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also you have a major redevelopment project in ft. lee and you have redevelopment going on in hoboken. another tie there. this committee i'm sitting on to investigate this, that's what i'll be looking to find out when the information comes back from these subpoenaed documents. >> senator greenstein, how serious are these allegations being made by the mayor? >> i think they're very serious if they are proved true. i'm on a committee that's starting work on wednesday. when we begin work, we're going to be very objective. we're going to look at all the facts as they come to us and investigate. i'm inclined to believe her because she has absolutely no
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motivation to come forward at this point, except what is going on right now with the bridge and other factors. i think the common thread here is the tremendous abuse of power and the fear of intimidation and retribution that people feel. >> do you have a problem with the timing? i mean, i don't know since a moratorium has been put on the country. your thoughts on that. >> i don't have a problem with her timing because i believe that she was in great fear and she thought she wouldn't be believed early on, and she continued to try to get money for her town. she's a very dedicated mayor who wanted to help her beleaguered on the, 80% of which was
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affected by this storm. what she experienced is not unique. i think we have to take it seriously. >> okay. you have a legal background. what would motivate dawn zimmer to inject herself into the legal system and jeopardize her future by making false statements? i mean, she's gone the distance on this about as far as anybody can go. >> i think there's absolutely nothing that would motivate her. there's no gift she can get that's big enough to motivate her to get involved in this and to inject herself and put herself at risk by talking to authorities and potentially lying. there's no motivation whatsoever for her to not tell the truth. >> mr. johnson, couldn't the governor shed some light on this by making another personal statement to the media? if he were to come out instead
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of hiding behind spokespeople, he would know. it would seem to me he could shed some light on this. >> i believe the governor and the governor's office should not prance around this issue. mayor zimmer made some damning allegations and willing to testify under oath. let's bring both sides in and put them under oath and collect some testimony. the truth needs to come out. and that's the bottom line. it's about the taxpayers and the residents of new jersey and the truth. >> senator greenstein, show me the money. where's the money? don't the taxpayers deserve
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absolute full accounting of ever dollar that's coming into new jersey? this is a simple accounting procedure. they ought to be able to provide that within 24 hours. >> one would think so. the governor's office put out some sort of paperwork that has numbers. but in the paper, federal and state papers are mixed. they're trying to say hoboken was given lots of money and mayor zimmer is mistaken. it is not at all clear to me she is mistaken. i see the numbers she's describing in their paper. most importantly what she thought was her town was going to be penalized. people are afraid of retribution. whether the numbers are true or not true, this is what she
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thought because of the tremendous fear that's created here. >> what do you say to those who are calling this a political witch hunt? >> the committee that's been formed is bipartisan committee first of all. we first thought this was a traffic issue. it goes to the governor's office. we have redevelopment that's supposed to occur in hoboken and ft. lee. that's a billion dollar project in ft. lee. we have mayors when they did not do as they were requested to do, their constituents were punished. and the third is the port authority, who is involved in both of these.
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>> senator, would it be appropriate to subpoena those who own the land that's in question on this potential deal and have them under oath to make sure there was no deal or any type of a wink and a nod with the governor's office for any kind of development? what about that? >> right now, we have everybody denying that they know anything, but when you put people under oath that becomes a different story. we absolutely need to bring in all of the parties involved here and listen to their stories and decide on credibility. one other thing that's very important, mayor zimmer has a c -- writing. that'll mean a lot to the u.s. attorney's office. >> okay. great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. remember to answer tonight's questions there at the bottom of the screen.
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share your thoughts with us on twitter and facebook. coming up, chris christie's superintendent suspended several public school principals. why? a goofy campaign ad from the governor of california. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more.
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issues. >> i want a gun in every gun sa safe. >> number one trender, weak tea. >> i want to make california the sexiest place on the planet to do business. >> the number two trender, on the wrong track. >> this is a fight about jobs in america. >> advocacy groups are asking congress to stop fast track and the transpacific partnership agreement. >> you want to do something about this economy growing and wage inequality, then you have to stop sending our jobs overseas. today's top trender, suspension tension. >> we've been too quiet for too long as administrators.
2:22 pm
>> five principals are punished for opposing plans to close schools. >> i'm sick and tired. >> that's right. >> people, that is the only way they will listen. here is the research professor of education from new york university joins us tonight and author of the book "reign of error." there it is. thank you for joining us tonight. i want to ask you about this situation in newark. what do you make of it? >> this is all about an effort on the state of new jersey, the superintendent who is appointed by the state, to close down
2:23 pm
public education school by school and hand them over to privately managed charters. these four principals spoke out at a public hearing and they were indefinite ly suspended. there was a fifth principal suspended on the same day. >> what did they do wrong? >> they didn't do anything wrong. they said, don't close our schools. they were not insubordinate. they disagreed with this plan. newark has not had any democratic control since 1995. they've been under state control for almost 20 years. parents there and citizens are very angry. they want to have something to say about their public schools. >> we interviewed an elementary schoolteacher on this program who governor christie had yelled
2:24 pm
at and scolded. are these more bullying tactics? what do you make of it. >> these are principals being bul bullied. they're being treated as if they were in corporate america. this is part of a plan that's been laid out saying we're going to close your school down and turn them over to privately managed charters. some of the charters don't take kids with special needs or english language learners. it happens the citizens of newark have a piece of legislation where they're saying, don't close any schools without the support of the board. they're asking the legislature to give them the power to say
2:25 pm
no. >> this sends a message to any other administrator that this is what you face. i find it amazing. here's what the president said. this is trickle down bullying plain and simple. superintendent cami anderson and chris christie are on a mission to privatize newark schools and now we know the lengths they are willing to go to achieve that goal. what's your reaction to that? >> they are absolutely right. governor christie has a plan to advance privatization.
2:26 pm
in the poor districts where the parents are mostly black, they're powerless because districts were taken over by the state years ago. they're giving pushback now. but we can fire four principals and indefinite suspension, that's a message saying you can't fight us. we have the power. the only hope that newark has and camden and patterson is this legislation now moving forward in the state legislature to say, you can't close schools down without consulting the local community. i think that's a great idea. >> if your book, "reign of error," there is a new developing situation. does this parallel what you have
2:27 pm
written? >> this is happening in philadelphia, st. louis, and chicago. this has never happened in american history that 50 public schools were closed. it's happening in minneapolis. public schools are being closed down and being replaced by privately managed charters. >> one things christie did when he came in as governor is he fired 6,000 educators. >> no one evaluated them. all of the teachers in new orleans were fired in one fell swoop. this is years and years since hurricane katrina. they're all going to get back pay after they were thrown out without any investigation. we're seeing a war on public
2:28 pm
schools and teachers. we know what makes good schools. good schools require experienced educators, the community support. the great nations of the world, they don't have charters or vouchers. they have good public school systems. and we have this big movement to hand over our public dollars to private operations. >> it is a movement. it's across the country. it's an epidemic. thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, chris christie tried to shake off scandal in the sunshine state this weekend. our rapid response panel will dissect went down. still ahead, post game analysis. richard sherman's rant unleashes a social media inferno.
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welcome back to "the ed show." our first question comes from april thompson. president barack obama's support of tpp is reverse psychology? maybe this is his way if he takes a stance for the tpp, it will motivate a lot of people to stand up and speak about it. pretty serious issue to take on to think that would be a good way to get it done, but i hope you're correct on that. what would dr. king say about the climate of union busting today? he would be totally against it. he was in memphis, tennessee, before he was assassinated fighting for the garbage workers
2:33 pm
who were in the midst of a strike. when it comes to workers rights, equal rights, women's rights, income inequality, i think dr. king would have a full plate and full schedule. rapid response panel is next. emergency officials in nebraska say people have died in a deadly explosion at a feed processing plant. russian security officials maybe looking for four black widows that may looking to target sochi.
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have a governor visit florida whose scandals burn so brightly that they outshine rick scott. they won't have a single public appearance. either chris christie doesn't want to face the press or rick scott doesn't want to be seen publicly with him. it's probably a little of both. >> welcome back to "the ed show." what does it take to make the n new jersey governor and the state of new jersey the main focus? a lot more than a political retribution scandal. this weekend governor christie took a break from the scandal back home. he headlined a series of events in florida organized to help raise money for republican governor rick scott.
2:38 pm
the trip was scheduled weeks ago before the scandal broke with the hope it could help florida's own scandal plagued governor. rick scott figured it was best to keep his distance from christie. there were no public events and no pictures of the two governors together. joining me now chairman of the democratic party and a chairman of the broward democratic party. how warm was the reception? annette, did this help governor scott, mr. christie showing up down in florida? >> he needs all the help he can get, but this didn't help. it was easier to see big foot in
2:39 pm
florida this weekend than governor scott and governor christie. he even went as far as this past week to pick a hispanic lieutenant governor. >> why won't they be pictured together, mitch? do they still stink standing together? >> well, it was interesting because governor glridlock came down to visit. a public embrace is an absolute no-no in the republican party. as you said, this was in effect a victory lap for governor christie after his elevation in the republican governor's association. instead what it ended up was
2:40 pm
between scott and christie almost as if they were in the witness protection program, you never saw them individually. you never saw them collectively. the best you could do was those cars running around. the problem for christie is after his recent reelection, this was his entree to america. not only to a key primary state, but this in effect was his introduction to america and instead in trying to control the narrative, it went haywire and it's proven to be very negative. these are two guys that have a lot in common and obviously florida, new york, new jersey, because that's both ends of the george washington bridge, and america are not any better for these two conspireing. >> does it help the democrats in florida to see these two together? >> i think it does. rick scott has always been one
2:41 pm
of the most unpopular governors in the united states getting help from a guy who is now being buried in subpoenas every day. one of the things the two have in common is the fact they have a lot in common in lawyering up. obviously governor christie has had a lot of new scandals each and every day. rick scott was the head of a company that was at the time found to have perpetrated the largest medicare fraud in the history of the united states. rick scott took the fifth amendment 77 times. >> despite the scandal, some florida republicans are continuing to rally around governor christie. one donor said, he's an amazing guy. i believe he's going to be the solution for tomorrow for us and solve all of our problems. i think that's wishful thinking.
2:42 pm
annette, what does that say about the state of the republican party? >> the republican party is in disarray and our own governor can't figure out how to get reelected. he is so desperately he picked a lieutenant governor that is hispanic because it's leading with voters. there are no jobs. he promised us 700,000 jobs and the jobs haven't showed up anywhere. it's just not working. >> the latino vote is not going to shift at all to republicans, do you think? >> absolutely not. we know that all of his policies have not worked, and i guess he's trying to see how to make him look like he actually likes hispanics and let us forget that he wanted to pass an arizona style law in florida or he took away the driver's license from the dreamers.
2:43 pm
this is a guy who has done everything possible to be anti-hispanic. now he picks up a hispanic lieutenant governor to try to pretend he likes hispanics. >> when does he become baggage? is this going to be standard operating procedure that wherever he goes to any other state to try to raise money with republicans that the sitting governor goes to the other end of the state? >> he's had very few defenders in the republican party establishment. i don't know if they're still trapped in the car on the bridge. >> he has rudy julianny. the former governor of mississippi has something to say about it. i don't see any elected
2:44 pm
republicans. was there any elected republicans down in the state of florida saying he's a standup guy? >> quite the opposite. the chairman of mitt romney's campaign came out and said this is crazy. he shouldn't come to florida and this does not help. >> i'm sorry. i was just going to say i think he's becoming a political liability everywhere. as this unravels more and more from a legal perspective, and i'm not surprised that julianny defended him, because they belong to an exclusive fraternity. they're both former u.s. attorneys. he'll travel, but it's more problematic everywhere in the nation. >> thanks for staying with us tonight. coming up, the pennsylvania
2:45 pm
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♪ and in pretenders tonight, tom corbett. he agreed to visit some of the schools he cut over a billion dollars in education funding from. well, protesters came out to confront the governor, but corbett decided to cut class. the governor was asked why she was a no-show. >> i don't run from anything. i take decisions head-on, but i was not going to be a distraction to the school day, to school students. i was not going to engage in the theatrics of what the adults wanted to do. >> tom corbett couldn't even look the children he is depriving in the eye.
2:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work, or after the game. this is the interview everyone is talking about. last night all pro defensive back for the seattle seahawks, he plays the corner, richard sherman sealed the seahawks spot in the super bowl. great play at the end of the game, no doubt. sherman was understandably fired up when fox sports' erin andrews
2:54 pm
caught up with him seconds after the play. >> final play. take me through it. >> well, i'm the best coroner the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree, that's the results you're going get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. i'll understand it for you real quick, l-o-b. >> those remarks sent richard sherman trending worldwide. a lot of the response was shockingly hateful and downright racist. people called sherman a thug, a monkey, and many used racial slurs. richard sherman is a 25-year-old stanford graduate who majored in communications. he just made the play of his life on the biggest stage of his career. sherman didn't use any profanity whatsoever. he just maybe wasn't as polite as maybe some people expected. not low volume. in a postgame, sometimes we get a lot of pablum.
2:55 pm
we got some real passion from this guy last night. man, this is the biggest play this guy ever made. i'm sitting at home watching this thing thinking no, no, no f-bomb, be cool, be good. he didn't swear. i mean, in the heat of the moment, okay, he was passionate. whether or not you think his statements were over the top, there is no excuse for folks turning into an issue of race. but, of course, the rude and vile world of twitter and the impulse people play with in the electronic media and the social media can take over. joining me now is political strategist and ardent seahawks fan, angela rye. angela, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, ed, and go hawks! >> they better go. they got a tough one now there is no question about it. what is interesting here, this guy just filled every sports talk show for the next two weeks, and he is coming on the biggest stage, going to be played in new jersey, right across from new york in the number one market in the world media wise.
2:56 pm
he is going to get a lot of attention. i just want to take this point of view with you, this angle. today we celebrate dr. martin luther king. what does this type of reaction say, where we stand as a country in regards to race when that becomes a focal point in the twitter world after the guy just made an unbelievable play, showed some emotion. anybody who has been following sports knows there has been a give and take back and forth between the wide receiver he is talking about. break this down for us, angela. >> well, i think first, we can look no further than his own words. richard sherman wrote a column today for a "sports illustrated" blog. and he talks about how he was passionate in the moment. but he also talks about the responses he saw. he says that he had over 80 text messages from family and friends congratulating him. but then he couldn't believe the racial slurs that he saw in his mentions from twitter. so to be in 2014, to be at the peak of your career and such an amazing moment, it was hurtful
2:57 pm
to him. and it was hurtful to so many of us, not just black folks, but people all over this country who know what it's like to talk trash in america's favorite pastime, ed. he had every right to be that excited, whether or not we like what he said, it's neither here nor there. he says in his blog he personally does not even like crabtree. he has an issue with him there is something that started off-season in arizona last year. oh, well, you know. he has been complimentary of the broncos. he knows they have the number one offense. this is an all-team guy. he is amazing. he was articulate. there was no reason for the slurs nor the attacks. they should have let him have his moment. >> as you said, he responded in a blog post for sprinkles today. he wrote, to those who would call me a thug or worse because i show passion on a football field, don't judge a person's character by what they do between the lines. judge a man by what he does off the field. what he does for his community, what he does for his family. what is your response to that? >> my response to that is a
2:58 pm
couple of quotes i pulled for you. it's hard to be humble when you're as great as i am. i'm not the greatest, i'm the double greatest. not only do i knock 'em out, i pick the round. if you ever dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize. and that is not from richard sherman that is from the greatest, muhammed ali. >> the nfl has put together some promotional vignettes about this athlete. i mean, he obviously has -- he is a big personality. the fans in seattle absolutely love him. he is all pro. but does this make a statement that, you know, if you go over the top and you're the wrong color in this country, you're going to get criticized? i felt -- i felt america lost a little bit last night. >> well, ed, it's also funny because just last week when he did the same thing or in similar games when he has done similar things, it's not been a problem. what you really is is a bunch of sore losers. i think we have more 49er fans
2:59 pm
than we thought. folks are saying everybody is going to be broncos fans now because the only folks that love seattle that are left are just seattleites. i can't attest to that. i'm born and raised there, and i have my seahawks blue on. but i think people understand it's trash talking. it's all in a day's work. and it's just a lot of fun. so hopefully we can get past this and he can continue to be the person he is. maybe be a little nicer. and we can just have a good super bowl game. >> well, i think that it speaks volumes that he did not, you know, use any foul language, that he presented himself as, look, respect me. i'm up against this guy that i've had a feud with. you don't talk like that. that's the way he handled it. we do know one thing. the ten-minute cooling off period in the nfl apparently isn't -- it isn't in the rule book anymore. it's just have at it after the game. angela rye, good luck to your seahawks. it's going to be interesting. i'll make a pick later on when we get closer to the game.
3:00 pm
>> thanks, ed. we'll get you a shirt. >> all right. that's ted ed. i'm ed schultz. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, a major development in the chris christie administration probes there are new allegations of political corruption involving money for hurricane sandy recovery. allegations that have escalated into a federal criminal investigation. dawn zimmer, the mayor of hoboken, new jersey, says she met yesterday for more than two hours with the u.s. attorney. this comes after she made the explosive claim that christie's lieutenant governor threatened to withhold hurricane sandy relief money unless she approved a real estate project favored by the governor. mayor zimmer


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