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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 21, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> christie is watching one of his biggest assets turn into a negative. >> his national ambitions are pretty much gone. >> even mother nature is spoiling things. >> due to weather, he has cancelled his inauguration party. >> it is only fitting that this administration with more hurricanes, snowstorms, flooding -- >> they're expected to get hit pretty hard by this storm. >> it is cold out here and getting colder. call it the no good, very bad inauguration day. the second inauguration day for chris christie was supposed to be a day for him to take the oath of office, celebrate his landslide victory, and party the night away on ellis island.
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while it may not have looked like it from the outside, inauguration day for governor christie has been a fiasco. an intimate dinner last night was cancelled due to lack of interest. embarrassing new poll numbers released yesterday showed his unfavor blt rating is double what it was last year. today his inauguration was cancelled due to weather. the biggest disaster of all is the allegations against the governor and his administration. his administration is facing a federal criminal investigation into its administration of hurricane sandy funds and then there is bridgegate or operation road hog. they announced a super committee
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to investigate the claims. things basically seem like they can't get much worse for governor christie, but against the odds, he attempted to put it all behind him today. and the man facing an endless stream of allegations, that guy once again invoked a message of bipartisanship. one of the lessons i have learned most acutely over the last four years is that new jersey can really be one state. now this election has taught us the ways we divide each other by race, by class, by ethnicity, by wealth, and political party is neither permanent or necessary. our dreams are the same. we have to be willing to play outside the red and blue boxes that the media pundits put us
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in. we can put the future of our state ahead of the partisans. god bless the great state of new jersey. >> after his speech, christie declared a state of emergency in new jersey. you could say it is not just because of the weather. joining me now from washington, is johnathan. great to see you. let's start first with the inauguration and the inaugural address. it's not been exactly a great month for chris christie. not a great weekend. not a great day. at least weatherwise. the governor talked about bipartisanship. if you listen to the substance of his speech, i thought it was actually more focused on members of his own party. he talked about the all mighty government in a rather critical way. he talked about an end to the war on drugs and he knocked the redistribution policies of other neighboring states. i thought that sounded like he was talking to the rand paul
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wing of the republican party that he needs to make sure he needs to win over if he has a future beyond the governorship. what did you make of it? >> that's right. >> we're done. no, go ahead. >> he's carving out an ideological niche. that's one of the interesting ironies of this whole affair. his personal problems have masked an ideological space he's had all along. he's a classic traditional republican on a lot of fiscal policies, especially taxes. he refused to raise taxes on the rich. he fought the democrats tooth and nail, no more high taxes on the rich no matter what. but he participated in the medicaid expansion under obamacare, which is not something he likes to talk about. he surrendered against the war
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to obamacare. what he said today about the war on drugs opens up a whole new front where there's wide open space for a republican to depart from traditional party lines and open himself up in a ways that would bring a lot of democrats along. >> it is clear we has some work ahead of him both in his own party and on the national stage. we've been gifted the latest polling. a poll asks if chris christie would make a good present? november 2013, 64% of respondents said yes. h a poll asks people whether they believe christie when he says he didn't know of involvaids invol.
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58% do not believe him. >> the aides were with him while the lanes were being closed. i don't believe him. in fact, i think he's probably guilty of lots of other stuff. go on. >> on that note, i think part of the issue here is the stream has turned into a river. there was first bridgegate. now that there have been an almost unceasing stream of allegations in the intervening days. i want to know how much you think the latest allegations by dawn zimmer count in effecting the character judgment of chris christie. the administration is now pushing back on what zimmer
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says. there are some spokspokespeople. there's a lot of debate over whether hoboken got the money it should have gotten. josh barrel has an interesting breakdown of it. there is still a discrepancy here between what one christie official is saying and what the mayor of hoboken is saying. one of these two women is not telling the truth. therein lies the scandal. >> that's absolutely right. and if you look at their strategy, i thought it was kind of interesting. when the bridgegate came out, he couldn't possible defend the actions whatsoever. they were caught dead cold having done it. all he could do was deny any involvement. when this story came out, he
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went after msnbc. this is the liberal network they can all turn against. i think he had maybe some effect in kind of bringing these tribal juices out in the republican party. >> we shall see. we don't know what we don't know. but we do know there's a lot more that we don't know, if that makes any sense at all. >> i'll have to think about it. >> thank you, my friend. >> thank you. we are following some developing news in the last hour. a federal court indicted a former virginia governor and his wife for illegally accepting gifts. the own ee eer -- the businessm engaged in quid pro quo to lend
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credibility to his company. mcdonnell was once seen as a presidential nominee. he just released a statement. i deeply regret accepting legal gifts and loans from mr. williams, all of which have been repaid with interest. i apologize for my poor judgment for which i take full responsibility. coming up, it's a date. pope francis and president obama have a meeting on the calendar. the white house announced today the president will visit the pope this march to discuss their shared agreement in inequality. first, whatever you do, do not call it a polar vortex. whatever it is, it is really cold out there. we'll have the latest on the winter blast next on "now." i need proof of insurance.
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here we go again. do not call it a polar vortex. don't call it that, but it is bitterly cold and there is a major snowstorm. right now millions of residents from the midwest to the northeast are facing a treacherous commute. this is what it looks like in philadelphia. snow has been steadily falling today and more is coming. up to ten inches in areas into philly and boston. the storm has closed schools and the federal government in washington, d.c. joining me now is ron mott. i looked out the window and it
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looks really bad. you're on the ground. what's it like and what can we expect? >> reporter: hey, there. i was just in the car and a radio station was playing "let it snow." that was amazing. listen to the horns. this is the long island expressway. the taillights are headed to new york city. it is a parking lot essentially in both directions. folks are being told to get out of their offices and head home as soon as you can. by 5:00 or 6:00 tonight, it's going to be impossible to drive out here with heavy snow expected to fall up to an inch to an inch and a half. it was coming down. we had a heavy band come through here. they're expecting anywhere from eight inches, which is a
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conservative estimate, all the way to 15 inches or so out here. it's a pretty good chance kids will have a day off from school tomorrow. a lot of the towns on long island have cancelled official activities and functions were planned for tonight because it's going to be really bad and they wanted to leave the roads for the crews to get them clear tomorrow. >> it looks cold out there. i wish you snow angels and hot cocoa. >> thanks. coming up is donald trump getting ready to throw his hat in the ring? first, should we call it in the inequality summit? president obama and the pope at the vatican at last. when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes.
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it just might result in the most epic selfie of all time. president obama will travel to meet pope francis for the first time on march 27th of this year. a meeting highly anticipated since march of last year. aside from their occasional self-portraits, they have more importantly both made it a defining mission to combat inequality. >> how can it be, he wrote, that it's not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points? >> paul ryan has praised the pope for breathing new life into the fight against poverty and the man who once proposed having poor children work as janitors,
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newt gingrich says everyone should embrace the pope's core critique. joining me now is the leader of nuns on the bus. it is so great to see you. we have talked about poverty and your ministering to the poor and working class. how powerful has the pope been on this issue? to have these two leaders come together in march has brought the issue to the world stage. how optimistic are you about moving the ball on this issue? >> while it sounds good to say, yes, i support the both, he's challenging the current structures in our society.
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the safety net is important, but it is only a temporary measure. we have got to change the way income is distributed in our society. we have to do structural change for the common good. that's a huge change. i'm not sure politicians are quite ready to embrace that part of the message. >> the 85 richest people on earth have the same amount of wealth as the bottom half of the population. we're talking about very serious structural changes. i want to know what you think about "band wagonism." there's a lot of talk about it, but there's not a lot of bite with the bark. the u.s. conference on catholic bishops, which has been aligned with some of the conservatives in the republican party, came out and said paul ryan's budget -- they rejected it and they said it failed to meet
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certain moral criteria by cutting programs that serve the poor and vulnerable. is the catholic ministry going to take a more active role, you think, in pushing the republicans to try to do something on this legislatively? >> i know we at network are very active in engaging this issue. one of the places we're trying to establish dialogue is with the business community. the reality is business will do better if everyone shares in a living wage, in the capacity to live in dignity. to have food, shelter, clothing, health care, those are the basic necessities to live in dignity. this level of inequality is eroding our society. and the pope points out accurately is creating and enhancing violence, causing war.
1:23 pm
we need to change it. it would be good for the 100% to change that reality. >> sister campbell, you are a nun, obviously. for being someone who has committed themselves to the church, were you surprised at the fervor with which the pope has taken up this issue and the way he has rejected the pomp and circumstance of trappings of being pope and has made it his work to go out and minister to the poor? >> it is such a delight. i am surprised. i am delighted. i am rejoicing that this leader who has been a pastor all his life in one way or another continues to be a pastor. i think the big difference is pope francis does not come from
1:24 pm
a vatican office. he comes from working with the people and being present with those who struggle in our society. he also comes from a colonized country, not a colonizer as in europe. i think those realities make him such a refreshing leader. it's a delight to my heart. >> sister campbell, thank you as always for your time and perspective. >> thank you. coming up, andrew cuomo warns some people that some of their less tolerant views are not welcome in new york. ♪ [ laughs ] whoo! ♪ oh! nice! great! [ laughs ] a shot like that calls for a postgame celebration. [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes.
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new york governor andrew
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cuomo has stirred up the hornet's nest. >> their problem is not me and the democrats, their problem is themselves. who are they? are these extreme conservatives who are right to life, anti-gay? is that who they are? they have no place in the state of new york. >> those comments led to a conservative pile on with some potential candidates accusing the governor of wanting to ban dissenting voices in his state. that's not what governor cuomo was saying. that didn't stop his challenger in the fall from calling the comments, quote, just the kind
1:29 pm
of intolerance that is directly opposite to what dr. martin luther king preached. candidates with those views have zero chance of getting elected. new york is controlled entirely by democrats, but it is far from the only state governed by a single party. three quarters of the country is controlled by one little party. the most worrying thing about cuomo's comments isn't that he was saying something offensive, but he might have been saying something true. joining me now is sam stein. sam, before we get to andrew cuomo and how this plays politically, i do want to start with this idea that the president came in and said we weren't red or blue america. we were just the united states of america. it seems electorally speaking,
1:30 pm
that's not true. the divisions are getting deeper. i think we are a stronger democracy when they are dissenting viewpoints and we're forced to discuss and debate our ideas. >> that's crazy. >> in terms of the trend, i would love to know what you think in the way in which we seem to be dividing up in the country. >> clearly the divided has been bridged. we have two parties that are very much at odds over a lot of issues. on many of the issues, the public is in support of certain policies, but the parties are at odds. through a variety of ways and reasons, including redistricting and polarization, certain states are becoming one party states.
1:31 pm
new york is confusing that because the modern republicans have a lot of sway in the state senate. idea logically, if you're an extreme conservative, you're not going to win in new york. if you are extremely liberal, you're not going to win in mississippi. it is creating this interesting study of what works and what doesn't. >> i would argue that we are also creating a landscape of the haves and have-nots. states where the poor have access to medicaid and health care. i'll read you an excerpt from "the new york times." in 2013, wisconsin lawmakers cut income taxes. they passed a requirement that abortions have permitted at
1:32 pm
certain hospital. in minnesota,they allowed undocumented workers to get state tuition. you have one state that is radically different when they are so close. >> take a look at medicare. now you have the poorest of the poor not getting access to medicaid because their governors decided it wasn't in their political interest to do so. again, you're creating this patchwork of different governances. you can see what works and what doesn't. i was watching governor
1:33 pm
christie's speech today. he was talking about how his economic agenda was better for jobs and growth than those of his neighboring states. unemployment in the neighboring states around new jersey was actually lower than new jersey. you can test people's governing propositions. >> the governor has been successful in forging bipartisan coalitions. he met with 50 high profile republicans at the harvard club last week. how much does this have a ripple effect, do you think, among moderate republicans? >> i think this is like one of those two, three day stories that eventually evaporates. he said he was stating exactly
1:34 pm
what you said at the top of the broadcast. in new york, the average republican is not your super conservative tea party republican. it is more of a business-minded republican, at least closer to manhattan. and those people probably would agree with some of the sentiment with respect to issues like gay marriage where the same-sex marriage campaign in new york was propped up heavily by republicans who thought it was civil rights issue. i don't think this hurts him in the long run. it was an ill stated remark on his behalf. as far as scandals can go, people can sleep easy on this one. >> sam stein, thank you. after the break from snl to the lonely island, andy samberg
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>> do you need a math tutor? the department will provide one for you. >> "brooklyn 99" won two awards, including a best actor statuette for andy samberg himself. it is an honor and a pleasure and a true delight to have you on this show. >> thank you for calling me an actor. you can call me an actress. >> we'll stay with actor and golden globe award-winner. >> budding diva. >> budding, i mean -- congratulations on the win. >> thanks. >> i was watching the ceremony. even i was surprised and i felt a sort of surge of adrenaline. you seemed genuinely surprised that you guys had won. >> yes.
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i thought never in a million years would i ever win over anyone else in that category. that was a stacked category. >> it was. >> michael j. fox. >> it was a formidable category. >> yeah and our show hasn't everyone aired a full season. >> let's talk about the show. it is a situational comedy about a police presinct. i was thinking back and could only come up with "night court." tell us about the process that came along with developing this sitcom. >> it was created by mike
1:41 pm
schurr. they basically decided, you know, what if we did something in a detective presinct that was along the lines of "parks and rec" and a nod to "barney miller" a little bit? that was the pitch they sold. it was very loose at first. they asked me if i wanted to come on board and star. and i said yes. the first question i had was do you think normal humans would ever believe i was a detective? they said probably not, but we think you're funny. >> probably what happens there is closer to what you guys do
1:42 pm
than homicide, for example. >> yeah. >> there is workplace humor in some respects in the world of law enforcement because the job is so intense that i'm sure there's a lot of levity. did you go into any police departments to see what the dynamics were like? >> they did and we did some basic training. we have former detectives to consult on the show. we'll ask them is this too crazy or being disrespectful to law enforcement? they're saying you're not doing nearly enough. they have told stories about when did they have time to solve crimes. >> good to know. good to know as a brooklyn resident. >> yeah. >> i want to talk about the deal you guys just inked for "lonely island." which samberg do they like
1:43 pm
better? the post "snl" or the "lonely island" producer. you just inked a deal with fox. >> we're calling it a mini studio. fox is giving the "lonely island" our own tiny little wing of the network to make shows and shoot little short form things or shoot full pilots, test episodes of new shows. so we're kind of right in the beginning of it now, but we're talking to a bunch of people we think are talented and getting ready to meet with a lot of people and hear ideas. it's a different hat. >> you're not going to take any pitches for like, i just had sex 2. congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. >> the personal success, the professional success.
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>> it's a dream life. how did this happen? >> it is a dream life right now for me. it is awesome to have you on the show. thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, what do donald trump and senator david vitter have in common? not barbers. we'll look at their big announcements today just ahead. here's look at how the market stands going into tomorrow. the dow lost 44 points. the s&p and nasdaq were both positive. nasdaq up over 28 points. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff,
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this is david vitter. after much thought and prayer with my family, i've decided to run for governor of louisiana in 2015. >> yes. famous for being a distinguished client of a d.c. madame is likely to be the next governor of louisiana. note to chris christie, who says scandals wreck careers? the birther, the donald, says he is certainly considering a run for president in 2016 and was in new hampshire making the case as only the donald can as to why he would make a great 45th president. >> i love new hampshire. i love the people of new hampshire. i love the tea party. i heard you set your record. that's an honor. a couple of years ago, i was not
1:49 pm
campaigning because i wasn't going to run. i decided i wasn't going. i backed mitt romney. i felt strongly about mitt romney. i thought he would do really good and things were going really well for him and the last month or so it wasn't too pretty what happened. i don't know what happened. we're in our 14th season. in some seasons, we did four. the show goes on and becomes the number one show. everybody is going crazy. i'm on the cover of tv guide. i'm a very big second amendment person, by the way. i need zone changes. when you need zone changes, you're political. i always get a call from the prime minister or the head of a country, sometimes a dictator. i've gotten so many environmental awards. i'm a very conservative person and a strong military person.
1:50 pm
putin cast us aside like we were nothing and we looked like stupid people. it may not look good, but it is my real hair. people trust me. it's going to turn around and we're going to make this country great again. it's going to happen. we need common sense. we need brain power and it will happen. >> dear donald trump, please run. please. after the break, the supreme court hears a key case that could spell the end of organized labor. we will discuss the roberts court and union issues when george washington university professor joins us. that's next. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all...
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cozy or cool? "meow" or "woof"?
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new case that could destroy an union corner stone . it challenges that workers that refuse to join a union that represents them are required to pay agency fees for that representation. the reason, which the supreme court affirmed in 1977, is that unions are legally required to represent all employees. and being represented by a union raises an average workers' pay by 11.9%. that may soon be tossed aside. the court blocked a class action lawsuit brought by 1 million women against walmart alleging rampant gender discrimination. it -- in 2012, ca conservative
1:55 pm
justice called them a significant impingement on first amendment rights. if this precedent is overturned, it could jeopardize the wages and benefits of millions of workers. it could force union workers to pay higher fees and weakening an already weak organized labor force. it is serious not just for the economy, but for the national dialogue and legislation and the balance for our democracy. public sector unions are incredibly important to our politics. joining me now is a law professor at george washington university. it sounds like justice scalia
1:56 pm
districted his skepticism at petitioners today. how much are you reading into that line of questioning? >> it is probably frightening for a lot of union supporters that the person who has their future in his hands is scalia. what scalia was doing is he was questioning what the union does is truly political speech. that may reflect his discomfort with extending free speech protections or categorical treatment over union activities, but many people were sort of surprised. just when kennedy was coming out very strongly against the union position and it was scalia who came out and questioning the right to work advocates about how they were characterizing it.
1:57 pm
the big question is whether in fact that case from 1977 should simply be overturned. to get there, the right to work advocates were saying this is political speech. you shouldn't have forced dues. that's when scalia showed up rather unexpectedly in oral argument and said, i'm not sure if i agree with that. >> if this is ruled in favor of the right to work folks, there are a lot of projections of the effects this could have on organized labor. it could decrease the number of people who join unions and further erode the power that unions have at present. it would also effectively make every state in the union a right to work state. right now, there are 24 right to work states in the u.s. in those states, the average
1:58 pm
worker earns $1500 less a year and people will say that's because they're not unionized. >> i think they could be quite significant. i don't think they're exaggerating those. the public sector employee group of workers is the most promising for unions. as you know union numbers have been dropping. there's 1.8 million of those home care workers. you have to consider 36 years we're going to have about 89 million people in this country over 65 years. so this is a fast-growing area. for unions, it represents a significant number of employees. if the court goes and carries through the threat that we saw in knox in 2012, it would create essentially a public employee right to work sector.
1:59 pm
i would have a devastating impact on many of these unions. i've got to say from this oral argument, it does not look good for the unions. the question is how bad is it going to be. one possibility is the court could say, look, these home care workers are not public employees. the most that the court of appeals said is they're a little bit of both. the court could say, we don't see that. they're just not public employees. that would deliver a considerable blow across the country. >> is the roberts court sort of anti-worker stance unprecedented? this seems to be a sea of change. >> they have now handed down a series of serious blows for unions and this could be the greatest one yet if it goes all the way with people like justice kennedy and others. >> thanks as always. >> thank you. that is all for now.
2:00 pm
i will see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. get your shovels out. let's get to work. >> i thank all those who have once again placed their faith and trust in me. >> two week scandal over bridge traffic, sandy relief has taken a toll. >> we have a major question out there. >> getting to the bottom of the very thorny question about the abuse of power. >> who ordered richabridget kel issue her e-mail and why? >>


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