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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 22, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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virginia's former goner and first lady face a laundry list of new corruption charges. can they avoid jail time? blame canada. rob ford caught on camera allegedly drunk singing and using a new accent and, of course, we have it for you. this is "way too early." >> hey, there everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is wednesday, january 22nd. welcome to "way too early." this is the show where we prove that ice cream can still melt outside in these freezing temperatures. we'll explain that in the cooler. but now we need to navigate the weather that we have for today. the eastern seaboard digging out this morning after a monster storm that dumped more snow than expected in some parts of the country. the biggest cities just crippled. the nation's capital has seen the most snow in three years. the halls of power on capitol hill were left empty. to wilmington, delaware, it has seen record snowfall.
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philadelphia, seeing that record nearly double, too, with nearly 400 snow plows to keep the roads clear. look at that picture. nine counties in new york are under states of emergency and some parts are expected to get more than a foot of snow when all is said and done. and even governor chris christie was forced to cancel his inaugural ball at ellis island last night. the busiest airports look familiar. 3,000 canceled flights. hamstring travelers around the country. 1500 flights have already been canceled for today. and there is more to come as a deep freeze is set to settle over the country once again. want to check in right away. bill karins, let's talk about this. we got the snow on the ground. it really is these negative temperatures that are the problem. >> it's just frigid. it's a brutal morning to be out there. water town, new york, like it or not, right now you are the coldest spot, not just in the lower 48. i just compared it to alaska. you're colder than anywhere even alaska.
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wind chill is minus 39. you didn't get the snowstorm like areas to your south did. fwhaut is still just frigid. albany, minus 20. boston, minus 10. the cleanup, you know, this morning people have to go to work and school and snow stopped early enough that people have to get on with their lives. you're out there in the temperatures this morning with the snow blower trying to get rid of the snow. it's just not pretty. so who is still dealing with this storm? areas out there in massachusetts, especially. let me show you a picture out there in sandwich, mass, as we head to the cape. this is where we're continuing to get wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. this is also where we're watching the snow, at least moderate at times. it is also blowing, too. so who got the most? philadelphia. i thought you probably had a chance to be around 12. you got 14 inches of snow. it's still snowing in providence and boston. we're all done in baltimore and d.c. about five and four. as far as the storm goes, it's oppressive. it is now off the coast. it is heading to sea. it will drag that snow with it.
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not a lot left as far as additional snowfall. maybe another two to four inches on the cape. you can see long island is not pretty either, thomas. they still have heavy snow out there and blowing and drifting. >> big cleanup for today. a lot of people having a mix of work and school to deal with the kids for some people that have to go to work and the kids are off. >> the next chance of snow for this region looks like monday of next week. a little mini storm. not as big. >> all right, bill. want to check in with the weather channel's mike sidel. he joins us with more. mike? >> good morning, thomas. we're still getting hit hard on the south shore. we're about 45 minutes south of boston and plymouth from the south shore all the way across the cape. winds this morning gusting as high as 40 miles an hour with blowing and drifting snow. already a report of snow here in plymouth county, north of here and south of here, they had 15 inches of snow. boston, the snow is in the four to five inch category in the downtown area. not a lot of snow in worcester.
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just two inches of snow. very dry air north and west. the heavier snow is from boston to providence and towards the coast. also out here in down to the cape we have a blizzard warning until 1:00. i can show you what is going on as far as drifting. we have a few inches of snow. the wind created this drift out here which is about 2 1/2 feet high. fwifz y gives you a sense of what is happening as the wind is blowing this dry, powdery snow. it is going it take until the middle of the day for the snowfall rate to back off. we're looking for another three to five inches here. maybe another inch or two in the boston area. again, north and west of town hardly any more snow falling. and then the winds will gradually subside later on this afternoon with temperatures tomorrow morning in many areas away from the water down just below zero. wind chills are oning between 0 and 10 below zero, robert, as the winds howl in off plymouth harbor and atlantic. back to you. >> punishing winds out there. thank you, sir.
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we turn to virginia and former governor bob mcdonald and his wife are facing decades in jail for accepting gifts in exchange for political favors. yesterday mcdonalds were indicted on more than a dozen federal corruption charges. they're all related to this man that you see right there, johnny william. he is a richmond based firm who served as the ceo of star. they accepted more than $150,000 in cash and gifts ranging from golf equipment to private plane rides. the list goes on to include shopping sprees for the wife. $15,000 in catering for the couple's daughter's wedding held at the governor's mansion, family vacations at williams' itemer home with his 200,000 ferrari and $650 rolex engraved 71st governor of virginia. he is accused of using the power of the office to help the
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struggling star scientific by attending several events to boost the company's credibility. officials say he even used the governor's mansion for a lunch part. however, mcdonald denies any wrongdoing. >> while i deeply regret accepting these legal gifts and loans from mr. williams, all of these now have been returned or repaid with interest. i have apologized for my poor judgment and i accept full responsibility for accepting these legal gifts and loans. however, i repeat again emphatically that i did nothing illegal for mr. williams in exchange for what i believe is his personal friendship and generosity. i never promised and mr. williams and his company never received any government benefit of any kind for me or from my administration. >> the 43 page indictment
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includes a glimpse into the mcdonald household and the financial pressures they were facing. the wife reached out to williams for help purchasing an inauguration dress and she became enraged at a staffer who tried to persuade her not to accept the gift writing, i need to talk to you about inaugural clothing budget. i need answers and bob is scream bgt thousands i'm charging up in credit card debt. we're broke. we have credit card debt already and this inaugural is killing us. now in that instance, she did not accept the gift but asked for a rain check. maureen is accused of lying to investigators about her family's relationship with williams. mcdonalds are schedule to be arraigned this friday and face a maximum of 30 years in prison. chris christie begins his second term as governor of new jersey under a cloud of scandal at his swearing in yesterday he emphasized the spirit of working together to advance mutual goals. but it wasn't long before he found himself taking the most serious shot yet from within his own party to step down as head of the rga.
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>> i think just from the perspective of setting aside this as an issue in other races, it makes sense for him to step aside in that role. does he not serve the goals of that organization by staying as chairman. that doesn't mean any of the charges political or otherwise are subinstantive or not, it doesn't matter. perception is reality. >> why isn't he stepping down? >> well, frankly, i think is still relatively new. and he may well step down. i have no idea. he may get some counsel from other governors along those lines. >> so in response, he called those comments disappointing adding that the rga was the single largest donor of his failed bid for virginia governor. much of the money he add was raised by governor christie himself. the political cost of the scandal in a national head-to-head poll against hillary clinton, christie trails by eight points, just a month ago he led by one point. so this is a major reversal.
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other metrics are worse. favorable opinions are down 14 points, unfavorables up adjustment seven in a month. half of americans said they thought he would make a good president. that number is now off 14 points. security concerns for the winter olympics in sochi, russia. president obama and president putin spoke on the phone yesterday. moscow says the two leaders talked about syria and not the olympics. russia asked for high-tech equipment to detect remote controlled bombs. joint chiefs chairman is reportedly open to that idea and new details are emerging about possible suicide bombers that may be plotting attacks. authorities released photos of two other suspected black widows. officials say they may be targeting the olympic torch relay. a black widow suspect identified on monday is already believed tore in sochi.
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they are also putting you wanted posters warning about two men that may be plan ago tacks in southern russia. officials say a sixth terror suspe suspect, a female, was likely killed in a gun fight over the weekend. nsa leaker edward snowden is speaking out about the allegations that he didn't have to loan. other lawmakers say he may have been spying for russia. here's what the republican congressman said sunday on "meet the press." >> i believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands, the loving arms of an naagent in moscow. i don't think that's coincide e coincidence. >> you think they helped him? >> i think there are questions to be answered there. i don't think it was a gee whiz luck event he ended up in moscow. >> but in a new interview with the new yorker, snowden insisted he didn't have assistance from a country or anyone else. he said in part, "this russian spy push is absurd. it won't stick because it's clearly false and the american
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people are smarter than politicians think they are." he also said a spy wouldn't have spent 40 days in the transit zone in moscow's airport. ples have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting in purdue, university. cody cousins was booked last night and held without bond. cousins has been charged with fatally shooting a 21-year-old student. kuz dinz n cousins did not resist arrest and he targeted the victim. both were undergraduate students. classes remain closed today. several professors welcome criticized after they reported that classes will continue during the shooting despite students pleas to go into lockdown mode. so now we move on to business news for you. later this morning we'll get a look at earnings reports from ebay and netflix which could boost wall street after a mixed day of trading yesterday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq both posted gains. the dow was in negative territory following reports from verizon and johnson & johnson.
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courty reagan is live from cnbc headquarters. explain what we can expect. >> good morning, big changes are coming to dow jones. the publisher of "the wall street journal" and barons magazine, the ceo is resigning a little less than two years after taking the top job. his tenure was controversial marked by hard charging personality and profane outburs outbursts. he was brought in from bloomberg to help fix the business. that business continues to struggle and highlighted in recent earnings reports by dow jones parent news corp. and sears is closing the flag ship store in chicago in april. store closings are necessary as shopper's habits are changing and buy more items online. the sears spokesman says its chicago store lost millions of dollars since opening in 2001. sears holdings closed about 300 stores in the u.s. since 2010. thomas? >> that's disappointing news about sears. they are right about people going online and amazon is the
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big winner in that. now they have their sights on something else, tv? >> so interesting here. amazon actually flat out denying a report in the "wall street journal" that it's considering an online pay tv service that would feature live programming. the journal said that amazon approached at least three media companies and a statement though amazon says they continue to develop original on demand shows such as "alpha house" but has no plans to license tv channels. interesting that amazon responded to something like this at all. usually they don't. >> yeah. last time i think they were in the news is when they were talking about their drone concept of delivering. >> that was one of the items that amazon has been in the news for recently, definitely. >> all right. great to see you. thank you. coming off that, let's talk about some new technology as allowing people to move objects using only their minds. developors say if you focus enough can you move a brain controlled helicopter just by concentrating. and then in turn you become calmer. the develop.
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made us imagine all the things we can do with it technology. so we want to know what you would move with your mind funs you found your inner calm? think about that. don't giggle at me. all right. so tweet us your best and most creative answers using t the #waytooearly. still ahead here on "way too early," did warren buffett just change march maness forever? how he made your bracket pool a whole lot more popular. in the cooler, it's not only what this reporter said about the cold weather that caught our attention, it's the live scene that she reported from. you kind of got a glimpse of it there. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. ♪
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association members overwhelmingly agree a-rod should be kicked out of the union. union leaders say they can't boot him out but that doesn't exchange the fact that no one stood up for the controversial star during the 90-minute conference call. a-rod is suing the union along with mlb trying to overturn his 162-game suspension for his violation of the drug policy. to the nfl now, the denver broncos sha broncos parachute team is making news. this is thunderstorm jump out over a plane. they dropped in on the field before last sunday's afc championship game. look at this smooth landing. nice. all right. so a soprano will sing the national anthem before this year's super bowl. we're not talking about someone from the hbo series. renee fleming, she's going to sing it at metlife stadium in
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new jersey on february 2nd. she sang the star spangled banner during the world series in yankees stadium. she messed up the lyrics and had to ad lib her way throughout performance. nothing like ad libbing your way through. march madness got crazier because there is a lot more at stake in the tournament. $1 billion, in fact, thanks to warren buffett. he is offering up the cash to anyone who can correctly pick the winners of all 63 game. the odds of winning the challenge, four billion to one. the 20 most accurate will receive $100,000 each. you can enter that contest beginning march 3rd. so get your brackets ready. you have to be sailing out of here with $20 billion if you get it right. members of the miami heat are helping the first lady with a public service announcement. take a look. >> it gives me energy i need to perform at the top of my game.
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>> i can stay focused and refreshed. >> can you take it from me, eating the right foods can help make you a barrage leet. better athlete. >> michelle obama has game. coming up, charges against bob mcdonald and his wife maureen and whether the possible punish. fits the alleged crimes. we're going to huddle around the water cooler together. there is a new embarrassing video of toronto mayor rob ford. donald is saying poor guy. jen lives for rob ford. it's a mixed bag. can you decide for yourself. [ female announcer ] new fiber one protein cereal.
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live shot of the winds there in plymouth, mass. really? messy, messy, messy. at the top of the show we were talking about the snow and the frigid temperatures out there which were bearing down on the east coast f you're looking for a fact to warm you up this morning, tell your friends 2013 was the fourth warmest year on record. in fact, the 37th consecutive year in a row where the world saw above average temperatures. all of the top ten warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998. all right. so let's all huddle around the
2:54 am
water cooler and check in with lewis who is back with some nearly good coverage from charm city. >> yeah. that is true. but it is a winter wonderland here in new york, thomas. winter coverage usually puts news reporters in unique position to give a little creative on how to describe the cold weather. when you watch this clip though, it's not only the reporter who is getting creative. see if you see anything else that stands out to you. >> i did buy some ice cream bars and i said to brigitte, we have to eat these really fast they're not going to stay frozen. she didn't believe me. she said it's cold. i said it has to be zero or ice cream won't stay cold. and it's still warm. it doesn't even stay on the stick. see that? there's only one left. >> that's a terrible example. in case you missed it. there is a person dressed as a horse making its way through the snowy streets of baltimore. that's pretty normal occurrence there. just a guy in a horse outfit
2:55 am
walking down a snowy street. >> i grew up in baltimore. that could be one of my family members. >> that could be one of your family members. >> my dad is known for wearing his winter horse outfit. >> we'll keep on the lookout. >> promoting preakness, of course. >> of course. the olympics, they're a time when the world tries to put politics aside and come together in the spirit of brotherly love. now let's hope that athletes and sochi are feeling that way. >> no. i don't think so. check out the toilet stall there's. yeah, if you're looking for privacy, you're not going to find it here. you're going to have to go use the urinals. this photo was tweeted out by steve rowsenberg. russia spent a reported $50 billion on olympic preparations. obviously, the bathrooms were left off the list. >> yeah. they need a wall for that. >> take us to canada. >> finally to rob ford's biggest
2:56 am
fan jimmy kimmel who is giddy to have more on the mayor of toronto. [ mumbling ] [ beep ] >> do you know how much money that costs? [ mumbling ] >> earlier today mayor ford's brother -- doug ford is the most loyal brother in the world. the reporter showed the video. he said well that is definitely not from last night. it must be an old video. rob gave up drinking 100% and he is thinner now than when that video was shot. and then brother rob showed up and said this. >> were you drinking last night? >> yes, i was. a little bit, yeah.
2:57 am
>> what's a little bit to rob forward? >> you have to love that guy. money, money, money. >> he was talking in a jamaican accent. good to you have back. still ahead on "way too early," if you could move something with your mipd, what would it be? your best, creative tweets coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ and five simple whole grains, new multigrain cheerios dark chocolate crunch is breakfast... with benefits. start your day with a delicious new crunch.
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so earlier in the show we asked you if you could move something with your mind, what would it be? natalie, we'd go to her but she moved herself out of the control room with her mind. where did she go? some were talking about tv remotes. charles o'donnell got the favorite of date, if i could move things with my mind, i would jiggle the toilet handle without getting out of bed. >> what? >> it was good one, right? technology has not passed us by. >> one of the things i'm learning already in terms of storm management is it doesn't happen unt


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