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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 23, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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i have no idea. but if this was a really strange meta gay rights protest by. >> disgruntled transcriber in the white house press office, i am all in favor of fixing whatever they're mad at because this was really fun today. >> goothd good thursday morning. execution in texas, a mexican national is put to death that made great protest from the mexican government. fire and ice, as much of the country bundles up, the west coast trying to figure out how to address a drought. biodiesel, a plant explodes, cameras capture the frightening images. thanks for joining, i'm betty linn. despite pleas for a stait stay, texas has put a mexican
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national to death. 46-year-old edgar tomia was put to death for giving aletal injection to a police officer. they argued he was mentally impaired, which would have made him ineligible to be executed. also he wasn't informed under law that he could get help after his arrest. officials say he mumbled no and shook his head when askled if he had a final statement. his attorneys say the execution, quote, violates the united states treaty commitments, threatens the nation's foreign policy interests and undermines if safety of all americans abroad. but a spokesperson for state governor rick perry responded by saying if you commit a despicable crime like this in texas, you are subject to our state law, including a fair trial by jury and the ultimate penalty. all right, so the threats, they are growing ahead of the olympic games in sochi, russia,
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i want to tell you about this. at least five european committees received a disturbing e-mail on thursday. while they contain a threat, officials say it doesn't oppose a danger. if threat is very wale e real. a quinnipiac moll 12% think it's very likely. 38% think it's somewhat likely. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent richard engel reports. >> reporter: in public, russian officials have expressed nothing but confidence, but they may be more concerned than they let on. otherwise, why the discussions at high level u.s.-russia meetings about lending moscow high-tech american equipment to thwart remotely debt fated bombs. but it's too late for that. u.s. military officials tell nbc news, they don't have time to install the anti-bomb technology before the games. the venues are spread out, the
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coastal structure built around the tight circle of the stadiums for the opening ceremony, nearby is the athlete's village, connected to a train station and airport. 30 miles away up theen mountain road is a mountain cluster t. skiing is spread out over slopes and valleys. all the talk about security threats has some american athletes and their families concerned. free style skier mother diana hermann is still going but almost cancelled twice. >> the u.s. government seem they question whether the russians have a handle on it or not. >> reporter: family members of other athletes say they are cancelling in part because of security. >> later today, nr nsa leaker edward snowden will speak out, a week removed from president obama's speech on reforms. most americans think snowden
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should stand trial in the u.s. for his action, though 23% believe he should be granted amnesty. >> that brings us to nbc's tracy potts live in washington. here's what i want to foknow, i there any chance le come back to the u.s. >> reporter: it is unlikely. the white house says she should, russians say he is welcome to stay there as long as he wants to and today for the first time since last summer, we are going to hear from him wage faulking to the p-- talking to the publi about those secret under surveillance programs. this is where edward snowden will answer questions live this afternoon about the government secrets he leaked to the world. >> it is our firm position that he ought to return to the united states and face the charges against rom the spying program snowden expoles reasonable doubt now under heavy scrutiny. in a report due out today, a
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government task force is expected to recommend the american security stop collecting phone records. in a decision 3-2 the private liberty and oversight board will also say the government should purge its database. in a speech last week, president obama laid out reforms but stopped short of getting rid of those programs. >> we cannot unilaterally disarm our intelligence agencies. the review group turned up no indication this database has been intentionally abused. >> reporter: verizon reports received more than 1,000 requests for customer's information. that was just last 84. plus now, a top microsoft attorney is suggesting their foreign cleent's information be stored outside the u.s., betty. >> thank you for that report. dramatic video of protests in kiev, the largely peaceful plo
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tests ended in violence. protesters are angry over the president's decision to turn away from the european union and support russia. two protesters were actually killed wednesday and more violence is feared. just released video shows the dramatic rescue of a new mexico woman from a bunking car early sunday morning. you have to take a look at this. the car burst into flames after crashing from the pole t. driver was unconscious, but quick action by three albuquerque police officers is credited with saving her life. it is all caught on video from an officer's lapel camera, of all things, showing them struggling to rescue the woman. >> got it, oh. hey, she stuck? >> yeah, something is stuck t. leg. >> hang on, hang on, her arm is caught. >> she's stuck on the seating. >> they finally pulled the 23-year-old to safety. she is hospitalized but in stable condition. the three hero officers were
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largely unhurt except for one who had some minor burns. a voluntary evacuation order is in effect today for residents fear 50 homes near a burning plant in mississippi. a powerful explosion and fire of a fuel tank hit a north mississippi biodiesel study in albany on wednesday, it uses chicken fat to make the diesel fuel hurricane u burned. the fire is so hot that officials plan just to let it burn out. sometimes that's all you can do. let's get the latest in sports with my friend richard lui. good morning. >> reporter: right there betty, exploding. all right, let's get to sports. he becomes the fifth highest paid pitcher in major leak baseball. he comes all the way from japan. masakhiri tanaka the 2005-year-old has only played in japan where he went 24-0 last
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season with a 1.27 e.r.a.. celtics were all money, score tied, seconds left, that, celtics sinking 2 in the paint. celtics 113-111. oh, yes, the paceers can lose. winners of five straight. the top team in the central division get scorched by the sun, phoenix ahead by 13 at the half. former pacer joe green, he was scoring. he led all scores with 18, phoenix wins 124-100. smile a little, would you. number nine rankled wisconsin badgers lose their third straight. austin hollands delivers this one arm dunk, watch it, wait for it. wow! minnesota 87-108. number 21 michigan looking good versus number 10 i, what leading in the half. later iowa's erin dunking. >> zumpging all over the place. >> well, look at that 3. beauty!
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michigan wins it 70-67. go blues. vince young, the former titan's quarterback filed for bankruptcy. eight years ago his contract guaranteed him 26 million. the houston chronicle saying a 2.5 billion loan balance started or made his troubles worse. he becomes one of the players, 78% go bankrupt in two years, staggering. metlife stadium getting snow ahead of the superbowl, part of that cold weather door prides. hmm, fans will get lip baum, tissue, hand warmers, a seat cushion, earmuffs, gloves and a warm hat. >> they will need it. >> just in case. baseball's game dunking, also is game t. detroit tiger's austin jackson, a college double threat he was. cory 00er's instagram, do you hear the oohs and ahhs?
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the yank keys tame acalling. no strip teases for go daddy stripper poles this year, instead, danica patrick in a muscle body suit. the pass the sa body builder sees a tanning salon on a website posted by go daddy, what do they do? >> they run like the dickens to get their bronze on. >> she is built a little too pumped, right? >> it looks kind of cool, though. >> right. maybe you like that look. just ahead, how severe is the drought problem in the west coast. images taken from space show the stunningesque it's had on california. all right. open the left, you see how much snow the golden state had one year ago. on the right, today there is barely any visible. visiting a dusty field outside bakersfield, house speaker baker says he will support drought relief for farmers. >> what a difference country makes from one coast to the
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other. 80 in burbank and california for like eight days in a row. it's so warm and dry out there and so cold and snowy in the east. >> we need a plane ticket out west. >> i know. let show you how cold it is, stay in your toasty house as long as you possibly can. this, mo, wind chill values once again negative 4 in new york city, minus 9 in boston. burlington is minus 13, believe it or not, it is colder in the central plains. we are a minus 46 in international falls, minus 34 in indianapolis. >> that negative numbers go all the way down to kansas city and st. louis. so all that cold air is headed south. later tonight, winter weather in texas. san antonio to houston, winter storm watch right now, tonight into tomorrow morning, freezing rain and sleet up to about a tenth of an inch of ice. the timing on that during the day you are okay. it's about 10:00 p.m. this evening we will start to see that ice coming. it will be tomorrow morning, it will be a slippery commute.
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san antonio to houston. there you will be getting into it. >> we texan, we den know how to handle that. it's 30s in central. >> everybody is. especially those out west. separate politics ahead, plus activity abounced at hawaii's overlook crater. details in three minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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>> all right, some stories making news the morning, the fbi is in hoboken, new jersey, questioning whether governor chris christie aides threatened to cut off funding to the city. they have been speaking with done zimmer's chief of staff. they are said to have knowledge regarding an alleged conversation with new jersey's lt. gov. and sandy funds were linked to a development project. president obama is serious about preventing sexual assault on college campuses. he has created a task force aimed at change figure latest statistics. if white house shows one in five women are sexually assaulted
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while in college. only 12% report their attacks. you don't see this every day, orange and red lava lit up the overlook crater in hawaii's kiloua volcano. all right. so the next fact to take on same-sex marriage in toronto and pair rob ford can't seem to get out of his own way. we will talk about that in scramble politics. e most covera? this isn't real difficult... pretty obvious to me. i'm going to have to say verizon. verizon. that's right! the choice is obvious. verizon's superfast 4g lte network is over three times larger than any other 4g lte network. now get one, two, or even three-hundred dollars off a new smartphone depending on the smartphone you trade in on america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. that's powerful. verizon. now get a free lg g2, with a 13-megapixel camera. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution
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>> yesterday donald trump said chris christie is under so much pressure, he is one e-mail away from dessertion as opposed to trump who is one step away from a wind disaster. whoa. >> here's a look at this morning's dish, scrambled politics, next stop in the flight for same-sex marriage, virginia, the democrat mark herring will announce he believes the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. according to washington post, he will join two same sex couples in asking a federal court to strike the ban down. can't get no satisfaction, nope, a new gallop pool find 65% of americans are dissatisfied with americans, that's the highest since 2001. harsh words from republican arizona senator john mccain on president obama's policy in syria. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. i thought jimmy carter was bad,
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but he pales in comparison to this president, my view. >> that's quite a statement. mccain has been pushing for a stronger intervention in the civil war torn country. new this morning on, an obama panel says voters should not wait if line longer than half an hour. they also recommend expanding online voter registration, early voting, that is, and modern machines and so much more, in fact. >> no american should have to wait more than half an hour to vote and they should know, they should be confident that their vote is being properly counted and is secure. >> the u.s. military is giving troops more leeway with wearing religious clothing. the policy would allow turbins, head scarves, yamakas and beards. and toronto mayor rob ford just doesn't stop, does he? already at the center of a media frenzy after that new media of him drunk and slurring his
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words. now you see him barreling through a group of reporters, well, jimmy kimmel has his own interpretation of what he calls rob fording. >> okay, guy, i need to get back through. >> and there they go again, that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me for our first look at politics, bob frank, good morning, bob. >> in the tv biz we call that a scrum is there that's called bob fording. so the fbi is in hoboken, new jersey, investigating whether governor christie's aides threatened to cut off sandy funding as political retribution. some of the claims are a little outrageous the fact, bob, that the fbi is involved, does that
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mean there is some validity in this? >> that means the fbi is see figure there is validity. much of the discussions is about politics. more serious is the possibility that laws were broken with this, including federal law, which is why the fbi is investigating. this is nothing to just look aside. >> i want to switch gears here. because this is really interesting. a lot of people may find eight little frightening. radar blimps, okay. they are set to fly over maryland, raising concerns over under surveillance. now the army is really playing it down saying, the nsa, big brother, whatever you want to call it is invading our privacy? >> well, certainly a lot of people think so. we have been assured by the nsa repeatedly that there is nothing to worry about, americans don't have to worry about the fact that their every communication is being store bid the national
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security agency. it just seems to me that this has left us with a certain paranoia in this country and the question is whether it's justified or not, particularly since there might be some other uses for this blimp. for instance, maybe the united states government could make some money that it desperately needs now by replacing the good year blimp in sporting events. >> i knew something was coming. i knew you were going to get a zinger in there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, we will have our first buzz including the five most regretted jobs. find out if you work if one of them.
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. >> thanks for first buzz, i am joined by richard and bill. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. take a look at this trash, my friend, it is amazing what the artists have done. you see the shadow in thegrounds, the trash in the foreground doesn't look like much. tim noble and sue webster have transformed piles of trash, mummified skwishlgs discarded wood, they have assembled it to create these really incredible shadows. >> i like the wrappers actually, i am hungry this morning, well done. >> it's original. >> it is so you know we get up, go to work, odd hours, whatever, but there is a list of regrettable jobs. >> there's people out there just waking up and don't want to go to their job, they regret the career field they chose, so are you one of those people? let meably you the number 5-1. bank feller 37% regret it. you have to deal with the
2:28 am
public. 4, delivery drivers, they can't make a lot more the longer you drive. number 3, secondary school teachers have to deal with the school and parents, number two, mechanics regret it. cold, open space, dirty work. people get mad. you can't move up more. you can only then what you have. what is number one? a lot of vous done this in our live the cashier, low income. >> that's when are you in high school, college, sometimes folks aren't so nice. >> the problem is if you are maybe in your 40s and you are a cashier. >> i can't count, that's why. i always get it wrong. >> you have to deal with people. >> you can't count. you have some graphs you will be showing. >> you will love this. >> you love graphs. >> you will love these graph itself, very quickly, super bowl ads, the price, from business week, from 2000, $2 million for 30 seconds, now it's $4 million. next graph i want to show you, this is how much they will say
2:29 am
it will be costing at a 30-second ad in 2040 $10 million for 30 seconds, finally, this will keep you awake at this time in the morning. >> your graph feeds help. all right. you are done. "way too early" starts right now. [ music playing ] >> we see money in gifts, what are we talking about here. >> a $15,000 catered chicken at the governor's wedding. another $10,000 for the governor's other daughter. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. what's wrong with the other daughter? you're going to throw down $15,000 for beautifully grazed chicken mar sala for daughter number one, daughter number two comes around, you get a cobb salad and juice boxes filled with pickle brine. >> that makes you thirstier, we
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never liked you, charlene. >> better time next time, charlene. speaking of wedding registries in virginia. they may be getting bigger. the old dominion's ban takes on a new court challenge. new car testing shows they are getting the worst grachltd then is jimmy fallon the incarnation of johnny carson. he weighs in on passing the torch. this is "way too early."johnny . he weighs in on passing the torch. this is "way too early." >> hey, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. it's friday thursday, january 23rd. the show where they can no longer keep captain and teniel together. don't be sad. we will update you on their personal story here in a moment. we want to start wit


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