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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 24, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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arrest. >> mr. bieber has been released on bail. >> can you name the justin bieber song? >> i will have to take the fifth on that. >> orange is the new bieber. the 19-year-old pop star drunk, high, and busted behind the wheel. don't worry miami snow birds, the biebers is already out on bail and back among you. the real life good fellows bust an 80-year-old mob boss. but was he still cracking skulls at 78 years old? and size matters. why apple thinks bigger is better when it comes to your once tiny iphone. this is "way too early." >> hey, everybody. good morning. we did it. we made it. it is friday. i'm thomas roberts. it's january 24th. welcome to "way too early," the show where mike huckabee stands on the female libido and has us yearning for more details of the
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justin bieber arrest. up is down, i'm not wearing a tie. what's going on in this world? but we want to start with serious news. we begin with breaking news in egypt. a series of deadly explosions rocked the country. first, what appears to be a car bomb near police headquarters in cairo. four people are dead, 76 wounded. oba the bomb did prominent damage. another explosion by a subway station killed one person. there are also now reports that a third explosion of an ied at a police station in the pyramids district of gaza went off as well. federal prosecutors are demanding years of documents from chris christie's re-election campaign and the state republican party is part of the bridge closure investigation. subpoenas from a u.s. attorney went out yesterday and they covered communications with out of ousted aid at the enter of the scandal. there are new develop. s in the case of the mayor dawn
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zimmer and her accusations. they say the state's lieutenant governor pressured her to green light a develop. or risk hurricane sandy funding. according to a "new york times" report, several witness told authorities that mayor zimmer of hoboken alerted them to the incident as early as may. two of the witnesses were aides to the mayor. we turn our attention now to virginia and we now know that the former governor bob mcdonald and his wife had a chance at a lesser plea deal but turned down that offer. prosecutors reportedly offered the virginia republican a deal that would see him plead guilty to one felony fraud charge unrelated to corruption in the office if mcdonald accepted that plea, prosecutors agreed not to charge his wife maureen. maureen told the authorities she felt responsible for her family's ties to richmond based johnny williams. the mcdonalds face 14 counts of conspiracy and fraud and set to be arraigned in court later today. for nsa leaker edward knowden, there is no place like home. he said he would like to return
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to the u.s. if the law would permit it. snowden said, "returning to the u.s., i think, is the best resolution for the government, the public and myself but it's not possible in the face of current whistle-blower laws which do not cover contractors like myself. this means there is no chance to have a fair trial and no way i can come home and make my case to a jury." yesterday u.s. attorney eric holder also said that he would be open to resolving snowden's situation but that clemency is going too far. his temporary asylum in russia is set to expire in august. bob menendez of new jersey is report thely under investigation for his ties to two fugitive bankers from weak dor. the two men -- from ecuador. the two men fled ecuador more than a decade ago and sentenced for embezzling billions of dollars from the bank. the brothers have been seeking permanent residence in the u.s.
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and they attorney to senator menendez for help. the senator wrote letters and made phone calls to federal agencies on their behalf including asking for full consideration from the homeland security department. one of the brothers denied any political affiliation with the senator but campaign records show that relatives have donated $10,000 to the menendez campaign and at least $100,000 to the democratic party. senator menendez's office is saying a year after a false smear campaign launched against him once again we see anonymous sources making outlandish allegations. our office works each year with hundreds of individuals and families from across the country who are seeking help with immigration process. we review each and every request we receive. if we feel any inquiry is appropriate, we make it. in this particular case, senator menendez believed the family has been politically persecuted in ecuador including through the confiscation of media outlouts they owned which were critical of the government. we're not aware of any inquiry
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into the senator's action onz this matter." as you all recall this is was the heist that inspired the movie "good fellas." remember that film? now members of this real life crime family are being held on federal charges for the biggest thefts in history. kate snow explains. >> december 11th, 1978, a bunch of mass gunmen stormed into the airlines cargo hanger and stole $5 million in cash and $1 million in jewelry. >> they rounded up nine employees working inside the building and herded them all to a second floor cafeteria. >> the jash acash and jewels we never found. until now the only person convicted was an inside man. as many as ten others us is spekded to be involved turned up dead. in new york, a parade of alleged aging mobsters, members of the organized crime family. at the front of the pack, 78-year-old vincent asaro accused of helping carry out the
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heist. authorities have always believed the late jimmy burke was the mastermind behind the heist. robert de niro in the film version. >> never rat on your friends. and always keep your mouth shut. >> last summer the fbi found human remains buried in burke's basement. >> more to come from that. if you need more signs that democratic party is lining up behind team hillary, just follow the money. one arm of the operation that helped elect president obama is now pro hillary clinton. priorities usa action will now begin raising money for her potential white house run and will be co-chaired by jim mu seen yachlt their expanding hillary land to the entire planet on the latest cover. get a good look at this thing. yep. drink it in. but as it looks like some democrats prepared to anoint their nominee, republicans want to change the rules of how they elect their own. the rnc is ready to compress the
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primary schedule in an attempt to avoid another dirty nomination process and allow the nominee more time to fundraise. the changes are up for a vote today, the final day of the rnc's winter meeting. now we go back to that "new york times" magazine cover. look at that. when we saw it, we knew we needed to give you a chance to have a caption contest for friday. tweet us your best and most creative captions using the hash tag #waytooearly. we move on to mike huck abeechlt he certainly expressed interest in making another run for president saying his record as governor of arkansas proves he can bring washington together. he'll have some work to do to win over critics though because following yesterday's comments about the gop's approach to woo back female voters, republicans are concerned. >> the republicans don't have a war on women. they have a war for women. for them to be empowered, to be something other than victims of their gender. if the democrats want to insult
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the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. let us take that discussion all across america because women are far more than the democrats have played them to be. and women across america need to stand up and say enough of that nonsense. >> a politician who was thrust into the spotlight after being violently attacked by his own son is oadvocating mental healt reform. he was raebedly stabbed business i had son gus. his son later committed suicide. he was admitted to a mental health institution but a long term bed could not be found for him in the amount of time required by state law. gus was released and a day later attacked his father. >> i didn't know what was going to happen. but the next morning, you know, i felt like there would be a
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confrontation. i didn't -- any no reason to think there would be violence. but, you know, i got ready for work and i went out to the barn to feed the horses. and gus was coming across the yard. and he was -- i said hey bud, how did you sleep? he said fine. i turned my back and, you know, i turned my back, i had feed in my hands. and he was just on me. >> he attacked you? >> he got me twice. >> sad story for that family. he says he wants his son to be remembered as a good kid and that ultimately it was the system that failed. okay, we switch gears now to talk about business news. we're going to end out the week today because we're going to learn later we get another batch of earning reports out. yesterday was not a good one for wall street. all three indexes were down as the dow extended the losses into a third straight session. courty reagan joins us now from cnbc headquarters. so we had that market selloff yesterday. psychologically the number is still above 16,000 so explain.
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>> sure. it was kind of a rough day on wall street again. it wasn't all totally explainable. the market selloff triggered in part by disappointing manufacturing data out of china which is, of course, the world's second biggest economy. so that's raising concerns that a slowdown there could eat into global growth. selling picked up following weaker than expected reports on u.s. home sales and manufacturing. some folks think it's the correction that we needed because stocks have run too far too fast. the dow though now sitting at a five-week low and both the dow and s&p 500 are on track for the worst performance in six weeks. but it should be noted the s&p 500 is still just 1% off its all time high. and michigan governor rick snyder has a novel plan to help get detroit back on its feet. he's calling on washington to allocate 50,000 special visas to get highly skilled immigrants to live and work in the city. they would be aimed at those with advanced agrees in the auto
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industry, i.t. and health care feels. they allow people with special tall eents to enter the u.s. without a specific job offer. >> no specific job offer. all right. so let's talk about one thing that everybody is talking about, courtney, apple which is hard to believe it was 30 years ago that steve jobs really set the world on fire with the first introduction of the apple computer. but now we're talking about apple tv instead and iphone that's potentially are going to come with larger screens. it used to be get everything real small, now we're getting back to the big screens. >> i know, everything old is new again. apple reportedly plans to introduce two new iphone mod thlz year with larger screens. the current models have four inch screen. they are working on technology to reate curve screens. those likely won't be installed on this year's iphones. the wall street journal says they will scrap will plastic i-phone 5c which hasn't caught on with consumers. several retailers cut the price of the 5c and some are just giving it away. >> wow. so i don't need another device. i have the ipad, black berry,
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iphone, i'm done. i'm running out of arms for all this stuff. have a great weekend. nice to see you. still ahead on "way too early," greg maddox is going to the hall of fame. there is a controversy about what he'll wear. faux pas or public speaking device? maryland governor martin o'malley's final state of the state address and we'll let you be the judge. yeah. a ron burgundy moment, maybe, maybe not. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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it's not often we have live action going on during "way too early." that is the case today. i'm losing my voice over it because i'm excited. in australia, nadal and federer are facing off. this is the 43rd time to face off. so far nadal is up two sets after taking the first. in a tiebreak and the second 6-3. we'll keep an eye on this match. >> come on old man federer. >> rafael nadal has a blister on his hand. >> if you saw him this morning, nadal looks ripped. he looks like he put on 20 pounds of muscle. >> he should have wore gloves at the gym. that's how you avoid the blisters. >> i wouldn't know. >> what are you looking at while you're watching? moving on to the olympics. the controversy around lolo jones can't be avoided. she grabs headlines by making the bobsled team. that is good news. now a couple bobsledders who
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lost their spot to jones says her fame is the reason she made the team. bobsled officials are defending the choice saying the best way to bring publicity to the sport is win gold medals. we'll see how she does. most baseball fans think of greg mad ox and think of him dominating at the top of the atlanta braves rotation. that's not the same image he has of himself. he says won't have a team logo on the cap of his hall of fame cap. he began the career with the chicago cubs, he played 12 years. he played 11 in atlanta and says he loves both places. as a brave though, maddox won three cy young awards and pitched the braves to a world series title. he'll be inducted on july 27th. news of pop star justin bieber's dui arrest crossed into the sports world. the dallas stars used this maple leafs fan image with bieber's mug shot on the jumbotron to mock their toronto opponents in last night's matchup. the leafs must have been embarrass the because they lost
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big. it's all getting in the head, bill. >> it works. >> all right. so we're going to check on the weather. bill karins is standing by. i go to say the beebers, i feel sorry for this kid. >> yeah. it's -- watching a slow train wreck. hopefully he'll turn it around and someone will shake him up. >> that mug shot. >> maybe jail can make some people smarten up. >> orange is the new bieber. >> let's talk about this winter forecast. this morning it's once again frigid. what else is new this winter? and i mean this winter is starting to set the mark here. just minneapolis at one place and international falls. they're saying this is the third most severe winter that they've had on record. it was back 100 years. so this isn't just an ordinary winter we're in folks. we're getting into historic levels. and once again this morning, temperature are minus 22. wind chill in chicago again, really brutal stuff. the big story is what has happening, dallas has a wind chill of 11. cold air all the way down to texas. freezing rain in san antonio. freezing rain in houston.
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and snowing in southern louisiana and even new orleans may have a chance of get something sleet during the morning hours. and we still have that freezing rain. be careful around the houston area. so what are we doing here? very cold once again in new england. at least it's sunny and dry. some snow today in minneapolis down to chicago even indianapolis later today to ohio. then on saturday, we watch more snow showers through new england. but the real story is going to be what happens next week. i have to show you minneapolis. these are the high temperatures. on monday, the high is minus 16. all of that cold air is going to be just as cold as the polar vortex a couple weeks ago. >> stay home. make a long weekend out of it. don't go out. >> lots of fires. i hear they're stealing firewood in some places. >> old man winter is not having a nice time with us this january. bill, thanks. coming up on "morning joe," more on the controversy surrounding the mike huckabee comments concerning the female libido. will this reignite the talk on the war on women? and when we come back, we're going to huddle around the water
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at the top of the show we talked about the arrest with the heist of the luftansa heights.
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if you wnt to sound smarter than me, because i'm not sounding so smart, tell your friends at the man of the center of the investigation, vincent asaro has been arrested 21 times since 1957. these accusations include bank robbery, kidnapping and assault and many cases the charges were dismissed. all right, we move on to the water cooler. lewis has a lot, from bieber to a governor. >> many call him a rising star in the democratic party. martin o'malley's final state of the state has people talking for all the wrong reasons. >> this is the future that remains to be won. and it will be won. conclusion. we are standing on the threshold of a new era of american progress. >> conclusion was the law. he may have read the word as a
2:54 am
device to draw back listeners to the end of the speech. we'll let you be the judge of that and it's from one of our favorite newsmen. >> well. that's going to do it for all of us here at channel 4 news. you stay classy, san diego. i'm ron burgundy. >> who typed a question mark on the teleprompter. anything you put on that prompter, burgundy will read. >> tom, i will literally read anything on the prompter. >> i'm the same way. so it's a problem for me on certain scripts. >> we'll give you a pass. saturday night live fans should expect to see new face in the update chair later this yaer. the head writer collin joes will take a seat. he has been head writer since 2012. he joined the show back in 2005. seth myers is leaving the show as we all know to take over nbc's late night. jost will first air on the show
2:55 am
in march. >> they were looking for new anchors and they didn't look for us on "way too early"? >> i'm right here. "way too early," baby. >> all right. never mind. >> let's head over to the late night. jon stewart's big into the new technology. one of the features on google glass has him somewhat troubled. >> the app appropriately named sex with google glass allows couples to watch and record sexual acts as well as swap video feeds so that their partner can watch from their point of view. >> great. finally goinged glass makes it look like to go. [ beep ] yourself. >> now let's head over to jimmy kimmel who is a fan of justin beeber from the very beginning. he watched him grow into the man that he is today. >> this is a few years ago. he was a cute little kid with a bowl hair cut. now he is a drunk driving, egg throwing, drag racing hooligan. here he is with a guitar.
2:56 am
here he is in 2008 having a great time on stage. 2009, innocent looking. 2010, the gloves i can live without. still okay. 2011. a little aggressive. but no major red flags. 2012, starting to get into a bag of douche territory. and then we hit 2013. and shirtless, cocky, pants half off, tattoos. he made the turn in the summer of 2013. and next based on my projections, this is what justin bieber will look like in 2018 just a few short years from now. >> love the vanilla ice. >> yeah, bieber will end up on hgtv with a remodelling show like ice. thanks, my man. still ahead on "way too early," a caption contest for the cover of "new york times" magazine. yeah, that photo. your best and most creative tweets. "morning joe" is moments away. ♪
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we asked you for your best captions for the cover of "the new york times" magazine that features hillary as a planet wlachlt did we get? >> larry had a good one. he said i'm more of a then jared shared this little internet one. >> people would say hillary could be a political wrecking ball. that is a classic picture. miley is in there. we wish on safe and happy trip to allen nugent. he is a great stage manager and always has peppermint mints so please leave some before you head off to sochi. any way "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ as long as you love me as long as you love


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