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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 25, 2014 4:00am-5:01am PST

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ghost ship from yough slov ya with a bunch of rats. happy cocktail moment. have a great weekend. going to extremes. expect another brutal week of weather with temperatures falling into the single digits, again. what to expect next. what's up with wall street? stocks take a dive all week. what does it mean for the u.s. economy. the chris christie saga. a poll suggests the toll it's taken on his popularity. big news from netflix. the movie streaming giant makes remarkable leaks. the latest in our headlines. good morning, everyone. welcome to weekends with alex witt. here is what's happening. we are bracing for another week
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of brutal weather across the country. freezing temperatures spreading to the south. texas and louisiana got a taste of the pain. ice caused traffic crashes all over houston. snow fell 150 miles north of the mexican border. ice jams in pittsburgh. residents fear when the weather pattern breaks, precipitation could cause the rivers to flood. in alaska, unusually high temperatures there. in wasilla, farmers say crops could be damaged by the snow melt. it usually provides protection to the plants from the low temperatures. dylan dreier is here with the forecast for us. good morning. >> good morning, alex. we are seeing a little bit of everything out there. the heat is out west and very cold, brutally cold air is across the eastern half of the country, especially working into the upper midwest. we are going to see windchills this morning at 11 below in minneapolis. it's only going to get colder. as we have the clipper systems that move through the area that
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keep reinforcing the cold air. six for a high today in minneapolis. 16 in chicago. 64 in dallas after what's been a very interesting past 24 hours in parts of southeastern texas and louisiana where we had snow and ice, which we have just seen. we are going to see the dip in the jet stream coming off the polar vortex as it pushes the jet stream to the south. it is going to get colder monday into tuesday, perhaps colder than it was the first time we start eed talking about the pol vortex. with the clipper systems, we tend to get snow. most of the snow is through parts of the great lakes region. that will move into the northeast. we could end up with six to 12 inches in areas of pink, they are mostly lake enhanced snow showers. cleveland up to syracuse. elsewhere, three to six. in the northeast, a dusting with the snow showers.
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it will look worse than it will accumulate on the ground. we are going to see temperatures on the cold side. we should be in the low to mid-30s in the northeast. 6 in minneapolis, 16 in chicago, 57 in denver. tomorrow, the next midwest clipper will move into minneapolis and chicago bringing more snow showers and back in the teens and 20s in the northeast. alex? >> thanks for that. former virginia governor, is planning his defense a day after pleading not guilty at separate arraignments in court. they are charged with 14 counts of illegally accepting luxury gifts, vacations and loans from a business they promoted. they are allowed to remain free until the trial this summer. let's go to the white house and kristin welker. what happened in court and what happens next. >> reporter: well, alex, what happens next, the mcdonnell's are out until their next court date in july. in terms of what happened on friday, the former first family
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of virginia appeared in court, as you say, they face a number of charges. prosecutors say they accepted tens of thousands of dollars in loans and gifts in exchange of helping the business of johnny williams, star scientific. here is a list of the items they are alleged of having taken from johnny williams. it's a pretty extensive list. black and white louis vuitton shoes, two cold watches, two iphones, a silver rolex inscribed 71st governor of virginia. to put it in a broader complex, 11,000 from oscar day la republican sa, over 5,000 from louis vuitton. now, important to point out, alex, the mcdonnell's both pleaded not guilty.
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during a press conference, the former virginia governor said the allegations are politically motivated. he never had any intention of helping out johnny william's business. if convicted, they could face years in prison. they could also face more than a million dollars in fines. we want to point out williams has not been charged in this case. political analysts have been looking at the case. it's a stunning fall from grace. mcdonnell's name was passed around for a 2016 contender. >> let's go to politics. new this morning, obamacare coverage hit a milestone. 3 million people have signed up for health insurance through the affordable care act. that is still behind the pace they hoped for. the numbers are encouraging. the supreme court is offering a short term compromise allowing
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an exemption for a group of colorado nuns. the high court's order keeps in force justice sotomayers. >> republican leaders voted friday to shorten their process to lessen the damage from gop candidates attacking each other during the primary season. new hampshire, iowa, south carolina and nevada will hold the first contests in february, 2016. the rest of the states and territories are vote in early march and may. the convention will take place two months earlier than normal, this time late june or july. >> let's go to breaking news out of cairo, egypt. a bomb went off rocking a city already shaking from yesterday's bombings leaving six people dead. it marks the third anniversary of the uprising that forced
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mubarak from power. we are in cairo. good morning to you. talk about the situation you are seeing there. >> reporter: as you pointed out, the bomb that went off really underscores the tensions in this country. let me give you a quick overview of what's happening behind me and on the streets where there's a festive atmosphere. people are chanting, singing and dancing. they are the supporters of the army. this is only one side of this story. in other parts of cairo and egypt, supporters of the muslim brotherhood and ousted president morsi are marching as well. they have clashed with security forces. now, you mentioned the blasts yesterday and those were significant because they targeted, for the most part, security and government buildings and the fundamentalist group which is sinai based.
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they have claimed responsibility for this attack. there is concern they could try and stage further attacks throughout today. tension very, very high here this morning in cairo. we'll have to see how it pans out. it comes at a very critical point for this country. this marks the third year of what has been a political roller coaster. most experts would not have expected it to drag this long on but it has and, again, we'll have to see whether the government will be able to contain the violence and bring about a form of reconciliation. >> i have profound memories of three years ago when hosni mubarak, the demonstrations were happening in the square behind you where all the noise is coming from. if you look around, is there a large military presence? you talk about people singing, chanting and celebrating. is there a ring of security to maintain the peace, if you will?
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>> reporter: there is, alex. security forces have taken enormous precautions at this event. we are talking 260,000 soldiers and patrol officers out on duty trying to safeguard different sites. additional forces have been sent in. the question will remain whether that is enough. yesterday was a show of force by the terrorist organization, if you will, that they can pierce through that. again, security very, very high. we'll keep a close eye and see how the story evolves throughout the day. >> thank you. other news, wall street wrapped up a rough week. they suffered the biggest losses over a year and a half. they are worried about slow growth in china. the dow dropped 318 points on friday despite the sell off, stocks are near all-time highs after surging 30% last year. a judge ordered a texas
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hospital to take a pregnant, brain dead woman off life support. it's what the family, including her husband, wanted. they were trying to protect the unborn child, which both sides agree was not viable. they have until 5:00 p.m. to follow the judges order. new video surfacing of justin biebers drag race on miami beach. it shows the yellow lamborghini and red ferrari. the canadian pop star is facing jail time after driving under the influence, resisting arrest and an expires license. first, new trouble for new jersey governor, chris christie, could it overshadow the bridge scandal? is what happened to mcdonalds a pattern at all fast food restaurants? we have answers to that in the big three money headlines.
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the governor spoke. much of his speak was eloquent. he talked about going out and reaching out to folks. i agree with the chairman, there were ways he described democrats actions is not the way we would have described them. >> that was part of my interview yesterday remarking on hike huckabee on women. as usual, good morning to you. nice to see you. >> good morning, nice to see you. >> morning. >> juan, i want to refresh everyone's memories to what mike huckabee said. let's play that. >> the democrats want to insult the women of america making them
4:15 am
believe they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and provide iing birth control because they can't help their libido. >> he said the media distorted his comments. why open that door to that? how do you explain the gop constantly making comments to women? >> you are right. this is a sticky situation. the media is focused on what he said. a point he's attributing to democrats. that said, for a party that is pillared in the media for a so-called war on women, having a bad narrative around social issues, this is exactly whatnot to do from the point of a political analyst. you heard that from sean spicer, from the rnc chairman, not speaking directly about these remarks, but you have to be careful how you word these things and what you are saying and messaging on these social issue that is are important
4:16 am
right now. >> here is what mike huckabee said last night. take a listen. >> everything i was accused of saying, i was saying the polar opposite. this was an affirmation of the intelligence, the capability of women. it wasn't about contraceptives. it's about the way democrats accused republicans of having a war on women when republicans believe that women are equal. >> ed, there's talk of huckabee considering 2016 presidential aspirations. does this play into that picture at all? >> well, if you look at the e-mail he sent out the night of this speech, when he was reacting to the fact that the media picked up on his comments and that e-mail included a link to a page to donate to him and his political efforts, i suppose it does have something to do with his 2016 presidential aspirations. he's made no secret, he's thinking about it. he's been approached by people and would appeal to a certain
4:17 am
segment of republican voters and make life difficult for newer candidates thinking about running. you know, look, this was a series of meetings the rnc holds. they have all sorts of things regarding party policy, you talked about the primaries and the scheduling they are trying to put together. this distracted from all of that and frustrates a lot of republicans trying to move beyond these discussions of social issues in ways that become controversial. you heard speaker john boehner say yes, the republicans have an issue talking about and dealing with women and women'si issueis. that is a great example of that. it took away from the message they were trying to cast this week. >> there's something else to talk about. the poll on governor chris christie. 43% say bully describes him well. it's up nine points. 21% saying it describes him somewhat well.
4:18 am
what do you make of the numbers? >> it is interesting. it's how people don't trust chris christie. the numbers are low if you look at trust. he is another person you talk about when we have the discussions of 2016 and the bridge good fai bridgegate, the scandal unfolding. i think that will be very interesting in 2016. i know mike huckabee said he believes the quote, unquote scandal will be behind chris christie. it's going to be interesting to see how it unfolds and how the latest events shape him if he does run for office. >> ed, the governor is facing more questions from democrats on capitol hill about his overall handling of superstorm sandy aid. do these have lasting damage, the bridgegate or sandy and which is more likely to stick around? >> probably the bridge one. the investigations here in
4:19 am
washington into how sandy money was spent certainly are cause for concern and will allow it to permeate for several months, if not years. it's only 2014. he's got a year and a half before he starts pressing it in primary states, if he wants to. the bigger concern is appealing to republican base voters. many wouldn't mind a bully for a president. >> white house officials are taking to social media. they are going to have a day long open house, answer questions on wednesday, the day after the president's state of the union address. they are calling it virtual block of cheese day. take a listen. >> look, i think the white house having a big block of cheese day is a great idea. >> really, a big block of cheese day? >> launch operation cheddar. >> whatever, it's happening. >> big block of cheese day. >> big block of cheese day. >> come on guys, don't leave me hanging. >> awesome, they are back. you know who that was?
4:20 am
it's jay car carney. what they are doing is doing what they did in the west wing, give people, you know, time to make interviews and appointments with the president and top people on the staff, which doesn't happen that often. what do you make of this? >> they are violating the spirit of the show. they are spoesed to do it in person, in the west wing. they are hiding behind facebook and twitter to do it. life is one big tv show and, you know, what was once fiction is now going to play out in reality. >> it could be worse. west wing, awesome. good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. more new terror threats against olympic games. we are going to look at where the threats might be coming from. ♪
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success and apple anniversary. regina is here to help me break it down. good morning to you. what say you? >> the golden arches are tarnish third-degree quarter. their relatively new ceo calling it a challenging quarter. we have some of the financials. what really happened here is traffic was down. fewer people coming into the store. you saw a decline in sales. but, the people who did come in had a higher per purchase rate. they backed off the dollar menu calling it the dollar menu and more, more being $2 and $5. they have a lot of competition. mcdonald's sales are seven times burger king and wendys, but they are taking it on from chipotle. they have to come up with a new menu item is what people are
4:25 am
saying and it has to be a hit. >> what about streaming success. >> netflix. the stock quadrupled this year. amazon also a player. interestingly, they are both a customer and competitor of amazon. aws actually does the streaming for netflix. they are going to have price changes. watch for three different kinds of plans as they try to fund programming, orange is the new black and those kind of things and keep up with increased demand. there's cost to running it. they are doing a lot right, but watch for price options. what about yesterday? it marked the 30th anniversary of the game changing computer. let's take a look at january 24, 1983. >> at apple computers annual meeting, apple founder stephen jobs unpacked macintosh. ift was something to cheer
4:26 am
about. it's apple's latest bit to take a bite out of ibm in personal computers. >> that was it. the beginning of many successes right there. >> it's great to hear brian's voice, having worked with him so many years. that is seminole. it was 1984. it marked such unbelievable innovation that stuck with us. the one click mouse where you didn't have to look at the mouse. different fonts, not having to type in commands to change your computer. they have been precedent setting. on the money side, this is interesting. cnbc put together a chart. if you had, back in the day, 1984, taken what you would have spent on a mac, $25000 and vin vested it, you would now have 400,000 dlar$400,00 $400,000. invest the equivalent, if it's an iphone, $499 or an ipad, buy
4:27 am
the equivalent in apple stock and you'll kill it based on historical data. sthak is fascinating. thank you so much. i'm glad he changed his look x too. he got to the you are the l neck and jeans. fascinating guy. >> amazing contribution. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. in this morning's one minute playback, mitt romney helping jimmy fallon slow jam the news last night. romney set the record straight. >> jimmy, i'm not running again. there are a lot of great candidates for 2016 and i'll be supporting the republican nominee 100%. >> don't you mean 47%? >> that's a low blow, but it's pretty funny. >> i had to do it. >> we need washington to clean up its act. >> let's keep america on the
4:28 am
right track. >> there ain't no denying we want the truth and obama keeps trying. working together, that's what we must do. >> and that is how we slow jam the news. >> oh, yeah. >> give it up for mitt romney. t. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck, good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year. ♪ and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram.
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dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ welcome back to weekends with alex witt at 31 past the hour. it's time for the headlines. a 19-year-old suspect under arrest for the murder of a student at south carolina state university. the 20-year-old victim was gunned down yesterday outside a dormitory. syrian government officials met with rebel leaders for talk. it lasted a half hour. the two sides did not speak at all. protesters in kiev gather after a night of unrest. they set fires and battled riot police. the president refused to meet
4:32 am
demands for his resignation. computer hackers attacked various websites and caused a denial of service on court sites. this is the last day you can mail a letter for 46 cents. the price for postage goes up from 46 to 49 cents. the largest rate hike in more than a decade. a painful week wrapped up. it plunged 318 points, the worst since 2011. the nasdaq closed down 90 points. we'll keep our eye on the markets. what's behind the market jitters? sarah is joining me with possible answers. hi, sarah. >> good morning. there are several reasons for the dows drop. overall, a tough week on wall street. >> certainly getting a slam bank sell off. >> reporter: investors are counting their losses after one of the worst weeks on wall
4:33 am
street in two years. the dow plunged 318 points friday and was off 3.5% for the week. the s&p was down 2.6% and nasdaq 1.7% this past week making some wonder if this is a start of a correction, following strong gains throughout much of last year. >> they are going to have to do a lot of work to get things back in order. that's serious damage. >> what's behind the recent falls? analysts buoyant to concerned over so-called emerging markets, the struggling economy in turkey and argentina. instability in the ukraine as well as trouble in the world's second largest economy, china. disappointing earnings from mcdonalds and best buy. still, some aren't spooked. >> so, sarah, i mean, what does
4:34 am
this bode for this week and the future when you look at the reasons for the drops? >> there will be a few key earnings to watch. apple will be reporting earnings, google, also. traders are watching the federal reserve meeting tuesday and wednesday for potential action. they are trying to scale back the massive stimulus it put in place to help the economy during the crisis. as you can see, alex, a lot of big concerns on wall street are coming from outside the united states. questions about china and its superfast growth slowing down and emerging markets like argentina and ukraine getting lumped together now and causing concern for investors in the u.s. >> that's hard to control when you look at other economies and countries. we have to react to that. thank you so much, sarah. despite a major drag in russian security, there are concerns about terrorist attacks in sochi and the games.
4:35 am
how serious is it? joining me is a former secret service agent who served on president obama's detail and the lead agent in several overseas trips and the 2002 salt lake city games. he's running for congress in maryla maryland. thank you for taking time to join us. can you protect the olympic games from a lone wolf attacker. >> you can, but not the way they are doing it now, alex. this is an international effort that required international security that's been siloed within putin's office. i think they are in trouble. it gives me no joy in telling you that. >> what would you be looking for if you were part of security detail on the ground. what would you be peeling your eyes for? >> using specifically a lot of counter surveillance effort. a lot of heavy manpower
4:36 am
intensive uniform driven visible presence response is not always the best. the security measures we used in the secret service and the best ones are the ones you don't see. that's how you pick out the lone wolf attacks. there's a lot of clues given off by people whether they realize it or not, if they are a lone wolf attacker. i don't know if that stuff is being done right now. >> what's interesting as well and concerning because the olympic committee, they said americans don't wear u.s. olympic clothing outside the venues. you take that to heart. what other advice do to you give? >> that's excellent advice. if you are not only an athlete, but a guest, have a rally point for you and whatever it may be, your family or whoever you are attending with. don't expect, if there happens to be mass chaos, unfortunately, an attack, don't expect support
4:37 am
from the locals. you are there on your own. there should be a rally point, we are going to meet here. it should be away from the venue. that way, you can account for folks and let people at home know where you are going to be. don't let people assume they know you are going to the olympics. if you are unaccounted for, they know how to contact the embassy as well and have a hard room, any location you happen to expect, a room with a door and no windows where you can secure yourself. >> you are telling people, basically, make your plans to meet up. what's interesting, there are concerns if there's an attack, russia could block u.s. military ships or planes from getting into the country to evacuate americans. chuck hagel said the u.s. is going to have an arrangement with the russians if need be. others are saying no sochi evacuation plans are on the shelf. shouldn't that be part of any security plan, no matter the location, evacuation plans? >> it eegs a great point you
4:38 am
brought up. i'm skeptical of the evacuation plan. when we made plans for the president, i have been to russia a couple times. they are detailed, layered plans. understanding, drawing up agreements between the defense department and the russian defense. these aren't just ad hoc plans. my feeling is, god forbid something were to happen, a lot of assets we have waiting to evacuate people are not going to be granted access because the russians are going to be looking to avoid embarrassment and additional international coverage from the united states rescuing their people from a lacking russian security response. i'm not too confident in that plan. >> what do you think about the u.s. snow and ski board -- snow board and ski teams, they have hired a private security firm to bulk up security. good idea? >> i think it's a good idea.
4:39 am
i don't know if they are allowing armed or unarmed. even if they were unarmed, to go there and have a viable, tactical evacuation plan for those specific athletes and treating them like we would treat an individual protectee is an excellent idea. it takes the security load off the russians and having to account for those people as well. i think it's an excellent idea. i would encourage any country with high profile athletes to do. >> would you feel safe going to the games? >> absolutely not. no way. >> really? >> there's nothing terrorists want more than an audience. they have been hurting for an audience in the caucuses for a long time. is chechen separatists have been hard getting pressed. they have not had an audience for the first time in a long time. i am not confident at all in the
4:40 am
security plan. i wouldn't recommend anybody go. >> wow. that's concerning. there are a lot of people listening to this and making their way over. any last minute advice to them? >> listen, i'm just being honest. i'm sorry if it hurts people's feelings. >> it's unnerving when a guy with your experience says that. >> i wouldn't go. i would not go. unless it was job related on a security function. all the hallmarks for a terrorist attack right now are coming together and coalescing at the same time. >> we are going to hope nothing happens. anyway, dan, thank you very much. i appreciate your insight. >> very well. when a kansas man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple, he never thought he would have to pay child support. a judge says he does. ron allen explains why. >> reporter: the issue is simple. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> the deed, answer a craigslist
4:41 am
add to help this gay couple have a child. the punishment, the state of kansas demanding reimbursement made to the couple, parents of a now 4-year-old girl despite they all signed a contract and agreed he would not have parental responsibilitie responsibilities. >> reporter: a zhuszh ruled against him insisting he broke a law. the parties did not provide a donor sperm to a licensed physician. according to court documents, the child's mother had filed for benefits, indicating the father was an anonymous sperm donor. when questioned further, she submitted the contract. he claims it's a conservative state where same-sex marriage is banned, making a political statement. >> they have a point to prove now. >> legal experts say that point is money. >> the idea is the state of
4:42 am
kansas shouldn't be paying support if there is a person who is legally obligated to pay support. >> one reason they choose not to use a physician is the cost. several thousand dollars for treatment. in this case, the contract had been downloaded from the internet and he did not seek legal advice during the process. >> i think he's got a problem, legally. fairly, i think fairly, he probably, you know, got something he didn't deserve, but that's why you get prevention. >> he says he'll appeal, with a lawyer, all the way to the kansas supreme court. ron allen, nbc news, new york. what is the recent controversy done to chris christie's popularity? a new poll, next. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra,
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4:46 am
strong leader. it's after the grand jury issued subpoenas to governor christie's -- and several figures in the george washington scandal. we have been covering the story from the start and appearing with us every week. let's talk heather, as i thank you. the lawyer for the campaign and the state gop gave a statement. the campaign and the state party intend to cooperate with the u.s. attorney's office and will respond to the subpoenas accordingly. >> this was the first sign the u.s. attorney's office had really been active. they had been very quiet. they announced they were doing an inquiry, but hadn't said it was a full blown investigation at this point. this shows they are taking it seriously. they have gone straight to the gop and the christie campaign and requested documents. we don't know, at this point, if
4:47 am
they are going to issue subpoenas to additional individuals. i talked to bill stepien's lawyer. he said he has not gotten a subpoena at this point. they are taking it seriously and requesting documents from two key players in the scandal. >> any indication about the laws they think may have been broken? >> it's still a question here for the u.s. attorney's office to investigate, they need to show there's federal laws broken, not just state laws. we don't know if it's going to rise to that level, but they are, you know, issuing subpoenas. they are obviously taking it seriously. we know they had conversations with hoboken mayor, dawn zimmer. the investigation is continuing to widen. >> what is the latest on the hoboken allegations? >> we know earlier this week, she had conversations with the fbi.
4:48 am
the fbi have discussed the allegations she made with key staff members. we also know she is given over her diary where she kept records of conversations where she made allegations christie officials pressured her to back politically connected real estate development for her to receive sandy aid for her town. at this point, she's given over her records and said i'm happy to testify. she's retained her own attorney in this matter. the number of attorneys retained at this point is growing and growing. >> the republican governor's association of which governor christie is chairman says he's going to make trips to six states. how is it affecting him with the core gop? >> he's in illinois and texas. this was his year. it's his year to be the chair of the governor's association and
4:49 am
make national trips. at this point, it seems there's a lot of wait and see attitudes. fellow potential challengers against him in 2016, if he runs for president have been quiet. they haven't attacked him. in our reporting, we found there are donors that are nervous right now. the allegations and the news cycle around it won't end. the question is, will it start to affect his popularity as the poll has shone earlier this week. >> another story brewing for new jersey, you have been reporting on it, democratic lawmakers are upset without announcement, the governor canceled the large contracts. a firm working on hurricane sandy recovery. what is the story there? >> everything at this point with the administration is looking at through the lens of the scandal. things that went up, the meeting wouldn't have got a lot of attention and are now getting scrutiny. a contractor from louisiana did
4:50 am
work during hurricane katrina and received criticism. got one of the largest contracts to help sandy victims apply for aid in new jersey. there's been a lot of sandy victims in new jersey. a lot of paperwork lost. people not able to answer bake questions about how to apply for these grants, and without any public notification, the administration terminated their contract. seems there's a legal dispute. we don't understand what's going on with that, if the state has the capacity to absorb this work. so democrats are calling for answers, and we're waiting to hear what they are. >> answers and more transparency. heather hadden, good to see you. >> thank you. and when you thought the credit card story couldn't get any worse it does. what you need to know. next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
4:51 am
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4:53 am
the fbi is reportedly sending a new warning to u.s. retailers. more cyber attacks like the one that hit target stores last year
4:54 am
could be imminent. this comes from reuters sent to retailers by the fbi. all systems including cash registers and credit card swiping machines are at risk. jim finkel has been covering the story extensively for reuters. jim, worrying, 20 more hacking that involve the same kind of malsoftware used in the target security breach has been uncovered. any idea which retailers they are? >> sure. just to be clear, good morning, in the fbi report which came out a week ago and just surfaced late, this past week, the fbi said these are 20 cases looked at the past year. we really don't have a lot of information. the way they describe the retailers, they talked about them being small to mid-sized local and regional firms. so remember there was a big breach at hannaford supermarket?
4:55 am
not reason to say they were involved, but it would be a chain like that hour in new england. a supermarket operator, or smaller. perhaps a franchisee at subway. another chain involved in a breach involving this same software that has prevently come to light. >> jim, something you write here is that the fbi report says, "we believe pos malware crime will continue to grow despite law enforcement aims to mitigate it." does it mean retailers are powerless over these attacks, no matter what we try to do? >> yes, but it's not as scary as it sounds. yeah. attacks on all sorts of things, including retailers and credit cards, are always going to happen, because hackers are very smart, and persistent, and all they have to do is get it right once. you know, target has very good security, and these guys -- and
4:56 am
also neiman marcus, and they worked and worked and worked, got in once, and once they did, worked and worked and carried off these breaches. there's that. and in the report, talking about technical irish us. some things they figured out they can do that retailers need steps -- retailers need to take to mitigate. it's going to take a while to do that. in period period there's an open window where they're at heightened risk. >> so, what is it? a cash-only society? is that the only way to be completely safe? >> well, if you're really concerned, certainly, yeah. but what you can do is, you can change the pin on your debit card. that might require going in to the bank or calling the bank and having them send you a new pin. you can call up and have your numbers changed on all your cards. which is probably not a bad idea. i know a lot of people that have been doing that. thank you, jim finkel. that's a wrap of this hour.
4:57 am
"weekends with alex witt." join me at noon for more. and the latest investigations into allegations that the city was denied sandy relief aid by the christie administration. that's up next. minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. advancing nutrition for diabetes.
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with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. now, the feds are involved. if chris christie's inaugural speech on tuesday his second speech, notable for anything it was the complete lack of any reference to any of the scandals now swirling around his administration. two scandals now instead of one. this after the mayor of hoboken, dawn zimmer, appeared on this show at this hour last weekend to accuse christie's lieutenant governor's explicitly linking her city's sandy aid to --


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