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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 4, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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there were politics in play. we're going to be taking a dive into some of those questions tomorrow night on that with our own steve kornacki. steve kornacki has been reporting on that subject that you will not hear anywhere else. good tuesday morning. right now on first look, three round storm. the first round may be done, but what's ahead will surely get your attention. captured. an escaped murderer is back in police custody after a tip from someone watching tv. heroin crisis. results of phillip is he more hoffman's autopsy are expected today. was it an overdose of heroin and synthetic morphine. plus, embattled new jersey governor chris christie takes his way to the air waves. cars that actually communicate with each other. and a super bowl set records that defy the blowout going on at metlife. hello, everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm betty
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nguyen. more americans are in the path of a 1, 2, 3 punch. it is just the first of what could be one of the worst weather weeks in memory. forecasters saying two more powerful storm systems are on the way. monday's blast snarled the kmutsz for super bowl fans on their way home from the way. it erased the memory of the 50 degree temperature at game time. more than 53 flights canceled. today more than 450 flights are canceled. snow, yeah, it's piling up. so far this winter chicago has seen nearly 53 inches. philadelphia, 37 plus. boston reporting 33.5. it's hitting our wallets. that three day polar vortex put a $5 billion chill on the economy. an estimated 60 million american
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households will see their heating bills jump 50%. that is a 4 point poip $5 billion hit. flight disruptions cost another $2.5 billion. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us with your full forecast. we want to get to the dramatic capture of a convicted prisoner. they caught 40-year-old michael elliot last night. she escaped when elliott stopped for gas. police say he stole another car and that led to a police chase. >> i confirmed with him if he was the michael elliot that we heard about through the day and he nodded his head. it was a sense of relief. i'm glad he's in custody and i'm glad people will sleep better knowing that he's off the sleep. >> indiana officials say elliot is being charged with car theft and it's still unclear how he
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escaped from the michigan prison. he snuck past guards and got past two electric fences. that investigation is, as you can imagine, still ongoing. elliot is serving a life sentence for killing four people and then setting their home on fire in 1993. autopsy results are expected today for philip seymour hoffman, and there is new information this morning on the hours that led up to the actor's death. sources tell nbc news that 49 full bags of heroin were found at hoffman's new york apartment. at least 23 of them were empty and four baggies of a white powder believed to contain cocaine in what appears to be a massive overdose. hoffman's body was found with a needle still in his arm. police searched the apartment monday also finding prescription drugs and syringes. it's the heroin investigators are narrowing in on. some were marked ace of spades, what they're calling a calling
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card of course for drug dealers. they're hoping it will help them figure out who gave him the drugs. hoffman appeared on broadway three times each time earning a tony nomination most recently playing the 2012 revival of arthur mill lir's death of a salesman. we want to switch to politics now because there are several new front in the bridgegate scandal engulfing governor chris christie. kelly's aid is now taking the fifth. kelly was the author of the infamous e-mail. the deadline to turn over documents has come and gone. christie is saying his office has received subpoenas and acknowledging he might have heard of the traffic jam while it was going on yet still reiterating he was unaware of
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any orders coming from his office. >> i've been very clear about this. before these lanes were closed i knew nothing about it. i didn't plan it, i didn't authorize it, i didn't approve it, i knew nothing about it. there were press accounts. it could have been mentioned to me about traffic at any point in time. none of it was memorable to me, eric, because i didn't know there was any issue. >> the ongoing investigation also now impacting a potential presidential came pain. a new poll shows christie trailing clinton 55% to 39%. super bowl xlviii has another record. 111.5 million people tuned in. that puts it in the record books at least for now as the most watched television event in american history. the halftime show headlined by
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bruno mars also set a new high with 115 million viewers. that beat out last year's performance by beyonce by 5 million viewers and takes the top spot from madonna. the sports with richard lui. >> i wonder if it sets a record for the number of people who turned it off. >> did i not call the seahawks winning? i sure did. >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. i think i better start talking here. the seahawks, back home after winning the super bowl for the first time in franchise history and out the plane window the 12th man flag being waived. the parade is wednesday. no fan areas were provided to welcome them. only airport workers with their green pompoms. seattle's malcolm smith was not with the team. he was at disney world. >> that's what you do when you win the super bowl. >> that's what you do when you are the only third defensive player ever to win the super bowl mvp.
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smith with mickey mouth. ray lewis received the honor in 2001. remember joe namath? >> how could you forget that fur coat? >> well, peda did not like that coat. they wanted him to consider faux fur the next time the 70-year-old decides to go broadway. >> broadway joe. >> where do fans wait before celebrating the super bowl win? seattle. >> philly, san francisco, jay walking, jay schmocking. the numb mer row uno syracuse juggernaut propelled syracuse with a 33 points. he had an impressive nine three-pointers. 61-55. oklahoma, three overtimes. 16th ranked iowa state against
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number 19 oklahoma state in the second overtime. nas long hitting a three-pointer at the buzzer. where does that take us? well, three overtimes now. iowa state wins 98-97. first in over 25 years. i am tuckered out. in the nba, oh, what a night ♪ oh, what a night you have to sing it. >> drilling the game winning three-pointer. bucks take it, 101-98. >> golfer, bubba watson. 1-year-old caleb on the green. posting this on him hitting the golf ball. he's even putting him on a tough one, that's a banker shot there. >> i love the pacifier, that's the best part of it. >> number 8, all the way. way to go. nbc meteorologist bill karins has more on the snowy forecast. that's still ahead.
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good morning, bill. it seems like we can't get rid of this stuff. >> no. going to be a while before it melts too. let's talk about this next storm. already starting in the middle of the country. 118 million people will be affected by this winter storm. not going to be record breaking in the snowfall amounts. it will be a big inconvenience in the next two days. as far as what's happening now. kansas, oklahoma, definitely the worst of it. as we go throughout the day. it spreads through illinois, missouri, iowa, southern nebraska, tonight through the valley. as far as the snow goes, the highest totals from kansas city draw a line all the way through albany, new york, to the new england coast. that's the highest totals. kaunks city, 6 to 10, des moines, 4 to 8. chicago, two to four for you. st. louis. it looks like a new england special unlike the last couple of storms. this one will have the heavier snow totals up there from about buffalo to albany all the way to the boston area. >> did you call it a new england
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special? >> a new england special. >> they love their snow in new england. >> i'm kind of sick of it, i'll tell you. >> thank you, bill. cars that talk to one another to prevent a crash? it's happening. and minnesota's metrodome deflat deflated. plus, the president fires back at media bias in parts of the o'reilly interview that didn't air during the super bowl. ♪ turn around
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now for your first look at business we turn to cnbc's kayla tausche. >> week reports on u.s. manufacturing and auto sales. worries about a slowdown in china. the worst start in february to the dow since 1972. apple's long awaited tv device may be closer to reality. the wall street journl reporting they've been buying a lot of band bit. it could be laying groundwork for a new television product or an upgraded video streaming
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service. it was ten years ago today that mark zuckerberg launched facebook from his harvard dorm room. it boasts 1.2 billion users worldwide and is profitable thanks to a surge in online and mobile ads. it's one of the top 20 biggest countries. >> incredible it only took 20 years. some stories making news this morning. in an interview that aired last night, president obama and fox news anchor bill o'reilly sparred over issues such as the keystone pipeline, the benghazi attacks. >> do you think i'm unfair to you? >> absolutely, of course you are, will, but you like you anyway. >> give me how i'm unfair. >> but, look. >> give me how i'm unfair. >> bill, we just went through an interview in which you asked about health care not working, i irs, were we holy corrupt. >> but these are unanswered questions.
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>> but they're defined by you guys in a certain way. >> but if i'm unfair, i want -- >> here's what you guys have to figure out. what are you going to do when i'm gone? >> all right. in other news a small twin engine plane crashed in nashville, tennessee, killing all four people on board. plane crash outside of a ymca filled with parents and children. the pilot did one hellua job. >> joan mondale has died at the age of 83. mondale was an advocate for cultural arts and worked to increase funding for public arts programs. in a statement president obama said the nation will always be thankful for the service of joan of art. cars that can actually talk to one another. this is happening. the government is in the process of one day requiring new cars to come with technology to avoid a crash. it will transmit a 360 degree
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status report. in minneapolis the cables holding a white roof were severed by a series of explosions. it's being demolished to make way for the vikings new billion dollar stadium. so republicans or democrats, which political party can take the joke? ♪ i must confess, when the weather is stressed i feel like dancing the whole night ♪ you are the one i can see having fun with, not just the night before the rest. served daily. innovative cc cream from nice 'n easy. our advanced treatment helps keep highlights and lowlights shiny and luminous. cc cream, find it in every box of nice 'n easy. the most natural shade of you.
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take a look at this website. it appears like a donation page for a democratic arizona congressman krysten sinema. when you look closer, it asked to defeat her and candidates like her. those contribution gs straight to the gop. the gop is defending those tricky campaign websites. they're not confusing. they're accusing democrats of crying foul because their candidates are struggling. hillary clinton is tackling what's known as the word gab. she's launching a public campaign to encourage more reading, singing, talking in latino families. the hope is that it would better prepare young children for school. about 25% of all babies and young toddlers are latino. they are half as likely to have their families read to them than their white nonlatino peers. in wisconsin four same section couples are suing the city to overturn the ban.
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have you heard about the other back room. roll call refers to back rooms called lactation lounges. a democratic house staffer talks about one of capitol hill's best kept spaces. "saturday night live" creator loren michaels reveals which political party can take a pun better. he said, quote, republicans are easier for us than democrats. democrats tend to take it personally. republicans think it's funny. but we're not sitting here every week thinking, we have to do the first family. "american idol" has nothing on the reality that's known as, yeah, running for congress. north carolina representative rene elmers thinks clay aiken would be no contest. listen to what she thigs about his chances. >> did you vote for him on
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"american idol"? >> inno, i never really got int that. he didn't fare that well. he was runner up. >> oh, snap. you did not go there. >> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. news day columnist and political analyst joins us. >> i think many people have heard of clay aiken. >> that does ridge a bell. let's talk about this name. governor chris christie. his office has received a subpoena from federal authorities. does this mean that there's more to this bridge scandal? >> well, clearly there's more. hold on a second, just because you get a subpoena doesn't mean you've done something wrong. >> that is true. >> let's be careful. i've never met a politician who said, send me more subpoenas. this is not good when federal prosecutors say, give me your
2:22 am
records, i want to claw through them. we don't know where it leads but they think there's something there worth looking at. >> we want to make it clear that the governor maintained in a radio interview yesterday that he unequivocally had no knowledge of the lane closure but his top aid, bridgette kelly, has taken the fifth. so what does that indicate to you? >> well, we'll focus on that word beforehand a second. remember back in that two-hour press conference he said he hadn't heard anything about it for a month or more. now we may be moving the line a little bit. now he said, well, maybe things might have been said. i think that was the usage yesterday that would have revealed the details while it was happening. now he's insisting at least i didn't know anything beforehand. >> okay. we'll dig deeper into that as the story goes on. then, of course, there's christie trying to discredit former appointee david wilestein all the way back to high school.
2:23 am
if he was so untrustworthy why did christie appoint him to such a powerful position? >> the nerds from high school are getting revenge. yeah, it certainly is a choice that he regrets. we never did anything uncool in high school. >> absolutely not. >> it wouldn't be a problem. >> don't look me up and don't bring out that yearbook. thanks, douglas, coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for morning buzz. we'll tell you how one business gambled on the super bowl and lost big time. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at because an empty pan is a blank canvas.
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thank you, jerry, for
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teaching me how to be a late night host but was it really necessary for me to wax on wax off your entire car collection? >> that can take quite a bit of time considering the car collection. bill, you're going to help us see the light today. >> this was incredible. chad blakely is one of the best photographers for doing the northern lights. he has an amazing time lapse. super cool. over a 30 days. 39 of the 30 days. >> that's incredible. >> what is very amazing is that this past weekend look at this picture he took. he said the northern lights were sobriety it over exposed his camera and left it. almost like a glow stick. >> it almost doesn't look real. >> these were taken in sweden in a national spot. one of the best spots in the world to look at northern lights. >> beautiful. >> there's one furniture store owner in houston who probably wished he would have seen the
2:28 am
light before he made this bet. he basically bet on the broncos to win the super bowl and so when he was doing it this guy named jim mattress mcinvale. he said customers spending more than 6 grand each could enter this promotion and if the broncos won, well, the owner would be a. okay, but in fact the seahawks won. so he's having to refund $7 million to customers who are going to get some free furniture. that's a bet that i'm sure he's not so happy about. >> very expensive. >> the insurance is covering it. >> he may want to go out for a libation or two to drown those sorrows. >> he may want a beverage. he may want to go to south korea to do that. there was a report put up by euro monitor. which country drinks the most shots per week. i told you who number one was. number ten is united states. >> really? >> out of 40 plus countries. 3.3 shots.
2:29 am
>> where's russia? >> russia is number two. >> i would have thought they were higher. i would have thought they were number one. >> twice as many as the u.s. south korea, four times as many. >> that's what willie geist is doing. >> now you know. "way too early" starts right now. new york, get with six to let's say 28 inches of snow. it's providing the mayor with a chance for some snow removal redemption. we're going back to manhattan and check in on the upper east side. how are conditions there? >> not good, john. not only has the city not cleared the streets, it seems that de blasio's plows are actively bringing snow in. >> oh, [ bleep ]. you look completely buried in a snowbank. are you cold? are you okay? >> well, i can't feel my legs, john, but, hey, that was nice of de blasio's new york. new york does dig out once
2:30 am
again just in time for a weekend nor'easter. just how bad is it going to get? and chris christie's new interview. is the governor's garden state scandal growing every time he talks about it. super bowl is setting new records and how vegas scored millions in lost bets. the house always wins, baby. this is "way too early." hey, hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas rob berlts. it is tuesday, february the 4th. welcome to "way too early," the show where my microphone is always on no matter what the weather conditions. and this song is a little inclination about what we're talking about. don't want to give it all away. we'll talk about it later. we want to start with this latest round of nasty weather to hit the country. it left two people dead. there was a state of emergency in new jersey one day after nearly 50


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