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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 4, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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you? >> the snow shovel is a little bit -- >> i hear we're getting more tomorrow, robert, get the ben gay and limber up, buddy. >> wise words from the governor there and not just for the people of new jersey, take a look at that radar, more than 100 million americans are about to get another dose of a winter wallop. we start this day with a high tech education push from the president. he's announced billions in new spending on technology in american schools and done it all without getting a single vote or raising a single cent from congress. the president just moments ago detailing the new initiative at buck lodge middle school at prince georges county, maryland. >> they are announcing a down payment of $2 billion to connect more than 15,000 schools and 20 million students to high speed broadband over the next two
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years. [ applause ] 15,000 schools, 20 million students. it won't require a single piece of legislation from congress and won't add a single dime to the deficit and even better, some of america's biggest tech companies had decided to join this with commitments worth more than 3/4 of a billion dollars. >> here's how it's going to work. fcc plans to shell out $2 billion over the next two years on expanding broadband access. the white house says this will hook up an additional 20 million school children with high speed internet access. the private sector as you just heard there is also kicking in with $750 million in commitments to provide a vast array of services, everything from ipads to wi-fi connectivity, the $2 billion, a down payment from the president's plan to connect up
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to 99% of u.s. students in five years. it's also one of several measures that the president mentioned in the state of the union address last week, measures that do not need congressional approval. >> only around 30% of our students have true high speed internet in the classroom. in countries like south korea, that's 100%. we shouldn't give that kind of competitive advantage over the to other countries, we want to make our young people have the same advantages as some child in south korea has right now. in a country where we expect free wi-fi with our coffee, we should definitely demand it in our schools. >> the power panelist, keith boykin, molly ball for the atlantic and joe watkins, republican strategist and former aide to george h.w. bush. good to see all of you. how does all of this fit into
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the president's overall agenda, the plan for protecting the middle class and defending opportunities for all america? >> the president said this is going to be a year of action and this is a way he can use his pen and phone to do that. he's saying we have a country only less than a third of all high school students and students in general in our schools have access to broadband high speed internet. that makes no sense when we're being outcompeted by other countries and we can raise that to 99% by 2017. that's a positive in the infrastructure and educational aspects what the president wants to do and does require congressional approval. >> i don't think a lot of folks realize, there are schools in large swaths of the country where you can't even have two classrooms streaming video at the same time. things we take for granted.
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>> this whole question about infi ininfrastructure, all of these different investments in our country, they not only help students but help our economy. >> paul ryan said this was a lawless presidency on sunday. is this what he meant by that, going around congress, so kids can get hooked up to the internet with free ipads? >> in a president world the president would be working with congress. i don't want him to give up working with democrats and republicans to get things done for america. that's the best potential world for all of us. certainly -- i know this personally because when i'm not on msnbc i'm working with ail great school district that's been distressed for two decades. and one of the things we're doing, we're working with comcast in exactly the same way. comcast is helping our school district get access to the internet and computers. it's a huge help to our district. a lot of our kids who come from family and don't have lots of money are able to take advantage
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of this great new technology. >> i should note here for viewer at home and listening that comcast pays the bills here. we should note that. >> yes, they do. >> molly, let's talk about republicans not the only ones on the hill right now making trouble for this white house. democrat robert menendez and chuck schumer criticized president obama with the deed over iran and you have harry reid with plans to pass two sweeping trade deals and now getting it on both sides of the issue from mary landrieu and widen as well. how much of what we're hearing is rooted in general policy differences and how much is it about drawing a contrast in an election year with an unpopular president? >> i think a little bit of both. a lot of names are not mul verable democrats by any stretch
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of the imagination. if they have differences with this president, it's not because they need to survive in november. it's because they don't agree with him and more crucially, because they don't feel like they owe it to him to stay in line or keep the criticisms muted. it may a consequence of the type of relations that have been commented upon between obama and congressional democrats over the years. of course, there's a lot of other democrats, mary landrieu comes to mine and ones in red states that are vulnerable. i think there's -- they may indeed have honest differences with the president but they want to publicize them as much as possible to send a message to their constituents that they shouldn't be tied to him and shouldn't suffer from some fd his negative ratings in their states. >> they march to the beat of their own red drums. let's go back to the keystone issue. are democrats going to be a bigger thorn in the side of this president than republicans ultimately? >> i don't think so. this is a no-win situation for
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the president. >> yeah. >> absolutely nothing he does will please everybody. but he gets paid to make these tough decisions. the reality though, even if you look at the most liberal reports here, maybe 5,000 jobs at most, temporary jobs -- >> some are saying north of 40,000. >> right. keystone doesn't even say that. the state department looks at this and keystone looks at this. a few thousand jobs. we cut several hundred thousand government jobs under this administration. if we invested some of the money in hiring more teachers and educators and getting resources into things that can produce long term jobs we could make a bigger difference than we could in just keystone. i don't think the president can win on this issue. >> nmolly, you wrote about the farm bill and your contention basically is that the passage of the farm bill, which goes back to the senate this afternoon, expected to get passed easily and end up on president obama's
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desk in the next 24 to 48 hours, is this a sign of better things to come on capitol hill? >> well, i do think it's proof that the congress is becoming a little bit less dysfunctional and let's specify that's a low bar. i'm not endorsing the farm bill as a policy but this is the third data point in quick success that we have that there are examples when politicians from both parties agree on something, they can actually come together and do it. what's made the congress so dysfunctional, even when both sides agree, they can't seem to actually get things done because they are so gridlocked. the farm bill, the omnibus bill and budget bill, three examples of things getting through congress, specifically getting through the house where so many pieces of legislation have gone to die. these measures are seeing through to explosicompletion. we can cautiously say there's a little bit of a thaw on capitol hill.
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>> the debt ceiling will be the next opportunity. >> absolutely. >> molly ball, keith boykin, thanks to you. chris christie, hitting the radio air waves to defend himself and ongoing probe. and why the high school hierarchy remains in play. >> i was a class athlete, i don't know what david was doing during that period of time. >> until that one day when we both had saturday detention in the library. maybe we learned we aren't so different after all. ♪ don't you forget about me hmm, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well, did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks?
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it's already a busy week for new jersey governor chris christie, thursday he'll be headlining a fundraiser in texas for republican governors and all of that after monday night when he tried -- admitted receipt of a federal subpoena and also unequivocally refuted charges against him in the bridge scandal. he took part in his monthly ask the governor radio interview. most questions dealt with pocketbook issues of concern to new jersey voters, he had to address the latest allegation about what he knew and when regarding those bridge closures. >> now, when did i first know about the lane closures? you know, the fact is the first time this came into consciousness as an issue was when pat foye's e-mail about
9:14 am
this incident was leaked to the media and reported on. that was the first time that i got a sense there might be some issue here. >> this letter, this weekend from the lawyer from a former top christie aid involved in the controversy, put the time line of when christie knew and when back in focus. the letter reads in part, evidence exists as well try tieing mr. christie to having knowledge of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference. the charge raised eyebrows as wildstein not only went to high school with him but involved with the port authority that controls the bridge. michael isikoff joins us from trenton. the big news is the federal subpoena. what do we know there?
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>> reporter: we know that the governor told us that his office had been subpoenaed. we knew the campaign committee had previously been subpoenaed by the u.s. attorney and have the u.s. republican party, this is a pretty serious and thorough investigation by the u.s. attorney. you are right to focus on that time period, another new nuance that emerged last night, christie saying it first came to his consciousness as an issue when he read about the patrick foye e-mail in the wall street journal. that was october 2nd. what christie said last night, this was another sort of new thing, which a lot of people didn't pick up on, when he read that, he called in his chief of staff and chief counsel, then chief counsel charles mckenna and asked them what was going on. it makes it clear now that from that date, october 2nd, this was
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very much on the governor's radar screen and top staff. remember what was in that patrick foye e-mail. it was pretty serious. it said public safety had been in danger and federal and state laws had been broken. or may have been broken. that's a pretty serious allegation in that e-mail from patrick foye and now we know from the governors statement last week, last night, that it was -- that had it come to his attention on october 2nd. that's also the day, october 2nd that both bill ma roenny and david wildsteen were meeting with the governor's top aides, there's an reference that baroni going in to see bridget kelly, then the deputy chief of staff. go ahead. >> i was going to ask you, mentioned bridget kelly, the former deputy chief of staff
9:17 am
whose firing christie announced in the january press conference. she's refusing to turn over subpoena documents, as you know. what if anything of her people saying at this point? >> reporter: well, they are saying they are not going to talk that she's going to invoke her fifth amendment rights and that in light of the federal investigation, that's not a surprise. bill stepien wrote a similar letter to the committee. so what that means is that getting live testimony from the key witnesses is unlikely here for the legislature, which means this thing is going to drag out. but i think just to return to the point i was trying to make before, that the governor has tried to frame the issue as did he know beforehand about the lane closures and any improper purpose for it. what i think the legislature is going to focus on when they get whatever documents they can get,
9:18 am
is what did he do after this did come to his attention on october 2nd? what steps were taken? and who was interviewed and who said what? i think that's where this investigation is going to be going as far as the legislature is concerned. >> nbc news national investigative correspondent, michael isikoff in trenton. one of the big questions that's come up since the controversy exploded about the relationship between christie and david wildstein. before the charges they went to high school together and he was christie's appointee to the port authority before resigning. in a letter sent to christie supporters this weekend, wildstein's character was assaulted for reasons including as a 16-year-old kid he sued over a local school board owe leks and publicly accused by high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior. despite the level of detail in those charges, christie previously made it sound like he
9:19 am
hardly knew the guy. >> david and i were not friends in high school. we were not even acquaintances in high school, didn't travel in the same circles in high school. i was the class president and athlete, i don't know what david was doing during that period of time. >> aaron blake has written on the topic. we have one guy who set at the cool table at lunch and one who did not. explain how christie cannot know the guy very well but his office can know about wildstein's relationship with his social security teacher? >> i don't know if they are based on press reports about wildstein's past. he was mayor at one point so perhaps there was writings about his background back then. i thought it was unusual that they would point out he was once an anonymous blogger and registered websites under other people's names without telling them about it. if this is the worst kind of
9:20 am
research they have on this guy, i think that they might want to look a little bit harder at what they are putting out there. >> wouldn't a lot of this information have been known to christie's people before they hired him? >> you would think so. that's the big question now, this is a major appointment that christie made. this is one of his two top appointees on the port authority. you would think there would be a certain amount of vetting involved. i think that the document does suggest they don't have a whole lot of dirt on this guy. they are basically throwing things out that are small potatoes to try to discredit this guy. it was a little bit of a bizarre move. i think they are going to regret that aspect of thf. >> i want to play something from governor christie's q and a last night on radio. this is christie talking about the infamous traffic study used as a cover for the lane closures. >> i still don't know whether there was a traffic study -- >> still don't know at this point whether there was a traffic study?
9:21 am
>> what i'm saying, is did that start as a traffic study but morph into political shen nan gans -- >> there was no traffic study. the executive director said as much in december. why does he keep saying that? >> it might be a game of semantics here. maybe there was a traffic study technically that caused the traffic jam but never intended to be a traffic study. christie is base beingally reinforcing his case he doesn't know anything about this. he said he never talked to bridget kelly after he realized she lieded to him about it. it does seem odd he doesn't no more about how this all happened, bumt i guess at this point we're all kind of wasting for the investigations to take place and figuring out who knew what when. it's all so unknown at this point, even a month after it blew up. >> aaron blake with the
9:22 am
"washington post." thank you. coming up, back to work for speaker boehner in the house. i'll talk to a democratic member of congress about the will to work together. we'll also talk about one strange political bedfellow on the issue of education. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. the house leadership is back and ready to get to work. >> we started last week by gathering as a conference and identifying areas where we have common ground with this president. and i've called this president to join us. let's cut the talking and start the doing here. >> for more i'm joined by representative sheila jackson lee, democrat from texas, always good to see you. let's start with majority leader eric cantor calling for bipartisan action. you recently appeared at the rally in texas for school choice
9:26 am
week, senator ted cruz was also on hand. this is what senator cruz had to say about the issue of school choice. >> in my view, school choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. >> the civil rights issue of the 21st century, do you agree with that? >> education is a very important right of america's children and people of the united states of america. >> what about school choice specifically? >> i think excellence in education is part of the discussion of low income families being able to go to excellent public schools to be able to go to magnet schools in their own neighborhood and not have to bypass those school and be bussed somewhere else, not having excellent teachers with good quality of life and good salaries. i think that is an important part of what my reason for being at that great rally and seeing all of my constituents there, all clammering for as the 3
9:27 am
president has said, an equal opportunity for all. i'm glad senator cruz was there to stand alongside the issue of excellence in education. >> you talk about school choice, we know that it's an umbrella term that includes lots of different things. you mentioned charter schools and magnet schools as well. but it also includes the topic of vouchers and that of course is a polarizing term in and of itself. what's your position on vouchers being used in school choice? >> you're absolutely right. at the rally that i was at, i did not hear one word about vouchers. i have not supported vouchers, i supported excellence in education and there are many ways of approaching that and i was excited to see all of the children, all of the schools and public charters and public schools all there. in texas we've had public school representation, superintendents of public school systems. i think we've got another message and that is we want our children to be able to sit in chairs around america where they are getting educated
9:28 am
excellently. i join with the president in complimenting the collaboration with the private sector, the 2 billion plus from the fcc to make our children tech no logically sophisticated. that's what the message is from the event i attended. i'm glad, as i said, to stand for the idea in excellence in education. >> quickly, i want to move on after this, on school choice, we know that poverty and parental engagement are the factors most often correlated with achievement. what does school choice do to deal with either of those two issues? >> that's a good question. it puts pressure on all of us, those who advocate for public schools, the magnet schools and treating the teachers better, public charters and magnet programs and magnet programs across america and i support that. it puts pressure on those who add vo indicate for education to ensure that when the child does
9:29 am
sit down in a classroom seat that we have the responsibility of ensuring their excellence in education and puts pressure on the republican members of the house to join with democrats in making sure that we have full funding for education to support title one dollars, to support the stem education needed. the pressure is on not only the parents who may not have the means -- >> i'm glad you said that, here's the thing, we talk about charter schools and magnet schools, but if you are a low income parent and live, for instance, in washington, d.c. or you live in one of the other major metropolitan areas in this country, part of the problem is also getting your kid to that school. what say you to that? >> well, i think we need to make more seats available that parents don't have to get their child to a school that the child can go to a neighborhood school and it is publicly funded and it
9:30 am
is excellent or it is a public charter or magnet school and it is excellent. that's my commitment. an example in my own home town, there is a baylor middle school, baylor school of medicine. it talks about medicine and it's in a historic neighborhood. i want the children in that historic neighborhood to have first brass at those seats and then of course open the opportunity to people from around the community. that's the kind of message in school choice, choosing going to school in your neighborhood or beyond but being able to have a seat of excellence where you are. >> to those cynical folks you and i both know white flight is something that is very real in this country. to those cynical folks who would say congresswoman, you know when you have a school that was at one point 50/50 and all of a sudden in a given school year it's 80% minority and 20% white, it's not going to take long for
9:31 am
that new school to become precisely what the school was that was being fleed, does that make sense to you? >> that's when i call upon our higher angels. america has to confront her original ideal we're created equal and of course the first amendment and freedom of association. once we get to understand we're all americans and america is becoming increasingly diverse and talented with different resources coming from the human body, i say that the human politics of so many vast differences, that you do well if you have a young person sitting next to someone who is different and they all learn excellently with the resources and tools and technology, i think that's the message we have to get to parents so we can cease the flight of any kind because you have an opportunity for your child to learn what the world is about and also learn excellently. that's the fight i'm in and i'll continue to fight for that. we want to reach those goals. the president did great today
9:32 am
talking about the tools to give our children, no matter where they are in america, the right tools to compete worldwide. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee. >> we have breaking news out of laguardia airport in queens, this is a picture of terminal c. that is where travelers and you can see lots of them gathered there outside the terminal, travelers at terminal c have been evacuated. the port authority is describing it as some sort of smoking bag. again this is initial reporting here, according to federal sources at laguardia, there's a smoking piece of checked luggage that triggered the precautionary evacuation. there was a good deal of evaporation on the tarmac, the nypd bomb squad is on the way. at this point we should add that the bag never made its way on to a flight. we're going to continue to follow this. terminal c at laguardia has been evacuated. [ female announcer ] skin looking tired?
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the workweek started with a snowstorm striking much of the northeast. this go around, the storm will affect a much larger chunk of this country, more than 100 million people will feel the impact one way or another in more than 30 states, one of those spots is missouri, already that state issued a new travel order that is also where we find the weather channel's jim c cantore, live in kansas city. it's already coming down good? >> reporter: we're in the moderate snow right now. the winds are also picking up, about 50 to 20 miles per hour plus the temperatures are dropping. looking up again, you can see we
9:37 am
have snow packed roads everywhere here. we're in a place called country club plaza, a hot spot here, beautiful spot in kansas city, a nice time to be down here even in the winter. it's hard to get down here today because of what's going on with the snow. as you look up broadway to the south, not too much traffic but the traffic there has been has definitely been gingerly, we heard from the missouri department of transportation, mile marker 131, they anticipate it closed of about four hours. if you look at the map, there's just about everywhere you look has purple on it which indicates snow covered roads. we've got huge issues in missouri, kansas, in arkansas, with the freezing rain down towards little rock and oklahoma and all of this is now building into the ohio valley and we've got thunder and lightning coming down with freezing rain. very dynamic storm. the buses are still running. i just saw a bus go by.
9:38 am
but a lot of people didn't go to work today. they didn't go to work because they were asked to stay home. the mayor said, look, employers please ask your employees to stay home. we're only running about two thirds at best operation at kansas city international. so this area for the most part is taking it on the chin. >> jim, reallyickly, am i to understand correctly that behind this one there's another storm headed to the northeast specifically on sunday? >> there could be. there could be. there's a lot of die vergence in those models. the data that those models will tap into is way up in the gulf of alaska, some of it is in russia. the timing can be incredibly challenging with the models to take those features and bring them to the east coast by the time sunday goes around. it's up in the air. dz anything from from a block buster storm where we'll talk about 20 inches of snow in boston and philly, to nothing.
9:39 am
so we are at the full range of the scale here. too early to call yet. we're into this one right through tomorrow night into the northeast. >> jim can tore in kansas city. jim, thank you as always, sir. back to politics now. and it's climate component to this as well. the debate over the pipeline heating up on capitol hill at this hour. the issue as you know has split many democrats and this morning the top republican in the house also weighed in. >> keystone pipeline is complex in it's been under studly for five years. we build pipelines every day, do you imagine there are 200,000 miles of pipelines in the united states? and the only reason the president is involved in the keystone is because it crosses an international boundary. we can build it. there's nothing complex about the keystone pipeline, it's time to build it. >> a conservation biologist and also wrote the book the
9:40 am
insatable bark beet le. friday they said building a pipeline would not add to carbon pollution. why not go ahead and do it? >> i'll tell you why, the consequences of burning these heat trapping fuels from the oil sands for our environment are epic. the western united states including the semi arid region from north dakota to texas will develop semipermanent droughts. a dust bowl in the midwest will expand. the economic losses are incal cuable and the central valley in california could no longer be irrigated. the price of food will rise to an unprecedented level. that's why. >> i want to pivot and talk about the hearing in the senate
9:41 am
today about water safety and water safety crisis in west virginia. senators jay rockefeller and joe manchin testifying about the situation in their state. they are also co-sponsoring a bill to streamline oversight of chemical facilities like the one that caused that 300,000 people to lose their water for about a week. is that a step in the right direction? >> yeah, look, i think the take home message here is very clear that when you spill thousands of gallons of a toxic meth ol coloral hexane in the elk river that fresh water is the most precious thing we have. we have to protect it at all costs. >> we'll leave it there. thank you for your time, sir. >> we're also keeping a very close eye on the markets today, showing signs of a gentle bounceback after yesterday's 300-point nose dive. i want to talk vice president biden's former economic adviser
9:42 am
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it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> that was today's opening bell on wall street. the markets are enjoying a better tuesday after weak economic numbers sent them plummeting. most of the major boards as you can see are up on this midday with dow jones getting a little bit of its former self. monday, a weak manufacturing report added to fears in growth in emerging markets sending the dow down more than 300 points. from center of budget on policy and priorities, the stock market down about 7% roughly year to date after pretty strong 2013. is this dip something short term or does it signal something more long lasting? >> my guess would be on the
9:46 am
relatively short term, you never want to make too much out of one day up or down in the market. when you say up last year, we're talking 30% for the main u.s. indexes. japan's stock market was up 57% and also taken a hit recently with this emerging market turmoil you mentioned. so some of this is what we just think of as a basic correction. i think it's fair to say the market has been a bit overvalued. >> equities overvalued for the most part? >> i think there's some of that going on. what you saw on monday was kind of interesting because you have a lot of capital leaving the emerging markets for reasons we can get into looking for a safe haven. it comes back here typically a safe place to park and they get this bad manufacturing report unexpectedly weak. but again, that's just probably a one-time hit and you see there's a bounce back. i would say not to make too much of this, keep a close eye on it.
9:47 am
>> let's talk about obama care, the nonpartisan congressional budget office, cbo, out with new numbers this morning that do not necessarily look good for the white house. it estimates that the law may reduce about three times as many full-time jobs as it originally estimated. john boehner and paul ryan have already pounced on those numbers. how big of a deal are these numbers for republicans, jerry? >> i don't think it's that big of a deal in the larger scheme of things. if it's a big deal, it's just because of the kind of politics and daily arguments about the affordable care act if you can find something -- if you're a republican and can find something negative to throw at it, you're going to do so and this looks like that. what actually the report says is that if you look at the broader economy, the cbo is not that bullish on future growth rate. things are going to improve but they are going to improve slower than they thought. the affordable care act is not
9:48 am
implicated in that part of the report. they are mushing it together. there is a reason to suspect that some people may work less too avoid losing subsidies as part of the aca. it's very theer receiptical and i'm not sure the cbo is right about that. >> we always appreciate your insight. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, an american drug story, there is no shortage of debate about the future of marijuana in this country. but what about heroin? sudden death of actor philip seymour hoffman is shining a bright light on a dark drug reality. today i have new campbell's chunky spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. which 4g lte map has the most coverage? this isn't real difficult. pretty obvious to me. i'm going to have to say verizon verizon.
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the washington, d.c. city council votes on whether to decriminalize marijuana while possessing or smoking small amounts would still result in a fine it would not lead to jail time or a criminal record in the nation's capital, this coming a month after it became the law of the land in colorado and a
9:52 am
couple of weeks after president obama told the new yorker magazine as has been well documented, i smoked pot as a kid and view it as a bad habit and advice, not different from the cigarettes i smoked as a young person my adult life. i don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. perhaps it's statements like that which have led to a house oversight subcommittee hearing in the next hour over what john mika calls the increasingly schizophrenic federal policy on marijuana. for more on future of the legalization of marijuana and the future of the drug war in this country, i'm joined by huffington post's ryan grimm, who also wrote this book "this is your country on drugs." talking about decriminalizing pot, washington and colorado providing road maps. some critics are wondering if there is a danger to this patch work of policies that seems to
9:53 am
be popping up. what's your response to that? >> there is a danger to a patch work of policies but what's the alternative? this is the way that drug prohibition came in in the first place. the first drug -- first law criminalizing drug ugs was in san francisco in the 19th century ironically, it was an opium law targeted specifically at the chinese. our drug laws are kind of less overtly racist now. they are racist in their application but back in the 19th century, it was written right in the law. it started in san francisco and spread to other towns and counties and states and eventually the federal government criminalized it and the way the drug war is going to unwind is the same way. it's going to happen in san francisco is where it started and it will unwind locally and eventually the federal government will get around to it. >> the president making those comments in new york and head the dea reportedly disagreeing with them publicly.
9:54 am
disagreed specifically with that comparison between alcohol and pot. is the administration not sure with precisely how to deal with the marijuana issue? >> it depends on what you mean by the administration. the dea is quite sure how it wants to deal with the marijuana situation. it wants to put it -- everybody in jail who does it. they think there's no health benefit to this, no public benefit what so far and if they catch someone they should be looked up. this is the law. there's a little bit of irony in their argument there because they are the ones that are out lobbying to tighten the laws and keep the laws in place. thn they throw their hands up and say this is the law, we're out here enforcing it. but there certainly is some confusion within the white house itself about how far to go on this. that was expressed in obama's statement. >> marijuana not the only narcotic in the new details,
9:55 am
we're learning about how much heroin was found in philip seymour hoffman's apartment and increase in sales and seizures in the big apple and l.a. times which uses the actor's death to take a disturbing look at heroin usage trends. look at vermont, peter delivered last month's state of the state address. >> in vermont since 2000, we've seen a 770% increase in treatment for aoepiates, what started as ox ycontin has turne into a full blown heroin crisis. >> what's behind it? >> most of it is a consequence of the moralizing of the drug war. what happened over the last decade the dea decided to attack basically the pharmaceutical
9:56 am
industry and they went after what they called pill mills. they describe them as shady operations where unxrup you house doctors are handing out medicines to addicts. but a lot of these people, the overwhelming majority of these people actually needed -- actually needed these painkillers. they pushed a lot of normal doctors out of this business which forces all of the business of the pill mills and then they say, now all of these pill mills so huge, we have to shut them down. without access to that, people have move towards heroin in rural areas. >> that's going to do it for me on this tuesday afternoon. up next quts an dree drea mitch reports. . nature lover... people person. ♪ and you put up with it all...
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10:00 am
acknowledged. >> the most important issue is, did i know anything about the plan to close these lanes? did i authorize it? did i know about it? did i approve it? did i have any knowledge of it beforehand? and the answer is still the same, unee ququivocally no. >> we'll get the real cost of smoking. >> what's a pack of smokes cost? your smooth skin. >> it causes wrinkles and premature aging. putin's world, with two days to go, russia is much moreha


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