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tv   Lockup Wabash  MSNBC  February 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> did you trip over something? a prison inmate is covering up his own brutal beating. >> i don't like you using the same one that everyone is using because you bring that funk into my cell. >> two cell mates share.
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>> something was broken. >> i go by a dumpster and i wonder. i wonder is that one of my daughter's last resting places. >> ♪ everybody locked up. plucked from death row an
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>> since converting to islam. >> reflection of a new person, a new man. changed man. >> not the only inmate at wabash who has gone through a spiritual transformation since coming to prison. marcus murray, a self proclaimed priest of a little known
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germanic pagan religion. it is the prechristian religion of northern europeans. hear me now -- >> it has proven popular among white inmates in prisons nationwide. he discovered it after coming to wabash, 11 years earlier. serving a sentence for beating a man to death and says that the worship of nordic gods has helped him come to grips with the murder. his pendant and many prison tattoos are symbols of his faith. they're all norse. viking age. a large portion of it, study viking age history.
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>> prison officials have begun to seep it as something else. a fight for white supremacist gangs. wabash banned gatherings. >> white supremacy members are using it to have gang meetings with services and disruptive. >> it is not a gang. it does not promote gang mentality t or any criminal elements at all. it's a religion based on virtue and knowledge. >> the ban hasn't stopped murray from recruiting new members. his latest, william jones jr. >> jones who denies being a
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white supremacist. he was sentenced to six years for burglary. >> hung out with the wrong people. was strung out. i broke into a house. took a tv and other items like a tattoo gun. took them, sold them for drugs. >> the house he robbed was his father's. >> when my dad called the police. i strongly believe it was my son jr. it killed hem to do it. >> jones says he would look to rebuild a relationship with his father and will soon have the chance. he leaves prison on parole in one week. >> you are not enjoying the weather are you. why would you enjoy the weather? you get to enjoy all that when you go home next week.
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next thursday. >> he wants to be influenced. because he is, he is still being molded as a man you. know? still a kid. turning into somebody. >> delivering papers. that's temporary. >> coming up. >> two boyhood friends, cellmates, find themselves at a crossroads. later. >> i'm asking you to open your heart. >> leonard mcqway tries to rehab his image.
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i recognize i have a family out there that really needs me.
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been spending a lot of time away from me. and say i have always been the best for them. matter of fact their lives would have been a lot better without me in it. >> the correctional facility is isolated among miles of corn and soybean field in southwestern indiana. >> come on. let's go. >> some of the state's violent inmates are housed here. and they have been known to hurt each other. james stone has been in prison for the past 25 years for attempted murder. he has the had more than a few scrapes in that time. while some inmates half been known to create knives out of toothbrushes or nearly anything else. several years ago, when stone was at another prison. he devised a more unique weapon. >> the cheese graters was leather work gloves that i had that i took pads off, welding
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gloves, inside the welding gloves. i took the pads off of them. put varnish, dipped them in varnish. puts the pads on top. let it dry for a minute. got good and tacky. dripped back down in the varnish. went over off to the drill press. and still shop where the curly qs are. metal curly qs. dipped down in a bunch of them. a metal bush on top of my gloves. then let them dry for a minute. then i ran them through the top layer of the varnish in the can. keep them from breaking off. let them dry. on your hands. while your hands stayed bald up. and, once they dried. they last forever. every time you hit some one. like taking cheese, through a cheese grater. not pretty. like making slaw. among the population of seasoned inmates like stone are two young sons. once boyhood friends on the outside. they rely on each other for
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survival on the inside. >> we met like a different, places we hang out when we was, what? 13. 14. maybe at the latest. maybe even 12. >> robbie mcanellie serving six years. >> i will be 23. with parole violations. i have came to prison five times. ain't none been for a long time. if i've keep coming eventually it is going be. i don't want that. i really don't have nobody out there. i wish i had some place to go. i were i could get on my feet. get a job. live life productively. i've don't want to keep coming here. this ain't for me. if anything happened. he is going to help me stay out though. >> you hear me. >> you know. off a . >> unlike his boyhood friend. this is bradley nappier's first
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time behind walls. he is serving 16 years. >> when i heard my sentence. i was crying. at 18. getting 16 years, you know, seemed look forever. oh, man. i've ain't never getting out. you snow but we got a good relationship, you know what i mean. we talk to ooch otheach other c. smack each other around. >> doesn't matter. always real good afterwards. >> though they are from the same hometown. they're lives in prison would make it seem like they're from different sides of the tracks. >> his tv is a little older model. my tv is, one of the flash screens they started selling. it's -- expensive. but it's, just a bigger picture, you know what i mean.
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everything in here is ours. you know what i mean? it's not -- whatever is mine is his, whatever his is mine. and that's the way we live. you know what i mean? >> thanks to support from his family, nappier has more money to spend on commissary snacks. once a week he loads up for both himself. >> he eats half of everything. man he need to carry half of everything. >> why would you just grab that? >> all the commissary goes in one box. we both eithat out of it. he doesn't have a lot of things going for him that i have. it's hard for him to stay on the right path. >> one thing that he does have -- is an abundance of tattoos. >> i got these hand from my dad.
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that's my mom's name. in the heart. honor my mother. honor my father. and then i got the south side down. my neighborhood. over here, money bags. na naked girls. everybody likes naked girls. money. all clowns. ain't too much meaning. >> don't you got $100. >> i do. >> where is that? >> that's crazy, bro. >> i got $100 bill tattooed on my penis. >> oh. >> so what do you tell the girls about that, man? >> that's money to blow. >> the imagery on his body only tells part of his story. the pictures he keeps tucked in a photo album that tell the best. >> how often do you look at that? >> every day. >> he hasn't seen his son, 3-year-old robbie iii in two years. he had a contentious
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relationship with his son any mother. >> since i came back to prison. me and her got into it. came back to prison. i ain't seen him at all. 26 months ago. >> nappier is also the father of a young boy, 2-year-old bradley jr. >> this is what he sent me for my birthday. another little thing that came with it. he colored on. put stickers all over. it's my world. my whole life. >> look other aspects of their friendship, their relationships to their sons are also marked by a have/have not quality. nappier enjoys regular visits with his child. >> i wouldn't be able to go through what he is going through. not seeing my son and stuff. i don't know. >> there is a reason. while he longs for a visit with his son. marcus murray has been playing father figure and teaching his religious beliefs to william
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jones jr. jones is only two days away from leaving prison on parole. murray says he hopes that it will help him keep from returning to prison. >> so when you are hanging out at the house. and you rooli irealize you have to pay or something look that. somebody comes over. and they offer the opportunity for you to make a little bit of easy cash you. know, go rob something. things go bad. things break bad. people get involved. feel weren't suppose to be there. come out with shot guns you. get killed. you end up being another justin. another, another heartbreak i have to deal with. >> not going to die. >> i've been through this before. had friend of mine that, i have taken under my wing. youngsters. that get out before i do. anyway. they go out there. and they mess up. in fact, i lost a friend. about six years ago, justin. he got shot by a police officer. in indianapolis. so i feel like i failed him. >> i promise you i will send you
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a card for every month you are out there. but if you uh come bacome back, send a blanket party your way. >> not coming back. >> all right, thank you. >> coming up. leonard mckway, gets a job and a chance to prove himself. >> that was to the dislike of some of my supervisors. they thought i lost my mind. >> and later -- marcus murray lashes out when a member said the wrong thing. >> you made us look like [ bleep ]. @ñ
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every day islamic prayers can be heard drifting from the cell from the wabash correctional facility in indiana. >> five times a day it is mandatory for muslims all over the world. five times a day. >> he is serving 60 years for
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murder. since then, he has been in administrative segregation at the secured confinement unit. while he says his koran helped him grow spiritually. the other books in his cell helped him grow physically. >> this is what i call my weight bag. every day i do me some curls, right. i do these. i do shrugs, shrugs. do these. i do back arms like this. like this. it is probably about, probably about 55, 60 pounds. >> he has spent years trying to earn his way back into general population. but his history as a violent offender continues to haunt him. >> i basically engaged in what i
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kid to be an emotional response to being disrespected. >> i was warned when i came into this job regarding offender leonard mckway. leonard is smart. very, very clever. he can talk a great talk. >> caseworker, beverly gilmore raised question as but his trust worthiness. her goal its to give segregation inmates an opportunity to prove themselves. she recently made a controversial decision. after he successfully completed a prison life skills program. she gave him a job in the housing unit. >> i did make him a sanitation worker. to the dislike of some of my supervisors. they thought that i had lost my mind. i would never, they say, let him be, get out of his cell. and i said, let's give him a
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chance. i talked to leonard. i said one time you pass, a scrap of paper to another offender, you will be without your job. and we are watching him probably more closely than we are any, i have something to prove. because i think he can do it. >> change is gauged by behavior. if you are actually changing your behavior must change. and i believe my behavior have changed. >> he hopes a positive job performance will help him win his transfer and his fate will be determined at his next review which is less than a week away. >> the bottom line is i am still somebody that deserve respect to be treated look a human being. if it is given to me i will give it. treat me like a human being, give me the respect and courtesy of the human being. not an animal. you will receive the same. >> coming up, a follower speaks out of turn.
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>> i didn't hatch nove nothing. >> hears abut out it later. ♪
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>> hi, your top stories. ukrainian man is in custody after trying to hijack a turkish airliner and divert to sochi. no bomb was found on board. >> a newborn reported missing from a wisconsin home was afound alive and well 200 miles from home. a relative charged with kidnapping the baby. >> family and friend say their final good-byes to phillip seymour hoffman. a private funeral was held friday for the actor now. back to "lockup." isolated in ural sourural south
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indiana, the correctional facility is more than 100 miles from a main your urban center. it has plenty of reminders of urban problems behind its walls. >> wabash valley has 43 gangs. approximately, 400 gang members. that doesn't reflect all suspected members. those are confirmed members. we have approximately some where between 200 to 300 suspected gang members at this facility. >> most of the gangs are divided along racial lines. but the majority of gang members here belong to white supremacist gangs like the aryan brotherhood. prison officials suspect a growing religious group might be a front for white supremacist gangs. marcus murray, one of the leaders at the facility denies that. >> there has never been anything in my studies that says one race
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is more dominant over another. one culture more dominant than another. nor one religion dominant over another. believers believe that our religion is fine. your religion is fine. guy ratcliff practicing for several years here says there is one group who is not welcome. >> if we found out that somebody in the community was a child molester he would be banned from the community. he can not participate. it is a bylaw. you cannot be a sex offender. >> ratcliff who uses another accepted pronunciation of the group's name defended the fact that some members have swastikas tattooed on their body. >> the swastika was around before adolf hitler come around. okay. now i don't hatve nothing againt adolph, but he took something from my religion which was a sun
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wheel. and made it part of his party. it goes back to ancient civilizations. they had a swastika in persia way before national socialism came along. >> while ratcliff defended it, his comments disturbed murray who let him know how much when he returned to his cell. >> you just made us look like a [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> i fried to tatried to talk a with you. sorry, marcus, i [ bleep ] up, boy. i am sorry. i apologize. try not to get mad hat me, man. >> it's hard not to. you sank my boat. >> later, we told murray reworded hreword reword -- we recorded his conversation
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with ratcliff. and asked hem to explain it. >> he didn't mean any harm. he was ignorant of the conduction of leadership roles. and i think now that he has seen, you know,ing that that i. and it is not really how we do business. i think he changed his point of view. >> murray hopes to also change the point of view of prison officials. he will soon have a hearing with administrators, to appeal their ban on group worship services among members. and to have it removed from the list of security threat groups. robbie faces a different challenge. he not only feels isolated from his young son, from his boyhood friend who just happens to be his cell mate. >> my cellie, a great dude. been knowing him for years. even before he came to prison. but i mean i got my problems that i ain't seen my son in two
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years and -- when he gets to tripping acting like he knows how i feel and stressing hard, he don't see his son for a week. he gets visits every week. everything that is possible to get in here. he has got it. i'm in here, [ bleep ] up. >> serving six years for armed robbery, wear his frustration in prison ink. >> that says vengeance. i have had a lot of wrong done to me. hurt a lot. i seek revenge for that. i have a lot of animosity build up when i got it. i am hoping i can let things go now for my sake, my son's sake. ain't worth it to come back to prison over. >> he points to another tattoo as the source of his frustration. >> the mother of my child. kind of mad that he is not, holding my son from me. awe bought that could be changing. a recent letter and her submission of a visitation request, are indications that
11:38 pm
she is planning to bring his son to see him. >> this ain't the first time she is going to visit. let me be in his life. all of a sudden falls off again. so, i mean i am not, not really going to get my hopes up. last time i seen him. he couldn't walk. couldn't talk. nothing. i can't wait to see him. >> he clings to the hope that a visit will take place. his cellmate, brad napier is enjoying one of his regular visits with his 2-year-old son, brad junior, and his son any mother. jessica korn. >> score a touchdown. >> say, touchdown. >> bradley talks about his dad all the time. we pull up. he sees the guard tower. that's daddy's house. daddy's house. so inside you are like, great. he sees a guard tower and razor wires and thinks of his dad. in another sense that, that is his dad's house. he is ximeexcited to see him. >> this type of one-on-one between an inmate and child, is rare in most maximum security
11:39 pm
prisons where visits typically take place in a common area choked with noise and distractions. nappier's session issen a private play room. part of the prison's fatherhood program. >> fatherhood program is great. i got to spend a lot more time with my son. come in this visiting room. in this room everything is great. it is one-on-one. me and him. running around. playing ball. >> the month low visits are monitored by the program coordinator, joshua cullens. >> they have a responsibility what we are freeing to teach them. though they're in prison. that doesn't give them a cop out not to be a dad. >> oh, my gosh. >> you are okay, buddy. get up. >> oh. >> he hit his head. let me kiss it. tell daddy, kiss it. >> no. >> you'll be all right, boy. >> you are beast mode. say i am beast mode. >> no. >> daddy is beast mode.
11:40 pm
>> you're all right. >> let's see, mr. nappier, go ahead have a seat. >> following each visit. nappier undergoes a review. >> let's talk about bradley crying. >> i think when he starts crying, i tell him, bradley get up. you are fine. because heap is, raised by a whole bunch of women. and, little boys raised by a whole bunch of women get babied. i don't want my son to be babied. want him to have toughness about him. the world is tough. you know what i mean? get up. you have to go on anyway. >> i understand where you are coming from. i want to give you a suggestion. it is okay for him to cry. for you to say okay. and address the situationed on mo -- address the situation and move on. your patterns, quick fix, get him on to something else so he stops. it is okay to acknowledge that he is crying, why he is crying, and move on the do you
11:41 pm
understand? >> definitely understand. >> appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> i look to hear insight on what people think about how i am as a father. i am going to give it some thought about it. but i know how to be a father. i have done good with it, you know. >> coming up. off awe oh, man. >> william jones says good-bye to his mentor and hello to life on the outside. >> don't come back. awe
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. >> acting like i'm dead. all people want to write me. shout out to you all. keep me going. help me stay strong. you don't know it. you know? >> as the predawn darkness hangs
11:45 pm
over indiana's correctional facility, most of the 2,200 convicted felons housed here will treat it as one more routine day of incarceration. but not william jones jr. today, after three years, he is going home. >> how do you feel today? >> nervous. happy to leave. but sucks to have to leave people in here. >> the one inmate he most hates to leave behind is his close friend and spiritual mentor, marcus murray who is serving 60 years for murder. >> hey, man. >> yep. >> yeah. >> going to be are, dude. >> you are going to miss me you. know it? >> not going to miss you. >> man. >> oh. >> oh, man. be cool, man. >> all right. >> while jones spends his final moment in prison. outside the walls his older
11:46 pm
brother casey, and casey's family arrive to pick him up. >> me and my brother are pretty close. i am just glad i get to pick. and not have to leave him here. i have been up here like eight different times. had to leave here it was hard. >> have a good one. >> appreciate it. >> good luck. >> feels different. i guess there is nothing like walking out of prison, i guess. >> all right. >> i mean, being in jail is not real cool. i don't like it. >> get in there. >> what's your name? >> jones. >> thank you. >> did you get your property? i will escort you out of here.
11:47 pm
>> releasing from gate two. let's go. >> be right with you, ma'am. >> come on. >> don't come back. >> i don't want to see you anymore. off awe >> i ain't coming back. >> go see him. >> ha-ha-ha. off a >> normal. >> good to be home. let me do the honors. >> yes, ma'am. >> cigarettes are in the car. >> can't have it right now. >> give me a hug. >> take a picture. >> i don't care. >> finally. >> all right. >> all right. everybody in. >> while jones savors his first moments of freedom.
11:48 pm
back inside wabash. convicted murderer, leonard, fights for a different freedom. he has a review hearing with his case manager to determine if he is ready to be released back into general population from administrative segregation. the only world he has known for the past 16 years. >> you going all way out with it. ain't you. >> go. >> the prospect of the killer of a corrections officer being released back into general population naturally has some staff on edge. >> offender mcquay, comes off as a well spoken individual. that being said he does have the conduct history with the staff, the murder charge of a staff member from a previous facility. so even though he does come across as a quiet individual. you have off to keep that in mind dealing with him. >> he is so evil.
11:49 pm
they so barbaric, putting all the chains on that guy like that. >> i do not trust him. i treat him with respect. but i do not trust him. >> the last time he had a review with his case manager, beverly gill more she approved his request for a job. he hopes he can persuade her that she is ready for general population. >> hello, mr. mcquay. how are you? >> all right, mrs. g. how you be? >> my presentation for review. >> what makes you a good candidate for release from administrative segregation into the offender general population? >> i have engaged in rehabilitation that has allowed me to take a retrospective look, not only at my past, violent behavior, and my new more humbled progressive behavior.
11:50 pm
and i believe that i have made some significant strides in my -- in my social relationship with staff. >> all right. leonard, you talk a mighty fine talk. however, how are we to be assured that you actually have soaked this in and believe it down into the bone marrow? >> i am asking you, ms. gilmore and the administration here to open your hearts. and look at -- me as a human being who has made some terrible mistakes, who has come back from the grave. i am a new man. and the only way that, that this new man can shine is that you give me the opportunity. please give me a chance. that's all they need. i won't let them down. >> i will summarize that. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mcquay. >> they have reason to be
11:51 pm
concerned because of prior incidents. associated with me. the only way that they can see that, i am not only, a changed man, but i am ready to do something different with my life. is to let me have an opportunity. i haven't had a chance. that's what i am hoping for. >> coming up. marcus murray defends it. >> you have a salute. like a white supremacists do. >> no, sir. >> a decision is handed down.
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>> robbie has been in prison for a little more than two years. and all that time, he hasn't had a single visit with his 3-year-old son. recent contact with the child's mother had given him hope that a visit might be imminent. but now, the child's mother, represented in a tattoo on his arm has changed her plans. >> you have been talking about for the past two and a half months now. i am going to bring trey down there. now all of a sudden. you're too busy. think i will turn her into a clown, bro. >> didn't do that. i will turn her into a clown. >> he just talks. loves that girl over there. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> just talking [ bleep ]. >> she ain't worth a [ bleep ]. >> later, he revealed one possible reason why the mother of his child has not followed through on visits. he said it was an incident that happened before he returned to prison.
11:56 pm
something he rarely talks about. >> it was a domestic battery. and i haven't seen him since then. which was -- yeah. that's the last time i seen him was the night that that happened. >> he can only accept the consequences of his actions. and do little to control devil ofments with those he left behind on outside. but today, marcus murray is hoping to make the big change on the inside. >> how you doing? >> he filed a grievance to have it removed from the prison's list of security threat groups or gangs. today, security threat group coordinator, robbie marshal and assistant superintendent jack hendricks have granted murray a hearing on the matter. >> if you were in a leadership position and you saw some one coming into your community or into your services. with ill will or intent to participate in a security threat group activity. what would your take on that be. >> tell them to go back from
11:57 pm
whence they came. there is no reason to bring ill will. it is a sacred place. if one person is sick, in the group. then we are all sick. and, if you are in the community. you have a say so. and, if it is anything that's kind of -- you know, controversial. it does get voted on. >> can you elaborate on that a bit. >> let's say somebody had a new idea for how we salute each other. >> salute. greeting someone. >> yeah, particular hand shakes or something. like, as a fraternity. you know, people look to, set themselves apart. >> you stated that you or your, community have -- a greeting that you refer to as a salute. could you show me what that refers to. >> no. i never said that. >> no. no. we say hello and good health. >> you weren't referring to a
11:58 pm
gesture? >> no. hand, body language or anything lick that. kind of look a white supremacists do when they do hitler salute. >> i guess i have one major question here. what is your input or races that join in your community. >> we will discriminate against no one. regardless of race, gender, sex, creed, nationality, origin, or, of their religion. we don't discriminate from that. >> you have a minority in leadership role. >> no. >> of if that opportunity arose would that be allowed. >> yes it would. >> do you have any more questions. >> not today. >> marcus, any questions for us? >> no. i don't. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> final decision could still be weeks off. but the wait is over for leonard. prison officials denied his request to be moved back to general population. >> he seems like he has everything in the world going for him. but when you really sit down and
11:59 pm
you really listen, off the unit. when he thinks that you can't hear him talking some of the things he talks about negative toward staff, when a staff person was assaulted by another offender in another cell house. he was applauding. so that is a telltale sign that he is not ready to go into the general population. >> i don't want to lose my mind on a unit like this. i dent want to physically begin to deteriorate where i can't get no help. so i am saying i want to actually be given an opportunity to do something progressive with my life. back here in solitary confinement. i can't do that.
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons, into a world of chaos and danger. now the scenes you've never seen. "lockup: raw." >> i think it would be inaccurate to say there is never a dull moment in prison. actually there's plenty of dull moments in prison. it's just that all that monotony is broken up with moments of sheer terror. there's a lot of bottled up negative energy in prison, and


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