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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 12, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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>> shaun white and olympic gold. ♪ >> hey, hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is wednesday, february the 12th. welcome to "way too early" the
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show where hosting stag makes setting up the seating chart a little easier around here. we want to start, though, with the latest winter storm in the
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of course, we are going to get a block buster snowstorm. >> i know you keep hearing it, i am ready for spring. >> eight to 14 dames, 50s and 60s. >> so, the seating chart didn't go as planned. white house host ed hollande. the view from under the tent on the south lawn. spectacular, senators, second of state, you see her there in white, eddie win sor, julia louis drifus sat next to joe biden. we both paying tribute through
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world war two. it was all business as the two leaders fielded questions from the deteriorating situation in syria. president obama clarified, they don't have a standing no spy agreement with the allies. back to the dinner. according to my source saying, a tidbit that holande was dancing away to the music. >> and republicans walk away mostly empty handed.
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the house speaker had to turn to democrats for support. with 28 republicans voting yea. facing the prospect of negative prospects, he told his conference, quote, we will get it done. we will not make ourselves the story. as the speaker breaks the rule, by bringing a vote to the floor without a majority of republican support, he puts himself in line for criticize from the far right. calling the clean bill a joke. the senator conservative fund is calling for him to be replaced as speaker. there, it will be met with more
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opposition. ted cruise is threatening to filibuster the bill. chris christie is coming off a successful trip to illinois. the group claimed he drummed up $one million in donations, this is while there, he weighed in on the in being and equality debate. >> what they want is income opportunity. i can good night you x-dollars a year for the rest of your life, there may be some in america that would accept that that is the spirit of this country. i think that one of the big discussion of conversation ises over the course of the next two
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years in national politics will be, do you want mediocrity or greatness? everybody can have an equal med yoker salary. that is what we can afford. or do you want the opportunity to greatness? >> the governor wasn't spared questions about the bridge scandal. the wave of subpoenas, about the christ christie -- why the lanes on the gwb were closed in november. he said those lane closures were part of a traffic study. also, the new jersey state police are pushing back that governor may have flown above the traffic delays on september lenth. we have news to report from our
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family here. special correspondent tom brokaw is battling cancer. the 74-year-old said the doctors are encouraged by how he responded to his treatment n a statement, he said, quote, with the exceptional support of my family, medical team and family, i want optimistic about the future. i look forward to continuing my life and adventures still to come. i also hope everyone understands i wish to keep this a private matter. we talk about business now. the testimony on capital hill. the do you up 200 point, the best four day stretch in over a year. live in london.
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it seems -- >> the new fed chair, as she insistos being called, pretty much held the line, that was enough to lift the sentiment in markets. we had china, 10.6% jump in export, a lot of people are questioning the danger of saying there was a lot of front loading ahead of the chinese new year. most economists pencilled in 0.1%. people are having a cold, hard look the at that one to see what they make of it. we have evidence it seems that hot theest property market in the united states, just a bit going into the fourth quarter.
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atlanta, red hot, moderated the price of growth to 33%. a nfb other cities, i want to mention quickly, if case you may be interested. l.a., phoenix. sacramento, showing 20% plus or better, price increasing for the last quarter of last year. back to you. >> let's talk about the new study, the gap between college degree kids and high school degree kids it is now greater than ever before. this is fascinating, clearly, going to college appears to pay when you look at the data here. this is the highest gap between high school graduates and college degree graduates, college degree graduates, median wage.
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45,000500 for college graduate, and that is versus 28 thnds. the gap is widening, because everybody is slipping a bit. the high school graduates are slipping the most. we know college is expensive. it is a question of what is better, that you pay the cost of college or suffer the consequences of not going. just quickly, the other thing that came up in this study. the millennials, are the smartest ever, a third of them have degrees, those born after 1980. if they are so smart, why do most of them never know what you are talking about when you talk about the battles or roy rodgers. >> 42 minutes after the hour. that means- auto41 year-old allegedly changed her name to sexy. her name reminded her of an
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unhappy childhood. combine your first pet's name and first street name. i am fish rad climpt still ahead, your olympic update, and a major disappointment for the game's most recognizable face. only one can be best in show. the pooch getting a lot of attention, and a trip to the dog run. and the series storm. handing out several licenses, for same sex marriages. [announcer] word is getting out.
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time for our olympic update from beautiful sochi, where it is 60 degrees today. disappointing may be an understatement for shaun white. the two-time gold medalist came in fourth after opting out of the inaugural slope style to focus solely oits top event. he will leave the olympics empty handed. no word yet if he wants to return to the games in south korea. the men's half pipe winner, team switzerland, is the inventor of the yolo. if you say it faster, with conviction, you can get it done. two japanese competitors took home silver and bronze making the first time -- this the first time an american was not on the half pipe medal podium since the sport was introduced to the olympics back in 1998. congrats to them. sdmrirchlg the women's ski jump competition made its olympic debut on tuesday night. the sport is part of the winter games after years of lobbying and a lawsuit by female athletes.
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not a great performance from the americans, though. they finished tenth, 15th and 2 1st. germany, austria, and france will be taking home medals for this first time event. an historic moment for the u.s. yesterday. aaron hamlin won bronze in the women's singles luge. a first medal for my single luge athlete since the sport was introduced. it's the fifth olympic medal for usa. the first four came in the doubles races in the luge event. congrats to them. helping with our medal count there. another solid performance from the american women on the slopes in slope style skiing. devin logan won silver. those ladies were absolutely amazing if you watch that. let's get a check of the medal count. more on top with four golds. canada also has four gold medals, nine total. the netherlands, three golds, eight medals in all. the u.s. sits in fourth place with two golds and seven total. our stage manager, jen, who is in sochi, we're wondering where the heck she is, jen by the
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rings, jen by the -- >> she's in the bahamas. that's photo shopped. mroo she's in sochi, but it looks like the bahamas. i wish we were in the bahamas, sochi with her. the winter storm is going to grip the south once again. at least this time they have -- >> i don't think this storm probably is getting enough attention because we're so deep into winter. we're so over it. i mean, we've had, like, five winter storms, big ones, this season. i think this one is not getting enough attention because it actually could be much worse than some areas of the deep south than we've seen all winter long. of course, everyone remembers atlanta from two, three weeks ago, and that was kind of isolated to the birmingham wrar and atlanta. this wide scope of this could be much, much worse, and we're including areas from atlanta to august wra to columbia, all where i. let's go to augusta, fworj george, which could be one of the worst areas and put the most ice on the tree limbs and the weather channel's jim cantore, you are right in the heart of it, and the scope of the ice and how many people just amazing. >> yeah. i mean, bill, remember, this is
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already affecting dallas and shreveport. reports on jackson, mississippi this morning. about a half inch of the ice. we've just gotten into this event. i mean, look at this already. we're 30 degrees right now. moderate freezing rain. the ice just continues to built up and build up on the limbs. the wind comes along every once in a while, and you can hear this crackling going on as the weight of this ice certainly is starting to be felt on some of the tree limbs. we just started. i expect about an inch of ice on these limbs, guys, before all is said and done, and that's going to lead to massive, massive power outages across the i-20 corridor. they've already closed a bridge in harlzton. look at the big leaves. can you see the ice just dripping off of these. of course, it's going to continue to accumulate with the temperature at 30 degrees and the fact that the air is dry. the wind, the two inches liquid that we still have left here are going to cause major problems for the south. major power outages expected here, guys. hundreds of thousands. bill, it was interesting. the georgia power crew just got
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back from pennsylvania with their power outage issue to come down here. now obviously have to face another ice storm. >> loofr overtime for those guys. being on those rigs, that's just amazing job that they have. good luck to you down there, jim, and we'll be watching the south all day today. as far as snow goes, tom, charlotte, four to eight inches. richmond, four to eight. there's a stripe through the mountains of virginia, north carolina, and through the big cities to the north, this is another high impact winter storm, and a lot of these areas we don't have any place to put the snow. almost another foot on top of what we have is ridiculous. >> you're going to keep us updated through the morning. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" the speaker of the house reaches across the aisle to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. does this put the speaker in jeopardy, though? how might it impact the midterm elections? we come back here, and we're going to hulgts around the water cooler. it's an out of the world sky diving video found in a pig pen six months later. "way too early" will be right back after this. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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we always consider best day in the show. lewis. >> that's right, thomas. now, let's start with the westminster dog show where this year's best in show definitely had some personality. >> and now at this 138th westminster kennel club show best in show this evening is the wire fox terrier.
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>> sky, the female water fox terrier was awarded the top prize last night at madison square garden here in new york. a standard poodle of the runner swrup and crowd favorite seemed to be the loveable -- look at that dog. now, the westminster event hosted more than 2,800 competitors from different breeds and varieties. there was actually dogs from all 50 states and 13 different countries. it was our very own sochi of new york of dog shows here. now, meanwhile, jimmy kimmel was watching the westminster competition, and he decided to fix on something other than the dogs. >> my favorite part of the westminster dog show is watching the owners prance around the obstacle course. i'm much more interested in the owners than i am the dogs. in fact, i asked my crack graphics team to remove the dogs from the following clips and this to me is what the westminster dog show is all
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about. [ applause ] >> we finally found something sadder than an imaginary friend. >> now, sky divers, thomas, they generally like to relive their thrills after the fact, so they often record their jumps. i know i would if i ever did it. this daredevil actually dropped their camera in midair. surprisingly, the camera not only sur vifd the fall and also kept on recording. she posted the video and said she found it eight months after the fact in a pig pen on her property. s now, the pig luckily did not ingest the camera. i probably wouldn't want to see what the end of that video. >> that's amazing though. good thing they found that. much appreciated. still ahead on "way too
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. we had some good ones, diesel rechter, fishran cliff,busterbluejay. "morning joe" starts right now. he's our last successful politician. let's start with that since you said politics. you know, every republican took for granted bugeorge w. bush wh he was there. gun


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