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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 18, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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>> welcome to 11:30 [ bleep ]. >> cash and cameos equals comedic gold. as the new host of "the tonight show," he lifts the decades old ban on a former favorite guest. is apple getting in bed with tesla motors? the big meeting that has the tech world buzzing about a possible partnership between the two super brands. and what the heck is a twizzle? you'll see the two american ice dancers who twiz he wizled strao olympic gold. >> good morning, it is february 18, welcome to "way too early".
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after jimmy fallon's star-studded premiere, many fans are asking how can he top that show. >> and now, here is your host, jimmy fallon! >> it was a good time. this crowd welcomed jimmy with a rouses round of applause. will smith was the first official guest to test out the new chair. we'll see a little more from the show coming up a little later. but things really heated up when u2 took to the roof of 30 rock for a very special performance. ♪ >> tscene was amazing. we'll have more from the big premiere coming up later in the cooler. and in honor of jimmy's first
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big "tonight show," we want to know your favorite fallon moment to date. could be an snl movie, a skit, maybe something off our radar. tweet us your most creative answers and we'll put the best ones up later in the show. republicans may have backed down on the debt fight, but now the party sees a real open to go zero in on the issues that they hope will decide the midterm elections. among them, botched rollout of obama care. as the "new york times" points out, democrats lose a chance to paint their opponents as obstructionists or worse and the article says leading members of the president's party are alarmed by what one senator called the grim reality of outside money pouring in to a united gop. and republicans are putting big ticket legislation on the back burner to instead focus on issues that have strong backing within the part i. that means immigration and tax reform will likely be shelved for the rest of the year. democrats are looking to punch back with the help of a hedge
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fund founder. t tom's first target will be governor rick scott in florida. the size of his political organization could rifle the network of charles and david koch. it has been five years since president obama signed his $800 billion stimulus plan to jump-start the american economy. and five years later, the jury is still out on whether it made a difference in the recovery. the white house celebrated the anniversary by releasing a report that touts the plan's successes. and that does include 1.6 million jobs created or saved between the years 2009 and 2012. unemployment has dropped from 10% in october of 2009 to 6.6% now. and the report also pointed out the real world impact of the spending including the improvement of 40,000 miles of road, 2700 bridges, and bringing high speed internet to 20,000
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community institutions including schools. the bill passed in 2009 with only three republican votes across both chambers and the party's sour opinion of the recovery act hasn't changed. mitch mcconnell called the law a tragedy and ted cruz took to twitter to mock the job creation saying unfortunately, they're all at the irs and nsa. and potential 2016 hopeful marco rubio said the stimulus proof big government is not the answer. >> the notion was that if the government spent all this money that by the way was borrowed, that somehow the economy would grow and create jobs. of course it clearly failed. underemployment is still too high, the number of people that have dropped out of the workforce is astounding. and our economy isn't growing fast enough. proof that massive government spending particularly debt spending is not the solution to our economic growth problems. >> so emotionally many americans may be in agreement with the republican argument. for the first time in months,
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americans believe that unemployment is the country's biggest problem, 23% say jobs should be the country's top priority. and that replaces dissatisfaction with the government as the number one problem. other important issues are the economy, health care and the federal deficit. overall, just 22% of americans are satisfied with the way things are currently going. chris christie's office is rejecting the notion that the governor spoke to a port authority police officer about the george washington bridge closure. steve kornacki reported the police officer personally drove david wildstein the christie appointee on a tour of the area while the lanes were shut down. the lieutenant status at the port authority is now under review after the head of the department ordered an investigation. ace brother is a top republican lobbyist. christie spokesman said the governor has never had any conversations with either jeff or chip michaels on this topic. north korea's crimes against
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humanity are no secret, but now a comprehensive report by the united nations issuing a call to action. and yesterday a u.n. panel said kim jong-un and north korean leadership could face international justice for atrocities now being compared to those committed under hitler. andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: north korea kim jong-un at a birthday tribute. a vast network of prison chasms, horrors going back decades. extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, sexual violence, and forced abortions. >> there will be no excusing a failure of action because we didn't know. we do know. >> reporter: survivors sketched pictures to illustrator chur and public execution of hundreds of thousands.
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this man a police per at camp 15 said a fellow prisoner trying to escape was dragged back to the camp behind a truck, then executed for all to see. this woman imprisoned for 28 years drew pictures after she got out. she said guards would spit in their mouths. if they gagged, they would be beaten. former guards told human rights watch many people lost their minds. children starved. families foraged for snakes or nice to feed their children. and the u.n. report says when women prisoners gave birth, most often guards forced either the mother or third person to kill the baby by drowning it in water or suffocating it by holding a cloth or other item against its face. >> this is the most comprehensive documentation that we've seen of the unimaginable cruelties of the authority korean prison camp system. >> reporter: this army jgeneral
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says today's report could bring hope. but will they ever learn of it. >> i don't there is any regime in history that have controlled information like north korea. >> amazing revelations there. andrea a mitchell will an guest on "morning joe" coming up later today. director of national intelligence says americans would have been far more receptive to the government spying program if they were told about it in the first place. clapper says the sweeping surveillance programs were kept secret for too long. if americans were made aware of the measures from the start, they would have seen them as a, quote, common good like taking off your shoes at the airport or getting finger printed. clapper defends the promise which allowed for american's phone numbers to be selected and stored. we focus now on business. this week primarily the focus is going to be on the fed january minutes. markets reopen today coming off the best weekly gain of the year. steve sedgwick is live for us in london. explain why the fed minutes will
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be up interest to people from january. >> i think main street wants to see whether it leads to tightening rates later in 2014, more likely in 2015. but the markets, as well, fueled lie theed a sdren lynn that has come from quantitative easing, if that is slowly taken away, interesting to see what that does for market performance. markets did rather well as of late. asian markets have done well in the current session. europeans less so. be interest being to see what those 28th and 29th the of january minutes show us. fascinating to see what apple is up to. report saying maybe they are looking to expand were from their traditional mobile devices to look at things such as tesla. they have been on a tear. valuation is really high. but apple does have $160 billion in cash and investments which it could spend on broadening its scope. neither apple or tesla are commenting, but can you imagine how exciting that would be for
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both the automotive and indeed world of consumer electronics if there was some form of takeover. that is a very big story. apple also looking at medical devices. >> really is interesting to see how innovative and creative those two companies may get to future unite those two big brands. google signed a deal with one of the largest ad buyers. what does that mean for the company? >> that means they get advertising up front pretty much. $100 million deal with magna global, oversees $37 billion worth of global advertising. it means youtube, online display ads and mobile platform will get $100 million worth of ads from the clients up front. in return, basically magna will now get access for the client marketing campaigns within the web giant, get a lot more data
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from google. >> steve, thank you very much. still ahead, they have done what no american dance duo, ice dance duo, has done before. they set the record in their performance from the olympics, merrill davis and charlie white, grabbing gold. and shia labeouf's unique behavior is looking up. his latest message in the sky and what it means. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> dale earnhardt considered the greatest driver of his ear came riled today in an accident at the daytona 500. he fought to hold on to third place on the final lap. the apparent cause was a head injury. dale earnhardt was 49. i'm beth...
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the u.s. has struck gold. meryl davis and charlie white became the first ice dancing team to take the stop spot at the olympics. they performed a flawless routine and recorded the highest short dance score, highest free da dance score and highest overall score ever posted. some canadians are furious. their team finished in second. and a columnist wrote a scathing article the suggesting the competition was rigged. bill, did you watch? >> i watched the night before. i didn't see the finals last night. >> so you did that see the twizzle-off. >> is that the one where they grab the skate and spin like three times? >> you're good. sgl sgl >> i've done that before. >> you've been practicing. more good news. alex deibold took bronze in the know board cross. the event had been pushed back due to heavy fog.
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it looks like the changes worked out for team usa. so the track at the sliding center has been good for team usa especially the two-man bobsled team that won bronze yesterday. they slid to the finish just behind the russian leaders. the first american two-man medal since 1952. huge victor for them. and the women's hockey team is fairing just as well as the men's if not better. team usa dominated sweden with a 6-1 victory. they head to the finals against canada. americans have medaled in every winter game since women's hockey was added, only missing the championship game one. canada beat the u.s. 3-2 earlier in the tournament. >> a must watch. >> yeah, hockey has been so great. now to the medal count. u.s. is now tied with 19, five gold, four silver. russia also with 19 with five gold, but eight silver medals.
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and germany holds the lead with eight medals. eight gold medals. all right. as for the highlights ahead, this evening you can catch men's free style skiing and the women will hit the alpine trail. also their bobsled event as well as speed indicaskating. a couple delays credit because of heavy fog. thick clouds rolled in over sochi on day ten, cutting visibility and making conditions unfit for a couple drought door eve outdoor events. a member of the team showed this photo of giant fans trying to blow the fog away. it was not successful. >> maybe these fans would have worked, the ones in your hand. >> manual fans are very helpful
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in cooling you off. >> i was actually happy to see like bad weather there for once. >> i've been very bitter about how nice it's been. >> we're just bitter because we didn't get to go. they will all come back with a tan. >> exactly. >> a little snow going through the northeast this morning. compared to the 8 to 10 storms we've already had this winter, this is very minor. it's rolling through quickly, too. almost done with it in philadelphia. d.c. and baltimore, really not the a big can deal. brush the car off and roads will improve as we go you throughout the day. right over the top of new york city currently. right around dover, some very heavy snow. it will be brief, but it will put down a quick inch or two there. northern delaware up through southern jersey and then off the shore. and new york city about two hours of this, and then we're pretty much done with it. so total snow not that impressive from d.c. for philly to new york. but it is a lot of blowing snow out there. later today, we will get moderate snow, mass pike right up through manchester to
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portland, that will be about it. even for those areas, 6 inches of snow is not a big deal. bigger cities, 1 to 2 will about do it. the bigger story is if you look at the forecast today, it was a big snowstorm yesterday milwaukee and chicago. 38 will feel warm for you. 40 in minneapolis. and how about kansas city today, 62 degrees and sunny. 77 in dallas. so that is the warm air heading to the east coast towards the end of this week. d.c. could hit 60 on friday. >> we just have to power on through. >> get by this morning and it will warm up. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the white house is defending its stimulus plan while republicans go on the attack. we are five years in, as to who does the american public agree with. and back here, we'll huddle around the water for a history lesson hip hop style. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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so we've been talking a lot about jimmy fallon's debut. so if you want to sound smart, tell your friends johnny carson hosted 4531 episodes during his 30 year continue you're. and jay leno hosted 4610. if jimmy fallon were to stick around as long as carson, it would be 2044 when he retires.
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wow. all right. so we promised you more on "the tonight show" premiere. and here at "way too early," we aim to deliver. before will smith sat down with jimmy, he took a few minutes to give us a history lesson on the evolution of hip hop dancing. take a look. ♪ ♪
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>> so as if u2's rooftop performance wasn't enough, the band also took out the acoustic guitars for an unplugged performance right there next to jimmy's desk. ♪ >> pretty amazing. one well-known guest made her return to "the tonight show" after a ban that lasted nearly 30 years. you'll recall probably johnny carson famously exiled joan rivers from appearing the show after she left her gig to host a competing show on fox. but she made her heralded return there. so the ban is lifted. leno left it in place, but jimmy wants to be friends with everybody. all in all, a huge night for jimmy fallon. we'll see him back tonight.
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so if you complaint get enough of shia labeouf, we can't either. the alleged actor is back to sky bringing. he had a plane spell out the phrase start creating. and just the latest in a string of unusual behavior. he came face to face with his fans without actually saying anything, although they can say whatever they wanted to him. and this was our favorite. he wore a paper bag that said i'm not famous anymore. so he has a very creative way of getting attention. new yorkers are getting a supreme court ruling that many feel is long overdue. the sauce and cheese souffle known as deep dish pizza isn't actually pizza. while he does enjoy it, deep dish does not fit his criteria. they are looking for an
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impartial judge. scolia might be biassed. still ahead, to hop or jimmy fallon and his first "tonight show," we wanted to know your favorite fallon moment. your best tweets and morning joe just moments away. ♪ [ laughs ] whoo! ♪ oh! nice! great! [ laughs ] a shot like that calls for a postgame celebration. [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat! ♪ ♪ where you think you're gonna go ♪
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. good evening. i'm in washington. let me start with this. who you going to call? you're stuck in traffic. complaint get to work. you go nuts. but then a policeman lowers y ss you to lower your window, tells you to call the mayor of ft. lee. that is where the problem is coming from. get it? not the guy who appointed people doing this. if you want to know who to blame, blame the mayor of ft. lee, the guy the christie people are out to punish.
3:00 am
punish good. so now we come to who did this. who recruited this team. who gave them their marching orders. who let it all happen. >> has to do with rachel. >> exactly. >> gene said slow jam the news. >> when you get president obama on and the first lady is going to be a guest later this week as well so jimmy is coming out of the gate hard and fast and the way we do it around here on "way too early." thanks, gang. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ on the night move trying to make some front page drive-in news ♪ ♪ >> i'm lucky to say my parents are still here with us. they are here tonight and here to see me. mom and dad? jim and gloria fallon, thank you for being here. i wish i could have gotten y


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