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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 20, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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_#been done. >> _#where whatevs. >> _#haters going to hate. _#i'm over you dog. >> twitter talk takes over the tonight show. must see of brian and lester. _#special cameo appearance. snap chat, look out. what's app is eegd your lunch and joining the cool kids at the facebook table and doing it for billions. the mind-blowing deal. then the truce fails. deadly violence between kiev and police in protesters after the stalled diplomatic talks. this is "way too early." ♪ hey, good morning. i'm thomas roberts, february the 20th, and welcome too "way too early." breaking news this morning, we start out with violence breaking out once more in kiev's
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independent square. there are already visual reports of more explain protesters there, and police abandoned an edge of the square. that's when the clashes erupted once again with molotov cocktails. fireworks as well exploding there, and reports of snipers from the opposition. now, field hospitals have been set up in motel lobbies, and at least 20 police officers have been injured. one of the enduring images from wednesday's violence, a lone woman standing her ground throwing rocks against the line of riot police. fighting continues despite a negotiated truce between the opposition and ukraine's president. there was supposed to be a diplomatic meeting between e.u. officials. that did not happen. joining us now live from london, nbc news correspondent amman mojadin. let's talk about the e.u. diplomatic meeting that was supposed to take place and didn't. >> well, as you mentioned right now, the violence is once again escalating on the streets of kiev. particularly in the square. yesterday we were getting word
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that the political opposition, various parties that represent the opposition, had agreed a truce with the president. this was supposed to go into effect around is 11:00 p.m. local time. then the violence continued on the streets. it indicates there is a disconnect between the political opposition and the protesters on the streets. they don't necessarily feel that the political opposition parties represent their demands, and it's making it extremely hard to bring an end to this conflict. the president saying this is an attempt to break down the state, if you will, or collapse the state. he remains very defiant. he is not changing the course of policy, and he is not making substantial enough changes. right now in the eyes of many there is no end in sight to the violence on the ground. >> then what about the e.u. embassy that was sent to decry those diplomatic talks. what happened there? >> well, the u.s. has been trying to step up its role on two levels. on one hand it's trying to mediate with the president and the opposition trying to come up
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with some kind of agreement, if you will, that can not only stop the violence, but pave the way forward for ukraine to change course. the other thing the e.u. is doing and with some indications from the u.s. is that they are considering sanctions or at least punitive measures against the ukrainian government, particularly individuals that may have been responsible for the killing. this is a major crisis for the european union. it's right on the doorstep. it has tremendous indications for the entire 20 country bloc of the european union. the instability that only threatens the european union to also russia wra to the east. the european union is trying to get more involved. at the same time this is what's leading russia to say this is an attempt to buy the west to interfere in the internal politics of ukraine. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. there's a troubling morning this morning for flyers. the department of homeland security is urging airlines to be on the lookout for possible shoe bombs. nbc's pete williams has more for us. >> reporter: officials familiar with the warning say it aplease
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to airlines that fly from overseas to the united states p. for flights at foreign airports that go directly to the u.s., passengers will see increased attention paid to their footwear, shoes that are worn and that are in carry-on bags, homeland security says, should be x-rayed, and it's urging airlines to use the swabs that check for traces of explosives on passengers' shoes as well. officials say the threat information is not specific to any particular airline, country of origin, or time frame, and they say there's no indication of a specific plot, but airlines that fly from the middle east, north africa, and some parts of europe are being advised to be extra cautious. just two weeks ago authorities warn that terrorists might try to hide explosives in toothpaste tubes on flights to russia wra from the united states and other countries. this new intelligence officials say is not connected to the olympics. the idea of hiding explosives in shoes has been tried before by an english man richard reid who attempted to blow up a flight from paris to miami just before
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christmas in 2001. >> that was pete williams reporting. richard reid is serving a life sentence at a super max prison. there is new action from the fcc that could impact all those viewers that are binge-watching shows on netflix wrsht fcc is writing rules. internet service providers will be banned from blocking web sites and charging companies for faster delivery of content. that could impact how long it takes you to download your shows or your movies. a court last month ruled the fcc overstepped its authority. supporters of net neutrality say that smaller companies are able to compete with larger ones and that the internet remains open. we should put our attention on business now. stocks closed near session lows yesterday, meaning the nasdaq's eight-day win streak, that came to an end. the dow and s&p were also down for the day. red arrows ruse the board there. steve sedgwick live for us. what caught everyone's attention, this fews book deal. it's huge with what's app.
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>> it is quite a shock. it is plain and simple. it is a growth that facebook has paid so much for. they paid $19 billion potentially in cash and shares and rights to employees for a company that actually doesn't have much revenue, but it does have 450 million customers and it's growing that by one million a day. one million more users per day. at 70% of those logging on a daily basis. now, the idea here is not to necessarily that mark zuckerberg is going to put a layer of advertising revenue on what'sapp. the founders are against that. he may be aiming to offer something else. they're peaing $42 per user at the current rate. elsewhere, the fed is a little scary for the market. as usual, some fed members are saying we need to be more aggressive on tightening. others are saying we need to be calm about this, but the net net
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is nobody expects states to be -- to rise before next year. >> raising the federal minimum wage for at least their workers to $10. that's a big deal. >> it's a massive deal as well. especially with the national retail federation saying this could cost a lot of american jobs. gap says our workers are 65,000 u.s. workers getting $9 an hour this year and $10 this year, and that's going to put them well above a lot of their competitors in the retail space. we know the president is in favor of getting this around $10 .10 per hour, but others such as wal-mart, they've been more agnostic saying they're going to see what's going to happen. it's a gap certainly that has made it very interesting for a lot of their retail competitors. >> thank you. we want to go back to whatsapp. that $16 billion deal, that's a lot of cash for a company that
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has about 50 employees. this is about the same value of some other really major brands like marriott's victoria's secret or con-ed. how would you spend that type of cash? use the _#way too early. we'll have your best answers coming up in the show. sflirchlg keet stone pipeline won't be running from nebraska any time soon. a judge ruled that the state's public service commission -- the governor there backed the $5.4 billion last year, but the judge says he didn't have the proper authority to do so. meanwhile, president obama is defending his decision making the process in regards to pipeline saying all nations must take greenhouse gas emissions into account when considering projects the scale like this one. basic criticism from the left. official from the congressional budget office are defending their analysis of the federal minimum wage hike. they say raise it to $10 .10 -- the high end of that estimate
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was about one million jobs. white house officials called the report inaccurate, but the director of the cbo is standing by this report saying, "i want to be clear that our analysis on the effects of raising the minimum wage is completely consistent with the latest thinking on the economic profession." one possible republican candidate for 2016 is facing fall-out. scott wolf downplayed the fact that from a former aide when walker was milwaukee county executive in 2010. his emails were collected during a probe of walker's former deputy chief of staff. she was sentenced to six months in prison for doing political campaign work on official time. according to the emails, governor walker asked for a daily conference between official aides. they also suggested that he was aware of a secret e-mail system using a wireless reuter that let aides e-mail each other about official and campaign issues. here's one of the emails from another aide, as i understand where i archer, to ryan flesch.
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she says "consider yourself in this inner circle. i use this private account quite a bit to communicate with skw and -- you can be sure to check it throughout the day. skw is scott walker's initial. thomas nardelli was his then chief of staff. he said he was never the target of the investigation. still to come on "way too early" vladimir putin said it was the only medal that mattered. now he is reacting to his team's surprising loss. and there was no beener to the powerball. $425 million. still up for grabs. winning numbers, they were sold to one ticket. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. i had powerball tickets, but i lost them. i was going to do this dramatic rip. i'm unorganized. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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welcome back. let's start with some college basketball and a huge upset in the acc. >> tony for the tie. short. three seconds to go. boston college with anderson throwing it to the heavens. that's all of their prayers answered. at the carrier dome, and syracuse is undefeated no more. >> number one ranked syracuse loses at home to the college eagle afz losing by as many as 13 in the second half. the orange head to duke on saturday for a highly anticipated -- syracuse, dwod wasn't watching last night for that one. >> they're in trouble the rest of the way. bad situation that got a lot worse for ravens running back ray rice. tm sdwl says this video shows him dragging his unconscious fiance out of an elevator. he knocked janine palmer out in an altercation last weekend.
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rice confirmed the eighth enivity of the video, but doesn't show the whole story. both reese and powell were arrested is charged with domestic violence. usa today saying the couple returned to they are home together later in the day. we shift topics to talk about the ladies in the rink of figure skating, and south kree a's kim holds a slight lead after yesterday. 15-year-old russian skater julia lipmanskia was unable to revive the spirit of her country. she fell on a triple flip and broke down in tears. u.s. champion gracie gold. ashley wagner and edmonds now not behind in sixth and seventh please respect tiffly. to some hockey news now, and the machine's quarterfinals yesterday really disappointing for the home country of russia eliminated after a 3-1 loss to finland. the finnish team will face sweden in a couple of hours. this photo over the winter games
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mascot was taken after the loss. the russian coach faced some really tough questions after the loss, and this is where it gets good because we want to bring in mike who played the role of the head coach of the russian national team. i'm going to play the russian reporter. okay? so what future, if any, will you see for your own work and your own coaching staff because you know, your predecessor was eaten alive after the olympics? >> they'll eat me alive. eat me, and i won't need it anymore. >> the world championship is coming up. >> well, different coach. i won't be here anymore sense you will have all eaten me. >> you're staying, though? >> thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. i think i might have gotten a little spanish in my russian accent.
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>> yeah. >> meanwhile team usa knocking out the czech republic 5-1 is and will faes canada in the semis today at noon. the canadian sweeped by latvia. >> nothing matters anymore after that. >> the weather matters. >> no. now he can do the weather with his russian accent. >> that was very good. >> exactly. >> how long did you practice that? >> all night. >> you didn't sleep last night. >> 11:00 last night he called me. >> in the mirror in the hotel room. well done. it was disturbingly good. that's what was disturbing. let's get to this forecast. if are you in the chicago area, what a messy morning. what a messy day it's going to be for you. you have an incredible snow pack on the ground, and you have thunderstorms overhead right now and pouring rain with water everywhere. be careful in illinois and ohio during the day today. as far as what we're going to deal with, we have the storm
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coming up here today. we're going to see blizzard conditions on the back side of it. it's severe weather out ahead. we could see even a few tornadoes this afternoon. areas from nashville to jackson, mississippi, you're the best chance to get some of the tornadoes, but heavy rain along with this threat, and then by friday the severe threat goes all wait to the east coast. we just got dumped on by snowstorm after snowstorm, and now we have severe weather. hopefully not too many tornadoes, and as far as that snow goes, minneapolis and duluth, i apologize to you, because six to 12 inches more of snow, and thomas, the minneapolis area next week they're going to have highs of, like, 10 degrees with lows in the negative numbers. the midwest is not going to be thrilled. >> winter continues. i'm really encouraged he about the weather we've been seeing here at least on the eastern seaboard. >> we're going to melt a little bit. >> coming up at the top of the hour "morning joe" the latest from use korean. protesters once again turning to violence. we have new details straight ahead from kiev. thrown a lighter note. we come back here, and we've
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earlier we talked about the setback for the keystone
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pipeline. transcanada's keystone xl would carry nearly from billion artery wra, canada, to the refinies in the gulf coast. it would cross six states. s montana, south dakota, nebraska, oklahoma, and texas. all right. the moment that you have all been waiting for. special guest star that i was able to find to come over and do the cooler today. the beautiful, the talented erica hill from the weekend today show. >> are you so kind. thank you, my friend. it took a lot of arm-twisting. just kidding. you mentioned this before the break, and i know you found your tickets, and i know you know that yours aren't the winners, but that's okay because there is one powerball winner out there. well, this morning is $425 million richer. i'm sorry. you can make a fire pit when the temperature drops again. here are the winning numbers. the winning ticket was bought in san francisco bay area. numbers 1, 17, parks 49, 54, and that powerball number 34.
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a spokesperson for the multi-state lottery association said the prize is the sixth largest in u.s. history. there hasn't been a winner since christmas. the jackpot has rolled over 15 times since then. now, if the winner takes the lump sum total, it would amount to nearly $228 million. that means there's plenty to share. by the way, your chances of winning one in 175 million. don't say you don't have a shot because you do. >> lightning fast. >> probably twice. in the music world thousands of justin timberlake fans waking up disappointed. he canceled his tour at madison square garden because of health reasons. the pop star tweeted out this message yesterday saying i'm truly sorry, everyone that have tickets for tonight. sick. it kills me it to have to do this. i hope to see all on friday. he is scheduled to play another show tonight. that so far set to go on as planned. no specifics as to what that
2:54 am
health problem was on his end, but we can tell you yesterday's show had been rescheduled for tomorrow night, which is also the day he is supposed to perform on the tonight show. >> we know he and fallon have such a great relationship so it's going to be a fun one to watch for sure. >> they're such a great pair. speaking of the tonight show, by the way, jim where i fallon -- brian williams rapping. check it out. ♪ the hip hip-hop you don't stop to the bang bang up jump the boogie to the rhythm the boogie the beat ♪ ♪ now what you hear is not a test i'm rapping to the beat ♪ ♪ now, we move and my friends are going to try to move your feet ♪ ♪ you see i am wonder -- i like to say hello ♪ ♪ to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, and yellow ♪ ♪ first bang bang the boogie to the boogie say up up the boogie
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to the bang bang ♪ ♪ let's rock you don't stop ♪ make your body rock ♪ so far you've heard my voice, and i brought two friends along ♪ ♪ next on the mike is my man hank. come on hank, sing that song ♪ >> you see the doctor of the mix and these reasons i'll tell you why ♪ ♪ you see it turns the fun and -- you see, i got more loathes than mohammed all where i, and i dress deliciously ♪ ♪ everybody go hotel motel what are you going to do today ♪ ♪ say what ♪ dry off and that's okay. everybody go hotel motel holiday inn ♪ ♪ hey if you start acting up, then you take her friend ♪ >> you think lester posed for that, or is that his "dateline" image sf. >> that's the lester dateline. how fantastic was that? >> that was really good.
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>> i like that my man lester made it in there too. >> do you think you're cheating on him now with me? >> he knows we're that strong. >> it's just a flirt. this is more like an affair than marriage. >> great. i hope my husband is watching. hope yours is too. >> come back with us tomorrow because lewis is off again. >> let me check with lester. >> i have a gift for you. i'll bring it back. don't go anywhere. thanks so much. still ahead right here on "way too early" facebook is buying whatsapp for $15 billion. how would you spend that type of cash? your best and most tweeted tweets. erica, now is the time when we dance. there gu. yeah. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list.
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>> so earlier in the show we asked you about facebook buying whatsapp for $15 billion, and mae made erica stick around because her dancing was so good. >> yeah. >> john to youer has gotten responses in that he is going to read off his pager. >> buzzer. no pager. j.p. writes looks like -- i
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would buy myself an island in the caribbean. i would buy facebook stock. you like this guy. that's $52 for everyamerica. our own eric schultz who i may have hired. i would spend it all on powerball tickets. you have to spend it to win it. >> can we get that shot again? do it again. you have epic pet stains at only orning. on that note, for erika, i wanted to give you these. these are from baltimore. >> are they better than the potato chips you had a few years ago? >> yes. >> but you're coming back tomorrow. you've earned your right. "way too early" is over and "morning joe" starts right now. ♪


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