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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  February 21, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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proof>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera. >>ah, actually i think my eyes might ha... next! digital insurance id cards. just a tap away on the geico app. right now, president obama huddling with the dalai lama, and will he get spiritual guidance as the nation prepares to talk with the democratic governors. michele bachmann weighing in on everything from presidential po politics and she says that america is not ready for a woman commander in chief. >> and the olympic controversy, how did a skater manage to beat ashley wagner and yuna kim. >> well, it is going to be talked about, but her e performance was great, but it
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was simpler. >> and we will be joined from sochi to break it down. hello, i'm alex witt, and we will start with news from ukraine. a deal has been signed to hope p hopefully end the deadly violence in ukraine. under this deal the ukrainian president says he will have early elections and bring power to the protesters in the government. this comes after meetings with the european union leaders and representatives from russia. we will go to london with amon who is following the deal. what do you know about the deal that was just signed a short while ago? >> that is correct. in fact, it is confirmed that it is signed by the opposition. we are learning more about it. as you mentioned there, one of the more important notes is that the president yanukovych will form a national unity government
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and hold the elections no later than december of 2014, and the next several months burk more importantly in the short term, the powers are going to to be limited and that is because the country is going to revert back to the constitution in 2004 and the constitution back then and that is going to be one that puts the power in the hands of parliament and not the hands of the current president. so there are initial indications that it will meet the demands of the political opposition that demands that president yanukovych steps down. >> but i am curious, amon, are the protesters all on board with this? >> well, the short answer is absolutely not. that is a very important point. the president throughout all of this said he was not going to resign. he has not e resignrere -- he h resigned and he is very much in control, and much of the people in the square, not the opposition, but the young people in the square have been
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demanding nothing short from the resignation of president yanukovych, and they did not get that so the question is whether the protesters on the street are going to be satisfied with the agreement. and the point raised by some members of the opposition is that the president was scheduled to have the country scheduled to have the presidential elections in march of 2015, and this is going to be moving it it up two to three months if he has the presidential elections by the end of the year. it is not enough time, and it will give him the full term if you will to scheduled to spend in office, and there are rumblingings in the opposition that this deal may not hold for a long time, and bring the kind of peace and stability that many people are calling for. >> right. indeed, earlier, there was a fragile truce in place, and that was not signed, but it fell apart. and we will watch this one carefully. than you, amon from london. and here at home president obama is doubling down on the push to past overtures of the
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republicans, and will spend billions on white house prior tis like income equality. it also will have new spending in job training, and early education, and manufacturing hubs, and he would do it by closing the tax loopholes and mandatory spending reform. it also bans a republican-supported flow of social security by changing the way that the program accounts for inflation. speaker john boehner said this reafter the firms what is apparent, the president does not want to do anything even modest to address the looming debt crisis. and the republicans are fed up w with the democrats refusing to compromise are saying that it is a bold budget. next hour, 2014 is at the top of the edagenda as the president wl host a meeting with the top lieutena
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lieutenants in the field being the governors. we wi let's bring in my top lieutenant joy reid. and also, political analyst jonathan alter. how do you read the message to the republicans, joy? >> well, this is 2014 politics, and the president knows it will not get through the house of representatives, and it is not a budget designed to pass, but to be twofold, we will not play the game and give you this back, and the white house has realized belatedly that they are getting nothing from the folks and you need to set out the priorities and talk to the base. the second message to the base is that we are not going to compromise on the core values meaning that it is not of concern, and you are then going to the governors and telling them what they want to hear. we are willing to invest in job training, and infrastructure and the mo e noney on the table, an
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s, jobs, jobs, and mantra of the basics. >> and they have said, it is all about politics in 2014 and he is taking the message to them coming up in tex he next hour. and coming up, susan page spoke to the economic council of advisers and here is the response to everything regarding the serious situation of deficit reform, and here is that. >> the president was very serious about wanting to negotiate, and he remains serious, but you need a partner to have a negotiation, and there has been no partner forthcoming, and so this budget is a very traditional standard budget. >> so does this put all of the ball so to speak in john boehner's court now? >> well, i think that joy is right. it is a kabuki dance, and just politics, but what it does signify, alex, is the end of an era in american budget politics. starting in 2009 when the president came in, the republicans were saying that deficit reduction, deficit
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reduction, and cut spending, cut spending, cut spending, and in the middle of the recession, it was kind of a stupid idea, and which when the europeans tried it, it ended up in fiasco and fortunately the president fought back to get the stimulus through, but he did start to play on their side of the terrain after the deficit passed $1 trillion. >> and that is all significant thoug though. >> and now it is cut in half and it is going to go under $500 billion this year. so under president obama the deficit has been cut in half from what it was, because of the economy getting somewhat better, and that is relieving a lot of the pressure to go with this republican budget cutting agenda. so he is basically has said enough of that and i'm going to move to the investment agenda to invest in the people and the country, and even if none of it gets through for history-sake, it will put him on the side of
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where the democrats have traditionally been. >> okay. guys, we will talk about what is happening next hour at the white house with the president meeting with the governors there, and how crucial are the governors, joy, in terms of getting the election to go where they want, to see if potentially the democrats can take the house, and what does this mean for 2014? >> well, it is humgly important, and one of the mistakes that the democrats made in 2010 is not fighting the 2010 election with the gusto, because of washington fear, and the senators and the congresspeople who are afraid of voting for health reform led the charge, the retreat as you would say. in 2014, and this is all about those 2010 governors being on notice. there are about six or seven battleground states where the republicans who want governorship governorships are going to have the fight of their lives to get elected and for the democrats to have the governorships in ohio, michigan, and wisconsin and florida, and if they could get some of those back, it would be huge, because the governors do have a lot of power and their
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political infrastructure goes to work on the side of the party in the midterm elections and much more important for democrats than republicans, because they have a weak midterm election base, and they don't have the gusto in getting people out, and it is usually the republicans who have it on their side and the democrats need the motivating force of state parties who are strong and motivated. >> and ki ask you quickly, the president needs to make the 2014 midterm sexy and what does that mean mean? >> well, look, it is important, because in 2008 when he was first elected 130 million americans voted and 2010 which is the beginning of the disastrous policy making on the right, for the democrats on the right, only 80 million, but 50 million people and most of them democrats stayed home. they came back in 2012, and if they stay home again in 2014, the democrats are in a world of hurt. >> yes. >> and they will lose the senate, and then the last two
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years of the obama presidency will be wrecked on the domestic side, and the democratic voters have to understand how important the midterm elections are, and this the past they haven't. >> and can i get quickly to michele bachmann and what she is saying, and look at her, granted, she is retiring, and i know what you are thinking. basically, she is saying that american americans are not ready for a female president, and they voted for president obama out of a sense of guilt. you want to try to unravel that one? >> can i remind michele bachmann that if she thinks that the americans are not ready for a female president, then why did she run? you wanted to be president, and your party tried to put sarah palin one heart beet away from the presidency, and the other thing is that she is trying to use the old barack obama got elected because he is black, and african-americans are only 14% of the population and a lot of white americans voted for
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president obama, and if they did it, because they felt giuilty, that is a slander on every white voter who voted for him. people make a choice because of self-interest, and african-americans believe that their self-interests lie with the democrats. >> well, she is past history, and i don't care. >> and joy-ann reid, and i can't help it, but i call you joy-ann. and we can all catch a premier of the reid report, and tlik promo picture, and very good. >> thank you. >> and coming up, former tribal leader is under arrest killing four people on her northern california indian reservation. they say that sherry rhodes fired on people, and when she ran out of bullets she grabbed a knife. the police say that the meeting was about evicting her and her son from their home. and now in the appalachians
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this morning flshgs is a storm heading for the east coast and damagek wind and hail is possible, but an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. this is the same system tearing through the mid with west spawning tornadoes, including this one in illinois. no reports of injuries, but several buildings damaged. and residents met governor chris christie with cheers and jeers, and while nobody asked about the bridge scandal, most wanted to talk about the relief of hurricane sandy, and they wanted to know why the funds with were slow. >> the entire insurance of the country has been taken over by the government, and it is called the national insurance flood plan, and the nifp, and there should be a new f-word this there. fema. it is the new f-word and they run the nifp.
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>> well, "the new york times" characterized the meeting as unmistakingly mortal for a man who once command ed the room. and some noted his weight loss and called him the govr nernato. >> and now, with those not in line with those who follow their religion, including the governor brewers' office and she is saying she won't comment until she has reviewed the measure. and a disappointing day on the ice. we will have tara lipinski joining us from sochi. hi, girls.
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team usa is looking for redemption at the american games after the americans had a disappointing day thursday in women's ice hockey and women's figure skating. today the men's hockey team is looking to advance, but everyone is talking about the huge controversy over the results over the ice skating last night. we go to sochi and msnbc's chris jansing, and stunning defeat in the women's ice hockey gold medal match. what happened? >> well, they were looking for reveng revenge, and that is the word they used when they lost four years ago to canada, and obviously, it looked like they were on the way to winning gold with 5:00 to go when they were up 2-0, and then a huge surge at the end by canada and made two goals, and even with a open net, there was a heart-breaking net by the americans bouncing off of the goal and went into sudden death overtime, and it was a large defeat for them.
7:18 am
people said it, look, it is usa and canada and when you have two teams should this continue to be an olympic sport? that is a conversation going forward. and alex, let me talk quickly about the men's hockey, because it is a chance for them to avenge a loss four years ago in vancouver. it is going to be a thrilling match. this is a semifinal, and not the gold medal match, but lit have all of the electricity of the gold medal match. it is worth pointing out that president obama has a bet with the prime minister of canada, and case of beer every time one of their countries wins. and president obama is now a case down, so there is also that at stake today, alex. >> that is big pressure there for sure. and what is all of the controversy, chris, following the women's skating results there? what is the controversy there? >> well, i wonder if there is an olympics without a skating controversy, but look, incredible final for the women. unexpected results. people thought that yuna kim would repeat and p be the olymp
7:19 am
gold medal champion, but then a russian came out of nowhere, but adele l -- adelina sotnikova who won. and let me bring in tara lipinski who is a gold medalist in the olympics, and so, controversy here, and most of the south kroreans have signed petition online, and they said that there is something wrong with the judging, and what do you say? >> well, skating is subjective and no matter how you change the marks or the scoring, it is not a finish line sport. they have a technical side and they try to judge it as closely as possible, but there is an artistic side, and some would give a skater 5.9 and some a 5.6, because they like the style better. >> there is a question of who
7:20 am
should have finished where, and carolina kostner, and beautiful skater, and i talked to scott hamilton and he thought that she should have won gold. would you have done it any other way? >> i think that it was judged correctly, because carolina was the most beautiful skater on the ice. and hands down, she deserved the medal, but for me, the component score was low, and they could have raised it ever so slightly, but adelina the russian girl in russia, and the crowd was insane and that propelled the performance and that affected how the judges viewed it, because it had more energy, and more grace than yuna kim? probably not, but they also judge on how well you sell a program. >> i talked to american ashley wagner and she felt that her scores could have been better, and let me play for you what she had to say to me about the whole judging controversy. >> i think that the judging is
7:21 am
confusing for a lot of people. skating needs to get a bigger fan base. anonymous judging is not helping the system. if you give a certain skater a mark, you need to put your name and your rep youitation on the line for it. >> do you think that you deserved a better score last night? >> you know, i don't want to feel like i'm on the soap box saying this is not fair, because, you know, i'm so thrilled how i skated here. i skated light's out for myself three times, and that is awesome. >> but? >> i would have loved to have had more points, but i always want more points. i'm a figure skater. >> every figure skater does, but in terms of the complexity of the scoring and the anonymity of the judges, is it hurting the fan base particularly in the united states where it is harder to follow? >> well, looking back we could always point to the russian or the german judge and we have had that and it did not work so
7:22 am
well, and what it comes down to for them and the skaters, and they know it, when you go to the olympics, it is about who is going to the have the unbelievable skate and who is going to fight the hardest, because every skater is fighting with nerves and what we saw with carolina and yuna and ashley, they got tight in the program, and when they go back to look at the camera and the landing, it is not as free and clean as adelina's was. >> and let's talk about this year with you and johnny weir. what fun for you, and i know you are great friends, and it comes out of the camera, and i can't believe the traction on the line of the suitcases, and nine suitcases between the two of you. >> eight. don't go overboard here. >> and 7 1/2 or 9? >> well, we are even. and we are thinking of packing now and totally stressed out, because how can we do this? >> and you have to do so much stuff. >> well, it is so much fun, and
7:23 am
coming in, we were like the new kids, and we wanted to do a good job and wanted the audience to like us and be involved in the skating and bring in more fans, and on the first night on the air, we said, be ourselves and we do it off of the ice as well, and he is one of my best friend s, and it is an incredible experience to work with him. >> is there pressure, and do you feel like a fashion icon, because people are talking about what you are wearing and your style. >> well, we are pressure and we didn't know we were doing the g gala and we don't have a outfit planned. >> it is true that johnny does not have an outif fit planned? >> yes. he said, we can do no more media, because i have to get an outfit. >> and i should have asked you what you were packing, but it is going to be so much fun to see you and johnny and fun to watch you and the worlds are come up, and it is so much fun to have you and i hope to see more of
7:24 am
you. i am heading over in a couple of hour s hours to the usa/canada men's hockey and that is it for me, alex. >> i am sure that you can't do a show tomorrow, because of the voice being hoarse from the shouting and the screaming. >> so much fun to see tara, and i loved that greek wreath, head piece she was wearing. >> yes, from athens, and we brought it all back together. >> thank you, girls. all coordinated. >> and still ahead, mitch mcconnell's primary challenger is denying same sex legal rights to those parents who marry their children. that is in kentucky and it is e getting messy coming up later. that's right, no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, getting messy coming up later. ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!!
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fallon and first lady michelle obama team up again on ""tonigh show" and it has the first lady hosting a tv show called "ew." >> you can do it now. >> thank you, sarah. i do try to exercise everyday. >> really? because i think that exercise is eh. >> exercise is not ew.
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republicans are distancing themselves from rocker ted nugent after he called the president names i won't repeat on the air. here is texas governor rick per perry. >> well, that is tough words. pretty tough words. we agree that it is not appropriate language to use for the president of the united states. >> and then republican senator rand paul said that ted nugent's derogatory description of the president has no place in
7:32 am
politic, and he should apologize, however, knnugent is still out on the campaign trail with greg abbott who is seeking to e replace governor perry. and let's bring in a former special assistant to president obama who is now at the center for republican progress, and al daniella gibbs legett, and also david wynton, a republican strategist. and so now ted nugent has a h history of being political, and why would any politician want to be associated with him and especially those comments. >> the comments were beyond the pale, and he should apologize and no question about that. it is obviously up to abbott to decide what to do, but i am also going to suggest that it is unfortunate reflection of the political discourse made in the country. there were remarks made about senator tim scott that were
7:33 am
equally derogatory, and people have to hold people accountable for the atrocious statements, and they have no place in politics. >> and yes, and can you know that when people know that ted nugent is going to be on the stage and the people triple in attendance the people who sign up to support him. is that what it is about? >> well, it is not. if that is the way to draw a crowd by making statements like that, then you should wonder why your ideas are not drawing a crowd and that is an unacceptable way to do that. >> and daniella, all of the republicans, senator rand paul and governor rick perry denouncing the comments. >> well, it took governor perry a while. >> yes, at first he said, ted being ted, and then he said no good. >> and he is right the first time, because it is not new news, because he has been saying ridiculous and outrageous racist
7:34 am
things for years. and the guy in texas believes that this guy should headline speaks volumes to what he thinks about the voters, and the people who support wendy davis. to me, it is outrageous, and you will see it happening again and again on the gop side. yet, the discourse in politics overa overall is very, you know, coarse at this moment. but there is a pattern from the right to demonize this president in ways that are not just about the politics, but about the race. >> and you mentioned wendy davis and she is trying to use what ted nugent is saying to her advantage, and she has a fund-raising e e-mail out there, and ted nugent call abbott his blood brother, but i call their alliance disgusting, and i find it disgusting that greg abbott is sharing a stage with him.
7:35 am
>> well, she is not being a help to republicans at all at least at this point, and so the idea that it is going on to backfire, no, he is not being helpful, and he should apologize. >> i want to go back to what was just said, because tim scott is african-american and i dealt with j.c. watts, and this is not just racial, but it is a degradation to the political discourse that both are taking sides to. and some republicans are doing it, and clearly some democrats are doing it, but we have to figure out a way to go to the level of discourse, and going to your point, crowds should not with going to listen to ted nugent, but going to listen to the candidate and the ideas, and that is what political elections are about. >> and also, sarah palin came to endorse greg abbott, and what do you feel about that? >> the less time i can talk
7:36 am
about sarah palin, the better it is for my mental health. >> i am hearing laughter through my ifp is what i heard. so we will call it a wrap, and that will make you happy for your mental health. thank you, daniella and david. as we check the news feed president yanukovych and the opposition party have reached a deal. within 48 hours of signing the agreement a special law will be adopted to restore the 2004 constitution, and it calls for an early presidential election this year, and forcing a national unity government, and the ukrainian government has approved amnesty for all of the protesters involved in the violence. and for now sh, the president i meeting with the tibet and the spiritual leader, the dalai lama. and the president has praised him for trying to reach the
7:37 am
agreement with china. and yesterday, a tweet with an olympian of what she thought it was a wolf. and so jimmy kimmel had them send a replica and kim mel played the rest of the video last night. >> gar field! garfie garfield! have you seen my wolf? >> okay. so the animal was a jgenuine wolf, and it is not the first time that kim mel has punked americans with a viral video hoax. he is very good at it. and trendy and upscale shopper shoppers are to be hit with a premium service, and bertha coombs is here with more on our
7:38 am
money. and so will we see lord & taylor suits and ralph lauren polo shirts on amazon? >> well, there is a push to try to sell some of the wares on the site. they have some smaller retailers and even akia, because they are trying to keep the amazon prime rate to be all of the shipping for a year free, and they are trying to stay there to get some goods, but it is a phren mmy -- frienemy relationship with them, because maybe they will compete and take away some of their original customers. and the hoopla of the speed skating and how the u.s. team has underperforming the ceo of under armour was on and he said, don't blame us for the lack of
7:39 am
medals by the speed skaters. >> yes. yesterday we had the dutch coach who said there was nothing wrong with the suits, but they got it in their heads that they could not win in those states. and this morning kevin plank from under armour said he is doubling down on them, and he said, we won't stick our head s in the sand, and we want people to know that when we get knocked down, we are going to get up bigger and better and stronger, and that i have signed a eight-year deal with the u.s. speed skating commission for uniforms despite the controversy, and we will see what happens in the next few years whether they can dodge this bullet and controversy over the suits. >> thank you, bertha coombs. so good to see you. some athletes may end the sporting careers after competing in the olympics burk many go on to be successful elsewhere. the washington post has a list of olympians who went on to be
7:40 am
successful in politics. senator bill bradley played basketball. and former kansas congressman competed in track in the 1964, and 1968 and 1973 games while winning a silver? mexico city. and michelle kwan is now an adviser in the state department and her husband is running for governor of rhode island. and on the flipside, mitt romney was the planner of the salt lake olympic committee. before handcrafted jewelry was creating positive energy and a life of purpose and meaning was infused into a corporate culture. there was a commitment to creating new jobs out of recycled metals, right here in america. and a bank that helped carolyn rafaelian's business grow from a rhode island storefront into a global sensation. that's the beauty
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cold. washing your hand with soapy water is the best prevention. antihistamines and dekcongestans can treat children, but don't seem to help with adults. >> and now in damage control this morning is tea party member who says that same-sex marriage could lead to parent-child marriage. >> what if they want to be defined to be married to the child to pass on things to the child financially to pass on certain things that child financially, and where do you draw the line? >> well, he has been a vocal critic of the bailout, and we will bring in the reporter for the "lexington leader" and sam youngman and let's talking about this back and forth and the one political article calling out him for what he has done, and he
7:45 am
says one thing and votes another thing, and how do you explain that? >> well, it is a tortured explanation. he says that he has signed lots of letters and didn't read them, and then he said he does not agree with what was in them, but he could not legally change it. confusing the letter to investors with a prospectus, and then he suggested this weeng in frankfurt our capital that it was an e signature and not sure what it had been put on. and he has been struggling, and this week is a defining moment for matt bevan and he is reeling. >> and in regard to the homosexual and gay marriage leading to parent-child marriage, and i know the pushback there, but can you put out both perspectives? >> well, matt bevin is calling himself a ckon seconservative as reaching out to news media and radio stations to try to right
7:46 am
the ship from those messages in politico. and now what people see is that he is moving into the todd akin zone if you remember the missouri senate candidate, and they believe that it is the wheels coming off of the c campaign. >> and so, does the mcconnell campaign have a legitimate worry about him? about matt bevin as a tea party challenger? >> not so far. not at least as far as i can see. and you will see the anecdotal things that he has pockets of support throughout the state, but he has yet to capture a statewide, statewide mojo, i guess you could say. he is really struggling to gain traction in the poll, and unable to raise money. he has released two television a ads which are 15-second ads which will not belie a strong campaign. so he is struggling. we have obviously a lot of time before the may 20th primary, but at least right now sh, he does appear to be much of a threat. >> and is mcconnell's camp looking past the may primary and
7:47 am
concerned about allison grimes? >> well, they are not looking past the may primary, but they are trying to fight a two-front war. and essentially what senator mcconnell is trying to do is to make it a proxy war for people like the senate conservative fund and the other tea party groups that have backed mike lee and ted cruz in the past. what senator mcconnell want ss a donnybrook and a big battle fought right here in kentucky between him and the groups. he does not want to just beat matt devin, but the tea party, t too. >> and what about alison grimes sending out a mock birthday card to mitch mcconnell, and she wants to point out the age that it is 72, and that is getting negative headlines. >> right. well, what you are seeing right now from the grimes' campaign is that they are figuring out how to get the footing. so far this year, it is a campaign made up of gimmicks. right now, she needs to start
7:48 am
thinking about how does she want to introduce herself to the kentucky voters. if she doesn't, mitch mcconnell will and it is going to be less flattering. what we have learned in the polling is that mitch mcconnell is not liked, and alison grimes is not well known, and that is a danger zone for the candidate, because whoever defines her first with the undecided voters will likely win the race. >> well sh, in terms of definin her, she has bill clinton coming to kentucky to campaign for her, and regardless of how well she is known or liked, you know, he is certainly known, and how much will he support her candidacy by his presence? >> well, i think that remains to be seen throughout the year how involved they will be, but no question that he is, you know, it is bringing out the big guns, and you can't overstate what an s a set president clinton is in a state like this and es pepecial among the democrats, he has popularity, and this is a big step for the grimes' campaign. >> thank you, sam youngman.
7:49 am
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here is the final note to share with all of you today. we have learned that ukraine has won gold in the women's biathlon relay and it is the first gold in sochi and of course it comes in the backdrop of the political unrest and violence back home, and congratulations to them. well, when you hear this next story, it is go g ing to sd like something out of the movies. it is so compelling that the movie version will come out in june, a nd maybe you have not heard of grace lee boggs, a 98-year-old activist from the time of malcolm x and martin lu th luther king, and she was a big part of the black power movement, and she is an asian american, and richard lui spoke to grace lee boggs about her
7:53 am
civil rights work. >> reporter: michigan is where king actually gave his first i have a dream speech, and helping to organize the black power activist grace lee boggs. >> people were coming out of the woodworks, all over the state. >> reporter: and the asian american woman was well known in the circles, and so well known that she had a fbi case file 884 pages long. the world war i baby was married to james boggs, and this professor was mentored by boggs in civil history. >> where else do you go? it is not until the 70s that you start to have an asian american movement. >> and the amount of violence that erupted in our cities after 1967 has taught us a lot about how violence does not create something new. >> reporter: as boggs listened to king's calls for peaceful progress, she wanted a
7:54 am
revolution. this is where dr. king stood when he gave an earlier rendition of the i have a dream speech, and it is about 10,000 people earnestly listening to him, and like the ar rena is today, she hopes it is going to be that way again. >> and the grace lee boggs school and the principle is julia putnam. at 16, she had joined one of the boggs youth community programs. >> she said, what are we ogoing to do about the future of detroit? >> reporter: boggs inspired putnam and two other women to start the schools. >> if we begin creating a whole new relationship between the elders and the youngsters, we will be doing something very important. >> what was funny about jimmy and grace's dynamic is not the asian and the black american, but it is the way they fought and struggled with each other. >> reporter: and boggs became one of the few prominent women
7:55 am
in the civil rights movement, and early icon in the movement. and scott shiagi also fought with boggs. >> coming from the south, and having the deep roots, it was the combination that made them quite strong and powerful. >> reporter: boggs demands people be kree creators and thi and as she is reaching the century mark, and she is doing the same, and perhaps that fbi file is getting bigger. richard lui, msnbc, detroit. >> that is it for us this hour, and starting monday, catch "news nation" with tamron hall at the new time coming up next right here at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. have a good one.
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7:58 am
a live look at kiev right now, and we are following breaking news in ukraine.
7:59 am
a break in the bloodshed after several days of violence and almost 80 people killed and 500 injured a. deal is in place in the hopes of restoring peace to the nation. i'm betty nguyen. and after a deal was brokered, it is reported that the accord was signed by the president and the opposition and force both sides to immediately stop using violence. within 48 hours a new law will restore the 2004 constitution and create a coalition government. the accord will have elections no earlier than december 14th. take to a look at this. the deal came hours after a brawl broke out in ukraine's parliament when the speaker delayed a debate on the resolution to reduce yanukovych's powers. we want to bring in jim ma say
8:00 am
da who is in nearby moscow, and the deal today, what is that? a gesture or path to real change? >> great question, betty. well, it is the polish prime minister who said it best, the agreement which he helped to broker by the way, it had not yet been reached. what he meant by that is that it has been settled, he said, and what has been settled he said is the agreement's draft, and he makes a distinction between the agreement and the draft now. meaning that there is a road map and it includes the early elections in december of this year, and it also goes back to and reforms the 2004 constitution. the one by the way that shared power between the president and the parliament before president yanukovych and


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