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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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president obama continues to face major questions about precisely how to deal with that conflict abroad. while also dealing with a full domestic agenda here at home. the nation's governors are in town and president obama spoke to the governors last night where he criticize the republican governors agenda accusing them of quote, doing everything they can to squeeze folks who are bargaining on behalf of workers. the president followed up that pep talk for the governors with a meeting this morning with the dolalai lama before heading bac for the governors association. this time he'll be joined by vice president joe biden. keith, republican strategist susan del percio and marge gi o'mara. it is now friday afternoon. this is sound from president obama at the dga talking minimum wage. let's take a listen.
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>> i'm going to continue to press congress to pass a federal minimum wage bill that goes up to $10.10 an hour, being sponsored currently by senators harkin and representatives millmill er. i'm going to be seeking republicans who are game to work with us and prepared to work with us on this issue. as i said, it's not something that requires az big bureaucracy and a lot of federal spending. >> raising the minimum wage, ed o'keefe with the new cbo report unite this week. what's the future of that fight looking like in d.c.? >> it's definitely going to happen much the senate expected to take up the issue in the next few weeks, the push is to get it to $10.10 an hour. and democrats in the senate want this to happen. the bigger question is would republicans in the house ever allow a vote. democrats in the house are going to try to use a procedural tactic known as a discharge position to try to compel house leadership to allow a vote.
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it's unlikely to succeed but it will allow them to make the political point that a majority of americans want this and it should happen. you're seeing a lot of different things, whether it's the gap saying they are going to raise the minimum waej or walmart thinking about it. several states are talking about it as well. this is an issue that will be front and center in washington in the coming weeks. >> susan, why not take it off the table? why wouldn't republicans say this is popular with the american public and polls well, here's an issue we won't have to talk about ahead of midterm elections come november? why would that not be the strategy. >> you'll see again a divided republican party where there are people that recognize we do need a minimum wage, but one of the key parts is to get this done, you need middle class tax cuts and probably other types of small business cuts. in new york state, governor cuomo was able to get it through and worked with republican legislature or half of the
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legislature is republican because he was able to get those tax cuts in place. so if they really are serious, they've got to include both of those things and have both of those things on the table. >> marge gi, president obama, last night, this is part of what he said, we know how to win national elections but all too often, it's during these midterms where we end up getting ourselves into trouble because, i guess we don't think it's sexy enough. what does that mean, marge? >> i thought 2010 was definitely a turnoff but i'm sure my republican friends thought it was pretty sexy. it depends on your position. but it's true that when we have a national election, there's a national moment. there's a national debate with candidates who are driving that message. when it's a midterm, you have individual states and individual races which vary widely in how competitive they are and how much television they are running or what's going on with the two
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candidates and whether or not they are tied into a national frame. so i think that's what the president is addressing. i think for voters on the ground and volunteers, it's important to stay energized not just for presidential elections but also for legislative races, for people running for state reps, tiny districts and all of those continue to be important. >> with the governors coming to town, not wasting any time, highlighting some of the republican governors woes, of course chris christie continuing to fend off, you know, lots of questions surrounding the bridge scandal. bob mcdonnell down in virginia who had his fair share of trouble and scott walker as well in wisconsin. can the gop still run on the message that their governors are the future of their party? >> sure, because there's a lot of other successful republican -- >> you're going to say nikki haley -- >> we could go back and forth.
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you can't say simply governors. you have to point to individuals. and nothing is to say well, bob mcdonnell is gone and chris christie, you can't count him out. he had a successful town hall yesterday and coming back through it. he has not been proven to have done anything wrong. but what people like about governors is that they actually are responsible for getting something done. whether they are democrat or republican, they have to produce for their constituency and that's why they are considered better candidates and that and they don't have to take a lot of votes. >> one of the things, ed, that continues to surprise me to a certain extent about the christie scandal stuff, you look at last month. chris christie raised $6 million for the rga, that is some sort of record a one-month record. is this a story that is -- that resonates with a certain portion of this country but a lot of folks don't seem to care? >> well, there was concern that this would trip up his ability to run the rga, the republican
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governors association but those numbers demonstrate at least in the short term he hasn't necessarily had any problems. yes, there were embarrassing revelations and a lot of questions raised but the money keeps rolling in and no one really has suggested to him -- put it this way. nobody has cancellinged an appearance that he had scheduled with them in recent weeks. he had stops in florida and some in chicago. >> some who had not necessarily wanted to be seen with the governor on stage? >> yes, absolutely, he can turn to a $6 million hall in the weeks after this scandal broke out, that would suggest he's doing just fine. unless something else comes out, he'll continue to be in charge of the rga. >> the white house of course, as you know yesterday, announcing that the president is not going to include what's call chain cpi in his budget. essentially social security cuts not going to be part of president obama's budget. this was the reasoning offered by the white house, quote,
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unfortunately republicans refuse to even consider the possibility of raising some revenue, that is an unfortunate policy choice that republicans themselves have made. this response came from speaker boehner. this reaffirms what has become all too apparent, the president has no interest in doing anything, even modest to address our looming debt crisis. the one and only idea that the president has to offer is even more job destroying tax hikes and that is a nonstarter. is this president obama, doing precisely what republicans have been doing as well with regards to agreeing to raise the debt ceiling without attaching screens to it and shelving comprehensive immigration reform as well. avoiding ady vicive policy in an election year for the sake of the party? >> he is not negotiating with himself. if republicans want to get serious, they need to come to the table with some tax loopholes they are willing to
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close. the president has that in his budget. if there's more, they left the door open for putting that back on the table. if there's a negotiation happening. but if republicans are going to continue to dig their heels in and not focus instead on investing in the middle class, which are also key components to the budget, then the president will not negotiate with himself. it makes a lot of sense. it needs to be seen in the total context of the discussion and the budget debate. >> do you buy that? >> not really. at the end of the day this is a political budget. it's a budget that especially when you look at six senate seats that are really important for the democrats to hold or republicans to win, depending on how you look at it, that's something they don't have to fight about. they really didn't want to give democratic senators a chance to get caught up in a mess like this. it's a strictly political budget, which i'm not surprised happened and presidents do that. >> susan del percio -- ed? >> the deficit is $514 billion
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this year and $478 billion this year. the white house is calculating if that continues to go down there's no need to keep pushing for those types of things and they argue that republicans weren't willing to negotiate, why should they offer something when republicans aren't going to take it. >> always good to see you guys. have a great weekend. >> you too, craig. >> coming up the woug response to the developing situation in kiev. and all of those gold medal coming from this congressman's home state, we'll talk about that, a live look there. 9:09 in sochi, we're going to go there live as well for a clash of hockey titans, team usa and team canada, the puck has just dropped. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this?
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congress gets back to business on tuesday, there's no shortage of issues, immigration, energy the minimum wage, of course, and also now a new international hot spot to keep an eye on in kiev, jason chaf feds joins me live now. let's talk about the international crisis in ukraine that could end the bloodshed. you were of course taking military action in syria. if this continues to escalate -- we should let viewers know right now this is a live look at the square for the better part of this week has been a bloody mess. it's 7:15 there in the evening. all looks to be well so far.
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>> well, it's been tough to say the least for those people who have lost their lives and all of injured and maimed. we have to send as a signal to the people of ukraine that the united states of america stands with the people there in ukraine. really at the heart of this is the tousle between russia trying to pull them back in and their desire, deep seated desire within the nation to be more closely tied with the eu. we have to send that signal that we're going to do everything we can to make sure that whether it's economic sanctions or others, as swiftly as possible stand with our eu allies in making sure that we give them all of the support and the punish punishment, if you will to a government that's willing to use brutal forces in order to suppress an uprising the people that really want more freedom. >> let's turn to another international hot spot. this one has gotten considerably less attention because of what's happening in ukraine. i'm talking about south america, the unrest in venezuela, the
9:15 am
council on hemispheric affairs blamed u.s. policy towards venezuela in part for what's happening there. what's your reaction to that? how should this situation be dealt with in venezuela? >> look, central and south america, i think the united states for the last several years has been very absent in reaching out to those people and increasing our trade and relationships there. i think there's much more attention that we could have given there than the middle east. i also think in conjunction with that, the so-called asia pivot and rebalance in asia is also part of what we need to do. right in our own hemisphere, we certainly should be paying attention to those folks and those opportunities. >> let's turn back to domestic here and what we were talking about before the commercial break. the minimum wage debate in washington, results from the cbo, i'm sure you're familiar, the report itself a bit mixed, 500,000 jobs could be lost and
9:16 am
also says that 900,000 low wage americans would be lifted out of poverty and also have more purchasing power with an additional $5 billion in their pockets. january 8th, poll found 71% of americans, including 52% of the republicans support a higher minimum wage. where do you stand on that? >> absolutely not. i would totally disagree with that. the idea that we would lose 500,000 jobs is devastating to people. one part of the conversation, i think really needs to be injected in this, what it would do to our youth. i remember as a young man, i didn't make minimum wage but got a job and learned the value of work. when you raise the minimum wage, you'll squeeze out more of the youth and young kids need jobs and need to know how to work. >> part of your contention is raising the minimum wage would discourage young workers? >> it does as employers they
9:17 am
have a certain amount of money they can allocate to raise people. when you raise the minimum wage, you less the amount of people. the cbo said there would be 500,000 less jobs. >> according to a university of berkeley and university of illinois study as well, 5 2% of families of food stamp workers receive assistance from a public program like medicaid or food stamps. by companies paying lower wages, isn't the company picking up the difference? >> well, look, you've got to understand, what we need to do for somebody earning minimum wage and wants to move up the economic ladder, we need to make sure we get the education and empowerment in order to move forward. it's not about suppressing people but it is about giving people as a starting point in their life. i don't want them sitting there the entire career. i want the jobs and training they need in order to excel. but you look to our own state of utah, we have one of the lowest
9:18 am
unemployment rates and i can only president obama lecturing gary herbert about what we need to do to get the economy moving because utah is rocking and rolling. we've got a 4.1 unemployment rate, not because we raised the minimum wage, to the contrary, we got great taxes and regulatory environment that is predictable for businesses. it's a beautiful state. look at what utah is doing. don't have the president come in and try to lecture utah on what we need to do. >> we don't have time to get into all of the joys and wonders of utah but i think there are folks who would say utah has also been blessed with a fairly home generalous population and you have certain built in advantages as well in that state. >> we definitely have a lot of advantages in utah, absolutely, not because we're so-called homogenous, i don't buy that. we kept our taxes low and state legislature that's been very responsive and responsible and
9:19 am
not accumulating masses amount of debt. subsequently we can keep our tax rates low, that's why companies like adobe and ee bay and oracle is expanding in utah. there's a reason. >> let's end on a lighter note. olympic medal success coming out of utah. you could run this as an ad for utah the last part of this thing. let's look -- this is your twitter page. i want to show folks at home, your twitter page, you're quite the fan of skiing yourself. you have to be very proud. you seem to be breeding olympians out there. >> almost half of the medals won in sochi have been people with ties to utah. so yeah, i represent six skiers frommalta, deer valley, sundance also nearby and park city and the canyons and we've got snow. so yes, may twitter handle there jason in the house, skiing is a big part of our life and
9:20 am
consequently we got a lot of medal winners, despite their congressional representation -- >> we'll leave it there. congressman jason chaffetz, have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> a close eye on the developing situation in ukraine, a signed deal to end the violent standoff between police and protesters, will it hold? we'll have a live report on the very latest when we come back. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at
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a new deal reached in the past few hours could end months of deadly political protests and completely overhaul the entire ukrainian government. but the question is, will the thousands of protesters camped out in kiev's independent square honor the agreement? at least 77 people have been killed just this week. comm demonstrators wanted yan co-vich to respond.
9:24 am
instead within hours the parliament voted to scale back the president's hours. we learned the defense minister is indicating he's ready to talk to chuck hagel on the phone. the ukraine has been ignoring hagel's calls all week appare apparently we're told. nbc's foreign correspondent ayman, what can you tell us about this agreement that's been reached? >> a lot of moving pieces but it has been signed by both parties if you will. and by both parties we mean the president of ukraine and representatives of the political opposition, the three major political opposition parties. they have now agreed to this deal. in that deal, as you mention, it will be early presidential elections to be held before the end of the year. at the same time you can expect the powers of the ukrainian president to be limited and for the constitution that was implemented back in 2004 to be reinstated, that was a constitution that made ukraine
9:25 am
more of a parliamentary republic than a presidential one. there were some immediate signs that this deal was going to meet the demands of the protesters, there's also some short term gains, calling for the immediate release of a lot of protesters that have been rounded up since these demonstrations began back in november and cessation of all violence and bring to justice those responsible for the killings over the past 48 hours. >> the ukrainian parliament just voted to allow release of one of jailed opposition figures you just mentioned. forgive me if i'm butchering the last name there. why is that important? >> she was an individual who ran cross the current president who won. she represents the opposition and very popular figure. after she lost the elections in what some were saying fraudulent elections, she was imprisoned on charges of corruption by the current president. her release is going to add
9:26 am
momentum to the political opposition. now that there are going to be early presidential elections, you can certainly expect her and her political party to try and build momentum around her. her immediate release was also one of the major calls for the protesters that were camped in independence square. it will have a symbolic impact on the protest movement and more importantly, it will also change the political landscape and in the months ahead ahead of the elections. >> ayman, thank you. the white house also just released a statement on the peace deal. they say in part, there must be accountability for those responsible for the violence and the casualties that have resulted since the crisis began. and we remain prepared to impose additional sanctions as necessary. that coming from the white house a short time ago. joining me now, an expert in the politics in that region, our nbc news analyst, former clinton administration official, andrew weiss. good to seal you as always. first of all, will the deal
9:27 am
hold? how optimistic are you that this is a deal that's going to hold? >> we're in unchartered territory here. the past week has been nothing short of a cat clix and no one saw this coming. so now we have this semblance of a political deal. there are provisions in the political deal which make me very cautious. the one i would point out, the provision that said all weapons need to be handed over to the interior ministry within 24 hours, that's an ambitious time line. as we've seen from dramatic footage in the past day or two, there are a lot of guns on both sides. i'm not sure the radical forces, some of whom played a key role, are ready to hand over goouns. >> in the simplest of turns for folks not following this story beyond the violence, what are the implications of ukraine remaining unstable or getting a governmental overhaul? why should americans care about what's happening in kiev?
9:28 am
>> when the soviet union collapsed there was a focus on countries like ukraine wanting to make sure these parts of the former soviet union didn't turn into yug slaf ya where you have bloodletting. for the most part the clinton administration was able to avoid it. there were some instances where ethnic conflicts erupted into all-out war. ukraine was one of the success stories. what seems to have happeneded in the past decade or so, they said this is a pretty backward corrupt, athor tear yan gray zone in europe. what happened in the ukraine has once again reopened the possibility. could we see the country fall apart and all of that is very much in play here. and i think the leaders of europe and leaders of the united states are worried about what comes next. i think president putin is also worried. i don't think he wants to see a civil war on his borders. >> thank you, sir for the insight.
9:29 am
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9:33 am
haven't been around a lot over the past -- >> joy has been around. >> you've been around. >> i feel so loved. >> ronan farrow, starting monday at 1:00, joy reid who will host the reid report monday at 2:00 p.m. a huge welcome. 90% of it is a good head shot -- >> i was just going to say -- you both have -- >> you have delightful head shots. >> i learned the head shot art from joy reid. >> you're going to fit in well here. >> i'm a joy reid fan. >> i want to start with you, you've been getting the operation over the past week or so, spending a lot of time rehearsing across the hall. many know your foreign policy expertise and saw you last night on "the daily show" where you absolutely killed it. >> thank you, sir. >> you're funnier that folks realize. >> jon stewart was extremely gracious and seems into the show, not like anything out
9:34 am
there on cable. >> give us a taste. >> the big new thing here i feel for viewers am my generation, we're tired of hearing the story and being left at the side of the road. you want it in the context of your day to day life. when we carry a story we'll have a designated story, if you gotten minutes, what can you do at home? we'll have a call to action that runs through the entire week, we carry not just different new angles on the story as it evolves but how you in the msnbc is pushing forward the story. i'm excited about that. >> let's turn to you. our viewers are quite familiar with you. you'll see joy reid on quts morning joe or lawrence o'donnell. >> i'm in the building. >> "meet the press" or katie couric show as well. >> it's a availability thing. >> radio routes and newspaper routes you have. how are you going to bring all of those things to bear on a daily basis?
9:35 am
>> it's interesting, i do feel radio and what we do here are very much aligned. in radio it is all about immediacy for the audience. radio is sort of an all about you kind of thing. i like what ronan said about having the audience have a role in it. one of the things we definitely want to do is have our audience involved to crowd source and make sure we're getting feedback that the stories we're doing matter to the audience. if there are stories we're missing, the audience is jumping up and down, they don't have to do that bubecause we want to in >> you said something in an interview that caught my attention. you were talking about one of the things your show is not going to be. and you said it's not going to be an hour of us sitting around saying why republicans suck. >> we really want to have a conversation. we have this really incredibly polarized environment right now. and i think the parties don't even talk to each other because it's all ideology all of the time. it's not really politics it's
9:36 am
horse trading. >> aren't you tired of it. >> people are tired of it. >> i would like to get conserve i haves and rather than talk about them, i would love to tell me what's driving them. >> honestly when we're carrying politics, let's go to the people affected by the story and find these bipartisan threads in the issue. when things affect people's life and we can carry that story and investigate in the field -- i've got a lot of taped pieces. >> i was going to ask. >> it resonates with all parties. >> one of the earlier conversations, welcome to the family, you said, i want to get out of the building and get out a do a lot of reporting. you've done a fair amount of that. what are the -- i don't want you to give away everything, but what are some of the things we can expect in terms of those taped pieces? >> it's going to be a balance. we're going to use a lot of cool correspondence from the outside. we have new deals to announce on that front. i've got pieces this coming week a piece that i shot in africa about american foreign policy gone wildly awry and the affect
9:37 am
it has to individuals on the ground. i talked to formers in kenya and back home in food aid in a way you've never heard it before. an entertainment piece with miley cyrus. >> hanging out with miley? >> oh, boy. >> did you twerk? >> you're going to have to watch to find out. >> that will not be going down. i have to interview. no twerking. >> no twerking, but we can carry stories from the import of twerking to -- >> bringing it home. >> good luck to both of you as well. run back to those rehearsals and meetings. you will also be seeing my friend and colleague tamron hall "news nation" starting monday at 11:00 a.m. and "andrea mitchell reports" holding down the lunchtime hour. she's going to be on at noon. coming up, rick perry and his not so subtle return to iowa. we'll talk to abby huntsman about that interview with the
9:38 am
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i don't get hung up with the criminalization and playing word games here. i think you need to be smart in how you penalize people for breaking the law when it comes to small amounts of drugs. >> have you ever smoked pot? >> no. >> never? >> never. >> that was rick perry talking pot with abby huntsman in an interview that will air later today on "the cycle." he looks towards the end of his tenure with a possible look at 2016 once again. the governor happens to be visiting iowa this week. meanwhile texas politics in the news once again because of the junior senator now in florida. ted cruz creating tension after the debt ceiling vote and not to mention a big governor's race shaping up between abbott and wendy davis. this was a big interview with a politician who is run for
9:42 am
president before. may very well run for president again in iowa this week. what's his focus these last few months in office, obviously not pot. >> you're right, at the time not very often you get to sit and have barbecue with rick perry and they don't very often do one on one interviews inside his home. we did talk marijuana, that came up in davos. he has problems with children's lives changing forever. texas has drug courts to deal with this. we talked about so much more than marijuana. raising minimum wage and obamacare, texas did not take the medicaid expansion and we hit on chris christie, his futd you're plans, you name it. >> we spent time talking about the min wum wage earlier. what did governor perry say? >> he feels it needs to be in
9:43 am
the hands of business. he feels washington and government is the problem. >> a predictable response. >> he left at door very much open for another run in 2016. i even asked him if he's concerned about his image in 2012, the oops moment among other things if that's going to identify him or if that's going to change the perception of the american people. he'll not worried at all -- >> really? >> if you look at the state of texas, they have experienced a great amount of job growth over the last few years. led the nation created 1.7 million jobs, a third of the nation, he has a lot to do of in terms of the state. it is booming for business. people are moving there for quality of life. there's no personal income tax. he could very well run and he has a lot to run on in terms of what he's done in the state. i also asked about his feelings towards george w. bush who lived in the mansion before him and about wendy davis. >> texas politics of course, big year, first open governors race
9:44 am
since 1990, i believe, wendy davis running against greg abbott down there. what did he say about the race? >> he doesn't think texas is going to go blue, at least in his lifetime. i asked his feeling -- >> in hi lifetime? >> first he said never then said forever is a very strong word. i'm going to say my lifetime. i asked about wendy davis. he had very colorful things to say about her chances of winning. i have to leave it there. you'll have to watch "the cycle" at 3:30. >> what did he say about the glasses? >> i love the glasses. had to ask about those. they are new glasses and his wife anita picked them out. my staff -- not everyone loves them but i told them they don't have a choice, you'll have to deal with them. >> was he wearing contacts before? >> i think he might have worn contacts before. he does need them but they are classic glasses. >> on the topic of texas politics, ted cruz in the sunshine state where he received the statesman of the year award from the sarasota county and tonight he heads to palm beach
9:45 am
county. he's going to headline that county's gop lincoln dinner. i want to cover someone who covers politics on a daily basis, mark caputo and abby huntsman will stick around as well. what was the readout from cruz last night? >> democrats sure hope it's a preview of 2016. ted cruz in the polling in florida just couldn't be a worse matchup from a republican standpoint against the likely democratic nominee hillary clinton. in the last poll a month ago, he loses to her about 20 points, worse than jeb bush, marco rubio and chris christie and paul ryan. he really does a great job singing to the choir. the thing is the republican choir is not the entire electorate in florida.
9:46 am
as a republican in order to win the white house, you need to win a swing state like florida or better said you probably need to win the swing state of florida. if you don't, you're not going to the white house. i put up a blog earlier today that democrats are saying, please ted, run for president. >> here's the thing, abbi, ted cruz is a polarizing figure even in the gop. but poll after poll shows he remains wildly popular with the tea party crowd. what does that mean for the future of the gop? that's one of the polls we were just talking about, 28% right now. >> the tea party is still strong and ted cruz continues to lead the polls. if you ask who they want to run for president among tea partyiers he's always at the top. i look at ted cruz a little differently than many people do. i think he's an incredibly smart guy. ivy league educated. i think what he's trying to do is the opposite of what christie and romney and mccain have tried to do of being this establishment candidate that
9:47 am
have to whoo over the far right. the loudest, most energized group, i'm your guy, stood for you and tried to hold obamacare hostage during the quasifilibuster. then try to move to the establishment, i think you should not sell ted cruz short. he's a smart guy and knows what he's doing. the people in florida, this award he's given, they love him. i spent a lot of time in florida campaigning for my dad in 2012. they get out to vote. it is the tea party that gets out to vote. they want to hear about the president getting impeached and hear about obamacare being repealed. he does very well among that crowd and they vote. >> there's a healthy detachment from reality to a certain extent as well. >> winning a general election, that is a different question. >> narc, you're on the ground in florida, asset or liability, ted cruz? >> well, that's a good question. he's a draw. he keeps the party energized, i
9:48 am
would describe ted cruz as an anchor who keeps his party well anchored in its conservative base. but the problem that the party has, at a certain point it's going to need to sail on and weigh anchor. sometimes he hasn't shown enthusiasm for closing his mouth and going away quietly. you just saw that happen in washington where he hads had blowup over the latest debt ceiling vote. he's a very smart man and incredibly well spoken but incredibly polarizing folks. >> mark, and abby. thanks. the interview is coming up this afternoon on "the cycle." >> after yesterday's heartbreaking loss, heartbreaking loss against canada in women's hockey, today it's the men's turn. showdown on the ice. we'll have a live report from sochi when we come back. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
9:49 am
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consider this your spoiler alert. we're going to go to sochi now. at this the moment on the ice there's an epic battle for redempti redemption. team usa and canada are battling out. it's a second chance to trump canada after the heartbreaking loss in women's hockey. brian schactman joins me live from sochi. update us on the game that's happening. >> reporter: you have the best producers in the world. they scheduled this hit right in between periods. don't have to miss a second of action. canada/u.s. tied at zero. slight advantage going to
9:53 am
canada. i won't get too inside baseball and hockey, outshot americans 16 to 11 and dominating a little bit. in terms of quality of hockey, won't see anything better. we're in a scoreless tie in the men's semifinal. the winner gets to go and play sweden for a gold medal. >> yesterday women's hockey, we were in the lead, then the game goes into -- >> reporter: heartbreaker. >> what happened after that? >> reporter: they had a 2-0 lead and canada tied at 2-2 with a minute left. they called an penalty on the americans and people who don't know international hockey, most rinks are standardize. here's it olympic size, bigger ice rink. in overtime it's 4 on 4. they had so much room to operate and went tick tack toe with passes and won the game. it was an absolute crushing defeat for the american women who many say were more talented than the canadians who have won four straight olympics at the
9:54 am
winter olympics, they are dominant in the tournament. there is one tiny silver lining, the players were in tears, almost all of them overnight in tears but this morning we found out that julie chu, you played on the u.s. team four times now and never won a gold medal, she will carry the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony and obviously it's an honor that she is enrapt toured here. a little bit of her reaction to getting the honor. >> it's completely humbling. i don't know what else to say. we have such an inspiring group of team usa athletes and to be chosen amongst all of them, it's unbelievable. i don't typically -- not usually speechless and my teammates were laughing at me because i was substitu stuterring away because i can't wrap my mind around it. i never dreamed this would happen. i'm so proud of being a part of team usa. >> she's in her early 30s, the
9:55 am
senior citizen on the team, craig and it is a great honor. she would have taken the gold medal over the honor but they handled themselves with class. a spent a lot of time this week with the women's hockey team we're not supposed to cheerlead as journalists but you really wanted them -- they don't have a pro league. this is everything and they didn't get what they wanted. >> how could you not cheer for them? >> a lot of buzz around today's women's slalom competition. >> reporter: this is a spoiler alert. she is now the youngest woman to win the slalom in the olympics ever at 18 years old. first woman to win this event since 1972. she had a great first run and she held on. i will tell you there's a little drama in the second run. she almost fell. but she goes on to win gold and people say once she rounds out
9:56 am
her form in other events, she could go down as the greatest skier in the history of this country. >> wow. that's saying a lot. brian schactman, we timed it perfectly, the second period is about to start. >> it's starting now. >> enjoy the rest of the game. safe travels back. >> that is going to do it for me. up next, andrea mitchell reports. i'll see you back here at 2:00. transferred money from his before larry instantly bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand
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40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ right now, break through, it's the calm after the storm in ukraine's capital city where they have broken a tentative peace pact in all night talks between the president and main opposition leaders, perhaps ending the deadly violence for now. we'll have a live report from richard engel in kiev as crowds cheered as 40 police officers drove all night to join the opposition. >> they are not leaving the square, they are cleaning it up and plan to stay here until
10:00 am
their demands are met. this crisis doesn't seem over yet. >> state secrets, the new hillary clinton book takes a deep dive into her record at the state department. find out what the authors have to say about clinton's next chapter. >> road rules, first lady michelle obama opens up on the tonight show about life in the white house for sasha and malia and this warning for d.c. drivers. >> are they driving? >> you know, malia will be. she's going to turn 16 this summer, so we're kind of dealing with that. ladies and gentlemen in d.c., watch out. >> yeah. >> malia obama on the road, kind of frightening. i have security, so i'm good. >> and russia's ice princess dethrones queen yuna more than 1 million people have signed a petition contesting the result. >> the result last night, it's going to be talked about. yuna


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