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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  February 24, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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seasoned veteran who will yell into my ear when screw up. it's time for today's headlines. >> the president was in full control of the country 72 hours and now a wanted man. >> now that the olympics are over we need to watch behavior of the russians. >> putin will want to crack down more. >> they are very worried about what's coming next. >> mexico captured its most wanted man. >> extradition to the united states where there are multiple indictments, san diego, new york, chicago. >> colorful end to the 22nd olympic games in sochi. >> the producers have a sense of humor. >> jason collins. >> first gay player to play in the nba. >> make yourselves at home, to which some of you are thinking that's been the plan all along. >> ukraine's ousted president is
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now a fugitive in his own country. there's a warrant out today for viktor yanukovych. the charge? the mass killing of his own people. more than 80 of whom died while fighting. police in the final days of a bloody standoff in independence square. the challenge will be finding yanukovych. >> packed up in an orderly fashion and took his stuff and furniture with him. this was not fleeing in a disorderly fashion. now he is in a place that will reveal itself. yesterday we know where he was. today we're not so sure. >> so yanukovych hasn't been seen in public since saturday where he was last seen is crimea, one of the last areas the revolution hasn't taken off. anti-american sentiment runs high there. ukraine and the world are watching and waiting for vladimir putin's next move from
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russia. >> what does putin do here? i think the message has to be sent to him to let the ukrainian people determine their own future and a partition of ukraine is totally unacceptable. >> with russia's deep political and economic ties to ukraine, it remains to be seen whether putin will be willing to let go. we have joining us now nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel from kiev who will give us the scoop. thank you for joining us. today we saw a ukrainian tv station upload a video that the person who shot it claims shows police firing on pro testers. is that getting reaction? >> reporter: we showed this video to one woman and she started crying. there have been many videos posted and exchanged on twitter that show the security forces engaged in gun battles, firing into crowds of demonstrators and
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the people we've spoken to were horrified by them. they said they weren't shocked that the government could do something like this to them. they were shocked that their security forces did do this to them. >> there were also new comments from russia's prime minister who questioned the legitimacy of the government in the ukraine. how nervous to you think the ukrainian people you are talking to about russia's next steps specifically. >> reporter: people don't know what russia -- how far russia will go. they have a long history of involvement in this country. if this was 30, 40 years ago we might hear soviet tanks rumbling heading this way to try to stop a breakaway republic. times have changed. we don't know how far russia will go, whether russia will act. we certainly know russia has been condemning the moves here. the russian foreign ministry issuing a statement clearly denouncing the developments in
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this country, calling the protesters thugs comparing them to nazis and that the political developments here is like the rise of the nazi party in the 1930s saying parliament in charge here and passing law after law, is an ill legitimate body. some of the actions taken so far have been fairly anti-russian. we've seen statues of lenin taken down and monuments set up to honor the kgb vandalized. the russian language which had official status in this country has been downgraded. so quite threatening developments from moscow's point of view. >> of course the entire crisis began when ukraine's regime made a turn away from the eu towards more alliance with russia. last question, we've only got a few minutes left. do you have a sense of what public opinion there is like on the united states right now? >> reporter: the -- i think that opinion is also divided that are
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roughly along the same divides of the pro revolution, anti-revolution divide. moscow has been saying that the united states is behind this uprising. remember those elite conversations clearly designed to show that the u.s. was orchestrating this uprising. people aren't happy with the turn of events are more likely to believe that argument. >> richard engel, we'll be watch this closely from kiev. stay safe out there. who's in charge of the ukraine now? here's a cliff notes version. first, the parliament days ago sided with the ousted president. second the man ukrainian parliament chosen to be temporary president, and third, the opposition leaders, they include clichco and newly freed tymoshenko who opposed
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yanukovych following the 2004 revolution and thrown in jail when he came to power. anti-government protesters we've seen in those pictures, mostly middle class and educated and they are the crowd that forced the government out. i want to bring in former defense secretary bill cohen and former senator and congressman and david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama and msnbc contributor. >> glad to be with you. >> i want to turn to secretary cohen first. bill burns, an all colleague of mine will travel to kiev tomorrow. how strategically important is this to the united states? >> i think it's very important to the security of europe itself. every president since harry truman has urged our policy remain one that europe remain whole, free and prosperous.
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and at peace obviously. so this policy has to be articulated and openly done so by ambassador burns. let me say that even though the first question is what is putin going to do, the real issue is what are the europeans and united states going to do? because ukraine right now is basically a basket case. they are on the verge of bankruptcy had incredible corruption and the question will be who wants to own that debt and how can we help in a way that provides economic assistance and political assistance and diplomatic assistance. how can we do that in the short term. if we sit back, putin will move in away that will be adverse in the interest of the you'ukraini and united states. >> a new poll shows 53% of americans think president obama is not respected on the world
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stage. david, is this a moment where the u.s. needs to be more engaged in ukraine? >> we should be engaged not because of the gallup poll but was there are strategic reasons to be engaged. what you've seen in the initial stages of this are the right moves, which is to encourage the democratic process to move forward, to discourage the russians from moving in too aggressively and work closely with the europeans as the secretary suggests to put together an economic package that can help ukraine through in the short term. this whole thing started because russia came in with a $15 billion package and offered it to yanukovych and he took it and turned away from the eu. now the eu has to step up in conjunction with the u.s. and make sure ukraine has what it needs to get through this difficult period. >> of course, the first traunch of that money from russia has been delayed. it was to be delivered this week. we'll keep track of whether that's actually going to happen
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still given the latest events. a brief recap, ukraine is a heidi -- highly divided country. the economy is powered by russian fuel and majority of people spe russian. those in the west were part of poland and austria. secretary cohen, can those divisions be reconciled ever are they too deep? >> the goal has to be promoting reconciliation, compromise, having a coalition government. we've been through this. there are some people in our country who still feel the civil war hasn't ended. it's taken a long time to persuade people that we are a united states of america and i think it's going to be very long term goal. bupt the goal has to be one of a united ukraine with the divisions not going away in the near term and to try to bring economic assistance, which can help change attitudes in any
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country as long as there's prosperity and hope of rising to one's level of achievement and opportunity. then there's a possibility you could have a united ukraine that is prosperous in part of the european theater to be sure but also has great relations with russia. russia is going to continue to play a role here. we have to be sensitive to the russian needs as well. >> let's talk about the tug of war between russia and the united states. president obama spoke to putin on the phone last friday and the white house said the call was quite surprisingly productive. is that spin or could this be a point where russia and the united states could work together? >> well, this is certainly a problem for russia and europe to -- i think everybody has an interest in seeing this evolve in a peaceful -- in a peaceful way. we have an interest in maintaining a working relationship with the russians. remember, we've had our differences and they become pronounced because of snowsnowd
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worked with them on afghanistan and iran and have the new start treaty and there are places in which we can do business with the russians. it behoofs us to work closely with them ensuring at the same time the integrity of the ukraine and the country remains whole and democratic process and respected and moves forward. >> as it's born out. >> very brief. >> it's important that europe and ukraine and others really provide a diverse fiction of their energy supplies because right now russia is in a policy of either guns and gas policy. we can either send our tanks or our gas, but we dont want to send the gas to you right now, that's going to be used as leverage in the coming weeks. >> interestingly they haven't used it yet. that's maybe an encouraging sign. >> it's a really important point. if you look where the pipe lines run, it's like arteries going
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through a heart how much russian interests are at stake. energy is a key part. we're out of time. i appreciate you guys joining. >> congratulations -- >> thank you so much. >> before we go out, very quickly, switching topics, obviously we're seeing news from the pentagon at this hour with defense secretary announcing new cuts to military spending to their lowest levels in a long ti time. >> secretary cohen do you have reaction? >> i haven't seen the proposal as yet. it's been reported it will be reduced somewhere to the army, 450, 460,000. i might point out when i was secretary of defense, we had standing army, active force of roughly 480,000. that climbed up after 9/11 to 520 plus. so the real issue is what are the missions that the president of the united states and congress working together are going to have going forward? you take the mission then you size your force to carry out those missions. that's something to be decided and obviously going to meet with
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some opposition on capitol hill. but having an arctic lags what the mission is is going to be critical to deciding it. >> i would love to keep getting insights and that goes for both of you. thank you so much. we're really glad to get your take. that is secretary cohen and david axelrod, thank you to both of you. >> and this leads us to today's battle of the day. let me explain, every day we're going to take -- make sure we're not just asking the important people, the big people, people we put on air. we're also asking the important people sitting right at home. this is where we turn to you. our first battle, who has been stronger on ukraine, have hvlad putin or president obama? not right or wrong, who has been more assertive and shown more leadership. weigh in by rfd obama or rfd putin. we'll share your responses throughout the show.
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stay with us to see which side won at the end of the hour. coming up, president obama meets with the governors. many of them have their sights on his job for 2016. how is that affecting the dynamic in that, i'm sure, tense room? we're taking you behind the scenes from someone who was actually there next. also, a new report on the underground economy springing up around pot legalization. you won't believe where people are getting their weed from. later, our heroes and zeros of the day. who's doing things right and who gets our thumb's down today? all of that and more coming up. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake?
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every day here on ronan far row daily, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the biggest stories in the country. that starts today when we pull back the curtain on the national governors association, which wraps up its annual meeting today. moments ago president obama addressed a group at the white house. take a listen. >> i enjoyed watching some of you with your eyes on higher the size of the drapes and each other. >> sizing up the drapes and we're monitoring live pictures from the group of republican governors speaking now. one key person not there, embattled new jersey governor chris christie. he left that meeting sunday and skipped the dinner at the white house. a major topic at this meeting has been whether or not to raise the minimum wage. one state that already has is delaware, which just a few weeks ago passed a bill raising the minimum wage statewide to $8.25. joining us now is delaware's
10:19 am
governor, jack markel. >> congratulations on the show. >> thank you so much, sir. >> you just came from that meeting we described with the president. did you hear anything from him that you haven't heard before? >> you know, it was another good meeting with the president. he focused on the things that the american people would hope he focused on. he talked about job creation, we talked about the importance of investing in infrastructure and the importance of speeding up how long it takes to build roads and bridges. it was very much job and workforce focused as you would expect. >> delaware is the 14th state to have raised its minimum wage above the federal rate of $7.25 an hour. do you see more states following suit on that? >> it's hard to say. each state will make the decision for themselves. in our case we thought it was necessary and important thing to do. also insufficient. we have to continue to workforce training and making sure people
10:20 am
have right skills and focusing on innovation. a lot of those topics came up as well. >> why not raise it up to over $10? >> i think this will be a decision that less is handled at the national level, each state will make a decision for itself. we thought this was a good place to go but again, we thought it was one part of the issue of the approach of how we make sure there are fewer working poor people. that's what we're trying to achieve here, get more people working and good jobs so we've got to focus on workforce development and innovation. >> that's a goal we can get behind. one governor getting a lot of buzz is jan brewer who needs to decide by friday to sign a controversial bill that allows business owners to use religious grounds for rejecting services to gay people. should religious freedom questions like this be tackled at the state level, governor? >> i'll put it this way, delaware is a very welcoming place. four years ago, five years ago
10:21 am
we passed a law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. it's puzzling other states would look at it differently. it seems to me if they pass this law and if she signs it, the nfl may be looking or should be looking to move the super bowl out of that state. there's so many places around the country that are welcoming to everybody. >> all right. thank you so much. governor jack markel, good luck to you and we'll come back to you at some point. thank you. >> good luck with the show. >> all right. >> just ahead on "ronan farrow dai daily." how deep people are diving to throw a profit in colorado's new economy? >> just jumping in the trash can every night. >> you'll want to stick around for that one. i'll see you soon. budget. ♪ the only downer? my bargain brand towel made a mess of things. so goodbye so-called bargain brands, hello bounty basic.
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thanks for coming back. america's governors are meeting in washington, one of hottest topics of debate has been the legalization of weed around the country. last week we learned that colorado expects to make $134 million in new tax revenues from legalized weed next fiscal year, that is way, way more than expected. there's an obvious financial insen tif here and still a lot of trep i hadation from other states. how is this new drug economy affecting americans on the ground? that is exactly what we're looking at today in the first installment of our series, where we take a closer look by the people creating the news. helping us get to those people, a startup media company that uses proprietary technology to analyze the deep web, that you can't reach with traditional search engines and this is where we found the characters on
10:26 am
today's story on the new drug economy. take a look. >> they'll have to pay a premium and you'll have to pay excessive amount of taxes. they are going to be taxing me between 20 and 40%, similar to tobacco products. if you spend $10, it's going to be $13.38. >> most kids selling weeds in the park, dumpster dive it from what the grow houses throw out. you'll have dispensaries that throw away clippings and trim. at night i jump in the trash cans and take it all out. >> you cut up 20, 30, 40 plants and have a big garbage bag full of leaves that you have mixed in with dirt and other stuff that
10:27 am
you swept off the floor and can't make products out of that. >> basically blast it with butane and get the thc concentrate, making $2500 a month jumping in the trash can a night, three nights a week. >> they have guard dogs and dobermans, if you touch the dog your hands will get cut. i've had people driving around the warehouses flashing guns ats me and telling me to go away. if you're going to shoot me, the cops will come and you're in trouble. >> you talk about dumpsters, people do break into them. it's kind of fun to watch the security film -- >> it is a felony to pop a lock but i don't think they should be throwing away all that free money especially when people are in debt and homeless. another man's trash is another man's treasure. tennessee or dumpster love because i got love from the dumpsters and dumpsters got love for me. >> dumpster love.
10:28 am
in case you're keeping count, the third state to legalize pot could be alaska. and coming up on tomorrow's world unseen, we'll take you to africa to expose an example of american good intentions gone wrong. i was on the ground in kenya where farmers told me american food sent to help is actually hurting. >> would it help you if other organizations did what care did and refused to accept american food on -- to sell on the kenyan market? >> it would help us because kenya -- our produce and they will be able to carry our produce. those big markets like supermarkets, they will take our produce but now they don't take our produce because others. >> we're going to have that
10:29 am
report and exclusive answers from a top official in washington about the headache this is causing for president obama. first, coming up right here today on the show, why is kansas proposing laws that allow discrimination and spanking? and nba player jason collins in the news and getting a standing ovation. what does this signal for the world of pro sports? the daily panel weighs in. [ male announcer ] they say mr. clean was born to help people clean better, and that he travels the world inventing amazing new cleaners, like his newest invention, liquid muscle, that lifts and cleans tough grease with less scrubbing. it's a liquid gel, so it's less watery and cleans more. and its cap stops by itself so almost nothing's wasted. ♪ no matter where he went or who he helped, people couldn't thank him enough. new mr. clean liquid muscle. when it comes to clean, there's only one mr.
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10:33 am
sanctioning the the spanking of children even if it causes bruising. joining me in the studio is a former republican national committee chair and msnbc political analyst and alex wagner, host of "now" on msnbc. thank you, guys. >> congratulations, my friend. >> i've been in withdrawal for you, haven't seen you since three hours ago. >> looking great, man. >> you don't look a day older than three hours ago. michael, do you think there's political support for this spanking bill in kansas? >> you know, that's interesting. i don't think so. you know, the idea that you can spank a child -- when i was growing up -- >> i was going to say. >> absolutely. spankings that involved -- >> alex wagner. >> we don't want the youtube -- >> dodging the question, there
10:34 am
was a spare the child these sis. >> do you need a legislative act to get involved in this kind of discussion and decision? the idea people will raise their kids and bring the level of corporal punishment they think is appropriate and everyone realizes the bounds and limits on that, i think. i don't know if we need legislative action at this point. you need a legislator to sanction spanking up to a certain point -- >> it's getting a little intrusive. alex, brownbeck, did he dodge a bullet when this didn't make it to his desk? >> i guess. it's deeply worry some that this is even something that's being suggested if you substitute the sexual orientation for skin color, these are jim crow laws and the idea they are gaining any currency, you had the segment on arizona before is a disturbing trend given where we are on the flip side in terms of moving forward with gay
10:35 am
marriage. increasingly being answered that it is not just an issue of federalism but one of equality. to see people try and run the clock or rewind the clock on the basic notion of fairness and equality and justice under the law is distressing. >> alex wagner, definitely and in a classy fashion refocusing on the real issues and avoiding the spanking question. is this a moment of pivot in the republican party where we're seeing misgivings even behind party lines on the gay rights issue? >> i think the question of pivoting is an interesting one. i really believe there still is at a certain level and around the country you still have 37 states that have not embraced the idea of gay marriage on a completely -- but there will be other bills coming down the pike. by and large for republicans, they are looking not just at the districts they are in and the general mood but looking at outwardly the consequences. how this has been playing itself
10:36 am
out. i think there's still some concern about the limits where you talk about issues related to one's faith and church traditions and look at how business owners now feel they need to respond or not respond to this. i think there's still a lot of room here to work this out. while parts of the country may have moved more aggressively and progressively in this direction, others are not so much ready to follow that trend. >> what's interesting is that if you look at where lower level courts are deciding these issues and airing on the side of equality, we're talking about virginia, west virginia, utah, oklahoma. these are not bast ons of blue liberals -- >> the real alex wagner comes out. >> that was because of an action as a result of an election, the attorney general now taking a different position. you change out the attorney general, i don't know if attorney general's view is necessarily reflected of virginia as a whole. >> how about in arizona, there are real consequences at stake,
10:37 am
do you think this is going to pass there? >> that's a good -- >> that's reading the man of jan brewer, which is a scary thing. >> wow. >> i'm going to go out on a limb. i don't think the governor signs the bill. >> i don't think she does. >> right now it would have to be devicive and young americans don't support that. >> you want tourists to come to your state if our governor. you have sb 1070 one of the mow draconian immigration policies, ice that cake with incredibly discriminatory policy about people from the gay and lesbian community, i think that's bad -- >> businesses have been speaking out against this. interesting to see how this develops and i'll hold you to that. we should have taken a bet. first we have to go for a moment to a little breaking news happening right now. defense secretary hagel is at the pentagon holding a news conference to announce new military cuts. we brought you news of that before.
10:38 am
here is what he said just moments ago. take a listen. >> this required a series of difficult choices. we chose further reductions in troop strength and force structure in every military service, active and reserve, in order to sustain our readiness and tech no logical -- >> this is why chuck hagel was hired. >> it is a return to the lowest level since world war ii. it's a rollback of dramatic increases in military spending after 9/11. alex, do you think this is an important step? >> i think it's hugedy drk i think it's important for two reasons. this is literally why we picked chuck hagel because you needed a military -- guy from the military to be able to make these and to do what he's doing. two, we're still at war. we're a country that is increasingly in a sort of
10:39 am
crouch -- probably the wrong word to use, there's good reason for not going to war. but we are very fatigued of combat. this is an expression of that both economically and i think it's a read on these sort of american psyche when it comes to military. >> you'll notice in the state of the union, afghanistan came up six times, each in the context of we're coming home, it's vehicle victory. >> the retooling the military industrial complex is necessary and long overdue. hagel is the guy to do it. he brings republican credentials to the table that makes it a little interesting for folks on right. keep in mind, going back to 2001, this is exactly what george bush wanted to do before 9/11 happened. so now the past is prolonged in the sense we're here at that point. you're going to hear a lot of screaming from both democrats and republicans, particularly those of military bases and industrial military interests in their states. >> you mentioned hagel's
10:40 am
republican cred and your republican creds. >> and lack of republican creds. >> happy to have you on. >> thank you for that weird moment, it is awesome. >> super real. let's check back in on today's battle of the day. you remember, we ask you to weigh in on who has been stronger on ukraine by picking one of two hashtags, rfd obama or rfd putin. here's the latest breakdown. 55% said rfd obama. 45% said rfd putin. i'm surprised it evenly split and chuck chose rfd obama, tweeted, i think obama has expressed our opposition to what the government is doing but wisely stays out it whereas mario shared this thought. putin has been stronger in ukraine than the u.s. this makes a great defeat
10:41 am
yanukovych humiliating to putin's russia. keep them coming. up next we have our heroes and zeros. who would pay $10,000 for a picture of lovely lina dunham. i love her but that's not cheap. this man is wanted from mexico to new york. we've got a hero and zero when we come back. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes
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10:45 am
fired when the retouched photos weren't that different from the originals. she initially brushed off the controversy and said anyone can see her untouched body on her show. she's naked a lot. remember, it's not tv. while they are smart and funny they made a monument error in their approach to feminism. this is comfortable with her own body but also grateful for a little air brushing and aren't we all. now a turn to the dark, we have our zero of the day. it is el chapo, the leader of the most powerful drug cartel in the world. he was arrested in mexico over the weekend. el chapo is our zero for little infractions, things like murders and heroin cocaine and meth he sold all over the world and had the honor of being named chicago's public enemy number
10:46 am
one. the first gangster to hold that honor since al capone. mexico plans to try him first. he also appears to be a shop a holik, they seized two grenade launchers and 43 vehicles and four ranches, less girls, more real housewifs. and that's today's heroes and zeros. still ahead, the final update on today's battle of the day. and we're going to be bringing you into the show as we ask for some help reporting on a story that touches a lot of you. our call to action on the student debt crisis is coming up next. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one.
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welcome back. here on "ronan farrow daily" we
10:50 am
spend time yaking but we're also about getting things done. every week we'll introduce a big challenge and turn to you for the answers. it's our call to action. and today for our first call, we look at a problem that probably affects you or someone in your life, student loan debt. it is that lingering crushing burden that so many young americans receive along with their college diplomas. today more than 40 million americans, that's 4-0 million, owe $1.2 trillion of debt. which is more than the americans owe on credit cards and some of us owe a lot on our credit cards. we want you to put a face on this strug. it's easy, make a sign and write your first name and how much up owe or when you have your loan paid off. take a picture and tweet it to us at ronan daily. here's an example.
10:51 am
this is young aaron ortega, one of a handful of people still paying off their loans. eric, my friend, i hate to put you on the spot. tell me how bad it is. >> thank you for taking me out of the dark control room. it's pretty bad. in terms of living in manhattan or any metropolitan city, that's where the jobs are except you also have the fact we're paying minimum as much as we can to student loans. if i pay my minimum each month will be down to this. can you get that. 2029. >> a long haul, all right, sorry to put you on the spot. do like eric did. we'll show you favorites on the air and retweet some of them. we're going to turn to robert reich, the latest film "inequality for all" and has a new book too. thank you for joining us sir.
10:52 am
>> hi, ronan. >> you used the f word to describe what students are going through, is it that bad? >> well, students are graduating into a very, very difficult job market. still difficult. we're still in the graph tagsal pull of the great recession and younger people, even with college degrees, they are not getting the kinds of jobs they were getting 10 or 15 years ago. >> president obama addressed this problem forcefully in the state of the union proposing a cap on student loans based on income. do you think the president went far enough.
10:53 am
payout. you pay 10% of your full time wage for the first 10 years of full-time work. then at the end of the 10 years, you're finished. so if you go into investment banking, for example, you are in effect paying a lot of money. you're subsidizing students that become social workers. they pay 10% of their full-time full wage for the first 10 years but they are not going to pay nearly as much as the investment banker. all of it goes into a fund, that would be my proposal, and that fund replenishes student loans. >> when you say the president didn't go far enough, it's interesting to note he went farther the previous year's state of the union when he said he would tackle college affordability and do a rating system on how affordable colleges are and make aid to colleges contingent on those ratings. >> yeah. the president has gone fairly far. i think that the crisis is much larger. certainly he should get credit for how far he has gone.
10:54 am
but the kind of 10%, 10-year maximum that i'm suggesting i think would be a better solution. i think it's very important to make sure that all students at the end of 10 years of full-time employment get rid of debt obligations. can compounding interest we have seen many students. say you graduate with a $26,000 debt. you actually through compounding the interest payments on the debt you end up paying $28,000, not just 10 years but 15 or 20 years. it is a huge burden for far too many students for far too many years. >> it is so great to have you on this. when i reported on i got an outpouring of responses. school teachers paying twice what they are making. it is a big issue. it touches a lot of people.
10:55 am
i'm excited to see the response. thank you, professor reich. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, ronan. good luck with your new show. >> thank you. take a picture and tweet it to us @ronandaily. starting right now. before we go, let's check in for the last time on today's battle of the day. remember, we asked who has been stronger on ukraine. you weighed in. and the winner is rfd obama inching ahead with 56% of the vote. all right. thank you guys for your passionate responses on that. and that wraps it up for my very first show. we made it. i look forward to spending this hour with you every day on msnbc. don't go away yet.
10:56 am
my colleague joy is coming up next, making her big debut. i'm such a big fan. break a leg. tell us what you have coming up. >> what? thanks, ronan. that was a really terrific show. so great to be in the neighborhood with you. the neighborhood is a lot cooler with you in it. chuck hagel takes aim at the military industrial complex. can he succeed? do the proposed cuts go too far or not far enough? and collins on lbgt rights. and motown great smokey robinson about tonight's b.e.t. honors. she had a sense parents were in the market for creative
10:57 am
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to day one of the reid report. can one openly gay nba player help change attitudes? later, i hope you believe in miracles because we have one today. smokey robinson is here to talk about his performance at tonight's b.e.t. honors ceremony. a gathering of the nations governors. a short time ago. today is the last day of the annual governors association conference with speeches by president obama and vice president biden at the white house. it's a time where each party comes to washington to discuss their governing philosophy and share their perceived successes. issues from regulation, health care, jobs, infrastructure are all discussed at the conference. in his speech, the president's side government ability to overcome deadlock. >> you see how good policy impacts your citizens. and you see how bad policy impacts your citizens. that means the l


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