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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 3, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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selfie. our caption is up to you today. who is getting socked by the worst of it. and then secretary of state john kerry heading to ukraine after more of putin's army moves in on crimea. at what point is russia's military intimidation an official declaration of war? this is "way too early." hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is monday, march the 3rd, 2014. welcome to "way too early." the show that would have won best new short feature if we had been nominated. we always have next year. we start off with weather. winter showing no signs of slowing down. new jersey in a state of emergency right now as places like atlantic city could get more than a foot of snow today. the federal government in d.c. has closed its offices and congress is closing business for today.
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this winter system has skewed south sparing much of the northeast. missouri and indiana have already seen heavy snow leaving roads there a mess. as the system moves through parts of the deep south it left behind heavy ice and slick roads causing troubles there. meteorologist bill karins, fill us in. how did it change? >> from friday it was looking like i-70 from indianapolis to new york city was the bull's eye. over the weekend it shifted 100 miles to the south. that's made a huge difference in who's getting the snow. we saw sleet in the dallas area yesterday. i mean, dallas, texas in march is usually a warm place. this storm just heading further south. we saw wintery weather in nashville last night, and all of kentucky is covered in snow and ice this morning. much of the snow is right over the top of washington, d.c., baltimore to philadelphia to atlantic city. new york city, you're probably much done. you've seen about an inch and that's it. the heavier snowbelt is through
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the mid-atlantic region. how much snow? 6 to 12 inches is in the pink going from kentucky through west virginia through d.c. d.c., you have an inch or less on the ground. it will snow hard from now until mid afternoon. even richmond, virginia, your average high this time of year should be mid 50s. you're going to get three to six inches of snow today. yesterday in richmond it was 71 and sunny. now you'll have three to six inches of snow and temperatures and the wind chill down near zero. look at the temperatures in the midwest. it's the fact that it's march and this is happening. the wind chill in chicago and kansas city is negative 16. it's just storm cold, storm cold. we can't break this pattern. >> we look forward to breaking it especially when you say it, richmond, 71 degrees? >> 71. by tonight they'll have six inches of snow on the ground. we switch gears talking about what's going on in ukraine. old foes are sizing each other
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up. secretary of state john kerry will travel to ukraine today as a show of support with the new government there. it was over the weekend where thousands of russian troops moved in. some in unmarked uniforms, others surrounding the army base in the strategically important region. russian ships are off the coast and the head of the ukrainian navy has surrendered. it's unclear what the u.s. and the nato forces will take. european leaders are exploring the options. the strongest language has come from the secretary of state. >> president putin is not operating from a place of strength here. yanukovych was thrown out despite putin's support. this is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretexts. it's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. the fact is he's going to lose
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on the international stage. russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. he's going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extrav va began zampt he is not going to have a sochi g 8. he may not even remain in the g 8 if this continues. >> strong words there. joining us from moscow. nbc news foreign correspondent, jim maceda. explain the calculus and the latest moves over the weekend and what it will take to move them back across the lines with the border of the crimea region and russia. >> reporter: hi, thomas. as putin told german chancellor angela merkel yesterday, it's more about self-defense. this new pro western ukrainian government in kiev poses an existential threat to his and russia's interest in ukraine and that means primarily, crimea.
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why? crimea gives them an essential warm water port, it gives them a base for the black sea fleet. so putin's nightmare sees this canceling russia's lease on the black sea fleet base and taking over cry meimea and bringing th enemy up to russia's border. for him, it's a double whammy. in terms of clearing russian forces or pushing them back, neither the u.s. nor nato are contemplating a military action and talking about ukraine's military quite quickly, it's the second largest european military apparently. it's too weak. it's certainly too low tech to take russia on. even russia's second echelon
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sailors that we've seen roaming around crimea for the last two or three days. russia's control of crimea is open ended. we move on to china now. a mass stabbing over the weekend has left the nation shocked and looking for answers. on saturday night a group of ten masked attackers began a stabbing rampage at a train station. no one has claimed responsibility. state media reporting 29 people killed and another 143 wounded. police shot and killed four of the attackers. one is currently in police custody but several others remain at large. all right. we lighten things up and talk about what happened last night in hollywood where celebrated films were all given top honors and this was a huge year of achievement for "gravity" and "american hustle" entering with
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ten nominees. . every day every week every
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month and every year of my life my heroes's always ten years away. i'm never going to be my hero. i'm not going to obtain that. that's fine with me. that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing so to whatever it is we look up to and to whoever we are chasing to that i say all right, all right, all right. and just keep living. >> so mcconaughey's co-star jared leto also won. cate blanchett won best supporting actress for "blue jasmine." we mentioned ellen's star studded selfie in the show. we'll show that later on in the cooler. we want to get your most creative captions for the tweets seen around the world. use #waytooearly. you'll be surprised who didn't make that. we'll show you the behind the scenes image that shows one star who couldn't make it to the top. washington and colorado as
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you may know recently became the first states to legalize access to marijuana. though california often has the reputation of being one of the most liberal states in the country, its democratic governor is concerned about the possible side effects. >> if there's advertising and legitimacy, how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? world's pretty dangerous. very competitive. i think we need to stay alert if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the pot heads might be able to put together. >> so the house of mickey house is taking a stand against the boy scouts of america because of its policy towards gay scout leaders. disney does not provide funds directly to the scouts but it does donate money to the troops in exchange for volunteer hours. beginning next year disney will end all donations to the boy scouts because of its ban on gay leaders. a spokesman says the organization is disappointed in disney's decision. last year the scouts lifted the ban on gay leaders. wall street will look to
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stabilize the markets today despite a continued uncertainty in ukraine. stocks closed last week mixed although the s&p did manage to post a record close. cnbc's jeff cutmore will explain from london. >> good morning to you, thomas. well, we're going to start with a fairly edgy session, i think, in the states. we have weak markets here. there is a tone of risk aversion so we're down about 2% in germany. we're down a little over 1% here in the u.k. and generally markets are nervous. they tonight want what's going on in ukraine to be more than what's jaw jaw right now. we'll keep an eye on the ukrainian story. it is in the driving seat to determine risk aversion. we do have that weak tone. you have that in the futures going into the session with the dow predicted going off 100 points here. let's move on that for a second
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because the markets will do what the markets do. this is a fascinating story for all of those who work in the media and have watched the print media slowly being strangled by the internet. well, there is a new lease of life for newsweek it seems. ibt media who took over the operation and turned it into an online magazine say they put out a print run of 70 thousand editions. they will hit the news stands on friday. at $7.90. they look like a luxury purchase. ibt says their readers want to see a hard copy of the magazine so look out for that. it makes a change to see a print edition coming back from the dead if that's what you'd describe the internet as. that's an interesting story, thomas. >> we like that. something tangible we can all hold there with the newsweek. explain apple making it easier for people to use the iphone in their cars. >> yeah, well, this is a great story because i know a lot of
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people whose life is lived on their mobile hand set. when they get in their car, they have to take a journey and effectively at that point you become detached from everything that's stored on your mobile device. well, apple says that is going to change. they are talking with a number of auto companies right now about getting this power play technology into these cars. that will mean you can plug in your iphone, you can keep in touch obviously through the telephone function on your mobile device, but it means you'll also be able to use the maps and you'll be able to get your music through your iphone. that's going to be good news to anybody who likes to listen to a tune while driving. >> music to our ears. still ahead on "way too early." an incredible shot with everything on the line. how long was that tournament winning putt. we'll tell you about it. jimmy fallon taking a plunge. why he took a dip in chilly lake michigan. you see this, "tonight show"
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suit all on. "way too early" will be back. monday edition. stick around. the amateur cameraman said it appeared to him the suspect was attempting to cooperate when the beating with night sticks began. police say the man, 25-year-old rodney king, was involved in a high speed chase. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot,"
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look, a honda is in the background. we don't often cover the lpga on "way too early." things are about to change. this was a remarkable shot. the 75 foot eagle putt curls across the 18th green and miraculously into the hole. look at that! that's good for her first lpga win in four years. she's in complete shock. nascar's sprint cup to phoenix international raceway, kevin harvick led for more than 200 laps holding off dale earnhardt jr. for his second straight victory. harvick has won a record five times at the raceway. if you want to have russell wilson and his name on your back all year round. the texas rangers began selling wilson merchandise. as he preps to make his visit to rangers camp. the jerseys are in. they're selling fast. replica white home jerseys and red and blue t-shirts are available at the spring training
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team store. russell wilson, such a nice guy. coming up, in the first hour of "morning joe," james lip ton will give us his reaction to "12 years a slave" winning as best picture and the rest of the major awards. when we come back we'll huddle around the water cooler and the most star-studded selfie of all time. it broke twitter. the incredible number of times this photo was all retweeted and much more. all of that coming up. ♪ ♪ when you only have one hand, you're not doing anything as fast as you used to, which is funny, 'cause i still do it better than her. you know, i don't think i was meant to sweep. it's a little frustrating. look. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to. do you need help? [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up. it's a swiffer sweeper. it's a swiffer dusters. it can extend so i don't have to get on the step stool.
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all right. so at the top of the show the big winners at the oscars last night, we talked about them. if you want to sound smart today tell all your friends with 22 statues walt disney holds the record for most academy awards won by a single person. disney also holds the record for most oscars won in a single year by a single person. he won 4 back in 1954. we also mentioned last night's big winner, the big winners earlier in the show. i'm having such a hard time this morning. alan, don't laugh at me. i was about to say, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. we start on the red carpet. that's where jennifer lawrence
2:52 am
took a spill over an oddly placed traffic cone. she got up, laughed it off. it conjured up last year's memories. she just laughs it off. she's such a good sport. ellen degeneres was back. she had more than a few great one liners. >> johnny hill is nominated for his amazing performance in "wolf of wall street." honestly, i have to say, you showed us something in that film that i have not seen for a very, very long time. and i have to say, one of the most amazing liza minelli performances, really, seriously. good job, sir. i mean, that is really -- >> liza.
2:53 am
the moment of the night came about midway through the show when ellen took the selfie to new heights. look at this. >> pharrell, here's my idea. you are nominated. a record breaking 18 times, right? i thought we would try to break another record now with the most retweets of a photo. right now i am going to take a picture of us. >> okay. >> we'll see if we can break the record for the most retweets. >> get her. >> you get in here, too, julia. >> i'll do this. >> lean in. channing, if you can get in also. channing. bradley, will you come in? i want you in it. jennifer, come in also. brad, get in here. >> i'll take it. >> no, i'm doing it. >> angie. lupita. all right. wait. wait a minute. >> retweet this. >> that's really good, right? we've got jared leto, jennifer lawrence, meryl streep, julia roberts, ellen, kevin spacey, brought pitt, lupita nyong'o and
2:54 am
angelina jolie and that's lupita's brother. he made it in there, too. the photo retweeted more than 2.3 million times becoming the most retweeted photo of all time. it may have been a coincidence, but twitter actually went out of service for moments after she sent out that tweet. talk about the power of a selfie. check out this angle. you see in bright blue to the right, that's liza minelli trying to get back in there. we see her in the front from behind. jimmy kimmel hosted his post oscar show. he was more concerned with the guest he booked for his show tonight. >> monday night, i can honestly say i've never been more excited about a guest than i am for tonight. it will be toronto mayor rob ford. that is right. honorable mayor of -- oh, wait a minute. i think he -- you're on the show
2:55 am
tomorrow night. >> oh. sorry, jimmy. >> it's okay. it's cool. i'll see you tomorrow, right? >> see you tomorrow. [ applause ] >> great entrance. let that be a lesson, kids. god does answer your prayers if you pray hard enough. tomorrow night mayor ford and gonzo from the muppets will be here. >> do you think his gutt was coming out on purpose underneath the cumberbund. jimmy fallon continues to shake off the icicles after taking a swim in icy lake michigan. look at this. so this all happened yesterday. fallon decided to go with his signature suit and tie look. if you're wondering, how that felt. take a look at fallon's face as he walks out. it was 32 degrees inside that lake. man. brach man. talk about a story right out of louis's wheel house. this is called the bro app.
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while some are calling it revolutionary. >> brew app is your clever relationship. it sends your girlfriend personalized messages so you can spend more time with the bros. bro app is smart. it will only message your girlfriend if it's safe to do so. bro app knows your girlfriend's house is a no bro zone. check the time of your messages and bro takes care of the rest. morning, sweet pea. i hope you have a great day. thinking of you, fluff muffin. can't wait to see you tonight. whether you're lifting, gaming, or just hanging with the bros, bro app, maximizing your relationship. >> so you're playing flappy birds bro app can be texting your girlfriend. the most retweeted photo of all time. your best and most creative will get on the air. "morning joe" just moments away. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily. welcome back, everybody. earlier in the show we asked you about the caption could be test we wanted to have for the most
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retweeted photo of all time. ellen's selfie from the oscars. >> here's a good one. i'm more famous. no, i'm more famous. i'm the most famous. you only need to see the eyes. another good one is nobody puts president underwood in the back of the photo. if you see kevin spacey there. >> house of cards, house of cards. who we don't see is liza minelli who is in the back. if you look from the back, she's in the front. that is it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ hollywood hollywood ♪ >> when i was here, last year, cate blanchett was nominated and merle streep was nominated and leo dinardo dicaprio was nominated. what is important in life is love and friendship and family and if people don't have those


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